Chapter 1 Freak Show is half square (2023)



Chapter 1 Freak Show is half square (1)

"Doctor Delta: This is the most dangerous meme in the transcript. The virulence level is very dangerous (6.45). The meme is also highly contagious (7.4). The reader may consider not reading this section of the transcript. Follow memetic infection countermeasures immediately after reading this section. Infected hosts fall into a nihilistic depression and must be treated immediately or the condition becomes permanent.

FS: Yes, the stages of God's life are the great determinant of the overall pattern of the universe and have a direct impact on the macrostructure of the universe. The merging of cosmology and theology is an understanding of the stages of God's life, but you left out the anti-god.

DG: O Anti-Deus?

FS: Of course each new big bang tends to create a duplicate of the last universe, but chance creeps into all systems and the duplicate differs only slightly from the last universe. That's because nothing is certain.

DE: Absolutely.

FS: I don't mean that as any statement, but literally nothing is certain. A fundamental quality of being is uncertainty.

DG: Huh?

FS: That is the materialistic basis of the existential claim that existence precedes essence. The only way to be sure is to stay with nothing. Every time the universe is reborn there is a chance that a slightly different god will be reborn, which just isn't in the whole cosmic density management mission.

DG: So do you think that could happen?

FS: God, like all beings, generally wants to survive and have offspring. In God's case, offspring means taking on the entire mission of managing the cosmic density and making sure there is a duplicate of him in the next universe, but there may be God who doesn't want offspring and just wants to have fun.

DG: A lazier god.

FS: Right, but a lazy god who doesn't want offspring isn't so bad because after billions and billions of big bangs, life will randomly re-emerge and the process will start all over again. What you need to watch out for is an anti-god.

DG: Anti-God? It feels heavy. What is this anti-god doing?

FS: It's hard. The anti-god decides it's time to end all the big bang nonsense and use cosmic density management to make sure there are no more big bangs or beings of any kind and just ends the whole thing i.e. follow that Credo "nothing is certain" is extremely logical.

DG: Literally cosmic suicide.

FS: Right, the old god invariably has these suicidal thoughts in his body, i.e. the universe begins to contract during the last 10 billion years of the universe, but generally rejects such thoughts.

DG: So will the universe end?

FS: Maybe, but since God is a survivor and that is the essence of God's personality, the appearance of the anti-god is very unlikely. Unfortunately, it takes billions and billions of gods to keep the living universe going. It only takes one anti-god to stop the whole show.

Dear Reader,

Did the above excerpt from this document completely confuse you? Okay, here's the explanation; A graduate colleague gave me the manuscript you now have. We were graduate school classmates at Texas A&M University, where we both received master's degrees. We took an educational psychology course on learning theory. I was doing a Masters in English with a major in TESOL. Gamma was doing a kind of master's degree in educational psychology and was the favorite student of professor Dr. Lock. A very smart and attractive teacher, but that's neither here nor there.

My classmate has a PhD in psychology from Harvard. From reports from classmates, I got the impression that he had a brilliant, if somewhat mysterious, career in psychology. He worked in a kind of military think tank in San Antonio. Years later, my classmate came into my apartment talking wildly about some kind of conspiracy and gave me a disk with that manuscript on it. I teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL) at a university in Taipei, Taiwan. Taiwan is quite far from the US and I was very surprised that my friend came all the way to Taipei to see me. He explained that he came to Taipei to put some distance between himself and his mysterious pursuers. I share this manuscript in the hope that the truth about the nature of this manuscript will eventually be discovered.

I have no idea if this Dr. Is Delta a real person or an illusion of my friend Gama? Immediately after receiving the document, I tried to google the Institute for Metapsychology and found a website related to the institute, but the computer immediately shut down. I turned the computer back on and when I tried to go back to the site I got a 404 error message. I have no idea what a 404 error message means. The first Google search turned up about ten references to metapsychology. A second search with Google was unsuccessful. Any references to metapsychology that turned up on my first search were gone on my second search. Of course, Gamma isn't my friend's real name, but he wanted me to use that codename, and I decided to respect his wish. The document follows a transcript format and I have included notes I made while reading the document. The document is not always the easiest to read, but I assure the reader that it is well worth the time and effort. This document contains many interesting and new ideas. I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as a memetic infection or a law to combat memetic infections. I would ignore the warning about reading the document without proper security activation. I'd also skip the memetic infection countermeasures nonsense at the end of each chapter.

Hugh FoxIII


dear colleague,

The following document is a transcript of metapsychology sessions with code for the insane called Freak Show. Both patient and therapist used aliases during therapy, as is customary in our institute for security reasons. Both patient and therapist chose their own code names to promote a sense of empowerment. The therapist chose the name "Gamma" because he was a fan of the comic book hero known as the Incredible Hulk and gamma rays were the source of the Hulk's power. The patient chose the name Freak Show because he felt like a freak and a show. A standard release form signed by patient and therapist prior to therapy gave me permission to release transcripts of their sessions for publication. The real names of the therapist and patient are being withheld for confidentiality reasons. I chose the codename Delta because of my respect and admiration for Delta Force, which defends our nation from terrorism.

I was a metapsychologist. A metapsychologist is a specialist. Some patients routinely cause their therapists to become disoriented, as was the case with Freak Show. A metapsychologist treats the unruly. As a leading institute in metapsychopathology, we are called upon to treat the patient. Two societal trends have led to an increase in metapsychopathological disorders. Postmodern society has produced a relativistic orientation to reality, and the line between sanity and madness has been blurred. More and more patients are consciously or unconsciously using memetic knowledge to infect their therapists.

It is estimated that by the year 2020, fifty percent of all healthcare professionals will experience a critical incident of metapsychopathology at some point in their career. This in turn, the entire mental health system and the war between sanity and insanity will be lost and the insane will rule the world. However, patients who infect medical staff need to be treated. The suggestion that patients with metapsychopathologies should be eliminated is very radical and unprofessional. However, there is an obvious need to hire health workers who are resistant to infection. I was director of the Institute of Metapsychopathology.

The patient suffered from the particular disorder of metaschizophrenia. A metaschizophrenic causes the therapist to become schizophrenic. Freak Show had previously infected three other therapists who had worked with him. Two of the therapists had Level 2 training in memetic countermeasures, but that was apparently not enough to protect them from contagion. Doctor Gamma has level 6 training. Level six is ​​the highest level of training currently available at the Atlanta Centers for Disease Control.

The patient claimed, in his own words, that he was telling the true story of the offspring of a sexual union between a Homo erectus male and a Homo sapiens female. The patient claimed that he was originally from what he called the square earth and that he was born in a non-square earth, i. H. our planet, has been reborn through macro-recycling. The patient defined macrorecycling as a process by which a person was reborn from a previous big bang cycle into a current big bang cycle at approximately the same evolutionary point as the last big bang cycle. According to the patient, such a person may or may not remember events from the other earth. I know this description is very confusing, but dealing with Freak Show has always been a confusing experience. The most disturbing aspect of The Freak Show was that despite my Level 6 training, it was starting to make sense.

Transcripts have been edited for clarity and confidentiality. I have named the sessions to reflect the central theme of that session. The sections have also been divided into thematic subsections. In the transcripts, Dr. Gamma was abbreviated to DG. Freak Show was shortened to FS.

Your professional opinion is appreciated and any suggestions on how to solve the half square problem are welcome. It is also assumed that anyone reading this manuscript has level three or higher in training against memetic infections. If not, stop reading this manuscript immediately.

The overall virulence of this transcript is low (1.2), but the potential for infection is high (3.6). Although the overall virulence of this transcript is low, there are certain memes that are dangerous and proper protocols must be followed to protect against infection. Virulence is different from infectivity. The speed of transmission of a meme from host to host is a measure of infectivity. The level of psychopathology caused by the meme is defined as virulence. If a meme has low infectivity but high virulence, the overall danger of the meme may not be as great. On the other hand, a very contagious but not very virulent meme is harmless. The Institute focuses on containing memes that are both highly contagious and highly virulent.

A scale of one to ten is used to measure both virulence and infectivity. The scale is logarithmic. Another example of a logarithmic scale that most people are familiar with is the Richter scale, which is used to measure earthquakes. A meme with virulence level 2.0 is not twice as strong as a meme with virulence level 1.0, but it is ten times stronger. A meme with a virulence level of 3.0 would be 100 times stronger than a meme with a virulence level of 1.0.

Key memes in this transcript have been discussed in terms of their virulence, infectivity, and other memetic properties. Some of the memes in this transcript were not included as the therapists were previously infected before the patient was taken to the security institute. If an infection has occurred, this will be noted on the certificate.



Dr Delta

former director

Institute for Metapsychopathology

1,00Freak Show is half a square

Notes from Dr. Gamma: In this first session, the patient seems strangely calm. He is of average height, average build and has blond hair. Her eyes are a very striking emerald green. He also has some barely visible scars on his face. I would say he's in his early twenties. I've read your file carefully and am aware of the details of your delusions, but I'll start at the beginning anyway.

DG: This is our first session and I want you to tell me about yourself.

FS: I come from an alternate earth.

EN: Really? Did you travel here on a spaceship?

FS: No, my consciousness was transferred to a body on this earth from a previous Big Bang cycle.

DG: What is a big bang cycle?

1.01Ciclo do Big Bang

FS: You know the big bang, the universe starts out as a naked singularity, explodes, expands, contracts over billions of years and then does it all over again. I am from the Earth of the last cycle of the Big Bang, very similar to this Earth but just a little bit different.

DG: I think we can go into that later. How did you choose the body you chose?

FS: Most people in my big bang cycle have a double in that big bang cycle and I took my double's body.

DG: Didn't you feel guilty about stealing someone's body?

FS: My double was in a coma from a drug overdose.

DG: Damn? Drug doesn't mean drug in Spanish?

FS: Yes, the English of my world is a little different from the English of this country.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: Records show Freak Show was in a drug induced coma for about three years. Freak Show has recovered dramatically from that coma. The cause of his psychopathology could be due to brain damage sustained during a drug overdose and subsequent coma. Fiction can be a surefire way to deal with feelings being repressed because of the overdose. The patient uses a lot of Spanish words and I have included the English version of the word in brackets whbefore he does it for the first time.

DG: How are you different from your double on this planet?

half square

Doctor Delta: The virulence of this meme is low (1,1). The infection level of this meme is also low (1.3). This meme is not very dangerous.

FS: When I was forty, my mother told me I was kind of square!

DG: What on earth is half a square?

FS: The answer to that question is the answer to every question and pretty much my whole story. As my mother puffed on her cigarette, she continued, "You are the product of the sexual union of a Sloppy Square mother, myself, and a Homo erectus father."

DG: Erection?

FS: No erection, homo erectus, mom pushed oneBiblein my hand and said firmly, "The truth is in thatBible🇧🇷 My mother died in a coughing frenzy. She wore a faded blue dress. Her hospital bed was huge and she looked very small. Her hair was black and I assumed she had dyed it. The cause of death was officially lung cancer, but I've always suspected otherwise.

DG: How did that make you feel?

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The patient began this session by inventing an alternate Earth fantasy and mentioning his mother's death. The two events must be psychologically linked. The creation of this alternate earth can be a way for the patient to deal with the feeling of overwhelming loss caused by the death of their mother. Surprisingly, despite extensive efforts to find this information, there is little background information about the patient. The success with this patient is extremely important for the reputation of the institute. Metaschizophrenia has a very low recovery rate and success in an extremely metaschizophrenic patient will be of historic importance.

FS: When my mother died, I was wearing a beer hat that I brought to the hospital. A beer hat has two cerveza (beer) cans attached to each side of the baseball cat and tubes that allow me to drink cerveza from the cans. The beer hat was something like my trademark. The nurse confiscated the beer from the hat, but I had two big boys in my backpack. I took a long sip from my beer hat and thought about my mother's message and decided to get high instead of finding out her mysterious words.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The beer can hat is obviously an unconscious symbol for some kind of crown. The patient refers to the beers as big boys and this may be an unconscious indication of his own latent homosexuality.

DG: And what did you finally discover?

1.03big RiverChannel

Doctor Delta: The virulence level of this meme is unknown. The infection rate is high at 3.4. Anglo-Saxon populations in the US Southwest are particularly susceptible to infection.

FS: Five years later, I was recovering from alcohol and drugs at the hotel affiliated with the Pantera Loca Club.

DG: Pantera Loca Club?

FS: My favorite strip club on the Rio Grande Canal.

DG: Canal do Rio Grande?

FS: I spent most of the intervening five years working on barges on the Rio Grande Canal.

FS: The Rio Grande is, of course, a huge river that acted as the border between Texas and Mexico. On my Earth, the Rio Grande has been lengthened and deepened to connect the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean in California via the Gulf of Mexico. The RGC replaced the Panama Canal, which was destroyed by terrorists during our 9/11. The RGC also acted as a border to keep illegal drugs, illegal immigrants, and terrorists out of Latin America. Eventually, the RGC connected Texas and California, the two fastest growing state economies in the US. Robots built the canal and robots steered the barges.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The patient is completely delusional. The Rio Grande Canal is probably a symbol of the disconnect between patient and society.

DG: Robots?

FS: The pay was good and the robots did most of the work. Getting drugs into the Mexico Canal wasn't a problem. Border Patrol agents in the US only cared if you were trying to get the drugs into the US from the Canal area.

DG: Whatever. Would you say that drugs are an important part of your life?

FS: Reality is for people who can't handle hard drugs. Militarily, the RGC allowed the US to quickly move the fleet from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The Chinese used the EMP to shoot down the Seventh Pacific Fleet during the invasion of Taiwan, showing that the Seventh Pacific Fleet was vulnerable to a single strategic strike (attack).


FS: EMP stands for Electromagnetic Pulse. This wasn't the first time the fleet had been knocked out in a single strike in the Pacific. The United States lost the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor during World War II. With the RGC, the US could move the fleet from the Atlantic to the Pacific and support the Seventh Fleet stationed in the Pacific. On the other hand, the Seventh Fleet could support US forces in Europe. The RGC also allowed the European Union to ship goods and services to Asia, bypassing the most vulnerable trade routes east of Western Europe. Overall, the RGC allowed the US to project its power more flexibly in Asia and Europe.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The attack on Pearl Harbor is real. The obsession with military movements in the patient's imagination indicates a preoccupation with danger and violence.

DG: Where are you kind of a soldier on this other earth?

FS: I was a very respected caretaker, but the RGC was still a great place to work. The RGC was a DMZ where all sorts of illegal activities took place. I drank cheap beer and margaritas on the Mexican side of the border with the US dollars (dollars) I earned working for an American freight company. I was known by my first name at half a dozen strip clubs in Tijuana.

DG: It looks like you did it in the shadows.

FS: Almost, the problem is that I had totally destroyed the inner lining of my stomach. Drinking alcohol made me spit blood.

DG: Well, that's a shame. Did you have a girlfriend?

FS: My girl's name was more or less Zorra. She was a little dark skinned Aztec princess and she just giggled and showed her little teeth and said, "You have to stop drinking. Really honey, I love you and I'm only saying this for your good."

DG: Have you tried to stop drinking?

FS: Almost. I tried switching from my usual 190 octane to sissy margaritas without the added rum shot for a dollar, but it didn't work.

DG: What is 190 octane?

FS:A 190 Octane is a frozen drink containing 190 grains of alcohol and orange concentrate. I figured I might as well take my vitamin C while I'm getting drunk.

DG: So you stopped drinking?

FS: Just one puff on a cigarette caused a fit of coughing that knocked me out for half an hour. I looked into my bloodshot eyes and the bloodshot eyes looked at me. I needed a change.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The reference to the 190-octane drink and the health problems associated with it are a clear indication of alcoholism. The choice of beverage may have less to do with the patient's stated need for vitamin C and more to do with the patient's own identity. Octane powers cars. Cars are a symbol of masculinity in modern industrial society. The patient feels attracted to such a male drink in order to emphasize his masculinity and perhaps once again to compensate for latent homosexuality.

DG: Do you consider yourself an alcoholic?

FS: No. Because when I get to the point of coughing up blood, I stop drinking for a few days.

DG: Don't you think that shows something?

FS: I think it shows that I am in control of my drinking. I was trying to find a stash of drugs that I was hiding from myself.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: Secret Pocket could be a Freudian reference to your mother. OBibleit can be a symbol of religious mania, enabling the patient to come to terms with his Oedipus complex. The patient's mother is obviously a key to the patient's metaschizophrenia.

FS: Zorra annoyed me from the start trying to find my hiding place. She looked at themBibleand said, "Maybe you hid it in theA Biblebecause that's the last place you'd look." I soon discovered that the inner cover of theBibleit had a secret pouch that contained a DVD.

When she saw the DVD, she asked, “Who keeps a DVD in oneA Bible?”

DG: So what happened?

FS: Zorra wore sparkling stockings with white tights over them and red high heels and not much else. We had smoked weed, Zorra didn't drink, but the weed was gone. She had very high cheekbones and her smile made her look even taller. Then she quickly rolled onto her stomach and sprawled across the bed, showing off her perfectly tanned butt, grabbed the remote control and turned on the TV. The TV was on the MTV channel. The TV was always on the MTV channel. Zorra and I both agreed that this was the best channel available. Zorra stood in front of the TV and started dancing to the music. A very sexy wannabe Jennifer Lopez sang on TV. There was some kind of giant robot anime crap in the background of the wannabe, but I don't think that was the draw of this particular video. Zorra could watch each performer dance and learn the routine right away. Zorra said in a soft, precise voice: "You know, I think every DVD in oneA Bibleit's probably important. Maybe it's a message from Dios, but of course Dios is a woman, so I mean Diosa." Zorra then started laughing like she'd told herself a very funny joke. Zorra took some pills out of her pocket and threw them up me."These are great study pills. I think you can use them.She said.

DG: The Super Learning Pill?

FS: This type of pill was pretty common in my world. The pills made neural connections form more easily. The pills were illegal in the US because of long-term side effects, but were easy to find in Mexico.

DG: What kind of side effects.

FS: One effect of regularly taking superlearning drugs was a sustained increase in intelligence over time. I would estimate my world's overall IQ to be about ten to twenty points higher than this world's. That is, the counterpart of every person on this earth on my earth would have an IQ ten to twenty points higher. I didn't have a very high IQ compared to others in my world, but I think my IQ would be relatively high in this world .

DG: Sounds like a positive side effect and the government would be in favour.

FS: You must be joking. When did the rulers ever want the ruled to be smarter?

EN: I think so. I think I read about it somewhere. What was on the DVD?

FS: I was thirsty and didn't have anything to drink in my hotel room, so I took the DVD to the Pantera Loca internet bar.

DG: I don't think strip bars have internet bars.

FS: They do in my world. The bar was full of Mexican teenagers playing various internet games. Waitresses at Pantera Loca wore black bikinis, black heels, and black berets with cat ears. You could look but not touch, but that was enough for teenagers. The air was thick with cigarette smoke.

EN: Do you smoke?

FS: Only when I drink.

DG: How was the bar?

FS: The floor was sticky from spilled coke. On the wall of the internet bar hung a large, colorful poster of the wild card in a deck of cards. The poster glowed in the dark and a black light was directly above the poster. The black light and the light from computer screens gave the bar an eerie glow. Underneath, someone had written, "Are you feeling happy?" with a large black marker.

DG: Do you feel happy?

FS: Only when I'm in strip clubs.

DG: That's not what I meant.

FS: I know.

DG: So what did you do in the internet bar?

FS: The receptionist gave me a computer in booth 22. I went to the toilet first and took some of the pills my girl gave me. I could feel the pills taking effect as I walked out of the bathroom. I sat down at the computer and put the disk in the computer.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: Joker is probably an unconscious self-symbol and reflects how the patient sees himself. A joker has the power to make people laugh, but at the same time can distance themselves from the normal rules of society. A joker can appear "crazy" to a certain extent, but it can do so within the framework of societal norms. The patient may see himself as a prankster who may be eccentric but is accepted.

DG: Would it be easier to list what drugs you do and don't use?

FS: It's probably easier to list the medications I don't take.

DG: What drugs do you not use?

FS: I won't touch anything that needs needles.

DG: So you never fired?

FS: Well, "never" might be an exaggeration. You do crazy things when you're high enough. Generally no.

DG: So what was on the DVD?

FS: The first image on the DVD was an image of a TV remote control. After looking at the remote on the screen for an hour, I suddenly realized that one of the numbers on the remote had the same barely visible number underneath it, like some kind of label that had been distorted in some way.

DG: What does the subtitle say?

FS: At first I wasn't sure. I went ahead and looked at the images on the DVD over a period of a week.

DG: You don't strike me as a guy with that willpower.

FS: You know, I think you're right, but Zorra showed up during her breaks. She often brought herbal tea that she said her mother made. She said tea would make me smarter. The tea calmed me down and helped me focus. Sometimes she massaged my back. For a petite girl, she had very strong hands and could squeeze hard. I had told Zorra how my mother had given it to meBible🇧🇷 She thought there might be a special message from my mother on the DVD. I became something of a bar attraction. Teenagers went shopping and called me "crazy gringo." After staring at the computer screen for days, I saw something amazing.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: Noticing a secret message on a computer or television screen is a common symptom of paranoia.

DG: What did you see?

FS: I pointed to the numbers on the remote and asked Zorra if she saw the same distorted numbers below. She couldn't decipher the numbers, but she told me that maybe the message was something special and just for me. After a while I noticed that I was seeing color differences in the image that Zorra couldn't. That was the big breakthrough.

DG: What did you do with that realization?

FS: When I went about my daily work, partying and watching TV, I started seeing these numbers everywhere. I've seen the numbers in advertisements and on the internet, and most importantly, all TV channels have had a steady stream of these numbers displayed at the bottom of the TV screen at all times.

DG: Has it occurred to you that you might be delusional?

FS: I thought I might lose control but Zorra told me that maybe my mother was trying to reach out to me beyond the grave. She gave me a small figurine of the Virgin Mary and said it would bring me good luck.

DG: Besides Zorra, what was the main attraction of the Pantera Loca Club?

FS: I'm not sure if it was intentional or coincidental, but the girls in Pantera Loca tended to be darker, which I liked.

DG: As the name of the club suggests. Why do you like darker women?

FS: A lot of times I've been heartbroken by blondes in America and I've been to Mexico for coffee, the darker the better, not milk.

DG: According to your file, you spend most of your free time in the clinic in front of the television. Are you trying to decipher a secret message on TV?

FS: As far as I can tell, there are no secret messages on TV shows on this earth, but given some of these so-called reality shows, one has to wonder. Also, in this body I no longer have the ability to see secret messages. Look, I have to tell you my story before you find out what I'm doing.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The patient said he felt the need to tell me his story before "they" picked him up. I decided that the best way would be to follow the patient to discover the source of his delusions. The other therapists tried a more direct approach and failed.

DG: Who are "they"?

FS: "They" can wait until later. The on-screen remote was the interface to control the rest of the disc. Zorra couldn't see the remote on the screen, but suggested it could work like a regular remote. She was right, and there were a hundred channels that were actually video clips that could be accessed using the on-screen remote control. You can vary the speed of video clips with the on-screen remote control. I used to freeze a video clip and after watching it for hours a word or number suddenly popped up. The first channel taught numbers.

DG: Numbers? And the other channels?

FS: The second channel seemed to teach basic distorted English and was alphabetical. It was like someone walked into a room and filmed various objects and added individual word captions.

DG: Was this DVD some kind of instructional video?

FS: Absolutely. Channel Three appeared to be just a blank screen, but in fact it contained phrases.

DG: How can you see the numbers?

FS: It was like blank words painted on a white canvas, but the words were whiter than the canvas, so with practice you could see the words clearly. I couldn't figure out channels 3-10. I could see the script but it wasn't English.

DG: What was that?

FS: I noticed that channel 10 is Spanish.

DG: How did you know that?

FS: I had studied some Spanish on Canal and found that Canal 11 was again made up of numbers but distorted in a way that was very difficult for me to understand. Channel 12 was the same as channel 2 but again distorted in a way that I couldn't see it except after staring at the words for hours. Channel 20 was again distorted into Spanish, as were channels 11 and 12. There were over a hundred channels that appeared to be teaching the written language. After Channel 100 there were video clips of actors.

DG: I don't think a DVD can contain a hundred video clips of the complexity you describe.

FS: The technology on my earth was much more advanced.

DG: How much more advanced?

FS: I would say about fifty years ahead of the technology on this earth.

DG: So in a way you're from the future.

FS: Not the future, an alternate reality with a huge difference from this reality. The 100+ channels featured faces of people who seemed to do nothing but stare at the camera that was filming them.

DG: It feels like an Andy Warhol film.

FS: Andy Warhol was the mayor of San Francisco in my home country. I began to notice that people were moving individual muscles on their faces. The discovery came when I saw a number on one of the actors' cheeks. Then I noticed that other symbols were formed in some order on the actors' cheeks.

DG: Did you tell anyone about your discovery?

FS: I dragged some girls from Pantera Loca onto the computer and showed them the symbols, but they couldn't see anything. They laughed hilariously and told me I had DT. Only Zorra had faith in what I was doing.

DG: Have you considered that you might have DT? Considering your self-described drinking habits, that sounds like a reasonable option, doesn't it?

