Karaoke Songs by Artist - Memory Lane Music Service (2023)

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A B C – Sei mir nah (SC)
A B C – Look of Love (SC)
A B C – Poisoned Arrow (SC)
A B C - When Smokey sings
A Ha - Take on me (SC)
A T C – Around the World (SC)
A Teens - Bouncing off the ceiling (SC)
A3 – I woke up this morning (SC)
Aaliyah - At Your Best You Are Love (SC)
Aaliyah - Come Over (SC)
Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only Knew (SC)
Aaliyah - Journey into the Past (SC)
Aaliyah - I miss you (SC)
Aaliyah - More than a Woman (SC)
Aaliyah - The One I Gave My Heart To (SC)
Aaliyah – Rock The Boat (SC)
Aaliyah - Try Again (SC)
Aaliyah - Flip Aside (SC)
Abandoned Swimming Pools – Remédio (SC)
Abba - Angel Eyes
Abba - As good as new
Abba - Hit a boomerang
Abba – Chiquita
ABBA – Dancing Queen (SC)
Abba - The day before your arrival
Abba - Your mother knows
Abba–Fernando (SC)
Abba - We will, we will, we will
Abba - Happy New Year
Abba - See you tomorrow
Abba - He is your brother
Abba - Turned upside down
Abba - No, no, Helen
Abba – honey honey
Abba - I do I do I
Abba - I have a dream
Abba - Let the music speak
Abba - I am a puppet
Abba - The king lost his crown
Abba - Song of King Kong
Abba - kiss of fire
Abba - Knowing me, knowing you
Abba - Give me all your love
Abba - Lovers live a little longer
Abba – Mama Mia
Abba – Money Money Money
Abba - to go forward
Abba - name of the game
Abba – Nina Linda Ballerina
Abba - One man, one woman
Abba - one of us
Abba - Our last summer
Abba - people need love
Abba – Anel Anel
Abba - Rock Of Me
Abba - S.O.S
Abba - Goodbye
Abba - City of Midsummer Night
Abba – Super Trouper
Abba – Suzy hanging around
Abba - Give me a chance (SC)
Abba - Thanks for the song
Abba - Two for the price of one
Abba - Do you want to
Abba - And as for Livingstone
Abba - When all is said and done
Abba - Why did it have to be me
Abba - winner takes all
Abbott, Gregory – Shake You Down (SC)
Abdul, Paula – Sending kisses to the wind
Abdul, Paula – Cold Heart (SC)
Abdul, Paula - I need you
Abdul, Paula - That's how you love me
Abdul, Paula – Knock Out
Abdul, Paula – Opposites attract (SC)
Abdul, Paula - Promise of a New Day
Abdul, Paula – Rush Rush
Abdul, Paula – Direct (SC)
Abdul, Paula – Vibeologie
Abdul, Paula – Will you marry me (SC)
AC DC – Back in Black (SC)
AC DC - Big Balls (XXX)
AC DC - Big Gun
AC DC – Dirty Deeds Made Cheap
AC DC - Hard as a Rock (SC) ( X )
AC DC – Have a drink with me
AC DC – Hells Bells (SC)
AC DC - Road to Hell
AC DC – Money Talk (SC)
AC DC – Insurance in New York City
AC DC – Shoot to Thrill (SC)
AC DC – Rigid upper lip
AC DC – Vom Donnerschlag (SC)
AC DC - You shook me all night (SC) (Mike)
Ace – How long
Ace Of Base - Anything She Wants
Ace Of Base - Cruel Summer
Base Ace - Don't turn around
Ace Of Base - Life in danger
Ace of Base - Lucky Love
Basewing - sign
Ace, Johnny – Promising My Love (Mike)
Acuff, Roy – Great Speckled Bird (CB)
Acuff, Roy - Wabash Cannonball
Acuff, Roy - Wreck on the Autobahn (CB)
Ad Libs - Boy from New York City
Adam Ant Goody Two shoes
Adam Ant – Wonderful (SC)
Adamo, Salvatore - Bad boy
Adam, Savior - Tombs of La Neige
Adams, Bryan - Everything for love
Adams, Bryan - Back to You (SC)
Adams, Bryan - The Best of Me
Adams, Bryan - Can't Stop It
Adams, Bryan - Cuts like a knife
Adams, Bryan - I gotta say the words
Adams, Bryan - Everything I do, I do for you
Adams, Bryan - Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? (SC)
Adams, Bryan - Heat of the Night
Adams, Bryan – Himmel
Adams, Bryan - I'll do it for you
Adams, Bryan - I'll Always Be There (SC)
Adams, Bryan - It's Just Love
Adams, Bryan - Kids wanna rock
Adams, Bryan - On a Day Like Today
Adams, Bryan - The only thing that looks good on me is you
Adams, Bryan - Please forgive me
Adams, Bryan – Corra Corra Rudolph
Adams, Bryan - Run for yourself
Adams, Bryan – Jemand
Adams, Bryan - Straight from the Heart
Adams, Bryan – Sommer '69
Adams, Bryan – Diesmal
Adams, Bryan - I thought I had died and gone to heaven
Adams, Bryan & Barbra Streisand - Finally found someone
Adams, Bryan & Sting & Rod Stewart - All for love
Adams, Bryan & Tina Turner - It's Only Love (SC)
Adams, Oleta - Come here
Adams, Ryan - Attendance Bell
Adams, Ryan - Dirty Rain
Adams, Ryan – Nova York Nova York (SC)
Adams, Ryan - So Alive (SC)
Adams, Ryan & Melanie C – When You're Gone (SC)
Adams, Yolanda - Open My Heart
Adele – Chasing sidewalks
Adele- hello
Adele - Hometown Glory
Adele - If it weren't for you
Adele - love not dark
Adele - Love song
Adele - Make you feel my love
Adele – Millions of years ago
Adele - Rolling in the Deep
Adele – rumors say
Adele - Set the rain on fire
Skyfall by Adele
Adele - someone like you
Adele- record player
Adele – When we were young
Adema - As You Like It (SC)
Adkins, Trace – Ala Freakin Bama
Adkins, Trace - All I ask most
Adkins, Spur – Arlington
Adkins, Trace - Big moment
Adkins, Trace - brown chicken, brown cow
Adkins, Trace – Chrom
Adkins, Trace - Cowboys back in town
Adkins, Trace - Don't lie
Adkins, Trace - all the lights in the house are on
Adkins, Trace - Help me understand
Adkins, Trace – Honky-Tonk Badonkadonk (SC)
Adkins, Trace - Hot Mama
Adkins, Trace - I've got my game
Adkins, Trace - I left something on at home (SC)
Adkins, Trace - I'll still love you
Adkins, Trace - I'll try
Adkins, Trace - Hardly Fished
Adkins, Trace - Women love country boys
Adkins, Trace – Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone (SC)
Adkins, Trace - Marrying for Money
Adkins, Trace—But
Adkins, Trace - Muddy Water
Adkins, Trace - My rest
Adkins, Trace – Rough and Ready
Adkins, Trace - Songs About Me
Adkins, Trace—Winging
Adkins, Trace - They do
Adkins, Trace - This is not a love song
Adkins, Trace - You don't have to think about that
Adkins, Trace - Until the last shot is fired
Adkins, Trace - you will miss this
Aerosmith – Anjo
Aerosmith – Angel’s Eye
Aerosmith - Baby, please don't go
Aerosmith - Back in the saddle
Aerosmith - Big Ten Inch Record (R) (Mike-2)
Aerosmith - Dream on
Aerosmith - Dude looks like a lady
Aerosmith - Eat the rich
Aerosmith - Falling in love
Aerosmith - Girl of Summer
Aerosmith - hole in my soul
Aerosmith - I don't want to miss anything
Aerosmith - Exhausted
Aerosmith - Janie has a gun
Aerosmith – Just press play ( X )
Aerosmith - Life Without Limits
Aerosmith - Love in the Elevator
Aerosmith - Lies of Love
Aerosmith – Mama Kin
Aeroschmied – Rosa
Aerosmith – Stoffpuppe
Aerosmith – Same old song and dance
Aerosmith - Sweet Emotion
Aerosmith - Toys in the attic
Aerosmith – Train Keep A Rollin
Aerosmith - Walk this way
Aerosmith - What kind of love are you in?
Aerosmith & Run DMC - Go this route
AFI – Miss Assassin
Afroman – Because I got high (XXX)
Afroman – Crazy Rap (XXX)
After 7 - I can't stop
After 7 – how do you say that
After 7 – Ready or not
After 7 - Until you do me good
Nachher – Belo Amor
Aguilera, Cristina-Linda
Aguilera, Cristina - Blessed
Aguilera, Christina – Comm
Aguilera, Christina - With you far away
Aguilera, Christina – Dirty (X)
Aguilera, Christina - False Hopes
Aguilera, Christina – The Wrestler
Aguilera, Christina - Genie in a bottle
Aguilera, Christina - A Captive Genius
Aguilera, Christina - Injured
Aguilera, Christina - I turn to you
Aguilera, Christina - Impossible Dream
Aguilera, Christina – Lady Marmelade
Aguilera, Christina - Love finds a way
Aguilera, Christina – Not Myself Tonight
Aguilera, Christina - Forever You
Aguilera, Christina - If I hadn't met you
Aguilera, Christina – So spannend
Aguilera, Christina - Someone is someone
Aguilera, Christina - A Woman
Aguilera, Christina – Come With Me (Only You)
Aguilera, Christina - Inner Voice
Aguilera, Christina - What a Girl Wants
Aguilera, Christina und Lil Kim - Can't Hold Us Down
Aguilera, Christina & Lil Kim & Mya & Pink – Lady Marmelade
Aiken, Clay - I'll take you
Aiken, Clay - Mary did you know
Aiken, Clay—Patience
Aiken, Clay—Path
Aikens, Clay - Bridge over Troubled Water
Aikens, Clay - Invisible
Aikens, Clay - This is my night
Air Supply - All for Love (Mike-4)
Air supply – nights are better too
Air Supply - Here I am
Air Supply - Lost in Love
Air supply - Making love out of nothing
Luftversorgung - The One You Love (SC)
Akens, Jewel - Birds and Bees (CB) (Mike-3)
Akins, Rhett - Better Than Before
Akins, Rhett - Don't Let Me Start (SC)
Akins, Rhett - Every cowboy's dream
Akins, Rhett - Sunrise on the Road
Akins, Rhett - I brake for brunettes
Akins, Rhett - If Heaven Weren't So Far Away
Akins, Rhett – Kiss My Country Ass
Akins, Rhett - I Love You Back
Akins, Rhett - More Than Anything Else (SC)
Akins, Rhett - She Said Yes (SC)
Akins, Rhett - That's not my truck
Akins, Rhett - A Thousand Memories
Akins, Rhett - what are they talking about?
Akins, Rodney - It's America
i am anjo
Akon - loner
Akon & Colbie O'Donis & Kardinal Offishall – Linda
Akon & Styles P – Locked Up (XXX)
Alabama – The Other Side (CB)
Alabama - Are you sure Hank did it like this?
Alabama – Between the Two (SC)
Alabama – Country Born
Alabama - Can't suppress a good man
Alabama – Cheap Seats
Alabama - Near Perfection (SC) (Mike)
Alabama - They're getting closer
Alabama – Dancin Shaggin on the Boulevard (SC)
Alabama – Dixieland Delight (SC) (Mike)
Alabama – Down Home (SC)
Alabama–Lá no Rio
Alabama – Fall Again (SC)
Alabama - Feels So Right (SC) (Mike)
Alabama - Fire in the Night (CB)
Alabama - Forever is as far as I go
Alabama - Forty-hour week
Alabama - Give me one more chance
Alabama - God Should Have Spent A Little More Time With You (SC)
Alabama - Here we are
Alabama – High Cotton (SC) (Mike-1)
Alabama – Hometown Honeymoon (SC)
Alabama – How to fall in love
Alabama – If I Had You (CB)
Alabama - If you play Texas (CB) (Mike)
Alabama – I'm in a Hurry (SC)
Alabama - I'm in the mood
Alabama--In pictures
Alabama – It Works (SC)
Alabama - Jukebox In My Head (SC)
Alabama - Katy returned my guitar today (SC)
Alabama – Lady Down On Love (Mike)
Alabama - Love in the first degree
Alabama - The breeder said to take her
Alabama – Bergmusik (SC) (Mike-1)
Alabama - My home is in Alabama (CB) (Mike)
Alabama - Of course I'm fine
Alabama – Other Flames
Alabama - This Side of the Moon (SC)
Alabama – Once upon a time
Alabama – Pass It On (CB)
Alabama – Pictures and Memories (SC)
Alabama - ruthless
Alabama – Roll On Eighteen Wheeler
Alabama - sad moonlight
Alabama – I Say (SC)
Alabama – She's no ordinary girl
Alabama - You and Me (CB)
Alabama - She has that look in her eyes
Alabama - Little things
Alabama - Southern song
Alabama – South Star (SC)
Alabama—T L C ASAP
Alabama – Take a little trip
Alabama – Take Me Down (SC) (Mike-2)
Alabama – Rio Tennessee (SC) (Mike)
Alabama – Then Again (SC)
Alabama – No Way (SC)
Alabama - Touch me when we dance
Alabama - XX century
Alabama - We can't love like this anymore
Alabama – We made love
Alabama - if everything goes south
Alabama – When we make love
Alabama - Why, ma'am, why?
Alabama - Will you marry me?
Alabama - the woman he loves
Alabama - You've got the touch (SC)
Alabama & K.T. Oslin - Face to Face (CB)
Alaina, Lauren – Georgia Peaches
Alaina, Lauren - like my mother
Alaina, Lauren - Road less traveled
Alaina, Lauren - Wings of an Angel
Alan Parsons Project - Damn if I do it
Alan Parsons Project - Don't answer me
Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky
Alan Parsons Project - Games people play
Alan Parsons Project - I don't want to be like you
Projeto Alan Parsons – Turn Of A Friendly Card
Alan Parsons Project - What's up
Ao lado, Jason - Yellow Sky
Aldean, Jason - Qualquer Ol bar stool
Aldean, Jason - Big Green Tractor
Aldean, Jason - burn everything down
Aldean, Jason – Country Boy’s World
Aldean, Jason - Mad Town
Aldean, Jason – Dirt Road-Hymne
Aldean, Jason - Fly Over the States
Aldean, Jason – Hicktown
Aldean, Jason – Johnny Cash
Aldean, Jason - we laughed until we cried
Aldean, Jason - Lights Come On
Aldean, Jason - A little more summer
Aldean, Jason - My Kind of Party
Aldean, Jason - Night Train
Aldean, Jason - Nineteen Ninety-Four
Aldean, Jason - Relentless
Aldean, Jason - She's Country
Aldean, Jason - Take a little tour
Aldean, Jason - Tattoos in this town
Aldean, Jason - this night suits you
Aldean, Jason - Truth
Aldean, Jason - When She Says Baby
Aldean, Jason - Why
Aldean, Jason - You just do it
Aldean, Jason & Kelly Clarkson - You Don't Want To Stay
Aldo Nova – Fantasies
Alice in chains - again
Alice in Chains - Angry Chair
Alice in Ketten – Check My Brain
Alice In Chains - Dam That River
Alice in chains - dirt
Alice in Chains - Grind
Alice in chains - hollow
Alice in Chains - Junkhead
Alice in Chains - Man in the Box ( X )
Alice in Chains - No Excuses (Mike-3)
Alice in Chains - Galo
Alice in Chains – Them Bones
Alice in Chains series
Alice in chains - your decision
Alien Ant Farm Movies
Alien Ant Farm – Mildly criminal
Alisha's attic - I am I feel
All 4 One - I can love you so
All 4 one - I swear
All 4 ones - I'll be right there
All 4 One - Very In Love
All American Rejections - Dirty Little Secret
All Americans rejected - The future is here
All American Rejects - Makes you hot as hell
All American rejections - I want
All American rejections - ends tonight
All American Rejects - latest music
All Americans rejected - carry on
All Americans Rejected - Real World
All American Rejects – Swing Swing (SC)
All American Rejections - Top Of The World
All American denials - wind is blowing
All Saints - All Connected
All Saints – Black coffee
All Hallows – Bootie Call
All Saints – Chcik Fit
All Saints Day - I know where it is
All Saints Day - Never Never
All Hallows – Pure Shores
All Saints – Rock Steady
All Saints – Under the Bridge
All Saints' Day - War of Nerves
All time low - I miss you
Allan, Gary - the best I've ever had
Allan, Gary - Every storm ends in rain
Allan, Gary – Feel That Way (SC)
Allan, Gary - From Where I Sit
Allan, Gary - Get Out of Pain
Allan, Gary - I'll take it today
Allan, Gary - Would you
Allan, Gary - Kiss Me When I'm Down
Allan, Gary - Learning to Fold
Allan, Gary - Life Isn't Always Pretty.mpg”
Allan, Gary - Living in a House of Love
Allan, Gary - Loving you against my will
Allan, Gary - Man of mine
Allan, Gary - Man to Man
Allan, Gary - Nobody in the wrong heart
Allan, Gary - Nothing but the Radio
Allan, Gary – Um
Allan, Gary—Parts
Allan, Gary - Right Where I Need To Be
Allan, Gary - She's so Californian
Allan, Gary - Smoke Rings in the Dark
Allan, Gary - Songs About the Rain
Allan, Gary—today
Allan, Gary – Tough Boys (Mike)
Allan, Gary - Watching Airplanes
Allen, Deborah - Baby, eu menti
Allen, Deborah - Break those chains
Allen, Deborah - I was wrong again
Allen, Kris - I'm fine
Allen, Kris - Live like you, we die
Allen, Chris and Pat Monohan - Verdade
Allen, Neal - her husband
Allman Brothers - Stop wasting your time
Allman Brothers – Blue Skies
Allman Brothers - Mad Love
Allman Brothers - Hoochie Coochie-Mann
Allman Brothers - Don't Bear My Cross
Allman Brothers – Louisiana Lou und Three Card Monty John
Allman Brothers – Melissa
Allman Brothers – Mitternachtsritter
Allman Brothers - No competition
Allman Brothers - A way out
Allman Brothers - Please go home
Allman Brothers – Ramblin Man (SC) (Mike-4)
Allman Brothers – Soulshine
Allman Brothers – Southbound (SC) (Mike-2)
Allman Brothers – Statesboro Blues
Allman Brothers – Stormy Monday (CB) (Mike)
Allman Brothers - Chicote Post
Allman, Gregg - I'm not an angel
Alpert, Herb—Diamonds
Alpert, Herb - This guy is in love with you
Amber - Sexual
Amboy Dukes - Journey to the center of the mind
Ambrosia - the biggest part of me
Ambrosia - Holdin On To Yesterday
Ambrosia - how much I feel
Ambrosia - You are the only woman
Amerika – Daisy Jane
America - From a moving train
America – Horse With No Name (SC)
America - I need you
America - Lonely people
America - Sister Golden Hair
America - tin man
Amerika – Ventura Highway (SC)
America - you can do magic
American Race – Bend Me Shape Me (SC) (Mike-2)
American Hi Fi - flavor of the week
American Hi Fi - Geeks get the girls
American Idol Finalists - God Bless America
Amerie - Must work
Amerie – Belongs to Em All
Amerie - Talk to me
Amerie & Trez Songz - Pretty brown
Amerie - Why don't we fall in love
Ames, Ed - My cup is overflowing
Amiger, Katie - Kiss me now
Amitri, Del – always or last
Amitri, Del - Not Where It Is (SC)
Amitri, Del - Roll for me
Amos, Tori - Corn Flake Girl
Amos, Tori – Good
Amos, Tori - Precious Things
Amos, Tori - Silence all these years
Amos, Tori – Spark
Amos, Tori - A Thousand Oceans
Anastacia - I am for love
Anastasia - A day in your life
Anderson, Bill - Bright Lights and Country Music
Anderson, Bill - Song of my life
Anderson, Bill—eight times ten
Anderson, Bill - Can't Wait Anymore
Anderson, Bill - I have a fever
Anderson, Bill - Mama sang a song
Anderson, Bill - Throw my life away if I want to
Anderson, Bill - Southern Frieze
Anderson, Bill—still
Anderson, Bill & Jan Howard - Dissatisfied
Anderson, John - Bend 'til It Breaks
Anderson, John - Great Awakening
Anderson, John - Black Sheep
Anderson, John - Chicken Trucks
Anderson, John - Land Till I Die
Anderson, John – Honky-Tonk-Menge
Anderson, John - I fell in the water
Anderson, John - I wish I had been there
Anderson, John - I made it
Anderson, John - Drop the stone
Anderson, John – Mississippi-Mond
Anderson, John - Money in the Bank (SC)
Anderson, John - Nobody has everything
Anderson, John - Paradise
Anderson, John – Vento Seminole
Anderson, John - Small Town
Anderson, John - Somebody Hit Me (SC)
Anderson, John – Straight Tequlia Night
Anderson, John – Swingin
Anderson, John - Reclaiming the Land
Anderson, John - Wild and Blue
Anderson, John - Woman Knows
Anderson, John - You haven't hurt anything yet
Anderson, Keith - I still miss you
Anderson, Keith - Picking wildflowers
Anderson, Keith – Podunk
Anderson, Keith - She could have been mine
Anderson, Keith - Someone needs a hug
Anderson, Keith - Sunday Mornings in America
Anderson, Keith – Three Chrod Country und American Rock N Roll (SC)
Anderson, Keith – XXG
Anderson, Lynn – Blue Bayou
Anderson, Lynn – Chorar
Anderson, Lynn - Engane-me
Anderson, Lynn - How Can I Stop Loving You
Anderson, Lynn - If I kiss you, you go away
Anderson, Lynn - Remember Me
Anderson, Lynn - Listen to a Country Song
Anderson, Lynn - Not Again
Anderson, Lynn - Promise Promise
Anderson, Lynn – Rocky Top
Anderson, Lynn - Rose Garden
Anderson, Lynn - Sing About Love
Anderson, Lynn - Stay There Till I Get There
Anderson, Lynn – Talkin To There Wall
Anderson, Lynn - That's a no, no
Anderson, Lynn - What Kind of Man My Man Is
Anderson, Lynn - You're My Type (CB)
Anderson, Sunshine - Heard it all before
Andrew, W.K. – Party hart
Andrews Sisters – Alexanders Rag Time Band
Andrews Sisters – Bierfass-Polka
Andrews Sisters - You are beautiful to me
Andrews Sisters – Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Andrews Sisters - Don't sit under the apple tree
Andrews Sisters – Broadway-Schlaflied
Andrews Sisters - Sing Sing Sing
Andrews, Jessica – Alles
Andrews, Jessica - Desperate Desperate
Andrews, Jessica - I accept it now
Andrews, Jessica - I'll be by your side
Andrews, Jessica – Carma
Andrews, Jessica - I've got more to offer than you think
Andrews, Jessica – Unzerbrechliches Herz
Andrews, Jessica - Who I Am
Andrews, Jessica - You Go First
Andrews, Julie - I could have danced all night
Andrews, Julie – Sound Of Music.mpg”
Andrews, Julie - Wouldn't it be nice
Angelle, Lisa - I use your love
Angelle, Lisa - Woman Stands Alone
Angel - I will never see your face again
Angels - My friend is back
Angels - take a long line
Angel - see you
Angels and waves - adventure
Anmutig - Neve no Saara
Tiere – Boom Boom
Animals - Bring it home to me
Animals - Don't put me down
Animals - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (SC)
Animals - House of the Rising Sun
Animals - I have enchanted you
Animals - I cry (CB)
Animals - It's My Life (CB)
Animals - Nights in San Francisco
Animals - See See Rider
Animals - Sky Pilot
Animals - We must leave this place
Animals – When I Was Young (CB)
Animation - Obsession
Anka, Paul - Adam and Eve
Anka, Paul - Dance on the little girl
Anka, Paul – Diana (SC) (Mike)
Anka, Paul – With my baby (CB)
Anka, Paul – Hello young lovers
Anka, Paul - I don't want to sleep alone
Anka, Paul – It's time to cry (SC)
Anka, Paul - Kissin am Telefon
Anka, Paul – Lonely Boy
Anka, Paul – my hometown
Anka, Paul – My way
Anka, Paul – Welpenliebe (Mike -2)
Anka, Paul – Put your head on my shoulder (Mike -3)
Anka, Paul - Story of my life
Anka, Paul - times of your life
Anka, Paul – Tonight, my dear, tonight
Anka, Paul – You are my destiny (SC) (Mike-2)
Anka, Paul and Celine Dion – saying goodbye is difficult
Anka, Paul & Odia Coates – With My Baby (SC)
Anthony, Marc - I need to know that
Anthony, Marc - I need you (SC)
Anthony, Marc - I got you
Anthony, Marc - My baby you
Anthony, Marc - When I dream at night
Anthony, Marc - You sang for me
Anthony, Marc & Tina Arena - I want to spend my whole life loving you
Anthony, Ray - Bunny Hop
Anthony, Ray – Hokey Pokey (SC)
Anthrax – Stuck in a Mosh
Anthrax – I am the man (XXX)
Anthrax - Only
Apaka, Alfred – Lovely Hula Hands (SC)
Apfel, Fiona – Across the Universe (CB)
Apple, Fiona – Criminal
Apple, Fiona - as fast as you can
Apple, Fiona - limp
Apple, Fiona - sleep to dream
Aqua - Barbie girl
Aqua - Go back in time
Archies – Zuckerzucker (Mike -1)
Archuletta, David – Crush
Archuletta, David—Elevator
Archuletta, David – Little Too Not Over You
Archuletta, David - Something About or Love
Archuletta, David - Touch my hand
Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor (SC)
Arden, Jann - Insensitive
Arena, Tina – Ketten
Arena, Tina - If I were a river
Arena, Tina - Show me the sky
Arena, Tina - Symphony of Life
Arena, Tina – Whistle Down The Wind
Silver - cheer up
Aria, India - Video
Armiger, Katie - Best Song Ever
Armiger, Katie – Saindo de Casa
Armstrong, Louis – Blueberry Hill
Armstrong, Louis – Hallo Dolly
Armstrong, Louis - Kissing to Build a Dream
Armstrong, Louis – La Vie En Rose
Armstrong, Louis - Mack das Messer
Armstrong, Louis – Mama
Armstrong, Louis - What a wonderful world (SC) (Mike -1)
Armstrong, Louis - When the Saints March
Armstrong, Louis - If you wish for a star
Arnold, Eddy – Anytime (CB) (Mike)
Arnold, Eddy – Rosenstrauß (SC) (Mike)
Arnold, Eddy – Rinderruf (SC)
Arnold, Eddy - Don't Steal Another Man's Castle (CB)
Arnold, Eddy - Every Minute Feels Like A Million Years (SC)
Arnold, Eddy – Easy On The Eyes (CB)
Arnold, Eddy - full time job
Arnold, Eddy – Full of Love (CB)
Arnold, Eddy – Here Comes Heaven (CB)
Arnold, Eddy - I really don't want to know (SC) (Mike)
Arnold, Eddy - Wanna Go With You (SC) (Mike)
Arnold, Eddy - I keep you in my heart (CB)
Arnold, Eddy - I throw rice at the girl I love (CB)
Arnold, Eddy - It's a Sin (CB)
Arnold, Eddy – Just a Little Love (CB)
Arnold, Eddy - Final Word on Lonesome
Arnold, Eddy – Make the World Go Away (SC) (Mike)
Arnold, Eddy – One Too Many Kisses (CB)
Arnold, Eddy – Out of the Blue (SC)
Arnold, Eddy - Someone Like Me (CB)
Arnold, Eddy - Streets of Laredo
Arnold, Eddy – Stud Tennessee (CB)
Arnold, Eddy – Texarkana Baby (CB)
Arnold, Eddy - that's what makes it cool
Arnold, Eddy - That's how I love you
Arnold, Eddy - This is how you can say goodbye to me
Arnold, Eddy – Wagon Wheels (CB)
Arnold, Eddy – Rebellenwind
Arnold, Eddy – What is life without love (CB)
Arnold, Eddy – What is he doing in my world (SC) (Mike)
Arnold, Eddy - You don't know me (SC) (Mike)
Arrested Development - Mr. Wendel
Deadlocked Development - Tennessee
Art N Soul - Since you left
Ashanti – Baby (R)
Ashanti – Tolo
Ashanti - Only you
Ashanti - rain on me
Ashanti - Rock with you
Ashlee Simpson – L.O.V.E..mpg”
Ashton, Susan - Closer
Ashton, Susan - The Faith of the Heart
Ashton, Susan—She is
Ashton, Susan - You're lucky, I love you
Ashworth, Ernie - Talk Back Trembling Lips (SC) (Mike)
Asia - Don't cry
Asia - heat of the moment
Asia – only time will tell
Asleep at the wheel - Cherokee Maiden
Fell asleep at the wheel - letter Johnny Walker read
Sleeping at the wheel & Lyle Lovett - Blues For Dixie
Verein – Along Comes Mary (SC) (Mike-4)
Club – Cherish (SC) (Mike-3)
Association – Everything that touches you
Membership – Never My Love (SC) (Mike-1)
Club – Windy (SC) (Mike-1)
Astaire, Fred - Cara a Cara
Astaire, Fred - Let's cancel everything
Astaire, Fred – Puttin On The Ritz (SC)
Astley, Rick - I will never give up on you
Astley, Rick - Together Forever
aswad-he is
Atheneu - What I Didn't Know (SC)
Atkins, Rodney - Angel Hand
Atkins, Rodney - Chasin Girls
Atkins, Rodney - Cleaning That Gun
Atkins, Rodney - Farmer's Daughter
Atkins, Rodney - Fifteen Minutes
Atkins, Rodney - Honesty Write me a list
Atkins, Rodney - If You Go Through Hell
Atkins, Rodney - In the blink of an eye
Atkins, Rodney - Invisibly Shaken
Atkins, Rodney - It's America
Atkins, Rodney - Mein alter Mann
Atkins, Rodney - Sing Along
Atkins, Rodney - Take a back road
Atkins, Rodney - These Are My People (SC)
Atkins, Rodney - You're Watching (SC)
Atlanta - Sweet Country Music (Mike -1)
Atlanta Rhythm Section – Champagnermarmelade
Atlanta Rhythm Section – Doraville (Mike-2)
Atlanta Rhythm Section – Georgia Rhythm (CB)
Atlanta Rhythm Section - Don't let that bother you tonight
Atlanta Rhythm Section – Imaginary Lover (SC) (Mike-1)
Atlanta Rhythm Section - So Into You (SC) (Mike)
Atlantic Starr – Semper
Atlantic Starr - Secret Lovers
Atomic Kitten - The tide is high
Audioslave - From Exile
August und Spur Of The Moment Band – I 95 Song ( R )
Augustana – Boston.mpg”
Austin, Patti - When We're Not in Love
Austin, Patti & James Ingram - Baby come to me
Austin, Sherrie - Driving in the Sun
Austin, Sherrie - Innocent Man
Austin, Sherrie – Kleiner Vogel (SC)
Austin, Sherrie - Lucky in Love
Austin, Sherrie - Never Kissed (SC)
Austin, Sherrie - A Lonely Tear
Austin, Sherrie - put your heart into it
Austin, Sherrie - Streets of Paradise
Autograph - Turn up the radio
Autry, Gene - In the mail today
Autry, Gene - Back in the saddle again
Avalon - I don't want to go
Avalon - Witness to Love
Avalon, Frankie - Beauty School Dropout (SC)
Avalon, Frankie - Bobby Sox for socks
Avalon, Frankie – Dede Dinah (SC)
Avalon, Frankie - Just Ask Your Heart (SC)
Avalon, Frankie – Venus (SC) (Mike)
Avalon, Frankie - Why (SC)
Avant - Don't take away your love
Front - Separated
Avant & Ketara Wyatt - My first love
Avenged Sevenfold - Land of Bats
Avenged Sevenfold – Weiter
Medium White Belt - Cut the Cake
Medium White Belt - Work to be Done
Avicii - Hey brother
Avicii – Acorde-me
Avicii vs. Nicky Romero - I could be the one
Az Yet & Peter Cetera - Hard to say I'm sorry
Az Yet & Peter Cetera – Last Night
Azalea, Iggy and Jennifer Hudson - problems
Bad luck Steve - It doesn't have to be me
Bad luck Steve - I never stopped loving you
Bad luck Steve - Love wasn't sensible
Azar, Steve – Moo La Moo
Bad luck Steve - One day
Unlucky Steve - Sunshine
Azar, Steve - Waitin On Joe

B2K – Must be
B 2 K – Äh huh
B 2 K & P Diddy – Bump Bump Bump ( X )
B 52 – Deadbeat Club
B 52 – Debbie
B 52's - Good stuff
B 52’s – Love Shack (Mike & )
B 52 – Roaming
B 52’s – Rock Lobster
B T Express – As long as you are satisfied
B2K – It must be (SC)
B2K & P Diddy – Bump Bump Bump (SC)
B2K & P Diddy – Mach das Baby (SC) ( R )
Baby & P Diddy – Mach es (R)
Baby Bash - Suga Suga
Babyface - Every time I close my eyes
Babyface - For the coolness in you
Babyface - My type girl
Babyface - Never keep secrets
Babyface - When can I see you?
Babyface & Lisa Stansfield – Dream Away
Babyface und Tarnia – Slow Jams
Babies - Every time I think of you
Babies - Use your head
Babies - It's not time
Bacharach, Burt – This guy is in love with you (Mike-1)
Bachman Turner Overdrive - All Wheel Drive
Bachman Turner Overdrive - Please give me your money
Bachman Turner Overdrive - Take a break
Bachman Turner Overdrive – Hey Du
Bachman Turner Overdrive - Hold the water
Bachman Turner Overdrive - Let It Ride
Bachman Turner Overdrive – Carta
Bachman Turner Overdrive - In Search of Number One
Bachman Turner Overdrive - Not Fragile
Bachman Turner Overdrive - Rock is my life and this is my music
Bachman Turner Overdrive - Roll On Down The Highway
Bachman Turner Overdrive - Take it like a man
Bachman Turner Overdrive – Minding Business (SC) (Mike -1)
Bachman Turner Overdrive - Give love a chance
Bachman Turner Overdrive - Thanks for the feel
Bachman Turner Overdrive - You haven't seen anything yet
Bachman, Tal - When You Sleep
Bachman, Tal - She's so tall
Backstreet Boys - All I Have To Give
Backstreet Boys - Everywhere for you
Backstreet Boys - As Long As You Love Me
Backstreet Boys - Back to your heart
Backstreet Boys - Boys will be boys
Backstreet Boys – Liga
Backstreet Boys - Don't leave me
Backstreet Boys – Ertrinken
Backstreet Boys – Alle
Backstreet Boys - Every time I close my eyes
Backstreet Boys – Runter
Backstreet Boys – Hey Mister DJ
Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way (SC)
Backstreet Boys - If I Don't Have You
Backstreet Boys - I will never break your heart
Backstreet Boys – Untröstlich
Backstreet Boys - Bigger Than Life
Backstreet Boys - Like a kid
Backstreet Boys - more than that
Backstreet Boys – Eins
Backstreet Boys – Perfect fan
Backstreet Boys - Stop playing with my heart
Backstreet Boys - Shape of my heart
Backstreet Boys - Show me what it means to be lonely
Backstreet Boys - Straight from my heart
Backstreet Boys - Ten Thousand Promises
Backstreet Boys - That's how I like it
Backstreet Boys - We got it started
Bad Company - Bad Company (SC)
Bad Company - Burnin Sky
Bad Company - Can't get enough of your love
Bad Company - Feel like Makin Love
Bad Company – Good Lovin Gone Bad
Bad Company - Holy Water (CB)
Bad Company - One Night
Bad Company - Ready for Love (SC)
Bad Company – Fantasia Rock’n’Roll
Bad Company - Rock Steady
Bad Company – Shooting Star (SC)
Bad Company - Silver, Blue, and Gold
Bad Company - Young Blood (Mike -2)
Bad English - price of love
Bad English - When I see you smile
Badfinger – babyblau
Badfinger - Come and get it
Badfinger - Day by Day (SC) (Mike-3)
Badfinger - no matter what (SC)
Badfinger - Without you
Badlands - In a Dream (SC)
Badu, Erykah – Bag Lady
Ha, Erykah-Perigo
Badu, Erykah - Love of my life
Badu, Erykah - Next Life
Badu, Erykah - continued
Baez, Joan - Diamonds and Rust
Baez, Joan - The Night They Downed Old Dixie
Baha Men - Who Freed the Dogs?
Bailey, Phillip und Phil Collins – Easy Lover
Baillie and the Boys - Treat me like a stranger
Bainbridge, Merril – Solitaire
Bainbridge, Merrill - I miss you
Bainbridge, Merril – Boca (R)
Bainbridge, Merrill – Unterwasser
Baker and Myers - A little honey
Baker, Anita - Body and Soul
Baker, Anita - Caught in the Rapture
Baker, Anita - I'll give you the best I've got
Baker, Anita—sorry
Baker, Anita - Just like that
Baker, Anita - Nobody in the world
Baker, Anita - Same Old Love
Baker, Anita—Sweet Love
Baker, Anita - At all costs
Baker, Anita - You make me happy
Baker, Chet - but not for me
Baker, LaVerne - I cried a tear
Ball, David - Hang and Hang
Ball, David - I'll never survive this fall
Ball, David - Look What Followed Me Home
Ball, David - Riding with Private Malone
Ball, David - Mind problem
Ball, David - Watching My Baby Won't Come Back
Ball, David - What do you want with his love
Ball, David - When the thought of you reaches me
Ballard, Frankie – Buncha Girls
Ballard, Frankie – Helluva Life
Ballard, Frankie - Sunshine and Whiskey
Ballard, Frankie - Tell Me You're Getting Lonely
Ballard, Frankie - Young and Crazy
Ballard, Hank - Finger Poppin Time
Ballard, Hank - Let's Go Let's Go
Ballard, Hank - Work with me, Annie
Ballard, Russ – Gesang
Ballerini, Kelsea - Love me like you mean it
Ballerini, Kelsea – Peter Pan
Ballie e Te Boys – Totals
Bananarama - Cruel Summer
Bananarama - Heard a rumor
Bananarama - Love of the first degree
Bananarama – Venus
Banda - I will be released
Band - Life is a carnival
Banda – Night They Driven Old Dixie Down
Banda – On top of Cripple Creek
range - weight
Perry Band - all your life
Banda Perry – Better Dig Two
Perry Band - Chainsaw
Perry Band - Completed
Banda Perry - Don't Make Me Be Lonely
Perry Band - Soft in my head
Banda Perry - Hip To My Heart
Perry Band - If I Die Young
Perry Band - Independence
Band Perry - Postcard from Paris
Perry Band - Stay in the dark
Perry Band - You lie
Band, Alex – tonight
Bandy, Moe and Judy Baily - following the feeling
Bandy, Moe – Americana
Bandy, Moe - Bandy the Rodeo Clown
Bandy, Moe - Barhockerberg
Bandy, Moe - Hank Williams You Wrote My Life (SC)
Bandy, Moe - Here I am drunk again
Bandy, Moe - I was wrong about you
Bandy, Moe - Sorry about you my friend
Bandy, Moe - It was always so easy to find an unhappy wife
Bandy, Moe - It was always so easy
Bandy, Moe - It's a Cheating Situation (SC)
Bandy, Moe – Rodeo-Clown (CB)
Bandy, Moe - She's not really a scammer
Bandy, Moe - Until I'm Too Old To Die Young (SC) (Mike)
Bandy, Moe - Two Lonely People (SC)
Bandy, Moe and Becky Hobbs - Let's get through it together
Bandy, Moe and Joe Stampley – Hey Joe
Bandy, Moe und Joe Stampley – Holding the Purse
Bandy, Moe und Joe Stampley – Just Good Ole Boys (CB)
Bracelets - Be with you
Bracelets - Eternal Flame
Bangles – Indo for Liverpool
Bracelets - wintry hazy hue
Bracelets - Hero falls
Bangles - If she knew what she wanted
Bracelets - In your room
Bangles - Manic Monday
Bangles - Walk like an Egyptian
Bancos, Lloyd – Karma (SC) (XXX)
Bancos, Lloyd – On Fire (SC) (XXX)
Inside, Kelleigh - famous
Bar Kays – Freak Show on the Dance Floor (SC)
Bare, Bobby - All American Boy
Bare, Bobby - Chicken every Sunday
Bare, Bobby – Come Sundown (Mike)
Bare, Bobby - Daddy, what's that?
Nackt, Bobby – Detroit City (Mike)
Bare, Bobby – Dropkick Me Jesus
Bare, Bobby - Five hundred miles
Bare, Bobby - Four Strong Winds (SC)
Bare, Bobby - game of triangles
Bare, Bobby - How I Came to Memphis, SC (Mike)
Naked, Bobby - It's fine
Naked, Bobby – Runner (SC)
Bare, Bobby - Take off on a jet plane (Mike)
Naked, Bobby – Lincoln Park Inn (Mike)
Naked, Bobby – Marie Laveau (Mike +1)
Nur, Bobby – Caverna de Miller
Bare, Bobby - Please don't tell me how the story ends
Bare, Bobby - Streets of Baltimore
Naked, Bobby - Winner
Bareilles, Sara – Valente
Bareilles, Sara - King of all
Bareilles, Sara - Love Song
Bareilles, Sara - A sweet love
Bareilles, Sara - She used to be mine
Bareilles, Sara - Unknown
Barenaked Ladies - Another postcard
Senhoras Barenaked - Brian Wilson
Barenaked Ladies Call and Answer
Barenaked Ladies - Fall down for the first time
Barenaked Ladies - Between the ranks
Barenaked Ladies - If I Had A Million Dollars
Barenaked Ladies - It's all done
Barenaked Ladies - One week
Barenaked Ladies – Pinch me
Barenaked Ladies - You run away
Barkley, Gnarls – Gone Daddy Gone
Barlow, Gary - So help me girl
Barnett, Mandy - O Whispering Wind
Barnette, Mandy - Maybe
Barry, Len - One, two, three
Barton, Eileen - If I had known you were coming I would have baked a cake
Base, Rob und DJ EZ Rock – Joy And Pain
Keller Jaxx - Where Your Head Is (SC)
Also Toni – Micky
Basia - New day for you
Basia - Time and Tides
Basil, Toni - Micky
Bass, Fontella - Save me
Bassey, Shirley – Goldfinger
Bates, Jeff - Don't Hate Me For Loving You
Bates, Jeff - Long Slow Kisses (SC)
Bates, Jeff - Love Song
Bates, Jeff - Shameless
Bates, Jeff - One Day Closer
Bates, Jeff - A Second Chance
Bates, Jeff - One Thing
Bates, Jeff - Rainbow Man
Bates, Jeff - Riverside
Bay City Rollers – Saturday night
Bay, James - Let it be
BBMAK - Back here
BBMAK - Spirit of you and me
BBMAK - From My Heart (SC)
BBMAK - Still on your side
The beach boy – Barbara Ann
Beach Boys - Stay true to your school
Beach Boys – California girls
Beach Boys - Catch a wave
Beach Boys – dance dance dance
Beach boys - darling
Beach Boys - Don't worry baby
Beach Boys – Four O Nine
Beach Boys - Fun Fun Fun
Beach Boys - God only knows
Beach Boys – Good vibes
Beach Boys - Help me Rhonda
Beach Boys - Heroes and Villains
Beach Boys - I walk around
Beach Boys - In my room
Beachboys – Kokomo
Beach Boys – Little Deuce Coup
Beach Boys – Musik Rock And Roll
Beach Boys – Saveiro John B
Beach Boys – Surfista
Beach Boys – Surfin USA
Strandjungen – Wendy
Beach Boys - Wouldn't it be nice
Beastie Boys – Bronzener Affe (R)
Beastie Boys – Ch-Schau es dir an (XXX)
Beastie Boys - Fight for your right to party ( R )
Beastie Boys – Get It Together (XXX)
Beastie Boys - No Sleep Until Brooklyn (X)
Beastie Boys – Paul Revere (R)
Beastie Boys – Sabotage (XXX)
Beastie Boys – Also, was Cha will (XXX)
Beastie Boys – Direct Shot (XXX)
Beatles - Across the Universe
Beatles - Across the Universe
Beatles – Act Naturally (SC)
Beatles - All My Loving (Mike-3)
Beatles - All You Need Is Love (SC) (Mike-2)
Beatles - And I Love Them (Mike-1)
Beatles - And Your Bird Will Sing (SC)
Beatles - Anna, go to him
Beatles – Anytime (SC)
Beatles - Ask me why
The Beatles - Back in America
Beatles - Ballad of John and Yoko (SC)
Beatles - For the Sake of Mr. Dragon (SC)
Beatles birthday
Beatles – Amsel (SC)
Beatles - Can't buy me love (SC) (Mike-2)
Beatles - Two
Beatles - Come together
Beatles - Story Continuation The Bungalow Bill (SC)
Beatles - Day in the Life (SC)
Beatles – Day Trippers (SC)
Beatles – Querida Prudência (SC)
Beatles – Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Beatles – Do you want to know a secret (SC)
Beatles - Don't disturb me
Beatles - Don't let me down (SC)
Beatles – Don't Pass Me (SC)
Beatles – Drive My Car (SC)
Beatles - eight days a week
Beatles – Eleanor Rigby (SC)
Beatles – Fool on the Hill (SC)
Beatles - For nobody
Beatles - Free as a Bird (SC)
Beatles – From Me To You (SC)
Beatles – Back (SC)
Beatles – Getting Better (SC)
Beatles - girls
Beatles – Glaszwiebel (SC)
Beatles – Golden Slumbers, Carry The Weight, The End (SC)
Beatles - I need to put you in my life (SC)
Beatles - happy just dancing with you (SC)
Beatles – Hard Days Night (SC) (Mike-2)
Beatles – Hello Goodbye (SC)
Beatles - help
Beatles - Helter Skelter
Beatles - Here Comes the Sun
Beatles - Here, there and everywhere
Beatles – Hey Bulldog (SC)
Beatles - Hey Jude
Beatles – I am the Walrus (SC)
Beatles - I'm calling your name
Beatles – I feel good (Mike -2)
Beatles – I Follow the Sun (SC)
Beatles - I saw them standing there
Beatles - I should have known better (SC)
Beatles - I wanna be your man
Beatles - I want to hold your hand (SC)
Beatles - I will
Beatles – If I Fall (SC)
Beatles - I'll Cry Instead (SC)
Beatles – I'm a Loser (SC)
Beatles – I'm Depressed (SC)
Beatles - I only sleep
Beatles - In my life
Beatles - It's Awesome (SC)
Beatles – I Just Saw a Face (SC)
Beatles – Lady Madonna (SC)
Beatles - Let it be
Beatles – Long and Winding Road
Beatles – Love Me (SC)
Beatles – Lovely Rita
Beatles - Lucy in Heaven with Diamonds
Beatles- Michelle
Beatles - Money is what I want (SC)
Beatles – Mr Moonlight
Beatles - My Bonnie
Beatles – Night Before (SC)
Beatles - no answer
Beatles - Noregian wood
Beatles – Man from Nothing (SC)
Beatles - Ob La Di Ob La Da
Beatles – Jardim dos Polvos (SC)
Beatles - Oh you
Beatles - P.S. I love you
Beatles – Paperback Author (SC)
Beatles – Penny Lane (SC)
Beatles – Please Mister Postman (SC)
Beatles - Please Please Please Me (SC) (Mike-3)
Beatles – Regen (SC)
Beatles – Amor Real (SC)
Beatles – Revolution (SC)
Beatles - Rocky Raccoon
Beatles – Rollover Beethoven (SC)
Beatles – Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart Band
Beatles - She Loves You (Mike -2)
Beatles – She's a Woman (SC)
Beatles - She Leaves Home (SC)
Beatles – Something (SC)
Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever (SC)
Beatles – Taxman (SC)
Beatles - Tell me why (SC)
Beatles – That Boy (SC)
Beatles – Ticket to Ride (SC)
Beatles - Until you existed
Beatles - Twist and Shout
Beatles - We Can Do It (SC)
Beatles - When I'm Sixty-Four
Beatles – While My Guitar Softly Cries (SC)
Beatles - Why Don't We Do It On The Street (SC)
Beatles – With a little help from my friends (SC)
Beatles – Gelbes U-Boot
Beatles - Yesterday
Beatles - You Can't Make It (SC)
Beatles – You really got me (SC)
Beatles - You will miss this girl
Beatles - You have to hide your love
Beau Brummels – just a little bit
Beau Brummels – Rir Rir (SC)
Beck - girl
Beck – Perdedor (R)
Beck – New Pollution
Beck, Jeff - I'm not superstitious
Bedingfield, Daniel - I've got to get over this
Bedingfield, Daniel - If You Are Not The Only One
Bedingfield, Natasha - I want your children
Bedingfield, Natasha - Bag of Sunshine
Bedingfield, Natasha - Soulmates
Bedingfield, Natasha - Tira-me
Bedingfield, Natasha – Estas Palavras
Bedingfield, Natasha – Toque
Bedingfield, Natasha - unwritten
Bee Gees – Solo
Bee Gees - Don't forget to remember me
Bee Gees – E S P
Bee Gees vacation
Bee Gees - How to mend a broken heart
Bee Gees - How deep is your love
Bee Gees - If I Can't Have You
Bee Gees - I need to send you a message
Bee Gees – Jive Talkin
Bee Gees - Lonely Days
Bee Gees – Massachusetts
Bee Gees – Melody Fair
Bee Gees - More than a woman
Bee Gees – Mountain Disaster in New York
Bee Gees - Night Fever
Bee Gees - Just a woman
Bee Gees - Stayin Alive
Bee Gees - Loving Someone
Bee Gees - Lots of Paradise
Bee Gees - Tragedy
Bee Gees words
Bee Gees - You should dance
Bee Gees - You won again
Bega, Lou – Mambo No. 5
Bega, Lou – Tricky Tricky
Belafonte, Harry – Day O The Banana Boat Song
Belafonte, Harry - Farewell to Jamaica
Belafonte, Harry - Prayers for the Phillies
Bell and James - Friday Night Live
Bell Biv Devoe – Mach mich (XXX)
Bell Biv Devoe – Gift (CB)
Bell Biv Devoe - Something in Your Eyes (SC)
Bell, Archie – Open-if
Bellamy Brothers - Bubba
Bellamy Brothers - Can I Go Home?
Bellamy Brothers – Cowboy Beat (CB) (Mike)
Bellamy Brothers – Tanzende Cowboys
Bellamy Brothers - Desperadoes in Love
Bellamy Brothers - You Love As Good As You Look (SC)
Bellamy Brothers – Ex-Archiv
Bellamy Brothers - For all the wrong reasons
Bellamy Brothers - I could be persuaded
Bellamy Brothers - I need you more
Bellamy Brothers - If I told you you had a beautiful body (Mike)
Bellamy Brothers - In My Guitar
Bellamy Brothers - Babyboom-Kinder
Bellamy Brothers - Let Your Love Flow (Mike -2)
Bellamy Brothers - Lying to you for your love
Bellamy Brothers - Lovers Live Longer (CB)
Bellamy Brothers - Old Hippie (continued)
Bellamy Brothers – Alter Hippie
Bellamy Brothers - On a Midsummer Night
Bellamy Brothers - hillbilly girls
Bellamy Brothers – Rip Off The Knob (CB)
Bellamy Brothers - Shiny Buckles
Bellamy Brothers - Santa Claus
Bellamy Brothers - We Brave the Lightning
Bellamy Brothers - What will I do?
Bellamy Brothers - When I'm Away From You
Bellamy brothers - the greatest lover in the world
Bellamy Brothers - You're not just Whistlin Dixie
Beautiful Stars – Iko Iko
Belle, Regina - If I could
Bella, Regina - Make it like it is
Belly - Feed the tree
Belvin, Jessie - Good night my love
Ben folds five - Army
Ben folds five - Brick
Ben Folds Five – Song For The Dumped (XXX)
Benatar, Pat - everyone cheers
Benatar, Pat - All Below
Benatar, Pat - Fire and Ice
Benatar, Pat - Heartbreaker
Benatar, Pat - Hell is for children
Benatar, Pat - Hit me with your best shot
Benatar, Pat - Invincible
Benatar, Pat - Love is a battlefield
Benatar, Pat - Promises in the Dark
Benatar, Pat - Nightshade
Benatar, Pat – Treat-Me Bem
Benatar, Pat - We Belong
Benatar, Pat - You better run
Benet, Eric – Amor Real
Bennett, Tony - Because of you
Bennett, Tony - Fly Me to the Moon
Bennett, Tony - I left my heart in San Francisco (Mike -2)
Bennett, Tony - Lying is a Sin
Bennett, Tony - Just in time
Bennett, Tony - Good job if you can make it
Bennett, Tony - One for my baby
Bennett, Tony - From rags to riches
Bennett, Tony - The Shadow of Your Smile
Bennett, Tony & KD Lang – Moonglow
Bennett, Tony & K.D. Lang – What a wonderful world
Benson, George - Give me the night
Benson, George - the greatest love of all
Benson, George - In Your Eyes
Benson, George - Love Ballad
Benson, George - Times of Love, Love
Benson, George - Nothing Will Change My Love For You
Benson, George – Am Broadway
Benson, George—Together
Benson, George - This Mask
Benson, George - Transform Your Love
Benson, George & Roberta Flack - You are the love of my life
Bentley, Dierks - I am the one
Bentley, Dierks - Come a little closer
Bentley, Dierks - domestic and cold light
Bentley, Dierks - Draw me a map
Bentley, Dierks - drunk on the plane
Bentley, Dierks - Every mile a memory
Bentley, Dierks – Feel That Fire
Bentley, Dierks - Five One Five Zero
Bentley, Dierks - free and carefree on the road
Bentley, Dierks – Casa
Bentley, Dierks - How I am
Bentley, Dierks - I can take it
Bentley, Dierks - Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes
Bentley, Dierks - long drive alone
Bentley, Dierks - Much to do
Bentley, Dierks - my last name
Bentley, Dierks - Accept a Slowdown
Bentley, Dierks – Lateralmente
Bentley, Dierks - Somewhere on the Beach
Bentley, Dierks - sweet and wild
Bentley, Dierks – Tip It On Back
Bentley, Dierks - Attempting to stop their departure
Bentley, Dierks - On top of the ridge
Bentley, Dierks - What I Thought
Bentley, Dierks, Miranda Lambert and Jamey Johnson - Bad Angel
Bentley, Stephanie - I Was Once the Light of Your Life
Benton, Brook - Baby, you've got what it takes
Benton, Brook - infinite
Benton, Brook - It's Only a Matter of Time (Mike)
Benton, Brook – Kiddio
Benton, Brook - Rainy Night in Georgia
Mountain, Matraca – Back in the Saddle (R)
Berg, Matraca - I'm not giving up
Mountain, Rattlesnake - The tain is not running
Berlin - Take my breath away
Bernard, Crystal - Don't touch me there
Berry, Chuck – Johnny B. Goode (Mike -2)
Beere, Chuck – Maybelline
Beere, Chuck – Memphis
Berry, Chuck – Meu Ding A Ling
Berry, Chuck – Musik Rock And Roll
Berry, Chuck - Rollover Beethoven
Berry, Chuck – Schultage
Berry, Chuck – Sweet Little Sixteen
Berry, Chuck - You never tell
Berry, John - Better than a biscuit
Berry, John - Change your mind
Berry, John - Faithful
Berry, John How Much Do You Love Me?
Berry, John - I think about it all the time
Berry, John - I'll do it if you want it
Berry, John - If I Still Had Pride
Berry, John - Kiss Me in the Car
Berry, John - Love is for giving
Berry, John – Eigensinn
Berry, John - Over My Shoulder
Berry, John - Power windows
Berry, John - She takes a shine
Berry, John - On the Verge of Farewell
Beere, John – Stein
Berry, John - What's in it for me
Berry, John - You and Only You
Berry, John - Your love amazes me
Berry, Len - One, two, three
Better than Ezra - In the Stars
Better Than Ezra - Desperately wishing
Better than Ezra - Exceptional
Better than Ezra - Good
Better Than Ezra - Another Murder
BeWitched - C'est La Vie
BeWitched – Achterbahn
Beyoncé - Finally
Beyoncé – Dangerously in Love.mpg”
Beyoncé – Diva
Beyoncé - Beat me up
Beyoncé - Halo
Beyoncé - If I were a boy
Beyoncé – Irreplaceable
Beyoncé - Listen
Beyoncé – Myself and I
Beyonce - Mean Girl (SC) ( R )
Beyoncé - Split
Beyonce – Radio
Beyoncé – Single women
Beyoncé - Picturephone
Beyoncé - Why don't you love me?
Beyoncé - Work it out
Beyoncé and Jay Z - Madly in Love
Beyoncé & Luther - The closer I get to you
Beyoncé and Sean Paul - Baby Boy
Beyoncé and Shakira - Beautiful Liars
Beyoncé und Slim Thug – Check it out
Bieber, Justin - As Long As You Love Me
Bieber, Justin - Born to be somebody
Bieber, Justin – Visco
Bieber, Justin - I will never let you go
Bieber, Justin—Ore
Bieber, Justin - Someone to Love
Bieber, Justin - Sorry
Bieber, Justin - You smile
Bieber, Justin and Jaden Smith - Never say never
Bieber, Justin and Ludacris - baby
Bieber, Justin and Rascal Flatts - that should be me
Bif Nu - moment of weakness
Big & Rich & Gretchen Wilson - Fake ID
Big and Rich - Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace
Big and Rich - Big Time
Big and Rich - Deadwood Mountain
Big and Rich – November 8th
Big and rich – holy water
Big And Rich - Kick My Ass (R)
Big and rich - Live this life
Big and rich - look at you
Big and Rich - Lost in That Moment (CB)
Big and Rich – Lost in this Moment (SC)
Grande and Rico – Alt
Big and rich - don't worry about me
Big and Rich – Rollin (Rap-Version)
Big and Rich - Rollin
Big and rich - run through with you
Big And Rich – Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy
Big and Rich - Six Foot City
Big and Rich – Wild-West-Show
Big and rich - you rocked me all night
Big Bad Vooddoo Daddy - You and me and the bottle make three
Big Bopper – Renda Chantilly (Mike)
Big Head Todd and Monster - Please don't tell her
Big House – Cold Outside (Mike)
Big house - faith
Big House - You're still not alone
Big Mountain - Baby, I love the way you are
Big Pink – Dominosteine
Big Twist - Turn back time
Great Tymers - still flying
Big Tymers & Gotti – Oh ja (XXX)
Bilal - I loved it
Billie - She Wants You (SC)
Bird York - Into the Deep
Bishop, Elvin - Tricked and in love
Bishop, Stephen - It could be you
Bishop, Stephen - And so on
Bishop, Stephen - Save it for a rainy day
Black crows - go faster
Black Crows - Difficult to manage
Black Crows - Jealous again
Black Crows - Kick my heart
Black Crows - Licking
Black crows - just a fool
Black Ravens - Remedy
Black crows - seeing things
Black Crowes - She speaks to angels
Black Crowes - Soul singer
Black-Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow (Xxx)
Black Eyed Peas - Don't lie
Black Eyed Peas - Don't mess with my heart
Black Eyed Peas – Hey Mama (R – X)
Black Eyed Peas - Let's get started
Black Eyed Peas – Meine Buckligen
Black-Eyed Peas – Bombeie (SC) ( R )
Black Eyed Peas - Order line
Black-Eyed Peas – Cale a Boca
Black Eyed Peas & Jack Johnson – Gone Gone Gone
Black Eyed Peas & Justin Timberlake – Where's Love (SC)
Black keys - gold on the ceiling
Black Keys - Howlin' for you
Black Keys - Lonely Boy
Black Keys - Press
Black Oak Arkansas - hot and mean
Black Oak Arkansas – Jim Dandy
Black Oak Arkansas - So you want to be a rock 'n' roll star
Black Sabbath – Iron Man
Black Sabbath – Paranoid War Pigs-Medley
Black Sabbath - Blutiger Sabbath-Sabbat
Black Sabbath - Snow Blind
Black Sabbath - War Pigs
Schwarz, Clint – Bad Goodbye
Black, Clint - Better Mensch
Schwarz, Clint-Boogie Man
Black, Clint – Burn One Down
Schwarz, Clint – Desperado
Black, Clint - Drinking Songs and Other Logic
Schwarz, Clint – Galaxy Song
Black, Clint - good luck
Black, Clint – Ich Raq And Roll
Black, Clint – Killin Time
Black, Clint - Life runs away
Schwarz, Clint - Like the rain
Black, Clint - Let go of my strings
Black, Clint - Love She Can't Live Without
Schwarz, Clint – Loving Blind (CB)
Schwarz, Clint – Loving Blind Man (SC)
Black, Clint - Money or Love
Black, Clint - No Time To Kill
Black, Clint - Nobody's home
Black, Clint - Nothing but the taillights (CB)
Black, Clint - Nothing but the taillights (SC)
Black, Clint - nothing new
Black, Clint - An Emotion
Black, Clint - Another payment
Black, Clint - Put yourself in my shoes
Black, Clint - shoes you wear
Black, Clint - something we do
Black, Clint - Pass my time
Schwarz, Clint - State of mind
Black, Clint—Strength
Black, Clint - Summer is Coming
Black, Clint - This Nightlife
Black, Clint - Go
Black, Clint - We tell ourselves
Black, Clint - When I Said Yes
Black, Clint - When My Ship Comes In (CB)
Black, Clint - When My Ship Comes In (SC)
Black, Clint - Where are you now?
Black, Clint - wherever you go
Black, Clint - You don't need me now
Black, Clint and Lisa Hartman Black - easy to say
Black, Clint and Martina McBride - still holding on
Black, Clint and Steve Wariner - been there
Black, Clint & Wynonna – Bad Goodbye
Blackfoot - Song of the Road
Schwarzfuss - Trem Trem
Blackhawk - Almost a memory now
Blackhawk - big guitar
Blackhawk – Amerikatage (SC)
Blackhawk – In Flammen
Blackhawk – Uncommon
Blackhawk - Goodbye says it all
Blackhawk - hole in my heart
Blackhawk - I need you all the time
Blackhawk - I'm sure I can smell the rain
Blackhawk - I'm not strong enough to say no
Blackhawk - King of the World
Blackhawk - Like there's no yesterday
Blackhawk – Postmarked Birmingham
Blackhawk – That's almost right
Blackhawk - There it is
Blackhawk - Your own little corner of my heart
Blackstreet - Before I Let You Go
Blackstreet - Don't leave me
Blackstreet – Keine Diggity
Blackstreet & Mya - Take me there
Blaine, Marcie - Bobby's Girl
Blair - Have fun freaking out
Blake and Brian - Another Perfect Day (SC)
Blanchard, Jack and Misty Morgan - You've got your problems
Bland, Bobby - Turn on your love light
Blaque - I accept
Blaque & NSYNC - Bring It All To Me
Blassie, Freddie – Pencil Neck Geek
Blenders - I'm in love with the girl from McDonald's
Blessed Union of Souls - All Along
Blessed Union of Souls - Hey Leonardo
Blessed Union of Souls - I believe
Blessid Union Of Souls - I want to be there
Blessid Union Of Souls - Let Me Be The One
Blessed Union of Souls - Light in your eyes
Blessed Union of Souls - Oh Virginia
Blessid Union Of Souls - Standing at the edge of the earth
Blessed Union of Souls - Book of Life Story
Blessid Union Of Souls - That's the girl I was talking about
Blige, Mary J - Be happy
Blige, Mary J - Family Case
Blige, Mary J - Bom amor
Blige, Mary J – Eu Sou
Blige, Mary J - I feel good
Blige, Mary J - Well done
Blige, Mary J - Love is all we need
Blige, Mary J - Love Without Limits
Blige, Mary J - Sem but drama
Blige, Mary J - I Won't Cry (R)
Blige, Mary J–Um
Blige, Mary J - Ooh
Blige, Mary J - Rainy Days
Blige, Mary J – Amor Real
Blige, Mary J - But strong
Blige, Mary J - Take me as I am
Blige, Mary J - You remind me
Blige, Mary J & Diddy & Lil Wayne - Someone To Love Me Naked
Blind melon - no rain
Blink 182 - The Song of Adam
Blink 182 - All the little things
Blink 182 - Down
Blink 182 - Feel It (XXX)
Blink 182 – First Encounter
Blink 182 - I miss you
Blink 182 - Man overboard
Blink 182 - Not now
Blink 182 – Show the rock
Blink 182 - Stand together for the children
Blink 182 – How old am I again
Blondie - Atomic
Blonde - call me
Loire – Dennis Dennis
Blonde - dreams
Blondie - Hanging on the phone
Blondie - Heart of Glass
Blondie - I am always touched by your presence
Blondie - Island of Lost Souls
Blond – Maria
Blondie - Nothing is real but the girl
Blondie - Either way
Blondie - imagine that
Blondie - Rapture
Blondie - tear her to pieces
Blondie - Sunday Girl
Blondie – Maré is high
Blondie – Union City Blue
Blondie – X-Ofensor
Blood sweat and tears - and when I die
Blood, sweat and tears - God bless the child
Blood, Sweat and Tears – Hi De Ho (SC)
Blood sweat and tears - I can't stop them
Blood sweat and tears - I love you more than you will ever know
Blood Sweat and Tears – Spinnrad
Blood sweat and tears - you made me so happy
Bloodhound Gang – Bad Touch (XXX)
Bloodhound Gang – Balada de Chasey Lane
Bloodhound Gang - Lap Dance is way better when the stripper is crying (SC) (XXX)
Bloom, Bobby – Montego Bay (Mike-1)
Blue County - Good Little Girls (Mike -1)
Blue County - I will
Blue County - That's cool
Blue Oyster Cult - Burnin for you
Cult of the Blue Oyster - Fear not the Reaper
Cult of Ostra Azul - Godzilla
Blue Swede - addicted to a feeling
Blues Brothers - Blues don't bother me
Blues Brothers - Do you love me?
Blues Brothers - Everyone needs someone
Blues Brothers – Expressway To Your Heart
Blues Brothers – Flip Flop und Fly
Blues Brothers – Funky Nassau
Blues Brothers - Ghost Riders in Heaven
Blues Brothers – Gimme Some Lovin
Blues Brothers - Return to Miami
Blues Brothers – Hey Barkeeper
Blues Brothers - prison rock
Blues Brothers – Minnie The Moocher
Blues Brothers – Nova Orleans
Blues Brothers – Rohhaut
Blues Brothers - Riot in cell block number nine
Blues Brothers – Gummikeks
Blues Brothers – Shake A Tail Feather
Blues Brothers - She has Katy
Blues Brothers - Seelenmensch
Blues Brothers – Sweet Home Chicago
Blues Brothers – Pense
Blues Brothers - Who Makes Love
Blues Image – Ritt Captain Ride
Blues Magoos - We don't have anything yet
Blues Traveler – Carolina Blues
Blues Traveler – Haken
Blues Traveler – the most precarious
Blues Traveler - Walking around
Blunt, James - Take you home
Stump, James - Farewell, my love
Stumpf, James – Alt
Blunt, James - Nineteen Seventy-Three
Blunt, James - Spend the Night
Stump, James - you are beautiful
Blur – Song 2
BMU - you will know
Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley
Bob And Tom Band – Blow Me A Kiss (SC) (XXX)
Bob And Tom Band - Prisoner Of Love (SC) (XXX)
Bobbettes – Senhor Lee
Bobby Fuller Quatro - I fought the law
BoDeans - Closer to Freedom (SC)
BoDeans - Wounded by Love
Bodyjar – Anders (SC)
Bogguss, Suzy – Ases
Bogguss, Suzy - Driving South
Bogguss, Suzy - Where do I come from
Bogguss, Suzy - Give Me Some Wheels
Bogguss, Susi - good night
Bogguss, Suzy - Hey Cinderella
Bogguss, Suzy - Just like the weather
Bogguss, Suzy - Letting go
Bogguss, Suzy - Nobody loves, nobody gets hurt
Bogguss, Suzy - Departure Plane
Bogguss, Suzy - She said she heard it
Bogguss, Suzy - Someone to fall in love with
Bogguss, Suzy – One Day Soon (SC)
Bogguss, Suzy - Memories
Bogguss, Suzy - You'll never be
Bolton, Michael - I have nothing if I don't have love
Bolton, Michael - On my feet again
Bolton, Michael - The Best Love
Bolton, Michael—Absolutely
Bolton, Michael - How am I supposed to live without you
Bolton, Michael - Found Someone
Bolton, Michael - Love is a wonderful thing
Bolton, Michael - Once in a Lifetime
Bolton, Michael - Storm Fortress
Bolton, Michael - I told you I love you, but I lied
Bolton, Michael - Sitting on the Bay Pier
Bolton, Michael - Supplier of Souls
Bolton, Michael – Loving Someone (Mike+2)
Bolton, Michael - When a man loves a woman (Mike+2)
Bolton, Michael - When I'm on my feet again
Bolton, Michael - You would not know love
Bomshel - Country love song
Bomshel - Fight like a girl
Bomshel - Well done
Bomshel - The Power of One
Bon Jovi - All About Loving You
Bon Jovi - Always
Bon Jovi - Bad medicine
Bon Jovi - Because we can
Bon Jovi - Bed of Roses
Bon Jovi - Blaze Of Glory
Bon Jovi - Born to be my baby
Bon Jovi – Bounce
Bon Jovi - one Tag
Bon Jovi - Have a nice day
Bon Jovi - Ei Deus
Bon Jovi - I'm here for you
Bon Jovi - in and out of love
Bon Jovi - In these arms
Bon Jovi - It's my life
Bon Jovi - Janie Don't take your love to town
Bon Jovi - Lay your hands on me
Bon Jovi - Lie to me
Bon Jovi – Livin On A Prayer
Bon Jovi - Living in Sin
Bon Jovi - Lost Road
Bon Jovi - Make a memory
Bon Jovi – Midnight in Chelsea
Bon Jovi - misunderstood
Bon Jovi - Never say goodbye
Bon Jovi - A wild night
Bon Jovi - Just Lonely
Bon Jovi - real life
Bon Jovi - Rockin in the free world
Bon Jovi - Outlier
Bon Jovi - Say it's not like that
Bon Jovi - Sleep when I'm dead
Bon Jovi - One day I'll be Saturday night
Bon Jovi - Something for the pain
Bon Jovi - Thank you for loving me
Bon Jovi - Estes Dias
Bon Jovi - This is not a love song
Bon Jovi – Wanted Dead or Alive
Bon Jovi - We don't run
Bon Jovi - Not born to follow
Bon Jovi - Welcome wherever you are
Bon Jovi - Who Says You Can't Go Home?
Bon Jovi - You give love a bad name
Bon Jovi & LeAnn Rimes - Until We're No More Strangers (SD)
Bonamy, James - All I do is love her
Bonamy, James - I don't think I will
Bonamy, James – Naked to Pain
Bonamy, James - She has a mind of her own
Bonamy, James – Swing
Bond, Gary USA – Nova Orleans
Bonds, Gary US - Fourth to Three
Bonham, Tracy – Mutter Mutter
Bonoff, Karla - Stand by my side
Bonoff, Karla & Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - You believed in me
Boomkat - Destruction
Boone, Debbie - You light up my life
Boone, Pat - April Love
Boone, Pat – Bernadine
Boone, Pat - Don't forbid me
Boone, Pat - Song of Exodus
Boone, Pat - Kind Conviction
Boone, Pat - I almost lost my mind
Boone, Pat - I'm home
Boone, Pat - Love Letters in the Sand
Boone, Pat - Moody River
Boone, Pat - Remember, you're mine
Boone, Pat – Speedy Gonzales
Boston – Amanda
Boston - The man I'll never be
Boston - more than a feeling
Boston – Rock’n’Roll Band
Boston – Smokin
Boston - We live
Boston - We are ready
Bow Wow Wow - I want candy (SC)
Bow Wow Wow & Baby – Let’s Get Down (SC)
Bowen, Wade - Saturday night
Bowie, David - Changes
Bowie, David - Chinese Girl
Bowie, David-Fama
Bowie, David - Golden Years
Bowie, David - Let's Dance
Bowie, David - Modern Love
Bowie, David – Rebel Rebel
Bowie, David - Sete
Bowie, David – Space Oddity (SC)
Bowie, David – Suffagettenstadt
Bowie, David - Young Americans
Bowie, David – Ziggy Stardust
Bowie, David & Queen - Under Pressure
Bowling for Soup - Quase (SC)
Bowling for Soup – High School endet nie
Bowling for Soup – Nineteen Eighty-Five (SC)
Bowling for Soup - When We Die
Crate Lid - Crying like a baby
Box lid - letter
Box Tops – Sweet Cream Ladies Forward March
Boy George - Crying Game
Boy Howdy - Bigger fish to fry
Boy Howdy - She Can't Love You
Boy Howdy - She would give anything
Boy Howdy - They don't do that anymore
Boy Howdy - he keeps his word
Boy meets girl - waiting for a star to fall
Boyce Avenue - A Thousand Years
Boyer, Anita - Bewitched, bothered and perplexed
Boys like girls - heart, heart, heartbreak
Boys like girls - drunk love
Boys like girls - thunder
Boys like girls and Taylor Swift - Two are better than one
Boyz II Men – End of the Road
Boyz II Men - I remember
Boyz II Men - I make love to you
Boyz II Men - On Bent Knees
Boyz II Men - Overtake yourself
Boyz II Men – Devagar
Boyz II Men - song for mom
Boyz II Men - The Dry Water
Boyzone - no matter what
Bradbery, Danielle - Heart of Dixie
Brady Bunch - It's a sunny day
Brady Bunch- Next
Brady Bunch - Time for a change
Branch, Michelle - Anything You Wanted
Branch, Michelle - Are you happy now
Branch, Michelle - Breathe
Branch, Michelle - Everywhere
Branch, Michelle - Goodbye
Branch, Michelle - loud music
Branch, Michelle - Sooner or later
Branch, Michelle - Until I'm Over You
Brand new weights - sometimes
Brandt, Paul – Yes
Brandt, Paul - That's what I wanted to do
Brandt, Paul - That's a beautiful thing
Brandt, Paul - Little lover
Brandt, Paul - My heart has a story
Brandt, Paul - Take it from me
Brandt, Paul - That is the truth
Brandt, Paul - What happens to you
Brandy - Almost doesn't count
Brandy - Angel in disguise
Schnapps - honey
Brandy - Brandy - Seats in my room
Brandy – Lua Cheia
Brandy - Do you
Brandy - I want to be down
Brandy - Went here
Brandy - Seats in my room
Brandy – What about us
Brandy - You don't know me like you used to
Brandy & Monica - My Angel
Brandy & Monica - The boy is mine
Brandy & Monica – Don't take it personally
Branigan, Laura - We Almost Didn't Win Everything
Branigan, Laura – Gloria
Branigan, Laura - How am I supposed to live without you?
Branigan, Laura - Lucky Guy
Branigan, Laura - Self-Control
Branigan, Laura – Geduld
Brannon, Kippi - I would be with you (SC)
Messingbau – Movin
Braxton, Toni - Another sad love song
Braxton, Toni - Breathe again
Braxton, Toni - He Wasn't Man Enough
Braxton, Toni - How an angel can break my heart
Braxton, Toni - In how many ways
Braxton, Toni - I don't want to
Braxton, Toni - I love myself some of it
Braxton, Toni - just be a man
Braxton, Toni - Let it flow
Braxton, Toni - Spanish guitar
Braxton, Toni - UnBreak My Heart
Braxton, Toni - You mean the world to me
Braxton, Toni - You make me high
Bread - Baby I want you (SC)
Bread - I was a long way down the road
Bread - My broken heart
Bread - Daily (SC)
Bread - On your knees
Brot – All I Own (SC)
Bread - Guitar Man (SC)
Bread - If
Bread - I don't care
Bread - last time
Bread - Release your love
Brot – London Bridge
Bread - Look what you made
Bread - Lost Without Your Love (CB)
Bread - Do it with you (SC) (Mike-2)
Bread - Mother Freedom
Brot – Sweet Lace
Bread - Lots of love
Breathe - hands to the sky
Creator - Cannonball
Bremers, Beverly – Don't say you don't remember
Brett, James – Finale (SC)
Brett, James – Chasin Amyl (SC)
Brewer und Shipley – One Toke Over The Line (SC)
Brewer, Teresa – Music Music Music (SC)
Brice, Lee - always neat
Brice, Lee – Trinkkurs (R)
Brice, Lee – Happy Ends
Brice, Lee - Hard to love
Brice, Lee - I don't dance
Brice, Lee - I drive your truck
Brice, Lee - Love like crazy
Brice, Lee - Parking Lot Party
Brice, Lee - upper middle class white trash
Brickell, Edie - What I Am
Brickman, Jim - Love I Found In You
Bridges, Alicia - I love the night life
Brightman, Sarah – Livra-me (SC)
Britt, Catherine – Upside Of Being Down (SC)
Britt, Catherine - What I Did Last Night
Britt, Catherine and Elton John - Where we both say goodbye
Broadway - Every dream will serve
Broadway – Do Re Mi
Broadway - Don't Cry for Me Argentina
Broadway - Dream Girl
Broadway – Edelweiss
Broadway - Everything turns pink
Broadway – Forty-second Street
Broadway - Take me to church on time
Broadway – getting to know each other
Broadway - Grow to me
Broadway – Gingerbread
Broadway - I could have danced all night
Broadway - I feel beautiful
Broadway - I have faith
Broadway - If I Were a Rich Man
Broadway - Impossible Dream
Broadway – It might as well be spring
Broadway - Les Miserables - Can You Hear The People Sing?
Broadway - Let me entertain you
Broadway - Luck be a Lady
Broadway – Mann von La Mancha I Don Quixote
Broadway – Maria
Broadway – Maybe
Broadway – memory
Broadway - Music of the Night
Broadway - Nothing
Broadway - Oh, what a beautiful morning
Broadway – 76 trombones
Broadway – Mostre-me
Broadway - from sixteen to seventeen
Broadway - An Enchanted Night
Broadway – There's no business like show business
Broadway - Tonight
Broadway - We're in the money
Broadway – with a bit of luck
Broadway - You will never walk alone
Broadway, Andrews, Julie - music at heart
Broadway, Harris, Richard – Camelot
Brock, Chad - Country Boy Can Survive
Brock, Chade – Evangeline
Brock, Chad - Lightning gets the job done
Brock, Chad - Ordinary Life
Brock, Chad – Tell me how
Brock, Chade – Visite
Brock, Chad – Yes
Brody, Dean - Brothers
Brokop, Lisa - Roses are not enough
Brokop, Lisa - How do I let go
Brokop, Lisa - One of these nights
Brokop, Lisa - She Cannot Save Him
Brokop, Lisa - Take that
Brokop, Lisa - When you start to be yourself
Brokop, Lisa - Wildflowers
Brooks and Dunn - Against the Wind
Brooks and Dunn - It's not about you
Brooks and Dunn - Beer Thirty
Brooks e Dunn – Accredited
Brooks e Dunn – Boot Scootin Boogie
Brooks e Dunn – Brandneuer Mann (CB)
Brooks e Dunn – Brand New Man (SC)
Brooks and Dunn - Burning Bridges
Brooks and Dunn - cool water drink
Brooks und Dunn – Cowboy Town
Brooks and Dunn - Cowgirls don't cry
Brooks and Dunn - Days of Thunder
Brooks and Dunn - All Rivers (SC)
Brooks and Dunn - A few good walks away
Brooks e Dunn - Folsom Prison Blues
Brooks and Dunn - God must be busy
Brooks and Dunn - Go under and over them
Brooks e Dunn - Hard Workin Man
Brooks and Dunn - Heartbreak out of my head
Brooks and Dunn - He Got You (CB)
Brooks and Dunn - He Got You (SC)
Brooks and Dunn - Hillbilly Deluxe (CB)
Brooks and Dunn - Hillbilly Deluxe (SC)
Brooks e Dunn - Honky Tonk Truth
Brooks and Dunn - How long has it been gone
Brooks and Dunn - husbands and wives
Brooks and Dunn - I Am That Man (SC)
Brooks and Dunn - I Can't Get Over You
Brooks and Dunn - I'll Never Forgive My Heart
Brooks and Dunn - I'm no good
Brooks und Dunn – Indian Summer
Brooks and Dunn - It just keeps getting better
Brooks and Dunn - Pequena Miss Honky Tonk
Brooks e Dunn – Long Goodbye
Brooks and Dunn - Lost and Found
Brooks and Dunn - Mommy doesn't dress up
Brooks und Dunn – Man This Lonely (SC)
Brooks and Dunn - Mexican Minutes
Brooks and Dunn - I miss you
Brooks and Dunn - My heart is lost to you
Brooks and Dunn - My Mary (SC)
Brooks and Dunn - My Next Broken Heart
Brooks and Dunn - Lua de Neon
Brooks and Dunn - Americas only
Brooks and Dunn - Our time is coming
Brooks and Dunn - Play some country
Brooks and Dunn - Proud of the house we built
Brooks and Dunn - Put a girl in it
Brooks and Dunn - Red Gravel Trail
Brooks und Dunn – Ride Em High Ride Em Low
Brooks e Dunn - Rock My World Little Country Girl
Brooks and Dunn - She used to be mine
Brooks and Dunn - She's not the cheating type
Brooks and Dunn - she's causing trouble
Brooks and Dunn - South of Santa Fe
Brooks and Dunn - still in love with you
Brooks and Dunn - That's no way
Brooks and Dunn - that's what it's all about
Brooks and Dunn - This is what she gets for loving me
Brooks and Dunn - let's burn this bridge down
Brooks and Dunn - Whiskey under the bridge
Brooks and Dunn - Why I would say goodbye
Brooks and Dunn - You can't take the honky tonk from the girl
Brooks and Dunn - I will always love you
Brooks and Dunn - You'll miss me when I'm gone
Brooks and Dunn - You are my angel
Brooks e Dunn & Mac Powell - Over the Next Hill
Brooks, Garth - Against the Grain
Brooks, Garth - Will't Come Down Till Sunrise
Brooks, Garth – Alabama Clay
Brooks, Garth – American Honky Tonk Association (SC)
Brooks, Garth - Beaches of Cheyenne
Brooks, Garth-Belleau Woods
Brooks, Garth – Callin Baton Rouge
Brooks, Garth—Change
Brooks, Garth – Cowboys und Anjos
Brooks, Garth – Tanz (Mike -1)
Brooks, Garth – Dixie Chicken
Brooks, Garth - Do What You Must Do
Brooks, Garth - Don't cross the river
Brooks, Garth - From Time to Time
Brooks, Garth – Febre
Brooks, Garth - Friends in Low Places
Brooks, Garth - Happy Woman
Brooks, Garth - If Tomorrow Never Comes (Mike -1)
Brooks, Garth - Doesn't Matter to the Sun
Brooks, Garth - It's Midnight Cinderella
Brooks, Garth - It's Your Song
Brooks, Garth - Learning to live again
Brooks, Garth – Einsame Taube
Brooks, Garth – Garrafa Langhals (CB)
Brooks, Garth – Garrafa Langhals (SC)
Brooks, Garth - More than a memory
Brooks, Garth – Mister Blue (Mike)
Brooks, Garth – Mr. Right
Brooks, Garth - too young to feel so old
Brooks, Garth - Night I Called the Old Man
Brooks, Garth - not counting you
Brooks, Garth - One Night in the Day
Brooks, Garth - Papa Loved Mama (SC)
Brooks, Garth - People love people
Brooks, Garth - Pushing Daisies
Brooks, Garth – Rote Striche
Brooks, Garth – Rio
Brooks, Garth – Rodeio
Brooks, Garth - same old story
Brooks, Garth – Schamlos
Brooks, Garth - She's All Woman
Brooks, Garth - She'll make it
Brooks, Garth - Somewhere Beyond the Night
Brooks, Garth - Standing Before the Fire
Brooks, Garth - Tearing and Burning
Brooks, Garth - This Summer
Brooks, Garth - Thicker Than Blood
Brooks, Garth – Thunder Rolls (Mike)
Brooks, Garth - To Make You Feel My Love
Brooks, Garth - Two of a kind work in a full house
Brooks, Garth - Two pina coladas
Brooks, Garth - Unanswered Prayers (Mike)
Brooks, Garth – Walkin After Midnight (Mike)
Brooks, Garth - We Bury the Hatchet
Brooks, Garth - We Will Be Free
Brooks, Garth - What Does She Do Now (SC)
Brooks, Garth - When You Come Back To Me
Brooks, Garth - Why I Don't Run
Brooks, Garth - Wild Horses
Brooks, Garth – Lobos
Brooks, Garth - Wrapped in You
Brooks, Garth - You move me
Brooks, Garth & Chris Ledux – What do you do with a cowboy (Mike -1)
Brooks, Garth and Trisha Yearwood - Love will always win
Brooks, Garth und Trisha Yearwood – Squeeze Me In
Brooks, Garth and Trisha Yearwood - Wild as the Wind
Brooks, Garth als Chris Gaines – Lost in You
Brooks, Garth as Chris Gaines - Now
Brooks, Meredith – Cadela (R)
Brooks, Meredith - I need
Brooks, Meredith - Sin City
Brooks, Meredith – Pare
Brooks, Meredith - What Would Happen
Brother Cane - I am not ashamed
Brother Cane - I lie in the bed I make
Bruder Cane – Machete
Brother Phelps - woman in constant change
Brother Phelps - Let go
Brothers Four - Five Hundred Miles
Brothers Four - Green Leaves of Summer
Brothers Four – Greenfields
Four Brothers – Seven Daffodils
Brothers Four - Try to remember
Brothers Four - Where have all the flowers gone?
Brothers Four - Yellow Bird
Osborne Brothers - It's not my fault
Osborne Brothers - Shoot me straight
Osborne Brothers - Stay a little longer
Osborne Brothers - Twenty One Summers
Broussard, Marc – Cruel
Broussard, Marc & LeAnn Rimes – When It's Good (CB)
Brown, Bobby - Don't be cruel
Brown, Bobby - Every little step
Brown, Bobby—Girlfriend
Brown, Bobby - good enough
Brown, Bobby - My Prerogative
Brown, Chris - Crawling
Brown, Chris - Don't wake me up
Brown, Chris – BelaChina
Brown, Chris - Forever
Brown, Chris – Sem BS
Brown, Chris – Run it.mpg”
Brown, Chris - Sing Like Me
Brown, Chris - Bring it down
Brown, Chris - What I do
Brown, Chris - With you
Braun, Chris – Sim 3X
Brown, Chris & Jay Biz – Poppin.mpg”
Brown, Chris and Justin Bieber - Near you
Brown, Chris und Kevin McCall – Strip
Brown, Chris & T Pain – Kiss Kiss
Brown, chubby - who the hell is Alice
Brown, Cooter - Hillbilly purebred
Brown, Havanna & Pitbull – We Run the Night
Brown, Horace - One for the Money
Brown, James - Get off that thing
Brown, James - Got you, I feel good
Brown, James - It's a Man's World
Brown, James - Life in America
Brown, James - Daddy has a new purse
Brown, James - Say It Out Loud I'm Black and I'm Proud
Brown, James - Sex Machine
Braun, James -Hotpants (SC)
Brown, Jim Ed – Tomorrow
Brown, Jim Ed – Pop A Top
Brown, Jim Ed & Helen Cornelius - I Don't Want To Marry You
Brown, Jim Ed and the Browns - Just for old times sake
Brown, Julie - Because I'm Blonde
Braun, Junior – I switched off (SC)
Brown, Kane - I used to love you sober
Brown, Coffee – After Party (SC) ( XXX )
Brown, Miguel - So Many Men
Brown, Roger – Swing City
Brown, Shannon - Baby, I lied
Brown, Shannon - Don't lie
Brown, Shannon - Unravel My Heart
Brown, Sleepy & Outkast – Can’t Wait (SC)
Brown, T. Graham – Darlene
Brown, T. Graham - Do not go to strangers
Brown, T. Graham - Happily Ever After
Brown, T Graham - Hell and Flood
Brown, T Graham - I'll Tell You How It Used To Be (SC)
Brown, T. Graham - I wish I could get hurt like that again
Brown, T Graham - If You Could See Me Now
Brown, T. Graham – Memphis Women and Chicken
Brown, T. Graham – Never in a Million Tears
Brown, T. Graham - Wine in Water
Browne, Jackson – Kokain
Browne, Jackson - Doctor My Eyes
Browne, Jackson - Here come those tears again
Browne, Jackson - In the Shape of a Heart
Browne, Jackson - Love needs a heart
Browne, Jackson - Nothing but Time
Browne, Jackson - Pretender
Browne, Jackson – Estrada
Browne, Jackson - Rock me on the water
Browne, Jackson – Rosie
Browne, Jackson – Running on Empty
Browne, Jackson - Unstable City
Browne, Jackson - Someone's Baby
Browne, Jackson – Bleib
Browne, Jackson – Take it easy
Browne, Jackson - Do You Love Thunder?
Browns - Old lamp lighter
Brown—scarlet bands
Brownstone - Five Miles to Empty (SC)
Brownstone - If you love me
Brownsville Station - Smoking in the boys' room
Bruce, Ed - Still
Bruce, Ed-Diane
Bruce, Ed - I never, ever loved you
Bruce, Ed - Girls, women and ladies
Bruce, Ed - My First Taste of Texas
Bruce, Ed - Nights
Bruce, Ed - You turn me on like a radio
Bruce, Ed - You're the best break this old heart has ever had
Bruno Mars - Marry you
Bruno Mars - When I was your husband
Bryan, Luke - All My Friends Say (CB)
Bryan, Luke - All My Friends Say (SC)
Bryan, Luke - Country Girl Shake It For Me
Bryan, Luke – Countryman
Bryan, Luke – Crash meine Party
Bryan, Lukas – Eu
Bryan, Luke - Have a beer
Bryan, Luke - Drunk on you
Bryan, Lucas – schnell
Bryan, Luke - Hunting, Fishing and Loving Every Day
Bryan, Luke - I don't want this night to end
Bryan, Lucas - I see you
Bryan, Luke - Kick on the dust
Bryan, Luke - Most people are good
Bryan, Lucas – Mova-se
Bryan, Luke - Play again
Bryan, Luke - rain is a good thing
Bryan, Luke – Achterbahn
Bryan, Luke - someone else is calling you baby
Bryan, Luke - This is my kind of night
Bryan, Luke - We drive trucks
Bryant, Chase - A little bit of you
Bryant, Chase - Take it back
Bryson, Peabo - When This Night Is Over
Bryson, Peabo - Why goodbye
Bryson, Peabo and Regina Belle - New World
Bryson, Peabo & Roberta Flack - Tonight I'm celebrating my love
Buble, Michael - All I do is dream of you (Mike)
Bublé, Michael - All of me
Buble, Michael - Right Now
Buble, Michael - The best is yet to come
Buble, Michael - Call me irresponsible
Buble, Michael - Can't buy me love
Bublé, Michael - Close your eyes
Buble, Michael - Come fly with me
Buble, Michael – Comin Home Baby
Buble, Michael - Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Mike)
Bublé, Michael - Crazy Love
Buble, Michael – Cry Me A River
Buble, Michael - Dream a little dream of me (ZM)
Bublé, Michael – Alles
Buble, Michael - Good Feeling
Bublé, Michael – Febre (CB)
Buble, Michael - Foggy Day in the City of London
Buble, Michael - For the first time in my life
Buble, Michael - Georgia On My Mind
Buble, Michael - I haven't met you yet
Buble, Michael – Headache Tonight (SF)
Bublé, Michael – Espere
Bublé, Michael – Hollywood
Bublé, Michael - Heimat
Buble, Michael – How to mend a broken heart (Mike -2)
Buble, Michael - How cute (Mike)
Buble, Michael - Quite simply
Buble, Michael - I'm your man
Buble, Michael - It's Better Tonight
Buble, Michael - It's a beautiful day
Buble, Michael - I have the world on a string
Buble, Michael - I've got you under my skin
Buble, Michael - Kissing a Fool
Bublé, Michael – L.O.V.E. (SF)
Buble, Michael – Lost (SC)
Buble, Michael - Me and Mrs. Jones
Bublé, Michael – Mondtanz (Mike -2)
Buble, Michael - The More I See You
Buble, Michael - Nobody but me
Buble, Michael - Lay your head on my shoulder (Mike -2)
Buble, Michael – When when when
Buble, Michael - Save the last dance for me (SC) (Mike)
Buble, Michael - song for you
Buble, Michael – Spider-Man-Thema
Buble, Michael – Summer Wind (CB)
Bublé, Michael – Sway (Mike)
Buble, Michael – That's all (ZM)
Buble, Michael - Such is life
Buble, Michael - To be loved
Buble, Michael - Loving Someone
Buble, Michael - Try a Little Tenderness
Buble, Michael – Up A Lazy River (CB)
Buble, Michael – how are you tonight (Mike -2)
Buble, Michael - Who loves you
Buble, Michael – Wonderful Tonight
Bublé, Michael - You and I
Buble, Michael - You don't know me (Mike)
Buble, Michael - You make me feel so young
Buble, Michael - You'll never find it
Buble, Michael - young at heart
Buble, Michael - You are nobody until someone loves you
Book cherry – All night
Buchkirsche – Crazy Bitch (SC) ( XXX )
Buckcherry – For the movies
Buchkirsche – Enlightened (XXX)
Buchkirsche - Salve-me
Buchkirsche – Ridin (R)
Buckcherry sorry
Buckinghams - You don't care
Buckinghams - Hey baby, they're playing our song
Buckinghams - something of a drag
Buckinghams – mercy, mercy, mercy
Buckinghams – Susan
Buckley, Jeff – Grace
Buckley, Jeff - Hallelujah
Buckley, Jeff - Last Farewell (SC)
Buckner und Garcia – Febre do Pac Man (SC)
Buffalo Club - Holds the heart
Buffalo Club - If She Don't Love You (SC)
Buffalo Club - Nothing Less Than Love (SC)
Buffalo Springfield - for what it's worth
Buffalo Springfield - Sit down, I think I love you
Buffett, Jimmy - Another Saturday Night (Mike -1)
Buffett, Jimmy – Bootsgetränke
Buffett, Jimmy - Changes in Latitude Changes in Attitudes
Buffett, Jimmy - Cheeseburgers in Paradise
Buffett, Jimmy – Come Monday (Mike)
Buffett, Jimmy – Flossen
Buffett, Jimmy - Juicy fruit of the grapefruit
Buffett, Jimmy - Getting old but not getting up
Buffett, Jimmy - He went to Paris
Buffett, Jimmy – Hey Good Lookin (Mike)
Buffett, Jimmy – Livingston on Saturday Night
Buffett, Jimmy – Margaritaville (Mike)
Buffett, Jimmy – Pascagoula Run
Buffett, Jimmy - Pencil Thin Mustache
Buffett, Jimmy - Pirate looks like forty years old
Buffett, Jimmy - Son of a Sailor's Son
Buffett, Jimmy – Vulkan (Mike)
Buffett, Jimmy - Why We Don't Get Drunk (R)
Buffett, Jimmy & McBride, Martina - Journey Around the Sun
Buffett, Jimmy & Toby Keith - Workpiece
Buffett, Jimmy & Toby Keith - Too drunk for karaoke
Bullens, Cindy – Freddy My Love (SC)
Bullens, Cindy - It's Raining on Prom Night (SC)
Bullets - Creed
Bundy, Laura Bell - Stop by
Bundy, Laura Bell – Giddy On Up
Bunton, Emma—middle
Burnette, Dorsey – Carvalho alt
Burnette, Johnny - Dreaming (Mike -2)
Burnette, Johnny - You're Sixteen (Mike -2)
Burnin Daylight – Live to Love Again (SC)
Burnin Daylight – Diga Sim (SC)
Burns and Poe – How long is long enough?
Bus Boys - The boys are back in town
Bush - Chemicals Among Us
Bush - descent
Bush – Everything Zen
Shrub - glycerin
Bush - Greedy fly
Bush - Let the cables sleep
Bushing - machine head
Busch - Hot machine
Busta Rhymes & Splitstar - Let it clap
Butler, Carl - Don't Make Me Cross
Buxton, Sarah - Innocence (SC)
Buxton, Sarah - Outside my window
Buxton, Sarah - Outer Space
Buxton, Sarah – Such a Day (SC)
Byrd, Tracy - Better Places Than These
Byrd, Tracy – Grande Amor
Byrd, Tracy - das cheapest Motel
Byrd, Tracy – Don’t Love to Make a Diamond Shine (CB)
Byrd, Tracy – Don’t Love to Make a Diamond Shine (SC)
Byrd, Tracy - Don't Take Her, She's All I Have
Byrd, Tracy – Trinkknochen
Byrd, Tracy - First Step
Byrd, Tracy - Four on One in Atlanta
Byrd, Tracy - Good Old Love
Byrd, Tracy - Heaven in My Wife's Eyes (SC)
Byrd, Tracy - Holdin Heaven
Byrd, Tracy - I Want to Feel That Way Again
Byrd, Tracy - I'm from the country
Byrd, Tracy - Let Me Be In Love
Byrd, Tracy - Guardians of the Stars
Byrd, Tracy - I've been dreaming of babies lately
Byrd, Tracy - Lately
Byrd, Tracy - Lifestyles of the Not So Rich and Famous
Byrd, Tracy - Lessons in Love
Byrd, Tracy - Love you haven't seen the last of me
Byrd, Tracy - No Ordinary Man
Byrd, Tracy - Put Your Hand In Mine
Byrd, Tracy - Take me with you when you go
Byrd, Tracy - ten rounds with Jose Quervo
Byrd, Tracy - The Truth About Men
Byrd, Tracy - On the way to Jerusalem
Byrd, Tracy – Wassermelonen-Crawl
Byrd, Tracy - When Mama's Not Happy
Byrd, Tracy - Why isn't the phone ringing?
Byrd, Tracy and Mark Chesnutt - a good way to get on my bad side
Byrds - Everything I really want to do
Byrds—eight miles high
Byrds – Mr Tambourine Man (SC)
Byrds - My backsides
Byrds - So you want to be a rock 'n' roll star
Byrds – Turn Turn Turn