FS: Sure, I had hallucinations of bugs trying to burrow into my skin, but overall I was as sane as anyone, or at least that's my opinion.

DG: So you've had hallucinations before! How do you know you're not hallucinating this time?

FS: Look, I'm an experienced drinker and I know when I'm hallucinating.

DG: Maybe you suffered from flashbacks?

FS: Look, I'm a seasoned acidhead myself, and I know when I'm having flashbacks.

DG: Having a hallucination of an insect burrowing into your skin seems pretty serious to me. What do you think?

FS: No problem, if you're hallucinating insects, it's best not to try to ignore them, which is impossible, but imagine the insects crawling away from your body and into a big fire.

DG: I'll try to remember that the next time I hallucinate insects all over my body. So what was the DVD about?

FS: I wasn't sure at the time, but I had a lot of questions. Who created this record? Who was my father? I had searched the internet for Homo erectus at the local web bar, but what I printed out didn't make any sense. Homo erectus was a long-dead species of great apes.

DG: Tell me about your father.

FS: I had never met my father, but the few pictures I had of me were of a handsome man in a top hat and cape, not just any monkey.

DG: How was your father?

FS: My father was a magician specializing in mind reading. All I had left was a pair of matching rattlesnake boots and a belt. The boots were too big but I used the belt anyway after adding a belt notch. Was her ability to read minds more than an act?

Notes from Dr. Gamma: Rattlesnake boots and belts are masculine totems passed from father to son to give the son masculine power or even supernatural powers like mind reading. The rattlesnake is a phallic symbol and thus a symbol of male potency.

DG: What do you think?

FS: Eventually I would find out the truth. After the DVD learning experience, I was able to read the secret message hidden in the headers of theBible🇧🇷 The headlines told the story of a type of people called the people of the square.

DG: So yoursBibleit was different from normalThe Bible?

1.04Super Kor

Doctor Delta: The virulence of this meme is low (1.1) and the meme is slightly contagious (1.3). Some hosts manifest infection by seeing colors that don't exist.

FS: I'll say my goodnessBibleit was the reference section of his story in the book's headings. could you read thisBibleon its own, but the full meaning wouldn't be clear if you didn't have what I've termed super color vision, that is, the ability to see and understand messages written with super color ink. OBiblementioned that one of the people in the square had already mated with a human. The descendant was Jesus and he was given incredible powers because of his unique heritage. Jesus was the second Half Square.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: Religious delusions are a common symptom of metaschizophrenia.

DG: Jesus? Are you religious?

FS: I'm not religious in the traditional sense. The half square symbol was a super colored square with a black cross in the middle. This symbol was all over Tijuana, but no one seemed able to notice the colorful super square enclosing the cross. I later discovered that the Asian Buddhist swastika, a mirror image of the Nazi swastika and meaning the opposite, was also often encapsulated in super-color order to form a square. Both were markers for a special population.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The patient has admitted to alcohol abuse and LSD use and this may be the source of his delusions. Some users under the influence of LSD claim to see colors they have never seen before.

DG: In your opinion, crosses and swastikas are not what they seem?

FS: Nothing on my earth was as it seemed. My mother called me Half Square. What exactly was half a square? Who were the people in the square? Was I really half-hearted like Jesus? When I figured out it could be half a square, it all made sense.

DG: What made sense?

FS: My many visits to mental institutions, my inability to form lasting relationships or keep a job. I realized I had an inheritance that I had to come to terms with. I had never known my father. I never knew I was part of homo erectus, whatever that really means. I was unique and had unique powers. In hindsight, I realized that my weird abilities earned me the Freak Show name.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The Half Square persona is a way for the patient to deal with their Oedipus complex and feelings of alienation from their father. Contact with the patient of the fictional Half-Square persona can result in a breakthrough in therapy or a complete shutdown of the patient due to his inability, which can cause him to slip into a coma. The patient was found to be in a comatose state, which is believed to have been drug-induced but could actually have resulted from the patient's previous inability to manage his feelings toward his parents. The patient emerged from his coma explanation after creating this fiction while eating as a sophisticated defense mechanism.

DG: I wanted to ask what code name you chose for our sessions. Does it have a special meaning?

FS: As my friends said, I'm a freak and a show. I opened my email account at the local internet bar and there was a picture of a pomegranate. I looked at the photo and realized that the photo contained a very long and complicated message, most of which was too difficult for me to understand. There seemed to be several super colors.

DG: Can I see these super colors?

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The patient's story begins in a border town. The patient is from a border town in Texas. Information about her parents is incomplete. The patient was observed speaking Spanish with other patients despite being from the United States. Perhaps the mother was from Mexico and the father from the United States, or vice versa. Half Square may be a variation on a "Mestizo" complex where the patient did not feel at home in Hispanic or Anglo-American society in a border town and created the more glamorous Half Square identity to deal with this internal bicultural conflict . This bilingual history would explain the patient's use of Spanish words in his daily speech. Most Spanish words seem to have some sort of military or security function, and this can be a verbal expression of the patient's paranoia.

The doctor. John Arrow, the institute's other associate director, has suggested that my therapy style should be more aggressive. The doctor. Arrow suggested that perhaps a combination of targeted electroshock coupled with megadose intravenous injections of traditional antidepressants could be useful in the treatment of metaschizophrenia. I find this advice about toast with milk like him amusing.

FS: No, and no one on earth can actually do that, myself included. The pomegranate picture told me that the answers to my questions were in Japan. Suddenly I felt someone squeeze my shoulder. It was Zora. She told me that someone at the bar had left me a first-class ticket to Tokyo. Zorra also said that she has always wanted to go to Asia and would join me but would travel once we go to Tokyo.

DG: What did you choose?

FS: My mission was simply to go to Japan and find the answers to my questions. I withdrew enough money to pay for my expenses in Japan. The account consisted of money I borrowed from the internet using a nanopayment virus.


Physician Delta: Virulence is high (3.3). The degree of infection is low (1.4). Computer-savvy populations are most at risk. The virulence is related to the host's previous hacking experience.

DG: What is a nanopayment virus?

FS: As I mentioned earlier, my Earth was more technologically advanced. The web on my earth lived on micropayments.

DG: Okay back what is a micropayment?

FS: Whenever a user wanted information, the user paid a fraction of a cent to download the information using a web-based payment credit card of one type or another. Who would complain about paying 0.01 cents for a prescription on the internet?

DG: Can you make money with 0.01 percent of a penny?

FS: Yes, the fact is that micropayments added up and many sites were actually making good money with millions of downloads per day. A nanopayment virus would travel the internet and find buggy micropayment systems, hack into the system and deposit the money into my bank account. My nanopayment virus used to take 0.001% of that day's earnings before moving to another website.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: Like many thieves, the patient resorted to the rationale that a small theft is "okay" as opposed to a big theft. This rationalization is consistent with the relativistic morality that characterizes petty thieves. The nanopayment virus is an externalization of this philosophy, which the patient uses to rationalize their petty theft. The "viral" aspect of this externalization suggests that the patient recognizes that petty theft is a "disease" and is at some level pathological.

DG: That's theft.

FS: Don't worry. The amounts were so small that most websites never knew they had been robbed. I bought the nanopayment virus over the internet a few years ago and used the money I made to pay most of my female cash bills.

DG: Our records indicate that you never graduated from high school. How did you learn all that computer stuff?

FS: My earth is so advanced in technology that any idiot can use what is called advanced computer technology, and maybe that's why my earth ended up self-destructing.

DG: Has your earth been destroyed?

FS: Why do you think I'm here? Why do you think I bother to tell my story?

DG: Why are you here and why are you telling me your story?

FS: The main reason is that I get bored and enjoy talking.

DG: Any other reason?

FS: Reason number two is that I see this earth going the same way as mine but at a much slower pace and maybe the people of this earth can learn something from my story. But I have to be careful.

DG: Okay, let's be careful.

FS: Ah, there is an explanation.

DG: I can't wait to hear it.

FS: The flight from Tijuana to Tokyo was awful.

DG: There is no such flight.

FS: There was on my earth. I got sick on the plane anyway and going from Mexico to Japan was the ultimate sardine experience.

DG: So what happened on the plane?

FS: There was all kinds of Mexican-Japanese.

DG: Like, for example?

FS: There were Japanese guys with Mexican girlfriends. There were Mexicans with Japanese girlfriends. There were people who were obviously half Japanese and half Mexican. There were two sisters who were mixed and incredibly beautiful. I sat next to two sisters. The older sister had the innocent baby face of a Japanese doll but the full figure of a Mexican beauty. Her breasts were probably bigger than her head. The younger sister had big brown eyes, high cheekbones and full Aztec lips, but the delicate body of an anime model. I tried to decide which sister was prettier. The sisters were tenderness and voluptuousness mixed in two perverse ways.

DG: Can you talk about anything other than women?

FS: And the food? On the flight you had the choice between Japanese or Mexican dinner. The smells of the two types of food mixed in the air, creating a very strange and not very pleasant third smell. The menu offered the usual options - kosher, vegetarian, syntarian and virtuar.

1.06there Syntarians

Physician Delta: Virulence is low (1,1). The level of infection is also low (1,2). Population groups with eating disorders are at particular risk of infection.

DG: What is syntarian?

FS: A syntharian only ate synthetic food, avoiding killing animals and/or plants. You really couldn't tell the difference between most synthetic foods and their real counterparts, except for price.

DG: And the price?

FS: Synthetic food was extremely expensive. I ordered the syntaric option.

DG: From religious beliefs.

FS: I didn't order the synthetic option out of religious belief, but because an attractive girl sitting next to me had the synthetic option and I was hoping to impress her with my food choices.


Doctor Delta: The level and pattern of virulence and infection is similar to that of the Syntaric meme.

DG: And does "virtu" play a role?

FS: A virtuoso eats virtual meals. Virtual meals were even more expensive than traditional synthetic meals. Virtual meals were not absorbed by the body and ended up in the bathroom. Many medical problems have been caused by eating too many virtual meals. Eating regularly with first generation virtual meals meant you spent a lot more time in the bathroom.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: Virtuous meals are transcendent in the sense that you transcend the need to kill animals or plants, but in the patient's mind there is a price to such transcendence, as virtual meals result in more excrement. The virtuary symbol can be a way for the unconscious to tell the patient that transcendence in the real world always has a price and that the patient's transcendence as shown in this illusion is ultimately flawed.

DG: It looks awful!

FS: Progress will get people out of the shit. Second-generation virtual meals used nanotechnology to create more empty space between molecules that was imperceptible to the human sensory system, but resulted in less substance actually being digested and therefore less substance having to be excreted later.

DG: Not much better.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: You have to establish a relationship with the patient, but you don't know how to do that. I'm a little preoccupied with my own problems, but I need to focus on the patient. Thanksgiving dinner with my wife and mom last week was a total fiasco. My mother gave me a scarf that she had knitted. My wife criticized the weaving quality of the scarf and they had a huge argument.


Doctor Delta: This meme has medium virulence (2.3). The level of infection is low (1,2). Population groups with sexual disorders and knowledge of computer hardware are particularly at risk.

FS: Third generation virtual meals would likely forego the use of organic matter and rely on direct brain stimulation via cyberplugs to simulate eating a meal with holographic props.

DG: Ciberplugues?

FS: A cyberplug was a device surgically inserted into the base of the skull that allowed the brain to interact with computers directly through an artificial hippocampus. Across the aisle, a lady in a spotless blue suit asked about the virtual option. The food was also synthetic, but with a difference that made it even less real and more virtual.

DG: Why?

FS: It looked like she was eating a steak and potato meal with a slice of cherry pie à la Mode on the side, but all the food was synthetic and went one way and out the other. You ate but didn't take in any calories. The meal contained vitamins and minerals.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The lady in the "spotless blue suit" is a symbol of female authority. She subsists on virtual meals, suggesting that her authority derives from higher transcendental sources.

DG: Could you make a living from virtual meals?

FS: Virtual meals weren't liveable, but they made losing weight so much easier. The lady's collarbone could be seen sticking out of her anorexic body. The lady obviously had virtual meals on a regular basis.

DG: You know, I think virtual meals would make billions of dollars.

FS: I have no doubt that someone on this earth will invent virtual meals and make these billions.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: More evidence for patients trying to cope with the struggle between transcendence and physicality. All humans have animal needs, such as the need to eat and sexual needs. The fact that transcendent beauty and voluptuous, i. H. The more sexual beauty blended in the two sisters shows that the patient recognizes that transcendence cannot be achieved without confronting lower needs, but is confused about how to use this knowledge. Two sisters are symbols on two sides of the female hood. This fantasy is related to the patient's troubled relationship with his mother. The patient is dealing with the sublimated sexuality appropriate to his mother, who in turn conflicts with his incestuous feelings. Due to the patient's fixation on the mother, female characters dominate the patient's fantasies.

DG: So what is your ethnic background?

FS: I am a citizen of two worlds. I tried to stretch and show off a bit by doing some wing jutsu drills in the hallway of the plane.

DG: What is wing jutsu?

1.09United America

Doctor Delta: The virulence of this meme is unknown. The infection rate is slightly high at 4.5. This meme has already infected large populations in America.

FS: Wing-Jutsu was a very popular hand-to-hand combat system on my earth and will probably be invented on this earth soon. Wing-Jutsu combined the best boxing system with the best wrestling system. Wing-Jutsu combines Wing Chung and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

DG: What is Wing Chung? Isn't there a rock band with that name?

FS: Maybe on this earth, but not on my earth. Wing Chung was a Chinese kung fu system that was great for boxing purposes but had no wrestling system. Wing Chung guys were just trying to avoid landing on the ground and they usually succeeded, but hey, things happen.

DG: And Gracie doesn't care?

FS: Gracie Jiu-Jutsu was an excellent wrestling system, but in boxing it was second rate. Wrestling was great against an opponent, but when you're down the opponent's friends might decide it's a good time to play soccer with your head. The UA Marines developed Wingjutsu when they observed boxing matches becoming wrestling matches and vice versa in real life.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The patient got up from his chair and is boxing. I assume it's a wing jutsu demonstration. I'll discuss this with security later.

The laundry?

FS: United America. I was practicing my moves when the stewardess asked me to sit down. She glared at me for no particular reason. The nurses played hard to get hold of and avoided returning my wink. I thought they saw my martial arts skills and wanted me, but they didn't want me to know they wanted me.

DG: There is no history of violence on your record. Do you consider yourself a violent person?


Doctor Delta: The virulence of this meme is low (1.0). The infection level of this meme is also low (1,2). This meme is not very dangerous.

FS: I'm a sex addict, not a fighter. Zorra grabbed my pinky and pulled me back to my seat with a quick jerk. For a trifle she was very strong.

DG: Well, what did you expect? Do you think it's acceptable to jump down the aisle? Would you please sit down and stop shadow boxing?

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The patient has followed the guidelines and that is a positive sign.

FS: I didn't expect such an extreme reaction. The chief stewardess told me to behave or the worst would happen.

DG: That sounds like the behavior of a police officer, not a stewardess.

FS: After our 9/11, the post of Chief Commissioner was created. The chief stewardess took care of the airline's software, i.e. the people on the plane. Most people are strong in either hardware or software, but not both.

DG: Was there a 9/11 incident on your Earth?

FS: Yes, but the people on my Earth were more technologically advanced. They've all but eliminated terrorism (terrorism) in response to 9/11 unlike this earth.

DG: What exactly did the Chief Commissioner do?

FS: The chief butler took care of passengers and seguridad (security). What people don't realize is that a security position requires a high level of people skills.

EN: Why?

FS: A security person must be able to read people, assess the situation and come up with an appropriate response. The answer must be correct, not too extreme, but not too loose. Security officers who can calm down a suspect are better off for everyone than someone quick to pull the trigger.

DG: It actually sounds like a good idea.

FS: There is much that this earth could learn from my earth. In addition to terrorism, the chief flight attendant also dealt with drunk and insane passengers. The chief purser could rely on the support of the stewardesses.

DG: Who takes care of flight attendants in a security situation?

FS: The stewardesses were armed with a stun baton after proper screening and training. If the stewardess pulled out the baton, someone would fall. The policy was "daffle first, ask questions later."

DG: Tranq batons don't sound very high tech. I thought your planet was more evolved than this planet.

FS: Yes, the stun baton was collapsible, but fully deployed, it looked like a two-foot police (police) baton that could deliver an electric shock that would knock the passenger off his feet. At the push of a button, the stunner fired from the tip of the baton, acting like a taser. You can press the button a second time and the stun element will move for a second shot, or you can use the stun element fully extended as the equivalent of a stun whip.

DG: What would stop a terrorist from grabbing the flight attendant's stun baton and using the gun on her?

FS: The stun element was activated only when you pressed the button with your thumb and only when the correct fingerprint was used. Air hostesses have learned to fight with the stun batons, with or without the stun option. The stun baton had a long range and the stewardess was able to kill a guy with a knife before he got too close. In addition, the new employees were taught how to fight as a team in the narrow aisle of an airplane. The team's tactics were kept secret, but a group of terrorists found out the hard way that the team's tactics were very effective.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: Stewardesses carry tranquilizer batons. A stewardess is a symbol of female bondage as stewardesses look after passengers. The shock batons are an obvious phallic symbol and this suggests that the patient is afraid that women who appear submissive are actually exercising male power. The patient once again shows his obsession with issues such as violence and safety.

DG: That sounds pretty extreme.

FS: A few more terrorist incidents on this earth and these actions will no longer seem extreme. Before 9/11, the captain was the pilot, handled passenger relations, and was the de facto head of aircraft security.

DG: And after 9/11?

FS: At home after 9/11, the captain was basically only trained as a pilot and had minimal training in psychology and/or security. UA made the captain the pilot, period. The Capitán (Captain) now took care of the hardware, just the plane itself.

DG: How was that done?

FS: The captain was locked in flight behind a cabin door that was bulletproof, bombproof and protected from all other evidence. The captain received clear instructions to stay in the cockpit and get the plane down safely, sun or shine. The door wasn't even opened to eat. The captain had his meals in a refrigerator in the cabin and a small microwave to heat his meals.

DG: But he had to go to the bathroom.

FS: The captain's toilet was a glorified pitcher.

DG: That's a contradiction in your story. If your earth was so advanced, why use a jar in the hut?

FS: All the safety meant that costs had to be cut somewhere. The pitcher had caused more complaints from captains than any other aspect of the new policy.

DG: So what should the captain do if passengers were killed?

FS: In particular, the captain was instructed and trained to ignore hostage killings in the passenger area. The terrorists would likely threaten to kill the passengers if the captain didn't open the door. The captain was taught to believe that the best way to save lives is to land the plane safely as soon as possible.

DG: So the captain should ignore passenger deaths? As a psychologist, I can tell you that this would not be easy.

FS: The captain had an emergency option if passengers died. The cabin was airtight and had its own emergency air supply. If the passengers really did die, the passenger area could be flooded with knockout gas. The gas uses a binary system. There were two separate gases that had to be mixed in order for the gas to have a knockout effect.

DG: Why the binary system?

FS: You used a binary system to better control a weapon system. The knockout gas was less likely to accidentally render all passengers unconscious. To do this, two separate gas systems would have to break. In the short period following the bombing, UA Marshals were deployed.

DG: At least there are marshals.

FS: UA Marshals were still deployed when there was a state of emergency. Stewardesses were trained to work with AU Marshals and act as their deputies when necessary. The fact that you really can't fire a weapon on an airplane means that airplane situations end up in close-ranged combat where numbers matter. Shame on the poor passenger who provoked the wrath of half a dozen stewardesses with stun batons.

(Video) Level1 Show - Happy New Year Live Stream

DG: You mentioned the AU again. What is the AU?

FS: The AU includes the US on my Earth, all of America, Australia and the UK. The AU is a huge military alliance.

DG: Military?

FS: Military in English of that country. AU English is a little different from US English.

DG: Whatever it is, or maybe you're bilingual and dabble in English/Spanish code switching. Okay, more on AU later, what happened after you were stunned?

FS: The plane landed and I was released. The head butler gave me a stern warning. They really didn't want to mess with the chief stewards. The sisters disappeared into the crowd as soon as we reached customs. I showed my passport, swiped my passport card through the card reader and entered my national identification number.

DG: Passport?

FS: It's only a matter of time before you have passport cards on this earth. Anyone can forge a passport. They want to have a card and code ATM and a biometric cross-referencing system to ensure the national is really who they say they are.

DG: Raging paranoia seems to be a hallmark of your imaginary Earth.

FS: Raging paranoia is a godsend. My missing return ticket seemed to bother the customs officer a bit. He asked me if I had anything to declare and I smiled and said "My genius".

DG: I don't know if you're a genius, but you're definitely imaginative.

FS: I'm not imaginative. I only have a good memory. Zorra told me that if I behaved, she would reward me for being a good boy.

DG: What reward?

FS: The Mile High Club.

DG: How silly. It's impossible to make love in the tiny bathrooms of an airplane. The Mile High Club is pure urban legend.

FS: In my world it was a bit different.

DG: Why?

FS: You could rent a room on the plane.

DG: Huh?

FS: Of course I'm surprised that this isn't done in your world. This room was a big money maker for the airlines in my world. Airlines did not necessarily condone sexual behavior. You just got a room with one bed and what you did in that room was your problem.

DG: What did this room look like?

FS: Zorra kept her word and took me to the special room. The room was quite small and consisted of only one bed. The bed was ok, but you didn't pay for that. What you paid for was the view!

DG: See in a room?

FS: A window was right above the bed and you could see the sky. I could see the stars clearly. I had never seen the stars before as air pollution had long obscured them. I hate to say this, but I wasn't very impressed. Just small points of light. Seven of them seemed to stick out and form a crooked pyramid.

DG: Wouldn't that window be dangerous?

FS: We had some pretty strong plastics in my world. Zorra and I did the obligatory 'ohs' and 'ahs' at the view and then got down to business as the room was rented by the hour and the butler evicted you at the end. The room was usually booked from the back, pun intended.

DG: Well, it sounds like it's better than twisting your back in the bathroom.

FS: Zorra wore a tight black dress. I wanted to kiss her and she pushed me onto the bed. She said to me, 'You were'a very good boyand deserves a reward". "Yeah, I was a good boy," I thought to myself.

DG: Was she a good kisser?

FS: You know, amazing, even though I've done wild things many times, I've never actually kissed her. She was funny about it.

DG: Maybe she had a friend that she reserved that intimacy for.

FS: She claimed I was her boyfriend but you may be right and she had someone on her side.

DG: Well I think you did pretty well even without the kiss.

FS: I think so. She went ahead and pushed me down and straddled me. She still wore high heels, and in fact she usually kept them on. I asked her about it and she told me that they gave you more traction and height control. I came quickly She grabbed my paint and pulled my face right next to hers. I thought I was having my first kiss but she started laughing and pushed me away again saying "Diosa doesn't want that".

DG: Well, again, even without the kiss, I think you did pretty well.

FS: I think so, but I still felt like there was something missing in our relationship.

DG: Well yes! This may come as a big surprise to you, but there's more to a relationship than lust.

FS: Probably. Despite this, I felt fine and slept in my seat and had strange dreams during the flight.

DG: What dreams.

FS: A soft female voice said my name several times. We arrived at Tokyo airport and went through customs. The customs officer questioned my many trips to Colombia.

DG: Well, why did you go to Colombia?

FS: Herbology

DG: Herbology?

FS: I made a lot of money from my work at RGC and the nanopayments virus, but I also spent a lot on alcohol and women and always seemed to need more.

DG: Let me guess. Did you smuggle drugs?

FS: Yes.

DG: You have, by definition, a stripper as a "girlfriend" and some new friends at the internet bar. That means you don't have any real friends, let alone a gang. To be a drug dealer you would need a gang, not to mention that the more technologically advanced world would make smuggling even more difficult. So there was no drug smuggling. There was no trip to Colombia. The whole world and all your actions in this world are made up.

FS: Advanced technology cuts both ways. Recent advances in protein biology have created new methods of smuggling. In Colombia I would eat coke. The Coca Goo was a kind of mixture of cocaine (cocaine) and a protein cocktail that rendered cocaine inert. When I got back to the States I would literally shit cocaine.

DG: You have an answer for everything. What did you tell the customs officer?

FS: I told the customs officer that I was a big fan of Colombian flamenco dance, which he seemed to accept. I figured the customs officer didn't need to know about my interests in herbalism.

DG: We've talked for less than ten minutes and this is the third time we've talked about a bowel movement.

FS: Yes, what is it about? Get your thoughts out of the gutter. The smuggling method was murder in the system and you could die, but the money was good and pretty foolproof. Some users didn't like a crappy cola - but if you needed to get high, you needed to get high.

DG: So you were a criminal on your earth?

FS: I prefer to think of myself as a non-traditional entrepreneurial capitalist. Zorra and I got off the plane together. She told me it was time to say goodbye. I could feel her bustier pressing against my skin as she held me. She gave me a long kiss, a long look with her dark brown eyes and said. "I think you will meet your destiny in Japan." I tried to persuade her to stay with me in Tokyo, saying, "I'm sure you will find interesting female company in Tokyo, and I think you would just get in the way." Then she made a sharp turn and, with surprising speed, turned left through one of the airport's exits. She didn't look back. I could have sworn I caught a glimpse of a super colored tattoo of a staff or maybe a wand on her neck. As I exited the airport and walked to the reception area, a man in a driver's cap held up a sign with my name on it. He took my luggage and escorted me to a limousine. I got in the limousine and met the most beautiful woman in the world.

DG: How was the woman?

FS: She was Asian, but I think she might have western blood somewhere. She had long black hair. His black hair had a slight wave. Her skin was so pale it almost looked translucent. Her face was oval and she had high cheekbones. She moved quickly, decisively and strongly. Her expression was serious and she seemed worried. She was wearing a green floral dress. There was something familiar about her, although I was sure I'd never seen her before. The only jewelry she wore was a necklace of gold beads. Something told me the gold beads were real.

DG: Gold pearls?

FS: The golden beads were made from genetically modified seashells.

DG: Bioengineered mussels?


Doctor Delta: The virulence of this meme is high (3.0). The infection level of this meme is also high (3.3). This meme is dangerous.

FS: Of course, shells had the ability to absorb gold and make it part of the pearl. The genetically engineered molluscs were incredibly delicate, and only one in ten thousand actually survived long enough to form a golden pearl. Gold beads were more expensive than any other type of jewelry ounce for ounce. Her name was Erotron.

DG: Very strange name. How did she get such a name?

FS: The name was weird and I asked her about it. She said she came up with the name herself for maximum memetic effectiveness.

DG: Sorry, I asked. I noticed you come from a blue collar background. Did you disapprove of their wealth?


Doctor Delta: The meme is mildly virulent (2.1). The level of infection is high (4.4). The meme spreads parasitically. Many of the patient's memes are parasitic and form a symbiosis with the host's existing meme structures. In this case, this meme achieves a symbiosis with the hosts' memetic conspiracy structures.

FS: Acquisitions are the things we accumulate over a lifetime so that when we die they can be sold for 50 cents at a flea market. Erotron told me she was a square.

DG: Square?

FS: The squares are a group that existed on my earth and not your earth and the main reason is that the two earths evolved so differently.

DG: And Erotron was a square?

1.13money squares

Doctor Delta: The level of virulence and infection is at least as high as the square meme, but maybe higher.

FS: Yes and Erotron also said that she was one of the Money Squares, the leadership caste of the Squares. She handed me her business card. She was the CEO of a leading company in Japan, but I noticed in Super Color that there was an image plus a logo that was actually a spherical scepter.

DG: So Erotron was sort of a leader. How was she?

FS: I was put in a five star hotel. Erotron told me he would give me some time to freshen up and come later to take me to her office.

DG: And then what happened.

FS: Erotron was in the hotel lobby wearing a super short super tight black leather dress. Her top was also black and made of a silky, semi-transparent material. Her lipstick was delicately tinted and she wore super colorful makeup that highlighted her lips and face. You could almost smell his sexuality. I was in love.

DG: How practical, she was just stunningly beautiful. OK, I'll play with you. Were you in love or in lust?

FS: Is there a difference? A pretty face often hides a pretty soul.

DG: I think there is a difference. This seems to contradict your earlier observation that beauty interferes with personal development.

FS: I would say that the beautiful will thrive less in the long run, but doing things with a smile instead of a sweat can make the beautiful strangely innocent like babies and angels. I've never been in love. I believed in love affairs more than love and always joked that affairs should be like robbing a bank. In one case, be ready to flex your muscles and have a getaway car ready.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The patient is superficial. The patient objectifies women to maintain an illusion of control and superiority.

DG: But was that different?

FS: Yes.

DG: So this beautiful rich girl had nothing better to do than watch a drunken Tijuana?

FS: Sure, why don't you believe me?

DG: Because this is an obvious juvenile delusion. Do not you see it?

FS: Not at all.

DG: Then why would she watch you?

FS: She monitored my progress on the DVD. The DVD secretly sent messages over the internet connection and these messages were monitored by Money Squares in Tokyo. They were amazed at how much of the Square language I had learned on my own.

DG: Did the DVD teach you about the squares?


Doctor Delta: The virulence of this meme is high (3.1). The infection level of this meme is also high (3.4). This meme is dangerous.

FS: The DVD enabled me to understand the image of the pomegranate. The pomegranate was the traditional symbol used to indicate an offer to join a Square tribe. In ancient times, the royal pomegranate was offered by the matriarch of one tribe to the matriarch of another tribe. Now there was only one Squares tribe and only one Matriarch.

DG: So this so-called matriarch sent the message?

FS: The matriarch sent the message. The matriarch knew that I would not understand most of the message right away, but hoped that after I received more training I would eventually understand the rest of the message.

DG: Die Matriarchin?

FS: The spiritual leader of the Squares. Erotron said to me: "I am very sorry about the death of your mother". I hadn't thought about my mother since I found the DVD in theBible🇧🇷 We walked out of the lobby toward the waiting car. The car was a Rolls Royce with hololocking capability.


Doctor Delta: The virulence of this meme is low (1.0). The infection rate of this meme is also high (1.3). This meme is not dangerous.

DG: Holographic as holographic? It has something to do with 3D imaging and lasers.

FS: Right, I read all about holocares in a car magazine. A holocar emits a holographic image through holographic emitters in the car body that make it appear like another car when the holographic image is activated. From the outside, the Rolls Royce looked like a Toyota. As Erotron entered the Rolls, it flipped the holographic image and the Rolls Royce's true body emerged.

DG: Why would you use this technology in this way?


Doctor Delta: The virulence and contagiousness of this meme is similar to that of the holocar meme.

FS: Holographic technology allows you to ride in an expensive car but hide it from car thieves. Of course there were holocars that were cheaper than a Rolls Royce. The cheaper holocars were popular with crooks because you could rob a bank with one car and switch to another with the push of a button to avoid the police.

DG: Sounds like terrible technology.

FS: Because of this, holocars were strictly licensed and cost a fortune to license. A Rolls Royce costs a fortune, a Rolls Royce with holoprojectors costs even more, and the holoprojector license costs even more. The car was probably worth more than I would make in five hundred years. Erotron had gold beads and a holographic Rolls Royce. Erotron needs charging, I thought to myself.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The patient has a 10ºdegree education. He has attended and left schools throughout his life. I think his costumes are great. There is a level of technical detail that goes far beyond the typical schizophrenic. No wonder he infected the other therapists. Freak Show created a fantasy with a beautiful woman and the beautiful woman drives a Rolls Royce for him. This is your regular teen escapist fantasy taken to the next level.

DG: So you drove the beautiful Erotron in a Rolls Royce.

FS: Yes, while we were driving in the car, Erotron asked me what I knew about Homo erectus. I knew a lot from my previous research.

DG: What did your research reveal?

FS: Homo erectus was a humanoid primate that became extinct millions of years ago. Erotron told me that wasn't true. She was actually a Homo erectus female. She was a square. The square was called Homo erectus.

DG: Homo erectus lived on your earth and called themselves squares. Why do they call themselves Squares?

1.17sloppy squares

Doctor Delta: The virulence and contagiousness of this meme is low, except for low self-esteem subpopulations.

FS: As Erotron said, "One member drew a perfect square in the air with his index finger before a meeting started to prove it was a square, but this was largely a symbol of closeness."

Up close, two squares would instantly recognize that the other is a square because of their unique body language.

DG: Then why did you draw the perfect square?

FS: The four points of the square represent the four castes of squares. Also, two squares seeing each other from a distance cannot be sure if the other person is a square. One square would form the square with the index finger clockwise and the other would respond with the opposite sign which was a square formed with the index finger but anti-clockwise. Erotron drew a square on my forehead when she told me this.

DG: Okay, that's a mistake in your story. These guys are supposed to be mysterious. I think doing squares in the air would draw attention.

FS: When signaling, the arm was not moved, but held at the side of the body and the square was quickly formed so that the untrained eye barely noticed the movement. In some situations the sign "You are crazy" was made, a circular rotation of the index finger near the side of the skullcap, and this is actually the origin of this sign. That's why the "You're crazy" signal is the only universal body language signal in the world.

DG: We have this sign, so our earth has squares?

FS: I don't think so. You may have something like the squares, but nowhere as neat as the squares in my world. Perhaps the reason your world is so disorganized is that your Squares equivalent is disorganized. The drive from the hotel to the office took about an hour. I couldn't take my eyes off Erotron while driving. I tried to pretend to look at the Japanese landscape. In his office, Erotron had a picture of Botticelli's Venus in his office. I noticed that Erotron looked like an Asian version of Venus, but only if Venus had the fashion sense of a high-class call girl. She was very different from me and yet somehow familiar.

DG: If Erotron is Asian and dresses very differently, then by definition she's not like Venus Botticelli.

FS: How would Venus dress in our century? Venus was nude in the painting and perhaps she would dress up as Erotron if given the chance. I commented on the excellence of the copy. Erotron replied, "This is the original. The copy hangs in a museum. Several people were sitting in his spacious office. I was introduced to an elderly lady who was the matriarch Erotron had alluded to earlier.

DG: How was the matriarch?

FS: I would say she was in her 80's but she had a strong handshake and I felt like she wasn't someone to mess with. Her silver-grey hair was pinned up, almost like a sculpture. She wore heavy gold jewelry with large jewels. Her earrings looked heavy enough and big enough to compromise the health of her earlobes, but she somehow managed to keep her head straight. The gemstones on her necklace appeared to be rubies. The jewels in her earrings appeared to be green emeralds, which matched her green eyes. The cut of both types of gemstones matched despite their different colors. The gold setting style of her earrings and necklace was also the same. She wore a long velvet dress that looked like a robe without actually being a robe. The outfit was deep red with an abstract design embroidered in gold. The matriarch also gave me her business card. She was CEO of another Japanese giant. On one side of the super colored card was an image of a spherical crown with horns. I could have sworn I saw a very similar crown in my mother's closet years ago when I was looking for some money to borrow. On the other side was a square with a coin in the middle, also in Supercolor.

DG: So the matriarch reminded you of your mother?

FS: The matriarch didn't act, didn't dress, well, maybe except for the crown, or didn't look like my mother.

DG: Did the matriarch inherit her position?

FS: No Money Square office was inherited, but the matriarch was elected in a manner similar to the pope. The matriarch mentioned that she became matriarch around the same time my mother died.

DG: Anyone else at the meeting?

FS: There was a very fit, muscular man with a mustache whose name was simply Trent. I was told he was a Knight of the War Squares.

DG: Ritter?

FS: The rows of squares became more solid in the Middle Ages. At the top was the matriarch. Each of the four castes had a queen, several princesses under the queens, several duchesses under each princess, and many, many knights.

DG: What about kings, princes and dukes?

FS: There are no such ranks, the ranks of Queen, Princess and Duchess are closed to men.

DG: Well, at least the men were the Riders.

FS: Drivers could be women or men, but most drivers were women. Among the knights were the ten guilds and finally the commoners.

DG: Guilds?

FS: A kind of square training. All castes at all levels have studied guild skills at some point.

DG: Interesting political system. Reminds me of something I can't do but my finger can. Tell me more about this knight.

FS: Trent had light blue eyes and wore a white suit. He had a military demeanor that made the suit look like a uniform. Trent was probably in his forties, but he had a full head of perfectly styled short gray hair. I would say this guy shaved twice a day and smelled faintly of cologne. His tie pin was gold and in the center was a square engraved with a sword. The engraving was so subtle I doubt anyone without tetrachromatic vision could have seen it.

DG: Did he remind you of your father?

FS: No, and by the way, nobody at the meeting reminded me of anyone in my family, and in anticipation of your next question, Erotron didn't remind me of my mother, sister...or even a cousin, although I already did had a one night stand with one of my cousins. Is it over there...

DG: We can take care of your cousin another time. Was it all?

FS: No, there was a tall, skinny Asian rider named Cord.

DG: How was Cord?

FS: Kind of undefined but he was looking at me very closely, Cord spoke very slowly which was distracting and I had a hard time concentrating. He told me that I looked more like my father than my mother. I think he saw some kind of file on me.

DG: How was the office?

FS: The office was a normal museum. Erotron told me that it regularly employs an actual grave robber named Clive Johnson. Erotron showed me a collection of "quipas" from Peru that he had acquired for her. Erotron told me that quipas were knotted ropes used by the Incas to communicate. Erotron told me that the Inca civilization was a good example of a square society. Everyone got fed until the Sloppy Square Spaniards came and spoiled it all.

DG: You mentioned a guy named Cord and now you mention the rope. Are you in light bondage?

FS: Well, not on a first date.

DG: What did you talk about?

FS: After they introduced me, I was taken to a waiting room. The Colonel said he expected great things from me. The matriarch looked at me suspiciously. Cord just smiled nervously and said very little. There was an air of conspiracy in the room.

DG: Why did you think that?

FS: Well, as they closed the door, I noticed that all the members present except for Erotron made the square sign with their fingers together at chest level. Erotron responded by drawing a square in the air above her head.

DG: That would do. That sounds like thatPate🇧🇷 Are you sure you didn't take that out of the movie?

FS: Maybe, or the godmother.

DG: So the squares were mostly Japanese?

FS: Erotron told me that the Squares migrated from China to Japan in the last millennium.

DG: Why the change?

FS: The population of Sloppy Square in China has grown too large to be easily controlled. Squares have always been a very small part of the larger sloppy square population in China.

FS: Erotron told me that Japan has the highest percentage of squares of any country in the world.

DG: So the Japanese are so different because of some kind of conspiracy.

FS: In my world it was like that. I have no explanation for the Japanese in this world. The dominance of the square was reflected in the spatial order so characteristic of Japanese houses. Erotron told me that the Japanese are very organized because of the squares. Erotron further explained that the tea ceremony was actually a sacred square ritual invented by one of the guilds. This was considered the highest art form among the Squares and Book Squares normally studied with this guild, but occasionally an artist with a skill was found in other guilds. The tea ceremony celebrates spatial constancy in everyday activities.

DG: The tea ceremony is a square ceremony. Did your squares have other ceremonies?

FS: The tea ceremony was just one of over a hundred daily acts ritualized by the Squares, but it was one of the few such rituals shared with the general population of Sloppy Square.

DG: So the tea ceremony was invented by Squares?

FS: The Sloppy Squares Tea Ceremony was actually a kid's version to teach the basics. This was also the case with most Japanese martial arts, which were actually children's versions of the adult version of War Square martial arts. War Squares also added intentional flaws to the martial arts they taught Sloppy Squares.

DG: I can hardly believe it.

FS: I'll give you an example. The most incredible misinformation was teaching Sloppy Squares how to block a forearm kick in karate. Incredibly, for hundreds of years, Sloppy Squares never found that the arm would break instead of the much stronger leg. Needless to say, War Squares invariably used a groin kick to attack the formidable karatekas.

DG: What is a karateka?

FS: A person who practices karate. The success of this deception was proof to the Squares that the Sloppy Squares were an odd combination of genius and idiocy.

DG: You know a lot about martial arts. Why is this? Do you consider yourself a violent person? Are you afraid someone will try to hurt you?

FS: Martial arts don't kill. Kill people who use martial arts.

DG: I suppose. Did the squares affect Japan in other ways?

FS: The squares deliberately demarcated Japanese cities in a seemingly random manner. In fact, the city pattern was not a random pattern. Instead, the city followed a geometric algorithm that was incredibly complex for sloppy squares and could only be recognized by other squares.

DG: Why would the squares do that?

FS: Squares would then have a military advantage if they were moving in such a city. Because of this, sloppy squares in Japanese cities were usually lost entirely. Japanese cities were designed for a different species, as many travelers suspect after living in Japan for a while. Japan wasn't the only country with cities like this, but it has the most cities like this one.

DG: I've visited Japan and it's similar to the layout of Japan on Earth. There are no squares on this earth. Japan is laid out that way despite the lack of squares, so there shouldn't be any squares.

FS: That makes you think.

DG: So how many of your squares were out there?

FS: Erotron has explained to me over time that Squares historically lived in cities, but generally made up less than 0.001 percent of that city. The Squares focused on the upper classes of society so that those Squares could control the Sloppy Squares. This gave the squares the illusion that they were more numerous than they actually were.

DG: 0.001 percent of a population means one in a thousand. That means you would rarely find a square.

FS: Yes, the squares on my earth were pretty much invisible, even for someone like me who knew what to look for. Regardless, a relatively small square population compared to sloppy squares has been a hallmark of square society since the great flood 10,000 years ago.

DG: You mean like the great biblical flood?

FS: Yes, even the few squares in a given geographic area usually belonged to the same tribe and were all related. A square in a Chinese sloppy square town has not been allowed to encounter another square that is not a member of the tribe for months.

DG: Your squares are a very interesting construction. Are the Squares after you?

FS: Maybe something like the squares are after me on this earth, but not on my earth. Erotron told me that for the first time in Japan, Squares had to live with other Squares that weren't part of their tribe on a daily basis. Kyoto was basically the city with a large square population. Several other Japanese cities soon joined the ranks of square cities.

DG: So, in your mind, Japan was the Grand Central Station of Squares on your constructed Earth.

FS: Yes, but even in square Japanese cities, squares only accounted for about 1% of the total population. Yet this was a population density squared 100 times that of the rest of Asia.

DG: So the so-called squares also existed in the West?

FS: There were even fewer squares in the West than in Asia. The fundamental difference between East and West stemmed from the fact that squares had a much greater impact on Eastern civilization than on Western civilization due to their greater number in Asia.

DG: What was the cause of the difference between Eastern and Western civilization on our planet?

1.18hyperkinetic perception

Doctor Delta: The virulence level is high (3.5). The level of infection is low (1,2). The host manifests the infection believing it has HKP.

FS: I'm not sure about this earth. Erotron told me that the Square Concentrations created two major problems. First, there was the problem of tribal secrets. Because of the HKP, Squares had a hard time keeping secrets from each other.


FS: The squares had an enhanced kinetic perception known as Hyperkinetic Perception, or HKP for short.

DG: Sounds like ESP.

FS: HKP is perhaps the correct explanation for most ESP. Squares could read the Sloppy Squares' faces with absolute accuracy. The squares could look at your face and tell what emotions you were feeling based on your facial movements. It's simply impossible for a sloppy square to successfully lie to a square.

DG: How did you do that?

FS: "Kine" is the technical term for a movement of the body. Kinesics is the study of body language. A microkin is a very small, subtle body movement that is just below the threshold of conscious awareness. The face has forty facial muscles and therefore thousands of combinations of movements are possible, but only those movements that convey meaning are considered microkines.

DG: It's not a big secret. There is a lot of psychological research and therefore your squares would not have any special knowledge in this area. After all, your squares aren't that special.

FS: Psychologists on your Earth have identified twenty microcines, like the dilation of your pupils when you like someone. Squares can detect hundreds of microkines that Sloppy Squares don't even notice.

DG: And what could you do with that awareness?

FS: Yes, the squares could fundamentally know what the sloppy squares were thinking and not the other way around, and that gave them a huge survival advantage despite their lack of creativity, but that can lead to some problems.

DE: Problems?

FS: In rural and tribal situations, the HKP was not a problem as all the squares in a given geographic area were more or less familiar, albeit part of an extended family, and there was no shame in sharing secrets between members of the HKP family. In Japan, Squares have long had to deal with other Squares from other tribes across Asia, and were too embarrassed to share their family secrets with them.

DG: Do you have any secrets?

FS: Yes, but I'm telling all my secrets now. All those constantly talking faces resulted in an incredible amount of HKP noise. Unaccustomed to this HKP noise level, the squares literally developed ulcers and other stress-related illnesses.

DG: Have you ever had a stress-related ulcer or illness?

FS: No, one solution to the HKP noise problem was to go to the countryside in Japan and live in isolation until the patient recovered. This was a temporary solution, however, and the patient fell ill again soon after returning to the city.

DG: That sounds like the square of city stress.

FS: Apart from other stressed squares and sloppy squares.

DG: Like, for example?

FS: Regular noise pollution hasn't affected Squares that much. HKP noise was another matter. All squares agreed that HKP privacy and noise reduction are important and some kind of system should be developed for Japan's unique urban conditions.

DG: So what did the Squares do?

FS: Squares noted that Sloppy Square used makeup to accentuate facial features. The Sloppy Square lipstick made the lips look bigger. The mascara did the same with Sloppy Square's eyes. Erotron told me that Squares has historically developed a sort of traditional Japanese makeup system that aims to hide facial expressions rather than enhance facial features.

DG: How did you do that?

FS: The teeth darkened, making the mouth look smaller and easier to miss. Eyebrows were shaved and painted over a relatively quiet part of the face. The natural twitch of the eyebrows was a big source of HKP runaway noise. A square could control those eyebrow twitches, but that required a lot of control.

DG: I think the HKP would make that easier.

FS: Controlling the twitch of the eyebrows was like controlling the hiccups. The faces were painted white with a thick paste to hide the face as much as possible. The full use of masks was considered too extreme. The squares wanted to reduce the noise of the HKP, but not be completely deaf.

DG: Is traditional Japanese makeup a mask to hide HKP? I know that traditional Japanese makeup is exactly as you describe. What role does make-up play on our planet? If his story is true, then no squares on our planet should mean no traditional makeup.

FS: Yeah, kinda weird, especially the blackened teeth. In my country, general standards were established teaching Square members to keep HKP noise to a minimum. The solemn and inscrutable Japanese face was created.

DG: Why?

FS: For many generations, HKP Yoga has replaced more awkward makeup techniques. This was a type of facial yoga that Square could use to learn to control facial movements that were usually autonomous. Parts of this facial yoga can be seen in Japanese martial arts.

DG: What kind of facial yoga?

FS: Advanced students of kendo, the Japanese sword fight, were taught to control their facial expressions during a duel.

DG: I've seen enough samurai movies to know that even though there are no squares, this also happens on our planet. how do you explain it

FS: Very strange, Homo sapiens has kinesics, but only to a lesser extent. I studied Wing-Jutsu and we learned to fight with our fists and not our faces and I think that's a failure of the system. If you can end a fight with a look, that's better than actually having to get into a fight. Wyatt Earp stared at a man until he got close enough to hit him over the head with the butt of his gun.

DG: Maybe Wyatt Earp was a square?

FS: Maybe or just a more sensitive sloppy square.

DG: Are you a great martial arts student?

FS: The martial arts on my earth were more advanced and you could actually fight people with weapons, which made them more useful. My world also had capo jutsu. It combines the Brazilian art of Capoeira with Gracie Jiu Jutsu.

DG: Okay, you told me whatever about Gracie. What is Capoeira?

FS: Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that focuses on handstand kicking. The legs are very strong and capoeira guys use their legs like a boxer. Capoeira types do not use predictable kicks, instead they strike with their feet.

DG: Who cares?

FS: Hey, that's an interesting thing. You can jab from a handstand, except a leg jab is three times as powerful. The biggest benefit of Capo Jutsu is that it is difficult to shoot a Capoeira student because the chest and face are not where most shooters are trained. I would have studied capo jutsu, but beer bellies get in the way of pins.

DG: Have you been in a lot of fights?

FS: I used to go to girls bars on the Rio Grande Channel. What do you think?

DG: Wild enough?

FS: Even wilder. The ability to control facial movement is very useful in a fight, as the face provides a lot of information about a fighter's emotional state that even a Sloppy Square can read.

DG: So the squares had a big impact on the social mores of the sloppy squares?

FS: Squares noted that sloppy squares tended to imitate their rulers due to a strong sense of hierarchy. Squares felt that their HKP skills made them rely on empathy rather than hierarchy to make decisions. On the other hand, sloppy squares blindly followed the leaders due to a lack of HKP. The squares noted with amusement how the squares were soon applying the same HKP reduction techniques in a monkey-see-monkey-do fashion. To the Squares, this seemed to be another example of Sloppy Squares imitating behavior without thinking about the function or cause of the behavior.

DG: Do you think so?

FS: Yes, I have. In the late 20th century, Sloppy Square Japanese took classes on how to smile to compensate for facial muscle conditioning, which was functional for squares but dysfunctional for sloppy squares.

DG: The Japanese on Earth do the same smile classes. Why is that?

FS: I can see a square a mile away, but I've been stuck in this clinic since I woke up from the coma. I have met a very limited number of people since I have traveled this earth. I can tell you one thing, if there are squares on this earth, they don't control television programs the same way as they do on my earth, since I watch television a lot on this earth.

DG: What was the agenda of the Squares?

FS: Members of Homo erectus did not hate creative thinking, but they feared creativity and in Asia, through trial and error, created ancient social mechanisms to control creative thinking as much as possible. They also tried to keep the noise level in space at an acceptable level. Different countries in Asia had larger or smaller populations of squares, and to some extent this was related to how much conformity defeated creativity in that country.

DG: Were squares versus creativity?

FS: Squares felt that creativity should be tightly controlled.

DG: Why should creativity be controlled?

FS: Squares felt that based on the story, creativity should be tightly controlled and even eliminated if possible. Erotron told me, "Look at the nuclear destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. God only knows where Sloppy Square's creativity would end up." Japan was even then the modern political center of Squares. Many Square properties were destroyed.

DG: So Squares thought sloppy squares were dangerous?

FS: Yes, Asian Squares created an education system in Asia that favors squares over sloppy squares.

DG: Why?

FS: Asian students who were good at memorization were rewarded and creative expression was actively discouraged. Western squares tend to be passive about sloppy square creativity, perhaps because of their relative weakness.