Class C - Wait 'Til I Get Home (SC) ( R )
C O C – Congratulatory song
Cabrera, Ryan - On the way down (SC)
Cabrera, Ryan – Wahr (SC)
Caesars – Jerk It Out (SC)
Cafferty, John - Tender Years
Cafferty, John And The Beaver Brown Band - No Lado Negro
Cagle, Chris - Girls Love It
Cagle, Chris - Land by the Grace of God
Cagle, Chris - Breathe in, breathe out
Cagle, Chris - I would lie
Cagle, Chris – Laredo
Cagle, Chris – Haja Cowgirls
Cagle, Chris - miss me baby
Cagle, Chris - My love goes on and on
Cagle, Chris - No Love Songs
Cagle, Chris – Wal Mart Parking Lot.mpg”
Cagle, Chris - What a beautiful day
Cagle, Chris - which somehow ended
Caillat, Colbie - Brighter than the Sun
Caillat, Colbie–Sekt
Caillat, Colbie - Fall in love with you
Caillat, Colbie - I accept
Caillat, Colbie - I never told you
Caillat, Colbie - Little things
Caillat, Colbie – Recognition
Caillat, Colbie-Sombra
Caitlyn and Will - address in the stars
Pie – Distance (SC)
Cake - let me go
Kuchen – Nie da
Cake - Short skirt, long jacket
Caldwell, Bobby – Love Light (SC)
Caldwell, Bobby - Stuck on You
Caldwell, Bobby - What not to do for love
Appeal – Adreinne (SC)
Call – for you
Appeal – Our Life (SC)
Make calls - wherever you go
Calloway, Taxi – Minnie The Moocher
Cam - house on fire
Camera – Diane
Kamera - Mayday
Cam'ron & Juelz Santana & Freekey Zekey – Hey Ma (SC) (XXX)
Cam'ron - Oh boy
Cambell, Tevin - We Can Talk
Cameo - There and back
Camafeu – word on
Camp, Jeremy - I Still Believe (SC)
Camp, Jeremy - This Man (SC)
Camp, Shawn - Fallin has never been so good
Campbell, Craig – Homem de Familia
Campbell, Craig – Fisch
Campbell, Craig - Keep Them Kisses Coming
Campbell, Craig - On the Edge of Paradise
Campbell, Craig - Out of My Head
Campbell, Glen - When You Come to Phoenix (Mike)
Campbell, Glen - Country boy, you've got your footing in LA
Campbell, Glen – Dream Baby (CB)
Campbell, Glen - Dreams of the Everyday Housewife
Campbell, Glen - All A Man Could Need (SC)
Campbell, Glen - Love Without Faith
Campbell, Glen – Galveston
Campbell, Glen - Soft in my head (Mike)
Campbell, Glen - God Must Have Blessed America (CB)
Campbell, Glen – Honey Come Back (SC)
Campbell, Glen - I Love How You Love Me (CB) (Mike-1)
Campbell, Glen - I want to live (SC)
Campbell, Glen - I Won't Miss You
Campbell, Glen - I'm so lonely I could cry
Campbell, Glen – Just Pretend
Campbell, Glen – Lady Like You
Campbell, Glen - Let It Be Me
Campbell, Glen - More than enough (CB)
Campbell, Glen - My Elusive Butterfly
Campbell, Glen - Old Town
Campbell, Glen – Strass-Cowboy
Campbell, Glen - She's gone, gone, gone
Campbell, Glen - Southern Nights
Campbell, Glen - Try a little kindness
Campbell, Glen - Turn around and look at me (Mike)
Campbell, Glen – Wichita Lineman
Campbell, Glen & Bobbie Gentry – Morning Glory
Campbell, Glen & Rita Collidge – Somethin Bout You Baby I Like
Campbell, Stacy Dean - Darling, I do
Campbell, Stacy Dean - The Poor Man's Roses
Campbell, Tevin - Always in my heart
Campbell, Tevin - Don't say goodbye, girl
Campbell, Tevin - I'm Ready
Box of Candles - Cover me
Candlebox - far back
Candlebox – happiness pills
Candlebox - It's okay
Chandelier - you
Cannibals and the Headhunters - Land of 1000 Dances
Kanone, Freddie – Palisades Park
Cannon, Freddie - Tallahassee Lassie
Cannon, Freddie - Way Down Yonder in Nova Orleans
Kanone, Nick & R. Kelly – Gigolo (SC) ( X )
Cantrell, Blu – Hit-Em-Up-Style
Cantrell, Blu - Until I'm Gone
Gorge, George - My name
Capital letters - Safe and healthy
Chapter - Cooler Ruck (SC)
Capris – The moon is shining tonight
Captain and Tennille - Do that to me again
Captain and Tennille - Love will bind us together
Captain and Tennille - Muskrat love
Captain and Tennille - How I Want to Touch You
Darling, Irene - hungry
Cara, Irene – Flashdance
Dude, Irene - here alone
Cardigans – Gone
Cardigãs – Lovefool
Cardigans - My favorite game
Cardigans & Tom Jones – Burning the House
Carey, Mariah - Against All Odds
Carey, Mariah - Almost Home
Carey, Mariah - always be my baby
Carey, Mariah - Angels Cry
Carey, Mariah - Whenever you need a friend
Carey, Mariah – Schmetterling
Carey, Mariah - Goodbye
Carey, Mariah - Can't Let Go
Carey, Mariah - Can't Take It Away
Carey, Mariah - Forget Us Not.mpg"
Carey, Mariah - Dream Lovers
Carey, Mariah – Fantasie
Carey, Mariah - always save
Carey, Mariah – H A T E You
Carey, Mariah – Herzensbrecher
Carey, Mariah – Herói
Carey, Mariah - I don't wanna cry
Carey, Mariah - I still believe
Carey, Mariah - I want you to know
Carey, Mariah - I'll be there
Carey, Mariah - That's it
Carey, Mariah - Looking Within
Carey, Mariah - Make it Happen
Carey, Mariah - mine again
Carey, Mariah - My everything
Carey, Mariah – Hero Mix Never Far Away
Carey, Mariah - Never Too Much
Carey, Mariah – Um
Carey, Mariah - Right to Dream
Carey, Mariah – Shake It Off.mpg”
Carey, Mariah - Stay the night
Carey, Mariah - Through Pain
Carey, Mariah - Touch my body
Carey, Mariah - Under the Stars
Carey, Mariah - Vision of Love
Carey, Mariah - We belong together
Carey, Mariah - Without you
Carey, Mariah & Boyz II Men - A Sweet Day
Carey, Mariah & Cameo – Loverboy
Carey, Mariah & Houston, Whitney - If you believe
Carey, Mariah & Ninety Eight Degrees - Thank god I found you
Carey, Mariah & Trey Lorenz - I'll be there
Cargill, Henson-Pular corda
Carlile, Brandi—History
Carlisle, Belinda – Kreis im Sand
Carlisle, Belinda - Heaven is a place on earth
Carlisle, Belinda - I'm getting weak
Carlisle, Belinda - Very deep
Carlisle, Belinda - crazy about you
Carlisle, Bob - Butterfly Kisses
Carlisle, Bob - Father's Love
Carlisle, Bob - Dreaming of babies lately
Carlisles - I don't need any help
Carlton, Vanessa – Ordinary Day (SC)
Carlton, Vanessa - Pretty Baby
Carlton, Vanessa - A Thousand Miles
Carmen, Eric - Alone
Carmen, Eric - Change of heart
Carmen, Eric - Make me lose control (SC)
Carmen, Eric - I will never fall in love again
Carnes, Kim - Eyes of Bette Davis
Carnes, Kim - Crazy in the Night
Carolina Liar - Drowning
Carolina Rain - American Radio
Carolina Rain - Get out of my way
Carolina Rain - It's not her
Caroline's Spine - Nothing to Prove (SC)
Carpenter, Mary Chapin - Almost Home
Zimmerman, Mary Chapin—Inset
Carpenter, Mary Chapin - Down At The Twist And Shout
Zimmermann, Mary Chapin - Departing tonight
Carpenter, Mary Chapin - Growing Old With Me
Zimmerman, Mary Chapin - Hard Way
Carpenter, Mary Chapin - He Thinks He's Getting Her
Carpenter, Mary Chapin - House of Cards
Carpenter, Mary Chapin - I Feel Lucky (Mike -2)
Carpenter, Mary Chapin - I'm Taking a Chance
Carpenter, Mary Chapin - My dear old friend
Carpenter, Mary Chapin - Not asking too much
Carpenter, Mary Chapin - Passionate Kisses
Carpenter, Mary Chapin - Right Now
Carpenter, Mary Chapin - Shut up and kiss me
Carpenter, Mary Chapin - Affectionate when I want to be
Carpenter, Mary Chapin - What Would You Tell Me?
Carpenter, Mary Chapin - Why walk when you can fly
Carpenter, Mary Chapin and Joe Diffie - Not asking too much
Carpenter, Mary Chapin & Sheryl Crow & Emmylou Harris – Carne e Sangue
Carpenter near you
Carpenter - From What We Know (SC)
Carpenters - hurt each other
Carpenter - Won't last a day without you
Carpenter - It will take some time
Carpenter – Please, Mr. Postman
Carpenter – rainy days and assembly
Carpenter - Sing, sing a song
Carpenter - Superstar (SC)
Tischler – Top of the World
Carpenter - Touch me when we dance
Carpenters - We've only just begun
Carpenter - Yesterday again
Carr, Vikki - It must be him
Carrack, Paul - Shed No Tears
Carrack, Paul - For the First Time in Our Lives
Carrington, Rodney – Dancing with a Man (right)
Carrington, Rodney - More than a Man (R)
Carrington, Rodney - Show Me (R)
Carrington, Rodney - Who stuck the stick in the snowman (SC) (XXX)
Carroll, Jason Michael – Alyssa Lies (SC)
Carroll, Jason Michael - Hurry Home
Carroll, Jason Michael - Can I Sleep When I Die?
Carroll, Jason Michael – Livin Our Love Song (SC)
Carroll, Jason Michael—Numbers
Carroll, Jason Michael - Where I Come From
Cars - Driving
Carros – Good Times Roll
Cars - just what I needed
Cars - let's go
Cars - My Best Friend's Girl
Cars - Shake it up
Cars – She's coming tonight
Cars - you might think so
Carson, Jeff - Butterfly Kisses
Carson, Jeff – Auto
Carson, Jeff - Cheatin On Her Heart (SC)
Carson, Jeff - Do it again
Carson, Jeff - I can only imagine it
Carson, Jeff - Not in Your Love
Carson, Jeff - Real Life
Carson, Jeff—Shine
Carson, Jeff - The Last Mile
Carson, Jeff - Until We Fall in Love Again
Carson, Jeff - When You Said You Love Me
Carson, Jeff - Yes, Buddy
Carter, Carlene - Let's go back
Carter, Carlene – Hurricane
Carter, Carlene - I fell in love
Carter, Carlene - I love you because I want to
Carter, Carlene - Something Past
Carter, Carlene - The Sweetest Thing
Carter, Clarence - Kiss You All (Mike)
Carter, Clarence – Strokin (R) (Mike-1)
Carter, Deana - Absence of the Heart
Carter, Deana - Angels work overtime
Carter, Dean - Count me among them
Carter, Deana - I shaved my legs for this
Carter, Deana - How do I get there?
Carter, Deana - I'm Just a Girl
Carter, Deana - Once Upon a December
Carter, Deana - Strawberry Wine
Carter, Deana - No Limit
Carter, Deana - We Danced Anyway
Carter, Deana - You still rock me
Carter, Mel - Hold Me, Arouse Me, Kiss Me
Carter, Nick - Help me
Carter's Rope – andere Rasse
Carter chords - a little less comfortable
Carter's Chord - Young Love
Cartman, Eric (South Park) – Kyles Mom’s A Bitch
Cartwright, Lionel - Be My Angel (SC)
Cartwright, Lionel - family tree (SC)
Cartwright, Lionel - Give Me Your Last Chance
Cartwright, Lionel - All Seen on My Radio (SAV)
Cartwright, Lionel – Leap of Faith (PI)
Cartwright, Lionel - Miles and Years (CB)
Cartwright, Lionel - Standing by the promises (SC)
Cartwright, Lionel - What a Fool
Cascada - Whenever We Play (SC)
Cascada – Wunder.mpg”
Cascades - Rhythm of the Rain (Mike -1)
Case - I miss you
Fall - Touch me, provoke me (SC)
Cash, Johnny - As the Wind Blows
Cash, Johnny - Ballad of a Teenage Queen
Cash, Johnny - boy named Sue
Bargeld, Johnny – Cocaine Blues
Money, Johnny - cry, cry, cry
Cash, Johnny – Daddy sang Bass
Cash, Johnny - Don't take your guns into town
Cash, Johnny - Five feet tall and climbing
Cash, Johnny - flesh and blood
Cash, Johnny – Folsom Prison Blues (Mike)
Cash, Johnny - Getting Rhythm (Mike)
Cash, Johnny - Ghost Riders in the Sky
Cash, Johnny - say hello to Rose for me
Cash, Johnny - God will finish you off
Cash, Johnny - Guess that's how it works
Cash, Johnny – hurt
Cash, Johnny - Someone is still missing
Cash, Johnny - I'll walk the line
Cash, Johnny - it's not me, baby
Cash, Johnny - I've been everywhere
Cash, Johnny - Man in Black
Cash, Johnny - One Piece at a Time
Cash, Johnny – Feuerring (Mike +1)
Cash, Johnny - Seasons of my Heart
Cash, Johnny - Sunday morning is coming
Money, Johnny - here you go
Cash, Johnny - thing called love
Cash, Johnny - Understand your man
Cash, Johnny - Manners of a Woman in Love
Cash, Johnny - What is true
Cash, Johnny & Dave Matthews - For you
Cash, Johnny and Fiona Apple - father and son
Cash, Johnny und June Carter – Jackson
Cash, Rosanne - Never be you
Cash, Rosanne – Runaway Train
Cash, Rosanne - Seven years of pain
Bargeld, Rosanne – Tennessee Flat Top Box
Cash, Rosanne & Johnny Cash - September when it matters
Casinos - so you can say goodbye to me
Cassidy, David - There isn't a bridge I wouldn't cross
Cassidy, Eve - Blue Skies
Cassidy, Eva – Danny Boy
Cassidy, Eva – Morgenregen
Cassidy, Eva - Imagine
Cassidy, Eva - Never mind
Cassidy, Eve - Over the Rainbow
Cassidy, Eva - People Prepare
Cassidy, Eva – Singvogel
Cassidy, Eva – Tennessee-Walzer
Cassidy, Eva - Again and again
Cassidy, Eva - Wading in the water
Cassidy, Eva and Chuck Brown – February 2nd
Cassidy, Eva und Katie Melua – What a Wonderful World (Mike)
Cassie - Me and You (SC)
Shipwrecked - Liar Liar
Cebrera, Ryan – True.mpg”
Cetera, Peter – Glory of Love
Cetera, Peter and Amy Grant - The Next Time I Fall
Cetera, Peter & Chaka Khan – Feels like heaven
Cetera, Peter & Crystal Benard – Forever Tonight
Chad and Jeremy - Summer Song
CEO – Give me a little more time
Chambers Brothers - The time has come today
Chambers, Kasey - Not Pretty Enough
Champagne – how about us
Chandler, Gene – Duque de Earl
Change face - GHETTOUT
Kanal, Bruce – Hey Baby (Mike-2)
Channing, Stockard - Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee (SC)
Channing, Stockard - There's Worse Things I Could Do (SC)
Chapin, Harry - The cat lies in the cradle
Chapin, Harry - A child is born
Chapin, Harry – Taxi
Chapman, Beth Neilsen - Sand and Water
Chapman, Beth Neilsen – Shake My Soul
Chapman, Beth Neilson - In The Time It Takes
Chapman, Beth Nielsen - Happy Girl
Chapman, Donovan – Casa Assim
Chapman, Tracy - Fast Car
Chapman, Tracy - Give me a reason (Mike +1)
Chapman, Tracy - Fresh Start
Chapman, Tracy - Smoke and Ashes
Chapman, Tracy - Storytelling (SC)
Chapman, Tracy – Hochzeitslied
Charlene - I was never with myself
Charles and Eddie - I would lie to you
Charles, Jimmy - Million to One
Charles, Ray - America The Beautiful
Charles, Ray - Born to Lose (CB)
Charles, Ray – Preso (SC)
Charles, Ray – Bye Love (CB)
Charles, Ray – Hora do Choro (DK)
Charles, Ray - Deep in the Heart of Texas (OZ)
Charles, Ray - Don't set me free (LS)
Charles, Ray - Drowning in My Own Tears
Charles, Ray - Georgia On My Mind
Charles, Ray - Hallelujah, I love her so (CB)
Charles, Ray – Hard Times (CB)
Charles, Ray - Here we go again (Mike)
Charles, Ray - On the Jack Road
Charles, Ray - I believe in my soul (LS)
Charles, Ray - I Can't Stop Loving You
Charles, Ray - I have a wife (SC)
Charles, Ray - I'm a Fool to Care (OZ)
Charles, Ray - It had to be you (LS)
Charles, Ray - Let the good times roll (CB)
Charles, Ray - Let's get high
Charles, Ray - Little Girl of Mine (RB)
Charles, Ray – Lonely Avenue (RB)
Charles, Ray – Mary Ann (CB)
Charles, Ray – Chaos (CB)
Charles, Ray - The Night Is the Right Time (CB)
Charles, Ray – Rubin (PS)
Charles, Ray - Shake a Tail Feather
Charles, Ray - song for you
Charles, Ray - Take These Chains Off My Heart (LS)
Charles, Ray - that lucky old sun
Charles, Ray - Together Again (OZ)
Charles, Ray – Unchain My Heart (CB)
Charles, Ray - What Did I Say
Charles, Ray – Yesterday (LS)
Charles, Ray - You are my sunshine (LS)
Charles, Ray - You Don't Know Me (CB)
Charles, Ray - Your Deceitful Heart (LS)
Charles, Ray and Betty Carter - Baby, it's cold outside
Charles, Ray and Diana Krall - You Don't Know Me (CB)
Charles, Ray & Elton John - sorry seems to be the hardest word (LS)
Charles, Ray und Noah Jones – Here We Go Again
Chavalier, Maurice - Thank God for Little Girls
Cheap Trick – Ain’t It A Shame (Live-Version)
Cheap trick - I can't stop falling in love
Cheap trick - don't be cruel
Cheap trick - dream police
Cheap trick - flame
Cheap trick - I want you to want me
Cheap trick - she's tight
Cheap trick - surrender
Cheap trick - you're all I want
Checker, Chubby - Let's cheer again
Checker, Mollig – Limbo Rock (SC)
Checker, Chubby – Pony Time
Checker, Chubby – Twist
Cheech and Chong - Earache in my eye (SC)
Koch - Salted Chocolate Balls (XXX)
Chef (South Park) – Salty Chocolate Balls
Cook (South Park) – Love sauce
Cook (South Park) – No Substitute (Oh Kathy Lee)
Cook (South Park) – Simultaneously
Koch und Hackbraten (South Park) – Tonight is sure for love
Chenoweth, Kristen – Popular
Chenoweth, Kristen – Taylor O Latte Boy
Chenoweth, Kristen - What a feeling it is
Chenoweth, Kristen & Idina Menzel - Defying Gravity
Chenoweth, Kristen and Idina Menzel - For Good
Chenoweth, Kristen and Matthew Morrison - Alone
Chenoweth, Kristen and Idina Menzel - Forever
Cher - All I need is you
Cher - All or Nothing
Cher - Baby, don't go
Cher - Bang Bang
Cher - The beat goes on
Cher- believe
Dear - Dunkle Dame
Cher - gypsy vagrants and thieves
Cher – Mestizen (SC)
Cher - heart of stone
Cher - Found someone
Cher - If I could go back in time (SC)
Cher - Just like Jesse James
Cher - love and understanding
Cher - Love Hurts
Cher - Music is no good without you
Cher - runaway
Cher - Save all your tears
Cher - Shoop Shoop Song It's In His Kiss (CB)
Cher - Song for the Lonely
Cher - Strong Enough (SC)
Cher - This is a song for the lonely
Cher - You didn't see me last
Cher & Peter Cetera – Still
Cherish & Sean Paul – Do It To It.mpg”
Cherrelle – Saturday love
Cherry Poppin Daddies - Brown derby jump
Cherry Poppin Daddies - Here comes the snake
Cherry Poppin Daddies – Zoot Suit Riot (Mike)
Cherry, Neneh - Buffalo Husbandry
Chesney, Kenny - I'm not back yet
Chesney, Kenny - All I Need to Know
Chesney, Kenny - American Children
Chesney, Kenny - Everything But Me
Chesney, Kenny - Back in my arms again
Chesney, Kenny – Bar at the End of the World
Chesney, Kenny - Be who you are
Chesney, Kenny – Bier in Mexiko
Chesney, Kenny - Best as a reminder
Chesney, Kenny - Big Star
Chesney, Kenny – Herbstjungen
Chesney, Kenny – Chance
Chesney, Kenny – Venham
Chesney, Kenny - Don't blink
Chesney, Kenny - Doesn't happen twice
Chesney, Kenny - Everyone wants to go to heaven
Chesney, Kenny - Fall in love
Chesney, Kenny – Flip-Flop-Sommer
Chesney, Kenny – Good Things
Chesney, Kenny - Got a little crazy
Chesney, Kenny - Grandpa told me
Chesney, Kenny - Guitars and Tiki Bars
Chesney, Kenny - What Forever
Chesney, Kenny - I'll be back
Chesney, Kenny - I Lost
Chesney, Kenny - I'm staying
Chesney, Kenny - Just put a bow in your hair
Chesney, Kenny - Barrel in the Closet
Chesney, Kenny - Live a little
Chesney, Kenny – The Best Of Chesney Songs
Chesney, Kenny – Fast Forward leben
Chesney, Kenny - Lots of different things
Chesney, Kenny - Me and You (SC)
Chesney, Kenny - Never wanted again
Chesney, Kenny - no shoes, no shirt, no problems
Chesney, Kenny – Lärm
Chesney, Kenny - Old Blue Chair
Chesney, Kenny - Out last night
Chesney, Kenny – Piratenflagge
Chesney, Kenny - Reality
Chesney, Kenny - She thinks my tractor is sexy
Chesney, Kenny - She has everything
Chesney, Kenny - Somewhere near you
Chesney, Kenny - ten with two
Chesney, Kenny - That's why I'm here
Chesney, Kenny - There Goes My Life
Chesney, Kenny - This is our moment
Chesney, Kenny - Until It's Over
Chesney, Kenny - Blechmann
Chesney, Kenny - What do I have to do?
Chesney, Kenny - When I close my eyes
Chesney, Kenny - When I see this bar
Chesney, Kenny - Who would you be today?
Chesney, Kenny – Woman with you
Chesney, Kenny - You got me from hello
Chesney, Kenny - You save me
Chesney, Kenny – Jung
Chesney, Kenny and Dave Matthews - I live
Chesney, Kenny & George Strait - Shift work
Chesney, Kenny and Grace Potter - You and Tequila
Chesney, Kenny & Kid Rock – Luckenbach Texas
Chesney, Kenny and Mac McAnaly - On the Road
Chesney, Kenny & Pink - Setting the World on Fire
Chesney, Kenny & Tim McGraw - Feel like a rock star
Chesney, Kenny and Uncle Kracker – When the Sun Goes Down (Mike)
Chesnutt, Mark - Almost Goodbye
Chesnutt, Mark - How the Honky Tonk Transforms
Chesnutt, Mark – Bruder Jukebox
Chesnutt, Mark - Bubba shot the jukebox
Chesnutt, Mark - Come to Whisky's Fine
Chesnutt, Mark – Lá no Tennessee
Chesnutt, Mark - Fallin' Never Been So Good
Chesnutt, Mark - Passing the Big 'D
Chesnutt, Mark - continued later
Chesnutt, Mark – Gonna Get A Life
Chesnutt, Mark - I don't want to miss anything
Chesnutt, Mark - I just wanted you to know
Chesnutt, Mark - I might even give up loving you
Chesnutt, Mark - I can think of something
Chesnutt, Mark - I'm in Love with a Married Woman
Chesnutt, Mark - It really is Monday
Chesnutt, Mark - It wouldn't hurt to have wings
Chesnutt, Mark - It's a little late
Chesnutt, Mark - It's Not Over Yet
Chesnutt, Mark - Let It Rain
Chesnutt, Mark - Lost in Emotion
Chesnutt, Mark - Loving Her Was Easier Than Anything I Would Do Again (Mike)
Chesnutt, Mark – Altes Land
Chesnutt, Mark - Old Flames Have New Names
Chesnutt, Mark – Rollin With The Flow (Mike)
Chesnutt, Mark - She never got over you
Chesnutt, Mark - She was
Chesnutt, Mark - Thank God for the Believers
Chesnutt, Mark - What to do in Wichita
Chesnutt, Mark - This sorrow never sleeps
Chesnutt, Mark - Too cold in the house (Mike)
Chesnutt, Mark - When I get so close to you
Chesnutt, Mark - When you love her madly
Chesnutt, Mark - Wherever You Are
Chesnutt, Mark – Sexy Woman Woman
Chesnutt, Mark - Wrong place at the wrong time
Chesnutt, Mark - Your love is a miracle
Chevelle - rot
Chevelle - Send the pain down
Chi Lites - Have you seen them (SC)
Chi Lites – Oh Girl (SC)
Chic – dance dance dance
Schick - good times
Class - The Freak
Chicago - Baby, what a big surprise
Chicago - Color of my World (Mike -1)
Chicago - Does anyone really know what time it is (Mike -2)
Chicago - Here in my heart
Chicago - I don't want to live without your love
Chicago - Look away
Chicago - Old Times
Chicago - Questions #67 and #68
Chicago - Saturday no park
Chicago - twenty-five or six to four
Chicago - You are the inspiration
Chiffons - A beautiful day
Child, Jane - I don't want to fall in love
Children of Eden - Not good
Nursery Rhymes – Basic Needs (SC)
Coro Infantil - Ten bottles of pop on the wall
Chingy – Right Thursday (XXX)
Chingy & Ludacris – Holidae ( XXX )
Chordettes - lollipops
Chordettes—Mr. Sandman
Acordes – Sh Boom (SC)
Christie - Yellow River
Christie, Lou - Gypsy Way
Christie, Lou – Blitz
Christie, Lou - I have two faces
Christmas - Como, Perry - There's no better place to celebrate the holidays than at home
Christmas – Silent Night (country version)
Christmas - You are mean Mr. Grinch
Christmas Pattern - We need a little bit of Christmas
Christmas, Adams, Yolanda - Merry Christmas
Christmas, Aiken, Clay - First Santa
Christmas, Alabama - Angels Among Us
Natal, Alabama – Natal im Dixie (Mike -2)
Christmas, Alabama - Santa Claus, I Still Believe in You (CB)
Christmas, Alabama – Thistlehair The Christmas Bear
Christmas, Anderson, John - Christmas time
Natal, Arnold, Eddy – Up On The Housetop (Mike)
Natal, Beach Boys – Little Saint Nick
Natal, Bellamy Brothers – Old Hippie Christmas (CB)
Natal, Berry, Chuck – Feliz Natal Baby (Mike)
Christmas, Berry, Chuck - Run Rudolph Run
Natal, Black, Clint - Until Santa Claus is gone
Christmas, Bon Jovi - Please come home for Christmas
Natal, Bon Jovi - Silent Night
Christmas, Boxcar Willie - joy of the world
Natal, Boyz II Men - Let it snow
Natal, Brokop, Lisa – Shake Me I Rattle
Natal, Brooks und Dunn – Hangin Round The Mistletoe
Christmas, Brooks and Dunn - It won't be Christmas without you
Christmas, Brooks and Dunn - It won't be Christmas without you
Christmas, Brooks and Dunn - Santa Claus is coming to your house
Christmas, Brooks and Dunn - Who said Santa didn't exist?
Natal, Brooks, Garth – Presente
Christmas, Brooks, Garth - The old man is back in town
Christmas, Brooks, Garth - Santa Claus looked a lot like Papa (Mike -2)
Christmas Buffet – Christmas Island
Natal, Buffett, Jimmy - Ho Ho Ho and a carafe of rum
Natal, Buffett, Jimmy – Christmas
Christmas, Byrd, Tracy - Christmas like Mama used to have
Natal, Campbell, Tevin – O Holy Night
Christmas Carey Mariah - All I want for Christmas is you
Christmas, carpenter – Merry Christmas, dear
Christmas, money, Johnny - gone in a manger
Christmas, Chesney, Kenny - All I want for Christmas is a really nice tan
Natal, Chicago – Jolly Old St. Nikolaus
Natal, Chicago – Natal Branco
Christmas, Clarkson, Kelly - Under the Tree
Christmas, Cole, Nat King - Christmas Carol (Mike)
Christmas, Como, Perry - There's no Christmas like Christmas at home
Christmas, Cornelius, Helena – O Holy Night
Natal, Crosby, Bing – White Christmas (Mike)
Weihnachten, Crosby, Bing & David Bowie – Peace On Earth Little Drummer Boy (SC)
Natal, Corvo, Sheryl – Natal Azul
Christmas, Dion, Celine - O holy night
Christmas, Eagles - Please come home for Christmas
Christmas, Elmo and Patsy - Mr. Santa Claus
Christmas, Elmo and Patsy - Grandma got run over by a reindeer (Mike)
Natal, Inglês, Michael – Mary Did You Know (SC)
Natal, Evans, Sara—O come all, ye faithful ones
Christmas, Feliciano, José – Merry Christmas
Natal, Freberg, Stan - nuttin for Natal
Christmas Garland Judy - Merry Christmas
Christmas, Gil, Vince - A Shining Star
Christmas, Gil, Vince - What kid is that (SC)
Christmas, Gill, Vince and Jenny Gill - Peace on Earth
Natal, Gilley, Mickey – Natal Azul
Natal, Gilley, Mickey – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (CB)
Natal, Gilley, Mickey - Joy to the World (CB)
Natal, Gilley, Mickey - O Little Town Bethlehem (CB)
Natal, Gilley, Mickey - swinging around the Christmas tree
Christmas, Grant, Amy - Christmas I'll be home
Natal, Hall, Tom T – Jolly Old St. Nikolaus
Christmas, Halle, Tom T – O Christmas Tree (CB)
Natal, Harling, Keith – Santa's Got A Semi
Natal, Harris, Emmylou – O little town Bethlehem (SC)
Natal, Hathaway, Donny – Este Natal (SC)
Christmas, Heat Curse & Snow Curse – Ano sem Papai Noel (SC)
Natal, Helm, Bobby – Jingle Bell Rock (SC)
Natal, Colina, Fé – Where are you Natal (SC)
Weihnachten, Horne, Lena – Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow
Christmas, Houston, Whitney - You Hear What I Hear
Natal, Humperdinck, Engelbert - Winter Wonderland
Natal, Ives, Burl – Holly Jolly Christmas (Mike)
Christmas, Jackson, Alan - I only want you for Christmas
Christmas, Jackson, Alan - just put a bow in your hair
Natal, Jackson, Alan - Let It Be Christmas
Christmas, Jackson, Alan - Santa Claus comes with a pickup
Natal, Jackson, Alan & Alison Krauss – Angels Cried
Natal, Jennings, Waylon - Way in the Manger (Mike)
Natal, Jennings, Waylon – O Come All Ye Faithful (Mike)
Natal, John, Elton – Ho Ho Ho Quem Seria Um Peru No Natal
Christmas, John, Elton - Enter Christmas
Christmas, Jones, Spike - All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth
Christmas, Judds - What kid is that (SC)
Christmas, Keen, Robert Earl - Happy Holidays everyone
Christmas, Keith, Toby - Christmas Rock
Christmas, Keith, Toby - The Night Before Christmas (SC)
Christmas, Keith, Toby - Santa I'm Right Here
Christmas, Kershaw, Sammy - Daddy's Stuff
Christmas, Kinks – Papai Noel (SC)
Christmas, Lavigne, Avril & Chantal Kreviazuka – Oh Holy Night (SC)
Christmas, Lee, Brenda – Rockin Around The Christmas Tree (Mike)
Christmas, Teacher, Tom - A Christmas Carol
Christmas, Lennon, John - and that's Christmas
Christmas, Lennon, John - Merry Christmas, the war is over
Natal, Lonestar – Winterwunderland (SC)
Natal, Loveless, Patty – Santa Train
Natal, Madonna – Papai Noel
Natal, Martin, Dean - Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow
Christmas, Mathis, Johnny - sleigh ride
Christmas, Mattea, Kathy - Star
Christmas, McBrdie, Martina – Merry Christmas (SC)
Natal, McCartney, Paul – Wonderful Christmas Time (SC)
Christmas, McEntire, Reba - Singing Angels
Christmas, McEntire, Reba - The Secret of Giving
Christmas, Mellencamp, John - I Saw Mom Kissing Santa Claus (SC)
Christmas, Michael, George – Last Christmas
Christmas, Milsap, Ronnie - It's Christmas
Christmas, Montgomery Gentry - Merry Christmas from the family
Christmas, Montgomery, John Michael - My Christmas Wish
Natal, Murray, Anne - Little Drummer Boy (SC)
Christmas Nelson Willie - Please Come Home for Christmas (SC)
Natal, Nelson, Willie - Pretty Paper (Mike)
Christmas, Newsong – Christmas Shoes (SC)
Christmas, Oak Ridge Boys - Thank God for kids
Natal, Orbison, Roy - Pretty paper
Natal, Orlando, Tony - Walk in a Manger (CB)
Natal, Orlando, Tony – Little Drummer Boy (CB)
Christmas, Owens, Bucks - Santa Claus looked a lot like Santa Claus
Natal, Parton, Dolly - Hard Candy Christmas
Natal, Parton, Dolly – Silent Night (SC)
Natal, Parton, Stella – Deck The Halls
Christmas, Peevey, Gayla - I want a hippo for Christmas
Christmas, Pointer Sisters - Santa Claus is coming to town
Natal, Presley, Elvis - Blue Christmas (Mike)
Christmas, Presley, Elvis - First Christmas
Christmas, Presley, Elvis – Here Comes Santa Claus (Mike)
Christmas, Presley, Elvis - holly leaves and Christmas trees
Christmas, Presley, Elvis - If Every Day Was Like Christmas (Mike)
Christmas, Presley, Elvis - When I get home on Christmas Day
Christmas, Presley, Elvis - I'm home for Christmas
Christmas, Presley, Elvis - It won't feel like Christmas without you
Natal, Presley, Elvis – O Come All Ye Faithful
Natal, Presley, Elvis - O little town of Bethlehem
Christmas, Presley, Elvis - On a snowy Christmas Eve
Natal, Presley, Elvis - Santa is bringing my baby back
Christmas, Presley, Elvis - Santa is back in town
Natal, Presley, Elvis - Silent Night
Christmas, Presley, Elvis - Silver Bells
Natal, Presley, Elvis - White Christmas
Natal, Presley, Elvis – Winterwunderland
Christmas, Presley, Elvis - Wonderful Christmas World
Christmas, Pride, Charley - Christmas in my hometown
Christmas, Pride, Charley - Christmas in my hometown
Natal, Rabbitt, Eddie – Deck The Halls (CB)
Christmas, Rabbitt, Eddie - Christmas I'm Home, Auld Lang Syne (CB)
Christmas, Rabbitt, Eddie - We wish you a Merry Christmas (CB)
Natal, Rascal Flatts – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (CB)
Christmas, Roter Peters - You don't get any shit at Christmas (SC) (XXX)
Christmas, Reeves, Jim - Vintage Christmas Card
Christmas, Reeves. Jim - Silver Bells (Mike)
Christmas Rihanna - It just doesn't feel like Christmas without you (CB)
Christmas, Rivers, Bob - Walking around in women's underwear
Christmas, Rivers, Bob - What if Eminem made Jingle Bells (SC) (XXX).
Natal, Rios, Bob – Wrack der Malls (SC)
Natal, Robbins, Marty – Hark The Herald Angels cantam
Natal, Rogers, Kenny & Dolly Parton - Christmas to Remember (CB)
Christmas Rogers, Kenny & Dolly Parton - Christmas Without You (PS)
Christmas, Rogers, Kenny and Dolly Parton - The Greatest Gift Ever (CB)
Christmas, Rogers, Kenny & Dolly Parton - I Believe in Santa Claus (PS)
Weihnachten, Rogers, Kenny & Dolly Parton – With Bells On
Christmas, Ronstadt, Linda - Christmas I'm Home (SC)
Christmas, Ross, Dianna - My Favorite Things (SC)
Christmas, Sandler, Adam - Hanukkah Song (SC)
Christmas Seger Bob – Little Drummer Boy (SC)
Natal, Seger, Bob – Sock It To Me Santa (CB)
Natal, Setzer, Brian – Boogie Woogie Papai Noel (SC)
Natal, Setzer, Brian – Jingle Bells (SC)
Christmas, Shelton, Ricky Van – Please come home for Christmas (Mike -2)
Christmas, Sherman, Allan - Twelve Days of Christmas
Natal, Sixpence None The Richer = Christmastime Is Here (SC)
Christmas, Skaggs, Ricky & James Taylor - New Shining Star
Christmas, Smith, Mel & Kim Wilde - Swinging around the Christmas tree
Christmas, South Park - I'm a Lonely Jew
Christmas, Springsteen, Bruce – Merry Christmas Baby (SC)
Christmas, Springsteen, Bruce - Santa Claus is coming to town
Natal, Starr, Kay - Man with the Bag (SC)
Christmas Stevens Ray - Santa is watching
Christmas Stone Doug - All I want for Christmas is you
Christmas, Stein, Doug - Christmas card
Christmas, Strait, George – Christmas Cookies (Mike +1)
Christmas, Strait, George - Merry Strait Christmas to you (Mike +1)
Christmas, Strait, George - Merry Christmas wherever you are
Christmas, Strait, George - What a merry Christmas this could be
Christmas, Strait, George - When is Christmas in Texas?
Christmas, Stuart, Marty - even Santa is sad
Christmas Temptations – Silent Night (SC)
Christmas, Tippin, Aaron - Christmas is too close to be that far away
Natal, TLC – Sleigh Ride (SC)
Christmas, Tractors - Boogie Woogie Santa Claus
Christmas, Tractors - Santa Claus Boogie
Christmas Tractors - Santa arrives on a Boogie Woogie Choo Cho (Mike) train
Traditional Christmas - Christmas in Killarney
Natal Tradicional – Deck The Halls (Mike)
Traditional Christmas - They know it's Christmas
Natal Tradicional – Frosty The Snowman (Mike +1)
Traditional Christmas - Here comes Santa Claus (Mike)
Traditional Christmas - I saw Mom kissing Santa Claus (Mike +1)
Traditional Christmas - Christmas I'm at home (Mike +1)
Traditional Christmas - It's starting to look a lot like Christmas (Mike -1)
Natal Tradicional – Jingle Bell Rock (Mike-2)
Traditional Christmas - Jingle Bells (Mike)
Natal Tradicional – Jolly Old Saint Nicholas (Mike)
Natal Tradicional – Joy to the World (Mike -2)
Traditionelles Weihnachten – Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow
Natal, Traditional – O Holy Night (Mike -2)
Traditional Christmas - Rudolf with the red nose (Mike)
Traditional Christmas - Santa is coming to town (Mike +1)
Traditional Christmas – Silent Night (Mike)
Traditional Christmas - Silver Bells (Mike +2)
Traditional Christmas – horse-drawn sleigh ride
Traditional Christmas – Twelve Days of Christmas
Traditional Christmas – We wish you a Merry Christmas (Mike -2)
Natal Tradicional – Winterwunderland (Mike)
Christmas, Travis, Randy - Christmas Carol (SC)
Natal, Travis, Randy – Jingle Bell Rock
Natal, Travis, Randy - White Christmas Makes Me Blue
Christmas, Underwood, Carrie - You Hear What I Hear (CB)
Christmas, Vance, Vince and Valiants - All I want for Christmas is you (Mike -1)
Natal, Vincent, Rhonda - Natal at home
Christmas, Carroceiro, Concierge - We wish you a Merry Christmas
Christmas, Wariner, Steve - This Christmas Prayer
Christmas, Wham – Last Christmas (CB)
Christmas, Williams, Andy - it's the best time of the year
Christmas, Williams, Andy – Twelve Days of Christmas (CB)
Natal, Williams, Vanessa - You Hear What I Hear (SC)
Christmas, Williams, Vanessa - what kind of child is that
Natal, Wilson Philips - Silent Night
Christmas, Womack, Lee Ann - The man with the bag
Christmas, Womack, Lee Ann – What are you doing on New Year's Eve (SC)
Christmas, Wonder, Stevie & India Aria – Christmas Carol (SC)
Natal, Yankovic, Weird Al – Natal ohne Marco Zero
Christmas, Yearwood, Trisha - it wasn't his kid
Christmas, Yearwood, Trisha - There's a new boy in town
Christmas, Yoakam, Dwight - here comes Santa
Christmas, Yoakam, Dwight - Santa is back in town
Chumbawamba – Amnesia
Chumbawamba – Tubthumping (SC)
Church, Claudia – home in my heart
Church, Claudia - It's all your fault
Church, Claudia - What's the matter with you baby?
Igreja, Eric - Cold One
Igreja, Eric – Creepin
Kirche, Eric - Drink in my hand
Church, Eric - Give back my hometown
Church, Eric - People Like Me
Church, Eric - Hell in the Heart
Church, Eric - Your Kind of Money, My Kind of Love
Igreja, Eric - Homeboy
Church, Eric - And You
Church, Eric - Ressaca and Hard Up
Church, Eric - Kill a word
Church, Eric - Like a wrecking ball
Church, Eric - As Jesus Does
Church, Eric - Love Your Love More
Church, Eric-Mr. Misunderstood
Church, Eric - Outsiders
Church, Eric - Record Year
Church, Eric - Sinners Like Me
Church, Eric - Smoke Some Smoke
Igreja, Eric – Springsteen
Kirche, Eric – Talladega
Kirche, Eric – Two pink lines
Ciara – bet
Ciara - as a boy
Ciara - I promise
Ciara - speechless
Ciara & Ludicras – Oh (SC)
Ciara & Missy Elliott – One Two Step.mpg”
Ciara & Petey Pablo – Goodies (SC)
Cinderella - I don't know what you got
Cinderella – Gypsy Street
Cinderella Season of Broken Hearts
Cinderella - In my corner
Cinderella - Nobody is a fool
Cinderella - Shake Me
Cinderella - Somebody save me
Cinderella - The Lament of the Half-Sister
King Citizen - Better Days
City High - What would you do?
City High & Eve – Karamelo
Clanton, Jimmy - Just a Dream
Clanton, Jimmy - My Own True Love
Clanton, Jimmy – Vênus in Blue Jeans (Mike-2)
Clapton, Eric - After Midnight
Clapton, Eric - Blue Eyes Blue
Clapton, Eric – Poder do Blues
Clapton, Eric - Born under a bad omen
Clapton, Eric - Change the World
Clapton, Eric – Kokain
Clapton, Eric - Don't think twice, it's okay
Clapton, Eric - Eternal Man
Clapton, Eric - I Can't Take Any More
Clapton, Eric - I've Lost Myself
Clapton, Eric - I Shot the Sheriff
Clapton, Eric - If I Had Property on Judgment Day
Clapton, Eric-knock on wood
Clapton, Eric – Leg Sally nieder (Mike)
Clapton, Eric – Layla (Akustik) (Mike)
Clapton, Eric - Let It Rain
Clapton, Eric - My Father's Eyes
Clapton, Eric - Let's Go Somewhere
Clapton, Eric – Promessas
Clapton, Eric - See What Love Can Do
Clapton, Eric - She's gone
Clapton, Eric - She's Waiting
Clapton, Eric – Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Clapton, Eric - Tears in Heaven (Mike -2)
Clapton, Eric – Wonderful Tonight (Mike-2)
Clapton, Eric, and B.B. King - Riding with the king
Clark Family Experience Farewell
Clark Family Experience - Meanwhile, back at the ranch
Clark Family Experience – Standin Still
Clark, Brandy - Love can go to hell
Clark, Claudine – Party Lights (SC)
Clark, Dee - Nobody but you
Clark, Dee – Raindrops
Clark, Petula - Don't sleep on the subway
Clark, Petula - Not
Clark, Petula - I couldn't live without your love
Clark, Petula - My love
Clark, Roy - Come Live With Me (SC)
Clark, Roy - Come live with me and be my baby
Clark, Roy – Honeymoon-Feeling
Clark, Roy - I never picked cotton
Clark, Roy - If I Had To Do It Over Again
Clark, Roy - Shotgun Wedding
Clark, Roy - Thank God and Greyhound
Clark, Roy - My Fingertips
Clark, Roy - Yesterday When I Was Young (Mike)
Clark, Terri - Better Things To Do
Clark, Terri - Dirty Girl
Clark, Terri - Emotional Girl
Clark, Terri – Learning
Clark, Terri - Every Time I Cry
Clark, Terri- Arrivals
Clark, Terri - Girls lie too
Clark, Terri – Gypsy boots
Clark, Terri - I want to do anything
Clark, Terri - In My Next Life
Clark, Terri - Exactly the same
Clark, Terri - Low Gasoline
Clark, Terri - A million ways to walk
Clark, Terri - Girl from the north
Clark, Terri - Now That I Found You
Clark, Terri - Pain to Kill
Clark, Terri - Arms Arms Arms Ich
Clark, Terri - Suddenly Single
Clark, Terri - Drei Mississippi
Clark, Terri – Unbesungener Held
Clark, Terri - When Boy Meets Girl
Clark, Terri - The World Needs a Drink
Clark, Terri - you're easy on the eye
Clarkson, Kelly - All I Ever Wanted
Clarkson, Kelly - Gone
Clarkson, Kelly - Beautiful Disaster
Clarkson, Kelly - Because of you
Clarkson, Kelly - Before Your Love
Clarkson, Kelly - behind those hazel eyes
Clarkson, Kelly - Separation
Clarkson, Kelly - Take a breath
Clarkson, Kelly – Chorar
Clarkson, Kelly - Dark Side
Clarkson, Kelly - Heartbeat Song
Clarkson, Kelly - I don't care
Clarkson, Kelly - Invincible
Clarkson, Kelly – Bass
Clarkson, Kelly – Miss Independente
Clarkson, Kelly - Moment like this
Clarkson, Kelly - Lord knows best
Clarkson, Kelly - Without you my life would be shit
Clarkson, Kelly - Never Again
Clarkson, Kelly - People Like Us
Clarkson, Kelly - since you left
Clarkson, Kelly - Sober
Clarkson, Kelly - a kind of miracle
Clarkson, Kelly - Stronger
Clarkson, Kelly - Things like that
Clarkson, Kelly - Bind it
Clarkson, Kelly - The trouble with love is
Clarkson, Kelly - Go Away
Clarkson, Kelly – Where Your Heart Is.mpg”
Clarkson, Kelly - You thought wrong
Clarkson. Kelly – Anytime.mpg”
Clash - Rock the Kasbah. (SC)
Clash - Should I stay or should I go?
Classic IV – Sonnig
Klassiker IV – Every Day With You Girl (Mike -3) (Sem Gráficos)
Classic IV - Creepy
Klassiker IV – Tempestuous (Mike)
Classic IV - Traits (Mike)
Claypool, Philip – Circus Leaving Town
Clean living - no beer in heaven
Cleopatra – Cleopatra's Thema
Click five - just the girl. (SC)
Cliff, Jimmy - The Harder They Come. (SC)
Cliff, Jimmy - I can see it clearly now
Cliff, Jimmy - Many Rivers to Cross. (SC)
Cliff, Jimmy - We Are All One
Climax – Precious and little
Climax Blues Band - Couldn't get it right
Climax Blues Band - I love you
Cline, Patsy - Always
Cline, Patsy – Anytime (CB)
Cline, Patsy - Back in Baby Arms (CB)
Cline, Patsy - Back in Baby Arms (SC)
Cline, Patsy – Bill Bailey (CB)
Cline, Patsy - Blue Moon of Kentucky
Cline, Patsy - Church, a courtroom and then goodbye
Cline, Patsy - Crazy Arms (CB)
Cline, Patsy – Louca
Cline, Patsy - Dear God
Cline, Patsy - Fading Love
Cline, Patsy—fingerprints
Cline, Patsy – Play (CB)
Cline, Patsy – Metade (CB)
Cline, Patsy - Have you ever been alone?
Cline, Patsy - He Called Me Baby (CB)
Cline, Patsy - The heart you break could be yours (MM)
Cline, Patsy – Headache (CB)
Cline, Patsy – Honky Tonk Karussell
Cline, Patsy - I can see an angel
Cline, Patsy - I can't get over you
Cline, Patsy - I cried down the altar (MM)
Cline, Patsy - I don't want to
Cline, Patsy - I'm falling apart
Cline, Patsy - I Love You So Much It Hurts (CB)
Cline, Patsy - If I could see the world through a child's eyes (CB)
Cline, Patsy - I'm back down (MM)
Cline, Patsy - Imagine Isso
Cline, Patsy – Im Falle des Blues (CB)
Cline, Patsy - Loved and Lost Again (MM)
Cline, Patsy - Out of scope
Cline, Patsy - Keep in mind
Cline, Patsy - Let the tears fall
Cline, Patsy - Lonely Road
Cline, Patsy - Love Letters in the Sand
Cline, Patsy - Just you
Cline, Patsy – Catch Me When You Go Down (CB)
Cline, Patsy – Poor Man's Roses (CB)
Cline, Patsy – Rosa de San Antone (CB)
Cline, Patsy - Seven Lonely Days (LS)
Cline, Patsy – Shake Rattle and Roll (MM)
Cline, Patsy - She got you
Cline, Patsy - So Wrong
Cline, Patsy - Someday
Cline, Patsy – South of the Border (CB)
Cline, Patsy - Stop, watch and listen
Cline, Patsy - Stranger
Cline, Patsy - Stranger in My Arms
Cline, Patsy – Silly Cupid (MM)
Cline, Patsy - Sweet Dreams
Cline, Patsy - Then you'll know (MM)
Cline, Patsy - There he goes
Cline, Patsy - Three Seconds in the Ashtray (CB)
Cline, Patsy – Tra Le La Le La Dreieck
Cline, Patsy - Rotate Map Slowly (MM)
Cline, Patsy – Walkin After Midnight
Cline, Patsy – Rebellenwind (CB)
Cline, Patsy - When I'm Done With You (CB)
Cline, Patsy - When my dream boat comes home (MM)
Cline, Patsy - Why Can't It Be You?
Cline, Patsy - Yes, I understand
Cline, Patsy - You made me love you
Cline, Patsy - You Took It Out Of My Hand (CB)
Cline, Patsy - Your cheating heart
Cline, Patsy - You are stronger than me
Cline, Patsy and Jim Reeves - Have You Ever Been Alone (SC)
Clipe – Grindin (R)
Clip - Last time
Clooney, Rosemary - Come on, my house. (SC)
Clooney, Rosemary - Don't worry about me
Clooney, Rosemary – Hello
Clooney, Rosmarin – Mambo Italiano.(SC)
Clooney, Rosemary - This Old House
New Club - Support me
Coaster - Here came Jones
Coasters - Charlie Brown
Coasters – Framed
Coasters - Poison Ivy
Drink Holder - Search
Porta-copos – Yakety Yak
Coaster - Young Blood
Cochran, Anita - Dad, Can You See Me?
Cochran, Anita - For the Love of God
Cochran, Anita – Bons Tempos
Cochran, Anita - Will you be here
Cochran, Anita - You with me
Cochran, Anita & Conway Twitty - I want to hear a cheat song
Cochran, Anita & Steve Wariner - What If I Said.mp4
Cochran, Anne - After All These Years
Cochran, Eddie - Sitting on the Porch
Cochran, Eddie – Summertime Blues
Cochran, Stephen - I Think I'm Drinking
Cochran, Tammy–Anjos bis Espera
Cochran, Tammy - He really thinks he got it
Cochran, Tammy - I believe
Cochran, Tammy - I cry
Cochran, Tammy—If You Can
Cochran, Tammy - Life Happened
Cochran, Tammy - Love Won't Leave Me
Cochran, Tammy – Na und?
Cochrane, Tom - Life is a journey
Cocker, Joe - Cry Me A River
Cocker, Joe - Good Feeling
Cocker, Joe - It's About Time We Goed
Cocker, Joe – Carta
Cocker, Joe - She came in through the bathroom window
Cocker, Joe - Free my heart (Mike -2)
Cocker, Joe - When the Night Comes
Cocker, Joe - With a little help from my friends
Cocker, Joe - you are so beautiful
Cocker, Joe - you can leave your hat
Cocker, Joe and Jennifer Warnes - Where We Belong
Coe, David Allan - Divers Do It Deeper
Coe, David Allan – Hank Williams Junior Junior
Coe, David Allan - If This Ain't Country (R)
Coe, David Allan - Jack Daniels, please
Coe, David Allan - Just to prove my love to you
Coe, David Allan – Langhaariger Hinterwäldler
Coe, David Allan - Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile
Coe, David Allan - Now I Lie to Cheat
Coe, David Allan- Ride
Coe, David Allan - She Loved Me So
Coe, David Allan - Tennessee-Whisky
Coe, David Allan - This Bottle In My Hand
Coe, David Allan – Waylon Willie e eu
Coe, David Allan - What Made You Change Your Mind?
Coe, David Allan – Willie Waylon and eu (Mike)
Coe, David Allan - You never called me by my name (Mike -1)
Coe, David Allan and Bill Anderson - Get your hands on some dirt
Coffey, Kellie - No final do dia
Coffey, Kellie – Placas do Texas
Coffey, Kellie - At all costs
Coffey, Kellie - When you lay next to me
Cohn, Marc - Go around the world
Cohn, Marc - Hiking in Memphis
Cold – It just got bad. (SC)
Cold - Stupid girl
Coldplay – Arials
Coldplay clocks
Coldplay - Don't Panic
Coldplay - Every tear is a waterfall
Coldplay - Fix yourself
Coldplay - God put a smile on your face
Coldplay - Hardest part
Coldplay - that hurts like hell
Coldplay - In my place
Coldplay - Leben in Technicolor
Coldplay – Lost
Coldplay – Politics
Coldplay - bloodlust to the head
Coldplay - Scientist
Coldplay – speed of sound
Coldplay – Conversa
Coldplay - Until the Kingdom Comes
Coldplay – Problema
Coldplay - Violet Hill
Coldplay - live life
Coldplay – Gelb
Coldplay and Rihanna - Princess of China
Coldwater Jane - Bring the Love
Cole, Deggs - I've got more (SC)
Cole, J & Trey Songs - Can't get enough
Cole, Keyshia - Heaven sends
Cole, Keyshia - I remember
Cole, Keyshia - I should have cheated.mpg”
Cole, Keyshia - Take me away
Cole, Keyshia - Trust and Faith
Cole, Keyshia - You complete me
Cole, Nat King - Answer Me, My Love
Cole, Nat King - Autumn Leaves
Cole, Nat King - Blossom fell
Cole, Nat King - Baby I love you so