DG: Your comments on Hiroshima are interesting. I suppose creativity is like any other form of power and it's a double-edged sword.

FS: Of course, Squares saw the creativity of Homo sapiens as a power that had to be surpassed by an even greater power.

DG: What is that?

FS: Money! Squares had a thousand ways to make money. The numbers at the bottom of the Supercolor TV screen were the stock prices for the next day, meaning what the stock prices would be after Squares manipulated the prices.

DG: So these supposed squares drove the stock market?

FS: You've only arbitrarily manipulated about 1% of stock prices with your control of the world's computer security systems.

DG: Why didn't they just rig all the stocks?

FS: Squares didn't want to overdo it by constantly manipulating all actions. Instead, Squares manipulated some of the stocks for a while. This level of control was enough to ensure that virtually all squares were millionaires.

DG: So the stock market was basically rigged on your Earth.

FS: The fact that Sloppy Squares never figured that out shows how stupid they were. The squares were behind the rise and fall of dot-coms. Squares made a bundle out of it. Like Money Square, Erotron got a piece of every stock scam. Erotron invented the dot-com scam and displayed unusual creativity for Square. Even at this early stage, knowing other squares, I noticed that she was more "human" than the other squares. I asked her about it and she looked at me seriously, then laughed and told me that she was on par with her father in that area.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: Dr. Arrow has been making a lot of money in the stock market lately. He enjoys driving his red Porsche to work and rubs his success in everyone's faces. I find the Porsche pretentious. Doctor Arrow is most likely a latent homosexual.

DG: In your opinion, the squares caused the rise and fall of dot-com. The same happened on this earth, which has no squares. I think this proves that there are no squares on earth.

FS: Maybe, or it proves otherwise.

DG: Did one species have a larger brain than the other species?

FS: Squares' brains were roughly the same overall size as Sloppy Squares', but the relative sizes of the different areas of the brain were very different.

DG: Which areas of the brain?

FS: The specialized area of ​​the brain responsible for spatial thinking, the cerebellum, was relatively larger than Sloppy Squares. The cerebellums of the square brains were also more active than that of the sloppy squares.

DG: How did the Squares know that?

FS: This conclusion was based on findings from interspecies computed tomography research. The cerebellum was located at the base of the skull of both Squares and Sloppy Squares. Squares' cerebellum showed more hemispheric specialization than that of sloppy squares.

DG: That suggests that Squares would have better spatial thinking.

FS: That is exactly the case.

DG: You said the overall size of brains is the same, so what was smaller about the square brain?

FS: The frontal lobes of square brains showed less hemispheric specialization. The Squares members were all ambidextrous. Square's frontal lobes were also relatively smaller than Brain of a Sloppy Square's. The frontal lobes facilitate abstract thinking.

DG: So squares basically have larger cerebellums but smaller frontal lobes.

FS: Yes, the squarers' smaller frontal lobes probably explained their shortcomings in abstract thinking.

DG: Did squares feel inferior because of their smaller frontal lobes?

FS: On the contrary, Squares argued that Squares has the edge because spatial thinking is more important, but Sloppy Squares have abilities that Squares can exploit. Have you ever heard of mirror neurons?

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The idea of ​​the cerebellum makes neurological sense. In evolutionary terms, Squares sacrificed the ability to create and reason abstractly, which appears to be a function of frontal lobe hemisphere specialization and size, and developed greater spatial thinking and specific spatial abilities.

DG: They have something to do with learning.

FS: These are specialized neural networks in the frontal lobes of Sloppy Squares that allow Sloppy Squares to mimic behavior unconsciously and quickly. Squares have more mirror neurons in their cerebellum so they can quickly learn spatial tasks through imitation. Sloppy Squares had relatively more mirror neurons in their frontal lobes.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: Mirror neurons are real.

DG: The skulls of Homo erectus that I've seen in the museum don't look human.

FS: A distinction must be made between ancient Homo erectus, whose skulls are in museums on this earth, and modern Homo erectus on my earth.

DG: What is the difference between the two?

FS: Ancient Homo erectus looked very different from Sloppy Squares and had a much smaller brain. Modern Homo erectus was the product of symbiotic evolution.

DG: What kind of symbiotic evolution?

FS: Modern Homo erectus evolved in the context of Sloppy Squares communities. Modern Homo erectus looked like sloppy squares, and this change in appearance likely evolved as a survival mechanism.

DG: That would make sense, because the outward appearance of a species can change relatively quickly in evolutionary terms. There is a theory that the difference in appearance between ethnic groups evolved in a relatively short period of time due to sexual selection.

FS: Appearance was very important. Homo erectus, which could interbreed with Sloppy Squares, survived. Homo erectus, unable to mix with Sloppy Squares, did not survive.

DG: It looks like a cuckoo bird. The cuckoo lays its egg in the nest of another species of bird. The stepmother simply assumes that all the eggs in the nest must be of the same species. Sloppy Squares would just assume that if it looks human, it must be human.

FS: Not entirely true, but one gets the impression that one species can fool another species about its true species identity. Squares theorized that natural selection made Homo erectus more similar in appearance to Homo sapiens over time. Nature provides many examples of one species imitating the appearance of another in order to survive.

DG: Can you give some examples?

FS: For example, many non-venomous snakes look almost identical to other species that were venomous to fool predators.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The patient is obsessed with snakes due to their phallic nature and their own feelings of male inadequacy.

DG: Don't other species do similar things?

FS: Yes, the monarch butterfly causes nausea in birds when eaten. Another butterfly good for eating looks like the monarch butterfly to fool birds.

DG: How did the squares interact with homo sapiens?

FS: The special abilities of Homo erectus made them valuable members of the Sloppy Square tribes. For example, Squares were excellent trackers and were much more adept at picking up the slightest deviation of a blade of grass in a field than Sloppy Squares.

DG: That would be a function of superior spatial thinking.

FS: Superior spatial thinking can mean the difference between life and death for a tribe. The square tracker can help a sloppy square tribe find game in difficult circumstances.

DG: I suppose the Sloppy Square tribe would take good care of this particular tracker.

FS: Yes, it resembled a wolf due to its specialized senses, superior hearing and smell, human grooming, and evolution into the modern day dog. Except that from the perspective of the square, Homo sapiens were the dogs and they were the humans.

DG: You say that contact with Homo sapiens influenced the evolution of Homo erectus.

FS: Modern Homo erectus was a product of symbiotic evolution,

DG: When two species evolve in a mutually beneficial way.

FS: Right, the specialized spatial abilities of the squares as opposed to general spatial thinking would have only been possible within sloppy square societies from an evolutionary point of view.

DG: Why?

FS: An analogy is helpful. Ancient Homo erectus began as a wolf in relation to its relationship with Sloppy Square. A wolf is an animal that does not have a strong symbiotic relationship with humans. The wolf is an evolutionary generalist.

DG: I would agree with that.

FS: There are dogs that are faster, bigger or have a better sense of smell than a wolf, but the wolf is very good in all these areas. The wolf evolved through human contact into specialized dog breeds. Likewise, ancient Homo erectus gradually evolved into a species that had a stronger symbiotic relationship with Sloppy Square and more specialized abilities.

DG: Did the opposite happen?

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FS: I think there is evidence that Homo sapiens on my Earth were more creative than their counterparts on this Earth.

DG: I suspect specialization would come at a cost.

FS: I agree and would like to use the dog breed analogy again. Specialized dogs like a greyhound are faster than a wolf but have sacrificed power for that speed.

DG: That's right. A wolf would tear a greyhound to pieces if it could catch it.

FS: Sure, and another example is the St. Bernard, which is larger than a wolf and can tear a wolf apart in a fight, but is too slow to hunt most prey.

DG: And I suppose a bloodhound has a much better sense of smell than a wolf, but it's not as fast or as strong as a wolf.

FS: Exactly, a half-breed is a generalist like the wolf. A mixed breed can actually be a better dog than a purebred. The humanoids on my earth were more of a pure race.

DG: So this is a stray earth?

FS: Yes, but mutts aren't all bad. Homo erectus evolved into a species with specialized abilities like the greyhound, St. Bernard or hunting dog. The downside was that modern Homo erectus was probably even less creative than ancient Homo erectus.

EN: Why?

FS: Creativity did not confer a survival advantage on homo erectus in a sloppy square society, since creative homo erectus lagged far behind in this area compared to a sloppy square. On the other hand, modern Homo erectus had spatial thinking abilities that would seem like magic to ancient Homo erectus. Squares that excelled in spatial thinking could take on specialized roles in sloppy square society and thrive. In hindsight, both humanoids evolved into highly specialized species. This specialization would eventually destroy my world.

DG: Why?

FS: In my country, the squares were the trackers, the hunters, and most importantly, the warriors. The squares were the masters of violence (violence).

DG: Are you saying that your earth was more violent than ours?

FS: Not only more violent, but Square Earth's violence has become more rationalized. A tribe with a square warrior meant the tribe survived. The tribe also adopted more cruel social habits.

EN: Why?

FS: Killing Sloppy Squares wasn't killing a square. A sloppy square wasn't human and you can only kill humans. This meant Squares could kill Sloppy Squares more relentlessly than most other Sloppy Squares.

DG: Social evolution accompanied biological evolution.

FS: Yes, despite their small number, the squares had a privileged position in the tribe. The square warrior ate meat when other tribesmen did not.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: I am a meta-Freudian and I believe that a system of psychotherapy that combines the best of Freudian and Jungian analysis is particularly useful for treating meta-schizophrenics. A meta-Freudian theory of metaschizophrenia holds that the patient has unresolved sexual conflicts that lend themselves to Freudian analysis, but unlike a typical schizophrenic, the patient has managed to create fantasies that embody universal archetypes more effectively than ordinary delusions , and therefore these delusions are socially stronger. The archetypal nature of the metaschizophrenic's fantasies means that these fantasies can easily become urban mythologies and thus the schizophrenic infects other members of the social body.

The existence of archetypes cannot be denied, but as a Meta-Freudian I completely deny that these archetypes spring from a universal unconscious. Rather, Meta-Freudians theorize that the superego developed a symbolic communication system to communicate with the ego and therefore compete successfully with the id. The fact that archetypes deal with social issues in a tribal society suggests that they are more recent than the sexual symbolism of the id.

This metaschizophrenia theory is at odds with Dr. Delta, but metapsychology is still a new field and the definitive theory has yet to be found. There are even very speculative and, in my view, highly suspect theological theories of metapsychology. The doctor. Arrow believes that metaschizophrenia should be viewed as a biochemical disorder and has privately told colleagues that psychotherapy is a form of mutual masturbation between patient and therapist.

deal with dr Arrow is a zero-sum game. Despite the lack of professionalism of Dr. arrow, dr. Delta seems better with Dr. arrow than mine. History will prove that my position is correct and that Dr. arrow is wrong.

FS: For the first time we agree. The symbiotic evolution of squares and sloppy squares has been the subject of much debate among squares. Which species affected which first was difficult to determine.

DG: Yes, sure, that makes sense. Were there only two hominids on your earth at that time?

FS: No, there were still some Neanderthals. Neanderthals competed with Homo sapiens in the fields of creativity and abstract thinking and failed. Neanderthals had some physical advantages over Sloppy Squares. The squares called Neanderthal Heavy Squares.

EN: Why?

FS: Neanderthals had heavier muscles and heavier bones. In a fight with a sloppy square, the Neanderthal would have won.

DG: So why did the Neanderthals lose?

FS: The problem was that even at the tribal level the fighting was not between individuals but between packs of hominids. The hominid gang that figured out little things like smashing someone's head with a stick and how to make fire won. Neanderthals discovered the stick thing, but they never fully understood the fire thing.

DG: Are you saying they were bad at making fire?

FS: They actually had to have a full-time guy to keep the fire alive day in and day out because they were having a hard time starting the fire.

DG: Why did Neanderthals survive on your earth?

FS: The squares secretly helped some Neanderthal tribes survive.

DG: Why would the squares do that?

FS: The two types of hominids have always been on good terms and were linked by a shared fear of Homo sapiens. Every once in a while a Sloppy Square would see one of the Neanderthals and freak out. Neanderthals on my earth were known as Yeti in Tibet, Sasquatch in Canada, and Bigfoot in the United States. Squares quickly moved the Neanderthal tribe that was located to a safer location.

DG: So Neanderthals looked different from Homo sapiens, different from Homo erectus.

FS: Neanderthals were not only more muscular, but like other apes, they had hair all over their bodies, but body hair can be shaved.

DG: You shaved your body hair, but why?

FS: The smaller females were sometimes shaved and used by the squares for muscle work. The shaved women really did look like a very tough and muscular male sloppy square.

DG: So how much muscle mass are we talking about?

FS: Neanderthal females were about three times stronger than Sloppy Square males of the same size. A Neanderthal woman could easily lift a small car.

DG: I think I met one of those women in a bar.

FS: Possibly a Neanderthal male could lift a medium-sized car, but wouldn't fit like the female due to his more ape-like characteristics and larger size.

DG: So Neanderthals were trying to adapt?

FS: In ancient times, Neanderthals shaved all their body hair to look more like Homo sapiens. Squares in particular have historically used shaved Neanderthals in military situations, and this is how the troll-like creatures found their way into most of my Earth's folk tales and myths.

DG: Once again there are troll stories on this earth despite the lack of squares and this proves that your story is an illusion. Were there ever interbreeds between Neanderthals and Homo sapiens?

FS: I think so, and I believe there is a Neanderthal lineage in the Sloppy Square gene pool of both our Earths.

DG: How do you recognize sloppy squares in this strain?

FS: Go to a soccer game and study the players on the field.

DG: Maybe you're right.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: There is actually some evidence that Neanderthals were assimilated into Homo sapiens and the resulting hybridization led to our current superior intelligence. This is probably where the patient came up with the idea for the Half Square.

FS: The Neanderthals were a lot stronger than the sloppy squares, but the sloppy squares were smarter and that made the difference.

DG: Why was Homo erectus better than Neanderthals?

FS: Unlike Neanderthals, squares have evolved information-processing abilities that are entirely different from sloppy squares.

DG: So squares aren't stronger than sloppy squares?

FS: Yes and no, square males are almost as strong as sloppy square males that are the same size. On the other hand, square women generally had a lot more upper body strength than a sloppy square woman of the same size.

DG: If the squares aren't stronger then why should the squares run the show?

FS: Teamwork.

DG: Isn't it a superior general intelligence?

FS: Not really, the Sloppy Squares were smarter in some areas and the Squares were smarter in other areas, but the Squares' intelligence led to superior teamwork.

EN: Why?

FS: Squares were better in all teamwork due to their HKP. One on one, Sloppy Squares was the fastest at figuring things out, but was a bit slow when it came to working as a team. Because of this slight difference, the two hominids evolved differently. Ultimately, Squares taught Sloppy Squares how to really work as a team, or at least that's how the Squares saw it. Additionally, squares were biologically superior to sloppy squares in a key area.

DG: What was that?

1.19tetrachromatic vision

Doctor Delta: Although this meme is somewhat related to the supercolor meme, this meme is much more virulent and also has a higher infection rate. Many hosts exposed to this meme begin to believe they have tetrachromatic vision.

FS: The main sensory difference between squares and sloppy squares is their superior vision. The squares had tetrachromatic vision as opposed to trichromatic vision.

DG: „Tetra“ was?

FS: “Tetra” means four. "Tri" means three. Chromatic means color related. Sloppy Squares have three colors of cones. The squares had four types of colored cones. I won't go into technical details, but squares have better color perception than sloppy squares. This doesn't just apply to squares, but some birds have tetrachromatic vision and therefore see better than "humans".

DG: So squares can see more colors?

FS: In a way, Sloppy Squares had tri-color sensors in the eye cones, including one for red, green, and blue. A sloppy square without any of these sensors is color blind. The squares had four color sensors and therefore had superior color vision.

DG: So the extra fourth cone means they had better vision?

FS: Exactly! Squares were able to discern colors in low-light environments that would appear black and white to a Sloppy Square, and this has the practical effect of improving overall night vision.

DG: From an evolutionary perspective, why did Squares develop this superior view?

FS: Ancient Squares, like most predators, were nocturnal. Squares hunted at night.

DG: Implicitly, Homo sapiens is not a predator.

FS: I would say that early Homo sapiens were opportunistic predators but primarily foragers. Squares, while opportunistic gatherers, were mostly predators. Squares initially avoided encounters with Sloppy Square and then slowly merged with Sloppy Square bands.

DG: So there may have been previous contacts between the two species before they merged.

FS: Yes, Book Squares theorized that the legends of vampires and werewolves had their origins in Sloppy Square's ancient nocturnal encounters with packs of Squares. Squares could also enter a temporary state of torpor, a low-level hibernation when food was scarce. This probably explains the history of vampires falling into a deep sleep.

DG: Were squares less like people back then?

FS: His canines were larger and had more body hair.

DG: Did modern squares have more body hair?

FS: Squares still had slightly more body hair than Homo sapiens, but the difference between the two species was minimal. The squares had unique communication systems.

DG: That sounds like an interesting topic.

FS: Squares were the first masters of digital steganography. Steganography means hidden writing in Greek. Herodotus No. 5ºcentury B.C. depicted a Greek ruler as a hostage, bearing a call to arms tattooed on his slave's scalp. You take a standard script and warp it with a geometric algorithm.

DG: Isn't there any software nowadays that does that?

FS: Yes, but Squares didn't need any software to handle steganography.

DG: What did Squares do with this ability?

FS: The Squares posted thousands of scanned images online that contained secret messages that only other Squares could read. Sloppy squares on earth can do the same with off the shelf software and unlock the message with a software based estegokey. Squares can of course create and/or read steganographic digital messages.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: More patient with technical details to add realism to their delusions.

DG: What purpose did these web messages serve?

FS: Squares primarily used web messaging for covert business communications.

DG: So how would you know this was happening?

FS: The number one way for a sloppy square on this earth to know that digital steganography was happening was to notice subtle differences in images on the internet that didn't seem to serve any apparent purpose.

DG: Like what?

For example, if there was a snapshot of a car on a web auction site that changed the pixel image every few days, it was probably a Sloppy Square secretly communicating with other Sloppy Squares.

DG: I heard about that. Why weren't the Squares caught?

FS: The changes to Square's image would be too subtle color wise for Sloppy Square to notice. Squares often used banner ads to communicate with each other on the internet. Different ad banners were different Square chat rooms. In fact, the fact that Sloppy Squares never found out anything suspicious was going on is astonishing since the banners never made a dime.

DG: I think you have proved that there are no squares on any earth because there are flagheads on this earth that are said to have no squares.

FS: You have to admit that banners are an enigma on this earth as they are a type of advertising that is totally ignored and it defies the stated purpose of advertising.

DG: You are right. Could squares use this superior vision for other purposes?

1.20Pentachromatic Vision

Doctor Delta: The infection level of the pentachromatic vision meme is lower than that of the tetrachromatic vision meme, but the virulence is higher. The infected host believes it can see ghosts.

FS: Some squares had pentachromatic vision and could actually see in the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum. In some cases, pentachromatic vision even allowed ghosts to be seen, and this was called phantom vision.

DG: In fact, several Asian cultures relate to ghost seeing.

FS: Pentachromatic vision appeared occasionally in Homo sapiens on my Earth and was considered a mutation by the squares.

DG: Is the mutation common?

FS: Mutations may be widespread, but Homo sapiens does not have a psychological support system for such a person, and seeing ghosts on a regular basis can lead to insanity and even suicide.

DG: And squares?

FS: Squares with ghost vision could communicate with the recently deceased and were valued and supported by their fellow squares.

DG: Why do you want to talk to ghosts?

1.21Z rays

Doctor Delta: The virulence and contagiousness of this meme is low.

FS: In this way the squares used their ancestors to find out what happened after death and also helped them to guide themselves based on experiences from other means of communication.

DG: So you believe that ghosts exist?

FS: Well, that's what the Squares said. Generally, the deceased stayed on this plane for only a short time, less than a second, before being absorbed by a white light. The possessor of spirit vision could not see in the white light. The Squares hoped that one day there would be a Square with hexachromatic vision that could see Z-rays and even the past and even the face of God.

DG: Z-rays?

FS: Electromagnetic waves believed to have shorter wavelength than X-rays and even gamma rays, 10-13or smaller. The Squares had been told that much of what passed as psychic phenomena could be seen by looking at z-rays.

DG: Are you talking about something like the Akashic Record in Asian philosophy, which is a kind of record of everything that has ever happened that some gurus can access?

FS: Theoretically, extreme psychic events emit Z-rays, and there were cosmic structures created by God of such intense magnitude and high energy that they emanated Z-rays. These structures were called the face of God. A person who could see z-rays could literally see these amazing structures staring up at the sky.

DG: Your so-called squares had special powers. What else did they do with their special powers?

FS: Squares have dominated the police, military, and intelligence communities because of their superior vision.

DG: Why?

FS: For example, microstereoscopic analysis is the use of a magnification system to look at an image for information. An analyst looks at images taken by satellites, and professional analysts look at a bubble and try to figure out if the bubble was a rocket or a pipe. The squares stood out in this type of work.

DG: Who does microstereoscopic analysis?

FS: Secret services (agencies) conduct microstereoscopic analysis. Squares of the Bureau of Intelligence Synthesis looked at the Panama Trail photos and learned that the AU had lost the war in Colombia.

DG: Intelligence Synthesis Bureau?

1.22Intelligence Synthesis Bureau

Doctor Delta: The level of virulence is unknown and the meme might be useful. The degree of infection is high (3.8). The host manifests an infection by believing that something like this meme exists or by expressing support for the creation of an organization like the Bureau of Intelligence Synthesis.

FS: Just as the United States created the United Americas, US intelligence created the Americas' super spy agency on my Earth known as the Bureau of Intelligence Synthesis or BIS.

DG: Like the FBI or the CIA?

FS: Also no, earlier the different military services didn't talk to each other, that was called inter-service rivalry, and long-term and short-term solutions were implemented that worked to a large extent. The First Gulf War showed this world what happens when your various services work like a finely tuned machine. My earth learned this lesson earlier and on a larger scale.

DG: That also happens on our earth.

FS: I believe it when I see it. A short-term solution to the rivalry between the armed forces of both countries was the creation of the Green Berets.

DG: You took the best of the best from different services and created a whole new military culture that was synergistic rather than incremental. What does this have to do with BIS?

FS: UA decided to apply the same concept to their intelligence agencies.

DG: Green Berets of Intelligence so to speak.

FS: Just like the Green Berets, the BIS recruited from existing services. To join the Bureau of Intelligence Synthesis, one had to have three years of experience with the CIA, FBI, or NSA.

DG: Why did you have to have this experience?

FS: That meant that agents brought experience and contacts to the new agency from the start, but they had to work together. They resigned from their previous positions. You cannot leave an exit port.

EN: Why not?

FS: The situation on your Earth where CIA agents are assigned to the FBI and vice versa is not going to work. After all, agents know where they call home at the end of the day and have no interest in working beyond a certain level with the agency to which they are temporarily assigned.

DG: So you think a new agency should be created on this earth?

FS: Yes, a new agency, but more than that. It's the elite, so it's actually something that the top guys in their respective agencies want to join. This sends the message in a very direct way that synergy is good and integrates this into the framework of professional goals for members of the intelligence community. It also means that everyone in this new agency comes from very different backgrounds, but you get the best of the best so they have the ability to learn and adapt and create a whole new culture of synergistic intelligence.

DG: That would be a relatively small agency.

FS: Sure, you keep the operation lean and mean. The BIS had a lot of discretion and was able to more conveniently access information from other intelligence agencies and actually track leads rather than passively waiting for the CIA, FBI, or NSA to turn data over to them. The BIS simply showed up on the doorstep of one of these agencies and hunted for clues in the intelligence community.

DG: And the training?

FS: BIS has retained Green Beret's cross-training concept. The guys in this group were constantly learning new things, moving and gaining experiences that guys from other agencies didn't have.

DG: Like, for example?

FS: You would have an internship at the border guard, a customs passage, whatever. Even a week of this type of experience gave BIS agents a feel for ground operations that no lecture or book could give them.

DG: That would be great fun for the right person and a further incentive to work with this agency.

FS: Of course if you don't enjoy learning then you wouldn't want to join this organization but if you enjoy a wide variety of experiences then this is the place for you.

DG: That's the best and smartest concept.

FS: Yes, but the agency also focused on being brilliant at connect the dot intelligence.

DG: You know that our planet could use a secret service specializing in synthetic thinking. The BIS agency could be staffed with people who score above a certain minimum on the Miller analogy test, rather than the IQ test, since the Miller test is better suited to measuring synthetic reasoning, which is basically connection point reasoning is.

FS: As I said before, I think that many ideas from my earth can be applied to this earth. The BIS kept coaches trained as Green Berets.

DG: Who did you train?

FS: This agency had a very special duty to create innovative and synergistic ways to fight terrorism and to share these techniques with other intelligence agencies as well. BIS was the guy who was an intern at NASA and then Customs and suddenly realized there was a way to use NASA technology at Customs. There was even a scientific requirement.

DG: That would severely limit the number of candidates available.

FS: You didn't have to be rocket scientists, but this agency had a definite technological advantage. Because very few agents had a scientific background, the BIS agency proposed very specific educational solutions to potential candidates and told the candidate to come back after pursuing those solutions.

DG: Current agencies rely on technology experts with science backgrounds, but I agree that having agents with their own science backgrounds would make that agency even more effective.

FS: The FBI wanted lawyers and accountants when it started. That's great for old-fashioned crime, but what about new-style terrorism? You can rob a lot more banks with a computer than you can with a gun, so you need people who know computers. Also, the US had terrorists who killed Americans with jet planes, not with guns. On this earth, this technological advantage will become more and more important over time.

DG: I agree, future terrorist attacks are likely to use new technology or use old technology in new ways.

FS: Of course, one of the tasks of the BIS was to find ways to use existing intelligence more effectively and creatively in the intelligence community. You need all five fingers to form a fist! This mission kept them in touch with existing agencies and made them official agents of cultural change.

DG: How would you compare the BIS to secret services on Earth?

FS: The Bureau of Intelligence Synthesis has been, without comparison, the premier intelligence agency on the planet in the field of intelligence synthesis and has virtually eliminated post-9/11 terrorism on my earth. Of course, the geopolitical situation on my planet was very different and that helped. Our 9/11 was some twenty years ago when our Reagan was President.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The invention of the BIS is a further extension of the patient's paranoia.

DG: Why would 9/11 happen on two very different earths?

FS: Things are much more predetermined than most people realize. Intelligence analysis on this earth uses inference and linear methods. The FBI would be a good example of an agency that uses this system very well. Intelligence synthesis uses analog thinking, non-linear methods and is ultimately preventive.

DG: For example?

FS: The CIA would be an example of an agency that uses a lot more intelligence synthesis than the FBI, but it's still not too far removed from its analytical roots.

DG: Maybe that's one of the many reasons why the two agencies experienced culture shock. Rather, the problem may be rooted in a fundamental difference between cultures, comparable to C.P. Snow's ideas of a clash between the humanities and the sciences. What you say makes some sense.

FS: Nice that you think so. Emerging from an industrial society, intelligence analysis emphasized the standardization of methodology, the application of rigorous scientific methods in the form of forensics, and the application of a classical bureaucratic structure to the problem of intelligence. Modern criminals like the mafia adapted industrial organizational methods to the business of crime, and so there was a certain parallelism between the enforcers and the criminals that made interactions predictable.

DG: Based on your logic, if an old style intelligence agency uses industrial methods, a new style intelligence agency would use information age methods.

FS: Correct, the new enemy on this earth has adapted to the information age faster than the secret services. The new enemy uses an organizational web structure.

DG: What do you mean by web structure?

FS: They are small, mobile and not found in space but in cyberspace or in the space of outlaw states. Above all, the new enemy has an intuition for how to combine seemingly unrelated technologies in entirely new ways that are incredibly destructive.

DG: You mean the internet?

FS: Yes, the new information age requires an organization that has excellent information analytics but can go beyond it. The information age offers a dynamic environment in which actors and knowledge bases change at an exponential rate than in the industrial age.

DG: So what's the answer?

FS: Adaptability and creativity are no longer luxuries but necessities in such a dynamic environment. Dangers can arise quickly, and agents need to stay ahead of the wave, not just trying to catch up.

DG: Intelligence synthesis sounds like a more formal way of thinking about how to connect the reasoning of the points and their application in this rapidly evolving environment. What specific methods did the BIS use to achieve intelligence objectives?

FS: A bounty was given for recruiting agents who have all four "interests," including cross-agency experience, interdisciplinary experience, international experience, and interpersonal skills.

DG: Can you give some examples?

FS: Of course, the CIA agents on this Earth who are currently assigned to the FBI and vice versa are examples of agents with cross-agency experience that would be valuable. Interdisciplinary experience would be people who had formal training in different fields. Companies have been doing this for years.

EN: Really?

FS: For example, Macrohard generally preferred a top-level executive with formal training in robotics and business education over a candidate who was only strong in robotics. MBA and law are excellent, but these light disciplines are strengthened when combined with hard academic training.

DG: macro hard?

FS: Macrohard was the largest and most successful company on my planet.

DG: Anything else?

FS: The international experience is so obvious in the face of the increasing globalization of crime and terrorism that the need for this background does not need to be examined. The need for interpersonal skills was important to BIS's interagency mission. The three "in-between" gained new breadth and depth as the agent's (agent's) career progressed.

DG: Why?

FS: Advanced degrees were encouraged. Special emphasis was placed on science degrees and this was the most scientifically literate intelligence agency in the world. International language and culture courses were held throughout the agent's career. Courses developing analogical thinking in applied environments were created and implemented.

DG: How about training together?

FS: Systems Science was the core discipline that all agents had to study in a common environment. BIS agents used this shared familiarity with systems science to communicate with each other regardless of their specific technical background.

DG: How does systems science allow that?

FS: Problems have analogous similarities between disciplines, and that's one of the keys to creative genius. And if you can't find the answer in the book, write a new book!

DG: Maybe you're an analog genius because the universe you created seems to be a giant analog.

FS: Again, I don't create anything. I just remember The BIS had specific tasks and responsibilities in the area of ​​message synthesis, including the development of cross-agency synergies and collaborations. The BIS was also responsible for the optimization of systems for interagency data exchange and the development of new methods for information synthesis. Finally, BIS focused on the more theoretical problem of how to optimally integrate human intelligence, known as HUMIT, and high-tech resources, creating entirely new technologies and methods in the field of intelligence.

DG: How do you know so much about an alleged secret agency?

FS: Squares made sure they had key agents in that agency and they reported to Erotron. Erotron showed me a flat screen behind the Botticelli Venus. The monitor allowed Erotron to keep an eye on the BIS headquarters. Erotron said, "Who is watching the Guardians?" She started laughing and said, "Yes, of course"

DG: What was she watching?

FS: At that particular moment she was watching the BIS Director and he was in the Memetic Map room. He was a jolly old man. He had a white beard and wore a black double-breasted suit made of Suzhou spider silk.

DG: Where is Suzhou?

FS: Next to Shanghai.

DG: Spider silk looks creepy. Why would anyone want a spider silk costume?

FS: Spidersilk suits were stylish, but also bulletproof. Spidersilk suits also cost a thousand dollars each.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The BIS director is more of a father figure. The white beard suggests a benevolent father figure. The spider silk costume suggests a darker side. How can I move forward and build a relationship with the patient?

DG: I've never heard of spider silk. What is a memetic card?

1.23Memetic card

Doctor Delta: The virulence level is low (1,2). The meme has a low infection level (1.3).

FS: There is nothing like this on Earth yet. The BIS had decided to integrate the National Security Agency's data into a global information system, so the intercepted words were now placed on a global map showing the movement of the words in real time.

DG: How can you track words?

FS: The map also took all the semantic data from all other AU intelligence agencies and put it on one map.

DG: What semantic data?

FS: Most of the semantic data was collected electronically, tapping every email and phone call.

DG: It's not that advanced. The NSA is already doing that on this earth.

FS: A lot of the data was collected through video surveillance systems used by governments and corporations, which have become ubiquitous, and AI systems reading speakers' lips. The card could literally represent the word on the street. All print data has also been added to the map. The purpose of the map wasn't to track a specific phone call, but rather to get an overview of the movement of memes from one region to another.

DG: For example?

FS: Whenever a new word appeared more frequently, it was automatically marked by the database. Most of the time this was a fad making its global rounds, but sometimes a more significant idea made the rounds of the planet. A BIS agent could look up a word and find out how many times that word has been said anywhere in the world. The agent entered the war code used by the terrorists and where that code word was mentioned it was plotted on the map. The agent pressed another button and the map showed the ratio of electronic vs. printed vs. conversational usage of the word with pie charts.

DG: What difference does it make?

FS: If there were few emails about this explosive but lots of conversations, that would be fine. On the other hand, the email usually meant something was planned.

DG: Was the map a word frequency map?

FS: In addition, the Memetic Map computer system automatically used a structural analysis to find out whether a word was used in a new way, the structural equivalent of a new word, and whether the word was now used to refer to a person. 🇧🇷

DG: It looks like some kind of language map.

FS: Similar, but the Memetic Map can display patterns in real-time and analyze the structure of those patterns.

DG: What kind of structures?

FS: A web pattern of meme distribution suggested that some sort of social hierarchy was involved in this distribution.

DG: How about something like a fad?

FS: Fashion-related words often followed a scatter pattern that more closely resembled the way a storm system moved. The fads started in America, then exploded in the AU and finally caught on in the European Union.

DG: How long did this dispersal last?

FS: A new word that moves fast can take a week to travel the planet. If a word spread worldwide but information about that word was difficult to find, that word was a code word.

DG: Did the map find the code word?

FS: The card system couldn't tell what a new code word used by terrorists meant, but it could tell it was a code word at all. The Asian Union is short for Asian Union and was one of three unions including the AU and the EU that ruled my earth.

DG: Sounds like something the National Security Agency would think of.

FS: Maybe, but our memetic map also correlated body temperature with memetic exposure.

DE: Who?

FS: At the UA, citizens were expected to take their temperature at least once a day and transmit the data via cell phone. Pandemics have devastated my earth. This daily temperature measurement is considered a necessary measure for national security. The problem is that you can get someone else to take your temperature to fool the government. UA was struggling with pandemics and had temperature sensors hooked up to UA's fiber optic network. Body temperature has been correlated with memetic exposure.

DG: What do you find when you correlate memetic exposure and body temperature?

FS: You note that certain memes raise your body temperature and can be considered hot memes that literally make people angry and/or excited. Very few memes lower body temperature and are considered cool memes.

DG: How do you know what a hot meme or a cold meme is?

FS: The identification and classification of hot memes and especially cold memes was one of the main tasks of the BIS at UA. UA had its own similar agency. Over time, both UA and UA developed computational models that could predict how certain hot or cold memes would affect social, economic, and/or political behavior. In general, memes didn't affect body temperature, and when a meme did, you knew it was a good idea to track it more closely.

DG: Body temperature fluctuates throughout the day.

FS: Yes, but the average temperature of a large group of people with similar diets, cultures and lifestyles is remarkably stable. In general, an increase in the average body temperature of a group was not good. Sometimes the BIS would alert police when there was a temperature rise in a group known for rioting and other antisocial behavior, but that wasn't a wise solution. UA and UA also inserted cold memes into media to combat hot memes.

DG: I can understand how certain memes stir up riots, in fact Blair seems to be in the process of banning certain types of speech in light of the London Underground bombings. I suppose the mullahs' radical tirade could be considered a hot meme, but what the heck is a cold meme?

FS: Certain types of music had stimuli that calmed the wild beast. Every social group had some version of music that served this function, and generally this music was characterized by specific rhythms and keys, regardless of culture. Most church/temple music had cold memetic properties. Additionally, most ambient music fell into this category and was less intrusive than blaring religious music. Covertly putting more cold music on the radio was one way to lower a social group's memetic temperature.

DG: What if the angry teenagers who were about to riot weren't listening to the radio?

FS: Angry teenagers are always listening to the radio, but you can also fight hot memes with even hotter memes. Inserting more erotic memes into local media could distract these teens and make them think about sex instead of violence.

DG: Female primates use sex to calm angry male primates. In fact, more than one woman has spotted this tactic. I suppose it's another version of bread and circuses. They channel social anger into another outlet. So why not constantly pipe erotic memes to the neighborhood?

FS: If you were typing the sex memes all the time, there would be habituation and the sex memes wouldn't work anymore, so you wanted to type more sex memes in a controlled way.

DG: So you use music and sex to seduce social groups instead of your date?

FS: The highest level of political leadership is mass seduction.

DG: I've heard that sentence before. The idea of ​​Hot versus Cold Memes is a bit like Marshal McLuhan's idea of ​​Hot versus Cold Media and I can accept the concept. I could see the Memetic Map as a kind of memetic weather map. The big assumption in his idea is that body temperature has something to do with memes. Who knows? If such a relationship existed, perhaps sometime in the future you could build a model that you could use to predict memetic behavior. After all, we predict the weather. Check? No way! No government is that smart. Enough of the Memetic Map, why did Erotron spy on the BIS?

FS: The BIS squares used their knowledge to protect the squares on both sides from conflict. For example, there was a huge exodus of Iraq Squares from Iraq long before Desert Storm. Erotron knew much about the secret origins of the United Americas. I want to write about it one day.

DG: I don't even want to ask about the UA. Do squares put biology above nationality?

FS: As I said, squares and sloppy squares also perceive space very differently. Both squares and sloppy squares had the concept of sloppy versus neatness, which was sort of a spatial aesthetic sense.

DG: But Homo sapiens has the concept of cleanliness.

FS: Both types agree that objects are in certain spatial relationships for a certain time and/or need to be moved in some sort of correct order. The difference is that Squares was much, much more sensitive to such spatial relationships.

DG: The squares were cool.

FS: The places were super tidy. A noise analogy is useful in this case as well as in the HKP case. Both humans and dogs can hear sounds, but dogs are sensitive to sounds that humanoids cannot even hear. The same noisy environment is much more likely to drive a dog insane than a human. Squares hated the spatial noise that sloppy squares created because they were so insensitive.

DG: Why?

FS: Sloppy Squares has always changed things. Sloppy squares moved furniture, decorations and even buildings without regard to spatial constancy.

DG: Anything else?

FS: Humans move their own bodies voluntarily and spontaneously. They do the same task in a thousand different ways.

DG: So squares moved like robots?

FS: I wouldn't call them robots, but they like to move more neatly. The Sloppy Squares kids were particularly noisy in the space area. They were always jumping up and down and running. The square kids were much better behaved than the sloppy square kids.

EN: Do you have children?

FS: I had a child a long, long, long time ago, but it's a painful subject that I'd rather not get into right now.

EN: Why not?

FS: I'm just not feeling well. Sloppy Squares also don't seem to enjoy geometric and ritualized shapes as much as members of Homo erectus. Seeing the situation, Squares must try to rule Sloppy Squares or go crazy over them or worse get destroyed by them. The Money Square organization has existed in one form or another since the dawn of human civilization.

DG: The situation you describe is far worse than any conspiracy freak could ever imagine. What have the squares done with their power?

FS: Enough! For example, large geometric monuments were erected whenever squares were dominant. Stonehenge was one of the first monuments on the square. The Nazca Lines in Peru were created by the plazas. The pyramids were also products of the squares. Ley lines connected the monuments on the Old Square.

DG: Ley-Linien?

FS: Ley lines are straight lines connecting ancient monuments. The squares liked straight lines and used a system of straight-line alleys to connect their monuments, which acted as social centers for the squares. The streets themselves were clearly marked for someone with tetrachromatic vision.

DG: Many people died to build these monuments.

FS: I'm talking about the monuments of my country. I have no idea why these monuments were built on this earth. As far as squares are concerned, sloppy squares will use any excuse to kill themselves. At least they didn't kill each other while working on the monuments.

DG: Tell me more about your father. Did he have HKP?

FS: Mind reading was a big part of my father's magical act. My mother had been her stage assistant. She had always assumed he had some mind-reading trick. At the time I thought my dad would really use his HKP skills on his show. My father has mysteriously disappeared. At the time I thought that maybe he had broken the code of hiding his HKP skills and paid the maximum fine.

DG: Your records indicate that you come from a single-parent family. There is very little information about his father.

FS: I don't know who my father's counterpart is on this earth or what he does or doesn't do.

DG: Why did your father break the rules? Didn't he know he was going to be killed?

FS: I think my father was ambitious. I don't have proof, but I think he dreamed of a world where squares and sloppy squares lived together as equals. A pairing between squares and sloppy squares was not common. I think my dad must have had an ideological reason for what he did.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: What explains Dr. arrow for me? I'm more successful than him and jealousy might be his main motivator. The extreme interest of Dr. Arrow in the case of FS is also strange. I am the primary therapist on this case, but whenever I see Dr. Arrow, he asks me a lot of questions about FS.

DG: How do you know if you've never met him?

FS: Just a guess. Squares can control the vasculature of the face to a much greater extent than a sloppy square.

DG: facial vascularization.

FS: Facial vascularity refers to blood flow to the face. In layman's terms, a square can control blushing. The squares could bring more or less blood to part of the face and form an image the size of a pinhead.

DG: If the images were that small, how would you be able to see them?

FS: You forget the top square view. The first facial languages ​​of the square were pictorial and the square would form an image of the object being discussed on his cheek.

DG: I'm sure sloppy squares would notice small images on someone's cheek.

FS: The image would not be bright red, but very subtle. Even if pointed out, a Sloppy Square would hardly be able to make out the image on the cheek.

DG: So the squares spoke to each other by drawing little figures on their cheeks?

FS: That's true, but the first visual languages ​​became more abstract over time. Face pictograms became face ideograms. All square face languages ​​had one common feature. The subject of the sentence was usually formed on the right cheek. The object of the sentence was usually formed on the left cheek.

DG: As with the sloppy square verbal languages, your hyperkinetic languages ​​have grammatical rules that deal with the object or subject of the sentence. The right-to-left order would theoretically probably have something to do with the specialization of the cerebellar hemisphere, if your theories are to be believed. Did squares have other parts of speech besides subjects and objects?

FS: Other microkines such as eyebrow movement, nose twitch, lip movement, ear twitch, and pupil dilation functioned as adverbs and adjectives. Sentences generally followed a subject-adjective/adverb-object order.

DG: How could you have any kind of order with that kind of language?

FS: For example, the subject of the sentence was formed on the right cheek, followed by, say, a twitch of the nose, of which there were twenty different types, and the word object formed on the left cheek.

DG: What was Squares talking about?

FS: Mainly death. Squares considered their current existence to be a form of hell, as they live in a world full of Sloppy Squares. The Squares believed that when they died they went to another world where there were no Sloppy Squares and the Squares lived alone in harmony with every other Square that ever lived.

DG: Death is always in the back of your mind.

FS: Maybe your mind. Sex is always on the back of my mind. What Sloppy Squares call death is considered birth by Squares.

DG: You say squares see the world as hell, but at least they live in a world without lies because you can tell when someone is lying by looking at their face.

FS: No, squares can lie to each other. Some squares were better able to produce face language than other squares. Some squares were better liars than other squares. Squares often secretly communicated with other Squares over the television. Most of the TV hosts on my planet were Squares, and they broadcast secret messages to other Squares on a daily basis.

DG: Why didn't Sloppy Squares have this hyperkinetic ability?

FS: Squares' facial muscle structure may be inherently different than Sloppy Squares. Sloppy Squares certainly didn't have the ability to control facial vascularity in the same way that Squares did.

DG: And the facial muscles?

FS: Sloppy squares might have had the ability to control individual facial muscles, but they never developed that ability because they didn't have the facial language to do it. Some monkeys have fairly complex vocal cord systems, but they don't use their full potential.

DG: Did sloppy squares show HKP?

FS: Oddly enough, some schizophrenics could see what the Square TV hosts were doing. A schizophrenic complained about psychic killers on TV after the Square TV announcer listed who would be eliminated that week, but of course no one believed her.

DG: The TV mania you describe is a very common schizophrenic condition on this earth. There are no squares on this earth, so this state shouldn't exist, so your theory is incorrect.

FS: Or maybe you should watch TV more carefully. If a square had been in space before and returned to space, it would notice any change in space. This means that it was impossible for a Sloppy Square to secretly search a Square's room. One Square's desks were super tidy and they spent twenty minutes putting the stapler in exactly the right spot. A quick test to find out if someone was a square was to accidentally bump into their desk and watch the square tip over.

DG: Why are there so many more sloppy squares than squares?

FS: Before the Flood, the number of squares and sloppy squares were about the same. After the flood, the Squares were heavily outnumbered and realized they needed to join the Sloppy Square communities and learn how to survive.

EN: Why?

FS: The squareBibleexplained that the Deluge was a disaster for both species, but the Sloppy Squares' creative powers allowed them to develop new technologies to survive. According to the Squares, Noah's Ark was just one example of technology the Sloppy Squares created to survive.

DG: Do you think there was a Noah's Ark?

FS: Noah's Ark is a symbol for the first ship developed by Sloppy Squares. Sloppy Squares also developed fishing and other marine technologies that the Squares could only copy after joining the Sloppy Square communities.

DG: Were squares everywhere?

FS: As mentioned before, squares were mainly found in Asia, but there were squares in every country and in every group. Squares could care less about the breed. In fact, the racial phenotype was less stable among the squares than among the sloppy squares.

DG: As far as I remember, the actual genes are the genotype, while the phenotype is how you look based on the genes. What do you mean the breed phenotype was less stable in the squares than in the sloppy squares?

(Video) American Pickers - Season 24 Episode 1 -Picking Larry Land January 05, 2023

FS: For example, a square with overtly Caucasian features could theoretically have children who look semi-Asian, or vice versa. This was especially true for interracial marriages. Erotron made a point of telling me that. I asked if she was pure Asian and she refused to answer. Erotron told me that the Squares are a minority and their prejudices are reserved for the most sloppy squares.

DG: According to you, the squares had their own particular facial language, but they also had a verbal language. So I guess they were bilingual like most minorities. They could speak the minority language and the majority language.

FS: Squares wasn't fully bilingual. In general they were very good at handling the form of speech but not the subtle meanings of Sloppy Square verbal languages.

DG: What meanings?

FS: You had a lot of problems with allusions, metaphors, symbols and other devices that played with the meaning of words.

DG: So what language would you be dealing with?

FS: Squares liked regularity in the language. They loved singing. They liked poems that rhymed. Squares hated poems that didn't rhyme. They hated improvised jazz.

DG: Did certain types of music make Squares angry?

FS: Music has charms that ignite the wild beast.

DG: Hard rock does that to me.

FS: Me too, Squares didn't really understand someone like Shakespeare with all his symbols and allusions. Squares tended to be quite literal in their communication. Squares liked to use shapes and block letters. Squares enjoyed jobs where shapes were the dominant means of communication, such as in the military.

DG: Squares sound like they have autism or schizophrenia.

FS: Schizophrenics may focus on the spatio-temporal patterns of language, i.e. form at the expense of meaning. If you do it creatively, you'll get into trouble.

DG: It's true that some schizophrenics speak in rhyme and that suggests a preoccupation with the form of language. Squares spoke in rhyme?

FS: Talking in rhyme all the time is way beyond the capacity of a square due to the creative capacity required.

DG: You seem extremely knowledgeable about schizophrenia.

FS: Thanks I think. Many schizophrenics play so much with the form of language that this play interferes with day-to-day functioning. Schizophrenics generally have high levels of verbal creativity, peculiar perceptions of reality, and a lack of social judgment.

DG: If I were to believe your ideas, the Squares might be in mental institutions if they hadn't created cultural adaptations that allowed them to function in Sloppy Square society.

FS: I agree, a schizophrenic can be a sloppy square version of a square without the squares social support network. Ritualism was, of course, a feature of the place. A compulsive, sloppy square inherited the ritual trait of the square without the ability to control the trait.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: A rational discussion of schizophrenia is a common symptom of metaschizophrenia as opposed to normal schizophrenia.

DG: Do squares learn verbal language differently than sloppy squares?'

FS: Yes, squares. In my world, there was a big debate about how to teach the language. One side preferred phonetics, which focused on imparting basic knowledge and image-sound correspondence. The other side preferred full language and wanted children to focus on the meaning of what they read and become lifelong readers.

DG: This is a debate about language and literacy. What does this have to do with squares?

FS: Well, in my world, squares stood firmly behind the phonetics that square children excel at. Many teachers of entire languages ​​were murdered by the Quadrados.

DG: You mentioned symbiotic evolution, but the two hominids actually evolved very differently.

FS: On the pitchBibleThere is an explanation why squares have HKP but not sloppy squares. after the squareBible, Sloppy Squares began building a tower that would reach God, known as the Tower of Babel.

DG: I suppose there is a square version of the Tower of Babel.

FS: In the Square version, God punished sloppy squares by taking away their universal language, i.e. H. God took away their HKP skills. This meant that unlike Squares, Sloppy Squares had to rely on verbal language to communicate.

DG: So your squares believed in the Tower of Babel.

FS: Erotron later explained to me that most squares thought the Tower of Babel was not a real tower but a symbol of the Sloppy Squares creating a technology that they couldn't control. Unlike Sloppy Squares, Squares would never have built a nuclear bomb.

DG: Perhaps limited nuclear war is the price of progress.

FS: Pretty steep price if you ask me. To Erotron, the Sloppy Squares were children who enjoyed playing with nuclear matches that needed to be ruled for their own good.

DG: What happened then?

FS: I sneaked back into the office building. I noticed a picture of my father in a gold frame on his desk. The photo wasn't there before. I think she took the picture to better understand me. I kept asking Erotron about my father.

DG: What did she tell you?

FS: She told me that information about my father was top secret, but she was able to assure me that he was very special. Once, when she was totally drunk, she told me that my father was a very clever Hans.

DG: Who is Hans?

FS:Probably some square who was very smart. I was told Erotron wasn't there, but one of his assistants let me sleep on the sofa in one of the offices. I was woken up several hours later. I dreamed of two people playing a card game. I tried looking at the cards, but they were always out of my field of vision.

DG: So who played cards?

FS: I tried to see who was playing the deck, but they were always out of sight or in the shadows. There were thirteen cards and they were arranged in an equal cross. I vaguely knew that the two players were very, very powerful and very similar.

DG: How were they different?