Cole, Nat King - Stop Walking AroundCole, Nat King - Huggable You
Cole, Nat King - Fascination
Cole, Nat King – Divirta-se na Rota 66
Cole, Nat King - I love you for sentimental reasons
Cole, Nat King - Please allow me
Cole, Nat King - I'm in a love mood
Cole, Nat King - It's Just a Paper Moon
Cole, Nat King – AMOR
Cole, Nat King – Rückblick
Cole, Nat King - Love Is A Very Bright Thing (Mike)
Cole, Nat King - Love is here to stay
Cole, Nat King - Lover, come back to me
Cole, Nat King – Mona Lisa
Cole, Nat King - My Foolish Heart
Cole, Nat King - Nature Boy
Cole, Nat King – Fingir
Cole, Nat King - maybe maybe maybe
Cole, Nat King – Ramblin Rose
Cole, Nat King – Schick es mir (Mike +1)
Cole, Nat King - Somewhere on the way
Cole, Nat King – Sternenstaub
Cole, Nat King - No Greater Love
Cole, Nat King - There Will Never Be You Again
Cole, Nat King - Those Hazy Lazy Summer Days
Cole, Nat King - Tu incha
Cole, Nat King - Three Words
Cole, Nat King - very young
Cole, Nat King - Unforgettable
Cole, Nat King - I've been thinking about you a lot
Cole, Nat King - Bringing Home My Baby
Cole, Nat King - You came from a dream
Cole, Natalie - Angels On My Shoulder
Cole, Natalie - Inseparable
Cole, Natalie - I've got love on my mind
Cole, Natalie – LOVE (Mike)
Cole, Natalie - I miss you like crazy
Cole, Natalie - Smile like yours
Cole, Natalie - Blizzard in the Sahara
Cole, Natalie - This will be an everlasting love
Cole, Natalie and Nat King Cole - Unforgettable (Mike)
Cole, Paula - Feelin Love
Cole, Paula - I believe in love
Cole, Paula - I don't want to wait. (SC)
Cole, Paula—I
Cole, Paula - Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?
Cole, Samantha - happy with you
Collective Soul - Guilt (SC)
Collective Soul – December.(SC)
Collective Soul - Gel
Collective Soul - Hard
Collective Soul - Needs
Collective soul - neither more nor less.(SC)
Collective Soul - Precious explanation
Collective Soul - Run
Collective Soul - Shine
Collective Soul - Why
Collective Soul - World I know. (SC)
Collie, Mark - Born to love you. (SC)
Collie, Mark - even the man in the moon cries
Collie, Mark – Hard Lovin Woman
Collie, Mark - It's no secret
Collie, Mark - She's never coming back
Collie, Mark - stable as she walks
Collie, Mark - Three words, two hearts in one night
Collins, Jim - Next Step. (SC)
Collins, Judy - Both Sides Now
Collins, Judy - Send the Clowns
Collins, Judy - One Day Soon
Collins, Phil - Against All Odds
Collins, Phil - Another Day in Paradise
Collins, Phil - Both Sides of the Story
Collins, Phil - I Can't Stop Loving You
Collins, Phil - Can't turn back the years
Collins, Phil - Dance Into the Light
Collins, Phil - Do you remember?
Collins, Phil - Don't let him steal your heart
Collins, Phil - Don't Lose My Number
Collins, Phil - Every day
Collins, Phil - Groovy Kind of Love
Collins, Phil - I Can't Dance
Collins, Phil - I Don't Care Anymore
Collins, Phil - I Failed Again
Collins, Phil - I wish it would rain
Collins, Phil - On Air Tonight
Collins, Phil - It's in Your Eyes
Collins, Phil - Long Long Way To Go
Collins, Phil - One more night
Collins, Phil - Something happened on the way to heaven
Collins, Phil – Sussúdio
Collins, Phil - tonight tonight tonight
Collins, Phil – True Colors
Collins, Phil - Two Hearts
Collins, Phil - Love cannot be rushed
Collins, Phil - You will be in my heart
Collins, Phil & Marilyn Martin - Separate Lives
Collins, Rossington - Don't get me wrong
Color Me Badd - Everything for love
Color Me Badd - Choose
Color Me Badd - Earth, Sun, Rain
Color Me Badd - Eternal Love
Color Me Badd - I love my love
Color Me Badd - I want to have sex with you (R)
Color Me Badd - Remember when
Color Me Badd - slow motion
Color Me Badd – time and coincidence
Colter, Jessi - I'm not Lisa
Colter, Jessi - Whatever Happened to the Blue Eyes
Coltrane, Chi - Thunder and Lightning
Colvin, Shawn - Nothing Against Me
Colvin, Shawn - Sunny has come home
Colvin, Shawn – When the Rainbow Fr
Colvin, Shawn - You and the Mona Lisa. (SC)
Comandante Cody - Hot Rod Lincoln
Combs, Luke – Hurricane
Combs, Luke - When it rains, it pours
Compromissos - Bring it to my house (SF)
Commodores – Backsteinhaus
Commodore - Basic (SC)
Commodores – Just to be around you
Commodores – Lady You Bring Me Up
Commodores - night shift
Commodore – Oh no
Commodores - Sail on
Commodore - Still
Commodores - sweet love
Commodores - Three times a lady
Commodores – Too hot to trot
Commodores - you are
Like, Perry - And I love you so (Mike)
Como, Perry - How time flies
Wie Perry – Catch a Shooting Star
Como, Perry – Hot Diggity
Like Perry-Se
Like, Perry – It's impossible
Como, Perry - My Funny Valentine
Como, Perry - An Enchanted Night
Like Perry - Until the End of Time
Como, Perry - When you were sixteen
Concrete Blonde - Everyone knows it
Concrete blond - God is a sphere
Concrete Blonde – Cure-se
Concrete Blonde – Joey
Conely, Earl Thomas - Nobody Falls Like a Fool (CB)
Conely, Earl Thomas – Niemand fällt wie ein Narr (SC)
Confederate Railroad - Big One
Confederate Railroad – Bill’s Laudromat Bar and Grill
Confederate Railroad - Cowboy Cadillac
Confederate Railroad - Dad war nie der Cadillac-Typ
Confederate Railroad - Eagles over Angels
Confederate Railroad – Elvis und Andy
Confederate Railroad - I hate rap
Confederate Railroad - Jesus und Mama
Confederate Railroad - Keep On Rockin
Confederate Railroad - The ones you love the most
Confederate Railroad - Rainha de Memphis (Mike-1)
Confederate Railroad - read on
Confederate Railroad - She never cried
Confederate Railroad – Sommer im Dixie
Confederate Railroad - That's what brothers do
Confederate Railroad - Useless women
Confederate Railroad - when and where
Confederate Railroad - Once you leave this trail, you can never come back
Conlee, John - As Long As I Hang Out With You
Conlee, John - Baby you are something
Conlee, John – back of thirty.mpg”
Conlee, John - Before My Time
Conlee, John—Inmate
Conlee, John - Common Man
Conlee, John – Friday Night Blues
Conlee, John - Have my heart in you
Conlee, John - I don't remember loving you
Conlee, John - I'm in it for love only
Conlee, John - In My Eyes
Conlee, John - Lady Lie Down
Conlee, John - Miss Emilys Foto
Conlee, John – Rosa Brille.mpg”
Conlee, John - She can't tell anymore
Conlee, John - Years after you
Conley, Arthur - Sweet Soul Music. (SC)
Conley, Earl Thomas - Fire and Smoke
Conley, Earl Thomas - Celestial Bodies
Conley, Earl Thomas - Holding You and Loving You
Conley, Earl Thomas – Ehrengrenze
Conley, Earl Thomas - Love cares not
Conley, Earl Thomas - No One Falls Like a Fool
Conley, Earl Thomas - Once Upon a Blue Moon
Conley, Earl Thomas - from the beginning
Conley, Earl Thomas - What I Would Say
Connick, Harry Jr - Good night my love
Connick, Harry Jr - Hear Me Harmony
Connick, Harry Jr - I might just whisper your name
Connick, Harry Jr - Must be you (Mike -1)
Connick, Harry Jr - We're in Love
Connick, Harry Jr - What are you doing on New Year's Eve. (SC)
Conroy, Patricia - What else can I do
Contours - Do you love me
Cook, David - Time of My Life
Cook, Elizabeth - Stupid Things
Cooke, Sam - Bring it home to me
Cooke, Sam - Chain Gang
Cooke, Sam – Cupido
Cooke, Sam - Everyone loves Cha Cha Cha
Cooke, Sam – Frankie und Johnny
Cooke, Sam - Throwing a Party
Cooke, Sam - only sixteen
Cooke, Sam - Send Me Some Love
Cooke, Sam - Shake
Cooke, Sam - Cheering all night
Cooke, Sam - Wonderful World
Cooke, Sam - you tell me
Cookies - Don't say anything bad
Cooley, Spade - Shame on you
Coolidge, Rita - All Time High
Coolidge, Rita - I'd Rather Go While I'm in Love
Coolidge, Rita - We Are Alone
Coolidge, Rita - Your love has lifted me higher
Coolio - Gangsta Paradise
Cooper, Alice - Be my lover. (SC)
Cooper, Alice - Billion Dollar Babies
Cooper, Alice—Eighteen
Cooper, Alice - I love the dead
Cooper, Alice - It's my body
Cooper, Alice - It's me. (SC)
Cooper, Alice - Mr. Nice Guy No Longer
Cooper, Alice - Only women bleed. (SC)
Cooper, Alice Veneno
Cooper, Alice - Outside School. (SC)
Cooper, Alice - Under My Wheels
Cooper, Alice - Welcome to my nightmare. (SC)
Coppola, Imani – Legende eines Cowgirls
Corbin, Easton - All the Way
Corbin, Easton - Baby be my love song
Corbin, Easton - I Can't Love You Back
Corbin, Easton - little more than that
Corbin, Easton Loving you is fun
Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose - Too late to turn back now (Mike -1)
Brothers Cornelius and Sister Rose - Treat her like a lady (Mike -1)
Cornell, Kristina - Little Red Balloon
Corona - rhythm of the night
Corrs - out of breath
Corrs - On My Father's Wings
Corrs - Right time
Corrs – Fugitive (SC)
Corrs - so jung
Corrs & Bono – When the Stars Leave (SC)
Cosgrove, Miranda - Kissin You
Costello, Elvis - Accidents will happen
Costello, Elvis – Alison
Costello, Elvis – Chelsea
Costello, Elvis - I write the book every day
Costello, Elvis - A Good Year for the Roses
Costello, Elvis - I Can't Get Up If I Fall
Costello, Elvis - Peace, Love and Understanding
Costello, Elvis - Possession
Costello, Elvis - Bomb Possession
Costello, Elvis – Radio Radio
Costello, Elvis - Red shoes
Costello, Elvis-Ela
Costello, Elvis – Veronica
Costello, Elvis - The detectives are watching
Costello, Elvis - What's so funny about Peace, Love and Understanding (SC)
Costello, Elvis & Burt Bacharach – Toledo
Costner, Kevin & Modern West - Long Hot Night
Cotter, Brad - I wish
Coty, Neal - right in the middle
Counting crows - accidentally in love
Counting Crows – Angels of Silence
Counting Crows – Daylight Fading
Counting Crows - Hanginaround
Counting Crows – Long December
Counting crows - Mr. Jones
Counting crows - murder of one
Counting Crows - Rain King
Counting crows – around here
Counting crows - she doesn't want anyone around
Counting Crows & Sheryl Crow - American Girls
Counting Crows and Vanessa Carlton - Big Yellow Taxi
Nature course - Caught in the sun
Cover Girls - Show me
Cover Girls – Wishing on a Star
Covington, Bucky – Andere Welt
Covington, Bucky - A Father's Love
Covington, Bucky - Must be someone
Covington, Bucky - I want my life back
Covington, Bucky - I'm Going
Covington, Bucky - It's good to be us
Cowboy Hearts - Ride in my little red wagon
Cowboy Hearts - It's good to remember
Cowboy Crush – Hinterwäldler-Nation
Cowboy Crush - Miss Difficult
Cowboy Junkies – Common Disaster (SC)
Cowboy Troy & Big & Rich - I'm playing Chicken on a Train
Cowboy Troy & Big and Rich – I Play Chicken With The Train (SC) (Version im Duett)
Cowsill's hair
Cowsills - Indian Sea
Cowsills - rain in the park and such
Cox, Deborah - It's Over Now
Cox, Deborah - No One Should Be Here
Cox, Deborah - Who Do You Love (SC)
Cox, Don - Man Overboard
Coyote Ugly - the right kind of wrong
Cozy up, Jimmy - She's all I've got
Crackers - I hate my generation
Craddock, Billy Crash - It's no big deal
Craddock, Billy Crash - broken into tiny pieces (Mike)
Craddock, Billy Crash - Dream Lover (Mike)
Craddock, Billy Crash - Easy as pie
Craddock, Billy Crash - I Betrayed the Love of a Good Woman
Craddock, Billy Crash - I love the blues and boogie woogie
Craddock, Billy Crash - If I could write a song as beautiful as you
Craddock, Billy Crash - I'm knocking on your door
Craddock, Billy Crash - Knock Three Times (Mike)
Craddock, Billy Crash – Rub It In (Mike)
Craddock, Billy Crash – Rubin Rubin
Craddock, Billy Crash - Still Thinking About You
Craddock, Billy Crash - Sweet Magnolia Blossom
Craddock, Billy Crash - tear fell
Craddock, Billy Crash - you got it all wrong
Cranberries - Analyze
Cranberries - Dreams
Cranberries - free decision
Cranberries - Linger
Cranberries - Ode to my family
Cranberries – Promise
Cranberries - Redemption
Cranberries - This is the day
Cranberries - Wake up and smell the coffee
Cranberries - When you're gone
Cranberry - Zombie
Crashtest Dummies - Afternoon and Coffee Spoons
Crashtest Dummies – MMM MMM MMM MMM
Crawford, Randy – Cajun Moon
Cray, Robert - foul play
Cray, Robert - I think I showed her
Cray, Robert - Sorry
Cray, Robert - Nothing But A Woman (Mike -1)
Cray, Robert – Smoking Gun
Cray, Robert & Shemika Copeland - I Play The Fool (Live Version)
Elefante Louco – Gimme Gimme Good Lovin
Mad City – Schmetterling (R)
The Mad World of Arthur Brown - Fire
Creams – Unmistakable
Cream - crossbreed
Cream - I feel free
Creme – Outside Woman Blues
Cream - Strange beer
Cream - sunshine of your love
Creme - Tales of the Brave Odysseus
Cream - White Quarter
Credo - Are you ready?
Creed - bullets
Creed - Don't Stop Dancing (Acoustic Version)
Creed - Freedom Fighter
Creed - hide
Credo - Superior
Creed - My own prison
Creed - My Sacrifice
Creed - One last sigh
Creed - One
Creed - sign
Credo - Stay here with me
Creed - Whom it May Concern
Creed - Torn
I think - what if
Credo - What is this life for?
Credo - With arms wide open
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Bad Moon Rising
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Geboren im Bayou
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Baumwollfelder
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Na esquina (Mike +2)
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Happy Son
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Green River
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have you seen the rain (Mike +2)
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Hey tonight
Creedence Clearwater Revival - I heard it through the rumor mill
Creedence Clearwater Revival - I put a spell on you (Mike -1)
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Lodi
Creedence Clearwater Revival - As Long As I Can See the Light
Creedence Clearwater Revival - View from my back door
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Mitternachts-Special
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Stolze Mary (Mike -2)
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Corra pela Selva
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Suzie Q
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Travelin Band
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Around the Band
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Who Will Stop the Rain?
Crenshaw, Marshall - Someday, Somehow
Crenshaw, Marshall - Whenever you think (SC)
Coat of Arms – Heard Angels (Mike -2)
Coat of Arms – Sixteen Candles
Coat of Arms Walkthrough (Mike-2)
Crew Cuts - Sh Boom (CB)
Crittenden, Melodie – Broken Road (SC)
Crittenden, Melody - I should have known
Croce, Jim – Bad Bad Leroy Brown (Mike)
Croce, Jim - I have a name
Croce, Jim - Gonna Have To Say I Love You In A Song
Croce, Jim - I have a name (Mike)
Croce, Jim - Cross of Lovers
Croce, Jim - New York is not my home
Croce, Jim - A Few Steps Less
Croce, Jim – Operator
Croce, Jim - Photographs and Memoirs
Croce, Jim – Rapid Roy
Croce, Jim – Roller Derby Queen
Croce, Jim – Speedball Tucker
Croce, Jim - These Dreams
Croce, Jim - Time in a Bottle
Croce, Jim - Working in the Car Wash Blues
Croce, Jim - You don't play with Jim (Mike)
Crosby Stills und Nash – Judy Blue Eyes
Crosby Stills und Nash – Just One Song Before I Go
Crosby Stills und Nash – „Long Time Gone“.
Crosby Stills and Nash - Southern Cross
Crosby Stills Nash und Young - Ohio
Crosby Stills Nash and Young - Teach Your Children
Crosby Stills Nash and Young - Wasted Along the Way
Crosby, Bing – Begin The Begine
Crosby, Bing - Dear hearts and kind people
Crosby, Bing - Don't arrest me
Crosby, Bing – Distant Places (SC)
Crosby, Bing - I kiss your hand, ma'am
Crosby, Bing - Coins of Heaven
Crosby, Bing - An Enchanted Night
Crosby, Bing – Swanee
Crosby, Bing – Swinging on a Star
Crosby, Bing - You are my sunshine (Mike)
Crosby, Bing and Grace Kelly - True Love
Crosby, Gary - Side by Side
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - Teach your children well
Crossing mugwort - Alabama (CB)
Cross Canadian Ragweed – Cry Lonely
Cross Canadian Ragweed - Long way home
Crossbreed Canadian Ragweed - Dezessete
Kreuz, Christopher - Tema de Arthur
Cross, Christopher - The Best You Can Do
Cross, Christopher - Ride like the wind
Cruz, Christopher – Vela
Crossfade – Kalt.(SC)
Crossin Dixon - Guitar Slinger
Crossin Dixon - Make You Mine
Crouse, Joel - If you will
Crow, Sheryl - All I Want To Do
Raven, Sheryl - anything but dejected
Crow, Sheryl - I Can't Cry Anymore
Crow, Sheryl - Change Will Do You Good (SC)
Raven, Sheryl - Come on, come on
Crow, Sheryl – harter Kerl
Raven, Sheryl – Simple
Crow, Sheryl - Every day is a winding road
Crow, Sheryl - the first cut is the deepest
Crow, Sheryl - Difficult to classify
Corvo, Sheryl – Casa
Crow, Sheryl - If It Makes You Happy
Crow, Sheryl - My Favorite Mistake
Crow, Sheryl - absorb the sun
Corvo, Sheryl – Steve McQueen
Raven, Sheryl - Strong enough
Crow, Sheryl - Sweet child, oh my
Crow, Sheryl - There Goes the Neighborhood
Crow, Sheryl and Don Henley - it's that simple
Corvo, Sheryl and Natalie Maine - Abilene
Crowded house - distant sun
Full house - don't dream it's over
Full house - don't stop now
Full House - Fall at his feet
Crowded house - instinct
Full house - naturally
Crowded House - Locked
Full House – Ananaskopf
Full House - Crazy Sister
Crowded house - something so strong
Crowded House – Klima mit dir
Crowell, Rodney - Over and over
Crowell, Rodney - After All This Time
Crowell, Rodney - Big Heart
Crowell, Rodney - I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried (Mike-1)
Crowell, Rodney - It Must Be Love
Crowell, Rodney - Let the picture paint itself
Crowell, Rodney - Loving All Night
Crowell, Rodney - Please Remember Me
Crowell, Rodney - She's Crazy About Leavin (Mike-2)
Crowell, Rodney and Johnny Cash - I walk the line
Cruz, Taio - Break your heart
Cross, Taio - dynamite
Kreuz, Taio – Consider
Cruz, Taio - I can be
Cruz, Taio & Kesha – Schmutziges Image
Cruz, Taio & Luciana - Let's Go Girl (R - X)
Cristais – Da Doo Ron Ron
Crystals - He's a Rebel (PC)
Crystals - So he kissed me
Cristais – Uptown
Cult - Ascension
Culture Beat – Take Me Away (SC)
Cultural Association – Church of the Poisonous Spirit
Culture Club - Do you really want to hurt me?
Culture Club - I just want to be loved
Culture Club - I will fall in love with you
Kulturverein – It's a miracle
Cultural Association – Karma Chameleon
Cultural Association – Miss Me Blind
Cultural Association – time
Cultural Association – Victims
Cummings, Burton - talk softly to them
Cummings, Burton - Good State of Affairs
Cummings, Burton – Armas Armas Armas
Cummings, Burton - I Play a Rhapsody
Cummings, Burton - I'm scared
Cummings, Burton - My Own Way to Rock
Cummings, Burton - Never had a lady
Cummings, Burton - Grow Big
Cummings, Burton – Amor Intemporal
Cummings, Burton – Seu Quintal
Cummings, Chris - Kind of a heart that breaks
Cupid - Random Cupid
Healing - boys don't cry
Cura – fascination road
Healing - Friday I'm in Love (SC)
Healing - like in heaven
Healing - Letter to Elise
Healing - Love Song
Healing - Lovecats
Cura – Perfect car
Cura – photos of you
Curfman, Shannon - Playing with Fire
Curfman, Shannon - True Friends
Currington, Billy – Nein
Currington, Billy - Good Directions
Currington, Billy - Hey girl
Currington, Billy - I Have a Feeling
Currington, Billy - Doesn't hurt like it used to
Currington, Billy - Doesn't hurt like it used to
Currington, Billy - Just let me fall
Currington, Billy - Love is over
Currington, Billy - must be doing something right
Currington, Billy – Off My Rocker
Currington, Billy - People are crazy
Currington, Billy - very good at drinking beer
Currington, Billy – Verheddert
Currington, Billy - so spielen Country Boys
Currington, Billy - Walk a little straighter
Currington, Billy - We are tonight
Currington, Billy - Why, why, why
Cutting Crew - I just died in your arms
Cutting Crew - I've been in love before
Cutting Edge - Your love is my oxygen
Cypress Hill - Crazy on the Brain
Cyrkle – Rotate Rubber Ball
Cyrkle - Turn-Down-Tag
Cyrus, Billy Ray – Achy Breaky Heart (Mike)
Cyrus, Billy Ray - Burn Down Trailor Park
Cyrus, Billy Ray - Busy Man
Cyrus, Billy Ray - Could have been me
Cyrus, Billy Ray - Give You My Heart
Cyrus, Billy Ray - Into a Woman's Heart
Cyrus, Billy Ray - I don't care
Cyrus, Billy Ray - One Last Thrill
Cyrus, Billy Ray - She Cries No More
Cyrus, Billy Ray - Some gave it their all
Cyrus, Billy Ray - Someone New
Cyrus, Billy Ray - Storm in the Heart
Cyrus, Billy Ray - Talk a little
Cyrus, Billy Ray - Under the Hood
Cyrus, Billy Ray - Where Will I Live
Cyrus, Billy Ray - words from the heart
Cyrus, Billy Ray - You won't be alone now
Cyrus, Miley - I love you
Cyrus, Miley - US Party
Cyrus, Miley - Wrecking Ball

(Video) Celtic Woman - Amazing Grace

D 12 – Purple Hill
D H T – Listen to your heart
DJ Jazzy Jeff und The Fresh Prince – Nightmare On My Street
DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince - Parents Just Don't Get It
D4L – Betch can't do it like me (SC) (XXX)
Da Brat & Cherish – In You Wit Chu
Da Vinci Notebook – Huge Penis (SC) ( XXX )
Daddy Dewdrop - Chick A Boom Don't Ya Jes Love It
Dakota Moon - Another day goes by
Dakota Moon - Promise me I'll do it
Dale and Gale - I'll leave that to you
Dália – Mother, I miss you (SC)
Dalley, Amy - Everyone has an addiction
Dalley, Amy - pretty crazy
Dalley, Amy - I would cry
Dalley, Amy - Let's try bye
Dalley, Amy - Men don't change
Dalton, Lacy J - Café Preto
Dalton, Lacy J - Crazy Blue Eyes
Dalton, Lacy J - Everyone makes mistakes
Dalton, Lacy J - Hard times
Dalton, Lacy J - Hillbilly with the Blues
Dalton, Lacy J - A Kind of Lost Love
Dalton, Lacy J – Sixteenth Avenue
Dalton, Lacy J - Getting Light
Dalton, Lacy J – Sussurro
Verdammte Yankees – Come Again
Verdammte Yankees – Coming of Age
Damn Yankees - High or Enough
Damn Yankees - Two Lost Souls
Damn Yankees - What Lola Wants
Damn Yankees - you gotta have heart
Damone, Vic - On the street where you live
Dan + Shay – Null machen
Dan + Shay – Nineteen You + Me
Dan + Shay – Show It Off
Dan + Shay – Tequila
D’Angelo – Cruisin
Daniel, Davis - Listening no more
Daniels, Charlie – Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues
Daniels, Charlie – Devil Went Down To Georgia (R)
Daniels, Charlie – Drinking My Baby Goodbye
Daniels, Charlie – Funky Junky (CB)
Daniels, Charlie – In Amerika
Daniels, Charlie - The Last Fallen Hero
Daniels, Charlie - The Legend of Wooley Swamp
Daniels, Charlie – Long-haired country boy
Daniels, Charlie - Simple Man
Daniels, Charlie - South's Gonna Do It Again (Mike -1)
Daniels, Charlie - Still in Saigon
Daniels, Charlie - That's not a rag, that's a flag
Daniels, Charlie – Trudy (CB)
Daniels, Charlie – Ruheloser Ritter
Daniels, Charlie and Travis Tritt - Southern Boy
Daniels, Clint - The Fool's Progress
Daniels, Clint - When I grow up
Danleers - A Midsummer Night
Danny und die Juniors – At The Hop (Mike)
Gdansk - mother
D'Arby, Terrence Trent - Sign your name
D'Arby, Terrence Trent - Wishing you a speedy recovery
In it, Bobby - As long as I sing
Inside, Bobby - Beyond the Sea
Darin, Bobby – Bill Bailey
Darin, Bobby – Clementine
Darin, Bobby - lover of dreams
Darin, Bobby – Eighteen yellow roses
Darin, Bobby - If I were a carpenter
In it, Bobby – Lazy river
Darin, Bobby – Mack the Knife (Mike-1)
In it, Bobby - corn
Darin, Bobby - multiplication
Darin, Bobby – Bounce Queen
Darin, Bobby – Splish Splash
Darin, Bobby - Sunday in New York
In it, Bobby – Stuff (Mike-1)
In it, Bobby - you must have been a beautiful baby
Darin, Bobby - you are the reason I live
Darkness - I believe in something called love (SC) (R)
Darkness - Single Ticket (SC)
Darren, James - Goodbye Cruel World
Darren, James - His Royal Majesty
Konfessionelles Dashboard – Don't Wait (SC)
Konfessionelles Dashboard – Hands Down
Dashboard Confessional – Screaming Infidelities (SC)
Daughtry – Bateu
Daughtry - Looks like tonight
Daughter – Casa (SC)
Daughtry - It's Not Over (SC)
Daughtry - It's not over yet
Daughtry - Life after you
Daughtry - About you
Daughtry - Was ich will
Dave & Sugar - Golden Tears
Dave Clark Five – Weil (Mike-1)
Dave Clark Five – Bits und Bits
Dave Clark Five - Can't You See She's Mine?
Dave Clark Five - Catch us if you can
Dave Clark Five - Do you love me?
Dave Clark Five - Everyone knows it
Dave Clark Five - Happy Anywhere
Dave Clark Five - good old rock n roll
Dave Clark Five - I like it that way
Dave Clark Five - More and more
Dave Matthews Band - American Baby
Dave Matthews Band - March of the Ants
Dave Matthews Band – Crash Into Me
Dave Matthews Band – Crush
Dave Matthews Band – Dreamgirl
Dave Matthews Band - Every Day
Dave Matthews Band – Grace Is Gone
Dave Matthews Band – Grey Street
Dave Matthews Band - Hero where are you going
Dave Matthews Band - I did it
Dave Matthews Band – Satellit
Dave Matthews Band - Salve-me
Dave Matthews Band – sing along
Dave Matthews Band - Much to say
Dave Matthews Band - Space
Dave Matthews Band – Stay (Waste Of Time)
Dave Matthews Band – Demais
Dave Matthews Band – Demais
Dave Matthews Band – Tripping Billies
Dave Matthews Band - What would you say
Dave Matthews Band - Where Are You Going?
David, Craig - To the End
David, Craig - Fill Me Up
David, Craig - Hidden Agenda
David, Craig – Insônia (CB)
David, Craig – Encounter (R)
David, Craig - Seven Days
David, Craig – Spanish (R)
David, Craig - Incredible
David, Craig - Abandoned
David, Craig – What's Your Taste (CB)
David, Craig - World of Love
David, Craig - Don't miss your water
David, Craig & Sting - Rise and Fall
Davidson, Clay - I can't lie to myself
Davidson, Clay—Sometimes
Davidson, Ton – Hardcore
Davies, Gail – Break Away
Davis Sisters - I Forgot More Than You Will Ever Know
Davis, Alana - Crazy
Davis, Alana - Thirty-Two Flavors
Davis, Linda—Business Hours
Davis, Linda - Inside Out
Davis, Linda - I want to remember that
Davis, Linda - I am yours
Davis, Linda - Love Didn't Do That
Davis, Linda - A Love Story in the Making
Davis, Linda - Some things are meant to be
Davis, Linda - Go Away
Davis, Mac - Baby Addicted To Me (Mike)
Davis, Mac - Music Addict
Davis, Mac - I believe in music
Davis, Mac - It's Hard to Be Humble
Davis, Mac- Keep it up
Davis, Mac - A Woman from Hell
Davis, Mac - Stop and smell the roses
Davis, Mac - Texas in my rearview mirror
Davis, Mac - You are my best friend
Davis, Paul - Cool Night
Davis, Paul - Do it right
Davis, Paul - I'm going crazy
Davis, Paul - Sixty-Five Affairs
Davis, Sammy Jr - Sweet Man
Davis, Sammy Jr - Here's That Rainy Day
Davis, Sammy Jr. - Hello
Davis, Sammy Jr - I gotta be me
Davis, Sammy Jr. – Sr. Bojangles
Davis, Sammy Jr - Something Must Give
Davis, Skeeter - I'm so easy to forget
Davis, Skeeter – The End of the World (Mike +2)
Davis, Skeeter - Can't help it, I'm falling in love too
Davis, Skeeter - I can't stay mad at you
Davis, Skeeter - My last date with you
Davis, Skeeter - Free him
Davis, Tyrone - Turn Back Time
Davis, Tyrone—Turning Point
Dawn, Laura - I would
Day to Remember - It's complicated
Dia, Bobby - Rockin Robin
Day, Doris - Enchanted
Day, Doris - dream
Day, Doris - Everyone loves a lover
Hello, Doris - dude is a dude
Day, Doris - When I give you my heart
Tag, Doris – Que Sera Sera
Day, Doris - secret love
Tag, Doris – Sentimentaler Tag (SC)
Hello, Doris - tea for two
Dia, Howie – Collide (SC)
Day, Howie - Perfect time of day
Tag, Jennifer – Complete (SC)
Day, Jennifer - The fun of your love
Day, Jennifer - What if it's me?
Dia, Otis – Grito
Day, Otis & Isley Brothers – Shout
Daya - Sit back and be pretty
Dayne, Taylor - As Long As I Can Dream
Dayne, Taylor - I can't get enough of your love
Dayne, Taylor - Don't rush me
Dayne, Taylor - Love Will Bring You Back
Dayne, Taylor - Naked Without You
Dayne, Taylor - Prove Your Love
Dayne, Taylor - Tell My Heart
Dayne, Taylor - every beat of my heart
Days of the New - Down Town
Days of the New - Enemy
Days Of The New - Shelves in the living room
Days of the new – peel and stand
DC Talk - Between you and me
From Azlan, Star - she's beautiful
De La Soul – Myself and I
Dead Milkmen – Garota Punk Rock
Dead or alive - you spin me around
Deadeye Dick - New Age Girl (R)
Dean, Billy - Billy das Kind
Dean, Billy – Marca Cowboy
Dean, Billy - I want to take care of you
Dean, Billy - I wouldn't be a man
Dean, Billy - If it weren't for you
Dean, Billy - I'm in love with you
Dean, Billy - Innocent bystander
Dean, Billy - Let 'em be small
Dean, Billy – Occasionally
Dean, Billy - just here for a while
Dean, Billy - Just the Wind
Dean, Billy – real man
Dean, Billy - Somewhere in my broken heart
Dean, Billy - Thank God I'm a country boy
Dean, Billy - The girl is spying on me
Dean, Billy - Trying to Hide a Fire in the Dark
Dean, Billy - We just don't agree (Mike -2)
Dean, Billy und Susy Bogguss - Keep Mommy and Daddy in Love
Dean, Jimmy - Big Bad John
Dean, Tyler - Built for blue jeans
Dean, Tyler - Someone who would die for you
Dean, Tyler - that smile
Deanda, Paula - When I Was
Death Cab For Cutie – Sol Negro
Death Cab For Cutie – Soul Meets Body.mpg”
DeBarge - rhythm of the night
DeBurgh, Chris - Don't Pay the Bosun
DeBurgh, Chris – Dame in Rot
Dee, Joey – Peppermint Twist (SC)
Dee, Kiki - I have the music in me
Deee Lite - Groove is in the heart
Deep Blue Something - Breakfast at Tiffany's (SC)
Some deep blue – really insanely deep
Deep Purple – Hino
Deep Purple - Black Night
Deep Purple – Burnt
Deep Purple - Child in Time
Deep Purple – Feuerball
Deep Purple - Street Star
Deep Purple – Stille
Deep Purple – Mulher de Kentucky
Deep Purple - It's knocking on your back door
Deep Purple – Lalena
Deep Purple - Never before
Deep Purple - Perfect Unknown
Deep Purple - Smoke on the water
Deep Purple – Soldiers of Fortune
Deep Purple – Space Truckin
Deep Purple - a strange kind of woman
Deep Purple - Stormbringer
Deep Purple – woman from Tokyo
Def Leppard – Tier
Def Leppard – Armageddon It
Def Leppard - brings the headache
Def Leppard - Fool
Def Leppard - Have you ever needed someone so bad?
Def Leppard - Hysterie
Def Leppard - Let's rock
Def Leppard - Love Bites
Def Leppard - No matter what
Def Leppard – Now
Def Leppard – Photographs
Def Leppard - Pour some sugar on me
Def Leppard – Promise
Def Leppard - Rock Of Ages
Def Leppard - Rock Rock Till You Drop
Def Leppard – Rakete
Def Leppard - Stand up
Def Leppard - Too late for love
Def Leppard - Two steps back
Def Leppard - When love and hate collide
Default - waste of time
Deftones - Back to school
Deftones – Digital Bad
Deggs, Cole - Girl Next Door (CB)
Deggs, Cole-More
DeGraw, Gavin – Streitwagen.mpg”
DeGraw, Gavin - cheated on me
DeGraw, Gavin – Follow by.mpg”
DeGraw, Gavin - I don't wanna be (SC)
DeGraw, Gavin - In love with a girl
DeGraw, Gavin - I'm not over you
Delaney, Bonnie & Friends - endless love song
Delfonics - I didn't drive you crazy this time
Delfonics - La La means eu, love you
Dell Vikings - Come with me
Dem Franchise Boyz – Lean Wit It Rock Wit It (SC) (XXX)
Denney, Kevin - Cadillac Tears
Dennis, Cathy - all night
Dennis, Cathy - Come on and get my love
Dennis, Cathy - Just Another Dream
Dennis, Cathy - Moments of Love
Dennis, Cathy - Many Walls
Dennis, Wesley - Borrowed Angel
Dennis, Wesley - I don't know, but I was told
Denver, John - Annie's Song
Denver, John – Back Home (Mike-2)
Denver, John – Calypso
Denver, John - Eagle and the Falcon
Denver, John - Fly Away
Denver, John - Follow Me
Denver, John - Goodbye
Denver, John - Grandma's Feather Bed
Denver, John - I'm sorry
Denver, John – Light Night Radio
Denver, John - like a sad song
Denver, John - In Search of Space
Denver, John - My Sweet Lady
Denver, John - maybe love
Denver, John - Rhyme and Reason
Denver, John – Rocky Mountain High
Denver, John – Shanghi Breezes
Denver, John - Some Days Are Diamonds
Denver, John—Spirit
Denver, John - Sunshine On My Shoulder
Denver, John - Sweet Devotion
Denver, John - Take Me Home Country Roads (Mike-2)
Denver, John - Thank God I'm a Country Boy
Depech Mode – Precious (SC)
Depeche Mode – Dream On (SC)
Depeche Mode - Enjoy the silence
Depeche Mode – Not Good (SC)
Depeche Mode - people are people
Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus
Depeche Mode - Politics of Truth
Depeche Mode - Walking in my shoes
Derailleurs - rod test
Rear derailleurs – in the right place
Derek and the Dominoes - Bell Bottom Blues
Derek and the Dominoes - Have you ever loved a woman?
Derek and the Dominoes - Layla (Mike)
Derek And The Dominoes - Nobody Knows You When You're Down
Dern, Daisy - I'll get back to you
Derringer, Rick - I'm a real American
Derringer, Rick – Rock’n’Roll Hoochie Koo
Derulo, Jason - The Other Side
Derulo, Jason - Get Ugly (R)
Derulo, Jason - In My Head
Derulo, Jason – It-Girl
Derulo, Jason – Ridin Solo
Derulo, Jason - Do you want me
Derulo, Jason - No
DeSario, Teri and KC - Yes, I'm ready
Desert Rose Band - Ashes of Love
Desert Rose Band – Hello Trouble.mpg”
Desert Rose Band - He's back and I'm sad
Desert Rose Band - I still believe in you
Desert Rose Band - Love Story
Desert Rose Band – Too Gone Too Long.mpg”
Deshannon, Jackie - Put some love in your heart
DeShannon, Jackie - What the world needs right now is love
Des'ree - You must be
Destiny's Child - Content Content Content
Destiny's Child - Bootylicious
Destiny's Child - Bug A Boo
Destiny's Child - Emotion
Child of Destiny - Garota
Destiny's Child - Independent Woman
Child of Destiny - Jumpin Jumpin
Destiny's Child - I'm out of breath
Destiny's Child - Say my name
Destiny's Child - So gut
Child of Destiny - Survivor
Two – America (XXX)
Dev - Not dark
Devo - whip
Dexter, Al-Rosalita (CB)
Dexter, Al - see you friend
Dexys Midnight Runners – Vamos Eileen
DHT – Listen to your heart (SC)
Diamond Rio - Nice mess
Diamond Rio - Bubba skin
Diamond Rio - You can't tell
Diamond Rio - Finish what we started
Diamond Rio - Only God Cries
Diamond Rio – Holdin
Diamond Rio - How your love makes me feel
Rio Diamond – I believe
Diamond Rio - I know how the flow is
Diamond Rio – Imagine that
Diamond Rio - In a week or two
Diamond Rio - It's all in your head (Mike -2)
Diamond Rio - Mom don't forget to pray for me
Diamond Rio - man so lonely
Diamond Rio – Know the area
Diamond Rio – Mirror Mirror
Diamond Rio – Night Falls on My Heart
Diamond Rio - Bound to nowhere
Diamond Rio - Oh me, oh my sweet baby
Rio Diamond - One more day
Diamante Rio – Things
Diamond Rio - Sweet Summer
Diamond Rio - That's right
Diamond Rio - That's what I get for loving you
Diamond Rio – This Romeo doesn't have Julie yet
Rio Diamond - Incredible
Diamond Rio - Hiking
Diamond Rio - We all fall
Diamond Rio - Folds
Rio Diamond - You're gone
Diamond Rio & Steve Wariner & Lee Roy Parnell – Workin Man’s Blues
Diamond, Neil - Act like a man
Diamond, Neil – America
Diamond, Neil - And the grass won't mind
Diamond, Neil - Another day forgotten
Diamant, Neil – Sei
Diamond, Neil – Beautiful Noise
Diamante, Neil – Estradas do Brooklyn
Diamond, Neil - Brother Love's Traveling Redemption Show
Diamante, Neil – Cherry Cherry (Mike-1)
Diamond, Neil - Coming to America
Diamante, Neil – Cracklin Rosie (Mike)
Diamond, Neil – Crispy Granola Suite
Diamante, Neil – Desiree
Diamond, Neil - Don't go there
Diamond, Neil - Dry your eyes
Diamond, Neil - Forever in Blue Jeans
Diamond, Neil - Forgotten
Diamond, Neil - girl you'll be a woman soon (Mike)
Diamond, Neil - God Only Knows
Diamond, Neil - He's not heavy, he's my brother
Diamond, Neil—Heart
Diamond, Neil - Hello again
Diamante, Neil – Holly Holy (Mike)
Diamond, Neil - I'm Said (Mike)
Diamond, Neil – I Am I Said (langsame Version) (Mike)
Diamond, Neil - I Got the Feelin (Mike)
Diamond, Neil - I haven't played this song in years
Diamond, Neil - If I Don't See You Again
Diamond, Neil - If you know what I mean
Diamond, Neil – Mulher aus Kentucky (Mike -1)
Diamond, Neil - Last thing on my mind
Diamond, Neil – Longfellow Serenata
Diamond, Neil - Love on the Rocks
Diamante, Neil – Morningside
Diamond, Neil - No words
Diamond, Neil - One hand, one heart
Diamond, Neil - Play with me
Diamond, Neil - Red wine red
Diamond, Neil - take a moment to reminisce
Diamond, Neil – Septembermorgen (Mike)
Diamante, Neil – Shilo (Mike)
Diamond, Neil – Devagar
Diamond, Neil - Lonely Man
Diamond, Neil – Song Sung Blue (Mike)
Diamond, Neil - Sweet Caroline (Mike)
Diamond, Neil - Thank God for the Night (Mike)
Diamond, Neil - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
Diamond, Neil - Yesterday's Songs
Diamond, Neil - You got me (Mike)
Diamond, Neil & Barbara Streisand - You Don't Bring Me Flowers (Mike)
Diamond, Neil & Waylon Jennings – Um bom amor
Diamantes - Little Treasure
Diamonds - Ride (Mike)
Dickens, Little Jimmy - Country Boy
Dickens, Little Jimmy – Febre caipira
Dickens, Little Jimmy - May the bird of paradise fly in your nose
Dido - Don't leave the house (SC)
Dido – Here with me
Dido - hunter
Dido - times of silence
Dido - Thank you
Dido - White Flag
Dietrich, Marlene – Lil Marlene
Diffie, Joe - Behind closed doors
Diffie, Joe - Bigger than the Beatles
Diffie, Joe – C O U N T R Y
Diffie, Joe - Honky Tonk Attitude
Diffie, Joe - If I could bring you back
Diffie, Joe - If the Devil Danced on Empty Pockets (Mike)
Diffie, Joe - I'm in love with a capital U
Diffie, Joe - In Another World
Diffie, Joe - In My Own Backyard
Diffie, Joe - Is it cold in here or is it you?
Diffie, Joe - it's always something
Diffie, Joe – John Deere Green
Diffie, Joe - New way to ignite an old flame
Diffie, Joe - The Next Thing Smokin
Diffie, Joe - A Night to Remember
Diffie, Joe - pickup truck
Diffie, Joe - Poor me
Diffie, Joe - Stand me by the jukebox
Diffie, Joe – Quittin Kind
Diffie, Joe - Road Not Taken
Diffie, Joe - Ships That Aren't Arriving
Diffie, Joe - So help me girl
Diffie, Joe - Something like that
Diffie, Joe - A Texas-sized headache
Diffie, Joe - Third Sunstone
Diffie, Joe - This is your brain
Diffie, Joe – Tougher Than Nails
Diffie, Joe - Whole Lotta Gone
Digital Underground – Humpty Dance ( R – X )
Dinner, Mark - Teen Angel (Mike)
dinosaur - i like it
Dio - Sacred Diver
Gab - rainbow not dark
Dion - Donna A prima donna
Dion - drops
Dion – Rubinbaby (Mike-2)
Dion – Runaround Sue
Dion – Teenage Lover (Mike -2)
Dion – Wanderer
Dion, Celine - Alone
Dion, Celine - Whatever
Dion, Celine - Finally
Dion, Celine – Ave Maria
Dion, Celine - Because you loved me
Dion, Celine - Call the Man (SC)
Dion, Celine - The Color of My Love
Dion, Celine - Declaration of love
Dion, Celine - God Bless America
Dion, Celine - the saddest parting words
Dion, Celine - Have you ever been in love?
Dion, Celine - Here and Everywhere
Dion, Celine - I drove all night
Dion, Celine - I want you to need me
Dion, Celine - If There Was Another Way
Dion, Celine - If we could start over
Dion, Celine - If you asked me
Dion, Celine - I live
Dion, Celine - It all comes to mind now
Dion, Celine - Love can move mountains
Dion, Celine - Loved me back to life
Dion, Celine - Deceived
Dion, Celine - My heart goes on
Dion, Celine - The new day has come
Dion, Celine - Nothing is broken but my heart
Dion, Celine - Power of Love (CB)
Dion, Celine—Prayer
Dion, Celine - Taking risks
Dion, Celine - That's how it is
Dion, Celine - I love you more
Dion, Celine - Water from the Moon
Dion, Celine - where my heart beats now
Dion, Celine - Where is the love
Dion, Celine - You and Me
Dion, Celine and Peabo Bryson - A Bela and Fera
Dire Straits – money for nothing
Dire Straits - so far away
Dire Straits – Sultans Of Swing
Dire Straits - way of life
Dirty Dancing - Loverboy
Dirty Vegas - The days go by
Disclosure and Sam Smith - Omen
Dishwalla – Blue cars count
Dishwalla – Occasionally
Disturbed - A different way to die
Troubled - Down with the disease
Worried - prayer
Disturbed - Remember
Disturbed - The sound of silence
Disturbed - Hit (SC)
Disturbed - voices
Divine – Lately
Divine - One more try
Divinyls – I touch myself ( R – X )
Dixie Chicks - Cold day in July
Dixie Chicks - Cowboy Take Me Away
Dixie Chicks - Don't waste your heart
Dixie Chicks - Godspeed Sweet Dreams
Dixie Chicks – Adeus Earl
Dixie Chicks – Heartbreak Town
Dixie Chicks - I believe in love
Dixie Chicks - I Can Love You Better
Dixie Chicks - If I go down, you go down with me
Dixie Chicks - Landslide
Dixie Chicks – Let Er Rip
Dixie Chicks - Let it fly
Dixie Chicks - Long time gone
Dixie Chicks - Long way around
Dixie Chicks - Loving arms
Dixie Chicks - Lubbock or don't
Dixie Chicks - Not ready to make it cool
Dixie Chicks - Once you've loved someone
Dixie Chicks - Ready to run
Dixie Chicks – Sin Wagon
Dixie Chicks - Some days you gotta dance
Dixie Chicks - That's your problem
Dixie Chicks - Tonight the heartbreak is on me
Dixie Chicks - Tormented confused hearts
Dixie Chicks - Traveling Soldier
Dixie Chicks - Truth #2
Dixie Chicks – White Trash-Hochzeit
Dixie Chicks - Wide, open spaces
Dixie Chicks - Without you
Dixie Chicks - You can't rush love
Dixie Chicks - You were mine
Dixie Chicks & James Taylor - Open Spaces
Dixie Chicks & Ricky Skaggs – Caminhe suavemente
Dixie Chicks and Stevie Nicks - all from Texas
Dixie Cups – Capela do Amor
Dixie mug - they say
Dixon, Willie - I'm not superstitious
Dixon, Willie - I'm your hoochie coochie man
Dixon, Willie - The Little Red Rooster
DKG-16 – 05 – Holmes, Rupert – Escape (The Pina Colada Song).mp3″
DNCE - Cake by the Sea
Dobson, FeFe – Take Me Away (SC)
Dodd, Deryl - Bitter End
Dodd, Deryl - Good idea tomorrow
Dodd, Deryl – John Roland Wood (SC)
Dodd, Deryl - That's how I got to Memphis
Doggys Angels & Latoya Williams - Baby when you ready
Dog eyes - everything falls apart
Dog's Perspective - Small Miracles (SC)
Dokken - Alone again
Dokken - Burning like a flame
Dokken - warrior of dreams
Dokken - In my dreams
Dokken - It's Not Love (SC)
Dolby, Thomas - She blinded me with science
Dominoes, Fats - There's No Shame (Mike)
Dominoes, Fats - Blue Monday
Dominó, Fats – Blueberry Hill (Mike)
Dominó, Fats – Darktown Strutters Ball
Dominoes, fats - I hear you knock
Dominoes, fats - I want to take you home
Dominoes, fats - I'm in love again
Dominoes, fats - I'm ready
Dominoes, fats - I'm going
Dominosteine, Fette – Let the Four Winds Blow
Dominoes, Fats – Red candles at sunset
Domino, Fats – Walk to New Orleans
Dominoes, fats - Lots of love
Domino - Sixty Minute Man
Don Williams - Stay young
Donaldson, Bo - Billy don't be a hero
Donna - No love
Donnas - fall behind me (SC)
Donnas - Take it off
Donovan - hurdy-gurdy man
Donovan - soft yellow
Donovan - Sunshine Superman
Doobie Brothers – Blackwater
Doobie Brothers – China Grove
Doobie Brothers – Doutor
Doobie Brothers - keeps you going (SC)
Doobie Brothers - Jesus is alright
Doobie Brothers - listen to music
Doobie Brothers – Long Train Runnin
Doobie Brothers – Minuto a Minuto (SC)
Doobie Brothers – Amor Real
Doobie Brothers - Rockin Down The Highway
Doobie Brothers - South City Midnight Lady
Doobie Brothers - Take me in your arms
Doobie Brothers – Take to the Road (SC)
Doobie Brothers - What a Fool Believes
Doobie Brothers - Without you
Doors - Song from Alabama
Doors - backdoor man
Doors - been away for so long
Doors - Crystal Ship
Doors - Hello, I love you
Portas – L A woman
Doors - Light My Fire
Doors - Love them madly
Doors - Love Me Twice
Doors - people are strange
Doors - riders in the storm
Portas – Roadhouse-Blues
Portas - Touch me
Portas - fox of the 20th century
Dore, Charlie – Airwave-Pilot
Dotson, Amber - I'll Try Anything (SC)
Duplo - captain of her heart
Douglas, Carl - Kung Fu Fighting
Doyle, Holly - Queen of the Silver Dollar
dr Dre - Dre way
Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg – Nuthin But AG Thang (XXX)
dr Hook - Better love next time
Dr. Hook - Carry Me Carrie
Dr. Hook – Capa da Rolling Stone
dr Hook – If I told you that you have a beautiful body
dr Hook - a little bit more
dr Hook—Millionaire
Dr. Hook - Meu Ding A Ling
dr Hook - Only sixteen
Dr Hook - Sexy eyes
dr Hook - Sharing the night together
Dr. Hook – Sylvias Mutter
dr Hook – When you are in love with a beautiful woman
dr John – make whoopie
dr John - Right place, wrong time (Mike)
Drake - Find your love
Drake, Dusty – und so
Drake, Dusty - I am the worker
Drake, Dusty - One last time
Drake, Dusty – Diga Sim (SC)
Drake, Dusty - Little Pieces
Dream - He does not love you
Dream - That's me
Dream Lovers - When we got married
Drifter - No Clube
Drifter - come to me
Drifters - Every night is a Saturday night with you
Drifter - hello luck
Drifters – Honigliebe
Drifters - I'm counting the tears
Drifters - Kissin in the last series of films
Drifters - like sisters and brothers
Drifters - Little Red Book
Drifter - My girl
Drifters – Am Broadway (Mike -2)
Drifters - Save the last dance for me (Mike)
Drifters – kinda wonderful
Drifter – Spanish Harlem
Drifters - A hot night
Drifters - There goes my baby
Drifters - There goes my first love
Drifters – That Magic Moment (Mike -2)
Drifters – Unter der Promenade (Mike -2)
Drifters - Up on the roof
Drifter – Vaya Con Dios
Drifters - You are more than a number in my little red book
Drowning pool - body
Drury, Ian – Sexo, Drogen und Rock and Roll
Drusky, Roy – Peel Me A Nanner
Drusky, Roy - Second-hand rose
Drusky, Roy - A Fool
Drusky, Roy & Priscilla. Mitchell – Sim Senhor Peters
Dubliners - Black Velvet Band (SC)
Dubliners - Seven Drunken Nights (SC)
Ducas, George - Every time she comes around
Dukes, George – Hallo gruesome Welt
Dukes, George - Promises of the Bath
Ducas, George - Long Trail of Tears
Dukes, George - tears
Dudley, Dave – Pool Shark
Dudley, Dave - Six Days Away (Mike)
Dudley, Dave - There is no such thing as an easy race
Dudley, Dave - Truck Driving Son of a Gun
Duff, Hilary – Come In (SC)
Duff, Hilary - So yesterday
Duff, Hilary - Why Not (SC)
Duff, Hilary – Com Amor
Duff, Hilary & Haylie Duff - Our Lips Are Sealed.mpg”
Duffy- Mercy
Duice – Dazzey Ducks (R)
Duncan, Johnny - Couldn't have been better
Duncan, Johnny - Last Train to Fernando
Duncan, Johnny - She can put her shoes under my bed (Mike)
Duncan, Johnny - Thinking of a Date (Mike)
Duncan, Whitney - The Bed You Made
Duncan, Whitney - Skinny Dippin
Duncan, Whitney - When I Said I Would
Dunn, Holly - you'll never love me
Dunn, Holly - As long as you're mine
Dunn, Holly - Daddy's Hands (Mike)
Dunn, Holly - Golden Years
Dunn, Holly - I am who I am
Dunn, Holly - It's not about guilt
Dunn, Holly - love someone like me
Dunn, Holly - Maybe I want to say yes
Dunn, Holly - Strangers Again
Dunn, Holly - There goes my heart again (Mike +1)
Dunn, Holly - You really let me go
Dunn, Holly & Kenny Rogers – Talvez (CB)
Dunn, Ronnie - Cost of Living
Dunn, Ronnie & Kix Brooks - Damn Drunk (R)
Dupree, Robbie – Roubar.
Dupree, Robbie – Roubar
Duprees - already heard
Duprees - You are mine
Dupri, Jermaine & Ludacris - Welcome to Atlanta (XXX)
Duran Duran - All she wants is
Duran Duran – Come Undone
Duran Duran - Enjoy the silence
Duran Duran – Fallen
Duran Duran - Girl in Movie (SC)
Duran Duran - Hungry like a wolf (SC)
Duran Duran - I don't want your love
Duran Duran - There's something I should know
Duran Duran - New Moon on Monday
Duran Duran – Notorious
Duran Duran - Common World (SC)
Duran Duran – Planet Erde
Duran Duran - Reach the sunrise
Duran Duran – Reflex (SC)
Duran Duran - Reue
Duran Duran – Rio (SC)
Duran Duran - Save a prayer
Duran Duran – Pelzhandel
Duran Duran - Someone else, not me
Duran Duran - Union of the Serpent (SC)
Duran Duran - Look to Kill (SC)
Duran Duran - What Happens Tomorrow
Duran Duran - Wild Boys
Durante, Jimmy - Over Time
Durante, Margaret – Mississippi-Chorando
Dust For Life - Step into the Light
Dyke, Leroy Van—Auctioneer
Dyke, Leroy Van - If a woman answers, hang up
Dyke, Leroy Van – Walk On By (Mike)
Dylan, Bob – All Along The Watchtower
Dylan, Bob - blow in the wind
Dylan, Bob - Don't think twice, it's alright
Dylan, Bob - Young Forever
Dylan, Bob - We have to serve someone
Dylan, Bob - Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall
Dylan, Bob - Hurricane
Dylan, Bob - that's not me, baby
Dylan, Bob - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Dylan, Bob—as a woman
Dylan, Bob - Knockin On Heaven's Door
Dylan, Bob – Lay Lady Lay
Dylan, Bob - Like a Rolling Stone
Dylan, Bob – Maggie Farm
Dylan, Bob – Positive 4th Street
Dylan, Bob – Rainy Day Women 12 und 35
Dylan, Bob - Shelter from the Storm
Dylan, Bob - Subterranean Homesick Blues
Dylan, Bob - Tangled in the Blue
Dylan, Bob - times are changing
Dylan, Bob - When the Ship Arrives
Dyllon, Marshall - She Won't Cry
Dynamite Hack – Boys in the Hood

E 40 & T Pain – You and Dat.mpg”
EMF - Unbelievable
E U – Da Butt (Mike -1)
Eagle Eye Cherry - Fall in love again
Eagle Eye Cherry - Long Way Around
Eagle Eye Cherry - Save tonight
Eagles – After the thrill is over
Eagle - way
Eagles - The best of my love
Eagles - Busy being fabulous
Eagle - a certain kind of fool
Eagles – Chug all night
Adler – Desperado (Mike-3)
Adler – Doolin Dalton
Adler – Adler Medley 3
Adler – Adler-Medley
Eagle - Get over it
Eagles - Good Morning In Hell
Adler – Greeks don't want freaks
Eagles - Headache tonight
Eagles - hole in the world
Eagles - Hotel California
Eagle – How long
Eagle - I can't say why
Eagle - In the city
Adler – James Dean
Eagles – last resort
Eagles - life in the fast lane
Eagle - long term
Eagle - Love will keep us alive
Eagle - lying eyes
Eagles - Newcomer in town
Eagle - Nightingale
Adler – Ol 55
Eagle - On the border
Adler – One day at a time
Eagles - One of those nights
Eagle - Out of control
Eagles - Calm and light feeling
Eagles - Pretty Maids all in a row
Adler – Sad Cafe
Adler – Saturday evening
Águias – Estrada das Sete Pontes
Adler – Take it easy
Eagles - Push yourself to the limit
Eagles – Tequila Sunrise
Eagles - Too many hands
Eagle - sacrifice of love
Eagle - Lost time
Eagle - witch women
Eagles - You never cry like a lover
Earle, Steve – Continental Trailway Blues
Earle, Steve – Copperhead Road
Earle, Steve - Feel Good
Earle, Steve - Goodbye, All We Got
Earle, Steve - Guitar Town
Earle, Steve - Rodovia Hillbilly
Earle, Steve – Jerusalem
Earle, Steve - Six days on the road
Earle, Steve - Blues Transcendental
Wind and Fire of the Earth - After Love Is Gone
Earth, Wind and Fire - Boogie Wonderland
Earth, wind and fire - fantasy
Earth, Wind and Fire - Fugue
Earth, wind and fire - I have to bring you into my life
Earth, Wind and Fire - On Stone
Earth, Wind and Fire - Let's Groove
Earth, Wind and Fire - Mighty, mighty
Earth, wind and fire - reasons
Earth, Wind and Fire - September
Erdwind und Fire – Serpentine Fire
Earth, Wind and Fire - Bright Star
Earth, Wind and Fire - Cante um longo
Earth, wind and fire - That's the way of the world
Easton, Corbin - Roll along
Easton, Sheena - Almost Over You
Easton, Sheena - For Your Eyes Only (SC)
Easton, Sheena - Lover in Me
Easton, Sheena—Machines
Easton, Sheena – Morgenzug
Easton, Sheena – Strebe
Easton, Sheena – Telefon
Easton, Sheena - When he shines
Easton, Sheena - You could have been with me
Easybeats - Friday in the head
Eden's Crush - Overcome Yourself (SC)
End of Eden - Amen
Edison Lighthouse - Love grows where my rosemary goes (SC)
Edmonds, Kevon - Not Cupid
Edmonds, Kevon – Twenty Four Seven
Edmunds, Dave - I hear you knocking
Edsels – Rama Lama Ding Dong
Edwards, Meredith – Lied des Vogels
Edwards, Meredith - Rose is a rose
Edwards, Tommy - It's All in the Game (Mike)
Edwards, Tommy - Bitte, Mister Sun
Edwin Hawkins Singers – Oh Happy Day
Aale – Novocain for the soul (SC)
Egan, Walter - Magnet and Steel (SC)
Eiffel 65 – Azul
Eight stops seven - question everything
El Debarge - Can't get enough
El Dorados - On my doorstep
Elam, Katrina - Dream Big
Elam, Katrina - Ground floor apartment
Elam, Katrina - I want a cowboy
Elam, Katrina - Love is
Elam, Katrina - no end in sight
Eldredge, Brett – Musik Beat
Eldredge, Brett - No Yes
Eldredge, Brett - mean to me
Eldridge, Brett - Drunk on Your Love (R)
Eldridge, Brett - Losing my mind
Eldridge, Brett – Wanna Be That Song
Electric Light Orchestra – Worldwide
Electric Light Orchestra – Birmingham Blues
Electric Light Orchestra - I can't get it out of my head
Electric Light Orchestra – Verwirrung
Electric Light Orchestra - Diary of Horace Wimp
Electric Light Orchestra – Do Ya
Electric Light Orchestra - Don't bring me down
Electric Light Orchestra - Easy money
Electric Light Orchestra – Mean Woman
Electric Light Orchestra - Hold on tight
Electric Light Orchestra – Livin Thing
Electric Light Orchestra – Ma Ma Ma Belle
Electric Light Orchestra – Mister blue skies
Electric Light Orchestra – Rock and Roll is King
Electric Light Orchestra – Rockaria
Electric Light Orchestra - state of mind
Electric Light Orchestra – Seltsame Magie
Electric Light Orchestra – Sweet Talkin Woman
Electric Light Orchestra - Telephone line
Electric Light Orchestra - Turn into stone
Electric Light Orchestra – Xanadu
Electric Plums - I had a lot of dreaming last night
Electric Six - High Voltage Hazard (SC).
Elegant – Little Star
Eli Young Band - Always the Love Song
Eli Young Band - Crazy Girl
Eli Young Band – Drunk last night
Eli Young Band – Staub
Eli Young Band - even if it breaks your heart
Eli Young Band – Guinevere
Eli Young Band - Radio Waves
Eli Young Band - Saltwater Gospel
Eli Young Band - Say Goodnight
Eli Young Band - When It Rains
Ell, Lindsay - Trippin On Us
Elliman, Yvonne - If I Can't Have You
Ellington, Duke - take the A train
Elliot, Missy & Ludacris – Gossip Folks (R)
Elliott, Alicia – Estou Diggin It (SC)
Elliott, Alicia - You Want Some (SC)
Elliott, Missy – Turn On Your Freak ( R )
Elliott, Missy - I'm So Hot (SC) (XXX)
Elliott, Missy – Pass That Dutch (SC) (XXX)
Elliott, Missy – Gatinha (XXX)
Elliott, Missy—Take Away
Elliott, Missy – Work It (SC) (XXX)
Elliott, Missy & Jay Z – Damals (SC) (XXX)
Elliott, Missy & Ludacris & Trina – One Minute Man (R)
Ellis, Shirley – Namensspiel
Elmore, James - Shake Your Moneymaker
Emerick, Scotty—Look
Emerick, Scotty & Toby Keith - Can't Take You Nowhere
Emerson Drive - Yours
Emerson Drive - Fall in love with me
Emerson Drive - Good man
Emerson Drive - I should sleep
Emerson Drive - Let your love do the talking
Emerson Drive – Momente
Emerson Drive - that kind of beauty
Emerson Drive - You still own me
Emerson Lake and Palmer - From the beginning
Emerson Lake and Palmer - lucky guy
Emilio – Big big world
Emilio – Even if I tried
Emilio – I think we're on the right track
Emilio – It's not the end of the world
Eminem - Business (XXX)
Eminem - Clean out my closet (SC) (XXX)
Eminem – Eight Mile (X)
Eminem - Just Lose It (SC) (XXX)
Eminem – Como Toy Soldiers (SC) (XXX)
Eminem - Lose Yourself (R)
Eminem - My name is (SC) (XXX)
Eminem - Rap God (clean)
Eminem - Real Slim Shady (XXX)
Eminem - Sing for the Moment (SC) (XXX)
Eminem – Superman (X)
Eminem - The Way I Am (XXX)
Eminem – Without Me (XXX)
Eminem & Dido – Stan (XXX)
Eminem & Dr. Dre & Fifty Cent – ​​Zugabe (SC) (XXX)
Eminem & Rihanna - I love the way you lie
Emotions - The best of my love
En Vogue – Don't Let Go (SC)
En Vogue - free your mind
En Vogue - Giving him something he can feel
En Vogue - My love, you'll never make it
En Vogue – No Fool No More
Trending - puzzles
In Mode – Too Far Away
En Vogue - whatever
England Dan and John Ford Coley - would love to see you tonight
England Dan and John Ford Coley - It's sad to be part of it
England Dan and John Ford Coley - Nights are forever without you
England Dan and John Ford Coley - We never have to say goodbye
England, Ty - all of the above
England, Ty - I took her to Dallas
England, Ty - you irresistible
England, Ty – Redneck-Sohn
England, Ty - Should have asked her sooner
England, Ty - smoke in your eyes
England, Ty - many roads
English, Robin – Girl in Love (SC)
Engvall, Bill & Travis Tritt – Here's Your Sign
Enya – Wow
Enya – Simply love
Knowledge - Nur Zeit
Four – Orinoco-Fluss
Delete - Always
Erasure – Blue Savannah
Delete - breathe
Erasure - Chains of Love
Deletion - Coro
Erasure - Circus
Extinction - Drama
Erasure - In my arms
Deletion - Little Respect
Deletion - I love you hate you
Erasure - Oh L'amour
Erasure - Ship of Fools
Deletion - sometimes
Shut down - stop
Extinction - sacrifice of love
Deletion - who needs such a love
Escape Club - Wild West
Esnavi - Unexpected love
Esquires - get up
Essex - Easier said than done
Estefan, Gloria - Always tomorrow
Estefan, Gloria – Bad
Estefan, Gloria - Out of the Darkness
Estefan, Gloria – Conga
Estefan, Gloria - cut both ways
Estefan, Gloria - I don't want to lose you now
Estefan, Gloria - Eternal Love
Estefan, Gloria – Get up
Estefan, Gloria - Heaven is what I feel
Estefan, Gloria - Here we are
Estefan, Gloria – Superior
Estefan, Gloria - I can see you smiling
Estefan, Gloria – I met you when
Estefan, Gloria - I see your smile
Estefan, Gloria - If we were lovers
Estefan, Gloria - It's too late
Estefan, Gloria - Live to love you
Estefan, Gloria - Music of my night
Estefan, Gloria - Reach
Estefan, Gloria – The Rhythm Will Get You
Estefan, Gloria – Draw the Beat Um
Estefan, Gloria - The word stands in the way
Estefan, Gloria - Do you want to be mine?
Etheridge, Melissa – All American Girl
Etheridge, Melissa - Angels Would Fall
Etheridge, Melissa - Bring me some water
Etheridge, Melissa – Chromherz
Etheridge, Melissa - Come to my window
Etheridge, Melissa - Enough about me
Etheridge, Melissa - I want to be in love
Etheridge, Melissa - I want to come with you
Etheridge, Melissa - If I wanted to
Etheridge, Melissa - I am the one
Etheridge, Melissa - I like the way I do it
Etheridge, Melissa – Lover Please
Etheridge, Melissa - Your little secret
Etheridge, Melissa & Joss Stone – Cry Baby – Piece Of My Heart Medley
Europa – Carrie
Europe - Final count
Eurythmics – Here Comes the Rain Again (SC)
Eurythmy – Missionary (SC)
Eurythmics – this is where sweet dreams come from
Eurythmics - I would lie to you (SC)
Eurythmics & Aretha Franklin - Sisters do it for themselves
Evan and Jaron - Crazy about that girl
Evanescence - Stop breathing
Evanescence - bring me to life
Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober (SC)
Evanescence - Everyone's a fool
Evanescence - sinking
impermanence - good enough
Evanescence - Lithium (SC)
Evanescence - My Immortal
Impermanence - sweet sacrifice
Evanescence – Tourniquet
Evanescense – Spuk
Evanescense – hallo
Evanescence – Imaginary
Evanescense - My last breath
Evanescense - Taking care of me
Ephemeral - Whisper
Evans, Faith – Wieder (SC)
Evans, Faith - Ain't nobody
Evans, Faith - I love you
Evans, Faith - Love like this
Evans, Faith - You have no love
Evans, Faith & Missy Elliott – Burnin Up (X)
Evans, Sara - As It Is
Evans, Sara - Back Seat of a Greyhound Bus
Evans, Sarah – Bible Reader
Evans, Sara - Born to Fly
Evans, Sara - Cheating
Evans, Sara - Crying Game
Evans, Sara - sounds like a love song
Evans, Sara - Fool I'm a Woman
Evans, Sara - I couldn't ask for more
Evans, Sara - I keep searching
Evans, Sara - A Little Stronger
Evans, Sara - I love you with all my heart
Evans, Sara—Miss Missouri
Evans, Sara - My heart can't say no to you
Evans, Sara - So Far Nowhere
Evans, Sara - Perfect
Evans, Sara - a great starting point
Evans, Sara - Saints and Angels
Evans, Sara - Shame on you
Evans, Sara – Desacelere-me
Evans, Sara - Some Things Never Change
Evans, Sara - Foam instead of buckets
Evans, Sara - Three Chords and the Truth
Evans, Sara—Tonight
Evans, Sara - You'll Always Be My Baby
Eve - contentment
Eve – who is that girl (SC)
Eve & Alicia Keys – Gansta Lovin (R)
Eve & Gwen Stefani – Let Me Blow Your Mind (R)
Eve 6 - A toast to tonight
Eve 6 - Inside out
Eve 6—leeches
Eve 6 - Back on the roof
Eve 6 – Song of the Open Road
Eve 6 – Promises
Everclear – AM-Radio
Everclear - girl with brown eyes
Everclear - Everything for everyone
Everclear - My father
Everclear - I'll buy you a new life
Everclear - One-Hit-Wonder
Everclear – Santa Monica (SC)
Everclear - When everything goes wrong again
Everclear - Wonderful
Everett, Jace – Ruinen-Things (Mike+2)
Everlast - Black Jesus
Everlast – Termina ( R )
Everlast - Turn on the light
Everlast – How is it
Everly Brothers - All I have to do is dream (Mike -1)
Everly Brothers – Vogelhund (CB)
Everly Brothers – Bye Bye Love (Mike-1)
Everly Brothers – Cathys Clown
Everly Brothers – Claudette
Everly Brothers - Crying in the Rain (CB)
Everly Brothers – Ebenholzaugen (CB)
Everly Brothers - Let It Be Me (CB)
Everly Brothers - On the Wings of a Nightingale
Everly Brothers - Price of Love
Everly Brothers – Probleme (CB)
Everly Brothers - So Sad Good Love Goes Bad (CB)
Everly Brothers – Bring Maria a Message (CB)
Everly Brothers – temptation
Everly Brothers – That's Old Fashioned (CB)
Everly Brothers - Until I Kissed You (CB)
Everly Brothers - Wake Up Little Susie (Mike -1)
Everly Brothers – Walk Right Back (CB)
Everly Brothers - When will I be loved
Every mother's son - Come to my boat
Alles – Coisa Boa Santa Lucia
Everything – Hooch
Everything But The Girl - Missing (SC)
Everything But the Girl - Wrong (SC)
Evita - Don't cry for me Argentina
Ewing, Skip - Answer to My Prayer
Ewing, Skip – Making a Hole in My Heart
Ewing, Skip - Gospel of Luke
Ewing, Skip – Mary Go-Runde (SC)
Exile - Crazy about your love
Exile – desire to play
Exile - Give me one more chance
Exile - Hold on to your heart
Exile - Can't get close enough
Exile - I could get used to you
exile - it will be me
Exile - It's you again
Exile - Kiss you all
Exile - My heart is in good hands
Exile - Nobody speaks
Exile - She is a miracle
Exile - Super Love (Mike -3)
Exile - I woke up in love (CB) (Mike-2)
Exposé - Come with me
Expose - I will never get over you getting over me
Expose - In walking love
Expose - let me be the one
Exhibition – Changing Seasons (SC)
Extremo – Hole Hearted (SC)
Extreme - More than words

Fabares, Shelly – Johnny Angel
Fabian – Tiger
Fabian - let me go
Fabian, Lara – I’ll Love You Again (SC)
Fabian, Lara - Love of grace
Fabolour & Mike Shorey – Baby (SC)
Fabulous – Respire (SC) ( XXX )
Fabulous - Inside You (XXX)
Fabulous - Young'n Holla Back (R)
Fabolous & Mike Shorey & Lil Mo - Can't Let You Go (SC) (XXX)
Fabolous & Nate Dogg - Can't Deny (SC)
Fabolous & P Diddy & Jagged Edge – Trade It All (SC)
Fabelhafte Thunderbirds – Tuff Enuff (Mike -1)
Fabulous Thunderbirds - Complete everything
Fagen, Donald - The Girls of Tomorrow
Failure - Holding on to You (SC)
Fairchild, Barbara - Children's things
Fairchild, Barbara - Song of the Teddy Bear
Fairchild, Shelly - You Lie No More Here (SC)
Amusement Park Ride – Perfect
Faith No More – Episch
Fall Out Boy – Amerikas Suitehearts
Fall Out Boy – Dance Dance (SC)
Fall Out Boy – Little Less Sixteen Candles (SC)
Fall Out Boy - My songs know what you did in the dark
Fall Out Boy – Phönix
Fall Out Boy – Sugar We’re Goin Down (SC)
Fall Out Boy - This isn't a scene, this is an arms race
Fall Out Boy – Danke Fr Th Mmrs
Fall Out Boy – Uma Thurman
Familiar Power 5 - Oscillation
Fanny Pack – Camel Toe (XXX)
Fantasy - Bittersweet
Fantasy - I make myself
Fantasy - Only you
Fantasy - Truth is (SC)
Fantasy - When I see you
Fargo, Donna - funny face
Fargo, Donna - the happiest girl in all America
Fargo, Donna - It feels good
Fargo, Donna - Shame on you
Fargo, Donna - You can't be a lighthouse
Farley, Rachel - It's Not Easy
Farm - be thankful
Farnham, John - You are the voice
Farr, Tyer - Guy walks into a bar
Farr, Tyler - The best in boots
Farr, Tyler - Crazy Hillbilly
Farr, Tyler - Whiskey in my water
Farris, Dionne - Hopeless
Farris, Dionne - I know
Fast Ball - Fire Escape
Fastball - Out of my head
Fast ball - way
Fastball - You are an ocean
Fat Joe & Ashanti - What is Love
Fat Joe & Chris Brown - One more round
Fatboy Slim – Lob
Fatboy Slim - Rockefella slut
Faulkner, Newton - Dream Catches Me
Felder, Don – Heavy Metal Takin A Ride (SC)
Fender, Freddy - Before the next tear falls
Fender, Freddy - But I do
Fender, Freddy - I can't help it
Fender, Freddy - You're Gonna Miss a Good Thing
Fergie - Big girls don't cry
fergie- finally
Fergie - Glamorous
Fergie – London Bridge.mpg”
Fergie & Sean Kingston – Tollpatschig
Ferlin Husky - I feel better than anywhere else
Fernandez, Alejandro-Loco
Ferrante and Teicher – Tonight
Fetty Wap – Fallenkönigin (XXX)
Fiasco, Lupe – Kick Push.mpg”
Feldmob & Ciara – So What.mpg”
Fifth Dimension - Aquarius let the sun shine
Fifth Dimension - I couldn't sleep last night
Fifth Dimension - One less bell to answer
Fifth Dimension - Stone Soul Picnic
Fifth Dimension - Up and Away
Fifth Dimension - Wedding Bell Blues
Fifty Cents - ​​Disco Inferno (XXX)
Fifty Cents – If I Can't (XXX)
Fifty Cents – At The Da Club (X)
Fifty cents - outlaw
Fünfzig Cent – ​​​​P I M P (XXX)
Fifty cents – Wangsta ( X )
Fifty Cent & Eminem - Waiting Patiently (XXX)
Fifty Cent & Game - How we do it (XXX)
Fifty Cent & Nate Dogg - Twenty One Questions (XXX)
Filter - Best Things
Filters – Hey man, nice picture
Filters - Take a photo
Beautiful Young Cannibals - Good thing
Beautiful young cannibals - she drives me crazy
Finger Elf – One Thing (SC)
Fireballs - Wine Bottle
Firefall - Remember I love you
Firefall - Strange Path
Firefall - You are the woman
Fire Department - Don't treat me badly
Fire brigade - there for you
Fire Department - Hold the dream
Firehouse - I live my life for you
Firehouse - The love of your life
Fire Station - Mom didn't raise fools
Firehouse - When I look into your eyes
Party - Radioactive
Feast - Satisfaction Guaranteed
First Class - Beach Baby (SC)
Fischer - I will love you
Fisher, Shea - Don't Chase Me
Fitzgerald, Ella - Anything goes
Fitzgerald, Ella - On the Sunny Side of the Road
Fitzgerald, Ella – Sommer
Fitzgerald, Ella – Tisket A Tasket
Fitzgerald, Ella and Louis Armstrong - Let's cancel everything
Five - When the lights go out
Five Americans - Western Union
Cinco-Blobs – Blob (SC)
Five Finger Death Punch - Hard to See (SGK)
Five For Fighting – Schön (SC)
Five to Fight – Cem Anos (SC)
Five to Fight - Puzzle (SC)
Five to fight - Superman
Electric Five Man Belt - Signals
Five Satins - In the stillness of the night
Five Satins - For the runner
Five Seconds of Summer - She's Kinda Hot (XXX)
Fixx – One thing leads to another
Fixx – Red Sky
Fixx - saved from zero
Fixx - Stand or fall
Flack, Robert & Donny Hathaway - The Closer I Get To You
Flack, Roberta - Desire for Love
Flack, Roberta - For the first time I saw your face (SC)
Flack, Roberta – Killing Me Softly
Flack, Roberta & Donny Hathaway - I'm Getting Closer To You (SC)
Flack, Roberta & Donny Hathaway - Where's the Love (CB)
Flaming Lips - She's not wearing jelly
Flamingos - I only have eyes for you
Flatt und Scruggs – Mountain Dew
Fleetwood Mac – Grande Amor
Fleetwood Mac – Corrente
Fleetwood Mac - Don't stop
Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way (SC)
Fleetwood Mac – Goldstaubfrau
Fleetwood Mac – Cigano (SC)
Fleetwood Mac - Hold me
Fleetwood Mac - mesmerized
Fleetwood Mac - Landslide
Fleetwood Mac - Pretty Little Lies (SC)
Fleetwood Mac – Oh Daddy (SC)
Fleetwood Mac - Over My Head (SC)
Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon
Fleetwood Mac-Sara
Fleetwood Mac - Say you love me
Fleetwood Mac - Second Hand News (SC)
Fleetwood Mac – Silver Springs
Fleetwood Mac - Go away
Fleetwood Mac - Love is fun
Fleetwoods – Herr Blau
Fleming and John - Ugly Girl
Flirts – Jukebox Don’t Put Another Dime (SC)
Flo Rida - My home
Swims - Swims in
Floetry – Sag Ja
Florence and the Machine - Sem Luz Sem Luz
Florence and the Machine - Agite-o para fora
Florence And The Machine - What a man
Florida Georgia Line - Confession
Florida Georgia Line - Cruise
Florida Georgia Line – Dirt
Florida Georgia Line - Get your shine
Florida Georgia Line – H.O.L.Y
Florida Georgia Line – Party People
Florida Georgia Line - This way
Florida Georgia Line – Sippin On Fire
Florida Georgia Line – Polite
Florida Georgia Line - Stay
Florida Georgia Line – Sun Daze
Florida Georgia Line & Luke Bryan - That's how we roll
Flores, Brandon - Firestorm
Floyd, Eddie - Bring it to my house (SF)
Floyd, Eddie-knock on wood
Flying Burrito Brothers - Dark End of the Road
Flyleaf - Around me
Flyleaf - I'm So Sick (SC)
Flynnville Train – Last good weather
Flynnville Train - Sermon to the choir
Flynnville-Zug – Tequila Shelia
Flys - I got you where I want you to be
Fogelberg, Dan – Schwer zu sagen
Fogelberg, Dan – Mais de
Fogelberg, Dan – Amor Assim
Fogelberg, Dan - Magic at every turn
Fogelberg, Dan – Make Love Stay
Fogelberg, Dan – Corra Pelas Rosas
Fogelberg, Dan – Same Old Lang Syne
Fogerty, John—Midfield
Fogerty, John - Old Man in the Street
Fogerty, John - Premonition
Fogerty, John - Great Train to Memphis
Fogerty, John-Blue Boy
Fogery, John – Southern Streamline
Foghat - fool for the city
Foghat - I just want to make love to you
Foghat - slow drive
Folds, Ben – Rockin The Suburbs (XXX)
Foley, Rot – Alabama Jubilee
Foley, Rot – Birmingham Bounce
Foley, Vermelho – Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy (Mike)
Foley, red - midnight
Foley, Rot – Mississippi
Foley, Red - Never trust a woman
Foley, Redhead - New Jolie Blonde
Foley, Red - Content Mind
Foley, Red - shame on you
Foley, Red - Smoke on Water
Foley, Rot – Sugarfoot Rag
Foley, red - Tennessee border number 2
Foley, Red – Tennessee Saturday Night (Mike)
Foley, Red & Kitty Wells - As Long As I Live
Foley, Red & Kitty Wells - one after the other
Foley, Red & Kitty Wells - You and Me
Popular implosion – of course
Fontaine Sisters - Hearts of Stone
Fontana, Wayne - Game of Love (Mike -2)
Foo Fighters - My Whole Life (SC)
Foo Fighters - The Best of You
Foo Fighters – Fuga
Foo Fighters – Everlong
Foo Fighters – Learn to Fly (SC)
Foo Fighters - Let It Die
Foo Fighters - Mein Held
Foo Fighters - Next year
Foo Fighters - No way back
Foo Fighters - Prätendent
Foo Fighters – Corda
Foo Fighters – Santa Cecilia
Foo Fighters – skin and bones
Foo Fighters - Stacked Actors
Foo Fighters - Today
Foo Fighters – That's a Call (SC)
Foo Fighters – Times like this
Foo Fighters – Caminhada
Foo Fighters - Walk behind you
Force M D's - Tender love
Ford, Colt - Chicken and Biscuits
Ford, Colt und Dallas Davidson – Country Thang
Ford, Colt & Jamey Johnson – Kaltes Bier (R)
Ford, Frankie – Ozeankreuzfahrt (Mike -2)
Ford, Lita - Kiss Me Deadly
Ford, Lita – Giftschuss
Ford, Lita and Ozzy Osbourne - Close My Eyes Forever (SC)
Ford, Robin - Got nothing but the blues
Ford, Tennessee Ernie – Country Junction
Ford, Tennessee Ernie - The Cry of the Wild Goose
Ford, Tennessee Ernie - I will never be free
Ford, Tennessee Ernie – Shotgun Boogie (SC)
Ford, Tennessee Ernie—sixteen tons
Ford, Tennessee Ernie – Smokey Mountain Boogie (CB)
Ford, Willa - I want to be bad
Estrangeiro – Blue morning, blue day
Foreigner – Mach Schluss
Foreigners - Freezing (SC)
Alien - Dirty white boy
Alien - Double Vision
Alien - It feels like the first time
Foreigner - Hot Blood (SC)
Foreigners - I don't want to live without you
Foreigner - I want to know what love is (SC)
Alien – Jukebox-Held (SC)
Alien - Say you will
Alien - That was yesterday
Alien - Until the end of time
Foreigners - Urgent
Alien - Waiting for a girl like you (SC)
Forester Sisters - I fell in love again last night
Forester Sisters - just in case
Forest Sisters - Leave it alone
Forest sisters – letter home
Forester sisters – lonely and alone
Forester Sisters - Laying in your arms again
Forest sisters - men
Forester Sisters - When you're in love
Forester Sisters – You Again (SC)
Forsberg, Ebba – Segure-me
Fortunes - Freedom is coming Freedom is going
Fortunes – Here comes the rainy day feeling again (Mike-6)
Fortune – Here she comes again
Fortune - Storm in a Teacup
Fortunes - You've got your problems (Mike-6)
Foster e Lloyd – Fair Shake
Foster The People – Hör nicht auf (Color On The Walls)
Foster The People - Bombed Kicks
Foster, Radney - Closing time
Foster, Radney - Easier said than done
Foster, Radney - Everyday Angels
Foster, Radney - Half My Mistakes
Foster, Radney - Just Call Me Lonely (Mike-3)
Foster, Radney - Labor of Love
Foster, Radney - Nobody wins
Foster, Radney – Renntyp
Foster, Radney – Willin to Walk
Foster, Radney and Georgia Middleman - Spooky Old World
Foster, Radney and Pat Green - Texas in 1880
Grundlagen – Build Me Up Buttercup
Fountains of Wayne - Mexican Wine (SC)
Fountains Of Wayne – Stacys Mutter
Four Aces - heart and soul
Four Aces - Love is a very bright thing (Mike)
Four Aces - Three Coins in the Well (Mike)
Four Boys - Standing on the corner
Four Not Blondes - What's up?
Quatro Preps – Greensleeves
Four Runner – Kains Blut
Four runners - heart with all-wheel drive
Four Seasons - Big girls don't cry
Four Seasons – December 1963
Four Seasons - Let's wait and see
Four Seasons - Rag Doll
Four Seasons - Sherry
Four Seasons - Walk like a man
Four Tops - There is no woman like the one I have
Four Tops - Baby I need your love
Quatro Tops – Bernadette
Four Tops - I believe in you and me
Four tops - I can't help it
Four Tops - It's the same old song
Four Tops - Grab it, I'll be there
Four Tops – Shake Me Wake Me When It’s Over (SC)
Four Tops - Standing in the shadow of love
Four Tops - Go away, Renee
Fowler, Kevin - The Best Mistake I Ever Made
Fowler, Kevin - Cheaper to keep it
Fowler, Kevin - Sign of Libra
Fox, Samantha - I just want to be with you
Fox, Samantha - Mean Girls
Fox, Samantha - Touch me, I want your body (XXX)
Foxx, Jamie & Ludicras - Unpredictable (SC) (R - X)
Frampton, Peter - Everything I Want To Be
Frampton, Peter - Baby, I love the way you are
Frampton, Peter - Day in the Sun
Frampton, Peter - Do You Feel Like Us?
Frampton, Peter - I Can't Take Any More
Frampton, Peter - I'm into you
Frampton, Peter - Do Nothing Else
Frampton, Peter - Show Me the Way
Francis, Cleve - Love or lack of it
Francis, Connie - among my memories
Francis, Connie – Carolina Moon
Francis, Connie - Don't break the heart that loves you
Francis, Connie - Everyone is stupid
Francis, Connie - I'm sorry I made you cry
Francis, Connie - It's a Great Day to be Irish
Francis, Connie - Lipstick on the collar
Francis, Connie – Mama
Francis, Connie - Behind Many Tears
Francis, Connie - My happiness
Francis, Connie - My heart has a mind of its own
Francis, Connie - Pretty Little Baby (Not the Whole Song - Double Graphics)
Francis, Connie - Robotic Man
Francis, Connie - Someone else's boy
Francis, Connie – Dummer Love
Francis, Connie – Juntos
Francis, Connie – Vacation.mpg”
Francis, Connie - Where the boys are
Francis, Connie - Who's Sorry Now
Frankie Goes to Hollywood - The Power of Love
Frankie J - Crush
Frankie J - I don't want to try
Frankie J & Baby Bash – Obsession (No Es Amor) (SC)
Franklin, Aretha—no way
Franklin, Aretha - Baby, I love you
Franklin, Aretha - Chain of Fools
Franklin, Aretha - Daydreaming
Franklin, Aretha - Justify the woman, justify the man
Franklin, Aretha - Don't play that song
Franklin, Aretha – Dr. Feelgood
Franklin, Aretha - Highway of Love
Franklin, Aretha - Here we go again
Franklin, Aretha - I've never loved a man like I love you
Franklin, Aretha – Mulher Natural
Franklin, Aretha – Respeito
Franklin, Aretha – Rock Steady
Franklin, Aretha - Rose is still a rose
Franklin, Aretha - since you left
Franklin, Aretha – Pense
Franklin, Aretha - Who's Zoomin' Who?
Franklin, Aretha - Ready to Forgive
Franklin, Aretha and George Michael - I knew you were waiting for me
Franklin, Kirk - Before I Die
Franti, Michael and Spearhead - I'll wait
Franz, Ferdinand – Get me out (SC)
Fray - How to Save a Life (SC)
Fray - Take care (SC)
Fray - Over My Head (SC)
Fray – Union
Fray - You found me
Frazier River – Tangled in Texas (SC)
Freak Nasty – Da Dip
Freaks - Creeps hit the dance floor
Fred, John and their Playboy Band - Judy In Disguise
Freddie and the Dreamers - When you have to fool someone
Freddie and the Dreamers - I'll tell you now (Mike)
Freddie and the Dreamers - you were made for me
Free - Good now
Freebish, Dexter - Leaving the City
Freeman, Bobby - Let's go swimming
Freeman, Bobby - Wanna Dance (SC)
French, Nicki – Total Solar Eclipse
Frey, Glen - things are heating up
Frey, Glenn - I have mine
Frey, Glenn - Someone you love
Frey, Glenn – Partystadt (R)
Frey, Glenn – Schmuggler’s Blues
Frey, Glenn - True Love
Frey, Glenn - you belong in the city
Fricke, Janie - Always Always Wants
Fricke, Janie - Don't worry about me baby
Fricke, Janie - To my last broken heart
Fricke, Janie - It's a headache looking for a place to happen
Fricke, Janie - I need someone to hold me when I cry
Fricke, Janie - It's not easy to be easy
Fricke, Janie - Let's stop talking about it
Fricke, Janie - She's single again
Fricke, Janie - Tell Me a Lie
Fricke, Janie - your hearts are not included
Fricke, Janie & Merle Haggard - Place to fall apart
Frida - I know something is going on
Friend and Lover - Access in the dark
Frizzell, David - I Hire a Drunk (CB)
Frizzell, David & Shelly West – I Just Came Here To Dance (CB)
Frizzell, David & Shelly West - You are the reason God made Oklahoma (Mike)
Frizzell, Lefty – Always Late With Your Kisses (SC)
Frizzell, Lefty - Don't Stay Away
Frizzell, Lefty - parry always and always
Frizzell, Lefty - Give me more, more, more
Frizzell, Lefty - I love you in a thousand ways
Frizzell, Lefty - I forgot an orchid
Frizzell, Lefty - I always want to be with you
Frizzell, Lefty - If you've got money, I've got time
Frizzell, Lefty - I'm an Old Man
Frizzell, Lefty - Long Black Veil
Frizzell, Lefty - See what thoughts do
Frizzell, Lefty - The Mama and Papa Waltz
Frizzell, Lefty – Saginaw Michigan
Frizzell, Lefty - She's gone, gone, gone
Frizzell, Lefty - Shine Shave Shower It's Saturday
Frizzell, Lefty – Travellin Blues
From Frozen - Do you want to build a snowman?
From rent - I've got you covered
From the Rent - Light my candle
Out of the Rent – ​​One Song Glory
Rent - rent
Do rent - take me or leave me
From rent - what you own
Fuel - Bad Day
Fuel - Bittersweet
Fuel - fall on me
Fuel - Bleeding (SC)
Fuel - Innocent
Fuel - last time
Fuel - Brightness
Fuel - lost time
Fuel - does not yield
Flüchtlingslager All Stars – Sweetest Thing
Flüchtlinge – Killing Me Softly
Full Monty - Big Black
Funkstar Deluxe & Grace Potter – Pull Up to Bumper (SC)
Furtado, Nelly - All good things come to an end
Furtado, Nelly – Hey Mann
Furtado, Nelly - I'm like a bird
Furtado, Nelly – In Gottes Hand
Furtado, Nelly – Manager
Furtado, Nelly – Im Radio
Furtado, Nelly – Machtlos
Furtado, Nelly - Say it right
Furtado, Nelly – Shit On The Radio ( R )
Furtado, Nelly - Turn off the light
Furtado, Nelly & Missy Elliott – Mach es
Furtado, Nelly & Timbaland – Promiscuous (SC) ( R )