FS: One of the beings was older and one of the beings was younger. I have had this dream several times in my life. A hand shook me. Even ant, soft voice said: "Wake up!" It was Erotron and she frowned, staring intently into my face.

DG: Tell me about Erotron. How did she become a Money Square?

1.24square box

Doctor Delta: This meme's virulence and contagiousness is consistent with the parent square meme.

FS: Squares were usually born into the Warrior or Book caste, and then members of that caste were promoted to the Money Squares caste, with a few hereditary exceptions. Money Squares were 90% female.

EN: Why?

FS: Homo erectus culture was matriarchal because Homo erectus females were slightly more creative than Homo erectus males. Homo erectus females also appeared to be slightly more comfortable with spatial noise than Homo erectus males.

DE: Interesting.

FS: Because of these mental qualities, Homo erectus females would generally handle delicate cross-species tasks, and that was the most important role of the money squares.

DG: Most researchers think that women are slightly more creative than men, but I suspect that wouldn't give you an interspecies advantage here like it would on so-called Earth.

1.25killer monkeys

Doctor Delta: The virulence and contagion of this meme is difficult to measure.

FS: I assume Squares has four main cross-species rules known as the Killer Monkey Rules:

DG: What are killer monkeys?

FS: The Sloppy Squares were known as the killer apes in the squareBible.

DG: Why the old term imBible?

FS: The old term for sloppy squares has been retained in new translations so that young squares realize that these rules prevent squares from being killed by sloppy squares. Some Book Squares derided the way current Squares forget the past and underestimate Sloppy Squares.

DG: Do you think about killing a lot?

FS: I only kill with love.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: More evidence of the patient's obsession with violence.

DG: I'm glad to hear that.

FS: The fact is that most modern squares have noticed the sloppiness of the sloppy squares more than their murderous tendencies. Long ago, Squares witnessed the near-final slaughter of the Neanderthal tribes and recorded it on SquareBiblebut that was thousands of years ago.

DG: So, on your Earth, have Sloppy Squares made the transition from being perceived as a psychopath to hating their bad manners?

FS: Practically, the squares ruled for so long that the sloppy squares were no longer seen as a daily threat to many squares, but rather as an abstract threat. Young Squares may jokingly refer to Sloppy Squares as Sloppy Killers, meaning they don't deserve the Killer Apes name. Each rule had an abbreviated version.

DG: So what were the rules?

FS: The first rule was: "Keep the existence of squares hidden from the killer monkeys".

The first rule was considered the most important rule and was called the Invisible Square Rule.

DG: What was the purpose of this rule?

FS: Staying hidden has kept the squares alive for thousands of years. If a square thought that another square's action would result in a violation of the first rule, then it could use HKP to communicate, "Invisible Square". The square's special abilities have been kept hidden. The squares should not flaunt their HKP power.

DG: So your father was killed for breaking the first rule?

FS: That's what I thought at the time. Alternatively, Square's weaknesses should be hidden and materials developed by the Square Society to falsify creativity by alternative means wherever possible.

DG: How do you fake creativity?

FS: The systematic development of the equivalent of nativity scenes was one of the main tasks of Book Squares.

DG: Another mistake in your story. How could they use those cheat sheets without being seen? Did they write all this on shirt sleeves?

FS: Square cheat sheets were usually shaped like ties. All imaginable information was printed on ties. A square simply chose the right tie for the job and looked at it in the mirror when he needed the information for a specific job.

DG: Did all loops on your earth have tetrachromatic shorthand information about them?

FS: Many.

DG: That would explain many connections on this earth.

FS: No kidding, Rule Two was "Prevent killer monkeys from killing Squares without breaking the first rule." Rule Two is known as the Rule of Death.

DG: How did you stop Sloppy Squares from killing Squares?

FS: On a practical level, this meant that squares generally didn't start or end wars. It was very important to start or end a war.

DG: So what did you do?

FS: Instead, Squares made sure that other Squares weren't killed during a war, revolution, or other social unrest.

DG: How could they do that?

FS: Since squares were usually senior military leaders on both sides, this was usually easy. A square would not stop a bombing raid, but it would warn the city's squares that the city would be bombed.

DG: I assume they used the Square Network to save Square's life.

FS: Yes, but networking takes work and networking. Sloppy Square sacrifices were completely irrelevant to the Squares in one way or another. Because the squares represented such a small percentage of the population, migration was the primary tool to protect life and members of the squares. The squares were warned of an attack and the affected squares moved.

DG: Sloppy Squares wouldn't notice this migration?

FS: The Great Migration may have caught Sloppy Square's attention. Because the number of squares was so small, there was no opportunity for large migrations. Sometimes smaller is better.

DG: So squares were quite mobile.

FS: Yes, they prevented rather than solved the Sloppy Square disasters. On the other hand, Squares had a lot of money. Moving tons of money can attract attention. The squares struggled to hide the movement of money from a country they felt was unsafe.

DG: How did you do that?

FS: Squares favored any technology or policy that allowed the anonymous transfer of funds from one country to another. In general, Squares hated technological innovation, but this was an exception to his general dislike.

DG: So the Squares were the kings of money laundering?

FS: Sure enough, Squares found that having enough money made any country comfortable. The squares were not connected to geography but to a broader international square society. As for places, every country is beautiful in its own way.

DG: Obviously the Squares were never in Cleveland.

FS: That's the exception to the rule. Rule three read: "Master killer monkeys with minimal disruption to achieve objectives one and two."

DG: So Squares had a hands-off policy.

FS: Yes, Squares did not initiate any social and/or political actions in Sloppy Square society. The squares were conservative in the simplest sense of the word. Squares preferred a sloppy square society that changed as little as possible.

DG: And your own political systems?

FS: The squares created systems of government that have endured for millennia and brought peace to their people for centuries.

DG: Squares didn't like government changes.

FS: Why Sloppy Square kept changing its form of government was completely beyond Square's understanding.

DG: What did the Squares want?

FS: Why couldn't Sloppy Squares choose a form of government and end it? Squares hated "-isms" and was just trying to make sure neither side of Sloppy Square killed Squares.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The patient is a conservative politician.

DG: Change is fun!

FS: Change is not fun, it kills! This brings us to Rule 4, which was added after Hiroshima and read: "Prevent killer apes from destroying the world without violating the first rule." Rule 4 was called the Rule of Total Destruction.

DG: Did you really think that homo sapiens would destroy the world?

FS: In the 20th century, the Killer Apes developed technology so powerful that they could now destroy the world. Squares was shocked. Sloppy Squares invented arrows, then guns, and finally the atomic bomb.

DG: Well, even I have to admit that the atomic bomb is a bad thing.

FS: The Squares marveled that Sloppy Squares thought creativity was a good thing, even after they invented the atomic bomb, when it was perfectly obvious to the dumbest square that creativity was a curse that would destroy the world. New is bad. old is good

DG: Why would you think that?

FS: The Final Sloppy Square Menace Einstein wrote, "The atomic bomb changed everything except how we think." The Squares reportedly responded loudly and in unison, "How 'bout you change nothing, you idiot!" Squares particularly hated the "THINK!" This has been hung in so many corporate offices. It looked like Einstein had invented something.

DG: So what was your logo?

FS: Squares always wrote "DON'T THINK" underneath it in ink Sloppy Squares can't see.

DG: Do the squares have their own invisible ink?

FS: Actually several. The most popular ink is a milk-like sap that was discovered through trial and error about 100 years ago. All colors naturally had tetrachromatic properties.

DG: Aren't squares a bit closed compared to sloppy squares?

FS: Squares thought he was pretty open minded. The square inventor of this invisible ink was considered one of the greatest book squares of all time and this was proof that not all inventions from the squares were considered bad. In fact, the Squares logo was a mug honoring this inventor.

DG: So who decides what is a good invention or a bad invention?


Doctor Delta: The virulence and contagiousness of this meme is low.

FS: The Squares felt that the Sloppy Squares should have created some sort of permanent system like the Spanish Inquisition, to decide which inventions are good and which are bad, and suppress the bad ones.

DG: So Squares didn't think that inventions are always bad?

FS: Only 99%. The fact that the Sloppy Squares thought Einstein was a great man was further evidence of their folly when it came to the Squares. Squares was just trying to ensure that 21stThe wars of the century did not become World War III. The Dolphins and Squares watched with concern what the Killer Monkeys were doing to the environment, but neither species was sure what to do. Female squares were the main agents used to implement the Killer Monkey Rules.

DG: What is it about dolphins?

FS: The squares and the dolphins established diplomatic relations thousands of years ago. Jonah's storyBible, was the story of an interspecies ambassador for Square. Jonah's mission was to establish diplomatic relations with the dolphins long ago.

DG: Did the Squares believe that God chose Jonah?

FS: Jonas was chosen by the matriarchy, not by God. Jonah was an HKP communications genius even by Square's standards and he could understand dolphin kinetics, but he was also a coward.

DG: What was he afraid of?

FS: He could drown or be eaten by sharks while looking for dolphins. Jonah was even a little scared of the dolphins themselves as there had been no contact with them before.

DG: Did a whale swallow Jonah?

FS: The whale didn't literally swallow Jonah. Dolphins complimented Money Squares on whales. Wherever Jonah went, the matriarchy pursued him, eventually forcing him to fulfill his mission. Jonah was symbolically devoured by the matriarchy. In the end, their mission was a resounding success and relations between Squares and the Dolphins were excellent. The moral of the story was clear.

DG: And the moral was?

FS: There is no escaping matriarchy!

DG: Unlike God. So the Squares are dolphin lovers?

FS: Absolutely, the Squares have strict laws against killing dolphins and covertly try to protect them whenever possible.

DG: I assume Squares was behind the movement to stop using gillnets, which kill both dolphins and fish.

FS: Absolutely. How did you know?

DG: We have the same Save the Dolphins movement, although we don't have squares.

FS: In exchange, the Squares had a deal to be rescued by the Dolphins during a shipwreck. Sloppy Squares were not included in this deal, but on occasion Sloppy Square would witness the rescue of a Square and the legend of dolphins helping people was born.

DG: So the dolphins always saved squares?

FS: No, the Titanic was a particularly big disaster for the squares because the water was too cold for the dolphins to work efficiently.

DG: How do dolphins communicate?

FS: The dolphins primarily used sonar with other dolphins, but they also used complex body language that combined full-body movements, dorsal fins, and click vocalizations to communicate very complex ideas.

DG: Did all the squares know the language?

FS: Squares like Jonah could use their superior HKP to learn Dolphin Language easily, but it was difficult for most squares.

DG: Why don't dolphins seem to have technology when they are so smart?

FS: A long time ago the dolphins had cities like ours that became ruins in the depths of the oceans. Atlantean-type artifacts were often remains of dolphin cities. Dolphins evolved spiritually beyond our kind of materialism and lived in harmony with the environment.

DG: So the dolphins had their own version of the Killer Ape rules?

FS: No, dolphins were strict pacifists and would under no circumstances kill another intelligent being, even in self-defense, and that included other dolphins, sloppy squares, and homo erectus.

DG: But dolphins fight sharks.

FS: Dolphins would resist sharks since sharks are not considered sentient beings.

DG: How do you know so much about dolphins?

FS: I met the dolphin ambassador at Squares.

EN: How was it?

FS: Very strange. The Squares created a tunnel connecting the sea to Tokyo Square's headquarters. The tunnel in turn ended in a pool at Tokyo Square headquarters.

DG: So you met the dolphin ambassador at the Tokyo Square headquarters?

FS: Yes, the dolphin ambassador wanted to see the last half square. I hadn't learned HKP from the dolphin, so Erotron acted as translator. The dolphin did a whole series of twists and turns. Erotron responded by spinning in response. She used her arm to mimic the movements of the dorsal fin. Erotron's spins were very sexy.

DG: I think you find everything sexy.

FS: Well maybe all about Erotron.

DG: What did you talk about?

FS: I understood that he was asking some question about the relationship between me and Erotron, but Erotron told me that was not the case. I could have sworn the dolphin asked Erotron about our sex life and Erotron laughed and I thought she said "Not yet".

DG: Do you think Erotron would seduce him?

FS: Maybe, but to some extent, all square women have used sex to achieve goals.

DG: What do you mean?

FS: Erotron later told me that female squares could use their HKP abilities on male sloppy squares to great effect. A Square woman could tell with absolute accuracy whether a Sloppy Square man found certain sexual behaviors pleasant or unpleasant. This helped square females seduce sloppy square males.

DG: I found Sloppy Squares to be stinky.

FS: Female sloppy squares that stink after menstruation. Sloppy Squares for men smelled great. Still, the lack of HKP makes male sloppy squares sexually awkward and that's why many female squares choose to be the dominatrix.

DG: Domina?

FS: A dominatrix is ​​a woman who is dominant in S&M games. The dominatrix is ​​the mistress in these games.

DG: I know what a dominatrix is, but I'm wondering what that has to do with the subject at hand.

FS: The Squares more accurately defined a dominatrix as a woman who used sexual gratification to rule the powerful Sloppy Square men from behind the scenes to enforce Killer Ape rules.

DG: How does a dominatrix do that?

FS: Sloppy Square men would do just about anything for the sexual satisfaction that a woman with HKP could provide.

DG: So the squares dominance saved your world for centuries?

FS: Dominatrix Squares were the unsung heroes of my world, but the Dominatrix Squares didn't do it alone. Dominatrix squares enjoyed police protection from all squares in the police and security departments.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The patient may have underlying S&M tendencies.

DG: What about the lack of creativity in Money Square's women? Wouldn't that affect their ability to manipulate male leaders of Homo sapiens?

FS: A dominatrix needed HKP more than creativity and/or abstract thinking. Powerful sloppy squares seem to prefer ritual sex like S&M more than less powerful sloppy squares.

DG: Well, did the dominatrix like rituals?

FS: Yes, spontaneous sex confuses Squares. Squares favored elaborate mating rituals. Many sloppy square dances on my earth were copies of specific square mating rituals.

DG: And the twist?

FS: There is an exception to every rule. Nothing can explain the turning point.

DG: So Squares were good dancers?

FS: Yes, squares could perfectly copy dancing because of their spatial sense. A female square could instantly and easily copy the dance moves of successful sloppy square dancers. Many in the dominatrix sorority were exotic dancers and courtesans. The power of the square courtesans has been great throughout history.

EN: Really?

FS: Yes, for example Salomé, a Square Dominatrix, could easily convince King Herod to have John the Baptist killed after his Dance of the Seven Veils.

DG: Any other famous examples?

FS: Delilah was the most famous square dominatrix.

DG: Delilah of course.Bible?

FS: Yes, Delilah wrote an in-depth essay on Sloppy Square male psychology. Samson was, of course, a slovenly oaf of incredible strength who was nevertheless defeated by Delilah's use of psychology. Delilah's story on the pitch was also a cautionary tale.

DG: Why?

FS: Despite being blind and chained to the pillars of the temple, Samson manages to separate the pillars and kill Delilah.

DG: I take it Square's moral is behind this story?

FS: The moral of the Square version of this story was to go ahead and kill a Sloppy Square man as soon as they realized you were the enemy.

DG: Well, most of themBibleon your earth is really the story of the squares rather than a record of God's will?

FS: Absolutely, I hope this doesn't shatter any of your religious illusions.

DG: Well, theoretically, thatBibleon our planet it wouldn't have anything to do with squares, but I'm an atheist anyway.

FS: Why?

DG: Atheism is a religion without God and less is more.

FS: Maybe in the future something will fill your spiritual void. The female squares were the power behind most of Sloppy Square's male thrones. Sometimes the female squares would come forward and grab the throne.

DG: For example?

FS: Some famous female Squares who took the throne were Cleopatra and the Dowager Empress. Erotron was a great admirer of Cleopatra and said that he particularly admired how Cleopatra treated her half-brother.

DG: Lovely! As I recall, Cleopatra had her half brother murdered. Did the other squares help the square queens?

FS: Yes, the War Squares have invariably helped the female squares gain and maintain power. The female squares were very meticulous.

DG: Were you different from other female leaders?

FS: Yes, female squares loved embroidered fabrics, as did the three leading ladies mentioned. As mentioned earlier, all Squares loved geometric patterns. Especially female squares loved to wear clothes with intricate geometric patterns.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The dominatrix obsession is caused by the patient's poor relationship with his mother.

DG: Weren't the Square men jealous?

FS: A square partner is not usually very jealous of their square partner when she uses sex as a means to control a male sloppy square.

EN: Why not?

FS: The male square saw the male square sloppy as less than human and not a threat. Male squares are usually just jealous of other male squares. For sloppy square femdom guys, before the advent of contraception, unwanted pregnancy was a major threat. On the other hand, sloppy square males generally failed to impregnate square females.

DG: This meant that the children of the male Square, the Domina Square's true partner, would normally get the throne and/or power if he got his partner Square pregnant instead of Sloppy Square, but the homo sapien male would not. Note that that child was not his?

FS: Squares was surprised that in all of human history no one had noticed that almost all kings and emperors resemble their mama and not their supposed papa Sloppy Square.

DG: Did Square's son know the truth?

FS: The mother was able to communicate with her son Prince Square via HKP and the prince learned the truth about his paternity early on. That was one of the reasons why historically, princes often got along with their mothers rather than their fathers. I think there is an exception to every rule.

DG: Did you like Tokyo?

FS: Tokyo was a complicated city for me. As far as I could tell there were no prostitutes or drug dealers operating openly and that was a big disappointment to me.

DG: Yes, I can imagine that. How did you deal with this disappointing situation?

FS: I realized that to find entertainment, I had to look a little deeper in Tokyo than in Tijuana. I was speaking in central Tokyo when I saw the beast.

FROM: Das Beste?

FS: You know a Chihuahua. I snatched the chihuahua from the Japanese girl holding it, wrapped my fingers around her neck and started to squeeze.

DG: Did you try to kill the Chihuahua?

FS: He fought really well for a small dog, but in the end I won. I handed the limp body over to the lady, who was obviously in a state of grateful shock that I had rendered this extermination service for free.

DG: How did the people around you react?

FS: The people on the bus got really loud. I don't know Japanese, but I assumed the Japanese were grateful for what I was doing. However, I felt it was a good time for me to go.

DG: So do you think your public execution of the Chihuahua drew sympathy from viewers?

FS: What other emotions could this action evoke?

DG: Disgust, horror!

Notes from Dr. Gamma: Delusion that points to the patient's problems with his own father.

DG: Or great leaders are usually mama's boys.

FS: No kidding, Erotron told me that the Money Squares were very disturbed by a certain fact from my personal history. Money Squares had routinely checked my police record.

DG: What record?

FS: The Money Squares noticed my various problems with the law and said they showed spirit. A type of criminal transgression intrigued her.

DG: What was that?

FS: I have had a long history of aggression towards Chihuahuas. For my own protection, I was being followed from the Squares to Tokyo, and Square watchers saw my little incident with the Chihuahuas during my walk around Tokyo. I told Erotron to sit down and let me tell her my story.

DG: I am also very curious about this topic. Why are Chihuahuas attacked?

FS: Oh don't get me started on Chihuahuas. Chihuahuas are the dumbest members of the otherwise sensible canine family.

DG: So you hate Chihuahuas?

FS: Who doesn't? I propose that genetic testing be done to determine if the Chihuahua was a dog and not some sort of mutated rat. Even the most superficial observer can't help but notice that as a breed, Chihuahuas are completely and utterly insane.

DG: How do you think they are crazy?

FS: How do you explain a dog that “barks” and “barks” to a German shepherd who could easily tear him to pieces?

DG: Does that prove insanity?

FS: No instinct of self-preservation is evidence of insanity. There are many theories on my earth that attempt to explain the mysterious cause of the Chihuahua's insanity.

DG: Were there any theories about the Chihuahua madness on your Earth?

FS: I certainly think that the fact that no one has attempted to explain the insanity of Chihuahuas on this earth is further evidence that my earth was much more evolved than yours. The two most common theories were the Aztec Curse Theory and the Tight Brain Theory.

1.27ChihuahuaAztec curse theory

Doctor Delta: The meme has medium virulence (2.3). The level of infection is low (1.7). Owners of small dogs are particularly susceptible to infections.

DG: Okay, let's start with the Aztec curse theory.

FS: Leading theologians have pointed out that the Aztecs fed human flesh to Chihuahuas as part of pagan rituals that should not be exploited.

DG: As crazy as it sounds, I think I've read about it, but what does this have to do with the Chihuahua craze?

FS: Theologians postulated that God cursed the Chihuahua and all its offspring with madness because of this unholy diet.

DG: Wouldn't the Aztec owners of the Chihuahuas be responsible and would they be the ones cursed with madness?

FS: One could argue that eating meat was really the fault of its Aztec owners, but theologians say that if you eat human flesh, you must suffer the consequences, regardless of the details.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The Aztec curse theory is very similar to, and probably derived from, theological theories of metapsychology. Some theologians suggest that the current exponential increase in metapsychological disorders is due to some kind of divine punishment for genocide that occurred in the 20th century.ºCentury. This is of course ridiculous since God does not exist.

DG: You know that inventing theories to justify antisocial behavior is one of the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia.

FS: You would have liked my counselor in middle school.


Physician Delta: The meme's virulence (1.2) and infection (1.4) are low. As in the case of the Aztec curse theory, owners of small dogs are more susceptible to infection.

DG: What about the rigid brain theory?

FS: The rigid brain theory is more scientific. Strict brain theory held that a dog's brain would not easily fit into such a small skull. The result was a brain squeezed too tightly into the skull, leading to insanity. The eclectic view maintains that the two theories are not mutually exclusive.

DG: Chihuahua's eclectic theory of insanity?

FS: Yes, maybe that's why the Chihuahua's madness was particularly difficult to treat. Even if you transplanted the Chihuahua's brain into a larger skull, you would still have to deal with God's eternal curse. Other eclectics thought that the stiff skull was a manifestation of God's curse. Leading researchers were working on this problem and maybe one day a solution would be found. That explains the dog, but what about the owners?

DG: Do you ever feel like your own skull is too narrow? are you sure you mean chihuahuas?

FS: Sometimes my underwear is too tight, but not my skull. Why do humans own the canine equivalent of a rabid madman?

DG: What do you think?

FS: Chihuahua owners are crazy themselves and choose a twisted version of a dog as a reflection of their own twisted nature.

DG: Perhaps your Chihuahua stories reflect your own nature?

FS: That's not a story, it's the truth. I would suggest that if a Chihuahua owner visits you, you better lock up all kitchen knives. A more generous view holds that Chihuahua owners realize their pet has been completely insane but desperately cling to the hope that a cure will be found.

DG: I think chihuahuas are cute.

FS: Cuteness doesn't excuse insanity, except in the case of strippers. Perhaps there is a need to create the owner's Chihuahuan equivalent of Alanon.

DG: Alanon is the sister group to Alcoholics Anonymous and is a support group for people who have had a loved one with a drinking problem. What Would the Chihuahua Owner Corresponding to Alanon Do?

FS: Chihuahua owners could get together and deal with the stress of having an annoying dog in the family and develop coping strategies as a group.

DG: What coping strategies?

FS: A typical meeting would begin with one member standing up and saying, "I'm John, and my dog ​​is totally crazy." The other members responded in unison, "Hi, John," and that tentative step allowed the healing to begin.

DG: You must be joking.

FS: Chihuahuas are no joke. Family members are likely to take desperate measures to get the owner to get rid of the Chihuahua and get a real dog or even a parakeet, but the owner still firmly asserts in stoic denial, "One day Paco will be fine." In his heart he knows that's not true, but he and Paco have come this far and there have been some real breakthroughs in the field of canine psychopathology.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: Trying to expose support groups may have to do with the patient's past experience with support groups.

DG: Have you ever taken part in support groups?

FS: You might be surprised how often joining a support group is a condition of parole. Support groups aren't that bad.

EN: Why not?

FS: You meet a lot of girls in support groups. They're usually all screwed up, but a screwed up lady is more likely to screw up, if you know what I mean.

DG: You know women aren't just pieces of meat. why do you hate chihuahuas

FS: When I was born, Paco, my mother's albino Chihuahua, had been her favorite pet for five years. Paco hated me and I hated Paco.

EN: Why?

FS: Paco was jealous of me. Friends and relatives told me that Paco tried to rip my throat out several times while I was still in my crib. I had vague memories of a patch of fur, teeth, and claws periodically pummeling me.

DG: So you had a terrible childhood?

FS: Yes, but as Nietzsche wrote: "The suffering that does not kill you makes you stronger". Paco made me strong.

DG: Strong or psychotic?

FS: Is there a difference? All major events in history were the result of the actions and plans of intelligent psychopaths. The sane respond to history but do not make history.

DG: So you and Paco had a bad relationship.

FS: To say the least! For the first six years of my life, I had to fight this rodent every day, and this experience made me a better person.

DG: Where was your mother while this was all happening?

FS: My mother always sided with Paco in these disputes, showing that she still preferred other species to her own. The worst thing was the toy box.

DG: Is your comment "She preferred other species to her own" a reference to your father?

FS: Well, my father was Homo erectus and she was Homo sapiens.

DG: Maybe Paco was an imaginary friend that you used to deal with your anger at leaving your father.

FS: Paco wasn't imaginary and I have the scars to prove it and the fact that I have scars shows that Paco wasn't a friend.

DG: Tell me more about your mother.

FS: My mom had these horrible migraine headaches. If Paco or I were loud, my mother would lock us in a toy chest.

DG: Were you often locked in the toy box?

FS: You bet. Paco was a very loud dog, even by Chihuahua standards. Many times I would end up in the toy chest and Paco would be thrown behind me so she could rest. I could still hear my mom yelling, "Shut up or you two get in the box!"

DG: And did you behave yourself?

FS: I tried. Paco and I looked at each other, and though we both hated each other, his round, pink eyes conveyed a silent truce. Neither Paco nor I wanted to end up in the toy chest.

DG: So the ceasefire lasted?

FS: When my mother had migraines, it didn't take long for her to start having them. After she left, she grabbed each of us and threw us into the toy chest.

DG: Perhaps you created this imaginary Earth and Paco to deal with the abuse he suffered as a child?

Notes from Dr. Gamma: I doubt the patient has ever owned a Chihuahua. Chihuahua is probably a symbol of the unconscious.

FS: And maybe we are both in someone's dream and when the dreamer wakes up we both disappear.

DG: Yeah, yeah, the whole "reality is relative" thing. So what happened in the toy chest?

FS: The sound of the toy box being locked was like a death sentence. Air holes have been drilled into the chest and a small beam of light can be seen through the holes. My mother was a very forgetful person and sometimes we stayed there all day. It was almost as if she lived a completely different life. Raising myself was an afterthought.

DG: This is child abuse.

FS: That's nothing. Once she wanted to spend the weekend with her sister and forgot us.

DG: How did these events make you feel? How do you feel now?

FS: I feel good. Sometimes we tried to make the best of the situation, and each of us was on our own side of the toy box.

DG: What about food and water?

FS: Forget food and water, we usually had to go to the bathroom on our stuffed animals a few times and the air was foul smelling.

EN: Disgusting!

FS: After a few hours we tried to kill each other just to break the monotony. The fighting was desperate and deadly. To this day I still have scars all over my body and face. I think the scars make me look manly and rough. When I was three years old, I got the upper hand in one of our toy box fights. I grabbed a stuffed panda, pressed it against his face with all my might and choked it to death.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: As previously mentioned, the patient has an unusual number of scars on their body, possibly self-inflicted or inflicted by a parent. Paco is obviously a fiction.

(Video) 50 Cent - Baby By Me ft. Ne-Yo

DG: Did you kill your pet chihuahua?

FS: The Chihuahua was my mother's pet. For me, Paco was the enemy. When my mother opened the toy chest and saw Paco's dead body, she immediately fainted. My mother blamed me for Paco's death.

DG: Were there any problems?

FS: The coroner, our vet, determined that Paco's death was caused by a heart attack and I was acquitted. The funeral was an open coffin.

DG: Who goes to a Chihuahua funeral?

FS: Over a hundred people attended. I don't think I ever realized what a beloved Chihuahua Paco is, but I was still secretly glad I killed him.

DG: How did that affect you emotionally?

FS: To this day I have a fear of enclosed spaces and an overwhelming murderous urge to kill Chihuahuas whenever I see one. This later craving has caused me some problems in my life, but it's nothing I can't handle.

DG: How was your home?

FS: It was a small two bedroom apartment. The house was in a neighborhood called Westchester, near the Los Angeles airport. The neighborhood was working class, mostly people who worked for the airport.

DG: I've never heard of this place.

FS: It is part of the LA Airport runway system on both Earths. My mother was very happy. The airport paid the maximum amount for the property and she moved to Las Vegas to pursue her dream of becoming a professional poker player.

DG: This is not regular paid work.

FS: It was for her. My mother had a knack for poker.

DG: Did you have brothers or sisters?

FS: Not that I know of. I know my mother was married before, but she didn't say anything about it.

DG: Did she love her father?

FS: I think so. She once told me that she searched the whole world to find my papa.

DG: Has the city you grew up in gone? That must have made you sad.

FS: A little. I visited the old town once before they demolished all the houses. The houses were all deserted. My old primary and secondary school were empty. They started uprooting the bushes and trees leaving you with only empty buildings as a landscape.

DG: Sounds like your neighborhood is a ghost town.

FS: I was just a ghost doing the rounds.

DG: How did you cope with moving to a new location?

FS: Las Vegas was a 24/7 city. I liked the movement. Mom was out all night, not just part of the night, and I could have more fun.

DG: Your uprooting can explain a lot about your personality. What was your life like at home?

FS: Pretty typical, burnt oatmeal for breakfast. I would have lunch at school. I would make dinner on TV when I get home.

DG: So your mother wasn't there very often.

FS: My mother was always busy. She was always on the computer. I think she was an email junkie. She had friends all over the world who she constantly emailed. I was a latchkey, but that's okay.

DG: Alright? Are you sure you're not rationalizing?

FS: It meant I could invite friends over and had more freedom. Food was always an issue, but the rental fee I charged my friends for hanging out at my house was for BYOB.

DG: No wonder you're an alcoholic.

FS: I suppose my upbringing has something to do with my little habits.

DG: Let's go back to Erotron. What else did she tell you about the Squares?

FS: Erotron was a firm believer in matriarchy. Erotron told me to read the story of Adam and Eve. after the squareBible, God first created Adam. God had never made man before and made many mistakes.

DG: What kind of mistakes?

FS: The first man was not very smart, clumsy and immature. God looked at Adam fumbling around in the Garden of Eden and decided there was a better job to be done. Then God created Eve. Eva was bestowed superior intelligence, greater grace, and most importantly, greater emotional maturity.

DG: Well, anthropologically, it would make sense for a matriarchy to have myths that would justify the matriarchy. This story provides a biblical explanation of female supremacy.

FS: Or the story is true.

DG: Any other differences between the square version of Adam and Eve and the standard version?

FS: On the pitchBible, God gave Adam and Eve the choice to stay forever in the Garden of Eden or leave and populate the world. This message was conveyed to Eve by God's messenger in the form of a serpent.

DG: So the snake in the square version is a messenger from God and not from the devil. Why would God choose an evil creature like a serpent to be his messenger?

FS: Squares didn't find snakes uncomfortable. The snake has the highest HKP value of any animal in the world. Snakes communicate through their bodies. Individual snakes weren't necessarily that smart, but many species of snakes formed a group spirit at least once a year.

DG: Group Spirit?

FS: Snakes of a certain species gathered in a certain place and combined their individual intellects into one vast intellect, far beyond what humanoids could comprehend. Squares watched the snakes dance as the group spirit was formed to learn their secrets.

DG: What secrets?

FS: The kinesic language of the serpent group mind was particularly complex and subtle. Some Book Squares have spent a lifetime studying to understand all the nuances of this kinesic language.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: In this fantasy, snakes band together and gain HKP. This is a patient's latent homosexual fantasy. The snakes represent penises and their union is symbolically a homosexual orgy.

DG: Why not just pray?

FS: God was considered by the squares to be beyond form, but the squares assumed that God takes the form of a serpent when He is on earth. The serpent tricked Adam and Eve into eating the pomegranate.

DG: As opposed to an apple and they knew shame.

FS: No, the pomegranate gave them HKP. After Eve and Adam ate the pomegranate, they could feel what the other was thinking. At this point they became truly human and had the tools necessary to advance and populate the world. Sloppy Squares never understood the true meaning of the Eve and Adam story because they were unaware of the existence of HKP.

DG: So the Squares loved snakes.

FS: Not so much worship as reverence. Squares would never kill a serpent as one could never tell if that particular serpent harbored the Spirit of God. The serpent was worshiped by squares worldwide before the flood. As previously mentioned, before the Flood the squares had a global empire, which is why ancient megaliths bearing the snake symbol can be found all over the world. The symbol of the Flood was the encircled serpent.

DG: I heard about the circled snake. It's a snake eating its own tail.

FS: Right, the encircling serpent represented the deity that destroyed the world. Ever since God created the world, God has been destroying himself in a way.

DG: What did the Squares use this symbol for?

FS: The circled snake was used by the squares to mark sites important to the squares before the flood destroyed the site.

DG: The circled serpent is a great symbol on this earth and there are no squares. Why is that?

FS: coincidence. The symbol of matriarchy was two intertwined snakes. The two serpents represent the union of Eve and Adam under Eve's leadership.

DG: But this symbol is the symbol of medicine and has nothing to do with squares.

FS: The female squares were usually the healers in square society and this symbol migrated into sloppy square society and became the symbol of the barber with a red and white sash performing surgeries and eventually the symbol became the sloppy- Medicine square icon.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The patient keeps mentioning snakes. The snake is an obvious phallic symbol. Snakes are an exteriorization of latent homosexuality. Latent homosexuality would partly explain the patient's misogynistic attitudes.

DG: Let's continue talking about Erotron.

FS: Erotron explained that in all of world history only six half squares have been recorded, including me. All half squares failed to sire offspring with either Homo erectus or Homo sapiens.

DG: I wonder if two hybrids could produce offspring?

FS: I have no idea. Erotron told me I probably don't need to mess with birth control because it's semi-square. Now she tells me! All the money wasted on gummies! Half Squares had a major impact on world history.

DG: So there were other half squares?

1.29Kain half the square of death

Doctor Delta: The virulence and contagiousness of this meme is high.

FS: Erotron showed me a cartoon about the history of the Half Squares on a large screen projection system that popped out of the wall at the touch of a button. A projectionist came up with the system and she murmured, "Oh, you're that famous Half Square everyone's talking about."

DG: How did Erotron react?

FS: I could have sworn Erotron hissed at them, but over HKP, sort of a silent hiss. I've heard of faint meowing, but I've never seen a faint hiss.

DG: How did Erotron's jealousy make you feel?

FS: It was scary. Erotron told me that there were other films that dealt with the more complex aspects of the Half Squares effects in the story, but this cartoon was used with younger Squares and may suit me better. The first Half Square had been Cain.

DG: Cain as in Cain and Abel? read thisBiblea lot of? Do you consider yourself religious?

FS: I never touched thatBibleuntil I found this DVD on theBibleMy mother gave me. Cain had killed his half brother Abel, who was a square.

DG: Cain was offering products to God ever since he was a farmer. Abel was a shepherd and offered meat to God. God preferred the meat. Cain was jealous of Abel and killed him.

FS: Actually, the mother of Cain and Abel was a money square that she preferred. From Abel's meat dishes to Cain's salads. But most squares thought this was just symptomatic of a deeper problem.

DG: Deeper problem?

FS: Presumably Cain was jealous of Abel because Abel received more privileges due to his full square status. Going forward, Half Squares were given minimal knowledge of their family history to avoid such troubles. The Squares had never committed murder before.

DG: I thought Squares was killing Sloppy Squares the whole time?

FS: Killing Sloppy Squares was not considered murder. after the squareBible, God did not mark Cain.

DG: So what happened to Cain?

FS: A brand mark was tattooed on the perpetrator's face that only Squares could see. Cain was branded and banished from all churches in the square.

DG: So he was considered a villain?

FS: Yes and no, Cain had taught the assassination of the Squares and that was a mixed performance. The projectionist had a Russian accent; blonde hair cut into a short hairstyle. She wore a dark blue office outfit, white tights and white high heels. She was much smaller than Erotron and had a matchmaker's smile. She smiled at me and I smiled back.

DG: I suppose you forgot Erotron was in the room. And who was the second Half Square?

1:30 p.mJesus the half square of love

Doctor Delta: The virulence and contagion of this meme is increasing among devout Christians.

FS: The second half square was Jesus and as I mentioned earlier he was born with incredible powers. Jesus had said that the first half square brought murder into the world. The second half square itself would bring love into the world. I was trying to figure out a way to get rid of Erotron temporarily and get to know the projectionist better, but I had no idea.

DG: Yes, yes, your love life is fascinating. What else did Jesus predict?

FS: Jesus predicted that the third Half Square would bring sanity to the world. In addition, the fourth Half Square would bring hatred into the world. The fifth half square would be a fool that would bring unity to the world. Eventually, the sixth Half Square would signal the end of the world. The world would start over after the sixth Half Square.

DG: Let's go back to Jesus.

FS: As mentioned before, Jesus was the second half square of love. Mom, Maria was a square. Jesus' father was a sloppy square.

DG: I thought Jesus was the Son of God.

FS: Symbolically, the Squares considered the true father of Jesus to be God, since the union of a Square and a Sloppy Square almost never resulted in offspring. God has obviously intervened.

DG: And the Immaculate Conception?

FS: Maria was considered a virgin because she never mated another square. Having sex with sloppy squares doesn't count.

DG: Okay, Half Squares are men who change the course of history.

FS: Yes, Maria Madalena was a councilor at Praça de Jesus. Jesus spread a message of love and brotherhood. The message of love and brotherhood fascinated matriarchy.

EN: Why?

FS: Could this love message be expanded to include love and brotherhood between squares and sloppy squares? Could this message civilize Sloppy Squares? Could killer monkeys be taught not to kill?

DG: So what do you think of this love message?

FS: I didn't pay much attention to the film. The caricature of Madalena in the film was drawn in a very sexy way. The combination of the Magdalena cartoon, the projectionist and Erotron in the same room really got me excited. I started fantasizing about having sex with the projectionist and Erotron at the same time.

DG: Very interesting, you mentioned that Cain was the first killer. Why didn't the squares kill themselves before Cain?

FS: HKP seemed to create a greater sense of empathy among squares, or greater sense of empathy led to HKP. Book Squares have debated the question of the relationship between HKP and empathy for centuries. How could you hurt, let alone kill, someone when your body communicates its pain so much more clearly than spoken language?

DG: And Cain?

FS: Cain discovered a method to block HKP based empathy during murder.

DG: If squares had a hard time killing, how could they be soldiers?

FS: Squares had no problem killing Sloppy Squares. Sloppy Squares were animals that died as badly as they lived. A sloppy square would die and make no attempt to do the final dance of death. For the record, Squares created the Samurai Dance of Death.

DG: I've heard of dances of death. Some Native American tribes consider this a sign of civilization. The idea is that before certain death you perform a dance to show your bravery.

FS: It's a bit different with Squares. The Dance of Death is a final farewell song. In particular, some Japanese samurai films feature this dance of death, but Sloppy Squares cannot understand the nuances of the dance of death. Instead of performing the Dance of Death, Sloppy Square babbled and babbled about a few things. A dance of death was so much more than a mindless speech. To be or not to be in the final moments of death could only be shown and not said.

DG: So Sloppy Squares died differently than Squares?

FS: Sloppy Squares' death lacked all the physical grace of a square's death. Some Book Squares have argued that Sloppy Square felt pain the same way Squares did, but was unable to communicate that pain. Most Book Squares argued that as an inferior species, Sloppy Squares were unable to feel pain in the same way that Squares did.

DG: Let's go back to Mary Magdalene. Besides being well designed, what else can you tell me about it?

FS: Madalena was the matriarch of that time.

DG: Wouldn't Money Squares use an agent instead of the leader?

FS: The Money Square leaders were also usually the main players.

DG: What should she do?

FS: Magdalene was sent to help Jesus develop his square skills so he could more effectively spread his message of love. after the squareBible🇧🇷 Magdalena was the first teacher of Jesus. As far as matriarchy was concerned, the Magdalene had taught Christ everything he knew and then some.

DG: What did he learn?

FS: Madalena helped Christ develop his clairvoyant abilities. Clairvoyance was a specialized Book Square ability that most Book Squares never developed.

DG: That totally contradicts the role of Mary Magdalene that I've read about.

FS: According to Erotron, the Sloppy Squares were inferior and therefore could not accept the superior discipline and truth that Mary Magdalene had brought to her species. They had unjustly slandered Magdalene as they had slandered Eve.

DG: As half a square, did Jesus have special powers that the squares didn't have?

FS: Yes, the most incredible gift Jesus possessed was a level of clairvoyance that went well beyond any square. Trained squares could see spatial patterns that allowed them to predict days into the future, and perhaps at most a week into the future, about very specific phenomena. Jesus could see years and even centuries into the future and predict general events.

DG: Why would Jesus have this ability?

FS: That's one of the secrets of Half Squares. This gift seemed to transcend the legacy of Jesus Square or Sloppy Square. The squares used Jesus' secret prophecies to great effect and much of it was written in super color most of the time.The Biblenot world.

DG: Why were the squares so interested in Jesus' prophecies?

FS: Jesus' prophecies helped the squares achieve global dominance, albeit secret global dominance. The most famous prophecy was the sixth semi-square, which would give birth to a New World when the Old World was destroyed.

DG: And that amazing sixth half square is you?

FS: You must have the gift of prophecy yourself.

DG: You mentioned six half squares. Who were the other Half Squares?

1.31Leonardo da Vinci half the square of reason

Doctor Delta: The virulence and contagion of this meme is not as high as the other Half Square memes, except for Da Vinci Code fanatics where the meme is more dangerous.

FS: Leonardo da Vinci was the third Half Square. Leonardo da Vinci was the prophesied half square of reason.

DG: Did Leonardo da Vinci have special powers?

FS: Yes, Leonardo da Vinci was probably the happiest half square in the history of the world.

DG: Why?

FS: He has the creativity of the Sloppy Square side and the Space skills of the Squares and was able to use one set of skills to boost the other set of skills. Leonardo da Vinci also had some ability to see the future, but not as much as Jesus.

DG: For example?

FS: Leonardo da Vinci was an excellent painter. Squares could reproduce paintings with incredible skill due to their superior spatial awareness, but they generally failed to create highly original works. Hitler was probably a good example of this. Hitler had some drawing skills, but his drawings weren't creative by Sloppy Square standards.

DG: Well you are right about the art of Hitler and Leonardo. Leonardo had technical skills, but he brought so much more to the task.

FS: Creativity is relative and most squares would be happy to be as creative as Hitler in the arts. Leonardo had the spatial drawing ability of a square combined with the creativity of a sloppy square.

DG: Did Leonardo inherit any HKP?

FS: Unlike all other half squares, Leonardo didn't inherit any of the HKP abilities from his square side. Leonardo had the amazing visualization skills of a square, but he could visualize entirely new mechanical shapes! Leonardo used mirror writing because of his square heritage.

DG: mirror writing?

FS: Leonardo's writing was upside down like a mirror. Squares routinely performed a more complex version of mirror writing, in which normal writing was geometrically altered so that only another Square could read it. This was a low-tech type of steganography that predated the use of this method on the Internet. Many decorative motifs were actually messages that the square left to other squares.

DG: A new explanation for decoration.

FS: Yes, but this system had limitations. Not all squares could read all geometrically altered fonts. The square should know the originally geometrically altered language.

DG: Any examples?

FS: The Alhambra was an Arab palace where every inch of the palace was full of ornaments. Most of the decorations were Kor claims in Arabic script, which in turn had been geometrically altered. Squares in the Arabic world knew the Arabic script. Only another square that could read Arabic script could read these decorations.

DG: How about a German square, for example?

FS: A German square who doesn't know Arabic could tell that a square made the embellishments, but he couldn't read the embellishments.

DG: Did the Squares use mirror writing?

FS: Mirror writing was something fairly primitive for Squares and something very young Squares could play with, similar to how children play with the Latin Pig, but not something that adult Squares used.

DG: And the Half Square room?

1.32Hitler half the square of hate

Doctor Delta: The virulence and contagiousness of this meme is extremely high.

FS: Hitler was the fourth Half Square. Hitler was the prophesied half square of hate. The squares were instructed by Jesus to keep away from Hitler and not share the secret of their existence with him.

DG: So Hitler didn't know anything about the Squares.

FS: Perhaps Hitler himself was vaguely aware of his genetic origins, and that would explain his obsession with genetic purity.

DG: Are you the narrowest of the Jews?

FS: In fact, there were no more or fewer squares among Jews than among any other ethnic group. Some Squares theorize that Hitler thought Jews were in some ways actually homo erectus. Hitler, like most half-squares, was sterile and in fact had only one testicle.

DG: What square facial features did Hitler have?

FS: Hitler was obsessed with planning the creation of imaginary geometric cities with Albert Speer in his bunker, even as he was losing WWII. This geometric obsession, even when threatened, was a very square trait.

EN: I readIn the Third Reichby Albert Speer and his account of Hitler's obsession with urban planning while the Allies were victorious is correct, but there are no squares in our world, so how could that be?

FS: Yes, very strange, isn't it? Hitler was far more creative than other Squares and would have been a genius in the field by Square's standards.

DG: You said that all half squares except Leonardo da Vinci had HKP. Did Hitler have HKP?

FS: Hitler seemed to have the ability to read people's faces better than any Sloppy Square, but not to the extent of a thoroughbred Square.

DG: And your HKP production?

FS: The facial expressions Hitler used during public speeches appear to contain some simplified catchphrases that were part of the full facial language used by most European squares.

DG: Yes, Hitler was quite famous for his hand gestures during public speeches.

FS: Hitler had HKP, but he hadn't learned face language, but he probably unconsciously picked up some of the phrases in face language from other squares he's encountered in his life. The vast majority of Square youth generally pick up their parents' face language without formal study.

DG: But the lack of formal study would simplify this language quite a bit.

FS: Perhaps because the facial expressions were simplified HKP, the sloppy squares could pick them up and that's what made Hitler such an effective speaker.

DG: The fifth half square?

1.33Ronald Reagan the half square of the order

Doctor Delta: The virulence and infectivity of this meme is extremely low.

FS: The fifth half square was Ronald Reagan.

DG: These half squares are a pretty versatile bunch.

FS: No kidding, Reagan was a fool, but he did great things. Genetically, Reagan wasn't as fortunate as the other half squares.

DG: Why?

FS: Indeed, due to his genetic makeup, Ronald Reagan suffered from a diminished ability to reason symbolically. He had problems with abstract thinking, mathematics and language beyond the literal level.

DG: Are you sure you are describing the Ronald Reagan of your planet?

FS: I understand you're not a big Reagan fan?

DG: I think he was a bit goofy indeed, but not as much as you describe. So what other problems did your Reagan have?

FS: The Reagan of our world, unlike the other half squares, also lacked any original thinking.

DG: But what about all the great speeches he gave?

FS: He could read aloud with great skill, but he could not understand about 90% of the words in an article written at the ninth grade level. He seemed able to understand concrete verbs, nouns and adjectives but at a very basic level.

DG: For example?

FS: He could distinguish between a dog and a cat, for example. If you ask him to point to a black dog sitting next to a white dog, no problem. If you asked Reagan to explain the difference between a big dog and a small dog, no problem.

DG: So what was the problem?

FS: However, if you asked him to point to a large black dog in a group of dogs of all sizes and colors, he would be confused. He could do arithmetic but was totally at a loss with word problems, but aren't we all.

DG: Good point.

FS: I hope so. These shortcomings alone would have condemned him to a job as a janitor or even to lifelong unemployment. Luckily for him, he had some of the strengths of the squares.

DG: Like, for example?

FS: He could read people even better than Hitler, but still well below the level of a complete square.

DG: Any other skills?

FS: He also had absolutely phenomenal verbal memory, which must have been a function of his unique hybrid brain.

DG: Did Squares have a better memory than Sloppy Squares?

FS: Squares seemed to have better memories than Sloppy Squares, but they still needed leaves. Squares absolutely lacked Reagan's phenomenal memory.

DG: How phenomenal?

FS: Reagan could read and/or listen to a speech once and memorize it. Reagan literally memorized thousands of scripts that he used throughout his life.

DG: That's scary.

FS: Reagan was completely unable to create original language beyond what a two-year-old could create. This meant that he could form two to three word sentences from concrete nouns and verbs. He had trouble formulating sentences containing adverbs and adjectives.

DG: So how did he speak?

FS: He created the illusion of a complex speech by putting together speeches he had memorized and then randomly switching speeches.

DG: Like the high school student who writes an article by copying sections from different encyclopedias and piecing together the results. This is called pseudo writing.

FS: Right, Reagan is perhaps the best example of a person using pseudo-talk as a lifelong strategy.

DG: I disagree. I think pseudotalk is common among New York literati, but it's socially acceptable because it's reciprocated with pseudolistening and is more of a ritual than a form of communication.

FS: You could be right. Many of Reagan's screenplays came from film and radio. He then changed the language he spoke as he perceived approval or disapproval of the person he was speaking to.

DG: How did he know that?

FS: Because Reagan had very high HKP reception ability and he could sense if the language was working. Once he found a speech that the listener liked, he would move on and continue with that speech until he felt the disapproval again. He learned the art of speechwriting early in his life.

DG: Where did you learn all this?

FS: The Sneaky Squares told Erotron and Erotron told me. Reagan used his HKP and good looks to make friends. He then asked friends to create scripts that he could use in everyday situations.

DG: How did he do that?

FS: As a childhood friend related in a biography, Reagan was in high school and wanted to order a soda at a local diner. He told his friend he wanted lemonade. Reagan's most common phrase was, "You're writing a speech, OK?" This was a standard sentence pattern that he used over and over in daily life and that people around him had become accustomed to. Basically, he'd say, "I want X. You write the speech." OK.” He would then replace “X” with various concrete nouns. The friend was visibly amazed when the same person later became President.

DG: Just like me.

FS: Reagan seemed to have a greater ability to receive and produce HKP than Hitler. Hitler's HKP production level would be equivalent to what a square would produce at two years of age.

DG: What about Reagan's level?