Gabriel, Peter – Big time
Gabriel, Peter – Book of Love (SC)
Gabriel, Peter - In Your Eyes
Gabriel, Peter – Shock the Monkey
Gabriel, Peter – Sledgehammer
Gabrielle – Should I stay or should I go
Gaga, lady - you and me
Gaines, Chris - It doesn't matter to the sun
Gaines, Chris - Lost in You
Gaines, Chris - Right Now
Gallery – Nice to see you (Mike)
Game & Fifty Cent – ​​​​Odeie ou ame (SC) ( XXX )
Gap Band - Early morning
Gap band - fun
Gap Band – Upside Down
Gap Band – Partyzug
Gap Band - You dropped a bomb on me
Recycle Bin - Empty
garbage - milk
Müll – Number One Crush (SC)
Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains (SC)
Recycle Bin - Press it
Trash – Queer (SC)
Garbage - Special
Garbage - Stupid Girl (SC)
Garbage - When I grow up
Garbage - The world is not enough (SC)
Garland, Judy - The Man Who Escaped
Garland, Judy – Rock A Bye Your Baby mit Melodie Dixie
Garland, Judy - Somewhere over the rainbow
Garland, Judy—Swanee
Garland, Judy - When you smile
Garner, Kristin - Let's Burn It
Garnett, Gale - We Sing in the Sun
Garrett, Siedah & De Barge - I Am Yours (SC)
Gaskin, Bradley – Senhor Barkeeper
Gates, David - Save this dance for me
Gatlin Brothers - I don't wanna cry
Gatlin Brothers - I just wish you were someone I loved
Gatlin Brothers - I've Died Enough Today
Gatlin Brothers - Love is just a game
Gatlin Brothers – Night Magic
Gatlin Brothers - She used to be someone's baby
Gatlin Brothers - Heartless Statues
Gatlin Brothers - It really feels like love
Gatlin Brothers - Take me to your loving place
Gatlin, Larry and the Gatlin Brothers - All California Gold
Gatlin, Larry and the Gatlin Brothers - Broken Lady
Gatlin, Larry and the Gatlin Brothers - Houston
Gaye, Garth & Tammi Terrell - It's Nothing Like the Original (SC)
Gaye, Marvin - Not so quirky
Gaye, Marvin - Gotta Give Up
Gaye, Marvin - How sweet it is to be loved by you
Gaye, Marvin - I heard it on the rumor mill
Gaye, Marvin - I'll be Doggone
Gaye, Marvin - Inner City Blues
Gaye, Marvin - let's begin
Gaye, Marvin - Mercy Mercy Me
Gaye, Marvin – Cura Sexual
Gaye, Marvin - Too busy thinking about my baby
Gaye, Marvin - What Happens
Gaye, Marvin and Kim Weston - It takes two
Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell - No mountain is high enough
Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell - You are all I need to survive
Gayle, Crystal - Baby, and you?
Gayle, Crystal – Chorar (Mike+2)
Gayle, Crystal - Don't turn my brown eyes blue
Gayle, Crystal - Halfway
Gayle, Crystal - When You Change Your Mind
Gayle, Crystal - I'll do it all over again
Gayle, Crystal - I'll Forget You
Gayle, Crystal - It's like we never said goodbye
Gayle, Crystal - I cried through my eyes with sadness
Gayle, Crystal - Our love stands at the breaking point
Gayle, Crystal - Ready For Better Times
Gayle, Crystal - Someone Loves You
Gayle, Crystal - Talking in your sleep
Gayle, Crystal - Three Good Reasons
Gayle, Crystal - Many Lovers
Gayle, Crystal-Moving
Gayle, Crystal When I Dream
Gayle, Crystal - Why Did You Leave The One You Left Me For?
Gayle, Crystal - Wrong way again
Gayle, Crystal - You Never Abandoned Me.mpg"
Gayle, Crystal - You'll never miss out on anything really good
Gayle, Crystal and Eddie Rabbitt - I made a promise
Gayle, Crystal & Gary Morris – Making Up For Lost Time (CB)
Gaynor, Gloria - I will survive (Mike +1)
Gaynor, Gloria - I Can Never Say Goodbye
Gearing, Ashley - Can you hear me when I speak to you?
Gearing, Ashley - Me, my heart and I
Gearing, Ashley - Outside the Window
Gearing, Ashley - What do you think of us?
Geiger, Teddy – I want for you (SC)
Geiger, Teddy – These Walls.mpg"
Gene loves Jezebel - jealous
General public – tenderness
Genesis - Prediger
Genesis – Anyway
Genesis - Firth of Fifth
Genesis - Follow me and follow me
Genesis - Hold onto my heart
Genesis - house by the sea
Genesis - I can't dance
Genesis – In the Too Deep
Genesis - Invisible Touch
Genesis - Jesus, he knows me
Genesis – Keep It Dark
Genesis - Land of Confusion
Emergence - Mom
Genesis - The man on the corner
Genesis - Mirror Man
Genesis - misunderstanding
Genesis - No answer
Genesis - No son of mine
Genesis – Paperlate
Genesis - Shipwreck
Genesis - Tell me why
Genesis - That's All (SC)
Genesis - throw everything away
Genesis - Schwanztrick
Genesis - Call again
Gentry, Bobbie - I'll never fall in love again
Gentry, Bobbie – Ode an Billy Joe
Gentrys - keep dancing
George, Barbara - I know
Georgia Satellites – Hippy Hippy Shake
Georgia Satellites - Keep your hands to yourself
Gerblansky, Ned (South Park) – Feel Like Making Love
Gerry And The Pacemakers - Don't let the sun catch you crying (Mike)
Gerry And The Pacemakers - Ferry Crosses the Mersey (Mike-1)
Gerry and the pacemakers - How you do this to me
Gerry and the Pacemakers - I like it
Gerry And The Pacemakers - I'll be there
Gerry and the Pacemakers - I am the one
Gerry and the Pacemakers - Everything will be fine
Gerry and the Pacemakers - walking hand in hand
Gerry and the Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone
Gibb, Andy - I just want to be your be-all and end-all
Gibb, Andy - Love is thicker than water
Gibb, Andy - Shadow Dance
Gibbs, Georgia - Kiss of Fire
Gibbs, Terri - Someone Knocks
Gibson Miller Band - Johnny, get your gun
Gibson Miller Band - Red, White and Blue Choker
Gibson Miller Band – Stone Cold Country
Gibson Miller Band – Texas Tattoo
Gibson, Debbie – Batida Tola
Gibson, Debbie - Lost in Your Eyes
Gibson, Debbie - Don't do anything
Gibson, Debbie - Shake Your Love
Gibson, Don – Blue Blue Day (SC)
Gibson, Don – Country Green (SC)
Gibson, Don - Don't tell me your problems
Gibson, Don - Throw me a party
Gibson, Don - I can mend your broken heart
Gibson, Don - it hurts me
Gibson, Don - Just once
Gibson, Don - Lonesome Number One (Mike)
Gibson, Don – Oh Lonesome Me (Mike)
Gibson, Don – Goldringe
Gibson, Don – Sea Of Heartbreak (SC)
Gibson, Don - Sweet Dreams (Mike)
Gibson, Don - Too early to know
Gibson, Don - Play the Morning
Gibson, Don – Who Cares (SC)
Gibson, Don – Sexy Frau Frau
Gilbento, Astrud - The shadow of your smile
Gilbert, Brantley—Bottom to Top
Gilbert, Brantley - Country Must Be National
Gilbert, Brantley - The devil never sleeps
Gilbert, Brantley - Kick the Sticks
Gilbert, Brantley - More Than Miles
Gilbert, Brantley - One Hell of an Amen (2)
Gilbert, Brantley - A Damned Amen
Gilbert, Brantley - Outlaw em mim
Gilbert, Brantley - Stone Cold Sober (R)
Gilbert, Brantley - You don't know her like I do
Gilbert, Brantley & Justin Moore & Thomas Rhett – Small Town Throwdown
Gilberto, Astrud - Girl from Ipanema
Gilberto, Astrud - The shadow of your smile
Gilder, Nick - hot boy in town
Gill, Johnny – Boden
Gil, Johnny - It's your body
Gil, Johnny - Take care
Gill, Vince - Cinderella
Gill, Vince - Don't come crying to me
Gill, Vince - Don't Let Our Love Fade
Gill, Vince - Feels like love
Gill, Vince - Rest on top of this mountain (SC)
Gill, Vince - Loud and Lonely Sound
Gill, Vince - I Still Believe in You (SC)
Gill, Vince - If you ever thought of eternity
Gill, Vince – Kindly Keep the Country
Gill, Vince - Let's make sure we say goodbye
Gill, Vince - Little More Love (SC)
Gill, Vince - Liza Jane
Gill, Vince - Look at us
Gill, Vince - Loving you makes me a better person
Gill, Vince - I never knew loneliness
Gill, Vince - The Next Big Thing
Gill, Vince - No future in the past
Gill, Vince - Limite de Oklahoma
Gill, Vince - One Last Chance (SC)
Gill, Vince - Bag of Gold
Gill, Vince - Pretty Little Adriana
Gill, Vince - Reason why
Gill, Vince - Shoot straight from your heart
Gill, Vince - Someday
Gill, Vince - trying to get over you
Gill, Vince – Was Cowgirls tun
Gill, Vince - What You Give
Gill, Vince - When I call your name
Gill, Vince - When Love Finds You (SC)
Gill, Vince - Whenever you show up
Gill, Vince – Que Ponte Cruzar (SC)
Gill, Vince - Mundos aside
Gill, Vince - You and You alone
Gill, Vince - You better think twice
Gill, Vince - City of Youth
Gill, Vince and Patty Loveless - My Kind of Woman, My Kind of Man (SC)
Gill, Vince & Reba McEntire - Heart Won't Lie
Gilley, Mickey - Bring It Home To Me (Mike)
Gilley, Mickey - City Lights (SC)
Gilley, Mickey - All Girls Don't Get Prettier After Hours (SC)
Gilley, Mickey - Mad About Your Love (CB)
Gilley, Mickey - Headache Tomorrow or Headache Tonight (SC)
Gilley, Mickey - Here Comes the Pain Again
Gilley, Mickey – Vinho Honky Tonk
Gilley, Mickey - I Missed an Orchid (SC)
Gilley, Mickey - Lonely Nights
Gilley, Mickey - Protect Your Dreams (SC)
Gilley, Mickey – Room full of roses (CB)
Gilley, Mickey - She Pulls Me Back Again (SC)
Gilley, Mickey - Stay With Me (CB)
Gilley, Mickey - Talk to Me (SC)
Gilley, Mickey - Tears of the Lonely
Gilley, Mickey - That's All That Matters (Mike -2)
Gilley, Mickey - that's all that matters (Mike-2)
Gilley, Mickey - Ways of True Love (Mike)
Gilley, Mickey – Window Up Alone (SC)
Gilley, Mickey - You Don't Know Me (CB)
Gilley, Mickey - You Really Rule Me (CB)
Gilman, Billy – Oklahoma
Gilman, Billy - One voice
Gilman, Billy - She's my girl
Gilman, Billy - Song of the Serpent
Gilman, Billy - There is a Hero
Gilmer, Jimmy – Sugar Shack
Gin Blossoms - Allison Road
Gin Buds - While It Matters (SC)
Gin Blüten – Follow You Down (SC)
Gin Blossoms - found out about you
Gin Blossoms – Hey Jealousy
Gin Blossoms – Until I Hear From You (SC)
Gin Buds - Till you drop
Gina G - Give me some love
Gina G - Ooh Aah just a little bit
Ginuwine - Differences
Ginuwine - In Those Jeans (XXX)
Ginuwine - I love you more (SC)
Ginuwine – Pony (XXX)
Ginuwine - so eager
Ginuwine – Stingy (R)
Ginuwine - Tell me do you want it (SC) ( R )
Ginuwine - There it is (R)
Ginuwine – Tribute to a Woman ( R )
Ginuwine – Problem
Ginuwine - What could have been
Girls Aloud – Sexy No No No ( R )
Girls Aloud – Etwas Ooh (R)
Glaser, Tompall - Put a new log on the fire
Glastiger - Don't forget me when I'm gone
Glastiger – My city
Glass tiger – someday
Gloriana - I can't shake you
Gloriana – How far do you want to go?
Gloriana - Kissed me goodnight
Gloria - I love you
Gloriana – The world is ours tonight
Go Go's - upside down
Go Go's - Our lips are sealed
Go Go's - Unforgivable
Go Go's – Vacation (SC)
Go Go's - We fear a whipped man
Go west - call me
Go West - King of positive thinking
Go West - We close our eyes
Go west - what won't you do for love
Godsmack – Acordar
Godsmack - Magia Spacious
Godsmack – Gier (XXX)
Godsmack - I'm alone
Godsmack - Stay away
Godsmack - Realign
Godsmack - Flying blind
Godsmack – Serenidade
Godsmack - Falar
Godsmack - right out of line
Godsmack – Voodoo (SC)
Gokey, Danny - Will't Say Goodbye
Gokey, Danny - My Best Days Are Still Ahead
Gold, Andrew - Lonely Boy
Gold, Andrew - Never Let Them Get Away
Gold, Andrew - Thanks for being a friend
Gold earring - Radar Love
Gold Earring - Twilight Zone
Goldfrapp – Ooh La La (SC)
Goldsboro, Bobby - The Fall of My Life
Goldsboro, Bobby – Liebling (Mike)
Goldsboro, Bobby - Little Things
Goldsboro, Bobby - Me and the Elephant
Goldsboro, Bobby – Sommer
Goldsboro, Bobby - Watching Scotty Grow Up
Gomez, Selena - Come and get it
Gomez, Selena - The heart wants what it wants
Gomez, Selena - Love you like a love song
Goo Goo Dolls - Big Machine
Goo Goo Dolls - Black Balloon
Goo Goo Dolls – Broadway
Goo Goo Dolls – Dizzy (SC)
Goo Goo Dolls - Fiction Before It's Too Late
Goo Goo Dolls – Give Some (SC)
Goo Goo Dolls – Here Gone
Goo Goo Dolls - Home
Goo Goo Dolls – Iris
Goo Goo Dolls - Let the love in
Goo Goo Dolls – Long Way Down (SC)
Goo Goo Puppen – Nome (SC)
Goo Goo Dolls - not broken
Bonecas Goo Goo slide
Good Charlotte – Hino (SC)
Good Charlotte - girls and boys
Good Charlotte – Espere (SC)
Good Charlotte - I don't want to be in love
Good Charlotte – I Just Want to Live (SC)
Good Charlotte - Last night
Good Charlotte - Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (SC)
Good Charlotte – Predictable (SC)
Goodrem, Delta - Born to try
Goodrem, Delta - In This Life
Gordon, Nina - Tonight and the Rest of My Life
Gore, Leslie - It's My Life
Gore, Leslie - It's My Party
Gore, Leslie - In Judy's Time Chorar
Gore, Leslie - Maybe I Know
Gore, Leslie - She's a fool
Gore, Leslie - Sun and Rainbow Lollipops
Gore, Leslie - That's how boys are
Gore, Leslie - You don't belong to me
Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood (XXX)
Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. (SC) ( R – X )
Gorillaz - Nineteen 2000
Gorme, Eydie - Blame Bossa Nova
Gosdin, Vern - set in stone
Gosdin, Vern - Do you believe me now
Gosdin, Vern - Dream with me
Gosdin, Vern—Garden
Gosdin, Vern - I can tell by the way you dance
Gosdin, Vern - If you do me wrong, do it right
Gosdin, Vern - I'm still crazy
Gosdin, Vern - It's raining in your house
Gosdin, Vern - Right in the wrong direction
Gosdin, Vern – Prepare-se Joe
Gosdin, Vern – Slow Burning Memory
Gosdin, Vern - It does everything
Gosdin, Vern - This isn't my first rodeo
Gosdin, Vern - To the End
Gosdin, Vern - Today my world ended
Gosdin, Vern - Deep Below
Gosdin, Vern - What Your Memories Would Do
Gosdin, Vern - Who Will You Blame This Time?
Gospel - Stay with me
Gospel - Amazing Grace
Gospel - the battle anthem of the republic
Gospel - Beautiful Island of Somewhere
Gospel - The Bible tells me
Gospel - Blessed Assurance
Gospel – Brighter The Comer
Gospel - bring sheaves
Gospel - gently flowing Sweet Afton
Gospel - Four Days Late
Gospel – Give Me That Old Time Religion (Mike)
Gospel - Moses comes down
Gospel - Go Tell up the mountain
Gospel - He touched me (Mike)
Gospel - He touched me (Mike-1)
Gospel - He washed my eyes with tears (key Df -D)
Gospel – He washed my eyes with tears (E – F key)
Gospel - He washed my eyes with tears (Mike)
Gospel - He has the whole world in His hands
Gospel – How Great Are You (Mike)
Gospel - I love telling the story
Gospel - I need you every hour
Gospel - I'll fly away (Mike)
Gospel - In the Garden (Mike)
Gospel - No Doce A Gradually
Gospel - There is no mystery what God can do
Gospel - Jesus is coming soon
Gospel - Jesus loves me
Gospel - John the Revealer
Gospel – Just go with you more
Evangelho - Lily of the valley
Evangelium – Little Brown Church The Vale
Gospel - Our Father
Gospel - Closer my God to you
Gospel - Oh what a Savior
Evangelium – Old Rustic Cross (Mike)
Gospel – Forward Christian Soldiers
Gospel - Peace in the Valley
Gospel - Precious Memories
Gospel - Rock of Ages
Gospel – Serenade der Engel
Gospel - Standing by the promises
Gospel - Sweet prayer session
Gospel - Hold My Hand Precious Lord (Mike)
Gospel - thread of hope
Gospel - What a friend we have in Jesus
Gospel - When the scroll is called up
Gospel - When those golden bells ring
Gospel - Whispering Hope
Gospel - Wings of a Dove (Mike)
Gospel written in red
Gospel, Baloche, Paul – Open the eyes of my heart (SC)
Gospel, Big Daddy Weave & Barlow Girl – You Are Worthy of My Praise (SC)
Gospel, Bill Gaither Trio – He Touched Me (SC)
Gospel, Casting Crowns – If We Are the Body (SC)
Gospel, Casting Crowns – Lifesong (SC)
Gospel, Pouring Crowns – Who Am I (SC)
Gospel, Chapman, Steven Curtis – Tauchen (SC)
Gospel, Chapman, Steven Curtis und Chris Tomlin – We Fall Down (SC)
Gospel, City On A Haill - God of Miracles
Gospel, Cline, Patsy – How Can I Face Tomorrow
Gospel, Cline, Patsy - just one step closer with you
Gospel, Cline, Patsy - The Life Railway to Heaven
Gospel, FFH – Fly Away (SC)
Gospel, FFH – One of these days (SC)
Gospel, Foley, Red – Frieden's Talk
Gospel, Gill, Vince & Jenny Gill – Haja Paz na Terra (SC)
Gospel, Grant, Amy – Anjos (SC)
Gospel, Harris, Larnelle – How Excellent Is Thy Name (SC)
Gospel, Jackson, Alan - You've been washed in blood, I'll fly away Medley (Mike)
Gospel, Jackson, Alan - Blessed Certainty
Gospel, Jackson, Alan – How Great Thou Art
Gospel, Jackson, Alan - I love telling the story
Gospel, Jackson, Alan - I want to walk through heaven with you
Gospel, Jackson, Alan – Im Garten (Mike)
Gospel, Jackson, Alan – Leaning on Everlasting Arms
Gospel, Jackson, Alan – Old Rugged Cross (Mike)
Gospel, Jackson, Alan - Gentle and tender
Gospel, Jackson, Alan - Stand by the promises
Gospel, Jackson, Alan - It's so sweet to trust in Jesus
Gospel, Jackson, Alan - Set your eyes on Jesus
Gospel, Jackson, Alan - What a friend we have in Jesus
Gospel, Jackson, Alan - When We All Go to Heaven
Gospel, Krauss, Alison - Down to the river to pray
Gospel, Krauss, Alison & Gillian Welch - I'll Fly Away (SC)
Gospel, Krippayne, Scott - I'm Not Cool (SC)
Gospel, Lampa, Rachael – Live for You (SC)
Gospel, Lampa, Rachael - No Greater Love (SC)
Gospel, Lane, Cristy - One day at a time
Gospel, Lynn, Loretta – Amazing Grace
Gospel, Lynn, Loretta – How Great Art Thou
Gospel, Lynn, Loretta - desire to travel
Gospel, Lynn, Loretta – Im Garten
Gospel, Lynn, Loretta - just one step closer with you
Gospel, Lynn, Loretta – Paz no Vale
Gospel, Lynn, Loretta – Precious Memories
Gospel, Lynn, Loretta - Sweet bye and bye
Gospel, Lynn, Loretta – Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Gospel, Lynn, Loretta - when the role is called
Gospel, Lynn, Loretta - the circle will be unbroken
Gospel, Lynn, Loretta - Wings of a Dove
Gospel of Mercy - I can only imagine it (SC)
Gospel, Mercy – Word of God Speaks (SC)
Gospel, Mullen, Nicole C - Redeemer (SC)
Gospel, Mullins, Rico - Wonderful God (SC)
Gospel, Nova Radical - One Day We Will Know (SC)
Gospel Newsboy – He Reigns (SC)
Gospel Newsboy - It's You (SC)
Gospel, Newsong – Bem Aberto (SC)
Gospel, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Roll away the stone
Gospel, Nordeman, Nichole – Santo (SC)
Gospel, Paris, Twila – Glorificaremos (SC)
Gospel, Patti, Sandi – How majestic is your name (SC)
Gospel Petra – Lord, I magnify your name (SC)
Gospel, Phillips, Craig & Dean - Come On, Now It's Worship Time (SC)
Gospel, Phillips, Craig & Dean – You Are My King (SC)
Gospel, Grace Point - My God (SC)
Gospel, Presley, Elvis – Amazing Grace
Gospel, Presley, Elvis – Busen Abrahams
Gospel, Presley, Elvis – Allmählich (Mike)
Gospel, Presley, Elvis – Crying in the Chapel (SC)
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - further ahead
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - He Touched Me (Mike)
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - your hand in mine
Gospel, Presley, Elvis – How Great Art Thou (Mike)
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - I believe (Mike)
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - I believe in the man from heaven
Gospel, Presley, Elvis – I John
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - I won't move
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - If that's not love
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - If we never meet again
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - I walk the golden staircase
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - In my father's house
Gospel, Presley, Elvis – Im Garten (Mike)
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - it's no secret
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - I have faith
Gospel, Presley, Elvis – Joshua Fit The Battle
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - Lead Me, Lead Me (SC)
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - Let's pray
Gospel, Presley, Elvis – Mansion Over The Hilltop
Gospel, Presley, Elvis – Medly
Gospel, Presley, Elvis – Via Lactea
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - Miracles of the Rosary
Gospel, Presley, Elvis – Freedom in Words (Mike)
Gospel, Presley, Elvis – Gelobtes Land
Gospel, Presley, Elvis – Hand in Hand
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - Reach out to Jesus
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - seeing is believing
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - shake hands
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - Sing it to your kids
Gospel, Presley, Elvis – so hoch
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - Someone bigger than you and me
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - stay with me
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - starting today
Gospel, Presley, Elvis – Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - Take my hand precious Lord (SC) (Mike)
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - There is no god but God
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - We'll call you
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - Where Could I Go (Mike)
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - where have they gone, sir
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - Where nobody is alone
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - Who am I?
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - work in the building
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - You gave me a mountain (Mike)
Gospel, Presley, Elvis - You'll Never Walk Alone
Gospel, Pride, Charley - All your children
Gospel, Pride, Charley - Let me live in the light of your love
Gospel, Reeves, Jim - I'll fly away
Gospel, Skaggs, Ricky & Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Little Mountain Church House
Gospel, Smith, Michael W – Above All (SC)
Gospel, Day Three - Cry to Jesus (SC)
Gospel Day Three - You Are So Good To Me (SC)
Gospel, Tomlin, Chris – Holy is the Lord (SC)
Gospel, Tomlin, Chris – How great is our God (SC)
Gospel, Travis, Randy – Oscar the Angel (SC)
Gospel Tree 3 - Blessed be Thy Name (SC)
Gospel, Twitty, Conway—whoever they thought he was
Gospel, Watson, Gene – City
Gospel, Watson, Gene - Climb higher
Gospel, Watson, Gene - Jesus is all I need
Gospel, Watson, Gene – Ali
Gospel, Watson, Gene – Shine from the Mountain
Gospel, Winans – It's Time (SC)
Gospels, Lewis, Crystal – My Redeemer Lives (SC)
Gospels, Lewis, Crystal – Only Fools (SC)
Gospels, Lewis, Crystal – Trust Me (SC)
Goulding, Ellie - Anything can happen
Goulding, Ellie – Luzes
Goulding, Ellie - Love Me Like You
Goulding, Ellie - something like the way you love
Gracin, Josh – Covergirl
Gracin, Josh - I Keep Coming Back (SC)
Gracin, Josh - I want to live
Gracin, Josh - Nothing to Lose
Gracin, Josh - Stay with me
Gracin, Josh – Tellurid
Gracin, Josh - Incredible Ann Marie
Gracin, Josh - We weren't crazy
Graham, Larry - One in a million people
Graham, Tammy - Cool Water (SC)
Graham, Tammy - Dozen Red Roses (SC)
Grammer, Andy - That's fine with me
Grammer, Andy - Honey, I'm fine
Grand Funk - Bad time
Grand Funk – Musik Footstompin
Grand Funk – Loco Motion
Grand Funk - somehow wonderful
Grand Funk – We Are An American Band (SC)
Grand Master Flash message
Grand, Gil - Famous First Words (SC)
Grande, Gil - I've Already Fallen (SC)
Grand, Gil - Let's start living
Grande, Ariana & Iggy_Azalea – Problema
Grant Lee Buffalo - Really real
Grant, Amy - All I Ever Have To Do
Grant, Amy – Baby Baby (SC)
Grant, Amy - Big Yellow Cab
Grant, Amy - Every Heartbeat (SC)
Grant, Amy - Wherever I Go (SC)
Grant, Amy - Find a Way
Grant, Amy - good for me (SC)
Grant, Amy - I've made my decision
Grant, Amy - I'll be your friend (SC)
Grant, Amy - I will remember you
Grant, Amy - I will fly
Grant, Amy - shortly
Grant, Amy - How I Love You
Grant, Amy - Love Can Do Anything
Grant, Amy - Lucky Mushroom
Grant, Amy - Say You'll Be Mine
Grant, Amy - Stay a while
Grant, Amy - needs some time
Grant, Amy - That's What Love Is For (SC)
Grant, Amy - Things We Do For Love
Grant, Amy - Too Late
Grant, Amy - Where Do You Hide Your Heart?
Grant, Amy & Gill, Vince – Casa do Amor
Grant, Amy and Peter Cetera - Next time I'll fall in love
Grant, Eddy – Electric Avenue
Grant, Gogi - Rebel with the Wind
Grascals & Dolly Parton – Viva Las Vegas
Base - heaven knows
Grass Roots - Let's live for today
Grass Roots – Midnight Confessions (SC)
Grass roots - sooner or later
Grass Roots - Eyes of Temptation (SC)
Grass Roots - Two divided by love
Grass Roots - Wait a million years
Grateful Dead - The Devil's Friend
Grateful Dead – Ripple
Grateful Dead - Touch of Gray
Grateful Dead – Truckin
Gray, David – Babylon
Gray, Dobie – For Derivation (Mike -2)
Gray, Macy - The Beauty of the World
Gray, Macy - Do something
Gray, Macy - I'm trying
Gray, Macy - When I see you
Gray, Macy - Why didn't you call me?
Grease - Dropping out of beauty school
Big Big World and Christina Aguilera – Say Something
Great Divide – Give me vacation (SC)
Great Divide - San Isabella
Great white - bitten once, shy twice
Grande Branco – Balance-me
Great White - Save Your Love (SC)
Greaves, R B – Take a letter Maria (Mike -1)
Green Day American Idiot
Grüner Tag – Case
Green Day - Boulevard of Shattered Dreams
Green Day - Brain Stew
Green Day - East Jesus Nowhere
Green day - have a good trip
Green day - public holiday
Green Day - Lutei against them
Green Day - I am a believer
Green Day - Suburb Jesus
Green Day - Know Your Enemy
Green Day - Long View
Green day - Minoria
Green Day - Lost Hearts
Green Day - Tired of waiting
Green Day - collapse of the 21st century
Green Day - Twenty-One Guns
Green day - waiting
Green Day - Wake me up when September is over
Green Day – walking contradiction
Green day - warning
Green day - welcome to paradise
Green Day - When I come back
Green Day - Working Class Hero
Green Day - X Kid
Green Jell-O - Three Little Pigs
Green River Ordinance - let's go
Green, Al - Call me
Green, Al - Don't say no tonight
Green, Al - For the good times
Green, Al - Full of fire
Green, Al - Here I am
Green, Al - How to Heal a Broken Heart
Green, Al - I had a dream
Green, Al - I'm still in love with you
Green, Al - LOVE
Green, Al - Let's celebrate together
Green, Al - Look what you've done for me
Grün, Al-Sha La La (Faça-me Happy)
Green, Al - Tired of Being Alone
Green, Al - your heart is in good hands
Green, Al - You should be with me
Green, Cee Lo – Schrankfreak
Green, Cee Lo - forget you (clean)
Verde, Pat—Next
Green, Pat – Estrela-Land
Green, Pat – Dixie Lullaby (SC)
Green, Pat – Don’t Break My Heart Again (SC)
Green, Pat – Sounds like it should.mpg”
Green, Pat - feels like it should
Green, Pat - Lass mich
Green, Pat - Three days
Green, Pat - Wave after wave
Green, Pat - Way Back Texas
Green, Pat - what I stand for
Green, Pat & Cory Morrow – Texas On My Mind (SC)
Green Steve - Treasure the Treasure (SC)
Verde, Vivian – Emotional Rollercoaster (SC)
Grün. Cee Lo - Fuck_You (XXX)
Greenbaum, Norman - Spirit in Heaven
Greenday & U2 – The saints are coming
Greene, Jack - All the Time (SC)
Greene, Jack - Back in the Arms of Love (CB)
Greene, Jack – Statue eines Narren (CB)
Greene, Jack - There goes my everything (SC)
Greene, Jack - Until My Dreams Come True (CB)
Greene, Jack - You're My Honey (CB)
Greenwood, Lee – Dixie-Straße
Greenwood, Lee – Gott segne Amerika (Mike -3)
Greenwood, Lee Hearts are not meant to break
Greenwood, Lee - Holding a Good Hand
Greenwood, Lee - The thorns don't bother me
Greenwood, Lee – I O U
Greenwood, Lee – Turn Me Inside Out (Mike-2).mpg”
Greenwood, Lee – Morgenspaziergang
Greenwood, Lee - Ring on your finger Time on your hands
Greenwood, Lee - Someone will love you
Greenwood, Lee & Suzy Boggus – Atenciosamente
Greg Kihn Band – Breakup Song
Greg Kihn Band - For You
Greg Kihn Band - Danger
Greg Kihn Band - They don't write like that anymore
Gregg, Ricky Lynn - To Find Where I Belong
Gregory, Adam - Crazy Days
Gregory, Clinton - Rocking the Country
Gregory, Clinton - Standing on the Edge of Love
Gregory, Clinton - you didn't miss anything
Griffiths, Marcia - Electric Slide
Griggs, Andy - Can I get an amen?
Griggs, Andy - That's Cool (SC)
Griggs, Andy - When Paradise
Griggs, Andy - I'm going crazy
Griggs, Andy - she thinks she needs me
Griggs, Andy - She is more
Griggs, Andy - Tattoo rose
Griggs, Andy - Tonight I want to be your man
Griggs, Andy – Waitin On Sundown
Griggs, Andy - You made me like this
Griggs, Andy - You'll Never Be Alone (SC)
Griggs, Andy & Martina McBride - Life Practice
Groban, Josh - Wake up
Groban, Josh - Courageous
Groban, Josh – Escondido
Groban, Josh - If You Came Back To Me (SC)
Groban, Josh - Where are you (SC)
Groban, Josh - When You Say You Love Me (SC)
Groban, Josh - You are loved
Groban, Josh - you pick me up
Groban, Josh - Are You Still You?
Groove Armada - See you baby
Groove Theory - Tell Me
Groove, Amanda - See you baby
Groves, Shaun – After the Music Fades (SC)
Guess who - Albert Flasher
Guess Who – American
Guess who – bus passenger
Guess Who – Clap For The Wolfman
Guess Who - Follow your daughter home
Guess who - Glamor Boy
Guess Who – Hand Me Down World (SC)
Guess who - laughs
Guess who - life in the bloodstream
Guess Who - No Sugar Tonight Neue Mutter Natur (Mike)
Guess who - no time
Guess who - Orly
Guess who - rain dance
Guess who - running back to Saskatoon
Guess Who - Shakin All Over
Guess Who - Share the Earth
Guess Who – Saure Suite
Guess who - star baby
Guess Who - Those Eyes (SC)
Guess who – those eyes
Guess who - undone (Mike)
Guess Who - Wednesday in your garden
Guetta, David & Kelly Rowland – When Love Takes Control (CB)
Guetta, David & Usher - Without You
Guns N' Roses - Don't Cry
Guns N' Roses - Knockin On Heaven's Door
Guns N Roses – Live and Let Die (SC)
Guns N' Roses - Herr Brownstone
Guns N' Roses - Novemberregen
Guns N Roses – Paradise City (SC)
Guns N Roses – Solitaire
Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O Mine
Guns N Roses - Used to Love Her (SC)
Guns N Roses – Welcome to the Jungle (SC)
Guster – Fa Fa will never be
Guthrie, Arlo - City of New Orleans
Guthrie, Arlo—Arrival in Los Angeles
Guthrie, Jack – Oklahoma Hills
Cara - dance
Guy, Buddy - Damn, I've got the blues
Gym Class Heroes – Cupid's Choke (SC)

H Town – Knockin Da Boots
Haddaway - What is love
Hagar, Sammy - Little White Lies (SC)
Hagar, Sammy – Mas Tequila
Hagar, Sammy - seriously JuJu
Hagar, Sammy - Shag
Hagar, Sammy - Your love drives me crazy
Haggard, Merle - All my friends will be strangers
Haggard, Merle - Always Wanting You
Haggard, Merle - America First
Haggard, Merle - The good times are really over
Haggard, Merle – Back to Bars Again
Haggard, Merle - love better next time
Haggard, Merle – Big City (Mike)
Haggard, Merle – Bottle Let Me Down
Haggard, Merle – Marked Man (SC)
Haggard, Merle – Carolyn
Haggard, Merle – Donzela Cherokee
Haggard, Merle – fator frio
Haggard, Merle – Daddy Frank The Guitar Man (Mike)
Haggard, Merle - the emptiest arms in the world
Haggard, Merle - Every fool has a rainbow
Haggard, Merle - Everyone had the blues
Haggard, Merle - Bauerntochter
Haggard, Merle – Fightin Side Of Me (SC)
Haggard, Merle - From Graceland to Terra Prometida
Haggard, Merle – Flüchtling (SC) (Mike)
Haggard, Merle - Go Where Loners Go
Haggard, Merle – Vovó Harp
Haggard, Merle - Here Comes the Train of Freedom
Haggard, Merle - Hungry Eyes
Haggard, Merle - I am an island
Haggard, Merle - I Can't Be Myself
Haggard, Merle - I am very proud of who I am (SC)
Haggard, Merle - I think I'll stay and drink (Mike)
Haggard, Merle - Throw away the rose
Haggard, Merle - I wonder if they ever thought of me
Haggard, Merle - If we survive until December (Mike)
Haggard, Merle - If We Don't Fall In Love Again By Monday (SC) (Mike)
Haggard, Merle - I'm always on a mountain when I fall
Haggard, Merle - It's all in the movies
Haggard, Merle - It was a great afternoon
Haggard, Merle - It's Not Love, But It's Not Bad
Haggard, Merle - Jesus takes Conta
Haggard, Merle - Kentucky Gambler
Haggard, Merle - The Legend of Bonnie and Clyde
Haggard, Merle - Let's chase another eaxch across the room tonight
Haggard, Merle - Mama Tries (Mike)
Haggard, Merle - Mama's hungry eyes
Haggard, Merle - Misery and Gin (Mike)
Haggard, Merle - Motorrad-Cowboy
Haggard, Merle - Let's go
Haggard, Merle - My favorite memory
Haggard, Merle - My own kind of hat
Haggard, Merle - Natural high
Haggard, Merle - No one is wanted but me
Haggard, Merle – Okie de Muskogee (Mike)
Haggard, Merle – Old Man of the Mountain
Haggard, Merle - Place to fall apart
Haggard, Merle - Rainbow Stew
Haggard, Merle – Febre Ramblin
Haggard, Merle - Reasons to Quit
Haggard, Merle – Bandana Vermelha
Haggard, Merle - Roots of my Creation
Haggard, Merle – Asas de Prata (Mike)
Haggard, Merle - Sing me home
Haggard, Merle - The Soldier's Last Card
Haggard, Merle - One day we look back
Haggard, Merle - Someday when things are good
Haggard, Merle – Drehtüren
Haggard, Merle – This is Love (Mike)
Haggard, Merle - Things aren't funny anymore
Haggard, Merle - Today I started loving you again (Mike)
Haggard, Merle – Trucker's Sadness
Haggard, Merle - Disable a reminder
Haggard, Merle – Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star (SC) (Mike)
Haggard, Merle - The Way I Am
Haggard, Merle - We never touched
Haggard, Merle - When it rains, it pours
Haggard, Merle - When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold
Haggard, Merle - Workin Man's Blues (Mike)
Haggard, Merle - Worker isn't going anywhere today
Haggard, Merle - You take me for granted
Haggard, Merle and Clint Eastwood - bar buddies
Haggard, Merle & George Jones – CC Waterback
Haggard, Merle & George Jones - The Wine of Yesterday
Haggard, Merle & Willie Nelson – Pancho und Lefty
Haircut hundred - love plus one
Halestorm - Here is for us
Halestorm - I miss the misery
Haley, Bill - Rockin' 24/7
Haley, Bill – see you later, Jacaré
Haley, Bill – Shake Rattle and Roll
Halfway to Danger - Daisy
Halfway to Danger - The Devil and the Cross
Hall, Aaron - All the Places I'll Kiss You
Hall, Daryl and John Oates - Do it for love
Hall, Daryl and John Oates - family man
Hall, Daryl and John Oates - Gloryland
Hall, Daryl and John Oates - I can't accept that
Hall, Daryl and John Oates - kiss on my list
Hall, Daryl und John Oates – Maneater (SC)
Hall, Daryl and John Oates - One on One
Hall, Daryl und John Oates – Out of Touch
Hall, Daryl und John Oates – Private Eyes
Hall, Daryl and John Oates - The promise is not enough
Hall, Daryl and John Oates - Rich Girl (SC)
Hall, Daryl and John Oates - Sara Smile
Hall, Daryl und John Oates - Say It Ain't So
Hall, Daryl and John Oates - She's gone
Hall, Daryl and John Oates - So Close
Hall, Daryl and John Oates - Throw away the roses
Hall, Daryl and John Oates - You make my dreams come true
Hall, Tom T - Ballad Of Forty Dollars
Hall, Tom T - The country is
Hall, Tom T - Chord
Hall, Tom T - Fastest Horses
Hall, Tom T – Raposa im Fuga
Halle, Tom T - I care
Hall, Tom T – I Like Beer (SC)
Halle, Tom T - I love
Hall, Tom T – Romance Negativo
Hall, Tom T - Old Dogs Children and Watermelon Wine
Halle, Tom T – Gorgeous Ruby (SC)
Hall, Tom T - This song drives me crazy
Hall, Tom T - Week in a County Jail (SC)
Hall, Tom T - year Clayton Delaney died
Hall, Tom T - Your husband loves you baby
Halliwell, Geri – Look at me (SC)
Hamilton Joe Frank and Reynolds – Don't Drag Your Love (SC)
Hamilton Joe Frank and Reynolds – In Love (Mike -2)
Hamilton, George IV – Abilene (Mike)
Hammond, Albert - Free Electrical Tape
Hammond, Albert – It Never Rains in Southern California (SC)
Hanoi Rocks – Boulevard of Shattered Dreams (SC)
Hanson - Give a little
Hanson - I'll come to you
Hanson - If only
Hanson – Mmmbop
Hanson - Think of something
Hanson – This Time (SC)
Hanson- Stranger
Hanson - Where is the love
Hanson, Jennifer - Goodbye
Hanson, Jennifer - half heart tattoo
Hanson, Jennifer - Joyride
Happenings - I have rhythm
Happenings - See you in September
Hard-Fi – suburban drivers
Hardman, Gloria - Meet me in your black knickers
Harling, Keith – Traga-o (SC)
Harling, Keith - Back to you
Harling, Keith – Papai Urso
Harling, Keith - There goes the neighborhood
Harling, Keith - Writing in Stone
Harp, Jessica - Boy Like Me
Harfe, Jessica - The needs of women
Harper, Ben - Steal my kisses
Harris, Calvin - It Seems So Close
Harris, Calvin and Ellie Goulding - I need your love
Harris, Calvin & Florence Welch - Sweet Nothings
Harris, Emmylou - Slowly Beat the Drum
Harris, Emmylou - Under still waters
Harris, Emmylou - Blue Girl from Kentucky
Harris, Emmylou - Born to run
Harris, Emmylou - Bouldering for Birmingham
Harris, Emmylou – Boxer
Harris, Emmylou - Eternal Love
Harris, Emmylou - Get up, John
Harris, Emmylou – Heartbreak Hill (SC)
Harris, Emmylou - Heaven only knows
Harris, Emmylou – High Power Love
Harris, Emmylou - If I could win your love
Harris, Emmylou – Letztes Date (Mike)
Harris, Emmylou - lost his love on our first date
Harris, Emmylou—Pretending
Harris, Emmylou – Herr Sandmann
Harris, Emmylou—One more time
Harris, Emmylou - One of these days
Harris, Emmylou – Perle
Harris, Emmylou – Rollin und Ramblin
Harris, Emmylou - Save the Last Dance for Me
Harris, Emmylou - Sweet Dreams
Harris, Emmylou - Thank you to you
Harris, Emmylou - For Dad
Harris, Emmylou – Together Again (Mike)
Harris, Emmylou - Two more bottles of wine
Harris, Emmylou - Strange Traveler
Harris, Emmylou - You can never tell
Harris, Emmylou and Ricky Skaggs - The darkest hour is just before dawn
Harris, Major - Love doesn't keep me waiting
Harris, Peppermint - I was carried
Harris, Rolf – Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport (SC)
Harris, Sam - Bridge over Troubled Water
Harris, Sam - Over the Rainbow
Harris, Thurston - Little Bitty Pretty One
Harrison, George - Everything Must Pass
Harrison, George - All Those Years Ago
Harrison, George - Do-me amor
Harrison, George - Thinking of you
Harrison, George - It's not a pity
Harrison, George – Lady Jane
Harrison, George - My sweet lord
Harrison, George - True Love
Harrison, George - What is life
Harrison, George - When We Were Fabulous
Harrison, Wilbert – Kansas City (Mike)
Hart, Beth - Tasty surprise
Hart, Beth – LA Song (SC)
Hart, Cory - Evening sunglasses
Hart, Freddie - Easy Lovin
Hart, Freddie - My problem is you
Hart, Freddie - female super guy
Hart, Tara Lynn - Never Let Me Go
Hart, Tara Lynn - Things That Matter
Hart, Tara Lynn - That's When You Came
Hartman, Dan - I Can Dream of You
Harvey Danger - Flagpole Sitta
Harvey, PJ - good luck
Haun, Lindsey - Bankruptcy
Hawaiian - Maui Waltz
Hawkins, Brad - We Lost (SC)
Hawkins, Hawkshaw – Hundehaus-Boogie
Hawkins, Screaming Jay - I'll put a spell on you (SC)
Hawkins, Sophie B - Damn I wanna be your lover
Hawkins, Sophie B - Lose Your Way (SC)
Hawkins, Sophie B - Simply Love
Hayes, Hunter - Everyone's got someone but me
Hayes, Hunter - I want crazy
Hayes, Hunter - Invisible
Hayes, Hunter – Tempestade-Alarm
Hayes, Hunter - Tattoo
Hayes, Hunter - Wanted
Hayes, Hunter - You think you know someone
Hayes, Isaac – Walk On By (SC)
Hayes, Wade - Day She Left Tulsa
Hayes, Wade - Don't Stop
Hayes, Wade - Goodbye is the wrong way
Hayes, Wade - How You Sleep at Night
Hayes, Wade - I'm still dancing with you
Hayes, Wade - It's Over My Head (SC)
Hayes, Wade - old enough to know better
Hayes, Wade - Good Night (SC)
Hayes, Wade - Torn from the ground up
Hayes, Wade - Up North, Down South, Back East, West
Hayes, Wade - What I wanted to say (Mike -2)
Hayes, Wade - When the Wrong Person Loves You Right
Hayes, Wade - Where Do I Go To Start Over?
Hayes, Wade – Witchita Lineman (SC)
Hayes, Walker—Pants
Hayes, Walker - Why Wait for Summer
Hayes, Walker - You broke up with me
Haymes, Dick - It Might As Well Be Spring (SC)
Head Automatica – Graduation Day (SC)
Head East - There was never a reason
Head, Murray - A Night in Bangkok
Kopf, Roy – Treat Her Right (Mike)
Headley, Heather - That's him
Headley, Heather - I wish I wasn't
Healey, Jeff – Angel Eyes
Healey, Jeff – Blue-Jeans-Blues
Healey, Jeff - shop steward
Healey, Jeff - I Think I Love You Too Much
Healey, Jeff - While My Guitar Softly Weeps
Heart - All I wanna do is make love to you
Lonely Heart
Herz – Barracuda
Heart - Mad About You (SC)
Herz – Dreamboat Annie (SC)
Heart - Balance yourself
Heart - Magic Man
Heart - never
Heart - None (SC)
Heart – Front (SC)
Heart - Stranded
Heart – These dreams
heart - and love
Heart - will you be there in the morning?
heart – woman in me
Heartland - I loved her first
Heatherly, Eric - Flowers on the Wall
Heatherly, Eric – Last Man Committed (SC)
Heatherly, Eric - Swimming in Champagne
Heatherly, Eric - Five Wrong Hours
Heat wave – always and forever
Heat Wave - Boogie Nights
Heat Wave - Crescent Line (SC)
Heavy – How do I like it now
Hebb, Bobby – Sunny (SC)
Helms, Bobby – Miss (SC)
Helms, Bobby—Miss
Helms, Bobby - My Special Angel (CB)
Hendrix, Jimi – All Along The Watchtower (SC)
Hendrix, Jimi – Engel (SC)
Hendrix, Jimi – Fogo (SC)
Hendrix, Jimi – Foxy Lady (SC)
Hendrix, Jimi – Hey Joe
Hendrix, Jimi - Little Grand Piano
Hendrix, Jimi – Manic Depression (SC)
Hendrix, Jimi – Purple Haze
Hendrix, Jimi – Rotes Haus
Hendrix, Jimi – Steinfrei
Hendrix, Jimi – Wind weint Mary (SC)
Henley, Don - All she wants to do is dance
Henley, Don - For my wedding
Henley, Don - Heart of the Matter
Henley, Don - Sit down, you're rocking the boat
Henningsen's – Beleza Americana
Henningsens - I miss you
Henry, Clarence Frogman - But I Do (Mike)
Herman's Hermits - Can't You Hear My Heartbeat (SC)
Herman's Hermit - Dandy
Herman's Hermit - End of the World
Herman's Hermits - Groovige Art Of Love
Herman's Hermits - I am Henry VIII I am (SC)
Herman's Hermits - I Like Something Good (SC)
Herman's Hermits - Just a little bit better
Herman's Hermits - people listen
Herman's Hermit - Medley 1
Herman's Hermit - Medley 2
Herman's Hermits - Mrs. Braun, you have a beautiful daughter (SC)
Herman's Hermits - Deve Vermeiden
Herman's Hermits - Mein sentimentaler Freund
Herman's Hermits - No dairy today
Herman's Hermit - Silhouettes
Herman's Hermit - Sleepy Joe
Herman's Hermits - Something is happening
Herman's Hermit - Sunshine Girl
Herman's Hermits – There's a Kind of Silence (SC)
Herman's Hermits - What a wonderful world
Herman's Hermit - Wonderful World (ZM)
Herman's Hermits - Years may come, years may pass
Hernando's Refuge - Pajama Game (SC)
Herndon, Ty - Hands of a Laborer
Herndon, Ty – Heather’s Wall
Herndon, Ty - I must surrender
Herndon, Ty - It Must Be Love
Herndon, Ty - Living in a Moment
Herndon, Ty - Love So
Herndon, Ty - I love it too much (SC)
Herndon, Ty – Man Holdin On (SC)
Herndon, Ty - No Mercy
Herndon, Ty - She wants to be desired again
Herndon, Ty—Steam
Herndon, Ty - what mattered most
Herndon, Ty und Stephanie Bentley – Heart Half Empty
Hewitt, Jennifer Love - How I Cope
Hicks, Taylor – Do I Make You Proud.mpg”
Higgins, Bertie – Key Largo
Highway 101 - bed you made for me
Rodovia 101 – Honky-Tonk-Baby
Rodovia 101 – Honky-Tonk-Herz
Highway 101 - Must be love
Highway 101 – Just Say Yes
Highway 101 - Someone else's problem
Highway 101 - Somewhere tonight
Highway 101 - This side of farewell
Highway 101 - Walkin Talkin Cryin Evil Beatin' Heartbroken
Highway 101 - whiskey if you were a woman
Highway 101 - Who's Alone Now?
Highwaymen - cotton fields
Highwayman - Highwayman
Mugger - It is what it is
Highwayman - Michael Row The boat on land
Hill, Dan - Sometimes when we touch
Hill, Dan & Vonda Sheppard - We Can't Try
Hill, Dru - I should be (SC)
Hill, Dru - In my bed
Hill, Dru - Never make a promise
Hill, Dru - These are the times
Hill, Faith - American Heart
Hill, Faith – Respire
Hill, Faith - Revealing Elvis
Hill, Faith - But I will
Hill, Faith - Come home
Hill, Faith – Chor
Hill, Faith – Free
Hill, Faith - I can't do this anymore
Hill, Faith - I have my baby
Hill, Faith - When I fall behind
Hill, Faith - If My Heart Had Wings
Hill, Faith - I care (Mike +1)
Hill, Faith - Almost Now (SC)
Hill, Faith - Just to hear you say you love me (SC)
Hill, Faith - Let me go
Hill, Faith - Let's go to Vegas
Hill, Faith - Life is too short to love like this
Hill, Glaube–Lost
Hill, Faith - Love isn't like that
Hill, Faith – Glückpilz
Hill, Faith - A man's home is his castle (SC)
Hill, Faith – Garota from Mississippi
Hill, Faith - Piece of My Heart (SC)
Hill, Faith - Red Umbrella
Hill, Faith - Secret of Life (SC)
Hill, Faith - Another's Dream (SC)
Hill, Faith - Stealing Kisses
Hill, Faith – Aber stark
Hill, Faith - Sunshine and Summer
Hill, Faith - Take me as I am (SC)
Hill, Faith - That's how love moves
Hill, Faith - Then the lights go out
Hill, Faith - It will come one day
Hill, Faith – Estarás-Tag (SC)
Hill, Faith - That kiss
Hill, Faith - How You Love Me
Hill, Faith - When the Lights Go Out
Hill, Faith – Wild One (SC)
Hill, Faith - You Can't Lose Me (SC)
Hill, Faith - Will You Be Mine?
Hill, Faith - are you still there?
Hill, Faith & Tim McGraw - It's Your Love (SC)
Hill, Faith & Tim McGraw - Just to Hear You Say You Love Me (SC)
Hill, Faith & Tim McGraw - Let's Make Love
Hill, Faith & Tim McGraw - How We Never Loved
Hill, Jessie - Ooh Poo Pah Doo
Hill, Jordan – Remember Me
Hill, Jordan & Billy Porter – Schicksal (SC)
Hill, Lauryn - I can't take my eyes off you
Hill, Lauryn – Doo Wop
Hill, Lauryn - Everything is everything
Hill, Lauryn – Ex-Faktor (SC)
Hill, Lauryn - Nothing Matters
Hill, Lauryn & Bob Marley – Dim the Lights
Hilson, Keri – Breaking Point
Hilson, Keri – Energie
Hilson, Keri & Akon - Change Me
Hilson, Keri and Lil Wayne - Slow Dance
Hilton, Paris - Stars are blind.mpg"
He - Butterfly Wings (SC)
Hinder - All American Nightmare
Difficulty - Better Than Me (SC)
Prevent – ​​Get High (SC) (R – X)
Hinder - Lips of an Angel (SC)
Hinder - up all night
Prevent – ​​Use-me
Hinder – What are you going to do
Hitman Sammy Sam - five hundred
Hives - I Hate To Say I Told You (SC)
Beehives – Walk Idiot Walk (SC)
Ho, Don - Hawaiian Wedding Song
Ho, Don – Hukilau-Lied (SC)
Ho, Don - Tiny bubbles
Hobbs, Becky - Jones in der Jukebox
Hobbs, Becky - Talk back with trembling lips
Hoffman, Billy - All I wanted was you
Hoffman, Billy - Perfect Night (SC)
Hoffman, Billy - You are the ticket
Hoku - Another Stupid Blonde (SC)
Hole - Terrible
Hole - celebrity skin
Loch – Goldstaubfrau (SC)
Buraco – Malibu
Vacation, Billie - Body and Alma
Holiday, Billie - everything happens to me
Holiday, Billie - God bless the child
Holiday, Billie - Good morning lovesick
Holiday, Billie - I can give you nothing but love
Vacation, J – Bed
Vacation, J - It's yours
Vacation, J – Smother
Hollies - air I breathe
Hollies - bus stop
Hollies - He's not heavy, he's my brother
Hollies - Long and cool woman in a black dress
Hollies - on a carousel
Hollister, Dave – One Woman Man (SC)
Holly, mate - Every day
Holly, friend - it doesn't matter anymore
Holly, buddy - maybe baby
Holly, mate - oh boy
Holly, Kumpel – Peggy Sue
Holly, Buddy - This will be the day (Mike)
Holly, Buddy - forms of true love
Hollywood Argyles – Alley Oop
Hollywood Beyond – What Color is Money?
Holman, Eddie - Hey Lonely Girl (SC)
Holmes, Monty – Allein
Holmes, Monty - Leave My Mother Out of It
Holmes, Monty - Why You Must Look So Good (SC)
Holmes, Rupert - Escape (The Song of Pina Colada)
Holmes, Rupert – Is
Santo, Steve - Baby, don't go
Santo, Steve – Blue Mouth
Holy Steve - new girlfriend
Holy Steve - Let it rain
Holy Steve - don't make me beg
Saint Steve - Good morning beautiful
Holy, Steve – Hunger
Holy Steve - I'm not unauthorized
Holy Steve - Love doesn't run away
Holy Steve - Men buy the drinks
Holy Steve - could have been
Holy Steve - put on your best dress
Santo, Steve - Rock A Bye Heart
Hometown News - Minivan
Hometown News – Rodas
Honey Cone – Suchanzeigen
Honeydrippers – Sea of ​​Love (Mike -2)
Suite Lua-de-mel - New girl now
Hoobastank - Crawling in the dark
Hoobastank - Disappear (CB)
Hoobastank - If I Were You (SC)
Hoobastank - Out of Control (SC)
Hoobastank - Reason (SC)
Hoobastank - Remember Me (SC)
Hoobastank - Run Away
Hoobastank - so close, so far
Nutte, Johnny Lee – Boom Boom
Hooker, Johnny Lee - A bourbon, a scotch, a beer
Hooters - and we danced
Hootie e o baiacu - Hannah Jane
Hootie and the Blowfish – Hold My Hand (SC)
Hootie and the Blowfish – I'm Going Blind (SC)
Hootie and the Blowfish - I'm waiting
Hootie and the Blowfish - Make 'em cry
Hootie and the Puffer Fish - The Old Man and Me
Hootie and the Puffer - Just Lonely
Hootie and the Blowfish - I just want to be with you
Hootie is a boy - Sad Caper
Hootie is a boy - Time (SC)
Hootie and the Puffer - Tucker's Town (SC)
Hootie and the Puffer Fish - Wishes
Hope Bob - Thanks for the reminder
Hope, Mallory – Blume im Staub
Hopkins, Mary - Those were the days.mpg"
Horne, Lena – Stormy Weather
Hornsby, Bruce - Harbor Lights
Hornsby, Bruce - Walk in the Sun
Hornsby, Bruce - As It Is
Horton, Johnny - Battle of New Orleans
Horton, Johnny - Honky-Tonk-Mann
Horton, Johnny – Johnny Reb
Horton, Johnny - Mansion You Robbed
Horton, Johnny – North Alaska
Horton, Johnny - Sink the Bismarck
Horton, Johnny - When It's Spring in Alaska
Warm - angels in your arms
Warm Apple Pie – Caipiras
Hot Chocolate - Everyone's a winner
Hot chocolate - your sexy thing
Hot Hot Heat – Good Night Good Night (SC)
Hot 'N Juicy (South Park) - I'm horny
Hough, Julianne - This is so wrong
Hough, Julianne – Mein Halleluja-Lied
Hough, Julianne - This song in my head
House, James - Anything for Love
House, James - Bit by Bit
House, James - It's me, I miss you
Houser, Randy - Anything goes
Houser, Randy - Flat Boots
Houser, Randy - Kiss Goodnight
Houser, Randy - How's the Country?
Houser, Randy - I'm all in
Houser, Randy - In Gottes Timing
Houser, Randy - Like a cowboy
Houser, Randy - A Man Like Me
Houser, Randy – Runnin Outta Moonlight
Houser, Randy - We went
Houser, Randy – Whistlin Dixie
Houston, David – Almost Convinced (Mike -2)
Houston, David - it's already heaven
Houston, David - Honey, honey, I know you're a lady
Houston, David - Good Things
Houston, David - Have a little faith
Houston, David - I do my swing at home
Houston, David - I'm on my last I love you
Houston, David - Living in a House of Love
Houston, David - My Unspeakable Dreams
Houston, David - My wife is good to me
Houston, David - She's All Woman
Houston, David - Where Love Used to Live
Houston, David - with one exception
Houston, David - The Woman Always Knows
Houston, David - You mean the world to me
Houston, Thelma - Don't Leave Me Like This
Houston, Whitney - All at once
Houston, Whitney – All the Man I Need (CB)
Houston, Whitney - Count me among them
Houston, Whitney – Run Off (SC)
Houston, Whitney - the greatest love of all
Houston, Whitney – Heartbreak Hotel
Houston, Whitney - How should I know?
Houston, Whitney - I believe in you and me
Houston, Whitney - I didn't know my own strength
Houston, Whitney - Have nothing
Houston, Whitney - Learned from the Best
Houston, Whitney - I look up to you
Houston, Whitney - Wanna Dance With Somebody (SC)
Houston, Whitney - I will always love you
Houston, Whitney - If I told you so
Houston, Whitney - I'm All Woman
Houston, Whitney - I'm Your Baby Tonight
Houston, Whitney - It's not right, but it's okay
Houston, Whitney - One Million Dollar Bill
Houston, Whitney - My Heart Calls
Houston, Whitney - My love is your love
Houston, Whitney - Not right, but okay
Houston, Whitney - A Moment in Time
Houston, Whitney - One of These Days (SC)
Houston, Whitney - Queen of the Night
Houston, Whitney - Run for yourself
Houston, Whitney - Save All My Love For You (SC)
Houston, Whitney - so exciting
Houston, Whitney - step by step
Houston, Whitney - try it yourself
Houston, Whitney - What Cha's Looking At (SC)
Houston, Whitney - Where Do The Broken Hearts Go (CB)
Houston, Whitney – vale a pena
Houston, Whitney - You give good love
Houston, Whitney and Deborah Cox - same script, different cast
Houston, Whitney & Enrique Iglesias - Could Have That Kiss Forever (SC)
Houston, Whitney & Mariah Carey - If you believe
Houston, Whitney & Price Evans – Heartbreak Hotel (SC)
Howard, Rebecca Lynn – Perdoe
Howard, Rebecca Lynn - I need a vacation
Howard, Rebecca Lynn - Here on the Water
Howard, Rebecca Lynn - Simple Things
Howard, Rebecca Lynn - That's why I hate Pontiacs
Howard, Rebecca Lynn - This Love
Howard, Rebecca Lynn – Schade
Howard, Rebecca Lynn - When My Dreams Come True (SC)
Howlin Wolf – Killing Floor
Hudgens, Vanessa – Say Ok
Hudson, Jennifer - And I'm Telling You I Won't (SC)
Hudson, Jennifer - Don't look down
Hudson, Jennifer - If That Ain't Love
Hudson, Jennifer - No one will love you
Hudson, Jennifer - Climax
Hues Corporation - Rock the boat
Hughes, Jedd - High Solitude
Human League - You don't want me
Human League - Fascination
human-human league
Humble Pie - I don't need a doctor
Humperdinck, Engelbert – After Love (Mike -1)
Humperdinck, Engelbert - I am so easy to forget
Humperdinck, Engelbert – Anjos
Humperdinck, Engelbert - Another time, another place
Humperdinck, Engelbert - When I come to Phoenix
Humperdinck, Engelbert - Call me
Humperdinck, Engelbert - Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Mike-2)
Humperdinck, Engelbert – Domage Domage very bad very bad
Humperdinck, Engelbert – El Mondo
Humperdinck, Engelbert - Everyone knows that we are at the end
Humperdinck, Engelbert - From here to eternity
Humperdinck, Engelbert – Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings (Mike-2)
Humperdinck, Engelbert - The Last Waltz
Humperdinck, Engelbert – Les Bicyclettes de Belsize
Humperdinck, Engelbert - Love me with all my heart (Mike -2)
Humperdinck, Engelbert - The man and the woman
Humperdinck, Engelbert – Man Without Love (Mike-3)
Humperdinck, Engelbert – Misty Blue
Humperdinck, Engelbert – Mona Lisa
Humperdinck, Engelbert – Please release me
Humperdinck, Engelbert – When when when
Humperdinck, Engelbert - The shadow of your smile
Humperdinck, Engelbert - Spanish eyes
Humperdinck, Engelbert – Stardust
Humperdinck, Engelbert - ten guitars
Humperdinck, Engelbert - There goes my everything
Humperdinck, Engelbert - There is a kind of silence
Humperdinck, Engelbert - This moment
Humperdinck, Engelbert - Up and away
Humperdinck, Engelbert - How it used to be
Humperdinck, Engelbert - What a wonderful world
Humperdinck, Engelbert - And now my love
Humperdinck, Engelbert - When I say good night
Humperdinck, Engelbert - Winter world of love
Hunt, Sam - Bodies like a back road
Hunt, Sam - Breakup in a small town
Hunt, Sam - Drinking Too Much
Hunt, Sam – Hausparty
Hunt, Sam – Let the Night Go On
Hunt, Sam - Make me miss you
Hunt, Sam - Take your time
Jagd, Van-Poeira (SC)
Hunter, Alfonzo – Weekend Thang (SC)
Hunter, Ian – Cleveland Rocks
Hunter, Ivory Joe - Empty Arms
Hunter, Ivory Joe - Since I Met You Baby (Mike -2)
Hunter, Tab - Young love
Husky, Ferlin - Country music is here to stay
Husky, Ferlin - Because you were so cute
Husky, Ferlin - Fallen Star
Husky, Ferlin – ido
Husky, Ferlin - I'm better
Husky, Ferlin - I really don't want to know
Husky, Ferlin - Just for you
Husky, Ferlin – Timber I’m Falling
Husky, Ferlin - Wings of a Pigeon
Hyland, Brian – Babygesicht
Hyland, Brian - Sealed with a Kiss (Mike -1)

I 5 – Distracted
I I O - Rapture
Ian, Janis – Alter 17
Ian, Janis - At seventeen
Ian, Janis - From me to you
Ian, Janis - Son of society
Icehouse - Electric Blue
Ides of March – Vehicle (Mike -2)
Idol, Billy - Cradle of Love
Idol, Billy – Dancing With Myself (SC)
Idol, Billy – Eyes Without a Face (SC)
Ídolo, Billy – Meat for Fantasy (SC)
Ídolo, Billy – Hot in Town (SC)
Idol, Billy - I forgot to be your lover
Ídolo, Billy – Mony Mony (SC)
Idol, Billy – Rebel Yell
Idol, Billy - Scream (SC)
Idol, Billy - shock to the system
Idol, Billy – White Wedding
Iglesias, Enrique – Sei bei dir (SC)
Iglesias, Enrique - you know
Iglesias, Enrique-Fuge
Iglesias, Enrique-Hero
Iglesias, Enrique – Ich mag es
Iglesias, Enrique – Rhythm Divine
Iglesias, Enrique - Sad eyes
Iglesias, Enrique - Someone am I
Iglesias, Enrique & Ludacris – Tonight I’m Lovin You
Iglesias, Enrique and Sean Garrett–Foren
Iglesias, Enrique & Usher – Dirty Dancer
Ike & Tina Turner - Nutbush (SC) City Limits
Imagine dragons - demons
Imagine Dragons - The time has come
Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
Imagine dragons - roots
Imbruglia, Natalie - Identify
Imbruglia, Natalie – Fumaça
Imbruglia, Natalie – Rasgado
Imbruglia, Natalie - I wish I was there
Imbruglia, Natalie - Misprint
Immature - Please Don't Go (SC)
Immature - Watch me do my thing
Impalas - Sorry I ran all the way home
Impressions - I'm so proud
Impressions – It's OK
Incubus - Juveniles
Inkubus – Anna Molly (SC)
Incubus Drive (SC)
Incubus - I wish you were here
Incubus - Nice to meet you
Incubus - Forgive me
Inkubus – Notice
Indigo Girls - closer to the good
Indigo Girls - I don't want to talk about it
Indigo Girls – Shame on You (SC)
Information society - What concerns you
Inglesias, Enrique – Addicted (SC)
Inglesias, Enrique – Bailamos (SC)
Inglesias, Enrique – Don't turn off the light (SC)
Ingram, Jack – Boneca-Barbie
Ingram, Jack - Barefoot and Crazy
Ingram, Jack – Flutter (SC)
Ingram, Jack—Free
Ingram, Jack - How many days
Ingram, Jack – Lips eines Engels (SC)
Ingram, Jack - I love you
Ingram, Jack - Maybe She's Alone
Ingram, Jack – Human Measure (SC)
Ingram, Jack - Seeing the Stars
Ingram, Jack - That's a man
Ingram, Jack - Wherever You Are
Ingram, James - Forever I'll Be There
Ingram, James - Give it to me forever, yes
Ingram, James - I Have No Heart
Ingram, James - Just Once
Ingram, James – One Hundred Maneiras (SC)
Ingram, James - Someone Like You (SC)
Ingram, James - Whatever We Imagine
Ingram, James & Patty Austin - Baby come to me
Ingram, Luther - If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right
Inner Circle – Bad Boys (SC)
Inner Circle - Sweat
Innosense - Say No More (SC)
Invaders - cowboys for girls
INXS – Devil Inside (CB)
INXS – Do Not Change (SC)
INXS – elegantly wasted
INXS – I Need You Tonight (SC)
INXS - Never Separate Us (SC)
INXS – Neue Sensation
INXS - One thing
INXS – Original Sin (SC)
INXS – Suicidal Blonde
INXS – What You Need (SC)
Iris, Donnie – Ah Leah
Irish Rovers - Unicorn
Irish Rovers – Whisky im Glas (SC)
Iron Butterfly - In A Gadda Da Vida
Iron Maiden – Run for the Hills
Isaacs, Gregory - When I see an elephant fly (SC)
Isaacs, Sonya - Barefoot in the Grass
Isaacs, Sonya - How can I forget
Isaacs, Sonya - I forgot how you feel
Isaacs, Sonya - Come to you
Isaac, Chris – American Boy (SC)
Isaak, Chris - The baby did something bad
Isaac, Chris- Please
Isaac, Chris - Wicked Game
Isley Brothers – contagious
Isley Brothers - Don't Say Goodnight Part 1
Isley Brothers - Don't Say Goodnight Part 2
Isley Brothers - It's Your Thing
Isley Brothers – Schrei
Isley Brothers - Tears
Isley Brothers - Diese Dame
Isley Brothers - This Old Heart of Mine
Amor Italiano – Tiamo
Ives, Burl - Funny way to laugh
Ives, Burl - Little Bitty Tear