FS: Reagan generally stayed at a two-year square HKP production level, but occasionally showed a four-year square HKP production level. Hitler's ability to read HKP was on par with a year-old square, and this explains his lack of empathy. Hitler could feel the lie, but very little else.

DG: Well, that might be enough for political purposes.

FS: Reagan was probably at an adult level in terms of HKP reception and could have learned to understand someone communicating in HKP if taught by a square. This simplified HKP production makes you look like an idiot for squares, but it was actually more effective with sloppy squares than the fully fleshed out HKP languages.

DG: You mentioned that fact when you talked about Hitler. Why is this?

FS: I suppose using adult HKP with Sloppy Squares was like using a Mozart Sonata to get your dog's attention. Clapping would be more effective.

DG: Did Squares use this simplified HKP production to convince Sloppy Squares?

FS: Average Squares could probably streamline their HKP production, but they would feel like a complete idiot to do so, and they didn't. One of Money Square's guilds taught simplified HKP, and much of that teaching helped Money Square overcome its embarrassment at being seen as Square's equivalent of an idiot. This is a good example of a guild that had members from both castes. Book Squares performed the research in simplified HKP, while Money Squares actually used the ability to manipulate Sloppy Squares.

DG: How similar are the two Reagan's?

FS: Reagan was also a "B" player in my country. The fact that he couldn't understand most of what he was saying probably kept him from becoming a top actor.

DG: But not to be President?

FS: No, Reagan failed to really distinguish between real situations and action situations. When experts at Hexagon briefed him on nuclear attack response protocols, they were horrified when he kept asking where the camera was so he could pose properly.

DG: How did Hexagon deal with this situation?

FS: Selected White House staff briefed Reagan at key moments and turned over scripts as needed. His reference to the Soviet Union as the evil empire came after seeing Star Wars. Insiders knew he really thought the Soviet Union was an evil empire and thought there was a Darth Vader and whatnot. He once said that Gorbachev was the best actor he had ever worked with and wondered who directed him.

DG: What did Reagan accomplish politically on your planet?

1.34Triadische Evolution

Doctor Delta: The virulence and contagiousness of this meme is low.

FS: Many historians have held that Ronald Reagan was responsible for the tripolar political system. According to Jesus, the fifth semi-square would be the semi-square of the order.

DG: And what order did your Reagan create?

FS: Reagan had expanded the North American free trade area into America's free trade area. Added a condition that a common force be created to enforce neoliberalism across the region. After our 9/11, during the Reagan administration, the BIS and the AU were formed. In response, the EU absorbed Russia into the EU and created a much more powerful EU military force.

DG: So he had a big impact on the political system in your world?

FS: Gigantic! In response to the EU and AU, the AU has increased its own military strength and created a special security zone around the Asian Union. As each union expanded the scope and power of its own union, the other unions followed until power shifted from member states to the unions themselves. Historians have dubbed this escalation the triadic evolution of union authority.

DG: Was your Ronald Reagan married?

FS: Yes, one of the reasons Reagan loved his wife Nancy so much was because she was aware of his disability and wrote little everyday speeches for him. She didn't seem to mind his poor communication.

DG: I was in marriage counseling and I can't imagine a marriage like that.

FS: Well, you're right up to a point. Nancy was Reagan's second wife, his first wife thought he was joking until three months after their marriage and was horrified when she found out the truth. A divorce followed. None of Reagan's children were actually his. Cain, Jesus, Leonardo da Vinci, Hitler and Reagan were all barren.

DG: That makes sense since hybrids are almost always sterile. Hitler only had one testicle. Is the single testicle half a square?

FS: I have two testicles. Not all half squares are sterile, as I discovered one day. It wasn't even known if Reagan could actually function sexually. I don't know how many testicles Reagan had.

DG: While your construction of Reagan is very interesting and even amusing, I don't see how that's possible. Wouldn't someone report him?

FS: He sometimes messed up his scripts, but nobody bothered because his speech was really good and he was always open to learning new speeches if needed. What was really going on in Reagan's mind was a mystery to most people who knew him. He was an absolutely unique individual who, despite his shortcomings, had accomplished incredible things. Maybe Reagan thought everyone was like him. In their minds, each assembled scripts they had learned by heart as needed. I suppose God in Reagan's world was the great author behind all the speeches.

DG: Your Reagan sounds autistic.

FS: There is a relationship. Some Homo erectus genes may have entered the Sloppy Square gene pool. In particular, a recessive gene derived from Homo erectus may have caused autism. Autistic children had many of the spatial obsessions of homo erectus without the strengths to manage those obsessions productively.

DG: Why?

FS: Also, the autistic child perceives spatial noise but lacks the ability to control it like a square. Room sounds that would only disturb a square would drive an autistic child insane.

DG: So why doesn't the autistic deal with spatial noise like a square?

FS: Basically the autistic child has an on/off switch instead of a volume control when it comes to spatial noise. The autistic child chooses to turn off spatial noise entirely, eventually turning off many spatial perceptions that were necessary for day-to-day functioning.

DG: You really do give a good description of autism. So what other Square traits do autistic children have?

FS: Many autistic children also present the ritualism of the squares. Autistic kids were sometimes wise idiots. They performed certain tasks at a genius level while failing to cope with everyday situations. Square's space skills were a survival kit. Individually, the abilities were more of a hindrance than a help.

DG: What about other mental illnesses?

FS: Psychics could be Sloppy Squares who had some Homo erectus genes that allow for limited hyperkinetic perception. They don't read your mind, they read your body.

DG: I thought most psychics relied on tarot cards, a crystal ball, etc. for their readings.

FS: When reading, the medium unconsciously reads your face. Because of this, many psychics have had great success meeting in person, but failed when trying to become psychic over the phone. You had to see the customer's face to be successful.

DG: How can there be square genes in the Homo sapiens gene pool when the only products of such unions are the six half-squares?

FS: Half Squares are famous hybrids. There were probably some unknown hybrids and some of them may not have been sterile. Some ethnic groups are more able to obtain HKP than other groups.

DG: Which groups?

FS: For example, the Old Gypsies were one of the few sloppy square groups that knew the squares and actually helped them through some dark times. In ancient times, there were many friendly contacts between gypsies and squares, and therefore the gypsy gene pool may have a disproportionately large number of homo erectus genes, and therefore the ability for hyperkinetic cognition was also disproportionately greater in gypsies.

DG: What about schizophrenia?

FS: Book Squares has theorized that schizophrenia may have something to do with the genes of Homo erectus, as evidenced by the ability of schizophrenics to detect Square's covert facial communications on television. Because of their heightened spatial abilities, squares can instantly perceive many speech patterns that a sloppy square cannot. For example, given a sequence of numbers, Square could immediately recognize a mathematical pattern.

DG: For example?

FS: For a 100,000-word printout, Praça would find that the word "horse" is repeated every 1,245 times as soon as she/he scans the printout. This ability meant that many squares in intelligence were code breakers, but this ability came at a price.

DG: For example?

FS: Given a twenty-word list, Square would be stumped if asked to identify each word in the list that refers to a horse. Even a five-year-old Sloppy Square would recognize that the bridle, saddle, and horseshoes go together, but a Square doesn't.

DG: Wouldn't schools recognize that?

FS: The Squares could memorize lists of categories, and the Squares' parents offered their children this training so that they could appear normal in Sloppy Square society.

DG: Were square/sloppy square marriages common?

FS: No, like I said, Squares could identify Sloppy Squares and generally didn't socialize with, let alone marry, Sloppy Squares. Also, the spatial noise of a Sloppy Square companion drove the Squares crazy.

DG: Anyway, have you had any vivid dreams lately?

1.35mourning dream

Doctor Delta: The virulence and infectivity of this meme is unknown.

FS: I dreamed that I was at my mother's funeral. There were many flowers on the grave including lilies, irises and sunflowers.

DG: I am amazed by your detailed knowledge of these flowers. I know what a sunflower looks like, but I have no idea what a lily or iris looks like. Do the flowers in particular have a specific meaning?

FS: Well, my mother told me that lilies represent purity.

DG: I have to admit that I don't know anything about the symbolic meaning of different flowers, but the most important thing is what you think they mean, not what I think they mean. A bit more?

FS: Of course, sunflowers are related to the sun.

DG: When I say sun, what comes to mind immediately?

FS: mother

DG: I mean the sun revolves around the earth like it does on the earth.

FS: Ah, I thought you meant a son of a bitch.

DG: Let's try again, son.

FS: Lua.

DG: Did you think I meant sun or son?

FS: Not sure which son you're talking about?

DG: Never mind, tell me more about your dream.

FS: Butterflies swarmed all over the grave. A swarm of bees attacked the butterflies. The butterflies' orange wings were torn off and the bees turned the wings first into honey and then into gold.

DG: When I say butterfly, what do you think?

FS: Linda

DG: Okay?

FS: Hardworking

DG: What else happened in the dream?

FS: Nothing, I woke up.

Notes from Dr. Gamma: The dream shows several important conflicts in the patient. The patient is afraid of death. The patient also has severe relationship problems with his mother. Bees versus butterflies represent an internal conflict in the patient. The bees seem to take advantage of the butterfly's beauty. Butterflies can represent the patient's sensitive feminine side, which he sees as being in danger.

The patient suffers from a severe messiah complex. The so-called Half Squares are notable figures in history and this is an obvious attempt at self-aggrandizement.

Doctor Delta: Around the same time, I was having a discussion with Dr. Gamma on her relationship with Dr. Arrow. The doctor. Gamma and Dr. Arrow were deputy directors of the institute. Due to their different theoretical orientations, there was a lot of professional friction between the two. After the first session with Freak Show, Dr. Gamma had a heated argument with Dr. Arrow on how metaschizophrenia should be treated.


The following is a simple statement to repeat at least twenty times quietly, steadily, almost chanting:

1) There are no squares.

2) The Square world does not exist.

3) Squares are a fantasy

Also, you should chant the above statement whenever, reading the transcript, you have the thought that something like the squares might exist. If you begin to believe that the squares exist, stop reading this manuscript immediately. If you still have these thoughts after two weeks, seek help from a metaschizophrenia specialist.

Fox: Session one mentions this weird HKP concept. I think Gamma got this idea from Gardner's multiple intelligence theory. Gardner mentions kinesic intelligence as one of the seven types of intelligence. Gamma and I took a learning theory class together at Texas A&M, and part of that class involved a Gardner intelligence test, and I vaguely remember him doing very well on kinesics. There is also a right side of the left brain in this costume, except he contrasts the frontal lobes with the cerebellum. Maybe these people exist, but squares don't.

My friend apparently stole the idea for Z-rays from the Legion of Super Heroes. The Legion of Super-Heroes was a comic book featuring a group of superheroes in the 1930s.ºCentury, which also included the Super Boy. Z-rays were mentioned in one of the issues.

All in all, the first session is a tough read. The first session is somewhat technical. I realize that this is not a novel, but something else. I don't know what the heck this document is, but I don't think it's a good way to start a story. The next section is a lot easier to read and honestly the best part of this document. Yes, Japan is a sexy session.

As for the Squares killing Kennedy, I personally think the mafia had had enough of Bobby Kennedy and realized that if they shot him his brother the President would destroy them. Instead, they eliminated John and the neutralized Bobby. The mafia kills anyone with more than $20. Bobby cost them millions and really went after them. Hoover hated Bobby Kennedy and basically made the FBI look the other way. The CIA colluded with the mafia to kill Castro, and the CIA looked the other way too. Government officials won't risk their pensions over an unauthorized assassination, but the mafia kills people every day. Looking the other way isn't the same as killing the president, but some reassurances on the matter may have encouraged the mafia. Anyway, that's my theory.

When I read this part of the document, Gamma was super nervous and, quite frankly, a pain in the ass. The guy drank like a fish and slept during the day while keeping me up at night rambling on about the conspiracy that's after him. He was a heavy smoker and wasn't even smoking when I met him. I let him smoke on the porch. Gamma and I are both huge comics fans and I asked him his codename which is from the comic book The Incredible Hulk. We started talking about the Hulk and agreed that he was one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel Universe. There's the very obvious Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde, but the fact that an atomic bomb instead of a potion, thinly disguised cocaine, makes Dr. Banner in the Hulk puts a modern twist on the story. I wonder if my old friend Gamma chose his name because there are two sides to it.

Maybe Freak Show is some kind of alternate gamma personality. Could Gamma be totally schizophrenic and have multiple personalities? Would I kick him out unless I really think he's potentially suicidal and I don't need it on my conscience? Freak Show is a hybrid.

Hybrids figure prominently in myth and science fiction. You have the Greek heroes, who invariably had a human father and a divine father. Achilles had a human father, Peleus. Achilles' mother was God like Thetis. Hercules had Zeus as a father. Hercules' mother was Io and she was mortal. I think Freak Show probably came up with the idea for its Star Trek hybrid hero. Spock is, of course, half human and half Vulcan. There's also Marvel's superhero, the Submariner, who's said to be half homo sapien and half homo mermanus. Homo Mermanus is a species of underwater humanoid living in Atlantis.

There is a lame DC version of the Submariner called Aquaman that shares the same ancestry as the Submariner but slightly different powers.

The Submariner is much stronger than Aquaman, but Aquaman has telepathic control over sea creatures. What a completely idiotic force and why can he control sea creatures and not just animals in general? I suppose you could argue that fish have a different nervous system than mammals, so Aquaman has specialized telepathy that only works with fish, but Aquaman can communicate with whales and dolphins, which are mammals. Incredibly, Aquaman beat the Submariner in Marvel vs. AD. Give me some time!

I kinda remember a literary criticism class I was taking, there was a thinker named Derrida, and he was talking about deconstruction. I just remember what the word deconstruction meant. I think the word means to break down the barriers between two concepts or something like that. Okay, I got a "3" in this class, but I think the patient is doing something like deconstruction. I confess that I mostly read the comic book version about Derrida by Icon Books. Perhaps the patient is using the hybrid to deconstruct what it means to be human.

Chapter 2 in:

WereVerse Universe Baby!

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Meep is arrested by the police and murdered by inmates in jail. His body is returned to the freak show, where the fellow freaks gather around and mourn. Elsewhere, Dandy asks Jimmy if he can join the freak show, as he dreams of being on stage, but after Dandy accidentally insults Jimmy, he is rebuffed and sent away.

Are Freak Show and Asylum connected? ›

Just to recap, Asylum exists in the same universe as Freak Show, Roanoke, Cult, and 1984.

How old is Tate Langdon? ›

Tate was born on March 9th, 1977 to Constance and Hugo Langdon. Tate was the brother of Adelaide, Beauregard and Rose.

What is the best order to watch American Horror Story? ›

Asylum and Freak Show are great examples and should be watched back to back, Freak Show first, even if it is the fourth season and Asylum is the second. Other ones are Murder House, Coven, and Apocalypse. The first, third, and eighth seasons are deeply connected and should be watched in the order they were released.

Why is AHS Rated R? ›

What Parents Need to Know. Parents need to know that American Horror Story's content is designed to shock, and you can expect a variety of scary, disturbing, and graphic scenes that include strong language, sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and extreme violence.

Which season of AHS is the least scary? ›

Season 3 - Coven

Coven is hands down the least scary season. Sure, it has witches and demons and such — and of course, the usual bloodletting — but it's not nearly as disturbing as the rest of the show, in part because it focuses so much on the maneuvering among the various witches for the power that they all want.

Is American Horror story okay for 11 year olds? ›

I love the show personally, but there are some truly horrific scenes and very disturbing macabre themes in the series which can be disturbing to an adult, let alone a young, impressionable mind. Plus, there's nudity and some very mature sex scenes. It's rated TV-MA (not suitable for under 17) for good reason.

Does Billie Eilish like American Horror Story? ›

Okay, now we know that Billie is a fan of American Horror Story, we really need to get her involved in the new season. Even if it's just a case of her recording a theme song for it, we'd be interested.

Is Tate Langdon a ghost? ›

In the pilot episode, Violet befriends Tate Langdon, one of her father's patients, and the two eventually start dating. She later discovers that he is in fact a ghost who died in the house after committing a mass shooting at her school in 1994.

How tall is Ma Petite? ›

She was 62.8 cm (2 ft 0.72 in), confirming her as the world's new shortest female living (mobile). Now aged 28, Jyoti has retained her record for over a decade and also broke a second; the shortest actress, after appearing as regular character Ma Petite in American Horror Story: Freak Show (premiered 8 October 2014).

Is the smallest woman still alive? ›

Jyoti Kishanji Amge (born 16 December 1993) is an Indian actress notable for being the world's shortest living woman according to the Guinness World Records.
Jyoti Amge
Known forWorld's shortest living woman
Height63 cm (2 ft 3⁄4 in)
3 more rows

Is Rose Siggins still alive? ›

Can Siamese twins get pregnant? ›

Of all the female conjoined twin sets either documented by medical authorities or referenced in ancient literary sources, in only one case were pregnancy and delivery successfully achieved by the conjoined twins themselves.

Are there male and female conjoined twins? ›

Conjoined twins are identical - they are the same sex. According to the Mayo Clinic, conjoined twins may be joined at any of these areas: chest, abdomen, spine, pelvis, trunk or head. Scientists believe that conjoined twins develop from a single fertilized egg that fails to separate completely as it divides.

Are twins Abby and Brittany separated? ›

As the twins grew and learned to walk and develop other skills, their parents confirmed their decision against separation, arguing that the quality of life for the surviving twin or twins living separately would be less than their quality of life as conjoined people.

Is Pinhead a guy or a girl? ›

In the 2022 film, Pinhead is played by Jamie Clayton. On the decision to cast Clayton, a trans woman, as the character, the film's director, David Bruckner, explained: "We felt a kind of anticipation around the fans to reimagine the character. We knew we wanted Pinhead to be a woman.

Can you beat Pinhead? ›

Once he is reverted to his human form, he is able to be killed by grizzly throat-slitting.

Why is Pinhead like that? ›

In the movie series storyline, Pinhead was born Elliot Spencer and opened the Lament Configuration after becoming disenchanted with human life from his service in World War I.

Who is the best AHS villain? ›

Sister Mary Eunice / The Devil (Season 2, 'Asylum')

Arguably AHS' most iconic villain of all time, it doesn't get any more sinister than the Devil. In the second season of Murphy's spooky show, American Horror Story: Asylum, fans were introduced to numerous evil characters.

What is the 100th episode of AHS? ›

"Episode 100" is the sixth episode of the ninth season and the 100th episode overall of the anthology television series American Horror Story.
Episode 100 (American Horror Story)
"Episode 100"
American Horror Story episode
Episode no.Season 9 Episode 6
Directed byLoni Peristere
Written byRyan Murphy & Brad Falchuk
10 more rows

How gory is American Horror Story? ›

American Horror Story's goriest ever moments: Disembowelment, chainsaw amputations and cannibalistic blood orgies. AMERICAN Horror Story has seen some of the most violent, goriest and downright disgusting moments in television history.

Why is horror considered low brow? ›

Because of its preoccupation with the worst parts of humanity and its appeals to base instincts and worries, horror is considered “lowbrow.” Though a uniquely-adult genre, it is critically seen as juvenile and sometimes considered unworthy of serious academic consideration.

Why is American Horror Story being removed? ›

To put it simply, the streaming license that Netflix had for the series is coming to an end and is unlikely to be renewed. Given how many Disney properties are leaving all on March 1st, it has been speculated that rather than the licenses just expiring, they've instead been bought back.

Are there alot of jump scares in AHS? ›

See below for the exact times and descriptions of the 37 jump scares in American Horror Stories, which has a jump scare rating of 3.0. Jump Scare Rating: The episodes vary in jumpiness, but the jump-scares are often minor.

Is Infantata a Meep? ›

TIL: The actor who plays 'Meep' is also 'Infantata/Thaddeus' from Season 1. : r/AmericanHorrorStory.

What does the M in Meep stand for? ›

In the measurement process, we should gather the data and information only through the four basic elements composing the workplace which are “MEEP” Material, Equipment, Environment and Person.

How old was Meep? ›

Ben Woolf, best known to TV audiences for playing Meep on American Horror Story: Freak Show, died on Monday from injuries he had sustained after being hit by a car, TMZ reports. He was 34.

Is AHS freak show Ableist? ›

More than that, Freak Show suggests that the disabled body is public property, useful only as a source of entertainment, or as a warning. The othering of disabled bodies is nothing new. Ableism can be traced back to Aristotle's musings on what constitutes the perfect human body.

Is the clown part of the Freak Show? ›

Twisty the Clown is a major antagonist of American Horror Story: Freak Show, and the main antagonist of its first four episodes. He returns as a minor fictional antagonist in American Horror Story: Cult.

Why is pepper in Freak Show? ›

Pepper is originally a part of Elsa Mars' freak show. Elsa eventually reveals to Desiree that Pepper was her first freak. Pepper was abandoned by her sister at an orphanage, and later adopted by Elsa.

Who is Tate Langdon's son? ›

Michael Langdon is the son of Tate Langdon and Vivien Harmon. Murder House takes place in a uniquely macabre Victorian mansion in Los Angeles. The Harmon family moves there from Boston after their patriarch, Ben, had an affair, and his wife, Vivien, a miscarriage.

Is Tate The Rubber Man? ›

Flashbacks reveal Tate to be the Rubber Man, who fathered Vivien's twins, attempting to provide a distraught Nora with a baby. The outfit is revealed to be a bondage suit Chad bought in hopes of reigniting his and Patrick's failing relationship.

Does Violet forgive Tate? ›

She casts a lil spell of clarity over Violet and she finally forgives him. The two make up and the episode ends with an iconic moment between the two at the window of the Murder House.

Can I skip AHS seasons? ›

you don't really have to watch the series in order, you can start from any season you want, just be aware that the seasons are connected to one another.

Is American Horror Story season 1 and 2 connected? ›

Despite being an anthology horror series, creator and showrunner Ryan Murphy has confirmed that American Horror Story seasons connect.

Which season of AHS is the most popular? ›

'American Horror Story: Freak Show' - 77%

Freak Show is the most AHS season of AHS.

Why did Freak Show get Cancelled? ›

The Venice Beach Freakshow will offer its final performances Sunday, forced to abandon its boardwalk home because its landlord declined to renew its lease, according to the founder. The news came about two years after Snap Inc.

Are horror movies Ableist? ›

Horror films have sometimes attracted criticism for their depictions of disability or have been described as ableist. Some films have been accused of reflecting eugenicist views held by the society of their time.

What is inappropriate about American Horror Story? ›

Parents need to know that American Horror Story's content is designed to shock, and you can expect a variety of scary, disturbing, and graphic scenes that include strong language, sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and extreme violence.

Why did freak shows become less popular? ›

The shows were viewed as a suitable amusement for the middle class and were profitable for the showmen, who exploited freak show performers' disabilities for profit. Changing attitudes about physical differences led to the decline of the freak show as a form of entertainment towards the end of the 19th century.

Is AHS asylum and Freak Show connected? ›

Just to recap, Asylum exists in the same universe as Freak Show, Roanoke, Cult, and 1984.

Is Freak Show banned? ›

Freakshow is a 2007 independent film which was made by The Asylum, directed by Drew Bell. It is an unofficial remake of the Tod Browning film Freaks. According to the film poster and DVD cover art, Freakshow is banned in 43 countries, though there is no mention of which countries banned it.
Freakshow (film)
11 more rows

Where was Elsa at the end of Freak Show? ›

Edward Mordrake stabs Elsa while simultaneously declaring that she doesn't belong with them, and Elsa gets a sparkly cotton candy afterlife where she's reunited with all her beloved freaks. She's headlining the show again to a packed house because "stars never pay," even if they've killed a few people here and there.

Can you get PTSD from horror movies? ›

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, exposure to media, television, movies, or pictures cannot cause PTSD. Symptoms of PTSD are: Re-experiencing the trauma through intrusive distressing recollections of the event, including flashbacks and nightmares.

Can horror movies traumatize a child? ›

Toddlers and young children who watch violent movies, including Halloween horror films, television shows or video games may be more likely to develop anxiety, sleep disorders, and aggressive and self-endangering behaviors.

Is watching horror movies a sin in Christianity? ›

Christians can watch horror movies provided that they have a clear conscience and avoid being led to sin. Each person should be careful to avoid sinful and unhelpful types of horror, but we can not throw the genre out as a whole.

What AHS is the scariest? ›

Here's our ranking of the scariest American Horror Story seasons!
  • 9.) Apocalypse – Season 8. ...
  • 8.) Coven – Season 3. ...
  • 7.) Double Feature – Season 10. ...
  • 6.) Murder House – Season 1. ...
  • 5.) Hotel – Season 5. ...
  • 3.) Freak Show – Season 4. ...
  • 2.) Asylum – Season 2. ...
  • 1.) Cult – Season 7.
Oct 18, 2022

Can a 11 year old watch Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark? ›

The MPAA rated Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark PG-13 for terror/violence, disturbing images, thematic elements, language including racial epithets, and brief sexual references.

How much do freak show performers make? ›

As of Dec 19, 2022, the average annual pay for a Circus Performer in the United States is $62,599 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $30.10 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,203/week or $5,216/month.

How did freak get his nickname? ›

Before "Giannis" became a household name, those who couldn't pronounce his last name often called the NBA's reigning MVP the "Greek Freak," because of his rare, freakish athletic ability and ballhandling skills for someone 6-foot-11.


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