(Video) Peabo Bryson - Can You Stop the Rain

J Geils Band - Page center
J Geil's Band - Flamethrower
J Geils Band - Freeze frame
J Geils Band – Looking for Love (SC)
J Geils Band - Love stinks
J Geils Band – Musta Got Lost
Ja-Regel – Clap Back (SC) ( XXX )
Ja-Regel – Reign (SC) ( XXX )
Ja Rule & Ashanti – Always on time
Ja Rule & Ashanti – Down For You (R)
Ja Rule & Ashanti – Hypnotisieren (R)
Ja Rule & Bobby Brown - Bat Lovin (X)
Ja Rule & Charli Baltimore – Down Ass Chick (R)
Ja Rule & Christina Milian – Between You and Me
Ja Rule & Lil Mo – Eu Choro
Ja Rule & Lil Mo - Put It On Me (R)
Ja Rule & Mary J Blige – Rainy Dayz
Jacks, Terry - Seasons in the Sun
Jackson 5 – ABC
Jackson 5 - Dancing Machine
Jackson 5 - I want you back
Jackson 5 - I'll be there
Jackson 5 – I love you, Heil
Jackson 5 - I can never say goodbye
Jackson 5 - Who Loves You?
Jackson, Alan - Between the Devil and Me
Jackson, Alan – Blue-Ridge-Mountain-Lied
Jackson, Alan – Mann des Blues
Jackson, Alan - Buicks to the Moon
Jackson, Alan – Chasin That Neon Rainbow (CB)
Jackson, Alan – Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow (SC)
Jackson, Alan – Chattahoochee
Jackson, Alan – Landsmann
Jackson, Alan-Dallas
Jackson, Alan - Don't Destroy the Jukebox
Jackson, Alan - Conducting
Jackson, Alan - All I Love
Jackson, Alan - Past Country
Jackson, Alan - Gone Mad
Jackson, Alan – Bom Tempo
Jackson, Alan - Helm and Hammer
Jackson, Alan - Here in the real world
Jackson, Alan – Casa
Jackson, Alan - House Without Curtains
Jackson, Alan - I don't even know your name
Jackson, Alan - I still like Bologna
Jackson, Alan - I would love you again (CB)
Jackson, Alan - I would love you again (SC)
Jackson, Alan - I'll Keep Loving You (Mike)
Jackson, Alan - I'll try
Jackson, Alan - It Must Be Love
Jackson, Alan - it's all about him
Jackson, Alan - It's okay to be a hillbilly
Jackson, Alan - that's how it is
Jackson, Alan - Jim and Jack and Hank (R)
Jackson, Alan - Like Red in a Rose
Jackson, Alan – Little Bitty
Jackson, Alan - a little sadder than that
Jackson, Alan - kleiner Mann
Jackson, Alan – Livin On Love (CB)
Jackson, Alan – Livin On Love (SC)
Jackson, Alan - Long way to go
Jackson, Alan - Love is mastered by you
Jackson, Alan – Mercury Blues
Jackson, Alan - Midnight in Montgomery
Jackson, Alan - Church Monday Morning
Jackson, Alan – Pop A Top
Jackson, Alan - Remember When (Mike)
Jackson, Alan - The Law of Money
Jackson, Alan - She Got the Rhythm (CB)
Jackson, Alan - She Got the Rhythm (SC)
Jackson, Alan - Lied von Sissy
Jackson, Alan - Small Town Man of the South
Jackson, Alan - Someday
Jackson, Alan - Song for Life (CB)
Jackson, Alan - Song for Life (SC)
Jackson, Alan – Summertime Blues
Jackson, Alan – Talking Song Repair Blues (Mike)
Jackson, Alan - Tall Tall Trees
Jackson, Alan - All right
Jackson, Alan – It works (CB)
Jackson, Alan – La Vai (SC)
Jackson, Alan - Three Minutes Over the Beat
Jackson, Alan - To do what I do
Jackson, Alan - Tonight I Scaled the Wall (SC)
Jackson, Alan - Too much of a good thing
Jackson, Alan – Tropical Depression
Jackson, Alan - USA Today
Jackson, Alan - Wanted
Jackson, Alan - When Love Comes
Jackson, Alan - When Someone Loves You
Jackson, Alan - Where I Come From
Jackson, Alan - Where were you when the world stopped spinning?
Jackson, Alan - Who says you can't have everything?
Jackson, Alan - Who's Cheating Whom (SC)
Jackson, Alan - A Woman's Love (SC)
Jackson, Alan - work in progress
Jackson, Alan – WWW.Memory
Jackson, Alan - You Can't Give Up on Love
Jackson, Alan & George Strait – Confident Drinkers
Jackson, Alan & Jimmy Buffett – Barefootin (Mike)
Jackson, Alan and Jimmy Buffett - It's Five O'Clock Somewhere (Mike)
Jackson, Alan and Lee Ann Womack - Ring of Fire
Jackson, Freddie - About You
Jackson, Freddie - Love Me Down
Jackson, Freddie - You are my lady
Jackson, Janet - Again
Jackson, Janet - All right
Jackson, Janet - Anytime, Anywhere
Jackson, Janet - For Love
Jackson, Janet - The best things in life are free
Jackson, Janet – Gato Preto
Jackson, Janet - Come Back to Me
Jackson, Janet – Controle
Jackson, Janet - It really doesn't matter
Jackson, Janet - Escape
Jackson, Janet – Se
Jackson, Janet - Let's wait a while
Jackson, Janet - Love Will Never Be Enough
Jackson, Janet - I miss you so much
Jackson, Janet - evil
Jackson, Janet – Das Lustprinzip
Jackson, Janet - That's how love happens
Jackson, Janet - What have you been doing for me lately?
Jackson, Janet - When I Think of You
Jackson, Janet - you want this
Jackson, Jermaine - Tell me I'm not dreaming
Jackson, Joe - Breaking Us In Two
Jackson, Joe - She really hangs out with him
Jackson, Joe – Steppin Out
Jackson, Joe and Whitney Houston - If you say my eyes are beautiful
Jackson, Luscious – Ladyfingers
Jackson, Luscious – Naked Eye (SC)
Jackson, Luscious - Under Your Skin (SC)
Jackson, Michael – Ruim
Jackson, Michael - Victory
Jackson, Michael – Billie Jean
Jackson, Michael—black or white
Jackson, Michael – Butterflies (SC)
Jackson, Michael - Childhood
Jackson, Michael - Dangerous
Jackson, Michael - Don't Stop 'til You Drop (SC)
Jackson, Michael – Too Soon (SC)
Jackson, Michael - Heal the World
Jackson, Michael Hold My Hand
Jackson, Michael - Human Nature
Jackson, Michael - I Just Can't Stop Loving You
Jackson, Michael - In the Closet
Jackson, Michael – Stau
Jackson, Michael - The man in the mirror
Jackson, Michael – P.Y.T. (SC)
Jackson, Michael - Rock with you (SC)
Jackson, Michael – Rockin Robin (Mike)
Jackson, Michael - She's Out of My Life
Jackson, Michael - Suspense
Jackson, Michael - I want to start something (SC)
Jackson, Michael - How You Make Me Feel
Jackson, Michael - Will you be there
Jackson, Michael - You are not alone
Jackson, Michael - You rock my world
Jackson, Michael und Diana Ross – Rest on the Road
Jackson, Michael & McCartney, Paul - The girl is mine
Jackson, Michael - Butterflies
Jackson, Stonewall – BJ O DJ
Jackson, Stonewall - Don't be angry
Jackson, Stonewall - Life to Go
Jackson, Stonewall – Waterloo
Jackson, Stonewall - Why Am I Leaving?
Jackson, Stonewall - Wounded Time cannot be erased
Jackson, Wanda - In the Middle of a Headache
Jackson, Wanda - right or wrong
Jacksons - It's Boogie's fault
Jacksons - Shake your body on the floor (SC)
Jade - Every day of the week
Jagged edge - goodbye
Jagged edge - promised
Jagged Edge – Out of Heaven
Jagger, Mick - God gave me everything
Jagger, Mick - Visions of Heaven
Jaheim - I'm not leaving without you
Jaheim - everything
Jaheim - Could it be (SC)
Jaheim - Fabulous
Jaheim - Finding my way back
Jaheim – never
Jamaica – Tell me where it hurts
Jamelia - Beware the dog
James Gang – Funk 49
James Gang - Go away
James, Brett – Afinal
James, Brett - Chasin Amy
James, Brett - Women's Union
James, Etta - I could only cry
James, Etta - Finally
James, Etta - I just want to make love to you
James, Joni - Why don't you believe me?
James, Rick – Super Freak
James, Sonny - Behind the Tear (Mike)
James, Sonny - Behind the Tear (SC)
James, Sonny – Bright Lights Big City (SC)
James, Sonny - Don't keep me waiting
James, Sonny – Leere Arme (Mike)
James, Sonny - infinity
James, Sonny - Heaven says hello
James, Sonny - I'll Never Find Another You
James, Sonny - It's the little things (SC)
James, Sonny - My love
James, Sonny - Running Bear
James, Sonny - Ever since I met you baby (Mike -2)
James, Sonny - Take good care of them (Mike)
James, Sonny - Our Own World
James, Sonny - Young Love (Mike)
James, Sonny - you are the only world I know
James, Tommy – Towing the Line (SC)
James, Tommy and the Shondells - Crimson and Clover
James, Tommy and the Shondells – Crystal Blue Persuasion (SC)
James, Tommy und Shondells – Hanky ​​Panky
James, Tommy and the Shondells - Guess we're on our own now
James, Tommy and the Shondells - Mirage
James, Tommy und Shondells – Mony Mony (SC)
James, Tommy and the Shondells - Sweet Cherry Wine
Jamiraquai – Virtual Madness
Jamirpquai – Canned Heat (SC)
Jan and Dean - Dead Man's Curve
Jan and Dean - the old lady from Pasadena
Jan and Dean - Surf City
Jana – Ooh Baby Baby (SC)
Jane Love Girls - Shotgun Girl
Jane dear girl - wildflower
Jane's Addiction - I got caught stealing
Jane's Addiction - Irresistible Power
Janet, Joanna - Seven Small Steps (SC)
Janet, Joanna - since I last saw you
Jansen, Chris - Until a woman comes
Janson, Chris - Buy me a boat
Janson, Chris - They hold
Janson, Chris - The Power of Positive Drinking
Jarmels - some soap
Jaron and the long road to love - It's a good thing
Jaron and the long road to love - pray for you
Jaron and the long road to love – I think that's beautiful
Jarreau, Al – Boogie Down
Jarreau, Al - Wait for the Magic (SC)
Jarreau, Al - We're in love with each other
Clay jars – enchente (SC)
Jay and the Americans - Cara Mia (Mike)
Jay and the Americans - Come A Little Closer (SC)
Jay and the Americans - Let's lock the door and throw away the key
Jay and the Americans - Only in America
Jay and the Americans - She Cried (SC)
Jay and the Americans - An Enchanted Night
Jay and the Americans - Domingo and I
Jay and the Americans - That Magic Moment (Mike -2)
Jay and the Americans - Walking in the Rain
Jay Z – Can I get one….(XXX)
Jay Z – Umziehen (SC) ( XXX )
Jay Z – Dirt Off Your Shoulder (SC) (XXX)
Jay Z – Sorry Miss (SC) (XXX)
Jay Z - Girl Girl Girl (R)
Jay Z - I Just Wanna Love You (R)
Jay Z – Neunundneunzig Probleme (SC) (XXX)
Jay Z and Beyoncé - Bonnie and Clyde
Jay Z & Rhianna & Kanye West - Rule this town
Jayhawks - I'll Make You Love Me
Jean, Wyclef – Zwei Fehler (R)
Jefferson Airplane - Someone to fall in love with
Jefferson Plane - Coelho Branco
Jefferson Starship - Count on me
Jefferson Spaceship - Jane
Jefferson Spaceship - Milagres
Jefferson Spaceship - Fugitivo
Jefferson Starship - With your love
Jefferson, Paul - Fear of a Broken Heart
Jelly Beans - I want to love you so much
Jenai – Cool Me Down (SC)
Jenai – South Side Stomp (CB)
Jenkins - It's mom's fault
Jenkins, Jody – Alles (SC)
Jenkins, Matt - As Bad As I Want
Jennings, Lyle – Deve Ser Legal (SC)
Jennings, Waylon – Amanda
Jennings, Waylon – Amerika
Jennings, Waylon - Are You Ready for the Country (CB)
Jennings, Waylon - Are you sure Hank did it like that (SC)
Jennings, Waylon - Bob Wills is still king
Jennings, Waylon - Can't You See (Mike-1)
Jennings, Waylon – Clyde
Jennings, Waylon - Come With Me (CB)
Jennings, Waylon – Cowboy Filmes (SC)
Jennings, Waylon - Don't you think the outlaw part got out of hand?
Jennings, Waylon - Don't you think so
Jennings, Waylon - Drinking and Dreaming (SC)
Jennings, Waylon – Águia (CB)
Jennings, Waylon - Águia
Jennings, Waylon - Woman with a Kind Heart (CB)
Jennings, Waylon - Good Old Boys (SC)
Jennings, Waylon – Honky-Tonk-Helden (CB)
Jennings, Waylon - I don't live like that
Jennings, Waylon - I got you
Jennings, Waylon – So Weiter Ramblin Man (SC)
Jennings, Waylon - I've Always Been Crazy (SC)
Jennings, Waylon – Lonesome Onry And Mean (CB)
Jennings, Waylon - Loving Her Was Easier (CB)
Jennings, Waylon - Lucille, You Shall Not Do Your Father's Will (SC)
Jennings, Waylon – Lucille
Jennings, Waylon – Luckenbach, Texas
Jennings, Waylon - Could never reach the goal
Jennings, Waylon - Only Daddy Will Walk the Line (SC)
Jennings, Waylon - Woman on Rainy Days (SC)
Jennings, Waylon – Rosa no Paraíso
Jennings, Waylon – brillant
Jennings, Waylon – Thema von The Dukes of Hazzard (Good Ol Boys)
Jennings, Waylon - Blues von Waymore
Jennings, Waylon - we had it all
Jennings, Waylon - whatever happened to the blues
Jennings, Waylon – Errado
Jennings, Waylon – Prêmio Wurlitzer (SC)
Jennings, Waylon - You asked me to
Jennings, Waylon - You Can Have It (SC)
Jennings, Waylon & Anita Carter - I got you
Jennings, Waylon and Johnny Cash - There is no such thing as a good gang
Jennings, Waylon & Willie Nelson – Just to Please You (CB)
Jennings, Waylon and Willie Nelson - Mothers don't let their babies grow up to be cowboys
Jennings, Waylon & Willie Nelson & Johnny Cash & Kris Kristofferson – Highwayman
Jepsen, Carly Rae - Maybe Call Me
Jepsen, Carly Rae - I Really Like You
Jepsen, Carly Rae - Take a picture
Jepsen, Carly Rae - That Kiss
Jepsen, Carly Rae - Tonight I'll Get Over You
Jessie J-Laterne
Jesus Jones - Really Really Really
Jesus Jones - Here and Now
Jet - Will You Be My Girl (SC)
Jet - Cold Hard Bitch (SC) ( XXX )
Jet - Look What You Did (SC)
Jethro Tull – Aqualung
Jethro Tull – Bungle In The Jungle
Jethro Tull - Schielende Mary
Jethro Tull - Living in the Past
Jethro Tull – Lokomotivatem
Jethro Tull - Nothing is easy
Jethro Tull - Song for Jeffrey
Jethro Tull – Professor
Jethro Tull - thick as a brick
Jets – Torne Real
Nozzles - Rocket 2 U
Jets - you have it all
Jett, Joan - Bad Reputation (SC)
Jett, Joan – Kirschbombe
Jett, Joan - Crimson and Clover
Jett, Joan - Dirty Deeds
Jett, Joan - Do you want to touch me?
Jett, Joan - Fake Friends
Jett, Joan - I hate myself for loving you
Jett, Joan – Eu Amo Rock’n’Roll (SC)
Jett, Joan - Daylight
Jewel - absence of fear
Jewel - again and again
Jewel - Angel awaits
Jewel - Break me
Joia - It's fine
Jewel - No
Gem - So long down
Jewel - Stupid games
Jewel - Fragile Heart
Jewel - good morning
jewel hands
Jewel - I'm Sensitive (SC)
Juwel – Intuition
Jewel - Song of the Morning
Joia - Always Near You (SC)
Joia – Stop
Jewel - Stronger woman
Joia–Zwölf Lar Alabama
Jewel - Sweet temptation
Jewel - Near here
Jewel - to find you
Jewel - Two become one
Jewel - What is simple is true
Jewel - Who will save your soul?
Jewel - You were made for me (SC)
Jewell, Buddy - Help pour the rain (Mike)
Jewell, Buddy - If She Were Another Woman.mpg"
Jewell, friend - step by step
Jewell, Kumpel - So Gone
Jewell, Buddy – Sweet Southern Comfort
Jewell, friend - times like these
Jimmie's Chicken Shack - Do it right
Jimmy Eat World - I'll steal you back
Jimmy Eat World – Médio
Jimmy Eat World – Schmerz (SC)
Jimmy Eat World – Lobgesang
Jimmy Eat World – Doçura (SC)
Jimmy Eat World – Arbeit (SC)
J-Kwon – Embriagado (SC) (XXX)
Jo, Erika - I break things
Jodeci – Come talk to me
Jodeci - Get up
Jodeci – Lately
Joe - I don't want to be a player (SC) ( R )
joe-want to know
Joe - Let's stay home tonight
Joe – Why just be friends
Joe & Mystikal – Stuttering (SC) ( R )
Joel, Billy - All About the Soul
Joel, Billy – Figure
Joel, Billy - Don't Ask Me Why (SC)
Joel, Billy - Honesty
Joel, Billy - I'm going to the extreme
Joel, Billy - Innocent Man
Joel, Billy – it's still rock and roll to me
Joel, Billy - Just as you are
Joel, Billy - Keeping the Faith
Joel, Billy - Leave A Tender Moment Alone
Joel, Billy - the longest time
Joel, Billy – Lullabye Goodnight My Angel
Joel, Billy - Trust Issue
Joel, Billy - Modern Woman
Joel, Billy—Moving
Joel, Billy - My Life
Joel, Billy – New York State of Spirit
Joel, Billy - Only the good die young
Joel, Billy – Pianist
Joel, Billy—Pressure
Joel, Billy – Rio dos Sonhos
Joel, Billy - Skating on Ice
Joel, Billy - Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
Joel, Billy - She's Always A Woman To Me (SC)
Joel, Billy - She's Got a Way (SC)
Joel, Billy – Stilett
Joel, Billy - Stranger
Joel, Billy - Tell her about it
Joel, Billy - This is the time
Joel, Billy - To Make You Feel My Love
Joel, Billy – Uptown Girl
Joel, Billy - Vienna
Joel, Billy - We didn't start the fire
Joel, Billy - you might be right
Joel, Billy & Ray Charles – Baby Flügel (SC)
Joey and Rory - Cheater Cheater
Joey and Rory - This is important to me
Joey and Rory - This song is for you
Joey and Rory - Saying goodbye
John Conlee – Rose Coloured Glasses.mpg”
John, Elton - Bennie and the Jets
John, Elton - The bitch is back
John, Elton - Blessed
John, Elton - Blue eyes
John, Elton - Sail to the Wind
John, Elton - Club down the street
John, Elton – Crocodile Rock (Mike-1)
John, Elton – Daniel
John, Elton - Don't let the sun set on me
John, Elton - friends
John, Elton - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
John, Elton – Harmonia
John, Elton - Healing Hands
John, Elton – Honky Cat
John, Elton - I don't want to keep you guys like this
John, Elton - I think that's why they call it the blues
John, Elton - I want love
John, Elton - I'm still standing
John, Elton – Island girl
John, Elton - Kiss the Bride
John, Elton-Levon
John, Elton - Little Jeannie
John, Elton - Love Lies Bleeding
John, Elton - Lucy in Heaven with Diamonds
John, Elton - Made in England
John, Elton - Mama Can't Buy Your Love
John, Elton – Nikita
John, Elton – Eins
John, Elton - Original Sin
John, Elton – Philadelphia Liberty
John, Elton - Pinball Wizards
John, Elton - Get Your Soul Back
John, Elton - Rocketman
John, Elton - Runaway Train
John, Elton—Sacrifice
John, Elton – Sad Songs (SC)
John, Elton - It's okay to fight Saturday night
John, Elton - Simple Life
John, Elton - One day out of the blue
John, Elton - Someone Saved My Life Tonight
John, Elton - something about your performance tonight
John, Elton - Sorry seems like the hardest word
John, Elton - This train doesn't stop there anymore
John, Elton – Tiny Dancer
John, Elton - History can be made
John, Elton - His Song (Mike)
John, Elton & Backstreet Boys - Friends never say goodbye
John, Elton & Kiki Dee - Don't Break My Heart
John, Elton and Kiki Dee - True Love
John, Elton & LeAnn Rimes - Written in the Stars (CB)
John, Elton und Ryan Adams – Rocket Man (SC)
John, Elton (South Park) – Acorde Wendy
John, Robert - Sad eyes
John, Sarah - One in the Middle (SC)
Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams
Johns, Sammy – Chevy Van
Johns, Sarah - He hates me
Johns, Sarah - One in the Middle
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn - Complicated
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn - Die of a Broken Heart
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn - Georgia
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn - Have a nice day
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn - I Don't Want You To Go
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn - A Day Closer to You
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn – Vida Simples
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn - A Mother's Son
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn - Reclaiming My Valor
Johnson, Jack - In or with me
Johnson, Jack - Banana Pancakes
Johnson, Jack-Flake (SC)
Johnson, Jack - You and Your Heart
Johnson, James – Dollar
Johnson, James - Headache
Johnson, Jamey – High Cost of Living (R)
Johnson, Jamey—in color
Johnson, Jamey - My way to you
Johnson, Jamey - Playing the part
Johnson, Jamey – Rebels
Johnson, Jamey - The Lonely Song
Johnson, Michael - Bluer than blue
Johnson, Michael - Give Me Wings
Johnson, Michael - the moon is still over his shoulder
Johnson, Michael - Secondhand Heart
Johnson, Puff - Forever More
Johnson, Robert - Sweet Home Chicago (SC)
JoJo - How to touch a girl
Jojo - Exit (SC)
Jojo - Not That Girl (SC)
JoJo – Too Little Too Late.mpg”
Jolie and the Most Wanted - Boom
Jolie and Most Wanted – I would
Jolie and the Most Wanted - Patio Party
Jolson, Al - Birthday Song
Jolson, Al - You made me love you
Jon B - Don't Talk (SC)
Jon B-Pretty girl
Jon B - You don't know
Jon B & Babyface - Someone to fall in love with
Jonas Brothers – Burnin Up
Jonas Brothers - Espere
Jonas Brothers - Lovebug
Jonas Brothers - Pushing Me Away
Jonas Brothers – S O S
Jonas Brothers – Tonight
Jonas Brothers - If you look me in the eyes
Jonas, Joe - See no more
Jonas, Nick - Jealous
Jonas, Nick - Who I am
Jones, Donell - You Know I Love You
Jones, Donell - you know what's going on
Jones, Donell - you should know
Jones, George - Barkeeper's Blues
Jones, George – Decisions (SC)
Jones, George - Cold Hard Truth
Jones, George Porta
Jones, George - Fifty Thousand Names
Jones, George - Finally Friday
Jones, George - Girl I Used to Know
Jones, George - A good year for roses
Jones, George – Big Tour (Mike -1)
Jones, George - He stopped loving her today (Mike-2)
Jones, George - Her name is (SC)
Jones, George - High-Tech Hillbilly
Jones, George - Honky Tonk Me To Death
Jones, George - Honky-Tonk-Lied
Jones, George - I'm always lucky with you (Mike -1)
Jones, George - I don't need your rocking chair
Jones, George - I Forget You When the Grass Grows Over Me
Jones, George - I will share my world with you
Jones, George - I'm a one woman man
Jones, George - I'm not ready yet
Jones, George - Just One More
Jones, George - Bug do amor
Jones, George Loving you could never be better
Jones, George - the man he was
Jones, George - One I Loved Then (Corvette Song)
Jones, George - A picture of me without you
Jones, George - The race is on
Jones, George - left right hand
Jones, George - She loved a lot in her time
Jones, George - she thinks I still care
Jones, George - She's Mine
Jones, George - She is my Rock
Jones, George - Shine, shine with all your sweet love for me
Jones, George - Sinners and Saints
Jones, George - Leve-me
Jones, George - Tall and Tall Trees
Jones, George - Tell Me My Eyes Are Wrong
Jones, George - Tender Years
Jones, George - Tennessee-Whiskey
Jones, George - Walk With Me Through This World
Jones, George - We must be crazy
Jones, George - What I Didn't Do
Jones, George - White Lightning
Jones, George - Who Will Take Her Place (SC)
Jones, George - Why baby, why
Jones, George - Upper Floor Window
Jones, George – Burgunder Rosen
Jones, George - Writing on the Wall
Jones, George - You can have them
Jones, George - You comb her hair
Jones, George - Your heart turned to the left and I turned to the right
Jones, George - You still have a place in my heart
Jones, George and Garth Brooks - Beer Races
Jones, George & Jackson, Alan - A good year for roses
Jones, George & Tammy Wynette - Ceremony
Jones, George & Tammy Wynette - Let's Wait
Jones, Howard - Eternal Love
Jones, Howard - Nobody's to blame
Jones, Jack - A Day in the Life of a Fool
Jones, Jason - Unlikely Angel
Jones, Jim - We're Flying High.mpg”
Jones, Jimmy – Gutes Timing
Jones, Joe - You talk too much
Jones, Norah - Cold and cold heart
Jones, Norah - Come With Me (SC)
Jones, Norah - I don't know why (SC)
Jones, Norah - Seven years
Jones, Norah – Breaking Dawn (SC)
Jones, Norah - Those Sweet Words (SC)
Jones, Norah – Excite-me
Jones, Norah und Dolly Parton – Creepin In
Jones, Rickie Lee - Chuck E is in love
Jones, Spike - Yes, we don't have bananas
Jones, Tom - Alone
Jones, Tom - Birthday Song
Jones, Tom - Born to be me
Jones, Tom - Boy out of nowhere
Jones, Tom - Bridge over Troubled Water
Jones, Tom - I Can't Stop Loving You
Jones, Tom - Daughter of Darkness
Jones, Tom – Delilah
Jones, Tom - Stadt Detroit
Jones, Tom - For the first time in my life
Jones, Tom – Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings (Mike -2)
Jones, Tom – Green Green Grass of Home (SC) (Mike-1)
Jones, Tom - Hello young lovers
Jones, Tom - Help me get through the night
Jones, Tom – Sirva-se (CB)
Jones, Tom - I believe
Jones, Tom - I have nothing
Jones, Tom - If I knew
Jones, Tom - If I Ruled the World
Jones, Tom - If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right
Jones, Tom – Se
Jones, Tom - I'll never fall in love again (SC) (Mike-2)
Jones, Tom - I'm Coming Home
Jones, Tom - Impossible Dream
Jones, Tom - Not uncommon
Jones, Tom – Kuss (SC)
Jones, Tom – Brief an Lucille
Jones, Tom - Love Me Tonight
Jones, Tom - Mama Told Me Not to Come
Jones, Tom – Memphis, Tennessee
Jones, Tom - the most beautiful girl in the world
Jones, Tom - My Mother's Eyes
Jones, Tom – My Way
Jones, Tom - not responsible
Jones, Tom - Nothing but a woman
Jones, Tom – Marionettenmann
Jones, Tom - Say you'll stay until tomorrow
Jones, Tom - She's a Lady (SC)
Jones, Tom - Spanish Eyes
Jones, Tom – Thunderball (SC)
Jones, Tom – Bis
Jones, Tom - What the World Needs Right Now
Jones, Tom – Was ist neu, Pussycat (SC)
Jones, Tom - With These Hands
Jones, Tom - You are the sunshine of my life
Jones, Tom - you can leave your hat
Jones, Tom - You'll Never Walk Alone
Jones, Tom - You are my world
Jones, Tom - You've Lost That Loving Feeling
Jones, Tom & Cerys Matthews - Baby it's cold outside
Jones, Tom and Chicane - rock lovers
Jones, Tom & Mousse – Sexbomb
Jones, Tom und Natalie Imbruglia – Never Separate Us
Jones, Tom and Robbie Williams - Will You Walk My Way?
Joplin, Janie – Writing Baby (SC)
Joplin, Janie - Get Down On Me (CB)
Joplin, Janie - Get Down On Me (SC)
Joplin, Janie - A Good Man (SC)
Joplin, Janis - Ball and Chain
Joplin, Janis - Enjoy it while you can
Joplin, Janis - Cosmic Blues
Joplin, Janis-Eu and Bobby McGee
Joplin, Janis – Mercedes-Benz
Joplin, Janis - Piece of My Heart
Joplin, Janis – Summertime (SC)
Joplin, Janis - Try A Little Harder
Jordan, Montell – Once upon a time
Jordan, Montell - That's how we do it
Jordan, Montell - What Happens Tonight
Josh Abbott Band & Kacey Musgraves - Oh tonight
Journey - After the Fall
Travel as you wish
Journey – Anytime (SC)
Journey - Ask the lonely
Travel - Be good to yourself
Journey - Cannot tame the lion
Journey - chain reaction
Journey - Don't stop believing
Journey - Faithful
Journey - Feel like this
Journey - Stupid heart
Journey - The girl can't help it
Journey - When he breaks your heart
Travel - It will be fine without you
Journey – Same way
Journey - Lights
Jornada - Squeeze von Lovin Touch
Journey – message of love
Journey – Only the boys
Journey - Open Arms
Journey - Remember Me
Journey - Send him my love
Journey - Parted Paths (SC)
Journey - You're still driving
Journey - Passionate Stone
Travel – Susanne
Travel - Walk like a lady
Journey – Wheel in Heaven
Travel - If you love a woman
Journey – Who's Crying Now (SC)
Journey - Why this night can't last forever
Travel - With your love
Judas Priest - Breaking the Law
Judas Priest – Green Manalishi (SC)
Judas Priest – On the way to the highway (SC)
Judas Priest – Hell Bent For Leather (SC)
Judas Priest – Johnny B. Goode (SC)
Judas Priest - Life After Midnight
Judas Priest – Revolution (SC)
Judas Priest - Turbo Lover (SC)
Judas Priest - You still have plans
Judd, Cledus T – Atmen
Judd, Cledus T - It's a Great Day to Be a Man
Judd, Cledus T - My cellmate thinks I'm sexy
Judd, Cledus T - Paycheck wife
Judd, Cledus T und Toby Keith – I Love NASCAR
Judd, Cletus T – Atme
Judd, Cletus T - It's a Great Day to Be a Man (SC)
Judd, Cletus T – Mulher Contracheque
Judd, Wynonna - It always will be
Judd, Wynonna - No one can love you like I do
Judd, Wynonna - May a Rainy Day Come (SC)
Judd, Wynonna - Don't look back
Judd, Wynonna – Freedom
Judd, Wynonna - Girls with Guitars (SC)
Judd, Wynonna - Going Nowhere
Judd, Wynonna - God help me
Judd, Wynonna – Heaven Help My Heart (SC)
Judd, Wynonna - I hear you knocking
Judd, Wynonna - I saw the light
Judd, Wynonna - It's Over (SC)
Judd, Wynonna - A Little Love
Judd, Wynonna - My Angel Is Here (SC)
Judd, Wynonna - My Greatest Weakness
Judd, Wynonna - None Else on Earth
Judd, Wynonna - Simply Love
Judd, Wynonna - The Bottom of Rock
Judd, Wynonna - She's Your Only Need (SC)
Judd, Wynonna – Cante
Judd, Wynonna - Someone To Love You
Judd, Wynonna - Tell me why
Judd, Wynonna - Testimony of Love (SC)
Judd, Wynonna - To Be Loved By You (SC)
Judd, Wynonna - What the World Needs
Judd, Wynonna - When Love Begins to Speak
Judd, Wynonna - When Love Begins to Speak (SC)
Judd, Wynonna - From Woman to Woman
Judd, Wynonna and Naomi Judd - Flies in Butter
Judds - Born to be blue
Judds - change of heart
Judds - Don't be cruel
Judds - Girls night out
Judds - Give some love
Judds – Opa
Judds - Guardian Angel (SC)
Judds - Had a dream in my heart
Judds - Have mercy
Judds - I'll be by your side
Judds – Trator John Deere
Judds - Let me talk about love
Judds - Love can build a bridge
Judds - Love Lives
Judds - Mom, he's crazy
Judds - Maybe Your Baby Has The Blues.mpg"
Judds- One hundred and two
Judds - Eine Mannfrau
Judds - Rockin' with the rhythm of the rain
Judds - In love
Judds – Why not me
Judds - Young love
Jules, Gary – Mad World (SC)
Jump Around - House of Pain
Jump N Sattelband – Curly Shuffle (Mike -2)
Juvenil - Support the Azz Up (XXX)
Juvenile & Mannie Fresh - In My Life (SC)
Juvenile & Souja Slim – Zeitlupe (SC)
Jypsi - I don't love you like that
Jypsi - Love is a drug

K C And The Sunshine Band – Get Down Tonight
K C and the Sunshine Band - Desista
K C And The Sunshine Band – Keep It Comin Love
K C And The Sunshine Band – Agite sua Bota
K C and The Sunshine Band - that's how I like it
K Ci and JoJo - all my life
K Ci and JoJo - Crazy
K Ci and JoJo - Tell Me It's Real (SC)
K Ci and JoJo - you bring me up
K Doe, Ernie - mother-in-law
K W S - Please don't go
Kadison, Joshua – BeautifulI in My Eyes (Mike)
Kadison, Joshua - Los Angeles Illustrated Postcards
Kaiser Chiefs – Angry Mob
Kajagoogoo - very shy
Kallen, Kitty - Little things mean a lot
Kamakawiwo'ole, Israel – Over The Rainbow – Wonderful World Medley (SC)
Kames, Bob - Chicken Dance
Kamoze, Ini - Here comes the hot stepper
Kandi - Don't think it's not me
Kane, Christian – Deixe-me ir
Kansas - Everything I wanted
Kansas - Carry on my wayward son
Kansas - Dust in the wind
Kansas - Fight fire with fire
Kansas - Play the game tonight
Kansas - point of no return
Kanyo, Judy - You wouldn't lie to an angel.
Carmine - I want everything
Katrina and the Waves - Hiking in the Sunshine
Kayle, Kortney - Don't Let Me Down (SC)
Kayle, Kortney - Invincible to you
Keane - It's a Miracle (SC)
Keane - Somewhere Only We Know (SC)
Keating, Ronan - Loving Every Day
Keating, Ronan & LeeAnn Rimes - Last Thing On My Mind (SF)
Keen, Robert Earl – Gehstock (SC)
Keith – Ninety Eight Point Six (SC)
Keith, John - Sunday Mornings in America
Keith, Lisa - Better Than You
Keith, Toby – American Ride
Keith, Toby - American Soldier
Keith, Toby - As Good As I Ever Was
Keith, Toby-Beers Back
Keith, Toby – Big Blue Note
Keith, Toby - Big Ol Truck
Keith, Toby - Graduation time at home
Keith, Toby - Country is coming to town
Keith, Toby – Cortesia de The Red White And Blue
Keith, Toby – Crash Here Tonight
Keith, Toby - Critic
Keith, Toby - That blue moon always shines on you
Keith, Toby – Double Wide Paradise
Keith, Toby – Dream Walkin (SC)
Keith, Toby - After Hours Drinks
Keith, Toby - Drunken Americans (R)
Keith, Toby - Get drunk and be someone
Keith, Toby - Get my drink
Keith, Toby – Getcha Some
Keith, Toby - Go with her
Keith, Toby – Deus a ame
Keith, Toby - He's Not Worth Losing (SC)
Keith, Toby - Absolutely not
Keith, Toby - Woman with high maintenance needs
Keith, Toby – Honky Tonk U
Keith, Toby - Hope in the Rocks
Keith, Toby - How You Like Me Now
Keith, Toby - I like girls who drink beer
Keith, Toby - I love this bar
Keith, Toby - I want to talk about myself
Keith, Toby - When a Man Answers
Keith, Toby - If I Were Jesus
Keith, Toby - I'm just talking about tonight
Keith, Toby - I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying (SC)
Keith, Toby - A little less talking and a lot more action (Mike -1)
Keith, Toby - Too Little Too Late
Keith, Toby - I lost you anyway
Keith, Toby - Love Me If You Can
Keith, Toby - me too
Keith, Toby - My List
Keith, Toby - Nights I Can't Remember
Keith, Toby - note to self
Keith, Toby - pull my chain
Keith, Toby – Red Solo Cup (R)
Keith, Toby - Rock You Baby
Keith, Toby - She never cried in front of me
Keith, Toby - She's hot
Keith, Toby - Should have been a cowboy (SC)
Keith, Toby – Fica in Mexiko
Keith, Toby - Taliban-Song
Keith, Toby - That doesn't make me a bad guy
Keith, Toby - Time for me to ride
Keith, Toby - Up downtown
Keith, Toby - We Were in Love (SC)
Keith, Toby - Weed with Willie (right)
Keith, Toby - When Love Passes Away
Keith, Toby – Whiskey Girl
Keith, Toby - Who is this man (Mike)
Keith, Toby - Who's Your Daddy (Mike)
Keith, Toby - I wish I didn't know now
Keith, Toby – Woman’s Touch
Keith, Toby - Won't You Go Away?
Keith, Toby - you guys aren't much fun
Keith, Toby - You caught me at a bad time
Keith, Toby - You shouldn't kiss me like that
Keith, Toby & Krystal – Spottdrossel
Keith, Toby and Merle Haggard - She's Not Addicted to Me Anymore
Keith, Toby & Willie Nelson - Beer for my horses
Road - Milchshake (SC) ( X )
Keller, Joanie - Three Little Tears
Kelley, Josh - Incredible
Kelley, Josh – Georgia Clay
Kelley, Josh – so war es
Kelly, Gene - Singing in the Rain
Kelly, Kristen – Ex-Alter
Kelly, R – Deep Down (SC)
Kemp, Johnny - I just got paid
Kendalls - Heaven is a sin away
Kendalls - Doesn't seem like a sin to me
Kendalls - Leave it for tomorrow
Kendall's - Sweet Wish
Kendalls - Thank god for the radio
Kendalls - You would make an angel cheat
Kendrick, Anna—Hearts
Kendricks, Eddie – Boogie Down
Kendricks, Eddie – Keep On Truckin
Kennon, Matt - Call
Kentucky Headhunter - Dumas Walker
Kentucky Headhunters – Oh Lonesome Me
Kentucky Headhunters - Rag Top
Kentucky Headhunters – Anjo do Rock N Roll
Kentucky Headhunters - Walk softly into this heart of mine
Kentucky Headhunters - body and soul
Kermit the Frog - Rainbow Connection
Kersh, David – Another You (SC)
Kersh, David - Day by Day (SC)
Kersh, David - Good night dear
Kersh, David - If I Never Stop Loving You (SC)
Kersh, David - That Wonderful Night (SC)
Kershaw, Sammy - Have nothing against us
Kershaw, Sammy – Estilo Cadillac
Kershaw, Sammy - Don't go near the water
Kershaw, Sammy - suitable for tying
Kershaw, Sammy – Haunted Heart
Kershaw, Sammy – Honky Tonk America
Kershaw, Sammy - Can't reach her anymore
Kershaw, Sammy - I know a few
Kershaw, Sammy - I want my money back
Kershaw, Sammy - When You Walk, I Creep
Kershaw, Sammy - Love Of My Life (SC)
Kershaw, Sammy – Partidas (SC)
Kershaw, Sammy—Eu and Maxine
Kershaw, Sammy - Shall Be (SC)
Kershaw, Sammy - National Working Women Day
Kershaw, Sammy - A Day to Live
Kershaw, Sammy - Politics, Religion and Them
Kershaw, Sammy – Trailer von Queen Of My Double Wide
Kershaw, Sammy - She Don't Know She's Beautiful (SC)
Kershaw, Sammy - Southbound
Kershaw, Sammy - I still love you
Kershaw, Sammy - Third Grade Romance
Kershaw, Sammy – Vidalia
Kershaw, Sammy - When you love someone
Kershaw, Sammy – Dein Tattoo
Kershaw, Sammy and Lorrie Morgan - Maybe not tonight
Kesha - I'll Be There
Kesha - Shit, he's a DJ
Kesha - Take it off
Kesha - We are who we are
Kesha, your love is my drug
Ketchum, Hal - Don't let go
Ketchum, Hal - Every Little Word
Ketchum, Hal - Five O'Clock World
Ketchum, Hal - hearts will roll
Ketchum, Hal - I know where love resides
Ketchum, Hal - I saw the light (SC)
Ketchum, Hal - Mama knows the highway
Ketchum, Hal - She is
Ketchum, Hal - Saturday night in the small town
Ketchum, Hal - Stay Forever
Ketchum, Hal - Real Love
Ketchum, Hal - This is what I get for losing you
Ketchum, Hal - Tonight We Can Fall in Love Again (SC)
Ketchum, Hal - Veil of Tears
Keys, Alicia - Brand New Me
Chaves, Alicia - Diary (SC)
Keys, Alicia - It doesn't mean anything
Key, Alicia—Fallin
Keys, Alicia - Why don't you call me?
Keys, Alicia - If I Don't Catch You (SC)
Keys, Alicia - If I Were Your Wife (SC)
Chaves, Alicia – Jane Doe
Chaves, Alicia – Karma (SC)
Keys, Alicia - Like you'll never see me again
Keys, Alicia - Nobody
Keys, Alicia – Supermulher
Keys, Alicia - Teenage Love Affair
Keys, Alicia - Try to sleep with a broken heart
Keys, Alicia - Unthinkable
Keys, Alicia - The worth of a woman
Keys, Alicia - You Don't Know My Name (SC)
Keys, Alicia & Beyonce - Put It Into A Love Song
Keys, Alicia & Maxwell - We make fire
Keys, Alicia & Usher – Mein Boo (SC)
Khaleel - No mercy
Khan, Chaka - I feel for you
Khan, Chaka - Through Fire
Khia - My neck, my back (XXX)
Kid Rock - All Summer Long (R)
Kid Rock - Amen
Kid Rock - American Bad Ass (XXX)
Kid Rock – Bawitdaba (R)
Kid Rock - Blue jeans and a rosary
Kid Rock - Born Free
Kid Rock – arrogant (XXX)
Kid Rock – Cowboy (XXX)
Kid Rock – Feel Like Makin Love (SC)
Kid Rock - First Kiss
Kid Rock – Forever (R)
Kid Rock - I am Bullgod (SC)
Kid Rock - Lonely Road of Faith
Kid Rock – God Only Knows Why (XXX)
Kid Rock - Mountaintop Tennessee
Kid Rock - Three Leaves in the Wind (R)
Kid Rock - wasting time
Kid Rock – Where are you at Rock (SC) (XXX)
Kid Rock und Sheryl Crow – Colide
Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow – Foto (R)
Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow & Keith Urban – Lean On Me
Kidman, Nicole and Ewan McGregor - Whatever Happens
Kidman, Nicole - One Day I'll Fly Away (SC)
Kidman, Nicole und Ewan McGregor – Come What May (SC)
Kilgore, Jerry - Look
Kilgore, Jerry - Love Trip
Killers - All These Things I've Done (SC)
Assassin - Miss Atomic Bomb
Assassin - Mr. Sunny Side (SC)
Killers - Smile Any Way You Want.mpg”
Assassin - Someone Told Me (SC)
Assassin - When We Were Young (SC)
Kim, Andy – Balance-me suavemente
Kimball, Cheyenne – Hanging On.mpg”
Kina – Gutter Girl
King Harvest - Dancing in the Moonlight (SC)
King, Albert - Born under a bad omen
König, Albert - Call my work
König, Albert - Good Time Charlie
King, B B - Big Boss Man
King, B B - Every day I have the blues (Mike)
King, B B – Rock Me Baby
King, BB - The thrill is gone
King, BB - Why I Sing the Blues
King, Ben E - Don't Play This Song
King, Ben E - Stay with me
King, Carole - Everyone
King, Carole-Linda
King, Carole - I feel the earth move (SC)
King, Carole - It can rain until September
King, Carole - It's too late
König, Carole – Jazzman (SC)
King, Carole - A Beautiful Day (SC)
König, Carole - Smackwater Jack
King, Carole – Far Away (SC)
King, Carole - Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
King, Carole - You've Got a Boyfriend (SC)
King, Claude - Montanha Wolverton
King, Diana - I'll say a little prayer
King, Evelyn Champagne – Love Come Down
King, Freddy – Down Home Blues
King, Jill - Hand Me Down Heartache
König, Matt – On Your Knees (SC)
King, Matt - Rub it
King, Matt – Woman Like You (SC)
Kings - Switch to Glide
Kings Of Leon - Back South
Kings of Leon - Rastejar
Kings Of Leon – Radioativo
Kings of Leon - Sex in Flammen
King's X - It's Love (SC)
Kingsmen – Louie Louie (Mike)
Kingsmen – Money Honey
Kingsmen - Money is what I want
Kingsmen - Tom Dooley
Kingston Trio – Scotch und Soda
Kingston Trio – Tom Dooley
Kingston Trio - Where have all the flowers gone?
Kingston, Sean - Pretty Girls
Kingston, Sean and Justin Bieber - Eenie Meenie
Kinks - all day and all night
Kinks - Affenmann
Kinks - Autumn Almanac
Kinks - heroes made of celluloid
Kinks - Come on dance
turns - days
Kinks - dead end
Kinks – Fasion Dedicated Follower
Kinks - Don't forget to dance
Kinks – Lola
Kinks - see my friends
Kinks - Liberte-me
Kinks - Sunny afternoon
Kinks - supersonic missile
Kinks – Mudar para Glide
Kinks - Tired of waiting for you
Kinks – Waterloo-Sonnenuntergang
Kinks - a respected man
Kinks - You Really Got Me (SC)
Kinleys - Dancing on the Boat
Kinley's - I'm in
Kinleys - Just Between You and Me (SC)
Kinleys - My heart is still beating
Kinleys – Por favor (SC)
Kinleys - She's not the girl for you
Kinleys - Is anyone out there watching?
Kinleys - They make it look so easy
Kinleys - are you still here?
Kuss – Beth
Kuss – Iced Gin
Kuss – Detroit Rock City
Kiss - Two (SC)
Kiss - God gave you rock 'n' roll
Kiss - Bad Luck (SC)
Kiss - Lick it
Kiss - Psycho-circus
Kiss - Rock 'n' Roll All Night (SC)
Kiss – Rock And Roll All Night (Version Unplugged) (SC)
Kiss - scream loudly
Beijo – Strutter (SC)
Kiss - tears fall
Kiss - You wanted the best
Kix - Don't close your eyes
Klymaxx - I miss you
Knack - My Sharona
Knickerbocker – Mentiras
Knight, Gladys - If I were your wife
Knight, Gladys - Gotta let my imagination run wild
Knight, Gladys - Midnight train to Georgia
Knight, Gladys - None of us
Knight, Gladys - Next time
Knight, Gladys—etc
Knight, Gladys - You are the best thing that has ever happened to me
Knight, Jean – Mister Big Deal
Knight, Jordan - Give it to you
Knight, Jordan - I could never take your husband's place
Knox, Buddy - party doll
Kool and the Gang Celebration
Kool e a turma - estimates
Kool e a turma – Joanna
Kool and the Gang - Jungle Boogie
Kool and the Gang - Ladies Night
Korn – Cego (SC)
Korn - Fall Away From Me (SC)
Korn – Here to Stay (SC)
Korn - Someone Someone
Korn – Twisted-Transistor (SC)
Korn & Amy Lee – Freak On A Leash (Versão Unplugged) (SC)
Krakowski, Jane-You (SC)
Krall, Diana - Okay, you win
Krall, Diana - As Long As I Live
Krall, Diana - body and soul
Krall, Diana – Devil May Care
Krall, Diana – Frim-Fram-Sauce
Krall, Diana - I'm an errand boy for the rhythm
Krall, Diana - Let's face the song and dance
Krall, Diana - Let's fall in love
Krall, Diana - A look of love
Krall, Diana - Peel me a grape
Krall, Diana – Ice in steel
Krall, Diana - Straighten up and fly to the right
Krall, Diana - You're becoming a habit to me
Kramer, Billy J - Bad for Me (SC)
Kramer, Billy J - You Want to Know a Secret
Kramer, Billy J - I'll Satisfy You
Kramer, Billy J - Little Children
Kramer, Billy J - Trains and Boats and Planes
Kramer, Jana - Got the Boy
Kramer, Jana – Whisky
Kramer, Jana – Why should they
Krauss, Alison – Baby Mine (SC)
Krauss, Alison – Baby Now That I Found You (SC)
Krauss, Alison – Down the River to Pray
Krauss, Alison – Everytime You Say Goodbye (SC)
Krauss, Alison - Find my way back to my heart
Krauss, Alison - Forget it
Krauss, Alison - Ghost in the house
Krauss, Alison - I give you my heart
Krauss, Alison - If I didn't know better
Krauss, Alison - Let me touch you for a while
Krauss, Alison - Lucky Guy
Krauss, Alison – Talvez
Krauss, Alison – New Fool (SC)
Krauss, Alison – Oh Atlanta
Krauss, Alison – Inquieto
Krauss, Alison - Simple Love
Krauss, Alison - Sitting by my bedroom window
Krauss, Alison – Two Highways (SC)
Krauss, Alison - If you say nothing
Krauss, Alison - Windy City
Krauss, Alison & James Taylor - How the World Treats You
Krauss, Alison & John Waite – Miss You (SC)
Kravitz, Lenny - Again
Kravitz, Lenny - American
Kravitz, Lenny - Will you go my way
Kravitz, Lenny – Acredite
Kravitz, Lenny - I can't get you out of my head
Kravitz, Lenny - Dig in
Kravitz, Lenny - Fly Away
Kravitz, Lenny – Ajuda Celestial (SC)
Kravitz, Lenny - I belong with you
Kravitz, Lenny - It's Not Over Until It's Over
Kravitz, Lenny – Dame (SC)
Kravitz, Lenny – Live
Kravitz, Lenny - Stillness of the heart
Kravitz, Lenny - Thinking of you
Kreviazuk, Chantal - In this life
Krewella - Alive
Kris Kross - the tap
Kristofferson, Kris - For the Good Times
Kristofferson, Kris - Help Me Get Through the Night
Kristofferson, Kris-Eu and Bobby McGee
Kristofferson, Kris - Why Me, Lord
Kroeger, Chad and Josey Scott - Heroes (SC)
Krokus – Midnight Maniac (SC)
Crocus - Screaming in the night
Krupa, Gene - This time the dreams in me
Kryder & Bo Bruce - Damaged
K's Choice - All Free (SC)
K's Choice - Not an addict
Kuban, Bob – scammers
Kutless – Torre Forte (SC)
KWS – Please don't go
Kyper - Tic Tac Toe
Kyser, Kay – Jingle Jangle Jingle (SC)

LFO - All other times
LFO – Girls on TV (SC)
L F O - I don't want to kiss you goodnight (SC)
LFO – Summer Girl
L L Cool J – Hey lover
L L Cool J – Imagine Isso
L L Cool J – Mama sagte Knock You Out
L T D - Every time I fall in love all over again
La Bouche – Be My Lover (SC)
La Bouche – Bons Sonhos (SC)
La Hoya, Oscar De - Run for me
LaBelle, Patti – Lady Marmelade
Labelle, Patti - Love needs and wants you
LaBelle, Patti - New Attitude
Labelle, Patti – Over the Rainbow (SC)
LaBelle, Patti - Talking about love
LaBelle, Patti and Michael McDonald - On their own
Income – I want a man
Lachey, Nick - What's Left of Me (SC)
Lady Antebellum - American Honey
Lady Antebellum - Barmann
Lady Antebellum – Compass
Lady Antebellum – Centro
Lady Antebellum – Goodbye City
Lady Antebellum – Hallo Welt
Lady Antebellum - I run to you
Lady Antebellum - I was here
Lady Antebellum - Just a kiss
Lady Antebellum - Long Distance of Love
Lady Antebellum - looking for a good time
Lady Antebellum - Love doesn't live here
Lady Antebellum - I need you now
Lady Antebellum - Our Kind of Love
Lady Antebellum - The night is ours
Lady Antebellum – You look well
Lady Gaga - Alexandre
Lady Gaga - Applause
Lady Gaga-Bad Romance
Lady Gaga - Beautiful dirty rich
Lady Gaga - Rand des Ruhms
Lady Gaga – I can't say anything more anyway
Lady Gaga - Mode
Lady Gaga-Judas
Lady Gaga - Love Game
Lady Gaga - Marry the night
Lady Gaga – Paparazzi
Lady GaGa - Perfect Illusion
Lady Gaga – Pokerface
Lady Gaga - You and me
Lady Gaga and Beyonce - phone
Lady Gaga and Coby O'Donis - Just Dance
Laine, Frankie – Rohhaut
Lamar, Holly - These are the days
Lamar, Kendrick - Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe (R)
Lambert, Adam - for your entertainment
Lambert, Adam - If I Had You
Lambert, Adam - What do you want from me
Lambert, Miranda – Miscellaneous
Lambert, Miranda—Automatic
Lambert, Miranda—Baggage claim
Lambert, Miranda - Bring me down
Lambert, Miranda - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Lambert, Miranda - Dead Flowers
Lambert, Miranda - famous in a small town
Lambert, Miranda - Fastest Girl in Town
Lambert, Miranda - Gunpowder and Lead
Lambert, Miranda - Heart Like Mine
Lambert, Miranda - House That Built Me
Lambert, Miranda – Kerosene
Lambert, Miranda - Little Red Wagon
Lambert, Miranda - Mom's Broken Heart
Lambert, Miranda - Me and Charlie Talking
Lambert, Miranda - More Like Her
Lambert, Miranda - New Strings
Lambert, Miranda - Simply more beautiful
Lambert, Miranda - About You
Lambert, Miranda – Pushin Time
Lambert, Miranda – Smoking and Drinking (R)
Lambert, Miranda - How the World Turns
Lambert, Miranda - Time to get a gun
Lambert, Miranda – tin man
Lambert, Miranda – Vice
Lambert, Miranda - We Should Be Friends
Lambert, Miranda - White Liar
Lambert, Miranda & Carrie Underwood - Some Ruim
Lambert, Miranda & Pistol Annies – Corra Papai Corra
Lane, Christy - Simple little words
Lane, Frankie - Making Memories
Lang, Jonny - Anything is possible
Nur Jonny - Breaking Me
Lang, Jonny - Dying to live
Lang, Jonny – farewell letter
Lang, Jonny - Lie to me
Lang, Jonny – Rack Em Up
Lang, Jonny - Red Light
Lang, Jonny - Still raining
Lang, KD - Constant Desire
Lang, KD - I'm on my last cigarette
Lang, KD – Coringa
Larsen, Blaine - best man
Larsen, Blaine - Chillin
Larsen, Blaine - How do you get so lonely
Larsen, Blaine - Spoken like a man
Larson, Nicollette - Lotta Love
Las Ketchup – Ketchup Song (Spanish Version)
Lasgo – Something (SC)
Lattimore, Kenny - For You (SC)
Lattimore, Kenny - When I Lose My Wife
Lauper, Cyndi - All Night Long
Lauper, Cyndi - Girls just wanna have fun
Lauper, Cyndi - I drove all night
Lauper, Cyndi - Money changes everything
Lauper, Cyndi – She Bop (SC)
Lauper, Cyndi – Again and again (SC)
Lauper, Cyndi – True Colors
Lauper, Cyndi – Who let the rain in (SC)
Lavigne, Avril – Complicated (SC)
Lavigne, Avril - Don't tell me (SC)
Lavigne, Avril – Fallen
Lavigne, Avril – Girlfriend (SC) ( XXX )
Lavigne, Avril – He wasn't that (SC)
Lavigne, Avril – Here's to Never Growing Up
Lavigne, Avril – Quente
Lavigne, Avril - I Always Get What I Want (SC)
Lavigne, Avril - I won't give
Lavigne, Avril - I'm with you
Lavigne, Avril – Keep Holding (SC)
Lavigne, Avril - Losing grip
Lavigne, Avril – Mein Happy End (SC)
Lavigne, Avril – Sk8er Boi (SC)
Lavigne, Avril - What the hell
Lavigne, Avril - When You're Gone
Lavigne, Avril - I wish you were here
Lawrence, Tracy – Alibis
Lawrence, Tracy - As Any Fool Can See (SC)
Lawrence, Tracy - Better Man, Better Situation
Lawrence, Tracy - Can't Break My Heart (SC)
Lawrence, Tracy - The Coast Is Clear (SC)
Lawrence, Tracy - Find Out Who Your Friends Are (SC)
Lawrence, Tracy - How a Cowgirl Says Goodbye (SC)
Lawrence, Tracy - I see it now (SC)
Lawrence, Tracy - If I Can't Make It Back
Lawrence, Tracy - When the Good Die Young
Lawrence, Tracy - If the world had a porch
Lawrence, Tracy - If You Love Me
Lawrence, Tracy - I'll Never Pass This Way Again
Lawrence, Tracy - That's a tear
Lawrence, Tracy - Lessons Learned
Lawrence, Tracy - Life doesn't have to be so hard
Lawrence, Tracy – Einsam
Lawrence, Tracy - My Second Home
Lawrence, Tracy - A Step Ahead of the Storm
Lawrence, Tracy - Paint Me a Birmingham
Lawrence, Tracy - Renegades, Rebels and Rogues
Lawrence, Tracy - Chasing
Lawrence, Tracy - Someone is painting the wall
Lawrence, Tracy - Stars over Texas
Lawrence, Tracy - Pause and Stones
Lawrence, Tracy – Texas Tornado
Lawrence, Tracy - Until I Was a Father Too
Lawrence, Tracy - Time Flies
Lawrence, Tracy - Lonely Fool Today
Lawrence, Tracy - Unforgivable
Lawrence, Tracy - Up To Him
Lawrence, Tracy - What a memory
Lawrence, Tracy - While You Sleep (SC)
Lawrence, Tracy - You Can't Hide the Hillbilly
Lawrence, Vicki - The night the lights went out in Georgia
Lawson, Melissa - What if everything works out
Lawson, Shannon - Dream Your Way to Me (SC)
Lawson, Shannon - Goodbye on a Bad Day (SC)
Led Zeppelin – All My Love
Led Zeppelin - black dog
Led Zeppelin – Traga para casa (SC)
Led Zeppelin - Dazed and confused
Led Zeppelin - D'Yer Maker
Led Zeppelin - Heartbreaker
Led Zeppelin - I can't give you up baby
Led Zeppelin – Caxemira
Led Zeppelin – Rock’n’Roll (SC)
Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven
Led Zeppelin - When the dyke breaks
Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love
LeDoux, Chris - Airborne Cowboy
LeDoux, Chris – Cadillac-Ranch
LeDoux, Chris – Dallas Days und Fort Worth Nights
Ledoux, Chris - Every time I roll the dice
LeDoux, Chris - five dollar fine
LeDoux, Chris - For Your Love
LeDoux, Chris - Get on the Pony
LeDoux, Chris - Gravity Attraction
LeDoux, Chris – Honky-Tonk-Welt
LeDoux, Chris – Power
LeDoux, Chris - I believe in America
LeDoux, Chris - Life is a road
LeDoux, Chris - Look at you girl
LeDoux, Chris—Ride
LeDoux, Chris - Riding into a Fall
LeDoux, Chris—Slowly
Ledoux, Chris – Stampede
LeDoux, Chris - Harder than the others
LeDoux, Chris - Under That Old Hat
LeDoux, Chris - Game and wool
Lee, Brenda - I'm Alone (SC)
Lee, Brenda - As always
Lee, Brenda - Large Four Poster Bed
Lee, Brenda - speak softly to me
Lee, Brenda - Broken Trust
Lee, Brenda - Cowgirl und Papai
Lee, Brenda – Dum Dum
Lee, Brenda - Emotions
Lee, Brenda - Fly Me to the Moon
Lee, Brenda – Tolo Nr. 1
Lee, Brenda - Here comes this feeling
Lee, Brenda - He is my rock
Lee, Brenda - I want to be desired
Lee, Brenda - If You Love Me
Lee, Brenda – I'm sorry (Mike+1)
Lee, Brenda - It's true
Lee, Brenda - Johnny once
Lee, Brenda - Let's jump the broom
Lee, Brenda - Losing You
Lee, Brenda - Nobody Wins
Lee, Brenda - Rock On Baby
Lee, Brenda—Rosengarten
Lee, Brenda - Talk to me sweet
Lee, Brenda – Sunrise Dawn
Lee, Brenda - Sweet Nothings
Lee, Brenda - Tell me how it is
Lee, Brenda - To Many Rivers
Lee, Brenda - Wrong Ideas
Lee, Curtis - Pretty little angel eyes
Lee, Gary – Rodeo-Song (XXX) (Mike)
Lee, Jesse - It's a girl thing
Lee, Jesse - like my mother
Lee, Johnny - Be there for me baby
Lee, Johnny - Bet on me
Lee, Johnny - Cherokee Fiddle
Lee, Johnny – Hey Barkeeper (Mike)
Lee, Johnny - Looking for Love (Mike)
Lee, Johnny - One in a Million
Lee, Johnny - Catching Strangers
Lee, Johnny - Prisoner of Hope
Lee, Johnny - Looks like love
Lee, Murphy & Jermaine Dupri – What Da Hook Gon Be (SC) (XXX)
Lee, Peggy - rain or shine
Lee, Peggy – Febre
Lee, Peggy - Got you under my skin
Lee, Peggy – Johnny Guitar
Lee, Robin – Veludo Preto
Lee, Tommy – Segure-me (SC)
Legend, John - All by me
Legend, John - Another time
Legend, John - Every day gets better
Legend, John - Everyone knows it
Legend, John - Go ahead
Legend, John - Number One
Legend, John – Ordinary People (SC)
Legend, John - save space
Legend, John - So big
Lenda, John - I loved you
Legend, John & Estelle - No Other Love
Teacher, Tom - Pigeon Poisoning in the Park (SC)
Leigh, Danni - darling, I do
Leigh, Danni – Haus in Dor
Leigh, Danni - I don't feel that way anymore
Leigh, Danni - When the Jukebox Brought Tears
Leigh, Danni- Sometimes
Leigh, Danni - Twenty Nine Nights
Lemmi – Lament goodbye
Lemon Pipers - green tambourine
Lemonheads - If I could talk I would tell you
Len - Steal my sunshine
Lennon, John - Imagine
Lennon, John - Instant Karma
Lennon, John - Jealous Guy
Lennon, John - Mind Games
Lennon, John - Starting Over
Lennon, John - Watching the Wheels
Lennon, John - Whatever Gets You Through the Night
Lennon, John – Mulher
Lennon, Julian - Too late to say goodbye
Lennox, Annie - I Don't Love You Anymore (SC)
Lennox, Annie – Leve-me ao Rio (SC)
Lennox, Annie - Walking on Broken Glass
Lennox, Annie – Por que (SC)
Lennox, Annie and Al Green - Put some love in your heart
Less Than Jake - Story of a Boring Town
LeToya & Ludacris - Regrets
Letterman – And now my love
Lettermen - Theme of a summer resort
Lettermen – How are you tonight (Mike-2)
Letters to Cleo - Here and Now (SC)
Level 42 - Almost there
Level 42 – Hot water
Level 42 - It's over
Level 42 - Lessons in love
Level 42 - Live it
Level 42 - love games
Level 42 - Run as a family
Level 42 - Something about you
Hebel - A B C 123
Levert, Gerald - I Can't Help It
Levert, Gerald - Mr very good
Lewis, Aaron - Country Boy
Lewis, Aaron - forever
Lewis, Aaron - Grandpa's Gun
Lewis, Aaron and Fred Durst - Forums (XXX)
Lewis, Barbara - Baby I'm Yours (SC)
Lewis, Barbara - Hello Stranger
Lewis, Barbara - Make Me Your Baby
Lewis, Bobby - Tossin and Turnin (SC)
Lewis, Donna - I could be the one
Lewis, Donna - I Love You Always Forever (SC)
Lewis, Donna – Ame-o (SC)
Lewis, Donna – Mutter (SC)
Lewis, Donna – No Love (SC)
Lewis, Donna and Richard Marx - In the Beginning
Lewis, Gary – Count Me (SC)
Lewis, Gary - Everyone loves a clown
Lewis, Gary - Save Your Heart For Me
Lewis, Gary - She's just my style
Lewis, Gary - I will definitely miss them
Lewis, Gary – That Diamond Ring (Mike -2)
Lewis, Glenn - Don't Forget
Lewis, Huey and the News - Do You Believe in Love (SC)
Lewis, Huey and the News - Doing Anything for My Baby
Lewis, Huey and the News - Heart and Soul (SC)
Lewis, Huey and the News - Heart of Rock and Roll
Lewis, Huey and the News – Hip to Be Square (SC)
Lewis, Huey and the News - I Want a New Drug (SC)
Lewis, Huey and the News - If This Is It (SC)
Lewis, Huey and the News - In a Hundred Years (SC)
Lewis, Huey and the News - Perfect World
Lewis, Huey and the News - Power of Love (SC)
Lewis, Huey and the News - Some Kind of Wonderful
Lewis, Huey and the News – Stuck with You (SC)
Lewis, Huey and the News - Walking a Fine Line
Lewis, Huey and the News – Working for a Living (SC)
Lewis, Huey and the News und Gwyneth Paltrow – Cruisin
Lewis, Jerry Lee - Another place, another time
Lewis, Jerry Lee - Breathless
Lewis, Jerry Lee - Drink Wine Spo Dee O Dee
Lewis, Jerry Lee - Great Balls of Fire
Lewis, Jerry Lee - High School Confidential
Lewis, Jerry Lee - Mad About the Middle Ages
Lewis, Jerry Lee - Again with feeling
Lewis, Jerry Lee - A Minute After Eternity
Lewis, Jerry Lee – Rockin My Life Away (Mike)
Lewis, Jerry Lee - She even woke me up to say goodbye.mpg"
Lewis, Jerry Lee - Love Must Be More Than That
Lewis, Jerry Lee - Thirty Nine and Holding
Lewis, Jerry Lee - What Made Milwaukee Famous
Lewis, Jerry Lee – Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On
Lewis, Jerry Lee - Would You Give Me Another Chance?
Lewis, Jerry Lee - you won again
Lewis, Lee – Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (SC)
Lewis, Leona – Engel
Lewis, Leona - Better With Time
Lewis, Leona - Bloody Love
Lewis, Leona - Fire Under My Feet
Lewis, Leona - happy
Lewis, Leona - I got you
Lewis, Leona - I see you
Lewis, Leona - I will be
Lewis, Leona and Childish Gambino - Problema
Lewis, Michelle - Nowhere and Everywhere
House of Life – All Inclusive
Lebenshaus – Blind.mpg”
Living house - broken
Life House - Traps
Lifehouse – Erstmals (SC)
Lifehouse - Halfway
Lifehouse - Hangs for a moment
Lifehouse – Krankenzyklus-Karussell
House of Life - Turning
Lifehouse - whatever it takes
Lifehouse - You and I (SC)
Lighthouse - A beautiful morning
Lightfoot, Gordon – Linda (SC
Lightfoot, Gordon – Sorgloser Highway (SC)
Lightfoot, Gordon - The circle is small (SC)
Lightfoot, Gordon – Dom Quijote (SC
Lightfoot, Gordon - If You Could Read My Mind (SC)
Lightfoot, Gordon – Rainy Day People (SC (Mike)
Lightfoot, Gordon – Sonnenuntergang (SC (Mike)
Lightfoot, Gordon – Wrack der Edmund Fitzgerald (SC)
Family Farol - Everything
Lil Bow Wow - Bow Wow, that's my name (SC)
Lil Chris – Check
Lil Jon - Getting Low (XXX)
Lil Kee – Buss It Wide Open
Lil Kim & Fifty Cent – ​​Magic Stick (XXX)
Lil Kim & Mr. Cheeks – Abspringen (SC) (XXX)
Lil Mo – Supermulher
Lil Romeo - My baby
Lil Wayne – Go DJ (SC) (XXX)
Lillix - It's about time
Lillix - What I like about you
Limp Bizkit – Boiler
Limp Bizkit – Break Stuff (XXX)
Limp Bizkit – Crushed (SC) (XXX)
Limp Bizkit – My Way (R)
Limp Bizkit – Nookie (XXX)
Limp Bizkit – Rearranged ( R )
Limp Bizkit – Rolando (R)
Limp Bizkit - Check it out (XXX)
Lind, Bob - elusive butterfly
Lines, Aaron - Love changes everything
Lines, Aaron - Beauty Cannot Be Hidden
Linkin Park - GLASS LOCK
Linkin Park - Crawling
Linkin Park - The End
Linkin Park – Lost Not Echo
Linkin Park - One step closer
Linkin Park - Paper Cutting (SC)
Linkin Park - What I've done
Lipps Inc – Funkytown
Lisa Lisa - Everyone screams
Lisa Lisa - from head to toe
Lisa Lisa - Lost in emotions
Lit - lipstick and bruises
Lit – miserable
Lit - My Worst Enemy (R)
Lit – Reißverschluss
Little Big City – Knochen
Little Anthony - Get Out of My Head (SC)
Little Anthony - tears on my pillow
Small big town - Boondocks
Little Big Town – Traga para casa
Little Big Town – Dia de Beber
Little Big Town - Don't waste my time
Little Big City - Everything changes
Little Big City - thin line
Small city - girl in love
Big little town - as good as gone
Little Big Town – so Gott will
Little Big Town - I'm with the band
Little Big Town – kiss goodbye
Little Big City - A little more of you
Little Big Town - Little White Church
Small big city – pontoon
Little Big Town - Reason why
Little Big City - Let's go together
Little Big Town - Your side of the bed
Little Eve - stay away from my baby
Little Eve - Locomotion (SC)
Small Achievement - Dixie Chicken
Little Feat - Fat man in the bath
Small Achievement - Oh Atlanta
Small Achievement - Willin
Little Milton - Grits are not food
Small Mixture – Magia Negra
Small mix - small me
Little Richard - Caramba, Senhorita Molly
Kleiner Richard – Jenny Jenny
Little Richard - Long Tall Sally
Kleiner Richard - Lucille
Kleiner Richard – Tutti Frutti (SC)
Little River Band - Cool change
Little River Band - Happy Birthday
Little River Band - Help is on the way
Little River Band - It's a long way to go
Little River Band – Senhora
Little River Band - Lonely Loser
Little River Band - Night Owls
Little River Band – Outro Cara
Little River Band - Remember
Little River Band - Be careful with me
Little Steven and Disciples of the Soul - I'm a Patriot (SC)
Little Texas - Amy is back in Austin
Little Texas - Bad for Us (SC)
Little Texas - Country Crazy
Little Texas - First for everything
Little Texas - God Blessed Texas (Mike -1)
Little Texas - I'd Rather Miss You
Little Texas - Level up
Little Texas - Life goes on
Little Texas - Lost Years
Little Texas - My love
Little Texas - Some boys have all the love
Little Texas – Southern Grace
Little Texas - Stop on a dime
Little Texas - What could have been
Little Texas - You, forever and me
Little Texas - Your Mother Won't Leave Me (SC)
Live – Delfinschrei (SC)
Life - Paradise
Live – Me alone (SC)
Ao vivo – Lakinis Saft
Live – Blitz (SC)
Live – run to the water
Live – Selling the Drama
Live – They Defended Love (SC)
LL Cool J & Amerie – Paraíso
LL Cool Jr – Hey Lover (SC)
LL Cool Jr – Imagine Isso (SC)
LL Cool Jr – Love You Better (SC)
LLoyd & Andre 3000 - Dedication to my ex
Lloyd, Cher - I want you back
Lloyd, Cher & Mike Posner - With Your Love
LMFAO – Hino do Party Rock ( R )
LMFAO - Sexy and I know it (R)
Wolf - Don't expect me to be your friend (Mike)
Wolf - Don't tell me good night
Lobo - I would love it if you wanted me (SC)
Lobo - Me and you and a dog named Boo (SC) (Mike)
Wolf – My first time
Wolf - Where were you when I fell in love?
Location H - All children are right
LoCash Cowboys - Best seat in the house
LoCash Cowboys – Summer is here
LoCash Cowboys – Remember
Locash Cowboys - You got me
Locklin, Hank - Country Hall of Fame
Locklin, Hank - Geisha Girls
Locklin, Hank - It's a Little More Like Heaven
Locklin, Hank - Let me be the one
Locklin, Hank - Please help me, I'm falling
Locklin, Hank - Send me the pillow you dream of (Mike)
Loeb, Lisa - all day
Loeb, Lisa - I accept
Loeb, Lisa - Let's forget it
Loeb, Lisa - miss you
Loeb, Lisa & Nine Stories – You Sleep (SC)
Loggins and Messina - Angry Eyes
Loggins and Messina – peace of mind
Loggins und Messina – Correr Rio Correr
Loggins and Messina – Va Hev Ala
Loggins and Messina – Your mother doesn't dance (Mike)
Loggins, Kenny - Danger Zone
Loggins, Kenny - The Song of Danny
Loggins, Kenny - Unbound
Loggins, Kenny - for the last time
Loggins, Kenny - forever
Loggins, Kenny - I'm not hiding
Loggins, Kenny - I'm fine
Loggins, Kenny - Meet me halfway
Loggins, Kenny - that's it
Loggins, Kenny and Jo Dee Messina - Your mother doesn't dance
Loggins, Kenny & Stevie Nicks - Whenever I Call You Friend
Lohan, Lindsay – Speak.mpg”
Londres, Julie – Cry Me A River
London, Julie – Green Dolphin Street
Lonestar – erstaunt
Lonestar - Class reunion
Lonestar – Come Cryin to Me (SC)
Lonestar - Everything has changed
Lonestar – Heartbreak Everyday (SC)
Lonestar - I'll die trying
Lonestar - I'm already there
Lonestar - let me love you
Lonestar - Let's be us again
Lonestar – Berge
Lonestar – Lord Mutter
Lonestar - My Front Porch check it out
Lonestar – No news
Lonestar - Not a day goes by
Lonestar - Nothing to Prove (SC)
Lonestar - Run With My Heart (SC)
Lonestar - Saturday night
Lonestar – Say When (SC)
Lonestar - Smile
Lonestar - Tell her
Lonestar – Tequila Talkin
Lonestar – Extraordinarily unusual
Lonestar - Hiking in Memphis
Lonestar – what now?
Lonestar - With me
Lonestar - You entered
Lonestar - You are the reason for this
Mirror – Brandy (Mike -1)
Lopez, Jennifer - Not funny
Lopez, Jennifer-Am Leben
Lopez, Jennifer - Baby I love you
Lopez, Jennifer - Feeling So Good
Lopez, Jennifer – Get Right (SC)
Lopez, Jennifer - If You Had My Love (SC)
Lopez, Jennifer - I'm Happy
Lopez, Jennifer – Jenny aus dem Block
Lopez, Jennifer – Louboutins
Lopez, Jennifer - Love doesn't cost anything
Lopez, Jennifer-Spelen
Lopez, Jennifer - Waiting for tonight
Lopez, Jennifer and Ja Rule - I'm real
Lopez, Jennifer and L L Cool J - All I Have
Lopez, Jennifer and Lil Wayne - I love you
Lopez, Jennifer & Ludacris – Mach is gut
Lopez, Jennifer & NAS - I'm fine
Lopez, Trini—Lemon Tree
Lord - royalty
Loring, Gloria and Carl Anderson - friends and lovers
Los Bravos – Black is black
Los Del Rios – Macarena
The Wolves – Kiko and the Lavendel Lua
The Wolves – The Bamba
Los Lobos - We belong together
Los Lonely Boys – Diamanten (SC)
Die Lonely Boys – Paradies
Lost Trailers - All That Love
Lost Trailers - Call Me Crazy
Pendant Perdidos – Holler Back
Lost Trailers – How about not
Lost Trailers – Why Me
Louis St. Louis – Rock’n’Roll-Party-Queen (SC)
Louisanas Leroux - Damen von New Orleans
Lovato, Demi – Body Say
Lovato, Demi – Confiante
Lovato, Demi – Cool for Summer (XXX)
Lovato, Demi - Give Your Heart a Rest
Lovato, Demi – Lass is the
Lovato, Demi - Neon Lights
Lovato, Demi - Skyscrapers
Love - My Little Red Book (SC)
Love and Rockets - So Alive
Love And Rockets - Sweet lover hangover
Love and robbery - dancing in a circle
Love and Stealing - If you ever feel lonely
Love and robbery – fugitive
Love and theft - that's where the air runs out
Love Darlene - Today I met the boy I am going to marry
No love, Patty - It's your heart's fault
Loveless, Patty - Blue Memories
Loveless, Patty - The boys are back in town
Sem Love, Patty – Damm
Loveless, Patty - Don't get tired
Loveless, Patty - I can't stop loving you
Loveless, Patty—Correntes
Loveless, Patty - Don't throw us away
No Love, Patty – Regie
Loveless, Patty - halfway there
No Love Patty - Here I am
No love, Patty - high on love
Loveless, Patty - How can I help you say goodbye?
Loveless, Patty – Hurt Me Badly in a Very Good Way
Loveless, Patty - I'm trying to think of Elvis
No love, Patty - I want to believe
Loveless, Patty - If my heart had windows
Loveless, Patty - I'm such a girl
No Love, Patty - Jealous Bone
No love, Patty - keep your distance
Loveless, Patty - Last thing on my mind
Loveless, Patty - like water in wine
No Love, Patty - The lonely side of love
Loveless, Patty - So lonely
No love, Patty - Love all night
No Love, Patty - The night is long
No love, Patty - Nothing but the wheel
No love, Patty - On the line
Loveless, Patty - On the way home
Loveless, Patty - She drew a broken heart
Loveless, Patty - Soul of constant suffering
No love, Patty - Strong heart
Loveless, Patty - that's the kind of mood I'm in
No Love, Patty - a thousand times a day
Loveless, Patty - To get you back
Loveless, Patty - Troubles with the Truth
Loveless, Patty - When Fallen Angels Fly
Loveless, Patty - you might feel bad
No Love, Patty - You don't know who I am
Loveless, Patty - You don't seem to miss me
No love, Patty - you go
Loveless, Patty and Travis Tritt - Runaway Fire
Loverboy – D.O.A.
Loverboy - Heaven in your eyes
Loverboy – Hot girls in love
Loverboy – The boy is hot tonight
Loverboy - I love every minute of it
Loverboy - Queen of broken hearts
Loverboy - This could be the night
Loverboy – Me Solte
Loverboy - When it's over
Loverboy - Working for the weekend
Lovett, Lyle - I Loved You Yesterday
Lovett, Lyle - She's not a lady
Lovett, Ruby - Little Crack in Your Heart (SC)
Lovin Spoonful – Darling Me Home Soon
Lovin Spoonful – Devaneio
Lovin Spoonful - Ever had to choose?
Lovin Spoonful - Do you believe in magic?
Lovin Spoonful – Gatos de Nashville
Lovin Spoonful - Summer in the City (Mike -1)
Lovin Spoonful - Welcome back
Lovin Spoonful - You didn't have to be so nice
Lowe, Jim – Porta Verde (Mike)
Lowe, Nick – Cruel para ser gentil
Lowe, Nick - I met the bride
Lucas – Lucas with the lid open
Ludacris – Act Like a Fool (XXX)
Ludacris - Come Back (SC) (XXX)
Ludacris - Point Number One (SC)
Ludacris - Release (XXX)
Ludacris – Saturday ( R )
Ludacris & LL Cool J & Keith Murray – Fatty Girl (SC) (XXX)
Ludacris & Nate Dogg – Primaries (SC) (XXX)
Ludacris & Pharrell – Money Maker.mpg”
Ludacris & Pharrell – Southern Hospitality (SC)
Ludacris & Shawna - Stand Up (XXX)
Lulu - boat I row
Lulu - Boom Bang A Bang
Lulu - The man with the golden gun
Lulu - Oh me oh my
Lulu – Grita
Lulu - In love with you
Lulu & Take That – Relight My Fire
Luman, Bob - Let's Reflect on Life
Luman, Bob - lonely when you say love
Luman, Bob - Lonely women make good lovers
Luman, Bob - I still love you
Lumineers – Ho Hey
Lumineers – Devagar
Lyda, Jacob - I'm fine
Lymon, Frankie - Goody Goody
Lymon, Frankie - Why fools fall in love
Lynch, Dustin - Cowboys and Anjos
Lynch, Dustin – Noite Infernal
Lynch, Dustin – Seein Red
Lynch, Dustin - She drives my tractor
Lynch, Dustin - Small Town Boy
Lynch, Dustin - Where is it
Lynch, Dustin - Wild in your smile
Lynn, Cheryl - Must be real
Lynn, Loretta - As soon as I hang up
Lynn, Loretta - Before I Break You
Lynn, Loretta – Blue Kentucky Girl
Lynn, Loretta - The Coal Miner's Daughter
Lynn, Loretta - Land in my genes
Lynn, Loretta - Dear Uncle Sam (SC)
Lynn, Loretta - Don't come home and drink with love on your mind
Lynn, Loretta – Feelins
Lynn, Loretta – Fauststadt (SC)
Lynn, Loretta - Happy Birthday
Lynn, Loretta - Here I am again
Lynn, Loretta - Nein, Loretta
Lynn, Loretta - Honky-Tonk Girl
Lynn, Loretta - I can't feel you anymore
Lynn, Loretta - I can't hear the music
Lynn, Loretta - I want to be free
Lynn, Loretta - I'm a honky tonk girl
Lynn, Loretta - I have a picture of us in my head
Lynn, Loretta – Single 77203
Lynn, Loretta - Love is the foundation
Lynn, Loretta – Miss Being Mrs
Lynn, Loretta - One is on the way
Lynn, Loretta - out of my head and back to my bed (SC)
Lynn, Loretta – Pille
Lynn, Loretta - Nicht jugendfrei
Lynn, Loretta - Red, White and Blue
Lynn, Loretta - Someone Somewhere
Lynn, Loretta—Successors
Lynn, Loretta - Table for Two
Lynn, Loretta - You don't make her like my father
Lynn, Loretta - Trouble in Paradise
Lynn, Loretta - What a girl
Lynn, Loretta - When the Tingles Turn into a Cold
Lynn, Loretta - Wine Women and Song
Lynn, Loretta - woman of the world
Lynn, Loretta - You're Not Woman Enough To Take My Man (SC)
Lynn, Loretta - your squaw is on the warpath
Lynn, Loretta - you're looking at the country
Lynn, Loretta - You are the reason our children are ugly
Lynn, Loretta - you just left me
Lynn, Loretta & Conway Twitty - After the fire is out
Lynn, Loretta & Conway Twitty – Guia-me
Lynn, Loretta und Jack White – Portland Oregon (SC)
Lynne, Rockie - I Can't Believe It's Me
Lynne, Rockie – Batom
Lynne, Rockie—But
Lynne, Shelby - Gotta Go Back
Lynne, Shelby - How can I be sure
Lynne, Shelby - I Shall Not Die Alone
Lynne, Shelby – Me Desacelere
Lynne, Shelby – Phone
Lynne, Shelby - Wall in Your Heart
Lynns - Nights like this
Lynns – From woman to woman
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Balada by Curtis Low
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Me Chame de Brisa (Mike-1)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Don't ask me questions
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Give me back my bullets
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Take Me Three Steps (Mike -1)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Needle and Spoon
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Giftwhiskey
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Red, White and Blue
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Saturday night special
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Homem Simples
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Lied des Sumpfes
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama (Mike-1)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - That smell
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday is over
Lynyrd Skynyrd - What's your name?
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Whiskey Rock A Roller
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Working for McA
Lynyrd Skynyrd - You got it right
Lynyrd Skynyrd & Kid Rock – Give Me Back My Bullets (SC)

M – pop music
M D O - Groove with me tonight
People M - Up
M2M – Don't Say You Love Me (SC)
M2M - mirror mirror
MacGregor, Mary – Meu Cara
MacGregor, Mary - Torn between two lovers
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis & Ray Dalton - Can't Hold Us
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis & Wanz – Brechó (R)
Madame Mayhem - Addicted to you
Maddie e Tae – Voar
Maddie and Tae - Girls in a country song
Maddie and Tae - Shut up and fish
Made in London - Shut up
Madonna – Vida Americana
Madonna – American Pie (SC)
Madonna – Beautiful Strangers (SC)
Our Lady - Grenze
Madonna – Mad About You (SC)
Madonna – Die Another Day
Madonna - Don't cry for me Argentina
Madonna – Don't tell me
Madonna - Dress nicely
Madonna – Expresse-se
Madonna - Frozen
Madonna – Hanky ​​Panky
Madonna – vacation
Madonna – Hollywood
Madonna – I will remember
Madonna – In den Groove
Our Lady – Ilha Bonita
Madonna – like a prayer
Madonna - like a virgin
Madonna – Love doesn't live here anymore
Madonna – lucky star
Madonna - material girl
Madonna - Music
Madonna – Nothing Really Matters (SC)
Madonna - Open your heart
Madonna – Papa Doesn't Preach (SC)
Madonna – power of farewell
Madonna – Regen
Madonna - ray of light
Our Lady - Mystery
Madonna – sooner or later
Madonna – Nadar
Madonna – Take a Curse (SC)
Madonna – This used to be my playground
Madonna – True Blue
Madonna – Mode
Madonna – How's it for a girl?
Madonna - You must love me
Madonna - you will see
Magia – Sdeshow
Main Ingredient – ​​Everyone Makes a Fool (SC)
Key Ingredient - I just don't want to be alone
Maino – It could be us
Malo, Raul & Martina McBride - Feels like home
Malone, Tony und die Rapparees – Wearin Of The Green (SC)
Mamas and the Papas - California Dreamin
Mamas and the Papas - Creeque Alley
Mamas And The Papas - Dedicated to the one I love
Mamas and the Papas - Do you want to dance?
Moms and dads - Dream a little dream with me
Mamas and the Papas - Go wherever you want
Mamas and Papas - Look out my window
Moms and dads - Monday, Monday
Mamas and papas - words of love
Manchester, Melissa - get out of the rain
Manchester, Melissa - Don't shout out loud
Manchester, Melissa - I want to be in love
Manchester, Melissa – Mitternachtsblau
Manchester, Melissa - Through the Eyes of Love
Manchester, Melissa - you should hear her talk about you
Mandrell, Barbara – Kekse
Mandrell, Barbara - Motorways and byways
Mandrell, Barbara - Feed the Fire
Mandrell, Barbara - Happy Birthday dear heartbreak
Mandrell, Barbara - I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool
Mandrell, Barbara - If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right
Mandrell, Barbara - In times like these
Mandrell, Barbara - Married but not to each other
Mandrell, Barbara - A Unique Fool Couple
Mandrell, Barbara - Only a lonely heart knows
Mandrell, Barbara - Satisfied
Mandrell, Barbara - Brother sleeps in double bed
Mandrell, Barbara - Standing Room Only
Mandrell, Barbara—Ten Pound Hammer
Mandrell, Barbara - There is no love in Tennessee
Mandrell, Barbara - Until You're Gone
Mandrell, Barbara - My baby is coming home tonight
Mandrell, Barbara - Wish you were here
Mandrell, Barbara - From woman to woman
Mandrell, Barbara—Years
Mandrell, Barbara und David Houston – After Closing
Mandrell, Barbara and Lee Greenwood - It should have been love
Mandrell, Barbara & Lee Greenwood - For me
Mandrell, Louise - Beautiful Inside
Mandrell, Louise - I mean yes
Mandrell, Louise - I'm still not done loving you
Mandrell, Louise – Salve-me
Manhattan Transfer and Phil Collins - Too busy thinking about my baby
Manhattans - Don't take your love
Manhattans - kiss and say goodbye
Manhattans - Shining Star
Manilow, Barry - All I Have To Do Is Dream (CB)
Manilow, Barry - All or Nothing
Manilow, Barry - And the Angels Sing
Manilow, Barry - You're Alone Tonight (CB)
Manilow, Barry – Ave Maria
Manilow, Barry – Musikpavillon Boogie (CB)
Manilow, Barry - Beyond the Sea (CB)
Manilow, Barry – Brooklyn Blues
Manilow, Barry - I Can't Smile Without You (SC)
Manilow, Barry - Can't take my eyes off you
Manilow, Barry – Chattanooga Choo Choo
Manilow, Barry – Copacabana
Manilow, Barry - It Could Be Magic (SC)
Manilow, Barry – Daybreak (CB)
Manilow, Barry – Even Now (CB)
Manilow, Barry - I don't want to walk
Manilow, Barry - Made it through the rain (CB)
Manilow, Barry - Should interest me
Manilow, Barry - I write the songs
Manilow, Barry - It's a Miracle (SC)
Manilow, Barry - It's All in the Game (CB)
Manilow, Barry - I can't say that (CB)
Manilow, Barry - Looks Like We Got It (CB)
Manilow, Barry - Love is a Very Bright Thing (SC) (Mike)
Manilow, Barry – Mandy (SC)
Manilow, Barry - Memory
Manilow, Barry – Unforgettable Moments (CB)
Manilow, Barry – Serenata ua Luar
Manilow, Barry – NY City Rhythm
Manilow, Barry – Old Songs (CB)
Manilow, Barry – One Voice (SC)
Manilow, Barry - From rags to riches (CB)
Manilow, Barry – Leia Em e Chore (SC)
Manilow, Barry - Ready to take risks again
Manilow, Barry - Greetings to Broadway
Manilow, Barry – Ships (CB)
Manilow, Barry - Ships
Manilow, Barry - kind of a friend
Manilow, Barry - Somewhere in the Night (CB)
Manilow, Barry – This is for you (CB)
Manilow, Barry - Trying to Feel Again (SC)
Manilow, Barry – Venus (CB)
Manilow, Barry - Weekend in New England
Manilow, Barry - What a difference a day makes (CB)
Manilow, Barry - When October Ends
Manilow, Barry - You make me feel so young (CB)
Manilow, Barry – Young at Heart (CB)
Man, Barry - Who placed the Bomp (Mike -1)
Mann, Manfred - Blinded by the light
Man, Manfred - Come tomorrow
Man, Manfred - Davy is on the road again
Mann, Manfred – Do Wah Diddy Diddy (Mike-2)
Mann, Manfred – Five Four Three Two One
Mann, Manfred – Ha Ha Said The Clown
Man, Manfred - If you have to go, then go now
Mann, Manfred – as a woman
Mann, Manfred – Poderoso Quinn
Man, Manfred - My name is Jack
Man, Manfred - Oh no, not my baby
Mann, Manfred - Pretty Flamingo
Mann, Manfred – Raggedy Man
Mann, Manfred - Suburb semi-detached house Mr. James
Mann, Manfred-Sha La La
Mann, Manfred – Ghost in the night
Manson, Marilyn - Disposable Teenagers
Manson, Marilyn – Tainted Love
Marcel – Country-Rockstar
Marcel - I love this song
Marcels - Blue Moon
March, Peggy - I follow you
Marcy's playground - It's Saturday
Marcy Playground – Saint Joe im Schulbus
Marcy Playground - Sex and Candy (R) (SC)
Margaret, Ann – Bye, little bird
Marie Sisters – Very bad mood
Marie, Krista – Jeep Jeep
Marie, Krista – Tomboy
Marino, Frank – King Bee Back Door Man
Mario - Cries for me
Mario - How I breathe
Mario - music for love
Mario - Imprisoned
Mario - I'm thinking of you
Marky Mark and Funky Bunch - good vibes
Marley, Bob - baby, don't worry
Marley, Bob - Bad Map
Marley, Bob – Büffelsoldat
Marley, Bob - You could be loved
Marley, Bob - Don't rock the boat
Marley, Bob – Exodus
Marley, Bob - Get up Get up
Marley, Bob - I shot the sheriff
Marley, Bob – Zion Iron Lion
Marley, Bob - This is Love (SC)
Marley, Bob – Jammin
Marley, Bob – Also
Marley, Bob - Go ahead
Marley, Bob - Live Yourself
Marley, Bob - Natural Mystic
Marley, Bob - No Woman, No Scream
Marley, Bob - Positive Vibration
Marley, Bob – Punky-Reggae-Party
Marley, Bob - Put it on
Marley, Bob – Regenbogenland
Marley, Bob – Redemption Song (Akustikversion)
Marley, Bob - Move it
Marley, Bob - The Sun Is Shining
Marley, Bob – Talking Blues
Marley, Bob - they've got their bellies full
Marley, Bob - Three Little Birds
Marley, Bob - Wait in vain
Marley, Bob-War
Marley, Damian – Welcome to Jamrock (SC) ( R )
Marley, Ziggy - Little People
Marley, Ziggy - People of Tomorrow
Jam – Reflections of my life
Maroon 5 - Daylight
Maroon 5 - Give a little more
Maroon 5 - Harder to breathe
Maroon 5 - Makes me think
Maroon 5 - Cards
Maroon 5 - Misery
Maroon 5 - Must go
Maroon 5 - I will never leave this bed
Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved (SC)
Brown 5 - Sugar
Maroon 5 – Sunday Morning (SC)
Maroon 5 – This Love (SC)
Maroon 5 - This Summer Gonna Hurt Like Motherfuckers (X)
Maroon 5 - wake-up call
Maroon 5 - I won't go home without you
Maroon 5 & Lady Antebellum – Out Of Goodbyes
Maroon 5 & Rihanna - I'll Never See Your Face Again (SC)
Mars Returns - Widow (SC)
Mars, Bruno – Gorilla
Mars, Bruno – Granada
Mars, Bruno - Just as you are
Mars, Bruno - Banned from Heaven
Mars, Bruno - darling
Marshal Tucker Band - In Search of a Rainbow
Marshall Dillon – You
Marshall Tucker Band - don't you see?
Marshall Tucker Band - Fire on the Mountain
Marshall Tucker Band - Heard in a love song
Marshall Tucker Band - The Last of the Singing Cowboys
Marshall Tucker Band - 24 hours straight
Marshall, Amanda – Goodbye (HC))
Marshall, Amanda - Believe in Yourself (HC))
Marshall, Amanda – Birmingham
Marshall, Amanda - Everyone Has a Story (SC)
Marshall, Amanda – Fall From Grace
Marshall, Amanda - Let It Rain
Marshall, Amanda - Sunday morning after
Marshall, Amanda - This could take all night
Martika - toy soldiers
Martin, Brad - Before I Knew It Better
Martin, Brad - One of these days
Martin, Dean - That's not a kick in the head
Martin, Dean - Baby, it's cold outside
Martin, Dean – Carolina am Morgen
Martin, Dean – Traum
Martin, Dean - Everyone loves someone (Mike)
Martin, Dean – Soft on My Mind
Martin, Dean - Heaven can wait
Martin, Dekan – Houston (CB)
Martin, Dean - I will
Martin, Dean - I wish you love
Martin, Dean - I will always love you
Martin, Dean - Imagination
Martin, Dean – Innamorata (Schatz) (SC)
Martin, Dean - I've got my love to keep me warm
Martin, Dean - Kiss Me
Martin, Dean - Let me go lover
Martin, Dean - the little old wine drinker, I
Martin, Dean - This is what memories are made of
Martin, Dean - Object of my affection
Martin, Dean - A Night in Rome
Martin, Dean - Please don't talk about me when I'm gone
Martin, Dean - Powder in the face with a smile
Martin, Dean - Return to Me (SC) (Mike)
Martin, Dean - Send me the pillow you dream of
Martin, Dean - Someday you're gonna want me to want you
Martin, Dean - There's Someone Somewhere
Martin, Dean - Spanish eyes
Martin, Dean - Standing on the Corner
Martin, Dean - Strangers in the Night
Martin, Dean – Sway (Mike)
Martin, Dean – Lieber
Martin, Dean - This is Amore
Martin, Dean - Too wonderful for words
Martin, Dean – Roubo
Martin, Dean - You're Mine (Mike)
Martin, Dean - You're nobody until someone loves you
Martin, Dean & Renaud - Two sleepy people
Martin, Dean & Ricky Nelson - My Gun, My Pony and I (SC)
Martin, Dean & Sammy Davis Jr – Sams Lied
Martin, Jimmy - Long day at home
Martin, Marilyn - Through Her Eyes
Martin, Ricky - Be careful
Martin, Ricky – Bella
Martin, Ricky - I am made of you
Martin, Ricky - I'm counting the minutes
Martin, Ricky - The Chalice of Life
Martin, Ricky – Livin La Vida Loca (Spanish Version) (SC)
Martin, Ricky – Livin La Vida Loca
Martin, Ricky – Geladen
Martin, Ricky - I love you for a day
Martin, Ricky – Private Emotion
Martin, Ricky – Shake your Bon Bon
Martin, Ricky – Ela Transa
Martin, Ricky - She's all I ever had
Martin, Ricky - Spanish eyes
Martin, Ricky - You stay with me
Martin, Ricky and Christina Aguilera - Nobody wants to be lonely
Martin, Ricky & Daddy Yankee - Drop It On Me (SC)
Martin, Ricky and Madonna - Take care of your heart
Martin, Ricky & Meja – Private Emotions
Martin, Tony - I have ideas (SC)
Martinez, Angie & Jean Wyclef – Costa a Costa (XXX) (SC)
Martinez, Angie & Lil Mo & Sacario - If I Could Go (SC)
Martino, Al - Daddy's Little Girl (Mike)
Martino, Al - I really love you
Martino, Al - Spanish Eyes
Wonderful - aberration of the week
Marx, Ricardo-Angelia
Marx, Ricardo Avalón
Marx, Richard - Chains around my heart
Marx, Richard - Children of the Night
Marx, Richard – Tage in Avalon
Marx, Richard – It means nothing (SC)
Marx, Richard - Endless Summer Nights
Marx, Richard—Danger
Marx, Richard – Hold on the Nights (CB)
Marx, Richard – Always
Marx, Richard - Love without feeling
Marx, Richard - Nothing left behind
Marx, Richard - Now and Forever
Marx, Richard – Ready to Fly
Marx, Richard – Right Here Waiting (SC)
Marx, Richard – Satisfied (CB)
Marx, Richard – Brilhe
Marx, Richard - Should have known better
Marx, Richard - Straight from my heart
Marx, Richard - Take this heart
Marx, Richard - Too late to say goodbye
Marx, Richard - Until I see you again
Marx, Richard - How she loves me
Marx, Richard - When you're gone
Marx, Richard & Chely Wright - On the Edge of Eternity
Mason, Dave - We Just Don't Agree (Mike-2)
Mason, Mila - Closer to Heaven (SC)
Mason, Mila – Dark Horse (SC)
Mason, Mila – Stark
Mason, Mila - That's the Kind of Love (SC)
Mason, Mila - This heart
Meister P – Ooohhhwee (XXX) (SC)
Master P (South Park) – Kennys Tod
Matchbox 20 – Back to Good (SC)
Matchbox 20 - folded
Matchbox 20 - Bright Lights
Matchbox 20 - Disease
Matchbox 20 - Hand Me Down
Matchbox 20 - How far have we come?
Matchbox 20 - If you go
Matchbox 20 - Last Pretty Girl
Matchbox 20 - Long day
Matchbox 20 - Crazy Season
Matchbox 20 - Push
Matchbox 20 - Real World
Matchbox 20 – Those hard times
Matchbox 20 - Three o'clock in the morning
Matchbox 20 - Malaise
Mathis, Johnny - Chances are good
Mathis, Johnny - I can't say
Mathis, Johnny – Misty
Mathis, Johnny - 12th all-time
Mathis, Johnny - Wonderful Wonderful
Mathis, Johnny & Deniece Williams - Too much too late
Mathis, Johnny & J Oliver - The Last Time I Felt This Way
Matisyahu – King Without a Clown (PC)
Mattea, Kathy - asks us to dance
Mattea, Kathy - BFD
Mattea, Kathy – Burning Old Memories (SC)
Mattea, Kathy - Clown at your rodeo
Mattea, Kathy - Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses
Mattea, Kathy - Four Rockets Fifty-Five
Mattea, Kathy – Goin Gone
Mattea, Kathy - I'm on your side
Mattea, Kathy - Listening to the Radio
Mattea, Kathy - Lonesome Standard Time
Mattea, Kathy - Love Travels
Mattea, Kathy – Maybe She's Human (SC)
Mattea, Kathy - Nobody will rain on our parade
Mattea, Kathy - Wait patiently
Mattea, Kathy - She was from Fort Worth
Mattea, Kathy – Standing Knee Deep in a River (SC)
Mattea, Kathy – Time flies (SC)
Mattea, Kathy - Trouble with Angels
Mattea, Kathy - Stories Untold
Mattea, Kathy - Walk the way the wind blows
Mattea, Kathy – Going Away, A Winner
Mattea, Kathy - Where have you been? (SC)
Mattea, Kathy - Whole lotta holes
Mattea, Kathy - You are the power
Mattea, Kathy & Tim O'Brien - Battle Hymn of Love
Mavericks - Anything Heaven Allows
Mavericks - All you do is trip me up
Mavericks - Dance All Night (SC)
Mavericks - Here comes my baby
Mavericks - I don't care if you still love me
Mavericks - I should have been true
Mavericks - I have it
Mavericks - miss you
Mavericks – Azul Neon
Mavericks – What a thrill
outsider – fingir
Mavericks - Someone should tell her
Mavericks - There goes my heart
Mavericks - things you said to me
Mavericks - To be with you
Mavericks - Shame on you
Maxwell – Ascension (SC)
Maxwell - A handful of tears
Maxwell - Happy (SC)
Maxwell - Know you
Maxwell - All of Life
Maxwell – Suite Lady (SC)
Maxwell - Sumthin Sumthin
Maxwell - The work of this woman
Mayday Parade – picture after picture
Mayer, John - Faith
Mayer, John - Bigger Than My Body
Mayer, John - Clarity
Mayer, John - Go back to bed
Mayer, John—Daughters
Mayer, John - The Dream of a Broken Heart
Mayer, John - Gravity
Mayer, John-James Morrison
Mayer, John – Nothing Big (SC)
Mayer, John - Paper Doll
Mayer, John - Queen of California
Mayer, John - Speak
Mayer, John - Shadow Days
Mayer, John - Waiting for the world to change
Mayer, John - Why Georgia?
Mayer, John – XO
Mayer, John - Your body is a wonderland
MC Hammer – Addams Groove (SC)
MC Hammer - You can't touch that
MC5 – Kick Out The Jams (SC)
McAlyster – I know how the flow is
McAnally, Shane - Your eyes are still blue
McAnally, Shane – Fuja
McAnally, Shane – Sag alles
McBride And The Ride - I can count on you
McBride and the Ride - Get Out of My Head
McBride And The Ride - Hold on and hold on
McBride And The Ride – Rush Sundown
McBride And The Ride - Love unleashed on the run
McBride And The Ride - No More Crying
McBride and the Ride - Solo Sagrado
McBride, Ashley – Little Dive Bar in Dahlonga
McBride, Martina - Whatever (SC)
McBride, Martina - Blessed
McBride, Martina - Broken Wing
McBride, Martina – Billiger Whisky
McBride, Martina - City of Love
McBride, Martina – Betonengel
McBride, Martina - Roadside Cry
McBride, Martina - For These Times
McBride, Martina - The Will of God
McBride, Martina - Happy Girl
McBride, Martina - Heart problems
McBride, Martina - Help me get through the night
McBride, Martina - How far
McBride, Martina - How I Feel
McBride, Martina - I call you mine
McBride, Martina - I love you
McBride, Martina - I'll love you through this
McBride, Martina - In My Daughter's Eyes
McBride, Martina - Independence Day
McBride, Martina - It's My Time
McBride, Martina – Vida Nr. 9
McBride, Martina - The only house of love
McBride, Martina - My baby loves me
McBride, Martina - Over the Rainbow
McBride, Martina - Telephones are ringing all over town
McBride, Martina—Ride
McBride, Martina—Rosengarten
McBride, Martina - Safe in the Arms of Love
McBride, Martina – Strangers (SC)
McBride, Martina – Swingin Doors
McBride, Martina - Teenage daughter
McBride, Martina - It wasn't me
McBride, Martina - It's Me (SC)
McBride, Martina - There you are
McBride, Martina - This is for the girls
McBride, Martina - Until I Can Make It Myself
McBride, Martina - It's Time Again (SC)
McBride, Martina - The time has come
McBride, Martina - Valentin
McBride, Martina—wears white
McBride, Martina - Whatever you say
McBride, Martina - When Godly Women Get Sad
McBride, Martina - Where I Used to Have a Heart
McBride, Martina - Where would you be?
McBride, Martina – Wild Angel
McBride, Martina - Wrong Again
McBride, Martina - Wrong baby, wrong
McBride, Martina and Bob Seger - Chances are (SC)
McBride, Martina and Dixie Chicks - If I go down, you will go down
McBride, Martina and Dolly Parton - I still miss someone
McCabe, Coley - Growing Young With You
McCain, Edwin – Vivo
McCain, Edwin – Sei jung
McCain, Edwin – Gramercy Park Hotel
McCain, Edwin – Fall of Hearts
McCain, Edwin - I couldn't ask for more
McCain, Edwin - I will be
McCain, Edwin - Apologies to a Friend
McCall, CW - Convoy
McCann, Lila - Almost Over You
McCann, Lila - Come a little closer
McCann, Lila – Crush
McCann, Lila – Down Came A Blackboard (SC)
McCann, Lila - I want to fall in love (SC)
McCann, Lila - I will be
McCann, Lila - Kiss Me Now
McCann, Lila - That's what angels do
McCann, Lila - To bring me to you
McCann, Lila - With you
McCann, Lila – Yippy Ky Yay
McCartney, Jesse - Beautiful Soul (SC)
McCartney, Jesse - How Do You Sleep?
McCartney, Jesse - it's over
McCartney, Jesse – Leavin
McCartney, Jesse - She's not you.mpg"
McCartney, Paul - Gang on the Run
McCartney, Paul - Freedom
McCartney, Paul - From Lover to Friend (SC)
McCartney, Paul - Let Them In
McCartney, Paul - Hear what the man said
McCartney, Paul - Live and Let Die (SC)
McCartney, Paul - Maybe I'm impressed
McCartney, Paul - My Love (SC)
McCartney, Paul - Stupid Love Songs
McCartney, Paul - Onkel Albert Admiral Halsey
McCartney, Paul - With a little luck
McCartney, Paul - World Tonight
McCartney, Paul and Michael Jackson - Say it, say it, say it
McCartney, Paul and Stevie Wonder - Ebony and Ivory
McClain, Charly – Dancin Your Memory Away
McClain, Charly – Herzradio
McClain, Charly - Sentimental Ol You
McClain, Charly - Sleeping with the radio on
McClain, Charly – Cerque-me de Amor
McClain, Charly - Who is cheating on whom
McClain, Charly und Mickey Gilley – Paradise Tonight (SC)
McClinton, Delbert - All Night
McClinton, Delbert - Given by His Love
McClinton, Delbert - Lone Star Blues
McClinton, Delbert - Send Me Angels
McClinton, Delbert - Shaky Ground
McClinton, Delbert – Als Rita Sai
McComas, Brian - Everything comes flooded
McComas, Brian - I could never love you enough
McComas, Brian - In the Middle of Nowhere
McComas, Brian - The Night Goes With You
McComas, Brian - Ninety-nine point nine percent sure I've never been here
McComb, Jeremy - This town needs a bar
McCoy, Neal – OK
McCoy, Neal – Hitting it on
McCoy, Neal - Billy has his beer glasses
McCoy, Neal - City gave me the field back
McCoy, Neal - Each for himself
McCoy, Neal - For a change
McCoy, Neal - works forever for me
McCoy, Neal - Girls of Summer (SC)
McCoy, Neal - Walk, Walk Away
McCoy, Neal – Hillbilly-Rap
McCoy, Neal - I was
McCoy, Neal - If I Were a Drinker
McCoy, Neal - If You Can't Be Good At It (SC)
McCoy, Neal - That's how love happens
McCoy, Neal - The Luckiest Man Alive
McCoy, Neal - No Doubt
McCoy, Neal – Party On (SC)
McCoy, Neal - Shake (SC)
McCoy, Neal – Heckklappe
McCoy, Neal - That Woman of Mine
McCoy, Neal - So you can say goodbye to me (Mike -2)
McCoy, Neal - They're playing our song
McCoy, Neal – Wink
McCoy, Travis - We'll be alright
McCoy, Travis and Bruno Mars - billionaires
McCoys – Hang On Sloopy (Mike-1)
McCrae, George - Rock Your Baby
McCready, Mindy - All I want is all
McCready, Mindy - Girls Gotta Do
McCready, Mindy - guys do this all the time
McCready, Mindy - I want a man
McCready, Mindy - Maybe he'll notice you now
McCready, Mindy - maybe maybe not
McCready, Mindy - One in a Million (SC)
McCready, Mindy - Other Side
McCready, Mindy – Grite
McCready, Mindy – Ten Thousand Angels (SC)
McCready, Mindy - What If I Do (SC)
McCready, Mindy - You'll Never Know (SC)
McCready, Rich - That Covers It All (SC)
McCready, rich - think straight
McCready, Rich - When Hell Freezes Over
McCreery, Scotty - Feelin It
McCreery, Scotty - I love you so much
McCreery, Scotty - See you tonight
McCreery, Scotty - Girl Problems
McCreery, Scotty – Wasserturmstadt
McCurdy, Jennette - Intergenerational Love
McCurdy, Jennette - Not so far away
McDaniel, Mel - Baby Wears Jeans (Mike)
McDaniel, Mel – Big Ole Brew
McDaniel, Mel - Let It Roll
McDaniel, Mel – Louisiana Saturday Night (Mike)
McDaniel, Mel - Stand up
McDaniels, Gene - Hundred Pounds of Clay
McDonald, Amy – Giftprinz (SF)
McDonald, Michael and Kathy Mattea - among the missing
McDowell, Ronnie - All Tied Up
McDowell, Ronnie - Don't Let Go
McDowell, Ronnie - I dream of women like you
McDowell, Ronnie - I've Got a Million Em
McDowell, Ronnie - In a New York Minute
McDowell, Ronnie - It's only appearance (Mike -3)
McDowell, Ronnie – King Is Gone (Mike)
McDowell, Ronnie - Life's little ups and downs.mpg”
McDowell, Ronnie - Love Talks
McDowell, Ronnie – Older Women (Mike -1)
McDowell, Ronnie - Personal
McDowell, Ronnie – Wandering Eyes (Mike)
McDowell, Ronnie - Watching the girls go by
McDowell, Ronnie - When you hurt, it hurts me
McDowell, Ronnie - You've made me a wanted man
McDowell, Ronnie - you're going to ruin my bad reputation
McEntire, Reba - and Still (SC)
McEntire, Reba - I can't even feel the blues
McEntire, Reba – Cathys Clown
McEntire, Reba - Christmas Guest
McEntire, Reba – Climb That High Mountain
McEntire, Reba - Don't touch me there
McEntire, Reba - Falling in love
McEntire, Reba – Fantasy
McEntire, Reba - Fear of Being Alone (SC)
McEntire, Reba - For My Broken Heart (SC)
McEntire, Reba - Eternal Love
McEntire, Reba - The Tallest Man I Never Known (SC)
McEntire, Reba - I have a deal for you
McEntire, Reba - He got it from me
McEntire, Reba - The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (SC)
McEntire, Reba - How sad
McEntire, Reba - How should I know (SC)
McEntire, Reba - I still love you
McEntire, Reba - I know how he feels
McEntire, Reba - I will not stand in line (SC)
McEntire, Reba - I'd Rather Go With You (SC)
McEntire, Reba - If I had known
McEntire, Reba - I will be
McEntire, Reba - I'm Giving You Something to Lose
McEntire, Reba - I am a survivor
McEntire, Reba - I'll Take That Mountain
McEntire, Reba - There's Life Out There
McEntire, Reba - It's Your Choice (SC)
McEntire, Reba - Just a Little Love
McEntire, Reba - Let Music Cheer You Up
McEntire, Reba – Little Rock
McEntire, Reba - Love Finds Its Way To You
McEntire, Reba - My sister
McEntire, Reba - New Fool in an Old Game (SC)
McEntire, Reba - The night the lights went out in Georgia
McEntire, Reba - An honest heart
McEntire, Reba - just on my mind
McEntire, Reba - Please come to Boston
McEntire, Reba - Read My Mind
McEntire, Reba - Ring on Your Finger (SC)
McEntire, Reba - Rumor has it
McEntire, Reba - she thinks his name was John (SC)
McEntire, Reba - She Calls It Love
McEntire, Reba - Somebody's gotta go
McEntire, Reba—Somebody
McEntire, Reba - Someone is Chelsea
McEntire, Reba – Starting Over (SC)
McEntire, Reba – Sunday Kind Of Love (SC)
McEntire, Reba - Sweet Music Man
McEntire, Reba - Take It Back
McEntire, Reba - They asked about you
McEntire, Reba - Until Love Returns
McEntire, Reba - Until You Love Me (SC)
McEntire, Reba - Turn on the radio
McEntire, Reba—Walk
McEntire, Reba - We're so good together
McEntire, Reba - What Am I Doing To You?
McEntire, Reba - What They Say
McEntire, Reba – Not (SC)
McEntire, Reba - What If It's You (SC)
McEntire, Reba - When Love Takes Over You
McEntire, Reba - Whoever is in New England (SC).
McEntire, Reba - Why haven't I heard from you?
McEntire, Reba - Wrong Night
McEntire, Reba - You lie
McEntire, Reba - it will be you
McEntire, Reba & Brooks and Dunn - If you see him, if you see her
McEntire, Reba and Faith Hill - Sleeping with the Phone
McEntire, Reba and Kelly Clarkson - Because of you
McEntire, Reba & Linda Davis - He Loves You
McEntire, Reba and Skip Ewing - alternate weekends
McEntire, Reba & Vince Gill - Heart Won't Lie
McEntire, Reba und Vince Gill – Oklahoma Swing
McFerrin, Bobby - Don't worry, be happy
McFly - Star Girl
McGovern, Maureen - You can read my mind
McGovern, Maureen - Tomorrow After
McGraw, Tim - All I Want Is One Life (SC)
McGraw, Tim - English Song
McGraw, Tim—When
McGraw, Tim - Can't really be gone
McGraw, Tim - Cowboy em mim
McGraw, Tim - You want fries with that
McGraw, Tim - Don't take the girl
McGraw, Tim - Down on the Farm (SC)
McGraw, Tim - Drugs or Jesus
McGraw, Tim - Everywhere (SC)
McGraw, Tim - Felt good on my lips
McGraw, Tim - for a while
McGraw, Tim - Grown Men Don't Cry
McGraw, Tim - how badly do you want it
McGraw, Tim - As I Will Always Be
McGraw, Tim - I have friends who do this
McGraw, Tim - I like it, I love it
McGraw, Tim - If you're reading this
McGraw, Tim - Drill from her Indian
McGraw, Tim - It's the business that pleases you
McGraw, Tim - Just to see you smile (SC)
McGraw, Tim – Mate-me
McGraw, Tim – Kristofferson
McGraw, Tim – Last Dollar (SC)
McGraw, Tim - Letting go
McGraw, Tim - Live as if you are going to die
McGraw, Tim - In Search of That Girl
McGraw, Tim - Maybe we should just sleep on it
McGraw, Tim - My Best Friend
McGraw, Tim - My Little Girl
McGraw, Tim - My Next Thirty Years
McGraw, Tim - My Old Friend
McGraw, Tim - No Time Too Soon (SC)
McGraw, Tim - Nothing to Die For
McGraw, Tim - Old Town New
McGraw, Tim - One of These Days (SC)
McGraw, Tim - One of those nights
McGraw, Tim - Please Remember Me
McGraw, Tim - Very Good Man
McGraw, Tim – Rotate Ragtop
McGraw, Tim – Refried Dreams (SC)
McGraw, Tim - Sideways Direito Atcha Babe
McGraw, Tim-Seventeen
McGraw, Tim - She Never Takes It To Heart (SC)
McGraw, Tim - She's my kind of rain
McGraw, Tim - Shotgun Driver
McGraw, Tim - Some things never change
McGraw, Tim - Something like that
McGraw, Tim - Girls from the South
McGraw, Tim - Southern Voice
McGraw, Tim – Ainda
McGraw, Tim - Suspicion
McGraw, Tim – Tellurid
McGraw, Tim - Things are changing
McGraw, Tim - Tiny Dancer
McGraw, Tim – Probleme mit Never (SC)
McGraw, Tim – Truck Ja
McGraw, Tim-Interruption
McGraw, Tim - Walk Like a Man
McGraw, Tim - Watch the Wind Blow
McGraw, Tim - When the Stars Turn Blue
McGraw, Tim - Where the Green Grass Grows
McGraw, Tim & Faith Hill - Angry All The Time
McGraw, Tim and Faith Hill - Meanwhile at Mom's
McGraw, Tim and Faith Hill - Talk to a girl
McGraw, Tim & Gwyneth Paltrow – Ihr Tennesee
McGraw, Tim & Taylor Swift – Highway Don’t Care
McGuinn, Mark – Sra. Steven Rudi
McGuinn, Mark - She doesn't dance
McGuinn, Mark - That's a plan
McGuire Sisters – Yours sincerely
McGuire Sisters - Sugartime
McGuire, Barry - Eve of Destruction (SC)
McIntyre, Joey - I love you, it was too late (SC)
McIntyre, Joey - Stay the same
McKenna, Lori – als Glamour
McKennitt, Loreena - Dance of Mummers
McKenzie, Scott – San Francisco.mpg”
McKenzie, Scott – San Francisco
McKnight, Brian – Semper
McKnight, Brian - Back to One
McKnight, Brian – Herbst 5.0
McKnight, Brian - Find me in you
McKnight, Brian - just a little
McKnight, Brian - The Love of My Life
McKnight, Brian - At the Bottom
McKnight, Brian - Six Eight Twelve
McKnight, Brian - Stay or let go
McKnight, Brian – Ainda
McKnight, Brian - What I've Been Waiting For
McLachlan, Sarah-Adia
McLachlan, Sarah – Engel (SC)
McLachlan, Sarah – Mein Engel (SC)
McLachlan, Sarah - Building a Mystery
McLachlan, Sarah - Do what you must do (SC)
McLachlan, Sarah—Favour
McLachlan, Sarah – Espere
McLachlan, Sarah - I will remember you
McLachlan, Sarah - Sorvete
McLachlan, Sarah Loving you is easy
McLachlan, Sarah - Possession
McLachlan, Sarah - Sweet Surrender (SC)
McLean, Don – American Pie (Mike-1)
McLean, Don - And I love you so
McLean, Don – Castelos no ar
McLean, Don – Chorando
McLean, Don – Jeden Tag
McLean, Don – Vincent
McPhee, Katharine – My Destiny.mpg”
McPhee, Katharine - Acabou
McPhee, Katherine - Somewhere Over the Rainbow (SC)
McVie, Christine - Hold me
Meatloaf - all fast moving and going nowhere
Meat Loaf - Bat from Hell
Meatloaf - Heaven can wait
Hackbraten – Hot Patootie My Soul Eddie (SC)
Meat Loaf - I would do anything for love (duet) (SC)
Meat Loaf - I would lie for you and that's the truth (SC)
Meat Loaf - Now I remember everything
Hackbraten – Paradise By The Dashboard Light ( & )
Meat Loaf - Rock'n'Roll dreams come true
Meatloaf - two out of three isn't bad
Meat Loaf - You took the words out of my mouth
Hackbraten – To Cry Out Loud (SC)
Medeiros, Glen - Nothing will change my love for you
Medley, Bill - Woman with Brown Eyes
Medley, Bill & Jennifer Warnes - I had the time of my life
Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction
Melako - seeker of pure pleasures
Melanie - Brand new key
Mellencamp, John & India Aria - Pacific World
Mellencamp, John - The night is not over yet
Mellencamp, John - Americans
Mellencamp, John - Song of Authority
Mellencamp, John – Kirschbombe
Mellencamp, John – Crumblin Down
Mellencamp, John – Nackttanz
Mellencamp, John – Emotional Love (SC)
Mellencamp, John - Get a Leg Up
Mellencamp, John - Hand to Hold
Mellencamp, John - it hurts so much (SC)
Mellencamp, John - I need a lover
Mellencamp, John - I don't run anymore
Mellencamp, John - Jack and Diane
Mellencamp, John - Just One More Day
Mellencamp, John – Key West-Intermezzo
Mellencamp, John - Lonely Night
Mellencamp, John - Our Country
Mellencamp, John - Burning Paper
Mellencamp, John - Cor de Rosa Houses
Mellencamp, John – R.O.C.K. In den USA (SC)
Mellencamp, John - Rain on the Scarecrow
Mellencamp, John – Small Town (SC)
Mellencamp, John - Wild Night
Mellencamp, John - Your life is now
Mellencamp, John - Yours Forever
Mellencamp, John & India Aria - Pacific World
Mellencamp, John & Meshell Ndegeocello – Wild Night (SC)
Mellons, Ken - I can bring her back
Mellons, Ken – Jukebox-Junkie
Mellons, Ken – Rub A Dubbin (Mike)
Mellons, Ken - Stranger in Your Eyes (SC)
Mellons, Ken - work weekends
Mellow Kings - tonight, tonight
Melua, Katie - Just Like Heaven (SC)
Men at work - Down Under
Men at work - it's a mistake
Men at work - who can that be now?
Men without Hats - Dance of Safety
Mendes, Sergio - A look of love
Mendes, Shawn - Mercy
Mendler, Bridget – The Hurricane
Mendler, Bridget - Ready or Not
Menzel, Idina – Letting go
Menzel, Idina – Minute
Mercer, Johnny – Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive (SC)
Kaufmann, Natalie – Break Your Heart
Kaufmann, Natalie – Carnaval (SC)
Kaufmann, Natalie - Children Go Where I Send Them (SC)
Kaufmann, Natalie - Jealousy
Kaufmann, Natalie – Gentil and Generosa
Kaufmann, Natalie - Life is sweet
Kaufmann, Natalie – Miracle
Mercy - Here with me
Merman, Ethel - Everything is turning pink
Merril, Helen - It would be so nice to come home
Merritt, Tift - Virginia No one can warn you
Messina, Jo Dee – Angelene (SC)
Messina, Jo Dee - Because You Love Me
Messina, Jo Dee - Biker Girl
Messina, Jo Dee – Brennen (SC)
Messina, Jo Dee – Bye (SC)
Messina, Jo Dee – Closer (SC)
Messina, Jo Dee - Ouse To Dream
Messina, Jo Dee - You Want to Make Something Out of It (SC)
Messina, Jo Dee – Downtime
Messina, Jo Dee - Even God must be sad
Messina, Jo Dee – Heads up Carolina Tails California
Messina, Jo Dee – He never saw Julie Cry (SC)
Messina, Jo Dee - I wish
Messina, Jo Dee - I'm fine
Messina, Jo Dee - I'm over
Messina, Jo Dee - It's too late to worry
Messina, Jo Dee – Lektion in Leavin (SC)
Messina, Jo Dee - My Give A Damn's Busted
Messina, Jo Dee - No Time for Tears
Messina, Jo Dee – Not Going Down.mpg”
Messina, Jo Dee - Nothing I Can Do (SC)
Messina, Jo Dee – Saturday Night (SC)
Messina, Jo Dee – Glanz
Messina, Jo Dee - Stay by my side
Messina, Jo Dee - This is God
Messina, Jo Dee - This is the way
Messina, Jo Dee - That was my life
Messina, Jo Dee - You're not in Kansas anymore
Messina, Jo Dee und Tim McGraw – Bring on the Rain
Metallica – Die My Darling (SC)
Metallica - Disappearance
Metallica - Sandman performs
Metallica – Fade To Black (SC)
Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls (SC)
Metallica - Fuel (SC)
Metallica - Held des Tages
Metallica - I'm leaving (SC)
Metallica – Master of Dolls (SC)
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
Metallica - sad but true (SC)
Metallica - Stone Cold Crazy (SC)
Metallica - Scroll to the side
Metallica – Unforgivable (SC)
Metallica – Until Sleep (SC)
Metallica - whiskey in a carafe
Mexico 70 – I want you
Miami Sound Machine - Bad Boy
Miami Sound Machine - One, two, three
Michael, Barry – Uncountrify Me
Michael, George - Bad Boys
Michael, George - Don't let the sun set on me
Michael, George - At the edge of heaven
Michael, George – Faith (SC)
Michael, George – Fast Love (SC)
Michael, George – Vaterfigur
Michael, George - Freedom
Michael, George - Heartbeat
Michael, George – I Believe (SC)
Michael, George – I want your sex (R)
Michael, George - I'm your man
Michael, George – Jesus for a Child (SC)
Michael, George - Kissing a Fool
Michael, George - like a baby
Michael, George—Monkey
Michael, George - Mother's Bride
Michael, George - Another try
Michael, George - Praying for time
Michael, George - Very crazy
Michaels, Lee - you know what I mean
Michaelson, Ingrid - As I Am
Michelle, Yvette - I don't feel you (SC)
Mickey and Sylvia - Love is Strange
Middleman, Georgia – Kick Down The Door (SC)
Middleman, Georgia - There's No Place Like Home (SC)
Midler, Bette – Boogie Woogie Buble Boy (SC)
Midler, Bette - From afar
Midler, Bette - Gift of Love (SC)
Midler, Bette – Glory of Love (SC)
Midler, Bette - In my life (SC)
Midler, Bette - Lullaby in Blue
Midler, Bette - My One True Friend (SC)
Midler, Bette – Rose
Midler, Bette – Under The Board Walk (SC)
Midler, Bette - Wind Beneath My Wings
Midnight oil - the beds are burning
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Impression I Get (SC)
Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Rascal King
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Sad to say
Miguel – True Thing
Mikaila - So in love with two
Mike and the mechanics - All I need is a miracle
Mike and the Mechanic - Years of Life
Miles, Buddy and Lukather - Purple Haze
Milian, Christina – AM a PM
Milian, Christina & Fabolous – Dip It Low (SC) (R – X)
Miller, Dean – Nowhere EUA (SC)
Miller, Dean - Wake up and smell the whiskey (R) (SC)
Miller, Glenn – Finalmente
Miller, Glenn – Chattanooga Choo Choo
Miller, Jody - Queen of the House
Miller, Lance - She Really Loves Me
Miller, Mitch - She wore a yellow ribbon.mpg"
Miller, Mitch - Yellow Rose of Texas
Miller, Ned - From Knaves to Kings
Miller, Roger – Chug A Lug
Miller, Roger - Damn it
Miller, Roger – Engine Engine No. 9
Miller, Roger – Inglaterra Swings
Miller, Roger - Husbands and Wives
Miller, Roger - King of the Road (Mike)
Miller, Steve - Soar Like an Eagle
Miller, Steve – Swingtown
Miller, Steve - Take the money and run
Milli Vanilli - Girl I will miss you
Milli Vanilli - Girl you know it's true
Mills Brothers - Be the companion of my life
Mills brothers - Taxi drivers
Mills Brothers - Under the old apple tree
Mills Brothers - let me call you honey
Mills Brothers - Me and My Shadow
Mills Brothers - Old men at home
Mills Brothers – Until then
Milsap, Ronnie - All is fair in love and war
Milsap, Ronnie - almost like a song
Milsap, Ronnie - Every day now
Milsap, Ronnie - You love me as I love you
Milsap, Ronnie - Back on my mind
Milsap, Ronnie - Daydreaming of Nocturnal Things (SC)
Milsap, Ronnie - Never Tire of Hurting Me
Milsap, Ronnie - Happy Birthday Baby
Milsap, Ronnie - Houston solution
Milsap, Ronnie - How football excites you
Milsap, Ronnie - I wouldn't have missed that for anything
Milsap, Ronnie - I play for you
Milsap, Ronnie - In love
Milsap, Ronnie - Inside
Milsap, Ronnie - It was almost like a song
Milsap, Ronnie - Legend of my time
Milsap, Ronnie - Let's go the long way around the world
Milsap, Ronnie - local girls
Milsap, Ronnie – Lost in the Fifties Tonight
Milsap, Ronnie - My heart
Milsap, Ronnie - Nobody likes sad songs
Milsap, Ronnie - Only One Love In My Life
Milsap, Ronnie - Please don't tell me how the story ends
Milsap, Ronnie – Amor Puro
Milsap, Ronnie - She keeps the house fire burning
Milsap, Ronnie – Exhibitions at ela
Milsap, Ronnie - Since I Don't Have You
Milsap, Ronnie - Smoky mountain rain
Milsap, Ronnie - snap your fingers
Milsap, Ronnie - Stand by my wife, man
Milsap, Ronnie - I'm still losing you
Milsap, Ronnie - Stranger in My House
Milsap, Ronnie - Stranger Things Happened
Milsap, Ronnie - Can't Get Over Me (SC)
Milsap, Ronnie - Time, Love and Money
Milsap, Ronnie - True Believer
Milsap, Ronnie – Ligue o Rádio
Milsap, Ronnie - What a difference you made in my life (SC)
Milsap, Ronnie - Where do the nights go
Milsap, Ronnie - Woman in Love
Minnelli, Liza – Cabaret
Minogue, Kylie – Afrodite
Minogue, Kylie – Better The Devil You Know
Minogue, Kylie – Respire
Minogue, Kylie - I can't get Blue Monday out of my head
Minogue, Kylie - Can't get you out of my head
Minogue, Kylie - I can't stop giving up on you
Minogue, Kylie—Chocolate
Minogue, Kylie - Come into my world (CB)
Minogue, Kylie – Specially for You (duet)
Minogue, Kylie – Flor
Minogue, Kylie - Give me a little more time
Minogue, Kylie - I need to be sure
Minogue, Kylie - Hand on heart
Minogue, Kylie - I should be so lucky (CB)
Minogue, Kylie - In My Arms
Minogue, Kylie - In Your Eyes
Minogue, Kylie - It's no secret
Minogue, Kylie – Kinder (Duett)
Minogue, Kylie – Locomotion (CB)
Minogue, Kylie - Love at first sight (SC)
Minogue, Kylie - It's never too late
Minogue, Kylie - On a night like this
Minogue, Kylie – Eins
Minogue, Kylie - Woman of Red Blood
Minogue, Kylie – Lento (CB)
Minogue, Kylie - Take it easy
Minogue, Kylie – Girando
Minogue, Kylie – Volte no Tempo
Minogue, Kylie - Tears on my pillow
Minogue, Kylie - Two Hearts
Minogue, Kylie - What do I have to do?
Minogue, Kylie – Uau
Minor, Shane - I think you're beautiful
Minor, Shane - Love Together
Minor, Shane - Slave to Habit
Neuwertig – If You Love Me (SC)
Perfect condition - nothing to say (PHU)
Mint condition - so fine (NT)
Mint - Someone to Love (NT)
Mint condition - Go on
Mint - What Kind of Man Would I Be (SC)
Neuwertig – You Send Me Swingin (NT)
Miracle - baby baby, don't cry
Miracle - do it, baby
Miracles - if you can wait
Miracle - love machine
Miracle - Mickey's Monkey
Miracle - My girl is gone
Milagres - Ooh Baby Baby
Miracles - look around
Miss Saigon - The Last Night on Earth (SC)
Miss Saigon – Film In My Mind (SC)
Mister Jones - Destiny
Mitchell, Guy - Look at the girl
Mitchell, Guy - My heart is crying out for you
Mitchell, Guy - Rock A Billy
Mitchell, Guy - She wears red feathers
Mitchell, Guy – Vocals or Blues (Mike -1)
Mitchell, Joni - Big Yellow Cab
Mitchell, Joni – Free man in Paris
Mitchell, Joni - Drive Me
Mizzy, Vic – Addams Family (SC)
Moby – Extreme Ways (SC)
Moby - We Are All Made Of Stars (SC)
Fake Turtles - You can dig
Modern English - I'm melting with you
Humble Mouse - Hover
Mojo Nixon - Don Henley Deve Morrer
Moke – Bass (SC)
Molly Hatchet - Dreams
Molly Hatchet - flirts with disaster
Molly Hatchet - Content Man
Moments - love on a one-way street
Money, Eddie - baby, wait
Cash, Eddie - fall in love again
Money, Eddie - I want to go back
Money, Eddie - I'll survive
Cash, Eddie - Shakin
Money, Eddie - take me home tonight
Money, Eddie - I think I'm in love
Cash, Eddie - Two tickets to heaven
Monica – All eyes on me
Monika – Everything for me
Monica - I'm going for you
Mônica – Just One More Girl (SC)
Monika – Knock Knock
Monica - love over me
Monika - It's gone
Monica & 112 – Wait right here
Monifah - Touch It (PHT) (XXX)
Monifah - You don't have to love me (SC)
Monkees - believers in daydreams
Monkees - I'm a believer (Mike -1)
Monkees - I'm Not Your Steppin Stone
Monkees - Last train to Clarksville
Monkees - A little bit of me, a little bit of you
Affen – Domingo of Pleasant Valley
Monkeys - Ela
Monkees – Vale
Monkeys - Words
Monogue, Kylie - Love at first sight
Monotonous - Book of Love
Monroe, Ashley - I don't want to
Monroe, Ashley - Satisfied
Monroe, Ashley and Ronnie Dunn - I Don't Want It (SC)
Monroe, Bill – Kentucky-Walzer
Monroe, Marilyn - Diamonds are a woman's best friend
Monroe, Matt - From Russia with love
Monroe, Vaughn - There I Said It Again (SC)
Montana, Billy - Didn't have you
Montana, Billy - Not yesterday
Montana, Billy - Rain through the roof
Montana, Randy - There's not much left to love you
Montana, Randy - Mil Faces
Montell, Jordon - That's how we do it
Montez, Chris - The More I See You
Montgomery Gentry - All night
Montgomery Gentry - When I knew everything
Montgomery Gentry – Kalter Chegando
Montgomery Gentry - Daddy won't sell the farm
Montgomery Gentry - not me
Montgomery Gentry - Hairline
Montgomery Gentry – Desaparecido
Montgomery Gentry – Inferno-Sim
Montgomery Gentry – Hillbilly-Schuhe
Montgomery Gentry - I got drunk
Montgomery Gentry - When You Stop Loving Me
Montgomery Gentry - I keep the kids
Montgomery Gentry – Lonely and Missing
Montgomery Gentry - Long line of losers
Montgomery Gentry - lucky man
Montgomery Gentry - My Town
Montgomery Gentry - One in a crowd
Montgomery Gentry - There should be more songs about this
Montgomery Gentry – Rolle Comigo
Montgomery Gentry – Selfmademan
Montgomery Gentry - She couldn't change
Montgomery Gentry - She won't tell me
Montgomery Gentry - something to be proud of
Montgomery Gentry – Velocidade
Montgomery Gentry - That's what I like about you
Montgomery Gentry – What do you think
Montgomery Gentry - Where I'm from
Montgomery Gentry – While you're young
Montgomery Gentry - You do what you want
Montgomery, John Michael - Have nothing against us
Montgomery, John Michael - Angels in My Eyes (SC)
Montgomery, John Michael - Be My Baby Tonight (Mike -1)
Montgomery, John Michael - Beer and Bones
Montgomery, John Michael - Cover yourself with kisses
Montgomery, John Michael – Cowboy-Liebe (Mike -1)
Montgomery, John Michael - Forever
Montgomery, John Michael – Amigos
Montgomery, John Michael – Goes well with beer
Montgomery, John Michael - Heaven Sent You (SC)
Montgomery, John Michael - Hello dear
Montgomery, John Michael - Hold me tight
Montgomery, John Michael - Home for You
Montgomery, John Michael - How should I know (SC)
Montgomery, John Michael - I Can Love You So
Montgomery, John Michael - I Love How You Love Me
Montgomery, John Michael - I Miss You A Little
Montgomery, John Michael - I swear
Montgomery, John Michael – Kick It Up (SC)
Montgomery, John Michael - Letters from Home
Montgomery, John Michael - Life is a Dance
Montgomery, John Michael - Little Girl
Montgomery, John Michael - As Long As I Live (SC)
Montgomery, John Michael - Love as you love me
Montgomery, John Michael - I Love Working On You (SC)
Montgomery, John Michael – Nickels and Dimes and Love (SC)
Montgomery, John Michael – Niemandsland
Montgomery, John Michael - Nothing surprises Jesus
Montgomery, John Michael – Rope The Moon
Montgomery, John Michael – Vendido (Mike-1)
Montgomery, John Michael - That's What I Like About You (SC)
Montgomery, John Michael - Until Nothing Comes Between Us
Montgomery, John Michael - You are
Montgomery, John Michael - If You Have Love
Montrose - Rock Candy
Monty Python - Always look on the bright side of life
Monty Python - Song of the Galaxy
Moody Blues – Sonho de Gemeos (SC)
Moody Blues - Go now
Moody Blues - I Dreamed Last Night (SC)
Moody Blues - I know you're out there somewhere
Moody Blues - I'm Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band
Moody Blues - Nights in White Satin (SC)
Moody Blues – Ride My Wippe (SC)
Moody Blues – Steppin In A Slide Zone (SC)
Moody Blues - Story In Your Eyes (SC)
Moody Blues – Tuesday Afternoon (SC)
Moody Blues – Voz (SC)
Moody Blues – Voices in Heaven (SC)
Moody Blues - What kid is that (SC)
Moody Blues - Your Wildest Dreams (SC)
Moore, Abra – Four Leaf Clover (SC)
Moore, Gary - Cold Day in Hell
Moore, Gary - I'm still sad
Moore, Gary - Rei do Blues
Moore, Gary – Pariser Laufstege
Moore, Gary - Heaven Weeps
Moore, Gary - still got the blues for you
Moore, Justin - Support this thing
Moore, Justin - Hillbilly
Moore, Justin – Bait A Hook
Moore, Justin - How I Became Like This
Moore, Justin - If heaven weren't so far away
Moore, Justin - Letting the Night Roll
Moore, Justin - Point at yourself
Moore, Justin – Small Town EEA
Moore, Justin - Until My Last Day
Moore, Justin - you look like I need a drink
Moore, Kip – Biergeld
Moore, Kip - Hey pretty girl
Moore, Kip – Somethin Bout A Truck
Moore, Kip - Young Love
Moore, Mandy – doces
Moore, Mandy - Passion
Moore, Mandy – Chorar
Moore, Mandy - Extraordinary
Moore, Mandy - Have A Little Faith In Me (SC)
Moore, Mandy - I want to be with you
Moore, Mandy - In My Pocket (CB)
Moore, Mandy - Only Hope (SC)
Moore, Mandy - Take Me Home
Moorer, Allison - Lied of Alabama
Moorer, Allison - Dancing Barefoot
Moorer, Allison - Send an Angel
Moorer, Allison – Liberty-se (SC)
Moorer, Allison - Soft Place to Fall
Moorer, Allison - Think it through
Moorer, Allison – Climb So High
Morales, Michael - Who do you give your love to?
Morgan, Craig - Almost Home
Morgan, Craig - Bonfires
Morgan, Craig – Star Corn
Morgan, Craig - every Friday afternoon
Morgan, Craig - Family of God and Country
Morgan, Craig - God must really love me
Morgan, Craig - I got you (CB)
Morgan, Craig - I want us back
Morgan, Craig – International Harvester
Morgan, Craig - A Little Life
Morgan, Craig – Schau uns an (CB)
Morgan, Craig - Love Remembers
Morgan, Craig - More trucks than cars
Morgan, Craig – Paraíso (SC)
Morgan, Craig – Redneck Yacht Club
Morgan, Craig - Something to Write
Morgan, Craig - there's some chicken left on the bone
Morgan, Craig - I love this on Sundays
Morgan, Craig - That's nothing
Morgan, Craig - That Old Boy
Morgan, Craig – Difficult (SC)
Morgan, Craig – Wake up Lovin You
Morgan, Debelah - Dance with me
Morgan, George - Sweet Kisses
Morgan, Lorrie - Back in your arms again
Morgan, Lorrie - Behind Your Last Goodbye
Morgan, Lorrie - Color of Roses
Morgan, Lorrie - Time to Cry (SC)
Morgan, Lorrie - Love Me
Morgan, Lorrie - you still want me to buy that drink, Frank
Morgan, Lorrie - Don't stop in my world (SC)
Morgan, Lorrie - except Monday
Morgan, Lorrie - Five minutes
Morgan, Lorrie – Go Away (SC)
Morgan, Lorrie - As Good As I Was To You (SC)
Morgan, Lorrie - Half Enough (SC)
Morgan, Lorrie - He drinks tequila
Morgan, Lorrie - He Talks to Me (CB)
Morgan, Lorrie - Heart Over Mind (SC)
Morgan, Lorrie – Here I Go Again
Morgan, Lorrie - I can buy my own roses (SC)
Morgan, Lorrie - I didn't know my own strength
Morgan, Lorrie - Guess you had to be there
Morgan, Lorrie - it could be me
Morgan, Lorrie - When You Came Back From Heaven
Morgan, Lorrie - I'll take the memories
Morgan, Lorrie - I'm not easily forgotten
Morgan, Lorrie - My Night to Cry
Morgan, Lorrie - One of These Nights Tonight (SC)
Morgan, Lorrie - Get Out of Your Shoes (SC)
Morgan, Lorrie - A picture of me without you
Morgan, Lorrie - She Takes Him Back (CB)
Morgan, Lorrie - Someone to Call Me Darling
Morgan, Lorrie - Something in Red
Morgan, Lorrie - Getting high
Morgan, Lorrie - To come to you
Morgan, Lorrie - The Shipwreck of Emotions
Morgan, Lorrie - War Paint
Morgan, Lorrie - Watch Me
Morgan, Lorrie - Which Part of No
Morgan, Lorrie - You think he would know me better
Morgan, Lorrie and Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby (SC)
Morgan, Lorrie and Jon Randall - By My Side (SC)
Morgan, Lorrie & Keith Whitley - Until a Tear Becomes a Rose (Mike)
Morgan, William Michael – Vinyl
Morissette, Alanis - All I Really Want (SC)
Morissette, Alanis – Crazy (SC)
Morissette, Alanis - Eight Simple Steps (SD)
Morissette, Alanis – All (SIN)
Morissette, Alanis – Forgiven (MTS)
Morissette, Alanis – Hand in my pocket
Morissette, Alanis - Clean hands
Morissette, Alanis – Upside Down (SC)
Morissette, Alanis – Irony (SC)
Morissette, Alanis – Mary Jane (HD)
Morissette, Alanis – My humps (SD)
Morissette, Alanis - Not the Doctor (SF)
Morissette, Alanis – Perfect (USA)
Morissette, Alanis - Precious Illusions (NSP)
Morissette, Alanis – Right Through You (HD) ( R )
Morissette, Alanis – So rein
Morissette, Alanis - Thank you (CB)
Morissette, Alanis – That I would be good (MM)
Morissette, Alanis – Let’s Go (CB)
Morissette, Alanis – Ungesendet (CB)
Morissette, Alanis - not submitted
Morissette, Alanis – Woman Down (PHM)
Morissette, Alanis - You learn
Morissette, Alanis - What you should know (SC) (XXX)
Morris, Albert - Feelings
Morris, Gary – Baby Bye Bye (SC)
Morris, Gary - Don't Look Back
Morris, Gary – Don't Get Better (SA)
Morris, Gary - I'll Never Stop Loving You (SC)
Morris, Gary - Leave Me Alone (SC)
Morris, Gary - The Love She Found In Me
Morris, Gary - Chance of Rain 100%
Morris, Gary - Wind Beneath My Wings (SC)
Morris, Maren – Mercedes in the 1980s
Morris, Maren - My Church
Morris, Maren Zedd) – Mitte
Morrison, Mark - The Return of Mack
Morrison, Van - and it stoned me (SC)
Morrison, Van - Blue Money
Morrison, Van - The Bright Side of the Road
Morrison, Van - Swallow for the home
Morrison, Van – Brown-Eyed Girl (Mike -1)
Morrison, Van-Caravan
Morrison, Van - come running
Morrison, Van - Crazy Love
Morrison, Van-Dominos
Morrison, Van - Full Storm Strength
Morrison, Van – Gloria
Morrison, Van - Good Morning Little Girl
Morrison, Van - I Told You So Lately (SC)
Morrison, Van - Here Comes the Night
Morrison, Van – Into The Mystic
Morrison, Van - Jackie Wilson said I'm in heaven when you smile
Morrison, Van – Moondance
Morrison, Van - An Irish Rover
Morrison, Van - Please darling, please don't go
Morrison, Van - Queen of the Slipstream
Morrison, Van - Someone Like You
Morrison, Van - Sweet Thing
Morrison, Van – Tupelo-Honig
Morrison, Van - Hot Love (SC)
Morrison, Van - Wavelength
Morrison, Van - Whenever God Shines His Light
Morrison, Van – Wild Night (SC)
Morrison, Van & Linda Gail Lewis – You Won Again (CB)
Motels - Only the lonely
Motels – Suddenly last summer
Moten, Wendy - Come out of the rain
A Mother's Best – Babyliebe (SC)
Mötley Crüe - Don't Freak Out (SC)
Motley Crüe – Dr. Feelgood
Motley Crue - girls girls girls
Mötley Crüe – Home Sweet Home (SC)
Motley Crue - If I Die Tomorrow
Mötley Crüe – Kickstart My Heart (SC)
Mötley Crüe – Live Wire (SC)
Motley Crüe - looks stunning
Mötley Crue – Urschrei
Motley Crue – Same situation Ol (SC)
Motley Crüe - Call the Devil
Motley Crue - Sick Love Song
Motley Crue - Smoking in the boys' room
Motley Crüe - Ten seconds to love
Motley Crüe - Too young to fall in love
Motley Crue - Wild Side (SC)
Motley Crue – Without You (SC)
Mottley Crue - Don't freak out
Mötlley Crüe – Kickstart My Heart
Mötlley Crüe – Live Wire
Motley Crue - Same Situation Ol
Mottley Crüe - Too young to fall in love
Mottley Crue - wild side
Motörhead – Pik-Ass (SC)
Mountain - Queen of Mississippi
Moving pictures - and me
Mr Big - To be with you
Mr. C - Cha-Cha Slide (Casper Slide)
Mr Cheeks – Lights Kameraaktion
Lord Lord - Broken Wings
Lord Lord - it's love
Mraz, Jason – Geek In The Pink (CB)
Mraz, Jason - I'm yours
Mraz, Jason – Make It Mine (CB)
Mraz, Jason – Profeta Exterior (MM)
Mraz, Jason - Remedy
Mraz, Jason - Wordplay (SC)
Mraz, Jason - You and I (SC)
Mraz, Jason & Colbie Caillat - Happy
Muddy Waters - got my mojo working
Muddy Waters – Hootchie-Cootchie-Mann
Muddy Water - Manish Boy
Muddy Watters - Blues had a baby
Muddy Watters - Manny boy
Mudhog - I don't know if I'm coming home
Mulberry Lane - Harmless
Muldaur, Maria - Midnight in the Oasis
Mullins, Megan - Days of Weeping
Mullins, Megan - Long gone
Mullins, Shawn - Wherever I Go (SC)
Mullins, Shawn - Lullaby
Mullins, Shawn – Schimmer (SC)
Mumba, Samantha - Keep coming back to your love
Mumba, Samantha - Baby, come over
Mumba, Samantha – Nahkampf
Mumba, Samantha - Don't Call Me I'm Pretty (CB)
Mumba, Samantha - gotta tell you
Mumba, Samantha - I'm Here (SF)
Mumba, Samantha – Ultimate (SF)
Mumford and Sons - Babylon
Mumford and Sons - Ditmus
Mumford and Sons - Desperate Wanderer
Mumford and Sons - The Little Lion Man
Mumford and Sons - Roll your stone
Mungo Jerry - In Summer
Murdock, Shirley - How We Lie Down
Murmers - You suck
Whisper - The Best of Whisper (SC)
Gemurmel – You suck (SC) ( XXX )
Murphy, Michael - Wildfire
Murphy, Michael Martin - Carolina in the Pines
Murphy, Michael Martin – Entzaubert
Murphy, Michael Martin - Guy in the Crowd, One
Murphy, Michael Martin - From Words Goes
Murphy, Michael Martin - I'll Miss You Girl
Murphy, Michael Martin - Long line of love, A
Murphy, Michael Martin - Cases of Love
Murphy, Michael Martin - Never give up on love
Murphy, Michael Martin - Still Taking a Chance
Murphy, Michael Martin - Talking to the wrong man
Murphy, Michael Martin - What She Wants
Murphy, Michael Martin - Wildfire
Murphy, Michael Martin - Will It Be Love In The Morning
Murphy, David Lee - All Enlightened in Love (SC)
Murphy, David Lee - All Enlightened in Love
Murphy, David Lee - Breakfast in Birmingham (SC)
Murphy, David Lee - Dust in the Bottle
Murphy, David Lee - Every Time I Get Close To You
Murphy, David Lee - Fish don't bite
Murphy, David Lee – Hillbilly Real (SC)
Murphy, David Lee - Just Don't Wait Until She's Gone (SC)
Murphy, David Lee – Loco
Murphy, David Lee – Out with a Bang
Murphy, David Lee – Massenparty
Murphy, David Lee - Road You Leave Behind
Murphy, David Lee - She's Really Something to Watch (SC)
Murphy, Michael Martin - What is forever
Murray, Anne - Another sleepless night
Murray, Anne - Blessed are the believers
Murray, Anne – Bluebird
Murray, Anne - Broken Heart (SC)
Murray, Anne – Cotton Jenny
Murray, Anne - I could have that dance
Murray, Anne - The Song of Danny
Murray, Anne – Daydream Believer (SC)
Murray, Anne - Feed That Fire
Murray, Anne - He Thinks I Still Care (SC)
Murray, Anne - Hold me tight
Murray, Anne - I can see Arkansas (SC)
Murray, Anne - I've fallen in love again
Murray, Anne - It's a Great Day for the Irish
Murray, Anne - Just Another Woman in Love
Murray, Anne - Little Good News (SC)
Murray, Anne - Love Song
Murray, Anne - Now and Forever
Murray, Anne – Hand in Hand
Murray, Anne - Shadows in the Moonlight
Murray, Anne – Snowbird
Murray, Anne - Someone Always Says Goodbye (SC)
Murray, Anne - Stranger in My Place
Murray, Anne - Going back
Murray, Anne - You needed me
Murray, Anne - Won't You See Me?
Murray, Anne & Dave Loggins - Nobody Loves Me Like You
Musgraves, Kacey – Blowin Smoke (R)
Musgraves, Kacey – Borboletas
Musgraves, Kacey - Follow Your Arrow
Musgraves, Kacey - Keep to yourself
Musgraves, Kacey – Karussell
Musical Explosion – Little Bit O Soul (Mike -2)
Juventude Musical-Pass The Dutchie (SC)
Musical, Vale Tudo – Vale Tudo (SC)
Musical, Anything Goes – You're the Best (SC)
Musical, Phantom of the Opera - I wish you were kinda here again (SC)
Music - half crazy
Music - Friends Only
Music Soul Child – Love (SC)
Musiq Soulchild & Mary Blige – If You Go Away
My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words (SF)
My Chemical Romance – Ghost Of You (TH)
My Chemical Romance – Helena (SC)
My Chemical Romance – I Don't Love You (TH)
My Chemical Romance - I'm Not Okay (SC)
My Chemical Romance – Jugendliche (EK)
My Chemical Romance - Under Pressure (PHM)
My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade
Mya – Caso do Ex (R)
Mya - Fallen (SC)
Mya – Free
Mya - My first night with you
Mya – My love is like a woah
Myers, Billie - Not enough words
Myers, Billie - Kiss the Rain
Myers, JD - When I Think of You (SC)
Myles, Alannah - Black Velvet
Myles, Heather – Love Me Some More (SC)
Mystikal – Bouncin Back (R)
Mystic - Danger
Mystical - Move Fast (R)

N E R D – Lapdance
N II U - I miss you
N.O.R.E. – Nothing (SC) ( XXX )
Nail, David - I'm about to come alive
Prego, David - Let It Rain
Nail, David - Red Light
Nail, David - Coming Home
Nail, David - whatever she's got
Nail, David & Lee Ann Womack - Songs For Sale
Nail, David - Kiss you tonight
Naked eyes - always something there to remind me of
Naked Eyes – Promise Promise
Nalick, Anna – Two AM Breathe (SC)
Napoleon XIV - Come Take Me (SC)
Root Diapers – Awnaw
Nas & QB's Finest - Oochie Wally (SC) (XXX)
Nash, Johnny - Hold Me (SC)
Nash, Johnny - I can see it clearly now (SC)
Nash, Leigh - must be near you
Nashville Teens – Tobacco Road
Natalie - Crazy (SC)
Natalie – Goin Crazy.mpg”
Naughton, David – Makin It (SC)
Naturally cheeky - feels good
Naughty By Nature – Hip-Hop-Hurra
Naughty by nature - O P P
Navarro, Dave – Rexall (SC) ( R )
Nazareth – Bad Bad Boy (R)
Nazareth - Broken Angel
Nazareth – Hundehaar (R)
Nazaré - Love hurts
Ndegeocello, Meshell & Redman - Paperback
Ne Yo – Belo-Monster
Ne Yo - Because of you
Knots – Champagnerleben
What No – Näher
Ne Yo - Miss Independent
Ne Yo - I never knew I needed it
Ne Yo - One in a million
Ne Yo & Jamie Foxx & Fabolous - She has her own
Nelly – E. I. (R)
Nelly - Flapping Wings (SC) (R - X)
Nelly – hot here (XXX)
Nelly - Hot Shit Country Grammatik (R)
Nelly - Just a dream
Nelly – Nellyville (R)
Nelly – Number 1 (X)
Nelly – Shake Ya Schwanzfeder (XXX)
Nelly & City Spud – Ride With Me (SC) (XXX)
Nelly & Jaheim – My place (SC)
Nelly & Justin Timberlake – Work It (SC) (R – X)
Nelly & Kelly Rowland – Dilema (R)
Nelly & Ludacris – Air Force One (X)
Nelly & Tim McGraw – Always More (SC)
Nelson - love and affection
Nelson, Nikki – Too Much Too (SC)
Nelson, Ricky – You're Bop-Baby
Nelson, Ricky - Believe What You Say (CB)
Nelson, Ricky – Fools Run
Nelson, Ricky - For you
Nelson, Ricky – Gartenparty (Mike)
Nelson, Ricky – Hallo Mary Lou (Mike)
Nelson, Ricky - I have a feeling
Nelson, Ricky - I'm Going (Mike)
Nelson, Ricky - It's Late
Nelson, Ricky - It's up to you
Nelson, Ricky - Just a little too much
Nelson, Ricky - Lonely Town (Mike)
Nelson, Ricky - Never be anyone but yourself
Nelson, Ricky – armer Narr (Mike)
Nelson, Ricky - Someday
Nelson, Ricky - Stand Up
Nelson, Ricky - cuter than you
Nelson, Ricky – Teenager-Idol (CB)
Nelson, Ricky – Teen Romance (CB)
Nelson, Ricky – Travelin Man (Mike)
Nelson, Ricky - Wonderful like you
Nelson, Ricky - Young World
Nelson, Willie - All of Me (Mike)
Nelson, Willie - Always On My Mind (Mike)
Nelson, Willie - Angel Flying Very Close to the Ground (Mike)
Nelson, Willie - Bloody Mary Tomorrow
Nelson, Willie – Blue eyes cry in the rain (Mike-1)
Nelson, Willie – Blue Skies (Mike)
Nelson, Willie - Blue suede shoes
Nelson, Willie – Stadt New Orleans (Mike)
Nelson, Willie - Cowboys often secretly like each other
Nelson, Willie – Crazy (Mike +1)
Nelson, Willie - Cry, cry, darling
Nelson, Willie - Don't go out there anymore (Mike)
Nelson, Willie - Forgiving you was easy
Nelson, Willie - Funny how time flies (Mike)
Nelson, Willie – Georgia On My Mind (Mike)
Nelson, Willie - If you have money, I have time
Nelson, Willie - Last thing I need first thing in the morning
Nelson, Willie - Life in the Promised Land
Nelson, Willie – Maria Cala a Boca und Me Beija
Nelson, Willie – Maria
Nelson, Willie - My heroes have always been cowboys
Nelson, Willie – On The Road Again (Mike)
Nelson, Willie - On the Sunny Side of the Road
Nelson, Willie - party over
Nelson, Willie – Song of September (Mike)
Nelson, Willie - Seven Spanish Angels
Nelson, Willie - Someone to Take Care of Me (Mike)
Nelson, Willie - That face
Nelson, Willie - Clear day
Nelson, Willie – Rio-Whiskey
Nelson, Willie - you don't know me
Nelson, Willie & Julio Iglesias - To All The Girls I've Loved Before (Mike)
Nelson, Willie & Lee Ann Womack – Mendocino County Line
Nelson, Willie and Merle Haggard - Pancho and Canhoto
Nelson, Willie & Norah_Jones – Prêmio Wurlitzer
Nelson, Willie and Ray Charles - Seven Spanish Angels
Nelson, Willie and Waylon Jennings - woman with a good heart
Nelson, Willie and Waylon Jennings - Mothers Don't Let Their Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys (SC)
Nena - Ninety-nine red balloons
Neon Trees - Everyone is talking
Neon Trees - Sleeping with a friend
Nesbitt, Jim – Running Bare (R)
Nesby, Ann & Al Green - Don't Put Paper
Nesler, Mark - The baby doesn't rock me right
Nesler, Mark - Accustomed to the pain
Nettles, Jennifer - Me Without You
Nettles, Jennifer - The Girl
Nettles, Jennifer - I don't love you
Snow - It's over
Nevil, Robbie - That's Life
Neville, Aaron - I Can't Stop Loving You
Neville, Aaron - Crazy Love
Neville, Aaron - Don't break down on me tonight
Neville, Aaron - Don't Take My Heaven From Me
Neville, Aaron - Even if my heart breaks
Neville, Aaron - Grand Tour
Neville, Aaron - Tell it like it is
Neville, Aaron and Linda Ronstadt - When Something's Wrong With My Baby
New Minstrials Christy – Verde Verde
New Colony Six - I will always think of you
Reissue – Candy Girl (SC)
Reissue – Hit Me Off (SC)
Reissue - If It's Not Love
Reissue – I Still Love You (SC)
Neuauflage – One More Day (SC)
Newfound Glory - Head-On
Newfound fame - it's not your fault
New Fame - Listen to your friends
Newfound fame - my friends about you
Neue Kids On The Block – Covergirl
New Kids On The Block - Don't turn off the lights
New kids on the block - Hangin Hard
New Kids On The Block - I'll Love You
New Kids On The Block - Please don't go girls
New kids on the block - Passo a Passo
Neue Kids On The Block – Sommer
New kids on the block - tonight
New kids on the block - you've got the thing
New Kids on the Block & Ne Yo – Solteiro
New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle
New Radicals - You get what you give
Novos Riders Of The Purple Sage – Panamarot
New seekers - I want to teach the world to sing
Neue Varieté-Band – Catedral de Winchester (SC)
Newbeats - Bread and Butter
Newfield, Heidi - Crying Crying
Newfield, Heidi – Johnny und June
Newfield, Heidi – Lange aufbleiben
Newfield, Heidi - What am I waiting for
Newman, Jimmy - Fallen Star
Newman, Randy - I love LA
Newman, Randy - Little People
Newton John, Olivia - Air I Breathe
Newton John, Olivia – Loss of Sin
Newton John, Olivia - Once You're Mature (SC)
Newton John, Olivia—Heart Attack
Newton John, Olivia - Hopelessly devoted to you
Newton John, Olivia – I Love You Truly (SC)
Newton John, Olivia - If you love me, let me know
Newton John, Olivia - Let Me Be There
Newton John, Olivia - Little More Love (SC)
Newton John, Olivia – Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee (SC)
Newton John, Olivia – Magic
Newton John, Olivia – Physics (SC)
Newton John, Olivia – Please Sir Please (SC)
Newton John, Olivia – Twist of Fate
Newton John, Olivia and John Travolta - Midsummer Nights (Mike)
Newton, Juice - Angel of the Morning
Newton, Juice – Break It To Me Suavemente (SC)
Newton, Juice - Cheap Love
Newton, Juice - Emotions
Newton, Saft - Wounded
Newton, Juice - Love was a little hard for me
Newton, Juice - Queen of Hearts
Newton, Juice - the sweetest thing I've ever known
Newton, Juice - you never made it to Memphis
Newton, Juice - You make me make you
Newton, Wayne - Red Roses for a Blue Lady
Next - I still love you
Next - Very close
Next - wife
Next & Lil Mo – Wife (SC)
Nichols, Gary - I Can't Love You Anymore
Nichols, Gary – Unbroken Ground.mpg”
Nichols, Joe - Another Side of You (SC)
Nichols, Joe – Crentes
Nichols, Joe – Brokenheartsville
Nichols, Joe - Nice to be a Fool
Nichols, Joe – Gimmee That Girl
Nichols, Joe - If Nobody Would Believe You
Nichols, Joe - I'll Wait for You (SC)
Nichols, Joe - Impossible
Nichols, Joe - It's not a crime
Nichols, Joe - I'm fit
Nichols, Joe - She only smokes when she drinks
Nichols, Joe - Size Matters
Nichols, Joe – Sunny e 75
Nichols, Joe – Tire-o
Nichols, Joe - Tequila makes your clothes fall off
Nichols, Joe - What a Guy Must Do
Nichols, Joe - Sim
Nichols, Turner - She likes to listen to me rock
Nickel Creek - The Lighthouse Story
Nickel Creek - reasons why
Nickel Creek–Fale
Nickel Creek - This page
Nickel Creek - When you come back down
Nickelback – Tiere (SC) ( XXX )
Nickelback - Because of you
Nickelback - Make more
Nickelback – Longe
Nickelback – Feelin Way Too Damn Good (R) (SC)
Nickelback - Got you
Nickelback - As you remind me
Nickelback - If Everyone Cares (SC)
Nickelback - Leader of the men
Nickelback - Never Again (R)
Nickelback - I will never be alone
Nickelback – Fotografia (SC)
Nickelback – Rockstar (R)
Nickelback - Savin Me
Nickelback – Shakin Hands
Nickelback - Side of a bullet
Nickelback - One day
Nickelback - something in your mouth
Nickelback - This afternoon
Nickelback - very bad
Nickelback - When we are together
Nickelback - I woke up this morning
Nickelback & Kid Rock - Alright for the Saturday Night Fight
Nicks, Stevie - After the glitter is gone
Nicks, Stevie – Edge Of Seventeen (SC)
Nicks, Stevie - Everyday Love
Nicks, Stevie - I Can't Wait (SC)
Nicks, Stevie - When Someone Falls (SC)
Nicks, Stevie - If You Believed
Nicks, Stevie - Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind
Nicks, Stevie - Planets of the Universe
Nicks, Stevie – Afaste-se
Nicks, Stevie - Talk to me
Nicks, Stevie – Probleme im Shangri La
Nicks, Stevie & Don Henley - Leather and lace
Nicks, Stevie and Tom Petty - Stop Carrying My Heart Around
Niemann, Jerrod - Drink to it all night
Niemann, Jerrod - Lovers Lovers
Niemann, Jerrod - Another Song to Drink
Niemann, Jerrod - Only God Could Love You More
Niemann, Jerrod – Shinin On Me
Niemann, Jerrod - What do you want
Night Ranger - Don't say you love me
Night Watchman - Sister Christian
Night Ranger - When you close your eyes
Night Ranger - You can still rock in America
Nightingale, Maxine - Guia-me
Nikkodo Beatles – Twist and Shout
Nilsson – Cocos
Nilsson – Spring ins Feuer
Nilsson - Me and my arrow
Nilsson, Harry – All Reason (Mike)
Nilsson, Harry - Without you
Nine Days - Absolutely a girls story
Nine days - When I am
Nine Inch Nails – Näher (XXX)
Nine Inch Nails – Profundo
Nine Inch Nails - Every day is exactly the same
Nine Inch Nails - Head like a hole
Nine Inch Nails - Only time
Nine Inch Nails—Somente
Nineteen Jelly Co. - Simon says
Ninety-eight degrees - just give me one night
Ninety-eight degrees - the hardest
Ninety-eight degrees - I appreciate you
Ninety-eight degrees - The invisible man
Ninety-eight degrees - my everything
Ninety-eight degrees - This gift
Ninety-eight degrees - just the way you want it
Nirvana - All Excuses
Nirvana - Come As You Are
Nirvana – Lithium
Nirvana - Smells like a young ghost
Nirvana - You know you're right
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Sonho Americano
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Baby hat mich fest im Griff
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Bang Bang Bang
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Dance Little Jean
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Fishin In The Dark
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Big Horse
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Eu over a Luz
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - I've been searching
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Langer harter Weg
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Lowlands
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Modern Day Romance
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Herr Bojangles
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - The circle will be unbroken
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - You made life right again
Nivea and Brian - Don't mess with my man (R)
No question - bath water
No doubt - do not talk
No doubt - ex-girlfriend
No doubt - excuse me sir
Without a doubt - very good
No doubt - hey baby
No Doubt - It's My Life (SC)
Without a Doubt - Just a Girl (SC)
Without a doubt - New
No question - running
No Doubt - Simple Way of Living (SC)
No Doubt - Cobwebs (SC)
No Doubt – Sunday Morning (SC)
No Doubt – Underneath Everything (SC)
No mercy - please don't go
Nolan, Kenny - I like to dream
Nolen, Gabbie – Fast da (SC)
Noonan, Paddy and the Grand Band – Banda de McNamara (SC)
Nordeman, Nichole – Brave (SC)
NORE – Nada (R)
Norwood, Daron – Bad Dog No Biscuit
Norwood, Daron - Cowboys don't cry
Norwood, Daron - My Girl Friday
Notorious B I G – Hipnotizar (XXX)
Notorious B I G - It's all about the Benjamins
Notorious Cherry Bombs - Hard kissing lips at night that chew your butt all day
Nova, Heather - London Rain, nothing heals me like you do
Nova, Heather – Walk This World (SC)
NSYNC - Goodbye (SC)
NSYNC - girlfriend
NSYNC - God must have spent a little more time with you
NSYNC - hoch
NSYNC - I'm going crazy
NSYNC - I just want to be with you
NSYNC - I want you back
NSYNC - I will never stop
NSYNC - It will be me
NSYNC - Somewhere someday
NSYNC - Rip My Heart Out
NSYNC - I promise you that
NSYNC - I'll Love You (SC)
NSYNC & Gloria Estefan – Heart of My Music (SC)
Nu Flavor & Roger - Sweet Sexy Thing (SC) ( R )
Nu Shooz - I can't wait
Nugent, Ted - Cat Scratch Fever
Nugent, Ted - Free for all
Nugent, Ted – Hey Baby (SC)
Nugent, Ted - Just what the doctor ordered
Nugent, Ted - Just what the doctor ordered
Nugent, Ted – Motor City Madhouse (SC)
Nugent, Ted – Strangulierung (2)
Nugent, Ted – Würgegriff
Nugent, Ted – Wango Tango (SC)
Nutini, Paolo - Last Order

O A R – Shattered Turn The Car
O P M – Heaven is a Halfpipe (R)
The city – all or nothing
O Town - Liquid Dreams
The City – These are the days
O Town - We adapt
Oak Ridge Boys - Made in the USA
Oak Ridge Boys – Bobbie Sue
Oak Ridge Boys – Entre
Oak Ridge Boys – Elvira
Oak Ridge Boys – Jeden Tag
Oak Ridge Boys – Fancy Free (Mike-1)
Oak Ridge Boys - I'll Be True To You (SC)
Oak Ridge Boys – It Needs A Little Rain (SC)
Oak Ridge Boys - Leaving Louisiana in broad daylight
Oak Ridge Boys - Happy Moon
Oak Ridge Boys - no matter how high
Oak Ridge Boys – Segel weg
Oak Ridge Boys - Thank God for kids
Oak Ridge Boys - That Crazy Love
Oak Ridge Boys - Trying to Love Two Women
Oak Ridge Boys - Way Down
Oak Ridge Boys - You're Coming Back Saloon
Oak Ridge Boys - You are my soul and inspiration
Oak Ridge Boys - You're the One
Oakenfold – Starry Eyed Surprise
Oasis - Surrender
Oase – Champagne Supernova (SC)
Oasis - Cigarettes and alcohol
Oasis - you know what I mean
Oasis - Don't Look Back in Anger (SC)
Oasis - Go and let it out
Oasis - Live forever
Oase – Masterplan
Oasis - Roll along
Oasis - Some might say
Oasis - whatever
Oase – Wonderwall (SC)
Ocean - Put your hand in your hand
Ocean, Billy - Queen of the Caribbean
Ocean, Billy – A cor do amor
Ocean, Billy - Get out of my dreams, get in my car
Oceano, Billy - Loverboy
Ocean, Billy - Suddenly
Ocean, Billy - When push comes to shove, the tough carry on
O'Connor, Sinead - Nothing Compares 2 U
O'Day, Anita - take the A train
Of Monsters and Men - Short Lectures
Children - all I want
Offspring – Get out and play
Kids - Challenge
Children - Disappeared (SC)
Offspring – Kids Not Well (SC)
Kinder – Original Prankster R)
Sons - Nice bow tie for a white man
Children - self-esteem
Children - She Has Problems (SC)
Children – look at the sun
Children – I want you so bad (SC)
Children - Why don't you go to work?
O'Hara, Jamie - Fifty Thousand Names
Ohio – Fogo
Ohio Express – Tough Tough Tough
Ohio Express - yum yum yum
Ohio Players - roller coaster of love
Oingo Boingo - Festival of the Dead (SC)
Oingo Boingo - Strange Science (SC)
O'Jays - Back Stabbers
O'Jays - Emotional Yours
O'Jays - For the love of money
O'Jays - I love music
O'Jays - Love Train
O'Jays - Sing a happy song
O'Jays - Benutze Ta Be My Girl
Ok Go - Here it goes again
O'Kaysions - Girl Spotter (Mike -1)
O'Keefe, Danny - Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues (CB)
Old Dominion - song for another time
Oleander - are you there?
Oleander - Why am I here?
Oliver – As Long As He Needs Me (DK)
Oliver – Considere-se (AH)
Oliver - I would do anything (MM)
Oliver - Who will buy (DK)
Olivia – Bizounce
Olly Murs - Kiss me
Olson, Troy - Good Hands
Olson, Troy – Summer Thing
Olympic Games – Hully Gully
Olympics – western films
Omar, Don – Dile (SC)
Omarion – O.mpg”
Omarion – Speedin
WTO – How Bizarre (SC)
OMD – Tesla Girl
Omi - Cheerleader
One Direction - Best Song Ever
One Direction - Live While We Are Young
One direction - one thing
One direction - perfect
One Direction - Rock Me
One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful
One flew south - My kind of beauty
One Twelve - Come see me
One Twelve - Cupid
One Twelve - Dance with me
One twelve - now it's over
One Twelve - Peaches and Cream (R)
One twelve - you already know it
O'Neal, Jamie - Frantic (SC)
O'Neal, Jamie - God doesn't make mistakes
O'Neal, Jamie - I Love My Life
O'Neal, Jamie - Like a Woman
O'Neal, Jamie - Shiver
O'Neal, Jamie - Someone's Hero (SC)
O'Neal, Jamie - There Is No Arizona
Jamie O'Neal - Trying to find Atlantis
O'Neal, Jamie - When I Think of Angels
O'Neal, Jamie and Michael McDonald - Not So Distant Day
OneRepublic – The right moves
OneRepublic - Everything I need
One Republic - Counting Stars
OneRepublic – Good Life
OneRepublic - When I get lost
OneRepublic – Lets Hurt Tonight
OneRepublic - Secrets
OneRepublic – Stop and Stare
OneRepublic - Wherever I go
OPM – Heaven is a hashpipe (SC) (XXX)
Orbison, Roy - All I can do is dream of you (OZ)
Orbison, Roy - Beautiful Dreamer (OZ)
Orbison, Roy – Blue Angel (SC)
Orbison, Roy – Blauer Bayou (CB)
Orbison, Roy – Blue Rain (OZ)
Orbison, Roy – Carried by the Wind (ZM)
Orbison, Roy - Woman with Brown Eyes (OZ)
Orbison, Roy – California Blue (SF)
Orbison, Roy - Sweet Man
Orbison, Roy – Sorgloses Herz (OZ)
Orbison, Roy - Communication Breakdown (SF)
Orbison, Roy - Crawling Back (OZ)
Orbison, Roy – Menge (ZM)
Orbison, Roy – Chorando
Orbison, Roy – Traumbaby (SC) (Mike-2)
Orbison, Roy – Fallen (ZM)
Orbison, Roy – Good Night (ZM)
Orbison, Roy - Heartbreak (OZ)
Orbison, Roy - Here Comes That Song Again (OZ)
Orbison, Roy - I drove all night (SF)
Orbison, Roy – Estou Hurtin (ZM)
Orbison, Roy - In Dreams
Orbison, Roy – No mundo real (OZ)
Orbison, Roy – Acabou (SC)
Orbison, Roy – Lana (ZM)
Orbison, Roy-Leah (SF)
Orbison, Roy - Life Fades (OZ)
Orbison, Roy - Losing You (OZ)
Orbison, Roy - Love So Beautiful (SF)
Orbison, Roy – Mean Woman Blues (LS)
Orbison, Roy - I'm Not Alone Anymore (OZ)
Orbison, Roy – Just One (OZ)
Orbison, Roy - Only the Lonely
Orbison, Roy – Ooby Dooby (CB)
Orbison, Roy – Penny Arcade (SF)
Orbison, Roy – Pretty Woman (Mike -2)
Orbison, Roy - Drive Away (SE)
Orbison, Roy – Rio (OZ)
Orbison, Roy – Roy Orbison Medley 1 (ZM)
Orbison, Roy – Roy Orbison Medley 2 (ZM)
Orbison, Roy – Roy Orbison-Medley
Orbison, Roy - Running scared
Orbison, Roy – Ela (OZ)
Orbison, Roy - She's a Mystery to Me (SF)
Orbison, Roy - They Call You Gigolette (OZ)
Orbison, Roy - That Magic Moment (OZ)
Orbison, Roy – Windsurfer (OZ)
Orbison, Roy - Works for the Man (SF)
Orbison, Roy - You Don't Know Me (OZ)
Orbison, Roy - You Fool Yourself (OZ)
Orbison, Roy - you got it
Orgy - Blue Monday
Orgy - fiction
Orgy - Points
Orianthi – In your opinion
Orianthi - Cale a boca e me beije
Orlando, Tony - God bless you
Orlando, Tony – Candida (Mike -2)
Orlando, Tony - Tell It On The Mountain (CB)
Orlando, Tony - He Doesn't Love You (CB)
Orlando, Tony - He doesn't love you like I love you (Mike -2)
Orlando, Tony – Knock Three Times (SC)
Orlando, Tony - Look into my eyes, beautiful woman
Orlando, Tony - Tell Me Has Anyone Seen My Cute Gypsy Rose (CB).
Orlando, Tony – Steppin Out Gonna Boogie Tonight
Orlando, Tony – Tie a Yellow Ribbon (Mike -2)
Orlando, Tony - What do you do on Sunday?
Orlando, Tony - Who's with Sally in the Strawberry Patch?
Orléans - Dance with me
Orleans – Still The One (SC)
Orrico, Stacie – I promise (SC)
Orrico, Stacie - Understood
Orrico, Stacie - Life must be more
Orton, Beth – Stolen Car (SC)
Osborne, Jeffrey - On the Wings of Love
Osborne, Jeffrey - Stay With Me Tonight
Osborne, Jeffrey & Sheena Easton - Where You Belong (SC)
Osborne, Joan - One of Us
Osborne, Joan - Right Hand (SC)
Osborne, Joan – Who Divided
Osbourne Brothers – Rocky Top (Mike)
Osbourne, Kelly - Papa Don't Preach
Osbourne, Kelly – Cale a Boca
Osbourne, Ozzie – Bark At The Moon (SC)
Osbourne, Ozzie - I Don't Know (SC)
Osbourne, Ozzie - Mom I'm Coming Home (SC)
Osbourne, Ozzie – Over the Hill (SC)
Osbourne, Ozzy - Crazy Train
Osbourne, Ozzy - Diary of a Madman
Osbourne, Ozzy - Dreamer
Osbourne, Ozzy – Flying High Again (rechts)
Osbourne, Ozzy - Get Me Through
Osbourne, Ozzy - Farewell to Romance
Osbourne, Ozzy - No More Tears
Osbourne, Ozzy - Dark Shot
Oslin, K T – Come next Monday
Oslin, KT-Do Ya
Oslin, K T – Regie bei Crying Missing You
Oslin, K T - Eighties Ladies
Oslin, K T – Live nearby visit often
Oslin, KT – This Woman
Osmond, Donny - Go away little girl
Osmond, Marie – Papierrosen
Osmond, Marie & Dan Seals - Meet Me in Montana
Osmonds - A bad apple
O'Sullivan, Gilbert - Alone Again Natrually
O'Sullivan, Gilbert - Naturally Alone Again
O’Sullivan, Gilbert-Clair
O'Sullivan, Gilbert - Down
O'Sullivan, Gilbert - Ooh Baby
Otis, Johnny - Willie and the Jive-Hand
Otto, James - I will not stop
Otto, James - Days of Our Lives
Otto, James - For you
Otto, James - Groovy Little Summer Song
Otto, James - I just started loving you
Otto, James - Since you made him
Otto, James - Soldiers and Jesus
Otto, James - Those are the good old days
Our Lady of Peace - Awkward
Our Lady of Peace - Four o'clock in the morning
Our Lady of Peace – Ist jemand zu Hause?
Our Lady of Peace - Somewhere Out There (SC)
Outkast - Hey Ya
OutKast - Land of a million drums
Outkast - Sra. Jackson (R)
Outkast – Rosas (SC)
Outkast - So Fresh So Clean (SC)
Outkast - How to move
Outkast - Worldwide
Gesetzlose – Ghost Riders in the Sky
Gesetzlose – Rush Sundown
Outlaws – There Goes Another Love Song (Mike)
Outsider - Time won't let me
Overstreet, Paul - all the fun
Overstreet, Paul - Ball and Chain
Overstreet, Paul - Papa ist da
Overstreet, Paul - Even if I don't feel like it
Overstreet, Paul – Heroes
Overstreet, Paul - Love helps them (Mike)
Overstreet, Paul - The richest man in the world
Overstreet, Paul - Seeing my father in me (Mike)
Overstreet, Paul – Sowin Love
Overstreet, Paul - We Must Keep Meeting Like This
Owen, Jake - Alone with you
Owen, Jake - American country love song
Owen, Jake - Everywhere with you
Owen, Jake – Barefoot Blue Jeans Night
Owen, Jake - Beachin
Owen, Jake – Golden Roofs
Owen, Jake - Don't Think I Can't Love You
Owen, Jake - Eighth second ride
Owen, Jake - I was Jack, you were Diane
Owen, Jake - The One Who Got Away
Owen, Jake - Beginning With Me (SC)
Owen, Jake – Diga-me
Owen, Jake – Yee Haw
Owens, Buck - Aye, of course
Owens, Buck – Antes de Partir
Owens, Buck – Grande in Las Vegas
Owens, Buck - Sorry I Think I Have A Headache
Owens, Buck - I don't care as long as you love me
Owens, Buck - Has a tiger on his tail
Owens, Buck – Lied von Kansas City
Owens, Buck - Here Love Will Live (Mike -2)
Owens, Buck - Made in Japan
Owens, Buck - My heart skips a beat
Owens, Buck - Open your heart
Owens, Buck – Rollin In My Sweet Baby’s Arms (SC)
Owens, Buck - Ruby You're mad at your husband
Owens, Buck – Sam’s Place
Owens, Buck – Together Again (Mike +2)
Owens, Buck - Truck Driver
Owens, Buck - Caught under your spell again
Owens, Buck - Waiting in the Welfare Line
Owl City – Vanille-Twilight
Ozark Mountain Daredevils – If You Want to Go to Heaven (Mike -1)
Ozark Mountain Daredevil - Jackie Blue

(Video) Keith Urban - Only You Can Love Me This Way (Official Music Video)

P Diddy & Black Rob & M Curry – Bad Boy para semper
P. Diddy & Black Rob und Mark Curry – Bad Boy For Life (SC) (XXX)
P Diddy & Ginuwine - I need a girl (R)
POD - Alive
P O D - Boom (SC)
POD – Satellite
P O D - School of Hard Punches (SC)
P O D - Sleep awake
P O D - Youth of the Nation
Pablo Cruise - Love finds a way
Pablo Cruise - What are you going to do
Pablo, Petey – Stand Up (XXX)
Page, Martin - In the house of stone and light
Page, Patti—Alleghany Moon
Page, Patti - Changing Partners
Page, Patti - How much is the puppy in the window?
Page, Patti - I was at your wedding
Page, Patti - Let me go lover
Page, Patti – Spottdrosselhügel
Page, Patti – Old Cape Cod
Page, Patti – Calor a Vapor
Page, Patti – Tennessee-Walzer
Paige, Jennifer - Always You
Paige, Jennifer – Linda
Paige, Jennifer – Crush
Paige, Jennifer - Sober
Paige, Jennifer – Nowadays (SC)
Paisley, Brad - Alcohol
Paisley, Brad – American Saturday Night
Paisley, Brad - All Like Me
Paisley, Brad - Hit This Summer
Paisley, Brad – Tarnung
Paisley, Brad – Prominente
Paisley, Brad – Flores
Paisley, Brad - He didn't have to be
Paisley, Brad - I can't change the world
Paisley, Brad - I want you to stay
Paisley, Brad - I'll Miss Her Fishing Song (Mike-1)
Paisley, Brad - I'm Still a Guy
Paisley, Brad - In Times Like These
Paisley, Brad – Brief an mich
Paisley, Brad - Little Moments
Paisley, Brad - Not Me (SC)
Paisley, Brad – Mona Lisa
Paisley, Brad - Mud on the Tires
Paisley, Brad – Online
Paisley, Brad - Perfect Storm
Paisley, Brad – Flussufer (R)
Paisley, Brad - She is everything (SC)
Paisley, Brad - Southern Comfort Zone
Paisley, Brad – Also
Paisley, Brad - This is country music
Paisley, Brad – Zecken (SC)
Paisley, Brad - Two people fell in love
Paisley, Brad - Waiting for a Woman
Paisley, Brad—Water
Paisley, Brad - We Dance
Paisley, Brad - Welcome to the future
Paisley, Brad - Who needs pictures
Paisley, Brad – Welt
Paisley, Brad - Involved
Paisley, Brad und Alabama – Velho Alabama
Paisley, Brad & Alison Krauss – Whiskey Lullaby (Mike)
Paisley, Brad & Bill Anderson & George Jones & Buck Owens – Too Country
Paisley, Brad & Carrie Underwood – Lembre-me
Paisley, Brad and Dolly Parton - When I Arrive Where I'm Going
Paisley, Brad and Keith Urban - Start a band
Palmer, Rissi – sem ar
Palmer, Robert - Love Addicted
Palmer, Robert - Bad Case of Loving You
Palmer, Robert - Calling You
Palmer, Robert - I didn't mean to turn you on (SC)
Palmer, Robert – I know (SC)
Palmer, Robert - Simply Irresistible
Palmer, Robert – Sneakin Sally Through The Alley (SC)
Panettiere, Hayden – Telescope
Panic at the Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies (SC) (XXX)
Panic At The Disco - Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have (SC) ( XXX )
Panic at the Disco - New Perspective
Panic at the disco - nine o'clock in the afternoon
Panic At The Disco – The only difference between martyrdom and suicide is the press coverage
Panic at the Disco - Ready to go
Pantera – Walk (SC)
Papa Barata – Between Angels and Insects (R)
Papa Roach – Assassination Escape (SC)
Papa Roach - Scars (SC) (X)
Papa Roach - She Doesn't Love Me (SC) (R)
Papierspitze – Night Chicago Died (SC)
Newsboy - ditty
Paramore - It's no fun
Paramore - Decode
Paramore - now
Paramore - An exception
Paramore - Playing God
Paramore: still in yours
Paramore - This is what you get
Pardi, Jobn - up all night
Pardi, Jon - dirt on my boots
Pardi, Jon - Upside down
Pardi, Jon - She's not into it
Paris, Sarina - Check us out
Parker, Caryl Mack – Better Love Next Time (SC)
Parker, Caryl Mack - It's Good To Be Me (SC)
Parker, Ray Jr - Ghostbusters
Parker, Ray Jr - Jamie
Parker, Ray Jr - Another Woman
Parker, Robert - Barefoot
Parmalee - Close your eyes
Parnell, Lee Roy - All That Matters Most (SC)
Parnell, Lee Roy - Giving water to a drowning man
Parnell, Lee Roy - I hold back
Parnell, Lee Roy - A little bit of you
Parnell, Lee Roy - Love Without Mercy
Parnell, Lee Roy – Lucky Me Lucky You (SC)
Parnell, Lee Roy - The Power of Love
Parnell, Lee Roy - It Won't Last Long
Parnell, Lee Roy - Tender moment
Parnell, Lee Roy - We All Get Lucky Sometimes
Parnell, Lee Roy - What a fool do you think I am?
Parnell, Lee Roy - When a Woman Loves a Man
Parnell, Lee Roy - You Can't Go From Here
Parnell, Lee Roy & Brooks and Dunn - Take These Chains Off My Heart (Mike -1)
Parr, John – cheeky cheeky
Parr, John – St. Elmo's fire
Parton, Dolly – Applejack
Parton, Dolly – Loja de pechinchas (SC)
Parton, Dolly - Better start living
Parton, Dolly Coat of Many Colors
Parton, Dolly - Dagger through the heart
Parton, Dolly - drives me crazy
Parton, Dolly - Eagle When She Flies (SC)
Parton, Dolly - Some Old Memories (SC)
Parton, Dolly - Heartbreakers
Parton, Dolly - Hello God
Parton, Dolly - Here You Go Again
Parton, Dolly – Honky-Tonk-Lied (SC)
Parton, Dolly - I will always love you
Parton, Dolly - Imagine
Parton, Dolly - It's all wrong, but it's alright
Parton, Dolly - Jesus and Gravity
Parton, Dolly – Jolene
Parton, Dolly - Love is like a butterfly
Parton, Dolly - More Where That Came From (SC)
Parton, Dolly – nine to five (SC)
Parton, Dolly - Old flames can't hold a candle to you
Parton, Dolly - Catcher
Parton, Dolly—Shine
Parton, Dolly – Shinola
Parton, Dolly—Silver and Gold
Parton, Dolly - Stairway to Heaven
Parton, Dolly – Mentira Terna
Parton, Dolly - Tie Our Love In A Double Knot
Parton, Dolly - Together, you and me
Parton, Dolly - Two doors down
Parton, Dolly - Welcome home
Parton, Dolly - Why did you come here looking like this?
Parton, Dolly und Billy Ray Cyrus – Romeo (Mike)
Parton, Dolly & Colin Raye – Semper que o Forever Comes
Parton, Dolly & Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt – Planos Makin
Parton, Dolly & Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt – Pain Of Loving You
Parton, Dolly & Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt - Those memories of you
Parton, Dolly & Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt – to know him is to love him
Parton, Dolly & Porter Wagoner - Just someone I knew
Parton, Dolly & Porter Wagoner - The last thing on my mind
Parton, Dolly & Porter Wagoner - Lost In Their Kiss Forever
Parton, Dolly & Porter Wagoner - Leave it for tomorrow
Parton, Dolly und Ricky Van Shelton – Rockin Years (Mike)
Parton, Dolly & Vince Gil - I will always love you
Partridge Family - Someone doesn't want to be wanted
Partridge Family - I think I love you
Partridge Family - I woke up in love this morning
Partridge Family - I'll meet you halfway
Paslay, Eric - Friday evening
Paslay, Eric - She doesn't love you
Paslay, Eric - Song About a Girl
Passenger - let her go
Patriotic - America, my country is yours
Patti Smith Group - Why the Night
Paul & Paula – Hey Paula (Mike)
Paul Revere and the Raiders - Good thing
Paul Revere and the Raiders - Hungry
Paul Revere And The Raiders – Reserva Indígena
Paul Revere and the Raiders - Just like me
Paul Revere e os Raiders – Kicks (SC)
Paul, Billy - Me and Mrs Jones
Paul, Les & Mary Ford – Vaya Con Dios (SC)
Paul, Les e Mary Ford – How High The Moon (SC)
Paul, Sean - Keep busy (SC)
Paul, Sean - Give me the light
Paul, Sean - Like Cock
Paul, Sean – Temperatur (SC)
Paul, Sean & Sasha - I'm Still In Love With You (SC)
Pausini, Laura - If that is love
Pausini, Laura – Capitulation (SC)
Paycheck, Johnny – A 11
Paycheck, Johnny - Here for a minute
Paycheck, Johnny - A friend's loving wife
Salary, Johnny - I'm the only hell mom ever made
Salary, Johnny - Mr. Liebemacher
Paycheck, Johnny - Take off your satin sheets
Paycheck, Johnny - Someone to give my love to
Paycheck, Johnny - Something about you I love
Paycheck, Johnny - Song-and-Dance-Man
Paycheck, Johnny - take this job and push it
Paycheck, Johnny & Jody Miller - Let's all go down to the river
Payne, Freda - Goldband
Payne, Leon - I love you because
Peach Union - On my account
Peaches and Herbs - Gathered
Pearl Jam – Vivo
Pearl Jam – Tiere
Pearl Jam - Better Man
Pearl Jam - That's why
Pearl Jam – Breathe
Pearl Jam – Daughter
Pearl Jam – Dissidentin
Pearl Jam – Old Woman
Pearl Jam - Smooth flow
Pearl Jam – Fixer
Pearl Jam – Glorified G
Pearl Jam - Wow
Pearl Jam – Salbe Salbe
Pearl Jam - Hunger Strike
Pearl Jam - I have iD
Pearl Jam – Jeremy
Pearl Jam - Just take a deep breath
Pearl Jam - Last Kiss
Pearl Jam - Not for you
Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter
Pebbles - girlfriend
Pebbles - Mercedes boy
Peck, Danielle - bad for me
Peck, Danielle - I can't behave
Peck, Danielle - Find a Good Man.mpg"
Peck, Danielle - Not I.mpg"
Peck, Danielle - That's Not All (SC)
Penat, Jack - Torn on the platform
Pendergrass, Teddy - What if I had it
Pendergrass, Teddy - Shut the door
Pendergrass, Teddy - Come with me
Pendergrass, Teddy - I don't know you anymore
Pendergrass, Teddy – Alegria
Pendergrass, Teddy – Amor T K O
Pendergrass, Teddy - Only you
Pendergrass, Teddy - Turn off the lights
Pendergrass, Teddy - When Someone Loves You Back
Pinguine – Earth Angel (SC)
Peniston, Ce Ce - Finally
Peniston, Ce Ce - I'm In The Mood
Peniston, Ce Ce - Carry On
Perez, Amanda-Angel (SC)
Perfect Circle - Hollow (SC)
Perfect Circle - weak and powerless
Perfect Stranger - Cut Me
Perfect Stranger - I'm a stranger here
Perfect Stranger - You have the right to remain silent
Perkins, Carl – Blue suede shoes (Mike -1)
Perkins, Carl – Dixie Fried
Perkins, Carl - Honey, no
Perkins, Carl – Jive After Five
Perkins, Carl - Matchbook
Perri, Christina - A Thousand Years
Perry, Katy – Circle the Drain
Perry, Katy - Fireworks
Perry, Katy - hot and cold
Perry, Katy - I kissed a girl
Perry, Katy - Last Friday night
Perry, Katy - Not like in the movies
Perry, Katy—roar
Perry, Katy - Teen Dream
Perry, Katy - Thinking of you
Perry, Katy - Waking up in Las Vegas
Perry, Katy und Juicy J – Dark Horse
Perry, Katy und Skip Marley) – Chained to the Rhythm
Perry, Katy and Snoop Dogg - California girls
Perry, Steve – Stupid Heart (SC)
Perry, Steve - I Stand Alone (SC)
Perry, Steve - I Miss You (SC)
Perry, Steve – Oh Sherrie (SC)
Perry, Steve - When you fall in love for the first time
Perry, Steve - It's Better To Wait (SC)
Pet Shop Boys - Always on my mind
Pet Shop Boys – Antes
Pet Shop Boys - You saw me coming
Pet Shop Boys – Cultura DJ
Pet Shop Boys – Extravagant
Pet Shop Boys – Go West
Pet Shop Boys – Herz
Pet Shop Boys - I'm on Stupid
Pet Shop Boys - It's a Sin
Pet Shop Boys - All right
Pet Shop Boys – Eifersucht
Pet Shop Boys - left to their own devices
Pet Shop Boys - Love comes fast
Pet Shop Boys – Milagres
Pet Shop Boys - One in a million
Pet Shop Boys – Chancen
Pet Shop Boys - Red Letter Day
Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls
Pet Shop Boys - What did I do to deserve this?
Peter and Gordon - Baby I'm Yours (Mike -1)
Peter and Gordon - I'm going to pieces
Peter und Gordon – Lady Godiva (SC)
Peter and Gordon - World Without Love (SC)
Peter Paul and Mary - Blowing in the Wind
Peter Paul and Mary - Cruel War
Peter Paul and Mary - Don't think twice, it's okay
Peter Paul and Mary - Five Hundred Miles
Peter Paul And Mary – Eu Dig Rock’n’Roll Music (SC)
Peter Paul and Mary - If I had a gavel
Peter Paul and Mary - departing in a jet plane
Peter Paul und Maria – Limoeiro
Peter Paul e Mary – Puff The Magic Dragon (Mike)
Peter Paul und Mary - Stewball
Peters, Rot – Blow Me (XXX)
Peters, Red - How is your whole family? (XXX)
Peterson, Michael - After the Book
Peterson, Michael - Drinking, Swearing, Stealing and Lying (SC)
Peterson, Michael - From Here To Forever (SC)
Peterson, Michael - Modern Man
Peterson, Michael – Somethin Bout A Sunday
Peterson, Michael - Of course it's very good
Peterson, Michael - Too good to be true (SC)
Peterson, Michael - When the Bartender Cries
Peterson, Ray - Tell Laura I Love Her
Petrone, Shana – Heaven Bound
Petrone, Shana – something Real
Petrone, Shana - This time
Petty, Tom - American Girl
Petty, Tom – Colapso
Petty, Tom - Don't make me like that
Petty, Tom – Free Fall
Petty, Tom - Here comes my girl
Petty, Tom - I will not back down (SC)
Petty, Tom - At the Grand Open
Petty, Tom - Mary Jane's Last Dance
Petty, Tom - Refugee
Petty, Tom - Descending a Dream
Petty, Tom-Wait
Petty, Tom - You don't know what it's like
Petty, Tom - you got lucky
Phair, Liz – Polyester Bride (SC)
Phair, Liz - Why can't I
Phillips, Phil – Sea of ​​Love (Mike -2)
Phillips, Phillip – Casa
Phishing - Free
Phish - Heavy stuff
Phoenix, Joaquin und Reese Witherspoon – Jackson
Pickett, Bobby Boris – Monster Mash
Pickett, Wilson - Bring It Home To Me
Pickett, Wilson - Don't Hit My Love
Pickett, Wilson - Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You
Pickett, Wilson - Fire and Water
Pickett, Wilson – Funky Broadway
Pickett, Wilson - I'm in love
Pickett, Wilson - In the Midnight Hour
Pickett, Wilson - Land of 1000 Dances
Pickett, Wilson – Mustang Sally (Mike -4)
Pickett, Wilson – Respect
Pickett, Wilson – Six Three Four Five Seven Eight Nine Soulsville USA
Pickett, Wilson - Soul Dance Number Three
Pickett, Wilson – Stagger Lee
Pickler, Kellie - The best days of your life
Pickler, Kellie - You didn't know how much I loved you
Pickler, Kellie - Don't you know you're beautiful?
Pickler, Kellie - I wonder
Pickler, Kellie – rote High Heels (SC)
Pickler, Kellie – Someone Somewhere Tonight
Pickler, Kellie - Things that never occur to a man
Pickler, Kellie - difficult
Pied Piper – Mairzy Doats (SC)
Pierce, Webb - Back Street Affair
Pierce, Webb—Same Tho
Pierce, Webb – Honky-Tonk-Lied
Pierce, Webb - I Never Will (Mike)
Pierce, Webb - I don't care
Pierce, Webb - I Just Can't Be True
Pierce, Webb - I'm tired
Pierce, Webb - I'm Walking the Dog
Pierce, Webb - Now in prison
Pierce, Webb - It's been so long
Pierce, Webb - Love, Love, Love
Pierce, Webb—over and over again
Pierce, Webb—Slowly
Pierce, Webb - There's the glass
Pierce, Webb - Why, baby, why
Pierce, Webb - Miracles
Pilot – Magic
Pink - Send me one last kiss
Rose - Don't get caught
Rose – Familienportrait
Pink - Feel good
Pink - Damn Perfect (XXX)
Rosa – Spaßhaus
Pink - Let the Party Begin (SC)
Pink - glitter in the air
Pink – God is a DJ (SC) ( R )
Pink - disgust down
Pink – Like a Pill (SC) ( R )
Pink – Most Girls (SC)
Rose - Raise your glass
Pink - so what?
pink – sober
Pink – Stupid Girls (SC) ( XXX )
Pink - Let's Go (SC)
Pink – Annoyance
Pink – Experiment
Rose - You and your hand
Rose - You make me sick
Pink & Nate Ruess – Just give me one reason
Pink & Steven Tyler – Elend
Pink Floyd - Another brick in the wall
Pink Floyd – Brain Damage Eclipse
Pink Floyd - pleasantly numb
Pink Floyd - Have a cigar
Pink Floyd – Hey You
Pink Floyd - Learn to fly
Pink Floyd – Geld
Pink Floyd - Shine with your crazy diamond
Pink Floyd - Take it back
Pink Floyd – Tempo
Pink Floyd - We and You
Pink Floyd - I wish you were here
Pinkard and Bowden - Guns made America great
Pinkard and Bowden - Help me through the garden
Pinmonkey - Barbed wire and roses
Pinmonkey - I drove all night
Pinson, Bobby - Don't ask me how I know
Piper, Jerry – Galway Bay (SC)
Pistol Annies - Inferno over Rhodes
Pistol Annies – Lemon Drop
Pitbull & Kesha – Madeira
Pitney, Gene - Bastidores (ZM)
Pitney, Gene - Every Breath I Take
Pitney, Gene - half heaven, half sorrow
Pitney, Gene - I need to see things (ZM)
Pitney, Gene - If I didn't have a dime (SF)
Pitney, Gene - I Will Be Strong (SC)
Pitney, Gene - It hurts to be in love
Pitney, Gene – Just a Smile (ZM)
Pitney, Gene – Liberty Valance
Pitney, Gene - Looking through the eyes of love (ZM)
Pitney, Gene – Louisiana Mama.mpg”
Pitney, Gene - Man who shot Liberty Valance
Pitney, Gene – Maria Elena (ZM)
Pitney, Gene – Meca (SC)
Pitney, Gene - Nobody Needs Your Love (SF)
Pitney, Gene - Only Love Can Break a Heart (SC)
Pitney, Gene – Princess in Rags (ZM)
Pitney, Gene - Something Got My Heart (SF)
Pitney, Gene - City Without Mercy (SC)
Pitney, Gene - 24 hours from Tulsa (SC)
Pitney, Gene – Twenty Four Sycamore (SF)
Pitney, Mo - Boy and Girl Thing
Plain white t-shirts - Olá Delilah
Plain White Ts - One Two Three Four I Love You
Plain White T's - Rhythm of Love
Plant, Robert – Darkness Darkness (SC)
Plant, Robert – Alto Legal
Platten, Rachel—Better Place
Platten, Rachel - By your side
Courts - Grand Pretender
Pratos - Harbor Lights (Mike-2)
Judgments - My prayer
Dishes - only you
Platters – Red Sails at sunset
Sleepers - Sixteen tons
Plates - Smoke gets in your eyes
Dishes – Twilight Hour
Trays - with this ring
Dishes - They have the magic touch
Player - Baby, come back
Player - This time I'm in for love
Player - What you need
Plimsouls - millions of miles away
PM Dawn - I had no right
Poco - Crazy love
Poco - Heart of the Night
Poco - Friendly Woman (Live Version)
Poe – Hello
Poe – Nein Linda
POE – Johny Angry (SC)
Poindexter, Buster - Hot, hot, hot
Ponto da Graça – Wie lebst du?
Pointer Sisters – Auto (SC)
Pointer Sisters – Dare Me (SC)
Pointer Sisters – Fogo
Pointer Sisters - He's shy
Pointer Sisters – How Long (CB)
Pointer Sisters - I'm so excited
Pointer Sisters – Somersault (SC)
Pointer Sisters – Neutron Dance (SC)
Pointer Sisters – Langsame Hand (SC)
Pointer Sisters - Yes We Can, We Can (CB)
Poison - Every rose has its thorn
Venom - Fallen Angel
Poison - I want action
Venom - I will not forget you
Poison - See what the cat dragged
Venom - Nothing but a good time
Poison - Something to Believe in (SC)
Poison - Talk dirty to me
Veneno – Undünner Bop
Poison - Your mother doesn't dance
Police - I Can't Take To Lose You (ZM)
Polizei – De Do Do Do De Da Da Da
Police - Don't stand so close to me
Police - with every breath
Police - Fall Out (LS)
Police – When I Lose My Trust in You (TT)
Police - Invisible Sun (LS)
Police - King of Pain
Police – Message in a Bottle (SC)
Police - Murder by the Numbers (EUA)
Police - So Lonely (ZM)
Police - spirit in the material world (LS)
Police - Synchronicity II (SC)
Police - Walking on the Moon (SC)
Police – When We Dance (TT)
Police – Wrapped Around Your Finger (SC)
Polka - There is no beer in heaven
Polka - Just like that
Polka - Pennsylvania-Polka
Polka - Roll out the keg
Polka – Very fat polka
Papa, Cassadee—Ours
Pope, Cassadee - wasting all these tears
Posner, Mike - Cooler than me
Posner, Mike - Please Don't Go
Posner, Mike - Rocket Man
Potter, Grace - something I want
Potts, MC - I'm Sorry (SC)
Powell, Jesse – Du (SC)
Central Elétrica – Get It On (SC)
Kraftwerk – Some like it hot
Power, Daniel – Bad Day (SC)
Cantores do Pozo Seco - I can keep up with you
Silver, Lucas - And She Said (SC)
US Presidents – Kitty
US Presidents – Lump (SC)
US Presidents – Mach 5
Presley, Elvis - Adam and Evil
Presley, Elvis - After I Love You
Presley, Elvis - I Don't Love You Baby (Mike -1)
Presley, Elvis - All I needed was rain
Presley, Elvis - All shaken (Mike -1)
Presley, Elvis - All I Am
Presley, Elvis - almost always true
Presley, Elvis - Almost in Love
Presley, Elvis – Fast
Presley, Elvis - Always on my mind (Mike -1)
Presley, Elvis - I'm ready
Presley, Elvis – American Trilogy (SC) (Mike-1)
Presley, Elvis - And I Love You So (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - And the grass won't mind
Presley, Elvis – Engel
Presley, Elvis - Every day now
Presley, Elvis - whatever you want me to be
Presley, Elvis - Anyone can fall in love with you
Presley, Elvis - Somewhere in Heaven
Presley, Elvis - All That's a Part of You (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - Anyway, you want me
Presley, Elvis - Are you lonely tonight (Mike -1)
Presley, Elvis - Are you sincere (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - As Long As I Have You
Presley, Elvis – Frag mich
Presley, Elvis - Baby, let's play house
Presley, Elvis – Beachboy-Blues
Presley, Elvis - For Love
Presley, Elvis - Beyond the Curve
Presley, Elvis - Big Boots
Presley, Elvis – Big Boss Man
Presley, Elvis – Big Hunk O Love
Presley, Elvis - The bigger they are, the harder they fall
Presley, Elvis – Blaues Hawaii (SC) (Mike)
Presley, Elvis – Blauer Mond (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - Blue Suede Shoes (Mike -1)
Presley, Elvis – Blueberry Hill (Mike)
Presley, Elvis – Blueberry Hill I Can’t Stop Lovin You Medley (Mike -2)
Presley, Elvis – Bossa-Nova-Baby
Presley, Elvis - Boy like me, girl like you
Presley, Elvis – Bridge Over Troubled Water (Live-Version)
Presley, Elvis - Bring it back
Presley, Elvis – Burning Love (Mike -2)
Presley, Elvis – C C Rider
Presley, Elvis - Can't help but fall in love (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - Habit Change
Presley, Elvis-Charro
Presley, Elvis – Cindy Cindy
Presley, Elvis - Tidy Your Own Backyard (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - Let's go
Presley, Elvis – Hummer
Presley, Elvis – Cross My Heart Hope To Die
Presley, Elvis – Danny Boy
Presley, Elvis - The Devil in Disguise (Mike -1)
Presley, Elvis – Didja Ever
Presley, Elvis - Feeling Dirty and Dirty
Presley, Elvis – Dixieland-Rock
Presley, Elvis - Do Not Disturb
Presley, Elvis - You know who I am
Presley, Elvis - Doing My Best
Presley, Elvis – Nein (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - Don't ask me why
Presley, Elvis - Don't be Cruel (Mike -1)
Presley, Elvis – Don't Cha Think It's Time Blue Moon Of Kentucky Medley
Presley, Elvis - Don't think it's about time
Presley, Elvis – Don't Cry Daddy (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - Don't Leave Me Now
Presley, Elvis - Don't think twice
Presley, Elvis - Down By The Riverside Saints go marching in medley
Presley, Elvis – Lá no Beco
Presley, Elvis - Early morning rain
Presley, Elvis - Echoes of Love
Presley, Elvis - On the Edge of Reality
Presley, Elvis – Faded Love (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - fairy tales
Presley, Elvis – Fama und Fortuna (Mike)
Presley, Elvis – Febre (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - Find out what happens
Presley, Elvis - For the first time I saw his face
Presley, Elvis – Flammender Stern
Presley, Elvis - Follow That Dream (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - Fool Like Me (Mike)
Presley, Elvis – Tolo
Presley, Elvis - Fools fall in love
Presley, Elvis - for old times sake
Presley, Elvis - For the Good Times (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - For the heart
Presley, Elvis - for the millionth and last time
Presley, Elvis - Never Forget Me
Presley, Elvis - Fountain of Love
Presley, Elvis – Frankfurt Spezial
Presley, Elvis – Frankie und Johnny
Presley, Elvis – De Jack a Rei (Mike-2)
Presley, Elvis - Fun in Alcapulco
Presley, Elvis - Funny how time flies (Mike)
Presley, Elvis – GI-Blues
Presley, Elvis - soft in my head
Presley, Elvis – Gilrs Girls Girls
Presley, Elvis - Happy Girl
Presley, Elvis - Girl I Never Loved
Presley, Elvis - My Girl
Presley, Elvis - My Best Friend's Girl
Presley, Elvis - Give me the right
Presley, Elvis - Gold Coins
Presley, Elvis – Lucky Charm (Mike)
Presley, Elvis – Good Rockin Tonight
Presley, Elvis - I've got a lot to live for
Presley, Elvis - Did my mojo work (Mike -1)
Presley, Elvis – Green Green Grass of Home (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - guitarist, what did I say, medley
Presley, Elvis – Gitarrenmann
Presley, Elvis – Happy End
Presley, Elvis – Stubborn Woman
Presley, Elvis - Hard Punches
Presley, Elvis - I recently told you I love you
Presley, Elvis - Sunset in Hawaii
Presley, Elvis - Hawaiian Wedding Song (SC)
Presley, Elvis – Herz von Rom
Presley, Elvis – Heartbreak Hotel Hound Dog All Shook Up Medley
Presley, Elvis – Heartbreak Hotel
Presley, Elvis - He Must Go
Presley, Elvis - Help me get through the night
Presley, Elvis – Hey Jude
Presley, Elvis high heel sneakers
Presley, Elvis - His Newest Flame (SC)
Presley, Elvis – Hound (SC)
Presley, Elvis - How the Web Was Woven
Presley, Elvis - How the World Treats You
Presley, Elvis - injured
Presley, Elvis - please
Presley, Elvis - I can help (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - I Can't Stop Loving You (Mike -2)
Presley, Elvis - I don't want to be tied down
Presley, Elvis - I feel so bad
Presley, Elvis - I feel like I've known you forever
Presley, Elvis - I forgot to remember forgetting
Presley, Elvis - I've got a feeling in my body
Presley, Elvis - I have a wife
Presley, Elvis - I got lucky
Presley, Elvis - I was stung
Presley, Elvis - I need to know
Presley, Elvis - I Can't Stop Believing (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - I miss you
Presley, Elvis - I need someone to lean on
Presley, Elvis - I need your love tonight (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - I really don't want to know (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - I slipped, fell, fell
Presley, Elvis - I want you, I need you, I love you
Presley, Elvis - I want you with me
Presley, Elvis - That was me
Presley, Elvis - I washed my hands in muddy water
Presley, Elvis - If I Can Dream
Presley, Elvis - If I'm A Fool Because I Love You
Presley, Elvis - If That Ain't Love
Presley, Elvis - If We Never Meet Again
Presley, Elvis - If You Don't Come Back
Presley, Elvis - If you love me, let me know
Presley, Elvis - When you talk in your sleep
Presley, Elvis - I'll be back
Presley, Elvis - I'll be there
Presley, Elvis - I will fall in love
Presley, Elvis - I will carry you in my heart
Presley, Elvis - I will never fall in love again
Presley, Elvis - I'll never know
Presley, Elvis - I will remember you (Mike -1)
Presley, Elvis - I'm Going
Presley, Elvis – I’m Left You’re Right She’s Gone
Presley, Elvis - I'm not the marriage type
Presley, Elvis - I'm so lonely I could cry
Presley, Elvis - I'm yours
Presley, Elvis - Impossible Dream
Presley, Elvis – Kein Gueto (Mike)
Presley, Elvis – Indescritivelmente Azul
Presley, Elvis – Erbe den Wind
Presley, Elvis - Island of Love
Presley, Elvis - It's No Big Deal
Presley, Elvis - It feels so right
Presley, Elvis - It hurts me
Presley, Elvis - It's so strange
Presley, Elvis – Continua em Hurtin (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - It's a Matter of Time (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - It's easy for you
Presley, Elvis - It's impossible
Presley, Elvis - It's Midnight
Presley, Elvis - It's Now or Never (Mike -1)
Presley, Elvis - It's just love
Presley, Elvis – just like that
Presley, Elvis - It's Over
Presley, Elvis - it's still there
Presley, Elvis - It's your baby, you rock
Presley, Elvis - I got something to do with you baby
Presley, Elvis - I have faith
Presley, Elvis - I Lost You (Mike -2)
Presley, Elvis – Jailhouse Rock
Presley, Elvis – Johnny B. Goode
Presley, Elvis - just a little bit
Presley, Elvis - Just Call Me Lonely
Presley, Elvis - Just pretend
Presley, Elvis - Tell her Jim said hello
Presley, Elvis – Kentucky Rain (Mike -2)
Presley, Elvis – King Creole
Presley, Elvis - King of the whole world
Presley, Elvis – Kismet
Presley, Elvis - Kiss Me Quickly
Presley, Elvis – Kissin Cousins ​​(Mike)
Presley, Elvis – Ku-U-I-Po
Presley, Elvis - Last Farewell
Presley, Elvis – Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Presley, Elvis - Let It Be Me
Presley, Elvis - Let Me Be There (Mike)
Presley, Elvis – Lass es los
Presley, Elvis - Like a Baby
Presley, Elvis - A Little Green
Presley, Elvis – Little Egypt
Presley, Elvis - A Little Less Talk
Presley, Elvis - Little Sister (Mike)
Presley, Elvis – Einsamer Mann
Presley, Elvis – Einsamer Cowboy
Presley, Elvis - Long Black Limousine
Presley, Elvis - Long Legged Girl
Presley, Elvis – Long Lonely Highway
Presley, Elvis – Long Tall Sally Whole Lotta Shakin Medley
Presley, Elvis - Descending Love
Presley, Elvis - Love Letters (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - Love Letters in the Sand
Presley, Elvis - Love Me (SC) (Mike-1)
Presley, Elvis - Love Me Tenderly (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - Love Me Tonight
Presley, Elvis - Lover Doll
Presley, Elvis - Loving You (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - Let me know
Presley, Elvis - Make the World Go Away (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - Mama liked the roses
Presley, Elvis – Margherita
Presley, Elvis – Mary am Morgen
Presley, Elvis – Mean Woman Blues (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - Memoirs (Mike)
Presley, Elvis – Memphis Tennessee (Mike)
Presley, Elvis – Mess Of Blues (Mike-1)
Presley, Elvis – Milkcow-Blues-Boogie
Presley, Elvis—Mine
Presley, Elvis – Money Honey
Presley, Elvis – Moody Blue
Presley, Elvis - Swimming in the Moonlight
Presley, Elvis - My love
Presley, Elvis - My baby left me
Presley, Elvis - My boy
Presley, Elvis - My Luck
Presley, Elvis - My Little Friend
Presley, Elvis – Mein Weg
Presley, Elvis - My wish came true
Presley, Elvis – Mystery Train Tiger Man Medley
Presley, Elvis - Mysterious Train
Presley, Elvis - Never Again
Presley, Elvis - I've never been to Spain
Presley, Elvis – endlos
Presley, Elvis – Nova Orleans
Presley, Elvis - The next step is love
Presley, Elvis - Not anymore
Presley, Elvis – Oh Happy Day
Presley, Elvis – Old Shep
Presley, Elvis - One Boy, Two Little Girls
Presley, Elvis - A Broken Heart For Sale (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - One Night (CB)
Presley, Elvis – One Track Heart Girls
Presley, Elvis - Just Believe
Presley, Elvis - Only the strong survive
Presley, Elvis - Heavenly Hawaiian Style
Presley, Elvis – gelähmt
Presley, Elvis – Party
Presley, Elvis - Fix it
Presley, Elvis - Parts of my life
Presley, Elvis - Gambling for money
Presley, Elvis - Please Don't Stop Loving Me
Presley, Elvis – Promising My Love
Presley, Elvis - Bag of Rainbows
Presley, Elvis – Polk Salad Annie (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - Poor Boy
Presley, Elvis - The Power of My Love
Presley, Elvis – Stolze Mary
Presley, Elvis – Puppet On A String (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - From rags to riches
Presley, Elvis - Grew up on Rock
Presley, Elvis – Reconsider Baby
Presley, Elvis - Relax
Presley, Elvis – Solte-me (Mike)
Presley, Elvis – Return to Sender (Mike -2)
Presley, Elvis – Rip It Up
Presley, Elvis – Rock A Hula Baby (Mike)
Presley, Elvis – Roustabout
Presley, Elvis – Rubberneckin (Mike)
Presley, Elvis – Rubberneckin (Paul Oakenfold Remix) (SC)
Presley, Elvis—Next
Presley, Elvis – Flüchtling (Mike -2)
Presley, Elvis – Sentimentales Ich
Presley, Elvis – Parting Ways (Mike)
Presley, Elvis—shake hands
Presley, Elvis – Shake Rattle and Roll
Presley, Elvis - she thinks I still care
Presley, Elvis - She wears my ring
Presley, Elvis - She's Not You (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - Shopping around
Presley, Elvis – Singender Baum
Presley, Elvis – Slicin Sand
Presley, Elvis - slowly but surely
Presley, Elvis – Smokey Mountain Boy (SF)
Presley, Elvis – Schneevogel (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - so close and yet so far
Presley, Elvis - I'm Glad You're Mine
Presley, Elvis - Young Soldier
Presley, Elvis – Geduld
Presley, Elvis – Something (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - Something Blue
Presley, Elvis - Spanish Eyes
Presley, Elvis – Spinout
Presley, Elvis - Stay away, Joe
Presley, Elvis – Steamroller Blues
Presley, Elvis - Stop, watch and listen
Presley, Elvis - Stop Where You Are
Presley, Elvis - Stranger in My Own Hometown
Presley, Elvis - Stranger in the Crowd
Presley, Elvis – Stuck on You (Mike -1)
Presley, Elvis - A Hot Night
Presley, Elvis - such a simple question
Presley, Elvis - Summer kisses, winter tears
Presley, Elvis - Adopted
Presley, Elvis – Kapitulation
Presley, Elvis - Susan when she tried
Presley, Elvis – Suspicious (Mike -1)
Presley, Elvis – Suspicious Minds (Mike -2)
Presley, Elvis - Sweet Angeline
Presley, Elvis - Sweet Caroline
Presley, Elvis – Sylvia
Presley, Elvis – T R O U B L E
Presley, Elvis - Talk about the good times
Presley, Elvis – Teddy Bear (SC) (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - "Teddy Bear Ain't Cruel" Medley (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - Tell me why
Presley, Elvis - Tender Feeling
Presley, Elvis - All right
Presley, Elvis - That's someone you never forget
Presley, Elvis - That's where the heartbreak begins
Presley, Elvis - There Goes My Everything (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - There's a honky tonk angel
Presley, Elvis - There's always me
Presley, Elvis - they remind me of you so much
Presley, Elvis - Thing Called Love
Presley, Elvis - Thinking of you
Presley, Elvis - This is our dance
Presley, Elvis - That's the story
Presley, Elvis - The Emotion of Your Love
Presley, Elvis - today, tomorrow and forever
Presley, Elvis - Tomorrow is a long time
Presley, Elvis - Tomorrow Never Comes
Presley, Elvis - Tonight is so right for love
Presley, Elvis - Too Much (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - lots of dirty business
Presley, Elvis - Treat Me Right (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - Treat Me Right
Presley, Elvis – Trouble Guitar Man-Medley
Presley, Elvis – Anger
Presley, Elvis - True love travels a dirt road
Presley, Elvis - trying to get to you
Presley, Elvis - The Twelfth of Never
Presley, Elvis - Twenty Days and Twenty Nights
Presley, Elvis – US-Masculino
Presley, Elvis – Unchained Melody
Presley, Elvis - Until It's Time For You To Go (Mike)
Presley, Elvis – Viva Las Vegas (Mike-2)
Presley, Elvis - Walk a mile in my shoes
Presley, Elvis - Way Down
Presley, Elvis - We can do the morning
Presley, Elvis - Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (SC)
Presley, Elvis - in that beloved look
Presley, Elvis - Welcome to my world (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - What a wonderful life
Presley, Elvis - and now my love
Presley, Elvis - What I Said (Mike -2)
Presley, Elvis – How She Really Likes It
Presley, Elvis - When it rains, it really pours
Presley, Elvis - When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold
Presley, Elvis - Where You're From
Presley, Elvis – Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On
Presley, Elvis - Wild in the Country
Presley, Elvis - Without love there is nothing
Presley, Elvis - Call of the Wolf
Presley, Elvis – Wonder Of You (Mike-1)
Presley, Elvis – Holzherz (Mike)
Presley, Elvis—Words
Presley, Elvis – Gestern (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - You can't say no in Acapulco
Presley, Elvis - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - You Don't Know Me (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - You have to stop
Presley, Elvis - Are you thinking of me?
Presley, Elvis - young and handsome (Mike)
Presley, Elvis – Your Deceitful Heart (Mike -2)
Presley, Elvis - their love has come a long time
Presley, Elvis - your time has not yet come
Presley, Elvis - You so square baby, I don't care (Mike)
Presley, Elvis - You're the boss
Presley, Elvis - You've lost that feeling of love
Presley, Elvis und Ann Margaret – Lady Loves Me
Presley, Elvis and Ann Margaret - You are the boss
Presley, Elvis - Blue Moon of Kentucky
Presley, Lisa Marie - Lights Out
Presley, Lisa Marie – Sinken
Preston, Billy - Nothing from Nothing
Preston, Billy - Will it go round in circles?
Preston, Billy & Syreeta – With You I Was Born Again (SC)
Preston, Johnny - Running Bear
Pretenders - Back on the chain gang
Pretenders - brass in the pocket
Pretenders - Don't get me wrong (SC)
Pretenders - Every Day is Like Sunday (SC)
Pretenders Farewell (SC)
admirers - people
Pretenders - I'll be by your side
Contender - Middle of the Road (SC)
Pretenders - night in my veins
Pretenders - Sense of Purpose (SC)
Pretty Poison - Catch Me I Fall (CB)
Pretty Ricky – Your Body (SC)
Price, Kelly - How we lie down
Price, Kelly - a friend of mine
Price, Kelly - You should have told me
Price, Lloyd - I'm getting married
Price, Lloyd – Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Price, Lloyd—Personality
Price, Lloyd - Stagger Lee
Price, Ray - City Lights (Mike)
Price, Ray - Crazy Arms (Mike)
Price, Ray - For the Good Times (Mike)
Price, Ray - Grief in Numbers (Mike)
Price, Ray - Help Me Get Through the Night
Price, Ray - I won't mention it again (Mike)
Price, Ray - I'm here if you want me (Mike)
Price, Ray - Invitation to the Blues (SC)
Price, Ray – Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Price, Ray - Got a new headache
Price, Ray - My shoes keep coming back to you (SC)
Price, Ray – Nightlife
Price, Ray – again (SC)
Price, Ray - Pride
Price, Ray - Same Old Me (SC)
Price, Ray—San Antonio Rose
Price, Ray - She must be Santa Claus
Price, Ray – Sanfter Regen (Mike)
Price, Ray - Touch my heart
Price, Ray - You are the best thing that has ever happened to me (Mike)
Pride, Charley - All I have to offer is me (Mike)
Proud, Charley - Amazing love
Proud, Charley - burger and fries
Pride, Charley – Kristallleuchter
Proud, Charley - My ring hurts your finger
Pride, Charley - Don't fight the feelings of love
Pride, Charley - The easy part is over
Proud, Charley - Every heart must have one
Proud Charley - Lucky to have you
Stolz, Charley – Honky Tonk Blues
Pride, Charley - I hope you feel the way I do
Proud Charley - I can't believe you stopped loving me
Pride, Charley - I can't believe she's still in love
Proud, Charley - I know one
Proud, Charley - I'd rather love you
Pride, Charley - Going out alone
Proud, Charley - I'm just me
Proud Charley - I'm so scared of losing you again
Pride, Charley - Someone's Going to San Antone (Mike)
Proud, Charley - It's taking a little longer
Proud, Charley - Just between us
Pride, Charley - Kiss an Angel Good Morning (Mike)
Proud Charley - I miss you
Pride, Charley – Mississippi Cotton Pickin Delta Town
Proud, Charley - More for me
Pride, Charley - Mountain of Love
Proud, Charley - My eyes can only see how far along you are
Pride, Charley - Never been loved like this in my whole life
Pride, Charley – Night Games
Stolz, Charley - Roll On Mississippi
Proud Charley - She's just an old love turned memory
Proud Charley - She's too good to be true
Pride, Charley - Shoulder to cry on
Pride, Charley - Snakes crawl at night
Pride, Charley - Somebody loves you baby
Pride, Charley - So who I am
Proud, Charley - We could
Pride, Charley - If I stop hanging out, I'm gone
Proud, Charley - where do I put her memory?
Proud, Charley - lots of things to sing about
Proud, Charley - why, baby, why
Proud Charley - Wonderful, I could live there longer
Pride, Charley - I almost forgot you
Proud, Charley - you've won again
Proud Charley - You are my Jamaica
Pride, Charley - You're so good when you're bad
Priest, Maxi - very close to you
Primus - the big brown beaver from Wynona (XXX)
Prince - Baby I'm a Star (SC)
Prinz – Batdance
Príncipe – Belas (SC)
Prince – Betcha Von Golly Wow
Prince - controversy
Prince – Darling Nikki (XXX)
Prince - delusional
Príncipe – Erotic City
Prince - I hate you
Prince - I want to be your lover
Prince - I would die for you (SC)
Prince - kiss
Prince - Let's go crazy
Príncipe – Little red Corvette
Prince - the most beautiful girl in the world
Prince - one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine
Prince - Purple Rain
Prince - someone is someone
Prince - When doves cry
Prince & Apollonia – Take Me With You (SC)
Prince Of Egypt & Boyz II Men – I Will Get There (SC)
Prine, John - doesn't hurt anyone
Prine, John – Anjo de Montgomery
Prine, John—Dear Abby
Prine, John - Opa war Zimmermann
Prine, John - Great Commitment
Prine, John - Hello everyone
Prine, John - Illegal Smile
Prine, John - In spite of us
Prine, John - Paradise
Prine, John - Please Don't Bury Me
Prine, John – Sam Stone
Prine, John - Memoirs
Prine, John - Spanish pipe dream
Prine, John - Take a look inside my heart
Prine, John - Yes, I think they should name a drink after you
Prine, John - You have gold
Herald - I walk five hundred miles
Herald - I'm on my way
Publishers - Charter of America
Herald - Life with you
Proclamadores - Sunshine on Leith
Procol Harum – Konquistador (SC)
Procol Harum – Whiter Shade of Pale (SC)
Proctor, Rachel - Days Like These
Proctor, Rachel – Eu und Emily
Proctor, Rachel - Where I Belong
Professor Long Hair - Hey little girl
Prosser, James - Angels don't fly
Prosser, James - Life Goes On
Pruett, Jeanne—Satin bed linen
Pseudo-Echo – Funkytown
Psy Gangnam Style
Psychedelic Skins - Pretty in Pink
Public Enemy & Anthrax – Bring The Noise (SC)
Puckett, Gary - Don't give in to him (SC)
Puckett, Gary – Lady Willpower (SC)
Puckett, Gary - About You (SC)
Puckett, Gary - This girl is now a woman
Puckett, Gary – Mulher Mulher
Puckett, Gary – Jovem (Mike-2)
Mud Puddle – Longe de Mim.mpg”
Mud Puddle - Blurry (SC)
Mud puddle - Controle
Puddle of Mud - Drift and Die
Mud Puddle - Psycho
Mud Puddle - She Hates Me (XXX)
Pure Prarie League - Amie
Pure Prarie League - Fall in love and fall in love
Pure Prarie League - Let me love you tonight
Cleanse, James and Bobby - I'm your puppet
Purify, James und Bobby - Shake a Tail Feather
Pussycat Dolls – Botões (CB)
Pussycat Dolls – Feelin Good (CB)
Pussycat Dolls - How many times how many lies (CB) (R)
Pussycat Dolls – Hush Hush (SF)
Pussycat Dolls - I Don't Need A Man (CB) ( R )
Pussycat Dolls - I Hate This Part (CB)
Pussycat Dolls – Agora (CB) ( R )
Pussycat Dolls – Stickwitu (SC)
Pussycat Dolls – Stickwitu.mpg”
Pussycat Dolls – Schwanken (CB)
Pussycat Dolls – Conquest of the World (CB) ( R )
Pussycat Dolls - Top of the World (CB)
Pussycat Dolls – When I Grow Up (SC)
Pussycat Dolls & Busta Rhymes – Don’t Cha (SC) (XXX)
Pussycat Dolls & Missy Elliott - See Think About It (CB)
Pussycat Dolls & R Kelly – Foren des Clubs
Pussycat Dolls & R Kelly & Polow Da Don - From This Club (CB)
Pussycat Dolls & Timbaland – Espere um minuto (CB) ( R – X )
Pussycat Dolls & Will I Am – Beep (CB) ( R )
Puth, Charlie - Dangerous
Puth, Charlie - How long

Quad City DJs – C’mon Ride The Train (SC)
Quarashi – Stick Em Up
Quarterflash - Harden my heart
Quarterflash - Take me to your heart
Queen - Another bites the dust
Queen - Cycle Race
Rainha – Bohemian Rhapsody
Queen - Crazy little thing called love
Queen - girls with fat asses
Queen - Stay alive
Queen - killer queen
Queen - Now I'm here
Queen - Play the game
Königin – Radio Ga Ga
Queen - Someone to love
Rainha - Stone cold crazy
Queen - Bind your mother
Queen - We are the champions
Queen – We Will Rock You We Are The Champions Medley
Queen - You are my best friend
Queen Latifah & Lil Kim & Macy Gray – Cell Block Tango (SC) (R)
Queen Latifah & Meredith Brooks - Lay Candles in the Rain (SC)
Queensryche – Another rainy night
Queensryche – Jet City Woman
Queensryche - Real World
Queensryche - Silent Clarity
Question Mark and the Mysterious - Ninety-six Tears (SC)
Quiet Riot - Come and feel the noise
Quiet Riot – Saúde do Metal
Quiet Riot - Sleek Black Cadillac

R B D – Your love
R E M – Day sleepers
R E M – Drive
R E M – Great Hereafter
R E M - Imitation of Life
R E M - It's the end of the world as we know it
R.E.M. - Losing my Religion
R E M - Man on the Moon
R E M - Someone I love
R E M – Free Europe Radio
R E M – Bright and happy people
R E M - Foreign Currencies
R E M – What is the frequency Kenneth
R E O – I can't fight this feeling
R E O - Don't let him go
R E O – In your letter
R E O - Keep loving you
R E O - Let the fire burn
R E O – Ridin The Storm Out
R E O - Roll with the changes
R E O - Take it for a run
R E O - Time to fly
R E S – Sag Vision
R Kelly - bad man
R. Kelly – Bump N Grind (R)
R Kelly – Feelin On Yo Booty (R)
R. Kelly – Fiesta
R. Kelly – Gotham City
R Kelly - I think I can fly
R Kelly – Can't Sleep Baby (SC)
R Kelly - I wish
R Kelly - If I could turn back time
R Kelly – Ignition (Remix) (SC)
R Kelly - Step in the Name of Love (SC)
R Kelly – When a Woman Has Had Enough (SC) ( X )
R Kelly - You remind me of something (SC)
R Kelly & Celine Dion – I Am Your Angel (SC)
R.E.M. – Folgen (SF)
R.E.M. – In my most beautiful (LS)
R.E.M. – Bang and Guilt (SC)
R.E.M. – E-Bow The Letter (LS)
R.E.M. – Everyone Hurts (SC)
R.E.M. – Fall for me (SC)
R.E.M. – I was high (SF)
R.E.M. – Near Wilderness Paradise (ZM)
R.E.M. – Night Swim (LS)
R.E.M. – Orange Crush (SC)
R.E.M. – Sidewinder sleeps tonight (ZM)
R.E.M. – Stand (SC)
R.E.M. – Language (SL)
Rabbitt, Eddie - Best Year of My Life (SC)
Rabbitt, Eddie – Burnin Up With Love (SC)
Rabbitt, Eddie - Are you right tonight (CB)
Rabbitt, Eddie - Drink my baby out of my head (SC)
Rabbitt, Eddie - Passing My Life Away
Rabbitt, Eddie – Any Way But Loose (CB)
Rabbitt, Eddie - Gone Too Far (SC)
Rabbitt, Eddie - Hearts on Fire
Rabbitt, Eddie - I love a rainy night (Mike -1)
Rabbitt, Eddie - I want to dance with you (CB)
Rabbitt, Eddie – Kentucky Rain (CB)
Rabbitt, Eddie - Thinking (SC)
Rabbitt, Eddie - pour me another tequila
Rabbitt, Eddie – Rocky-Mountain-Musik
Rabbitt, Eddie - She's Coming Back to Say Goodbye (SC)
Rabbitt, Eddie - Someone could lose a heart tonight
Rabbitt, Eddie - step by step
Rabbitt, Eddie – Suspicion (SC)
Rabbitt, Eddie - That's why I fell in love with you
Rabbitt, Eddie - Two dollars on the jukebox
Rabbitt, Eddie – Wanderer (CB)
Rabbitt, Eddie – Warning Signs (SC)
Rabbitt, Eddie - We Must Do Something Right (CB)
Rabbitt, Eddie - You Can't Run From Love (SC)
Rabbitt, Eddie - You don't love me anymore
Rabbitt, Eddie and Crystal Gayle - I Made a Promise
Rabbitt, Eddie & Crystal Gayle - You and Me
Rabbitt, Eddie and Juice Newton - Both for Each Other (SC)
Radiohead - Bends (SF)
Radiohead - Bones (SF)
Radiohead - Creep (SC)
Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees (SC)
Radiohead – Go to Sleep (THR)
Radiohead – Alto e seco (SC)
Radiohead - House of Cards (SC)
Radiohead – Karma Police (SF)
Radiohead - No Surprises (SF)
Radiohead - No (SF)
Radiohead - Optimistic
Radiohead – Android Paranoids
Radiohead - Street Ghost (SF)
Radiohead – Tag Tag (SF)
Rae, Corinne Bailey - This is love
Rae, Corinne Bailey - Open your records
RaeLynn - God made girls
Rafferty, Gerry – Baker Street
Rafferty, Gerry - Get it right next time (Mike)
Rafferty, Gerry - Night Owl
Rafferty, Gerry – Just Down the Line (Mike-2)
Rage Against the Machine – Radio Guerrilha (SC)
Rage Against The Machine - How could I kill just one man (R)
Rage Against The Machine - Kill in the Name (SC) (XXX)
Rage Against The Machine – Renegades Of Funk
Rage Against The Machine - Testimony (SC)
Rahman, A.R. & Pussycat Dolls – Jai Hoi, You Are My Destiny (SF)
Rain, Carolina - American Radio
Rain, Carolina - Weight of the World
Rainbow - I give up
Rainbow - Since you left
Rainbow - Road of Dreams
Raitt, Bonnie - All at once
Raitt, Bonnie - Blue for no reason
Raitt, Bonnie – Come to Me (SC)
Raitt, Bonnie - Give Up or Let Me Go (SC)
Raitt, Bonnie - Guilty (SC)
Raitt, Bonnie - Have a Heart (SC)
Raitt, Bonnie - I can't help you now (MM)
Raitt, Bonnie - I will not be broken
Raitt, Bonnie - Love Has No Pride (SC)
Raitt, Bonnie - Love Letter (SC)
Raitt, Bonnie - Love me like a man
Raitt, Bonnie - The Love That Hides Inside You
Raitt, Bonnie - A Lover's Will
Raitt, Bonnie – Draw Luck (PS)
Raitt, Bonnie – Marriage Made in Hollywood (PHM)
Raitt, Bonnie – Nick Of Time (SC)
Raitt, Bonnie - No Business
Raitt, Bonnie - You shouldn't treat a woman
Raitt, Bonnie - Not the One (SC)
Raitt, Bonnie - A Faith Away
Raitt, Bonnie - Part Be My Lover (SC)
Raitt, Bonnie – Real Man (SF)
Raitt, Bonnie – Refugee (SC)
Raitt, Bonnie – Silver Stripe (MM)
Raitt, Bonnie - Ever since I fell in love with you
Raitt, Bonnie - Something to Talk About
Raitt, Bonnie - Storm Warning
Raitt, Bonnie - Tangled and Dark
Raitt, Bonnie - Thing Called Love (SC)
Raitt, Bonnie - Too early to tell
Raitt, Bonnie – Walking Blues (NT)
Raitt, Bonnie-Du (SC)
Raitt, Bonnie - You Got It (SC)
Raitt, Bonnie-Du
Raitt, Bonnie & Bryan Adams – Rock Steady (SC)
Raitt, Bonnie & John Prine – Angel From Montgomery (Live-Version)
Ram Jam - Black Betty
Wanderer – Dreamin (SC)
Ramone, Joey - What a Wonderful World (SC)
Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop (SC) ( R )
Ramones - I want to be sedated
Ramones – Tierfriedhof (SC)
Ramones – Sheena is a punk rocker (SC)
Rancho – Juste Some Love (SC)
Randall, Jon - Cold Coffee Morning (SC)
Randall, Jon - I came straight for you
Randall, Jon - She doesn't believe in fairy tales
Randolph, Robert - I need more love
Randy and the Rainbows - Denise (SC)
Randy Rogers Band – In My Arms vez
Randy Rogers Band – interessant
Randy Rogers Band - One more farewell
Randy Rogers Band - Steal Yourself
Randy Rogers Band - Too late to say goodbye
Ranks, Shabba - Family Case
Terra Rara - Prepare
Terra Rara – I just want to celebrate
Rascal Flatts - Bless the Broken Road
Rascal Flatts – Alterado
Rascal Flatts – Fechar
Rascal Flatts - Come on, wake me up
Rascal Flatts - Every day
Rascal Flatts – Fast Cars and Freedom (CB)
Rascal Flatts – looks like today
Rascal Flatts - Glory of Life
Rascal Flatts - Help Me Remember (CB)
Rascal Flatts – Aqui (CB)
Rascal Flatts - Here Comes Goodbye
Rascal Flatts – Here's for you (CB)
Rascal Flatts - I like the sound of it
Rascal Flatts - I'm melting
Rascal Flatts - I'm not giving up
Rascal Flatts - I move on
Rascal Flatts - It's Not Meant To Be (CB)
Rascal Flatts - Life is a road
Rascal Flatts - Long, slow and beautiful dance
Rascal Flatts - I Love You Loud
Rascal Flatts – Mayberry
Rascal Flatts - Me and My Gang
Rascal Flatts - My wish
Rascal Flatts - My Worst Fear (CB)
Rascal Flatts - A Good Love (CB)
Rascal Flatts – Prayin for Daylight
Rascal Flatts – Revolution
Rascal Flatts - Rewind
Rascal Flatts – Sorriso Secreto (CB)
Rascal Flatts - She goes
Rascal Flatts – Pele
Rascal Flatts support
Rascal Flatts - still feels good (THC)
Rascal Flatts – Summer Nights
Rascal Flatts – Leve-me-Tag
Rascal Flatts – Today
Rascal Flatts - That everyday love
Rascal Flatts - Unstoppable
Rascal Flatts - What Hurts Most (CB)
Rascal Flatts - While You Loved Me
Rascal Flatts - Why wait
Rascal Flatts - Why
Rascal Flatts – Winner in a Losing Game (CB)
Rascal Flatts - Yours if you want it
Rascal Flatts & Jamie Foxx - She Goes All the Way (CB)
Rascal Flatts & Natasha Bedingfield – Facil
Trickster – Bela Manhã (SC)
Rascals – Good Lovin (SC)
Malandros – Groovin
Rascals – How can I be sure (SC)
Rascals - I was alone for a long time
Rascals - People Must Be Free (SC)
Raspberries - Go all the way
Steering Wheel - Back for more
Ratt - Deite-se
Ratt - Round and round
Raven, Eddy - Bayou Boys
Raven, Eddy - Cowboys don't cry
Raven, Eddy - I have Mexico
Raven, Eddy - I'll get you
Raven, Eddy - In a Letter to You (SC)
Raven, Eddy - Joe knows how to live
Raven, Eddy – Shine, shine, shine
Rawls, Lou - Lady Love
Rawls, Lou - You'll Never Find Love Like Mine Again
Ray Goodman and Brown - Special Lady
Ray, Jimmy - Du bist Jimmy Ray
Ray, Johnny – Chorar (MM)
Ray, Johnny – Hallo (SF)
Ray, Johnny - Just Walking in the Rain
Ray, Johnny - Somebody Stole My Girl (XPK)
Ray, Johnny - Walking My Baby Back Home (PUK)
Ray, Johnny – Yes Tonight Josephine (SF)
Ray, Michael - Kiss you in the morning
Ray, Michael - Real Men Love Jesus
Raybon Brothers – Butterfly Kisses (SC)
Raybon Brothers - This is what she looks like (SC)
Raybon, Marty - Cracker Jack Diamond
Raye, Collin - Nobody can take that away from me
Raye, Collin - All I can be is a sweet memory (CB)
Raye, Collin - Everyone else
Raye, Collin - couldn't last a moment
Raye, Collin - Eleventh Commandment
Raye, Collin - Every second
Raye, Collin – Present (SC)
Raye, Collin - I can still feel you
Raye, Collin - I Know It's Right (CB)
Raye, Collin - Thinking of You (SC)
Raye, Collin – Volunteer (SC)
Raye, Collin - I want you so bad and it's not good
Raye, Collin - If I Were You (SC)
Raye, Collin - Nesta Vida
Raye, Collin - Could have been so good (SC)
Raye, Collin - Let It Be Me (SC)
Raye, Collin - Little Red Rodeo (SC)
Raye, Collin – Little Rock (SC)
Raye, Collin – I Ame (SC)
Raye, Collin - Love stays (SC)
Raye, Collin - Man of my Word (SC)
Raye, Collin - My Kind of Girl (SC)
Raye, Collin - not so different
Raye, Collin – After Beira (SC)
Raye, Collin - A Boy, A Girl (SC)
Raye, Collin – Armed Offense (CB)
Raye, Collin - She is all that
Raye, Collin - A Soldier's Prayer
Raye, Collin - Another's Moon (SC)
Raye, Collin - Someone You Used to Know
Raye, Collin - Restart Georgia
Raye, Collin - That Was a River (SC)
Raye, Collin - This is my story (SC)
Raye, Collin - What if Jesus Comes Back Like This?
Raye, Collin - What the Heart Wants
Raye, Collin - You still take me there
Raye, Collin & Bobbie Eakes - So Love (SD)
Raye, Collin and Bobby Eakes - Tired of loving like this
Raye, Collin & Dolly Parton – Semper que o Forever Comes (SC)
Raye, Collin & Susan Ashton – Presente
Raye, Collin & Susan Ashton - Peace Where The Heart Is (THP)
Rays - Silhouettes (Mike)
Rea, Chris - Fool if you think it's over
Ready for the World - Oh Sheila
Real Life - Send me an angel
Real McCoy - Another Night
Real McCoy - Come and get your love
Real Thing - You are everything to me
Rebekah - Sin so good
Dean, Ben - Brandneu
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Avião (SC) ( XXX )
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Around the World (SC)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sez Magic (SF) ( R – X )
Red Hot Chili Peppers – A proposito (SC)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californificação
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop (CB)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani Kalifornien (SD)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dosado (TH)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Fortune Faded (SF)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give it away
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Higher Ground (SC)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Hump De Bump (SD)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – If you must ask (LS) (XXX)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Love Coaster (SBI)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - My Friends (SC)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside (SC)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Road Trippin (SF)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Tecido narbig
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Sir Psycho Sexy (SC) (XXX)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Schnee Hey Oh (SD)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Soul To Squeeze
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Suck My Kiss (SD) (XXX)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Tell Me Baby (SF) (R – X)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Sob a ponte
Red Hot Chili Peppers - General Speaking (SF)
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Zephyr Song (SF) ( R )
Red Overall Device - Face Down (SC)
Device in red overalls - pen and paper
Red Peters - Ballad of a Dog Named Stains (SC) (XXX)
Redbone - Come and get your love
Redbone - Witch Queen of New Orleans
Redding, Otis – Can’t Turn You Loose (versão ao vivo) (SC)
Redding, Otis – Dreams of Memory (MM)
Redding, Otis – Fa Fa Fa Sad Song (SC)
Redding, Otis – Happy Song (LS)
Redding, Otis – Difficult to handle (LS)
Redding, Otis - I can't let you go (PS)
Redding, Otis - I have loved you for a long time
Redding, Otis – knock on wood (LS)
Redding, Otis – Love Man (SF)
Redding, Otis - A Lover's Prayer (RB)
Redding, Otis – Herr Pitiful (OZ)
Redding, Otis - My Girl (LS)
Redding, Otis - Daddy has a brand new bag (LS)
Redding, Otis – Respect (LS)
Redding, Otis - Shaking (SC)
Redding, Otis - Sitting on the Bay Pier
Redding, Otis - These Guns of Mine (CB)
Redding, Otis – tramps (LS)
Redding, Otis - Try a little tenderness (SC)
Reddy, Helen - A woman should not be treated
Reddy, Helen – Angie Baby
Reddy, Helen – Delta Dawn
Reddy, Helen - I am a woman
Reddy, Helen - You and me against the world
Redman & Vale - If I Had a Nickel (SC)
Redman and Vale - Squeezing the love out of you
Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe
Reed, Jerry – Amos Moses
Reed, Jerry – Vogel (SC)
Reed, Jerry – East Bound And Down
Reed, Jerry - Love of a Good Woman
Reed, Jerry - I love you, what can I say (SC)
Reed, Jerry – Lord Mr. Ford (SC)
Reed, Jerry - Old Woman's Love (SC)
Reed, Jerry - She Got the Gold Mine (SC)
Reed, Jerry - When You're Hot, You're Hot (SC)
Reed, Jimmy – Großer Boss
Reed, Jimmy - You got me going
Reed, John - Beauty in Disguise
Reed, Lou – Süße Jane
Reed, Lou - Walk on the Wild Side
Reese, Della – Go With You (SC)
Reeves, Del - Girls on the Billboard
Reeves, Jim – Adios Amigos
Reeves, Jim – I'm losing you (Mike +1)
Reeves, Jim – Billy Bayou
Reeves, Jim – Blizzard
Reeves, Jim - Blue Boy
Reeves, Jim - The Blue Side of Lonesome
Reeves, Jim - But you love me, daddy
Reeves, Jim - Dear Heart and Kind People
Reeves, Jim – Distant Drums
Reeves, Jim – Four Walls (Mike +1)
Reeves, Jim - He Must Go (Mike)
Reeves, Jim – Casa
Reeves, Jim - I Think I'm Crazy
Reeves, Jim - Heard a broken heart last night
Reeves, Jim - I love you because
Reeves, Jim - I'm not going in while he's there
Reeves, Jim - I will not forget you
Reeves, Jim - I'm better
Reeves, Jim - I will change everything
Reeves, Jim - It's Really Over
Reeves, Jim – Es tut so weh
Reeves, Jim – Joe Mexicano
Reeves, Jim - I miss you
Reeves, Jim - Moonlight and Roses
Reeves, Jim - Not Until Next Time
Reeves, Jim - One has my name. one has my heart
Reeves, Jim - Red Rose on the Blue Side of the City
Reeves, Jim - I'm Sorrowed
Reeves, Jim - That's it
Reeves, Jim - Welcome to my world
Reeves, Jim - When two worlds collide
Reeves, Jim - You're the only good thing
Reeves, Jim & Cline, Patsy – Distant Drums
Reeves, Julie - About Time
Reeves, Julie - The Problem is a Woman (SC)
Reeves, Julie - What I need
Reeves, Martha - third finger left hand (SF)
Reeves, Martha & The Vandellas – Hitzewelle (SC)
Reeves, Martha und die Vandellas – Dancing In The Street (SC)
Reeves, Martha and the Vandellas - Heatwave
Reeves, Martha und Vandellas – Jimmy Mack (SC)
Reeves, Ronna - He is my weakness
Reflections – Romeo and Juliet
Refugee Camp All Stars & Lauryn Hill – Sweetest Thing
Regina Regina – Asking about the Moon (SC)
Regina Regina - More than I wanted to know (SC)
Rehab & Hank Williams Jr – Barkeeper-Song
Reid, Johnny - Out of Nowhere
Reid, Johnny - woman like you
Reid, Mike - It's that simple
Reid, Mike - I will stop loving you
Reid, Mike - Walking by Faith
Rembrandts - I'm here for you
Rembrandts - Just Like It's Baby
Remy Zero – Perfect Memory (SC)
Reno, Mike and Ann Wilson - Almost heaven
Restless Heart - Baby Needs New Shoes (SC)
Restless Heart - Big dreams in a small town
Restless Heart – Big Iron Horses (SC)
Restless Heart – The Bluest Eyes in Texas (SC)
Ruheloses Herz – Dancy’s Dream (SC)
Restless Heart – Fast Moving Train (SC)
Restless Heart - Feel My Way To You (CB)
Restless Heart - For want of better words
Restless Heart - Disgusted Boy
Restless Heart - Hold You Now (SC)
Restless Heart - Hometown boy
Restless Heart - I'll Still Love You (SC)
Restless Heart - In This Little Town (SC)
Ruheloses Herz – Maverick (SC)
Restless Heart – Mending Fences (SC)
Restless Heart - New York Holds Her Tight (CB)
Restless Heart - No end of this road
Restless Heart - This stone does not roll
Restless Heart - Until I Love You (SC)
Restless Heart - Wheels
Restless Heart - When she cries
Restless Heart - When Someone Loves You (SC)
Restless Heart - Why It Must Be Right or Wrong (SC)
Restless Heart - You Can Depend On Me (SC)
Rey, Lana Del - Born to die
Rey, Lana Del - Video Games
Reynolds, Debbie – Tammy
Rhea, Chris – Na Praia
Rhett, Thomas - American Spirit
Rhett, Thomas - Beer with Jesus
Rhett, Thomas - Die Happy
Rhett, Thomas - Give me some of this
Rhett, Thomas - That's it
Rhett, Thomas - Make Me Want
Rhett, Thomas - Something With My Hands
Rhett, Thomas - Star of the Show
Rhett, Thomas – Camiseta
Rhianna – Rockstar 101
Rhianna - rude boy
Rhymes, Busta – Break Ya Neck
Rhymes, Busta – Pass The Courvoisier
Rhymes, Busta - Put your hands where my eyes can see
Rice, Chase - Rolo ready
Rico, Charlie - All over me
Rico, Charlie - Baby Baby
Rico, Charlie - Pretty Woman
Rico, Charlie - Behind closed doors
Rico, Charlie – Big Boss
Rico, Charlie – Easy Look
Rich, Charlie - Every time you touch me
Rich, Charlie - I don't see myself in your eyes anymore
Rich, Charlie - I Love My Boyfriend (SC)
Rich, Charlie - the most beautiful girl (SC)
Rico, Charlie - My unspeakable dreams
Rich, Charlie - Street Song
Rico, Charlie – Rollin With The Flow (SC)
Rich, Charlie - she called me baby
Rich, Charlie - Ever since I fell in love with you (CB)
Rich, Charlie - Take It Home (SC)
Rich, Charlie - There Will Be No More (SC)
Rich, Charlie - Very Special Love Song (SC)
Rich, Charlie - You'll love yourself in the morning
Rich, Charlie - you will love yourself
Rich, Charlie & Janie Fricke - On My Knees
Rico, John - Another you
Rich, John – Country Done Come To Town
Rich, John - For the kids
Rich, John - loving you forever
Rich, John - Good God and Man
Rico, John - I pray for you
Rich, John - Shutting Down Detroit
Rich, Tony - Nobody knows
Richard, Cliff—Summer Vacation
Richard, Cliff - We don't talk anymore
Richey, Kim - come over
Richey, Kim - Where do I come from
Richey, Kim - I know
Richey, Kim - Those Words We Said
Richey, Kim - like never before
Richie, Kim - just my luck
Richie, Lionel - All Night (CB)
Richie, Lionel – Anjo (CB)
Richie, Lionel - Dancing on the ceiling
Richie, Lionel - I don't want to lose you
Richie, Lionel- Hello
Richie, Lionel - I call it love
Richie, Lionel - Penny lovers
Richie, Lionel - Say you tell me
Richie, Lionel - Stay with you
Richie, Lionel – Time (SC)
Richie, Lionel - Really
Richie, Lionel – Are You (CB)
Richie, Lionel and Diana Ross - love without a film
Ricochet - Blink an eye
Ricochet - I can't stop thinking about this
Ricochet - Connected to the Heart (SC)
Ricochet – Papas Money (SC)
Ricochet - I have loved you enough
Ricochet - Calm my troubled mind
Ricochet – Feel like Falliny (SD)
Ricochet - Freedom is not free (CB)
Ricochet - left a lot to be desired (SC)
Ricochete – Honky-Tonk-Baby
Ricochet - Love is stronger than pride
Querschläger – Seven Bridges Road (CB)
Ricochet - She's gone
Ricochet - What I Know (SC)
Riddle, Jessica - Even the angles fall
Ridley, Jessica – Faming Red
That's right, Fred - I'm very sexy
Righteous Brethren - Leaving the Tide
Righteous Brothers – Rock’n’Roll-Himmel
Righteous Brethren - Soul and Inspiration
Righteous Brothers - Unchained Melody
Righteous Brethren - You are my soul and inspiration
Righteous Brethren - You've lost that feeling of love
Rihanna - bitch better have my money (X)
Rihanna - California King Size Bed
Rihanna - Diamonds
Rihanna – Disturbia
Rihanna - Don't stop the music
Rihanna – If It's Love You Want (SC)
Rihanna - Fallen Man
Rihanna - Only girl in the world
Rihanna – Pon De Replay (SC)
Rihanna - Pour it up
Rihanna – Rehabilitation (SF)
Rihanna - Roleta Russa
Rihanna - S.O.S. fix me (CB)
Rihanna - Cale a boca e dirija
Rihanna - Sledgehammer
Rihanna - bow down
Rihanna – Umbrella
Rihanna – Infield (SC)
Rihanna – We're Driving (CB)
Rihanna - What's my name
Rihanna and Chris Brown - Bad Girl (CB)
Rihanna and David Guetta - right now
Rihanna & Kanye West & Paul McCartney – FourFiveSeconds
Rihanna & Mikky Ekko – Fique
Rihanna & Ne Yo - I Hate That I Love You
Rihanna and Sean Paul breakup
Rihanna & Young Jeezy – Hart
Riley, Jeannie C – Harper Valley P T A
Riley, Williams – Make Me Wait
Rimes, LeAnn - Big Deal
Rimes, LeAnn – Azul
Rimes, LeAnn - Bridge Over Troubled Water (CB)
Rimes, LeAnn – Buckaroo (MM)
Rimes, LeAnn - But I love you
Rimes, LeAnn - Can't Fight the Moonlight
Rimes, LeAnn – Cattle Call (RSZ)
Rimes, LeAnn - Holding onto a saving hand (SC)
Rimes, LeAnn – Engagement (SC)
Rimes, Leann - The Cowboy's Girlfriend
Rimes, LeAnn – Louco (SF)
Rimes, LeAnn - Mad Women
Rimes, LeAnn – Familie (CB)
Rimes, Leann – Familie
Rimes, LeAnn - Make Yourself at Home (SC)
Rimes, LeAnn – Mutter
Rimes, LeAnn – Gott sene America (SC)
Rimes, Leann - Good friend and a glass of wine
Rimes, LeAnn - How I Live (SC)
Rimes, LeAnn – Tu mir weh
Rimes, LeAnn - I Believe (CB)
Rimes, LeAnn - I Know Who Holds Tomorrow (SC)
Rimes, LeAnn - I need you
Rimes, LeAnn - Wanna be a cowboy girlfriend (SC)
Rimes, LeAnn - I'll get back to you (SC)
Rimes, LeAnn - Life Goes On
Rimes, LeAnn - Light in Her Eyes (SC)
Rimes, LeAnn - Looking Through the Eyes
Rimes, LeAnn – Mein Baby (THC)
Rimes, LeAnn - Nothing Better To Do (SC)
Rimes, Leann - Nothing about love makes sense
Rimes, LeAnn - All That's New Under the Moon
Rimes, LeAnn - Beside the Angels (SC)
Rimes, LeAnn - one way ticket
Raureif, LeAnn – Lembre-se (CB)
Rimes, LeAnn - It probably won't be like that
Rimes, LeAnn – Purple Rain (CB)
Rimes, LeAnn – Right Kinda Wrong (SC)
Rimes, Leann - Some People
Rimes, Leann - something is needed
Rimes, LeAnn - Coming Soon
Rimes, Leann - Suddenly
Rimes, LeAnn – Swingin
Rimes, LeAnn - Ten Thousand Angels Cried (SC)
Rimes, LeAnn - These Guns of Mine
Rimes, Leann - This Love
Rimes, LeAnn – Tic Toc (CB)
Rimes, LeAnn – Unchained Melody (SC)
Rimes, Leann - We can
Rimes, Leann - What I Cannot Change
Rimes, LeAnn - You light up my life
Rimes, LeAnn - You Take Me Home (PHM)
Rimes, LeAnn - Her Deceitful Heart
Rimes, LeAnn & Reba McEntire – If You Love Someone Like This (PHN)
Rio Grand - God has a bigger plan
Rio Grande - Kill Me Now
Ripperton, Minnie - I love you
Knight, Tex - I dreamed of a backwoods paradise
Knight, Tex - I'm wasting my tears on you
Knight, Tex - Jealous Heart
Knight, Tex - you've timed me one too many times
River City Gang – This old town
Rio Road - breathless
River Road - I broke it, I'll fix it (SC)
Flussstraße – Nickajack (SC)
River Road – Someone is Walking (SC)
Rivera, Johnny - You Lost Me (SC)
Riverias - California sunshine
Rivers, Johnny - Baby, I need your love
Rios, Johnny Memphis, Tennessee
Rivers, Johnny – Midnight Special (Mike)
Rivers, Johnny - Mountain of Love (Mike-1)
Rivers, Johnny - The Poor Side of Town (SC)
Rivers, Johnny – Rockin Pneumonia Boogie Woogie Flu (SC)
Rivers, Johnny – Secret Agent
Rivers, Johnny—Seventh Son
Rivers, Johnny – Slow Dance (swingt zur Musik)
Rivers, Johnny - Traces of My Tears
Rixton – Hotel ceiling
Rixton - Me and my broken heart
Rixton - Wait for me
Road Hammers - I don't know when to stop
Robbins, Marty - Among My Memories (Mike)
Robbins, Marty - Please You (SC)
Robbins, Marty – Big Iron (Mike-2)
Robbins, Marty - Cowboy ohne Terno Continental
Robbins, Marty – Teufelsfrau (SC)
Robbins, Marty - Don't Worry About Me (SC)
Robbins, Marty – City of El Paso (CB)
Robbins, Marty-El Paso
Robbins, Marty - Girl with Gardenias in Her Hair
Robbins, Marty - I couldn't stop crying
Robbins, Marty - I'm Going Alone
Robbins, Marty - I Walk On Alone (Mike)
Robbins, Marty - It's a Sin
Robbins, Marty - It's Your World
Robbins, Marty – Joli Girl
Robbins, Marty – Newlywed (SC)
Robbins, Marty - knee deep in grief (Mike)
Robbins, Marty - My wife, my wife, my wife (Mike -2)
Robbins, Marty – Pater
Robbins, Marty - Come Back To Me (Mike)
Robbins, Marty - Band of Darkness (Mike)
Robbins, Marty – Ruby Ann (Mike)
Robbins, Marty - She was only seventeen
Robbins, Marty – Singing the Blues (SC)
Robbins, Marty - Some Memories Just Don't Die (SC)
Robbins, Marty - Staircase of Love
Robbins, Marty - Story of my Life (Mike-1)
Robbins, Marty - Streets of Laredo
Robbins, Marty - Carmen tonight
Robbins, Marty – Walking Piece of Heaven
Robbins, Marty - white jacket (Mike)
Robbins, Marty - Yesterday's Roses
Roberts, Julie—break here
Roberts, Julie – Chance
Roberts, Julie - Girl Next Door
Roberts, Julie - Men and Mascara
Roberts, Julie - Wake Up Older
Roberts, Mica and Toby Keith - Things A Mommy Don't Know
Robin S - show me love
Rotkehlchen – Cafe Smokey Joe
Robinson, Smokey - Being with you (SC)
Robinson, Smokey – Cruisin (SC)
Robinson, Smokey - Just to see her
Robinson, Smokey - A Heartbeat
Robinson, Smokey – Rewind (SC)
Robinson, Smokey - You really got me
Robinson, Smokey und die Wunder – Going for a Go Go (CB)
Robinson, Smokey and the Miracles - I According to This Emotion (SC)
Robinson, Smokey and the Miracles – Shop Around (CB)
Robinson, Smokey and the Miracles - Tears of a Clown (SC)
Robinson, Smokey und os milagres - Tracks Of My Tears (SC)
Robinson, Vicki Sue - Whipped Metamorphosis
Robinson, Bruce - Good Life
Robison, Bruce - Traveling Soldier
Robison, Charlie – Barlight
Robinson, Charlie - I want you so bad
Robinson, Charlie - My Hometown
Robinson, Charlie - The Poor Man's Son
Robison, Charlie - The Right Man for the Job (SC)
Robison, Charlie-Walter (CB)
Robison, Charlie - You're Not the Best (CB)
Robison, Smokey - Baby Baby Don't Cry (DK)
Robison, Smokey – Love Machine (DK)
Robison, Smokey – Macaco do Mickey (DK)
Robison, Smokey - A Heartbeat (DK)
Robison, Smokey – Ooh Baby Baby (DK)
Robyn - You Know What It Takes (SC)
Robyn - Do you really want me?
Robyn - Show Me Love (SC)
Rocky Horror Picture Show – Hot Patootie
Rocky Horror Picture Show - I'm going home
Rocky Horror Picture Show – Science-Fiction-Doppelfilm
Rocky Horror Picture Show – Doce Travesti
Rocky Horror Picture Show – Time Warp
Rodgers, Jimmie – Honigwabe
Rodgers, Jimmie - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (Mike -1)
Rodgers, Jimmie - Oh oh, I'm falling in love again (Mike -2)
Rodman, Judy - Until I Met You
Rodriguez, Johnny - Dance with me one more time
Rodriguez, Johnny - I can't get her out of my head
Rodriguez, Johnny - Just get up and shut the door
Rodriguez, Johnny - Love put a song in my heart
Rodriguez, Johnny - Pass Me If You're Just Passing By
Rodriguez, Johnny – Ridin My Thumb To Mexico
Rodriguez, Johnny - That's how love happens
Rodriguez, Johnny - You always come back to hurt me
Rodriguez, Johnny - Can You Say It Again (SC)
Roe, Tommy – Dizzy (Mike)
Roe, Tommy – Alle
Roe, Tommy – Sheila
Roe, Tommy – Sweet Pea (Mike)
Rogers, Kenny - All My Life
Rogers, Kenny - Pretty All You Could Be (SC)
Rogers, Kenny - Buried Treasure (SC)
Rogers, Kenny - Buy me a rose
Rogers, Kenny – County Coward (Mike)
Rogers, Kenny - Crazy
Rogers, Kenny - Friends of the Day (SC)
Rogers, Kenny—Players
Rogers, Kenny - the best
Rogers, Kenny - Handprints on the Wall (CB)
Rogers, Kenny – Hardest Cards (CB)
Rogers, Kenny - He Wants It, She Knows It
Rogers, Kenny – Heimat
Rogers, Kenny - I Can't Stop Loving You (CB)
Rogers, Kenny - I Don't Need You (SC)
Rogers, Kenny - Just popped in to see what condition my condition is in
Rogers, Kenny - I prefer moonlight
Rogers, Kenny - If You Want to Find Love (SC)
Rogers, Kenny - I'll Be There For You (SC)
Rogers, Kenny - I miss you
Rogers, Kenny – Just Turned Up (SC)
Rogers, Kenny – Mrs.
Rogers, Kenny - Last Ten Years (SD)
Rogers, Kenny – Love or Something Like It (SC)
Rogers, Kenny – Liebeslied (OZ)
Rogers, Kenny – Love The World Away (SC)
Rogers, Kenny - Love Will Change You
Rogers, Kenny – Lucille (Mike)
Rogers, Kenny - I Miss You (SC)
Rogers, Kenny – Morgenwunsch (SC)
Rogers, Kenny – Ol Red (SC)
Rogers, Kenny – Reuben James (SC)
Rogers, Kenny - Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town (SC)
Rogers, Kenny – Rueben James (Mike)
Rogers, Kenny – Escarlatina (SC)
Rogers, Kenny - She Believes in Me
Rogers, Kenny – Slow Dance More
Rogers, Kenny - Somebody's Gotta Feel Like an Idiot Tonight (SC)
Rogers, Kenny - Something Burning
Rogers, Kenny – luz do sol
Rogers, Kenny – Sweet Music Man (SC)
Rogers, Kenny – Tell It All Bruder (SC)
Rogers, Kenny - There you go again
Rogers, Kenny - Through the Years
Rogers, Kenny - Tomb of Unknown Love
Rogers, Kenny - Twenty Years Ago
Rogers, Kenny – Voices Remain Unbroken (SC)
Rogers, Kenny - As Long As It Feels Good (CB)
Rogers, Kenny - You have graced my life
Rogers, Kenny & Carnes, Kim - Don't fall in love with a dreamer
Rogers, Kenny & Dolly Parton - Love Is Strange (CB)
Rogers, Kenny und Dolly Parton – Amor Real (OZ)
Rogers, Kenny & Don Henley – Chamando-me
Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West - All I Need Is You (SC)
Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West - Everyone But Me Tonight (SC)
Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West - Every Time Two Idiots Collide
Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West - Until I Can Do It Myself (SC)
Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West - Together Again (SC)
Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West - What We Do In Love (SC)
Rogers, Kenny & Kim Carnes - Don't fall in love with a dreamer
Rogers, Kenny & Kim Carnes - What About Me (OZ)
Rogers, Kenny & Parton, Dolly - Islands in the Stream
Rogers, Kenny and Ronnie Milsap - Make no mistake, she's mine
Rogers, Kenny and Sheena Easton - We have tonight
Rogers, Kenny & Whitney Duncan - My World Is Over (CB)
Rolling Stones - I'm Not Proud To Beg (SC)
Rolling Stones – Angie (SC)
Rolling Stones – As Tears Go By (SC)
Rolling Stones – Lasttier (SC)
Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar (SC)
Rolling Stones – Carol
Rolling Stones – Come On (ZM)
Rolling Stones - Dance Little Sister (SC)
Rolling Stones – Tote Blumen (TH)
Rolling Stones – Don't Stop (TH)
Rolling Stones – Doo Doo Doo Doo Herzensbrecher (SC)
Rolling Stones – Resgate Emotional
Rolling Stones – Fool To Cry (SC)
Rolling Stones - Get Out of My Cloud (SC)
Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter (SC)
Rolling Stones – Feliz (SC)
Rolling Stones – Harlem-Shuffle
Rolling Stones – Heart of Stone (HC)
Rolling Stones – Honky-Tonk-Frau (SC)
Rolling Stones - I just want to make love to you
Rolling Stones - I wanna be your man (SF)
Rolling Stones - I'm Free (OZ)
Rolling Stones - It's All Over Now (ZM)
Rolling Stones – It's Only Rock and Roll (SC)
Rolling Stones – Jumpin-Jack-Flash (SC)
Rolling Stones - Last Time (SC)
Rolling Stones – Lass es bluten (LS) (R – X)
Rolling Stones - Let's spend the night together
Rolling Stones – Little Queenie (DK)
Rolling Stones - Little Red Rooster
Rolling Stones - Love is Strong (SC)
Rolling Stones – Midnight Rambler (AH)
Rolling Stones - I miss you (SC)
Rolling Stones – Mixed Feelings (SC)
Rolling Stones - Mutters Helfer
Rolling Stones – Nineteenth Mental Breakdown (LS)
Rolling Stones – Don't Fade (SC)
Rolling Stones – Out of Tears (SC)
Rolling Stones - Paint It Black (SC)
Rolling Stones – Playing With Fire (LS)
Rolling Stones – Respektabel (SBI)
Rolling Stones – Rip This Joint (SC)
Rolling Stones - Rock and a Hard Place (SC)
Rolling Stones – Rolling Stones-Medley (ZM)
Rolling Stones – Rota 66 (ZM)
Rolling Stones – Ruby Tuesday (SC)
Rolling Stones - Satisfaction (SC)
Rolling Stones - Satisfaction
Rolling Stones – Zerschmettert (SC)
Rolling Stones - She's a Rainbow (SF)
Rolling Stones - She's So Cold (SC)
Rolling Stones – Schwester Morphine (SF) ( R )
Rolling Stones – Some Girls (SC)
Rolling Stones - Spider and the Fly (ZM)
Rolling Stones – Stern Stern (SC)
Rolling Stones – Start Me (SC)
Rolling Stones – Street Fighter (SC)
Rolling Stones - Streets of Love (SF)
Rolling Stones – Stupid Girl (SC)
Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil (SC)
Rolling Stones - Tell Me You're Coming Back (LS)
Rolling Stones - Time is on my side
Rolling Stones – Tumbling Dice (SC)
Rolling Stones - Under My Thumb
Rolling Stones – Undercover-Nacht (SC)
Rolling Stones – Waiting For A Friend (SC)
Rolling Stones – Wild Horses (SC)
Rolling Stones - It's Better To Carry On (ZM)
Rolling Stones - You Don't Always Get What You Want (SC)
Rolling Stones – You Make Me Rock (SC)
Romantic - A night like this
Romantic - One in a million
Românticos – Rock You Up
Romantics - Talking in their sleep
Romantic - Tell Carrie
Romantics - test of time
Romantic - What I like about you
Romantic - When I look into your eyes
Roma – I am for you (SC)
Ronettes – Be my baby (Mike+2)
Ronettes - Walking in the rain
Ronnie Milsap – Daydreams About Night Things.mpg”
Ronson, Mark & ​​Amy Winehouse – Valerie
Ronson, Mark & ​​​​Bruno Mars – Uptown-Funk
Ronson, Mark & ​​​​​​Mystikal – Feel good
Ronstadt, Linda – Am I Blue (MM)
Ronstadt, Linda – Back in the States (RSZ)
Ronstadt, Linda – Blue Bayou
Ronstadt, Linda – Blue Train (SC)
Ronstadt, Linda - We Can't Be Friends
Ronstadt, Linda – Crazy Arms (THM)
Ronstadt, Linda – Cry Like a Storm (THM)
Ronstadt, Linda – Desperado (THM)
Ronstadt, Linda - different drum
Ronstadt, Linda – Dream to Dream (MD)
Ronstadt, Linda - Love Without Faith
Ronstadt, Linda – Heartbreak Acelerando (CB)
Ronstadt, Linda - Heat Wave
Ronstadt, Linda – High Sierra (MM)
Ronstadt, Linda – How are you (SC)
Ronstadt, Linda - it hurts so much
Ronstadt, Linda - I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You (THM)
Ronstadt, Linda – It Doesn't Matter Anymore (THM)
Ronstadt, Linda - It's That Simple
Ronstadt, Linda - I have a crush on you (SC)
Ronstadt, Linda – Just a Look (SC)
Ronstadt, Linda – Long Long Time (SC)
Ronstadt, Linda - Love has no pride (RSZ)
Ronstadt, Linda - Love is a Rose (CB)
Ronstadt, Linda – Man Lover (MM)
Ronstadt, Linda – means to me (KH)
Ronstadt, Linda – Mohammed Radio (SC)
Ronstadt, Linda – My Funny Valentine (LS)
Ronstadt, Linda - Oh no, not my baby
Ronstadt, Linda - Ooh Baby Baby
Ronstadt, Linda - Poor Poor Pitiful Me (SC)
Ronstadt, Linda – River for Him (THM)
Ronstadt, Linda - Silver Threads and Golden Needles (SC)
Ronstadt, Linda - Someone Lying Beside Me
Ronstadt, Linda - Someone to Take Care of Me (MM)
Ronstadt, Linda - This will be the day (SC)
Ronstadt, Linda - Traces of My Tears (SC)
Ronstadt, Linda – Tumbling Dice (RSZ)
Ronstadt, Linda—Walk
Ronstadt, Linda – What Will I Do (MM)
Ronstadt, Linda - When I Fall in Love (SPC)
Ronstadt, Linda - When will I be loved
Ronstadt, Linda - If You Wish On A Star (SC)
Ronstadt, Linda - You're no good
Ronstadt, Linda and Aaron Neville - All My Life (SC)
Ronstadt, Linda and Aaron Neville - I don't know much
Ronstadt, Linda & Aaron Neville - If Something's Wrong With My Baby (LS)
Ronstadt, Linda and James Ingram - Somewhere Out There
Rooftop Singers – Walk Right In (MM)
Rose Royce – Lava Jato
Rose Royce - Oh boy
Rose, Maggie - Best
Rose, Maggie - I'm not your mother
Rosie and the Originals - Angel Baby
Ross, Diana - No mountain is high enough
Ross, Diana - I'm Going
Ross, Diana – Katerliebe
Ross, Diana - Touch me in the morning
Ross, Diana - Upside Down
Ross, Diana & Temptations - I'll Make You Love Me
Ross, Rick – Hustlin (SC) ( R – X )
Rossdale, Gavin - Love stays the same
Roth, David Lee – Going Crazy (CB)
Roth, David Lee - Just a Gigolo
Roth, David Lee - Like or Paradise
Roth, David Lee – Yankee Rose
Rowland, Kelly – Broken (SF)
Rowland, Kelly - Nobody Can (CB)
Rowland, Kelly - Kisses Down
Rowland, Kelly—Pink glasses
Rowland, Kelly – Estola
Rowland, Kelly - Train on a track (SF)
Rowland, Kelly – Work (SF) (R – X)
Rowland, Kelly and David Guetta - Commander
Rowland, Kelly & Eve – Also
Rowland, Kelly & Travis McCoy – Daylight (SF)
Roxette - Church of your heart
Roxette - Crash Boom Bang
Roxette – Perigosa
Roxette - It must have been love
Roxette – olha
Roxy Music - Love is the drug
Roxy Music – Virginia Plain
Royal Crown Revue – Zip Gun Bop neu loaded
Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy versus the Red Baron
Royal Teens - Short shorts
Royal, Billy Joe – Cherry Hill Park
Royal, Billy Joe - Down in the Boondocks
Royal, Billy Joe - I'm Fine and I'm Getting Better
Royal, Billy Joe - Love has no rights
Royal, Billy Joe - Out of sight and on my mind
Royal, Billy Joe - In Search of a Clue
Royal, Billy Joe - Tell it like it is
Rubio, Pauline - Don't say goodbye
Ruby and the Romantics - Hey Lonely Boy
Ruby and the Romantics - Our day will come
Rucker, Darius - Good of me
Rucker, Darius – Come back song
Rucker, Darius - Don't think I don't think about it
Rucker, Darius – Mel Caseiro
Rucker, Darius - It won't stay that way for long
Rucker, Darius - Radio
Rucker, Darius – Isso
Rucker, Darius - Together everything is possible
Rucker, Darius – Wagon Wheel
Ruff Endz - Not anymore
Ruff Endz - Someone to love you
Ruffin, Jimmy - What happens with a broken heart
Rufus - Tell Me Something Nice (SC)
Rufus & Chaka Kahn - Sweet Thing
Rufus & Chaka Khan – Ain't Nobody (SC)
Rufus & Chaka Khan – Love is Strong (SC)
Rufus & Chaka Khan - Sweet Thing (SC)
Rufus, Thomas – Make the Dog (RB)
Rufus, Thomas – Push and Pull (CB)
Rufus, Thomas – Walkin The Dog (DK)
Rufus, Thomas – Willy Nilly (RB)
Rufus, Thomas and Carla Thomas - The Night Is the Right Time (RB)
Run D M C - Walk this way
Perform D M C - you are sick
Rundgren, Todd - Beating the Drum All Day
Rundgren, Todd - we can still be friends
Rundgren, Todd - Hello, it's me
Rundgren, Todd – Eu vi a luz
Runga, Bic – Sway (SC)
RuPaul – Supermodel
Rush - Closer to the heart
Rush - Fly at night
Rush - Free Will (SC)
Rush - spotlight
Rush - Man from the New World (SC)
Rush - Niemandes Held
Rush - A Small Victory (SC)
Rush – Roter Barchetta (SC)
Rush - Spirit of Radio (SC)
Rush – Tom Sawyer
Rush, Jennifer - The Power of Love
Rushlow - I can't be your friend
Rushlow, Harris - Such are you
Rushlow, Tim - Crazy Life
Rushlow, Tim - She misses him
Rushlow, Tim - If You Love Me (SC)
Russell, Brenda - Piano in the Dark
Russel, Leon – Lady Blue
Russell, Leon - Roll in my sweet baby's arms
Russell, Leon – Sixpack to go
Russell, Leon - Song for You
Russell, Leon – Corda Bamba
Russell, Shawna – Waitin On Sunrise
Ruttan, Deric - When You Approach
Rydell, Bobby - Forget him
Rydell, Bobby – The Schwanken
Rydell, Bobby – Selvagem (Mike-2)
Ryder, Mitch - Devil in the Blue Dress
Ryder, Mitch und The Detroit Wheels – Sock It To Me Baby

S Club 7 - A dream never came true (SC)
S O A P – This is how we celebrate
S O S – according to your taste
S O S – Take your time, do it right
S W V – Alles
S W V – Tschuwa
S W V – Genau hier
SWV - Weak
S W V - You're the one
Sade - By Your Side (SC)
Sade - Hold on to your love
Sade - Smooth operator
Sade - the sweetest taboo
Sade - Your love is king
Sadler, Sgt. Barry S - Ballad of the Green Berets
Saga - Free
Saigon Kick - Love is on the way
Saliva - Click Click Boom
Speichel – Survival of the sickest (SC) (XXX)
Saliva - your disease
Sal N Pepa – expression
Salt N Pepa - Let's Talk Sex
Salt N Pepa – Empurre (R)
Salt N Pepa – Shoop
Salt N Pepa – Whatta Man
Sam and Dave - Don't make it difficult for me
Sam and Dave - Wait, I'm coming
Sam e Dave - soul man
Sam and Dave - If there's something wrong with my baby
Sam The Sham - Lil Little Red Riding Hood
Sam The Sham - Wooly Bully
Sambora, Richie – Hard times come easy (SC)
Sambora, Richie – In It For Love
Sammie: I like
Sandler, Adam - What the Hell Happened to Me (XXX)
Sandler, Adam (South Park) – Ode an mein Auto
Sandler, Adam (South Park) - What the hell happened to me
Sandpiper – Come on Saturday morning
Blasrohre – Guantamera
Sanford Townsend Band - Smoke from a Distant Fire (SC)
Sang, Samantha – Emotion
Sang, Samantha & The Bee Gees – Emotionen
Santana - Woman of Dark Magic (Mike)
Santana – Evil Ways (Mike)
Santana - love of my life
Santana – Maria Maria
Santana - Open invitation
Santana – Hello, how are you?
Santana – happy
Santana and Chad Kroeger - Into the Night
Santana & Dido – Feels Like Fire (SC)
Santana & Everlast - Turn On The Lights (SC)
Santana & Kroeger, Chad – Why Not You and Me
Santana & Michelle Branch - Lovemaking
Santana & Michelle Branch – I Feel You.mpg”
Santana & Michelle Branch & Wreckers - I Feel You (CB)
Santana & Musiq – Nothing at all
Santana & POD – America
Santana & Steven Tyler - Just Feel Better.mpg”
Santana, Juelz – Lá vai (SC) ( R – X )
Sanz, Victor – Vou Estar La (SC)
Sasha - If You Believe (SC)
Satcher, Leslie - Slow Way Home
Saturdays - Mr
Savage Garden confirmation
Savage Garden - Song of the Animals
Savage Garden - Song of the Animals
Savage Garden – Crash and Burn
Savage Garden – Abrace-me
Savage Garden - I Knew I Love You
Wild Garden - I want you
Savage Garden - To the Moon and Back
Savage Garden – Really Insanely Deep (SC)
Savage, Chantay - I Will Survive (SC)
Saving Abel - Addicted
Saving Abel - Eighteen Days
Saving Jane - Girl Next Door (SC)
Sawyer Brown - All the years
Sawyer Brown - The Other Side (SC)
Sawyer Brown - Bein Bad de Betty
Sawyer Brown - Boys and I (SC)
Sawyer Brown – Eckcafé (SC)
Sawyer Brown - Circles
Sawyer Brown – Feldweg (SC)
Sawyer Brown – Fahr mich wild (SC)
Sawyer Brown - Eight Hundred Pounds of Clay
Sawyer Brown - Hard to Tell (SC)
Sawyer Brown - I accept it now
Sawyer Brown - I don't believe in goodbyes
Sawyer Brown - I Leave the Lights On (SC)
Sawyer Brown - I'll Be There (SD)
Sawyer Brown - I'm In Love With Her (SC)
Sawyer Brown - Keep Your Hands To Yourself (SC)
Sawyer Brown - Looking for Love
Sawyer Brown – Mission Temple Feuerwerk (SD)
Sawyer Brown – Am Stadtrand
Sawyer Brown - Perfect World
Sawyer Brown - The Race Began (MM)
Sawyer Brown - Over here
Sawyer Brown - She's coming there
Sawyer Brown - Six Days Out (SC)
Sawyer Brown – Smalltalk (SC)
Sawyer Brown - Hot Wife
Sawyer Brown - Some Girls Do It (SC)
Sawyer Brown - Take it a step further
Sawyer Brown - Thank God For You (Mike)
Sawyer Brown - You don't understand (CB))
Sawyer Brown - I miss my heart
Sawyer Brown - Tonight Won't Last Forever (SC)
Sawyer Brown - This thing called wanting and having everything
Sawyer Brown – Diesmal (SC)
Sawyer Brown – Trate-a Bem (Mike)
Sawyer Brown - Game Problems
Sawyer Brown - Used for Blue
Sawyer Brown - Walk (SC)
Sawyer Brown – Wanting and Having Everything (SC)
Sayer, Leo – Long Glasses (SC)
Sayer, Leo - More than I can say
Sayer, Leo - When I need you
Sayer, Leo – You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (CB)
Scaggs, Boz - Breakdown Dead Ahead
Scaggs, Boz - Fly Like a Bird (SC)
Scags, Boz – Georgia
Scaggs, Boz - it's over
Scaggs, Boz – JoJo (SC)
Scaggs, Boz – JoJo
Scaggs, Boz – Lido-Shuffle
Scaggs, Boz - Look What You Did To Me (SC)
Scags, Boz – Facts (SC)
Scaggs, Boz-Miss Sun
Scaggs, Boz - Some Changes (SC)
Scaggs, Boz - We are alone
Scaggs, Boz - What can I say
Scaggs, Boz - What should the girl do?
Scandal - Goodbye
Scandal - warrior
Scherzinger, Nicole - Whatever you want
Schilling, Peter – Major Tom
Schneider, John - Country Girl
Schneider, John - I've been at it long enough to know (Mike)
Schneider, John - What makes a memory like you in a love like this
Schneider, John - You're the last thing I needed tonight
Schultz, Mark – Back in His Arms (SC)
Schultz, Mark - He is my son
Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancin (SC)
Scorpios - Always somewhere
Scorpions – Nights in the Big City (SC)
Scorpios - vacation
Scorpios - Nobody likes you
Scorpions - Rock like a hurricane
Scorpios - I still love you
Scorpios - Under the same sun
Scorpions - Winds of Change (SC)
Scorpions - Zoo (SC)
Scott, Jack - Burning Bridges
Scott, Jack - What the hell is wrong with you
Scott, Jill - Long Walk (SC)
Scott, Jill - Please
Scott, Linda - I told all the little stars
Scott, Marilyn - Last Dance
Scott, Marilyn - Beginning to Fall (SC)
Screamin Cheetah Wheelies – Rei do Boogie
Screaming Trees - All I Know (SC)
Itinerary - Point of Balance
Screenplay – For the first time
Screenplay – If you could see me now
Screenplay and Will I Am - Hall of Fame
Scritti Politti – Perfect Way (SC)
Seal - Soar Like an Eagle (SC)
seal - people
Seal - Kiss of a Rose
Stamp - This could be Heaven (SC)
Seals And Croft – Windblumen
Seals and Farms - Diamond Girl
Robben and Crofts—Aproxime-se
Seals and Farms - Summer Breeze
Seals and Crofts - We may never traverse this path again
Seals, Brady - the best is yet to come
Seals, Brady - I fell
Robben, Brady – Nature Lover (SC)
Robben, Brady – Ela (SC)
Seals, Dan-Bop
Seals, Dan - All that glitters is not gold
Seals, Dan – Good Times
Seals, Dan - Art of Healing
Seals, Dan - I'll be there
Seals, Dan - Love on Arrival
Seals, Dan - you still move me
Seals, Dan & Marie Osmond - Meet Me in Montana
Sean Paul & Keyshia Cole – When You Gonna Give It Up To Me.mpg”
Sean, Jay - remember
Explorer - Don't throw away your love
Researcher - Goodbye, my dear
Researcher - Love potion number nine (Mike -2)
Forscher – Song Medley
Researchers - needles and pins
Researcher - One day we will love again
Researchers - Sugar and Spices
Researcher - Candy for my candy
Researcher – take it or leave it
Researchers - What did they do with the rain?
Researcher - When you enter the room
Dry, Jon - Just one more day
Secondhand Serenade - Fall in love with you
Secondhand Serenade – Something more
Sedaka, Neil - Alice in Wonderland
Sedaka, Neil - Bad Blood
Sedaka, Neil - Breakup Is Hard (Fast Version)
Sedaka, Neil – Breaking Up Is Hard (langsame Version)
Sedaka, Neil - Calendar Girl
Sedaka, Neil - Diary
Sedaka, Neil - Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen
Sedaka, Neil - The Hungry Years
Sedaka, Neil - I Go Ape
Sedaka, Neil - Immigrants
Sedaka, Neil – King of the Clowns (Dual Graphics)
Sedaka, Neil - Laughing in the Rain
Sedaka, Neil - Let's get strong again
Sedaka, Neil - Little Devil
Sedaka, Neil - Next to an Angel
Sedaka, Neil – Oh Carol
Sedaka, Neil - One-Way Ticket to the Blues
Sedaka, Neil – Run Samson Run
Sedaka, Neil - Sweet little you
Sedaka, Neil - you mean everything to me
Seeds - Pushing too hard
Seekers - Georgy Girl
Seether - Avaria (CB)
Seether – Broken (Duettversion) (SC)
Seether - Broken
Seether - Carefree Whisper (CB)
Seether - Headed down
Seether - Finja
Seether - Good again
Sether - gift
Seether - Cure (SC)
Seether - Rise above it
Seether - truth
Seger, Bob – Contra oder Vento
Seger, Bob - Handsome Loser
Seger, Bob - Betty Lou is going out tonight
Seger, Bob – C'est La Vie
Seger, Bob - Come to papa
Seger, Bob - famous Last Supper
Seger, Bob - Feel Like a Number (SC)
Seger, Bob - Fire Below
Seger, Bob - Lake of Fire
Seger, Bob - good for me
Seger, Bob - your support
Seger, Bob - Hollywood Nights
Seger, Bob – Bop Horizontal
Seger, Bob – Kathmandu (SC)
Seger, Bob – Like a Stone (SC)
Seger, Bob – Block and Charge (SC)
Seger, Bob – Mainstreet
Seger, Bob – Night Movements (SC)
Seger, Bob – Old Time Rock and Roll
Seger, Bob – The Unlucky One (SC)
Seger, Bob – Roll Me Away (SC)
Seger, Bob – Shakedown (SC)
Seger, Bob – Shame On The Moon (SC)
Seger, Bob – Still the same (CB)
Seger, Bob – Baby-Sonnenfleck
Seger, Bob - Until it shines
Seger, Bob - Trying to live my life without you (CB)
Seger, Bob – turn the page (Mike -1)
Seger, Bob - Wait for me
Seger, Bob – You’ll Accomp’ny Me (SC)
Seguin, Richard – Protestlied (SC)
Selina - Last Dance Hustle no radio
Sellars, Jason - I'm Your Man (SC)
Sellars, Jason – Are you are (SC)
Salesman, Jason - I can't help but say your name
Sellers, Jason - About Time
Vendedores, Shane – Mathew Mark Luke und Earnhardt
Sembello, Michael - Madman
Seminole - She Knows Me By Heart (SC)
Semisonic - closing time
Semisonic - Secret Smile
Semisonic - singing while sleeping
Sensations - Let Me In (SC)
Sermon, Erick & Marvin Gaye - Music
Setzer, Brian – Jump Jive And Wail (Mike)
Setzer, Brian - This cat is sitting on a hot tin roof
Seven - Drunk Girls
Seven 0 Two - Where are my girls
Sete Maria Tres – Schwer
Seven Maria Three - Over your shoulder
Sete Maria Tres – Warte
Seven Maria Three – Waters Edge (SC)
Seven O Two - March with
Seven O Two – Steelo
Sevendust - Return to Cali
Sevendust & Chris Daughtry – Passado
Seville, David - Magician
Sex Pistols – Anarchy in the UK (SC) (XXX)
Sex Pistols – My Way (SC) (XXX)
Sha Na Na - Born to surrender Jive
Sha Na Na - These Magical Shifts (SC)
Shaffer, Lisa—Only One
Sausage angel
Wurst – Boombastic
Sausage – dance and scream
Sausage - strange girl
Shaggy - That wasn't me (R)
Wurst – Oh Carolina (SC) ( R )
Shakin Stevens - Because I Love You
Shakin Stevens - I hear you knocking
Shakira - Objection (SC)
Shakira - Under Her Clothes (R)
Shalamar - Second Time (SC)
Shand, Remy - Take a message
Shangri Las - Leader of the faction
Shangri Las - Remember to walk on sand
Shanice - Save for you forever
Shanice – Yesterday (SC)
Shannon - Let the music play
Shannon, Del – Hut ab vor Larry (SC)
Shannon, Del – Ei garotinha
Shannon, Del - Keep looking
Shannon, Del-Kelly
Shannon, Del - Little Town Flirt
Shannon, Del - Refugee
Shannon, Del - Swiss Maids
Shannon, Del - Two Kinds of Tears
Shapiro, Helen - Don't you know
Sharissa - Every other night
Sharp, Bree – David Duchovny (SC)
Spicy, Dee Dee - time for mashed potatoes
Sharp, Kevin - If She Knew
Sharp, Kevin - When You Love Someone
Sharp, Kevin - Love Is All That Really Matters (SC)
Sharp, Kevin - Nobody Knows (Mike -1)
Sharp, Kevin - She Takes It Well (SC)
Sharp, Kevin - There is only you (SC)
Shaw, Victoria – Schreiwolf
Shaw, Victoria - Don't move (SC)
Shaw, Victoria - Forgiveness
Shawanda, Crystal - My roots are showing
Shawanda, Crystal - You can let go
She moves – breaking all the rules
SheDaisy – I will though
SheDaisy - I'll take the wheel
SheDaisy – Little goodbyes
SheDaisy - lucky for you
SheDaisy - still waiting for you
SheDaisy – This woman needs
Sheeran, Ed – Ein Team
Sheeran, Ed - Bloodstream
Sheeran, Ed - Castle on the Hill
Sheeran, Ed – Nr
Sheeran, Ed - Drunk
Sheeran, Ed - Love for Fogo
Sheeran, Ed - Do-me amor
Sheeran, Ed - I see fire
Sheeran, Ed – Beije-me
Sheeran, Ed – Lego-Haus
Sheeran, Ed - Let It Rain
Sheeran, Ed – Perfekt
Sheeran, Ed – Photography
Sheeran, Ed - Shape of you
Sheeran, Ed—Singing
Sheeran, Ed – Kleiner Klumpen
Sheeran, Ed - Thinking aloud
Sheeran, Ed - Wish you were here
Sheeran, Ed - You need me, I don't need you
Sheikh, Duncan - Bad Breathing
Sheikh, Duncan - bite your tongue
Sheikh, Duncan - She's running away
Sheila E - Bizarro Love
Shelia E - Glamor Life (SC)
Shelton, Blake - Addict
Shelton, Blake - All About Tonight
Shelton, Blake - About me
Shelton, Blake – Asphalt-Cowboy
Shelton, Blake – Austin
Shelton, Blake—Honey
Shelton, Blake - Came Here To Forget
Shelton, Blake - Do as she pleases
Shelton, Blake - Don't Make Me (SC)
Shelton, Blake - Drink over it
Shelton, Blake - Every time I hear this song
Shelton, Blake – Georgia im Krug
Shelton, Blake - God gave me you
Shelton, Blake - Goodbye time
Shelton, Blake - Guy with a girl
Shelton, Blake – Heavy Liftin
Shelton, Blake - Bone hillbilly
Shelton, Blake – Casa
Shelton, Blake – Honigbiene
Shelton, Blake - I'm Waiting
Shelton, Blake - I name the dogs
Shelton, Blake - Kiss My Country Ass
Shelton, Blake - You would be mine
Shelton, Blake - The More I Drink
Shelton, Blake – Neon Light
Shelton, Blake - Nobody But Me
Shelton, Blake – Ol Red
Shelton, Blake - Playboys der Südwestwelt
Shelton, Blake – Sangria
Shelton, Blake - She wouldn't have gone
Shelton, Blake - She's good with words
Shelton, Blake - Any Beach (Mike)
Shelton, Blake – Eines Tages
Shelton, Blake - Sure, be nice when you've done it
Shelton, Blake - Who are you when I'm not looking?
Shelton, Blake & Ashley Monroe - Lonely Tonight
Shelton, Blake and Gwen Sebastian - My Eyes
Shelton, Blake & Pistol Annies - guys around here
Shelton, Ricky Van - After the Lights Go Out
Shelton, Ricky Van – Hinterstraßen
Shelton, Ricky Van - Passionate Crime
Shelton, Ricky Van - We Don't All Have the Right (Mike)
Shelton, Ricky Van – De Jack a Rei
Shelton, Ricky Van - Hole in My Pocket (SC)
Shelton, Ricky Van - I'm a simple man
Shelton, Ricky Van - I meant every word he said (Mike)
Shelton, Ricky Van - I will leave this world and love you
Shelton, Ricky Van - I cried my last tear for you (Mike -1)
Shelton, Ricky Van - The Way I Am
Shelton, Ricky Van - Just Say Goodbye
Shelton, Ricky Van - Staying Between the Lines
Shelton, Ricky Van - Life Made Them That Way (Mike)
Shelton, Ricky Van - Life's little ups and downs
Shelton, Ricky Van – Prova Viva
Shelton, Ricky Van - Lola's Love
Shelton, Ricky Van - She Needs Me (SC)
Shelton, Ricky Van - Somebody lied
Shelton, Ricky Van – Statue of a Fool (Mike -3)
Shelton, Ricky Van - Where I've Been
Shelton, Ricky Van - Wherever She Is
Shelton, Ricky Van – Wilder Mann
Shenandoah - Always always Terei
Shenandoah – Igreja in der Cumberland Road
Shenandoah - Damn if I don't
Shenandoah - ghost in this house
Shenandoah – Heaven Bound
Shenandoah - Got you
Shenandoah - I want to be loved like this
Shenandoah - If Bubba can dance
Shenandoah - The Love Song by Janie Baker
Shenandoah - Mama knows
Shenandoah - Close to you, close to me
Shenandoah – Rock My Baby
Shenandoah - She's not crying anymore
Shenandoah–Domingo no Sul (SC)
Shenandoah - What Children Believe (SC)
Shenandoah & Alison Krauss - Somewhere near the heart
Shep and the Spotlight - Daddy's house
Shepard, Vonda – Searchin My Soul
Shepard, Vonda und Emily Saliers – Baby Don’t Break My Heart Slowly
Shepherd, Ashton - I'm Not Dead Yet
Shepherd, Ashton - Procurement
Shepherd, Ashton - Looks so good
Shepherd, Kenny Wayne - blue on black
Shepherd, Kenny Wayne - Everything is Broken
Shepherd, Kenny Wayne – In Too Deep (SC)
Shepherd, Kenny Wayne - Last Farewell
Shepherd, Kenny Wayne - Somehow, Somewhere, Somewhere
Shepherd, Miranda - Ease That Pain
Sheppard, TG – Born in high winds
Sheppard, TG - Devil in a Bottle
Sheppard, TG - Do you want to go to heaven?
Sheppard, TG - Finally
Sheppard, TG - I Want to Love You Again
Sheppard, TG - I loved them all
Sheppard, TG - I'll be back for more
Sheppard, TG – Waltz of the Last Deceiver (Mike)
Sheppard, TG - One Heart
Sheppard, TG - Just one of you
Sheppard, TG – Partyzeit
Sheppard, TG – Slow Burn
Sheppard, TG - Somewhere down the line
Sheppard, TG - Strong Heart
Sheppard, TG - Trying to beat the morning at home
Sheppard, TG - War is hell on the home front too
Sheppard, TG - They still do
Sheppard, T G & Karen Brooks - Faking Love
Sherman, Bobby - Easy comes, easy goes
Sherman, Bobby – Mulherzinha
Shinedown – Burning Brightness (SC)
Shinedown - The Crow and the Butterfly
Shinedown – Diamantaugen
Shinedown – Forty Five (SC)
Shinedown – I dare you (SC)
Shinedown - If you knew
Shinedown - I will follow you
Shinedown – Salve-me (SC)
Shinedown - Segunda-Chance
Shinedown – Common Man (SC)
Shirelles - baby, it's you
Shirelles - Dedicated to the person I love
Shirelles - Young Soldier
Shirelles - Will You Love Me Tomorrow (SC)
Shirley und Lee - Let the Good Times Roll
Shocking Blue - Venus
Shontelle - Impossible
Shontelle - Say hello to say goodbye
Shore, Dinah - Blue Canary
Shore, Dinah – Blues In The Night (SC)
Shore, Dinah - Buttons and Ties
Shore, Dinah - Doing Naturally
Schrotflinte Messias – Heartbreak Blvd (SC)
Sia - elastic heart
Siberry, Jane & K D Lang - Calling All Angels
Sigel, Mütze – Roc The Mic
Silence – Schau mir zu (Chicote) – Silence
Silk - Surprise me
Silk - If you
Silverchair - Abuse me
Simon E. Garfunkel – America
Simon and Garfunkel - April Come She Will
Simon and Garfunkel - At the zoo
Simon e Garfunkel – Baby Driver
Rua Simon and Garfunkel-Bleeker
Simon E. Garfunkel – Boxer
Simon und Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Waters (SC)
Simon E. Garfunkel – Bye Bye Love
Simon E. Garfunkel – Cecilia
Simon E. Garfunkel - Cloudy
Simon E. Garfunkel - Pending call
Simon E. Garfunkel - Duncan
Simon and Garfunkel - The Passage of the Condor
Simon and Garfunkel - Fake it
Simon und Garfunkel – Song Fifty Nineth Street Bridge
Simon and Garfunkel - Flowers never bow near the rain
Simon e Garfunkel – Hazy Shade Of Winter
Simon and Garfunkel – Volta para casa
Simon and Garfunkel - Kathy's song
Simon and Garfunkel - Green Leaves
Simon and Garfunkel - The most peculiar man
Simon E. Garfunkel – Frau Robinson
Simon and Garfunkel - My little town
Simon and Garfunkel - Old friends bookends
Simon and Garfunkel - Only living boy in New York
Simon E. Garfunkel – Overs
Simon and Garfunkel - pattern
Simon and Garfunkel - O Dilema de Punky
Simon E. Garfunkel - Richard Cory
Simon and Garfunkel - Save my son's life
Simon and Garfunkel - Feira de Scarborough
Simon and Garfunkel - Second Avenue
Simon and Garfunkel - They can't find me anywhere
Simon and Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence
Simon E. Garfunkel – Pardal
Simon And Garfunkel – Leve-me ao Mardi Gras
Simon And Garfunkel - We've got a cool thing going
Simon, Carly - I don't have time for pain
Simon, Carly - Nobody does it better
Simon, Carly - that's what I've always heard it's supposed to be
Simon, Carly - You're mine
Simon, Carly - You're so conceited
Simon, Joe - Come Down Come Down
Simon, Joe - Power instead of Love (CB)
Simon, Paul—Father and Daughter
Simon, Paul - Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover
Simon, Paul - I am a stone
Simon, Paul – Kodachrome
Simon, Paul - Me and Julio in the schoolyard
Simon, Paul - Reunion of mother and son
Simon, Paul – Slip Sliden Away
Simon, Paul - Still crazy after all these years (SC)
Simon, Paul - you can call me Al
Simple Minds - alive and kicking
Simple Minds - Forget me not
Einfacher Plan – Addicted
Simple plan - I would do anything
Simple Plan - Perfect (SC)
Simple Plan – Cale a Boca (SC)
Simple Plan – Untitled ( How could that happen to me ).mpg"
Simple Plan - Welcome to my Life (SC)
Simple plan - When I'm gone
Simply red – every time you say goodbye
Simply Red - Capturing the years
Simply Red - in case you don't know me yet
Simpson, Ashlee – Autobiography (SC)
Simpson, Ashlee - Freund (SC)
Simpson, Ashlee – Invisible.mpg”
Simpson, Ashlee-Lala (SC)
Simpson, Ashlee - Pieces of Me (SC)
Simpson, Ashlee – Sombra (SC)
Simpson, Jenny - Ticket from Kansas
Simpson, Jessica - Come on
Simpson, Jessica - I am mine
Simpson, Jessica - I Think I'm In Love With You (SC)
Simpson, Jessica - I want to love you forever
Simpson, Jessica - Irresistible
Simpson, Jessica - Praying Aloud
Simpson, Jessica - Remember
Simpson, Jessica – Take My Breath Away (SC)
Simpson, Jessica - Where are you
Simpson, Jessica – With You (SC)
Simpson, Jessica and Nick Lachey – Where Are You (SC)
Sinatra, Frank - After You're Gone
Sinatra, Frank - All of Me (Mike)
Sinatra, Frank - All or Nothing
Sinatra, Frank - To The End (Mike)
Sinatra, Frank - Almost like being in love
Sinatra, Frank – Angel Eyes
Sinatra, Frank - Balls, Bracelets and Beads
Sinatra, Frank – Begin The Begine
Sinatra, Frank – Blame it on my youth
Sinatra, Frank – Chicago
Sinatra, Frank - Come fly with me
Sinatra, Frank - We don't
Sinatra, Frank - Hugs You
Sinatra, Frank - Fly Me to the Moon (Mike)
Sinatra, Frank – Fools Run
Sinatra, Frank - For the first time in my life (Mike)
Sinatra, Frank - Girls from Ipanema
Sinatra, Frank - Hey Jealous Lover
Sinatra, Frank - Great Expectations (SC)
Sinatra, Frank - and you
Sinatra, Frank - I have fun with you
Sinatra, Frank - I had the craziest dream
Sinatra, Frank - I love Paris
Sinatra, Frank - See you
Sinatra, Frank - I'll Never Smile Again
Sinatra, Frank - This could happen to you
Sinatra, Frank - It was a very good year (SC)
Sinatra, Frank - I'm fine
Sinatra, Frank - I have a crush on you
Sinatra, Frank - I have the world on a string
Sinatra, Frank - Got You Under My Skin
Sinatra, Frank - Just as you are
Sinatra, Frank – Lady Is A Tramp (Mike)
Sinatra, Frank - Let's fall in love
Sinatra, Frank - Love and Marriage
Sinatra, Frank - Love is a Very Bright Thing (CB)
Sinatra, Frank – Luck Be A Lady (SC)
Sinatra, Frank – Meditation
Sinatra, Frank—More
Sinatra, Frank - My Funny Valentine's Day
Sinatra, Frank - My Kind of City
Sinatra, Frank – My way (Mike -1)
Sinatra, Frank - New York New York
Sinatra, Frank – Nice N Easy
Sinatra, Frank - Day and Night
Sinatra, Frank - Oh look at me now
Sinatra, Frank - One for my baby
Sinatra, Frank - People will say that we are in love
Sinatra, Frank - Silent Night of the Silent Stars
Sinatra, Frank - Saturday night is the loneliest nigga
Sinatra, Frank – Scotch und Soda
Sinatra, Frank - for the second time
Sinatra, Frank – Septemberlied
Sinatra, Frank - The shadow of your smile
Sinatra, Frank - Someone to Take Care of Me (SC)
Sinatra, Frank - South of the border on the way to Mexico
Sinatra, Frank - Stardust
Sinatra, Frank - The stars fell on Alabama
Sinatra, Frank - Stella by Starlight
Sinatra, Frank - Stormy Weather
Sinatra, Frank - Strangers in the Night (Mike)
Sinatra, Frank – Sommerwind (Mike)
Sinatra, Frank - Give love a chance
Sinatra, Frank - Tender Trap
Sinatra, Frank - The old black magic
Sinatra, Frank – Such is life (Mike -1)
Sinatra, Frank - everyone laughed
Sinatra, Frank - Three Coins in the Well (Mike)
Sinatra, Frank - how are you tonight?
Sinatra, Frank - Witchcraft
Sinatra, Frank - Wives and Lovers
Sinatra, Frank - You're doing something to me
Sinatra, Frank - You make me feel so young
Sinatra, Frank - young at heart
Sinatra, Frank and Natalie Cole - They can't take that from me
Sinatra, Nancy – Zuckerstadt
Sinatra, Nancy - These boots are made for walking
Sinatra, Nancy - You Only Live Twice
Sinatra, Nancy & Frank Sinatra - Something Stupid (Mike)
Sinatra, Nancy & Lee Hazelwood – Jackson
Singletary, Daryl - I've Thought of Everything (SC)
Singletar, Daryl – Nota (SC)
Singletary, Daryl - You're wrong (SC)
Singletary, Daryl - That's Why I Sing Like This (SC)
Singletary, Daryl – Used To Be’s (SC)
Singletary, Daryle – Amen Kind Of Love
Singletary, Daryle - I knew I loved you
Singletary, Daryle - I'll make them lie
Singletary, Daryle - I'd like to lay you down
Singletary, Daryle - Jesus and Bartender
Singletary, Daryle - My baby love
Singletary, Daryle – Nota
Singletary, Daryle - you're wrong
Singletary, Daryle - that's why I sing like this
Singletary, Daryle - Great fun
Singletary, Daryle—Formerly
Singleton, Jonathan - Life in Paradise
Singleton, Jonathan - Look Who's Falling in Love Again
Sir Douglas Quintett – Mendocino Little Girl
Sir Mix A Lot - Baby Got Back (R - X)
Sisqo - Incomplete
Six – Thong-Lied
Sisqo - Free the Dragon
Sister 7 - Know what you mean
Sister Hazel - All For You (SC)
Irmã Hazel - Champagne High
Sister Hazel - Change Your Mind (SC)
Sister Hazel – Grant (SC)
Sister Hazel - happy
Sister Sledge - He is the greatest dancer
Sister Sleds - We are a family
Wade Sisters - How much longer
Sixpence None The Richer - Breathe your name
Sixpence None The Richer – Beije-me
Sixpence None The Richer – There She Goes
Neunundsechzig - Tootsee Scroll (XXX)
Sixwire – Look at me now
Skaggs, Ricky – Cajun Moon
Skaggs, Ricky - The cat is in the manger
Skaggs, Ricky – Country Boy
Skaggs, Ricky - I'm crying for you
Skaggs, Ricky - Don't Cheat in Our Hometown
Skaggs, Ricky - Don't go beyond your raise
Skaggs, Ricky – Halfway Home Cafe (SC)
Skaggs, Ricky - Broken heart
Skaggs, Ricky – Highway 40 Blues
Skaggs, Ricky – Darling Open That Door
Skaggs, Ricky - I don't care
Skaggs, Ricky - I wouldn't change you if I could
Skaggs, Ricky - Love will get you one day
Skaggs, Ricky - Loving Only Me
Skaggs, Ricky - same old love
Skaggs, Ricky – Vida Simples
Skaggs, Ricky – Solides Solo
Skaggs, Ricky - something in my heart
Skaggs, Ricky – Tio Penn
Skaggs, Ricky – Quando
Skaggs, Ricky - You have a lover
Skid Row - Eighteen and Life
Skid Row - I remember you
Skid Row - Monkey Shop
Skid Row - Skid Row - Eighteen and life
Skid Row - Lost Time
Skid Row - The youth have gone mad
Kings of Heaven - picture perfect
Heavens, Nina - move your body
Feldlerche – Flor Silvestre
Skyliners - Since I Don't Have You
Slaughter - up all night
Sledge, Percy - Take the time to get to know them
Sledge, Percy - When a Man Loves a Woman
Sleeper Agent – ​​Take it Daddy
Slocum, Jamie - Say hello to heaven
Sly and the Family Stone – Pessoas comuns
Sly and the Family Stone – Familienangelegenheit
Sly and the Family Stone - hot summer fun
Sly and the Family Stone - Thank you
Sly Fox - Let's go all the way
Little Faces - Itchycoo Park
Pequeno, Millie - My Boy Lollipop
Smallwood, Richard - Trust me
Smash Mouth – All Star (SC)
Smash Mouth - I can't get over you baby
Smash Mouth - Do it again
Smash Mouth – Espere (SC)
Smash Mouth - I'm a believer
Smash Mouth - Then the morning comes
Smash Mouth – Walkin On The Sun
Smash Mouth - residue
Smashed Pumpkins - Ava Adore
Smashed Pumpkins - Desarmar
Smashing Pumpkins - Eternal Gaze
Smashed Pumpkins - Eye (SC)
Smashing Pumpkins - Landslide
Smashing Pumpkins - Snout
Smashed Pumpkins – Nineteen Seventy Nine (SC)
Zerschlagene Kürbisse – Perfect
Smashing Pumpkins - Stay in your love
Smashed Pumpkins - Thirty-Three (SC)
Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight (SC)
Smilez & Southstar - Tell Me
Smith, Anthony - Love is love is love
Smith, Caanan - I love you so
Smith, Cal - Land-Hinterwäldler
Smith, Cal – Smalltalk
Smith, Carl – Waterdeep
Smith, Carl - Don't Just Stand There
Smith, Carl - If Tears Were Pennies
Smith, Carl - Let Old Mother Nature Do As She Wills
Smith, Carl – Smalltalk
Smith, Connie - I Had No Love
Smith, Connie – Cincinnati, Ohio
Smith, Connie - all bruises
Smith, Connie - When I Talk to Him
Smith, Connie - Just Once
Smith, Connie - No one but a fool would love you
Smith, Connie - Once a Day
Smith, Connie - Then and Only Then
Smith, Connie - You and Your Sweet Love
Smith, Cory – Einundzwanzig
Smith, Granger – Backroad-Lied
Smith, Huey - Rockin pneumonia e a meckere Boogie Woogie
Smith, Joanna – Georgia Lama
Smith, Joanna - Marriage
Smith, Kate – Gott segne America
Smith, Michael W - Love of my life (SC)
Smith, Michael W - About Time
Smith, Michael W - This is your time
Smith, Mindy - Come to Jesus
Smith, Mindy – Jolene (SC)
Smith, Mindy - Just a moment
Smith, OC - Little Green Apples
Smith, Rex - You take my breath away
Smith, Sam & John Legend – Deite-me
Smith, Sammi - Help me get through the night
Smith, Will - Black suits are coming
Smith, Will – Freakin It
Smith, Will – Ficando Jiggy Witz
Smith, Will - Just the Two of Us
Smith, Will - Men in Black
Smith, Will – Miami
Smith, Will – Switch (SC)
Smith, Will – Wilder Westen (SC)
Smith, Will – Will 2K
Smithereens - girls like you
Smithereens – Too much passion
Tatus Smokin – Miracle Man
Smyth, Patty - Heartbeat (SC)
Smyth, Patty - No Mistakes
Smyth, Patty and Don Henley - Sometimes love isn't enough
Sneaker Pimps – Six Underground
Sniff N The Tears - Driver's Seat
Snoop Dogg - From Church to Palace ( X )
Snoop Dogg – Gin e suco (XXX)
Snoop Dogg – Lodi Dodi (XXX)
Snoop Dogg & Charlie Wilson – Peaches N Cream
Snoop Dogg & Pharrel & Charlie Wilson – Schön (SC) (XXX)
Snoop Dogg und Pharrell - Drop it like it's hot.mpg“
Snow Patrol – Autos jagen
Snow Patrol - Sign of Fire
Snow, Hank - fool like me
Snow, Hank - The gold rush is over
Snow, Hank - Golden Rocket
Snow, Hank - Hello dear
Snow, Hank - I don't feel pain anymore
Snow, Hank - I'm moving on
Snow, Hank - Been everywhere
Snow, Hank - the ladies man
Snow, Hank - Cavern de Miller
Snow, Hank - Rhumba Boogie (SC)
Social Distortion - Ball and Chain
Social Distortion - I Was Wrong (SC)
social burn
Sodium – Alyssa Milano
Soft Cell - Tainted Love
Soggy Bottom Boys - I'm a man of constant sadness
Soggy Bottom Boys - Now in Jail (SC)
Soho – Hippiechick
Boden – Paradise (SC)
Sommers, Joanie - A Boy
Sonicflood - I want to meet you (SC)
Sonique - It's So Good (SC)
Sonny & Cher - The beat goes on
Sonny & Cher - I Got You Baby (Mike)
Children of the Desert - Albuquerque
Children of the Desert - Change
Sons Of The Desert - Everyone's gotta grow up someday
Children of the Desert - Hand of Destiny
Sons Of The Desert – Leaving October (SC)
Children of the desert - and you (SC)
Sons Of The Desert - What I Did Right
Children of the Desert - Which Comes First (SC)
Sons of Pioneers - Cool Water
Sons of Pioneers - Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Soul Asylum - I'll Still Laugh (SC)
Soul Asylum - Looking through the eyes of the patients
Soul Asylum – Elend (SC)
Soul Asylum - Broken Promises
Soul Asylum - Runaway Train
Soul Asylum - Someone to Push (SC)
Soul Asylum - Leave No Trace (SC)
Cough of the soul - circles
Soul's Decision - Faded
Soul Survivors – Expressway to your heart
Soul, David - Don't give up on us
Soul, Jimmy - If you want to be happy
Soundgarden - Blast the outside world
Soup Dragon - I am free
Soup dragon – enjoyment
South Sixty Five - the most beautiful girl
South Sixty Five - Not an easy farewell
South Sixty Five - Random act of meaningless kindness
South, Joe - Games People Play (Mike -3)
South, Joe - Walk a mile in my shoes
Souther, JD - Your only solitude
Sovino, Root – Teddy bear
Spacehog - Meanwhile (SC)
Spandau Ballet – Vocal Number One
Spandau Ballet – Communication
Spandau Ballet – Five for us
Spandau Ballet – Congelar
Spandau Ballet – Gold
Spandau Ballet – high tension
Spandau Ballet – I fly for you
Spandau Ballet – Instinct
Spandau Ballet – Lifeline
Spandau Ballet – Muscle Bound
Spandau Ballet – Only if you go
Spandau Ballett – Paint Me
Spandau Ballet – round and round
Spandau Ballet – Through the barricades
Spandau Ballet – To make it short
Ballet Spandau – That's right
Spaniels - Good night honey
Spanish, Pagliano, Michel – J’enders Knock (SC)
Spanky and the gang - I'd love to meet you
Sparks, Jordan—Battlefield
Sparks, Jordin - I am a woman
Sparks, Jordin - step by step
Sparks, Jordin - Constant Monday
Sparks, Jordin - S O S Let the music play
Spark, Jordin – Tattoo
Sparks, Jordin - This is mine now
Sparks, Jordin, and Chris Brown—Sem Ar
Sparks, Larry – Memories of Smokey Mountain (CB)
Spartz, Doug - Colors and Numbers
Sparxxx, Bubba – Frau New Booty (SC) ( R )
Sparxxx, Bubba - ugly
Spears, Billie Jo - Blanket on Floor
Spears, Billie Jo – Chevrolet Fifty-Seven
Spears, Britney – Anticipate (SC)
Spears, Britney – Baby One More Time
Spears, Britney – Meninos
Spears, Britney - Break the Ice
Spears, Britney - Can't Make You Love Me
Spears, Britney – Circo
Spears, Britney – Louca
Spears, Britney – Criminoso
Spears, Britney - Dear Diary
Spears, Britney – Do Somethin (SC) (XXX)
Spears, Britney - Don't knock on my door
Spears, Britney - Don't let me be the last to know
Spears, Britney – Always (SC)
Spears, Britney - from the bottom of my heart
Spears, Britney - Give me more
Spears, Britney - Girl in the Looking Glass
Spears, Britney - Stop Me
Spears, Britney - I want to go
Spears, Britney - If you're looking for Amy (right)
Spears, Britney - I'm a slave to you
Spears, Britney - I'm not a girl, not a woman
Spears, Britney - Let Me Be (SC)
Spears, Britney – Lucky
Spears, Britney - My Prerogative (SC)
Spears, Britney - Oops, I did it again
Spears, Britney – Outrageous (SC)
Spears, Britney – Superprotegidas
Spears, Britney - sometimes
Spears, Britney - Stronger
Spears, Britney - There You Take Me (SC)
Spears, Britney—Three
Spears, Britney - Until the End of the World
Spears, Britney – Toxico (SC)
Spears, Britney - What you see is what you get
Spears, Britney - If Your Eyes Say It (SC)
Spears, Britney - Where are you now?
Spears, Britney – Mulherengo
Spears, Britney - You Drive Me Crazy (SC)
Spears, Britney and Iggy Azalea - Pretty Girls
Spears, Britney und Ying Yang Twins – Boom Boom (SC) (R)
Spencer Davis Group – Gimme Some Lovin (SC)
Spencer Davis Group – I'm a Man (SC)
Spencer Davis Group - keep running
Spencer Davis Group - Somebody help me
Spencer, Traci - It's all about you, not me
Spice Girls – Torne-se
Spice Girls - Goodbye
Spice Girls - Say you'll be there
Spice Girls – Par
Spice Girls – Demais
Spice Girls - wannabes
Spin Doctors - The more I laugh, the more I cry
Spin Doctors - O Cleopatra's Katze
Spin Doctors – Blues von Jimmy Olsen
Spin Doctors - Little Miss can't be wrong
Spin Doctors – Dois Príncipes
Lumbalpunktion – Sex Farm (SC) ( XXX )
Spinner - I'm falling in love
Spinners - Games people play
Spinner - I'm close
Spinners - A Love Affair Unique (SC)
Spinner - Oblong man
Spinners - Work it back for you, forgive me girl
Spiral staircase - today more than yesterday
Spirit - I have a line in you
Splender - I think God can explain
Sponberg, Nichol - Madly in Love (SC)
Esponja – Molly (SC) ( R )
Springfield, Staubig – New Me
Springfield, Dusty - I just want to be with you
Springfield, Dusty - Preacher's son
Springfield, Dusty - Stay a while
Springfield, Dusty – Wishin und Hopin (SC)
Springfield, Dusty - You don't have to say you love me
Springfield, Rick - Jessie's Girl
Springsteen, Bruce - Wasteland
Springsteen, Bruce – born in the USA (SC)
Springsteen, Bruce - Born to run
Springsteen, Bruce - Brilliant Disguise
Springsteen, Bruce – Cubra-me
Springsteen, Bruce - Dancing in the Dark
Springsteen, Bruce – Glory Days
Springsteen, Bruce – Hungriges Herz
Springsteen, Bruce - I'm going under
Springsteen, Bruce - I'm on fire
Springsteen, Bruce - Lonely Day (SC)
Springsteen, Bruce - My Hometown
Springsteen, Bruce – Cadillac Rosa
Springsteen, Bruce – Nascente (SC)
Springsteen, Bruce - Rosalita Coming Out Tonight (SC)
Springsteen, Bruce - Freezing Tenth Avenue
Springsteen, Bruce – Thunder Road
Springsteen, Bruce - Waiting on a Sunny Day (SC)
Squeeze - Black coffee in bed
Squeeze - legal for cats
Squeeze - goodbye, girl
Squeeze - Hourglass
Squeeze - This is love
Squeeze - labeled with love
Squeeze - pull mussels out of a shell
Squeeze - Take me, I'm yours
Squeeze - Tried
Squeeze - to the intersection
Squier, Billy - Everyone wants you
Squier, Billy – Not Dark (SC)
Squier, Billy - The night is lonely
Squier, Billy – AVC
Squirrel Zippers - Inferno
Squirrel Zippers - Suits Are Settled (SC)
SR71 – Right Now
St. James, Rebecca – Respire (SC)
Stacey, Phil - If You Don't Love Me
Stacey, Phil - Old Glory
Stafford, Jim – Kuhfladen
Stafford, Jim - Spiders and Snakes
Stafford, Jim – Wildwood Weed
Stafford, Jo - On the London Bridge
Stafford, Jo - You're mine
Stafford, Terry – Suspicious (Mike -1)
Staind - Anything I want
Staind – Acredite
Fleck – Epifania (SC)
Spotted - Faded
stain - for you
Fleck - and you?
Staind - It's been a while (XXX)
Staind - Pa de Lama (SC) ( R )
Staind - Not again
Staind – Price to Play
Fleck – Right Here
Fleck - So far
Stallone, Frank – Longe do Fim
Stampeders - Sweet Town Lady
Stampley, Joe – All diese Dinge
Stampley, Joe - Have you ever played
Stampley, Joe - Double dose of my baby's love
Stampley, Joe - If you have ten minutes
Stampley, Joe - I'll Love You Because You Love Me Again
Stampley, Joe - I still love you
Stampley, Joe - Get your clothes back on
Stampley, Joe - Red wine and blue memories
Stampley, Joe – Roll On Big Mama (CB)
Stampley, Joe – Song of the Soul
Stampley, Joe - Take me home somewhere
Stampley, Joe & Moe Bandy - Where's the Dress?
Default - All by me
Muster – America the Beautiful
Default - birthday song
Standard – Auld Lang Syne
Default - Start Begin
Default - Beyond Sunset
Standard – Blues in der Nacht
Default - Born Free
Default - Call me irresponsible
Pattern - Chicken Dance
Muster – Clementine
Standard – day after day
Standard – Dixie
Default—Frankie and Johnny
Padrão – God Bless America We Will Rock You We Are The Champions Medley
Default - God Bless America
Default – Good night Irene
Pattern – Greek Wedding Song
Default – Happy Birthday (Mike)
Standard – None
Muster – Hokey Pokey
Pattern – Rose Honeysuckle
Standard – How insensitive
Default - Cannot start
Sample - I could write a book
Default - I always blow bubbles
Default - I'm getting sentimental about you
Default - I'm old fashioned
Default - I have a beautiful bunch of coconuts
Default - just one of those things
Default - Let me call you honey
Default – Like someone in love
Standard - lover, come back to me
Pattern - make someone happy
Standard – Misty
Standard – Baia do Luar
Default - My only love
Default – My Romance
Pattern - My wild Irish rose
Standard – Rio Velho
Standard - On a slow boat to China
Default - On the sunny side of the road
Pattern - polka dots and moonbeams
Muster – Rocky Top
Default – Santa is coming to town
Muster – Satinpuppe
Default - Someone to take care of me
Default song is you
Standard – St. Louis Blues
Pattern - Stars and Stripes
Default - Stardust
Standard - Daylight Saving Time
Muster – Sweet Georgia Brown
Standard - Low und Candy Rocking Carriage
Default - Take me to the ball game
Standard - tea for two
Default - Affectionate
Default - This Earth is your Earth
Muster – Waltzing Matilda
pattern - wave
Standard – Hochzeitslied There Is Love
Default - When the sun turns blue
Muster – Willow weep for me
Default - You took advantage of me
Default - You turned the tables on me
Default - It would be so nice to come home
Default - Young and dumb
Standardirisch – Danny Boy
Standard Irish - when Irish eyes smile
Standard Italian – Laureta
Standard Judgment – ​​Hava Nagilah
Stansfield, Lisa - Around the World
Staple Singers - I'll take you there
Staple Singers - Let's Do It Again
Stapleton, Chris – Broken Halos
Stapleton, Chris – Fogo Fora
Stapleton, Chris - Nobody's fault
Stapleton, Chris - Parachute
Stapleton, Chris – Tennessee-Whiskey
Stapleton, Chris - Traveler
Stapleton, Chris - What Do You Hear?
Starbuck – Moonlight Feels Right (SC)
Starland Vocal Band - Afternoon delight
Starpoint - object of my desire
Starr, Edwin – Guerra
Starr, Kay – Valsa do Rock And Roll (SC)
Starr, Kay - Side by Side (SC)
Starr, Ringo - It's not easy
Starr, Ringo – La De Da
Starr, Ringo - No, not a song
Starr, Ringo – Oh my God
Starr, Ringo - Only you
Starr, Ringo – Photography
Starr, Ringo – You are sixteen (Mike -2)
Starsailor - Good Souls
Spaceship - Nothing will stop us now
Spaceship - Sarah
Spaceship - We built this city
Statler Brothers – Bed of Roses (SC)
Statler Brothers - Class of 57
Statler Brothers - You Know You're My Sunshine (Mike)
Statler Brothers - Do you remember these (Mike)
Statler Brothers – Elizabeth (SC)
Statler Brothers - Flowers on the wall
Statler Brothers - How to Become a Country Star
Statler Brothers - I'll Go To My Grave And Love You (SC)
Statler Brothers - Let's start when we're going to break my heart
Statler Brothers – Filme
Statler Brothers - My one love
Statler Brothers - Oh Baby Mine
Statler Brothers - Thank God I have you
Statler Brothers - Very close to my heart
Statler Brothers - Who Should I Tell (SC)
Statler Brothers - You can't have your Kate and Edith too
Statler Brothers - Are you coming back?
Status Quo – Birthday Waltz
Stealers Wheel – Stuck in the middle with you (Mike -2)
Stealing Angels - He's Better Dead
Steel Magnolia – Just By Being You (Halo und Flügel)
Steel Magnolia - Keep Love You
Steel Magnolia - Without you
Steel Pulse – Febre do Reggae
Steele, Jeffery - Something in the Water
Steele, Jeffrey - Girls Like You (SC)
Steele, Jeffrey - Something in the Water (SC)
Steelheart - I'll never let you go (SC)
Steely Dan - Every big guy
Steely Dan - Babylon Sisters
Steely Dan - bad sneakers
Steely Dan - Barrytown
Steely Dan – Vaca Negra
Steely Dan - Black Friday
Steely Dan - Bodhisattva
Steely Dan - erster Dupree
Steely Dan – Deacon Blues
Steely Dan - Dirty Work
Steely Dan - Do it again
Steely Dan – Doutor Wu
Steely Dan - All went ins Kino
Steely Dan – Fez
Steely Dan – FM
Steely Dan - Gaslighting Abbie
Steely Dan - farewell look
Steely Dan - Green Leaps
Steely Dan - Haitian Divorce
Steely Dan – Egg Dezenove
Steely Dan - Jack of Speed
Steely Dan – Josie
Steely Dan - Child Charlemagne
Steely Dan - My Rival
Steely Dan - My School
Steely Dan - Night Fly
Steely Dan – Peg
Steely Dan – Brezellogic
Steely Dan - Reelin nos anos
Steely Dan - Rikki doesn't miss this number
Steely Dan – Show Biz Kids
Steely Dan – Verlorenes Tempo
Steely Dan - Oeste de Hollywood
Steely Dan - shame on me
Stefani, Gwen – Right (SC)
Stefani, Gwen – crash.mpg”
Stefani, Gwen – sorry sir (SC)
Stefani, Gwen - Four o'clock in the morning
Stefani, Gwen - Hollaback Girls
Stefani, Gwen – Luxuoso.mpg”
Stefani, Gwen – Real Thing
Stefani, Gwen - Seriously
Stefani, Gwen - What are you waiting for?
Stefani, Gwen - wind up
Stefani, Gwen and Damian Marley - Now that you get it
Stefani, Gwen & Eve - Let me blow your mind
Stefani, Gwen & Eve - Rich Girl
Stefani, Gwen & Moby – Zona Sul (SC)
Stegal, Keith – FiftyFifty
Steiner, Tommy Shane - Tell Me Where It Hurts
Steiner, Tommy Shane - What if she was an angel?
Steiner, Tommy Shane and Bridgette Wilson Sampras - What will we do about it?
Steppenwolf – Born to Be Wild (Mike -1)
Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride (Mike -1)
Steppenwolf – Pusher ( X )
Steps - I surrender
Steps - Summer of Love
Footsteps - When I said goodbye
Stereomud – Dor
Steve Miler Band - Rio Largo
Steve Miller Band – Abrakadabra (SC)
Steve Miller Band - Jet Plane
Steve Miller Band – Coringa
Steve Miller Band - Jungle Love
Steve Miller Band – Lives in the USA
Steve Miller Band – Rock N Me (SC)
Steve Miller Band – Serenata
Steve Miller Band - Space Cowboy
Steve Miller Band - Insert
Steve Miller Band – True Fine Love
Stevens, Cat - Another Saturday Night
Stevens, Cat - can't contain it
Stevens, Katze – Pai e Sol (SC)
Stevens, Cat – Stubborn Woman
Stevens, Cat—Wounded
Stevens, Cat - If You Wanna Sing (SC)
Stevens, Cat – Longer Boats (SC)
Stevens, Cat - Matthew and Son
Stevens, Cat—Moon Shadow
Stevens, Katze - Dawn
Stevens, Cat – Oh Very Young (SC)
Stevens, Cat – On a Voyage of Discovery (SC)
Stevens, Cat – Friedenszug
Stevens, Gato – Pronto
Stevens, Cat - Sitting
Stevens, Cat - two great people
Stevens, Cat - Where Children Play
Stevens, Cat – Wilderness (Mike -2)
Stevens, Dodie—pink shoelaces
Stevens, Ray - Ahab O Arab (SC)
Stevens, Ray - Da kam Jones
Stevens, Ray - Everything is Beautiful (SC)
Stevens, Ray – Guitarzan (SC)
Stevens, Ray – Haircut-Song
Stevens, Ray – Resurgence of the Mississippi Squirrel (Mike -1)
Stevens, Ray – Misty (SC)
Stevens, Ray – Osama Yo Mama (SC)
Stevens, Ray – Streak (Mike-1)
Stevenson, BW – My Mary (CB)
Stewart, Al – Passages do Tempo (SC)
Stewart, Al – o ano do gato
Stewart, Billy – Sommer
Stewart, Gary – Drinkin Thing
Stewart, Gary - Out of Control
Stewart, Gary - She Plays Solo, I Drink Double
Stewart, Gary – Whisky-Trip
Stewart, Larry – Alles klar, go.mpg“
Stewart, Larry - All right now
Stewart, Larry - Heart Like a Hurricane
Stewart, Larry - Losing Your Love
Stewart, Larry – Rockin The Rock
Stewart, Rod - Everything for love
Stewart, Rod – Anjo
Stewart, Rod – Baby-Jane
Stewart, Rod - The Best of My Love
Stewart, Rod – Lua Azul
Stewart, Rod - Broken Arrow (SC)
Stewart, Rod - but not for me
Stewart, Rod - Cigarettes and Alcohol
Stewart, Rod – Crazy Bout Her (CB)
Stewart, Rod – Crazy She Calls Me (CB)
Stewart, Rod - Day by Day
Stewart, Rod - You Think I'm Sexy
Stewart, Rod - Stop Walking Around (CB)
Stewart, Rod - Downtown Train (SC)
Stewart, Rod – Embracable You
Stewart, Rod - Every picture tells a story
Stewart, Rod - All I Own
Stewart, Rod - The Faith of the Heart
Stewart, Rod - The first cut is the deepest (SC)
Stewart, Rod - Deceived and Loved
Stewart, Rod - For all we know (CB)
Stewart, Rod - For Sentimental Reasons
Stewart, Rod - Forever Young (SC)
Stewart, Rod - I told you that recently
Stewart, Rod - Throwing a Party
Stewart, Rod - Hot Legs (SC)
Stewart, Rod - Can't Deny (CB)
Stewart, Rod - I Don't Want to Talk About It (SC)
Stewart, Rod - I left my heart in San Francisco (CB).
Stewart, Rod - I only have eyes for you (CB)
Stewart, Rod - If We Fall In Love Tonight
Stewart, Rod - See you (CB)
Stewart, Rod - I'm In A Love Mood (CB)
Stewart, Rod – Passion (SC)
Stewart, Rod - Must Be You (CB)
Stewart, Rod – Mord an Georgie
Stewart, Rod - Kiss to Build a Dream (CB)
Stewart, Rod - Leave Virginia Alone
Stewart, Rod - Lost in You (CB)
Stewart, Rod - Touch of Love
Stewart, Rod – Maggie May (SC)
Stewart, Rod – Moonlight (CB)
Stewart, Rod - Motown-Song
Stewart, Rod - My heart can't say no to you
Stewart, Rod - My heart stands still (CB)
Stewart, Rod – Your Close (CB)
Stewart, Rod - Night and Day (CB)
Stewart, Rod – Nightingale sang am Berkeley Square
Stewart, Rod - Oh no, not my baby
Stewart, Rod – Ooh La La (SC)
Stewart, Rod - Our Love is Here to Stay (CB)
Stewart, Rod – Passion (CB)
Stewart, Rod - People Prepare
Stewart, Rod - Reason to Believe
Stewart, Rod - Rhythm of My Heart (CB)
Stewart, Rod - It's Wonderful
Stewart, Rod – Vela (CB)
Stewart, Rod – Sorriso (CB)
Stewart, Rod - So Far Away
Stewart, Rod - Some Boys Have All The Luck (CB)
Stewart, Rod - Someone to Take Care of Me (CB)
Stewart, Rod – Sternenstaub
Stewart, Rod – Superestrela
Stewart, Rod - The Old Feeling (CB)
Stewart, Rod - That's All (CB)
Stewart, Rod - Those Stupid Things (SC)
Stewart, Rod - You Can't Take It From Me (CB)
Stewart, Rod – East (SC)
Stewart, Rod - This Old Heart of Mine (SC)
Stewart, Rod - Until You Were (CB)
Stewart, Rod - Again and again (CB)
Stewart, Rod – Tom Trauberts Blues
Stewart, Rod - Tonight I'm Yours (SC)
Stewart, Rod - Until Reality Comes (CB)
Stewart, Rod - Thought of you a lot (CB)
Stewart, Rod - Wanna Be?
Stewart, Rod – how are you tonight (CB)
Stewart, Rod - We'll be together again (CB)
Stewart, Rod - What a wonderful world
Stewart, Rod - What I Will Do
Stewart, Rod - When We Were Little Kids
Stewart, Rod – Where or When (CB)
Stewart, Rod - You Got My Head (CB)
Stewart, Rod - You dress well
Stewart, Rod - Young Turks (SC)
Stewart, Rod - Your Song (SC)
Stewart, Rod - You are in my heart
Stewart, Rod & Bette Midler – Manhattan
Stewart, Rod & Bryan Adams & Sting - All For Love
Stewart, Rod & Cher - Bewitched, Bothered & Confused (SC)
Stewart, Rod & Queen Latifah – Through The Ages (CB)
Stewart, Wynn - It's Such a Beautiful World Today (SC)
Stigers, Curtis - I wonder why
Stills, Stephen - Love the One You're With
Stillwell, Matt – brillant
Sting - After the rain falls
Sting - Shut up my beating heart
Sting – Neuer Tag (SC)
Sting—Desert Rose
Sting – Goldfelder
Sting - Fortress Around Your Heart (SC)
Picada - Fragile (SC)
Sting - I Saw Three Ships (SC)
Sting - If I ever lose my trust in you
Sting - Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot (SC)
Sting - We will be together
Sting - When we dance
Sting - You still touch me (SC)
Moving - new beginnings
Stockton, Shane - I Must Fall
Stone Sour – Stört
Stone Sour – Geh rein (SC) (R – X)
Stone Sour - Inspire
Stone Sour - silly world
Stone Sour - Through the glass
Stone Temple Pilots - All in the costume you wear
Stone Temple Pilots – Big Bang Baby (SC)
Stone Temple Pilots – Big Empty (SC)
Stone Temple Pilots – Days of the week
Stone Temple Pilots - Hollywood Bitch (R - X)
Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song (SC)
Stone Temple Pilots – Lady Picture Show
Stone Temple Pilots – No way out
Stone Temple Pilots Plush (SC)
Stone Temple Pilots – Revolution
Stone Temple Pilots - Sour Girl
Stone Temple Pilots – Trippin On A Hole In A Paper Heart (SC)
Stone Temple Pilots – Tumble In The Rough
Piloten des Steintempels - Lightning
Stone, Angie - I wish I hadn't missed you so much
Stone, Angie & Alicia Keyes – Brotha
Stone, Doug - Addicted to a Dollar (SC)
Stone, Doug - Born in the Dark (Mike-1)
Stone, Doug - Get Out of Pain (CB)
Stone, Doug - Dream Big
Stone, Doug - Believe in me, believe in you
Stone, Doug – Fourteen Minutes Old (CB)
Stein, Doug – Georgia
Stone, Doug - I've gone insane
Stone, Doug - I Never Knew Love (SC)
Stone, Doug - I Thought It Was You (SC)
Stone, Doug - I'd be better off in a pine box
Stone, Doug - In Another Light (Mike)
Stone, Doug - Jukebox with a country song
Stein, Doug – Casinhas (SC)
Stone, Doug - Little Houses
Stein, Doug – Made For Lovin You (CB)
Stone, Doug – Reconciliation in Love (SC)
Stone, Doug—More Love
Stone, Doug - right to remain silent
Stone, Doug - Sometimes I Forget (SC)
Stone, Doug – Surpresa
Stone, Doug - These Lips Can't Say Goodbye (SC)
Stone, Doug - Too busy being in love (SC)
Stone, Doug – Warnetiketten (CB)
Stone, Doug - Why didn't I think of that
Stone, Doug - you have the right to remain silent
Stone, Joss - Don't Cha Want Ride
Stein, Joss - Liberte-me
Stone, Joss – Right to be Wrong.mpg”
Stein, Joss – Tell me about it
Stone, Joss - Whispers in the Wind
Stories - Brother Louie
Story of the Year - Hymn of our death anniversary
Straight Up & Lajon - Son of Angel
Straigt, George - No one in their right mind would have left it (Mike)
Schmal, George – Ace in the Hole
Street, George—Adalida
Strait, George - All my ex-boyfriends live in Texas (Mike)
Strait, George - Always the same
Strait, George - I'm blue
Strait, George – Amarillo By Morning (Mike)
Narrow, George – Babyblau (Mike)
Strait, George - Baby's Gotten Good at Goodbye
Strait, George – Bester Tag
Narrow, George - Large
Strait, George – Blue Clear Sky (SC)
Strait, George - Breathe, you take
Estreito, George – Levado (SC)
Strait, George - Take your love with me
Schmal, George - Chairman
Strait, George – tick yes or no
Strait, George - Cold from an early fall
Strait, George - Cowboy rides away
Strait, George - Cowboys Like Us
Narrow, George - Desperate
Strait, George - Fort Worth has come to mind
Strait, George - Don't make me love you
Strait, George - drinking champagne
Strait, George - Drinker
Strait, George – Easy Come Easy Go
Strait, George - Famous Last Words of a Fool (Mike)
Strait, George - Fires I Cannot Put Out
Estreito, George – Fireman (SC)
Strait, George – Foolish Memory
Strait, George - Give all we've got tonight
Narrow, George - Give it away
Narrow, George – Next
Strait, George - It was how a girl can get
Schmal, George—Heartland
Strait, George - here for a good time
Strait, George – High-Ton-Frau
Strait, George - Handyman
Strait, George – Honk If You Honky Tonk
Strait, George - How about the Cowgirls?
Strait, George - I'm not her cowboy anymore.mpg"
Strait, George - I can still do Cheyenne
Narrow, George - I cross my heart
Strait, George - I found Jesus in prison
Strait, George - I have a car
Strait, George - I have to see you
Narrow, George - I hate everything
Strait, George - I just wanna dance with you (Mike)
Strait, George - I know she still loves me
Strait, George - I'm looking at you
Strait, George - I saw God today
Strait, George - I wish I had that back
Strait, George - If I knew myself
Strait, George - If there's anything else you can do
Strait, George – É Natural (SC)
Strait, George - that's what I expected of you
Narrow, George - King of the Mountain (SC)
Strait, George—Carry on
Strait, George - Let's fall apart together
Strait, George - Live and live well
Strait, George - Life Through the Night
Narrow, George - Love Bug
Strait, George - Amen of Endless Love (Mike)
Strait, George - Love will work
Strait, George - Man in love with you
Estreito, George – Marina Del Ray
Narrow, George - Meanwhile
Narrow, George - Nerve
Strait, George - Nobody Needs To Get Hurt (SC)
Strait, George - No one in their right mind would have left it (SC)
Strait, George – Seafront property
Strait, George - One Night at a Time (SC)
Strait, George - One of you
Strait, George - Out of the blue
Strait, George – Male Overnight (Mike)
Strait, George - Overnight Success
Strait, George – Peace of mind
Strait, George - Real Thing (SC)
Strait, George - Right or wrong
Estreito, George - River of Love
Strait, George - road less traveled
Schmal, George - Roundabout
Narrow, George—run
Strait, George - Coast of Ancient Mexico
Strait, George - She let herself go
Strait, George - She will leave you with a smile
Strait, George - similar to my father
Strait, George - Somewhere in Texas
Strait, George - Stars in the Water
Strait, George – Leve-me ua Texas
Strait, George - Tell me something bad about Tulsa
Schmal, George—Texas
Strait, George - Today my world ended
Strait, George – Troubadour
Narrow, George—Truth
Narrow, George Twang
Strait, George – Rolled out
Strait, George - We really shouldn't be doing this
Strait, George - What do you say to that
Strait, George - What's happening in your world?
Strait, George - You Won't Go Home (SC)
Schmal, George – Wrapped (SC)
Strait, George - Write this
Strait, George - You can't make a heart love someone
Narrow, George - you know me better
Strait, George - You look so in love (Mike)
Narrow, George - you'll be there
Strait, George - You are special to me (Mike)
Strait, George & Alan Jackson – Assassinato na Music Row
Strait, George & Lee Ann Womack - Good news, bad news
Strawberry Alarm Clock - Frankincense and Mint
Stray cats rock this town
Stray Cats - Boys on the Run
Stray Cats - Sexy and 17th
Stray Cats - Stray cat strut
Street, Mel - Lovin in back streets
Streisand, Barbara - How We Never Had to Say Goodbye
Streisand, Barbara - Don't rain on my parade
Streisand, Barbara - Evergreen
Streisand, Barbara - Higher Ground
Streisand, Barbara - I dreamed of you
Streisand, Barbara - Kiss me in the rain
Streisand, Barbara – Main Event Match
Streisand, Barbara - My heart belongs to me
Streisand, Barbara—People
Streisand, Barbara - As We Were
Streisand, Barbara & Barry Gibb – Culpado
Streisand, Barbara and Bryan Adams - Finally found someone
Streisand, Barbara & Johnny Mathis – I Have One Love One Hand One Heart
Streisand, Barbara & Vince Gill - If You Let Me
Streisand, Barbara – Higher Ground (SC)
Streisand, Barbara – Over the Rainbow (SC)
Streisand, Barbara—People
Streisand, Barbara - Someone to Take Care of Me (SC)
Streisand, Barbara – Stoney End
Streisand, Barbara - As We Were
Streisand, Barbara - Woman in Love
Streisand, Barbra & Celine Dion – Tell Him
Streisand, Barbra & Donna Summer - No More Tears Enough
Course 9 - Letters (SC)
Course 9 - Black Backpack
Fraud – Last night
Stuart, Marty - Hillbilly Rock
Stuart, Marty - When I Don't Have You
Stuart, Marty - Kiss Me I'm Gone
Stuart, Marty – Mag mich
Stuart, Marty - Love and Happiness
Stuart, Marty - This is country
Stuart, Marty - Red Wine and Cheat Songs (SC)
Stuart, Marty - Sweet Love (SC)
Stuart, Marty - Tried
Stuart, Marty - That's what love is all about
Stuart, Marty - You Can't Stop Love
Stuart, Marty & Travis Tritt – Honky Tonkins What I Do Best (SC)
Stuart, Marty and Travis Tritt - This one is going to hurt you for a long, long time
Studdard, Ruben - Don't make em better like you
Studdard, Ruben – Superestrela
Studt, Amy - just a little girl
Stylist – Betcha von Golly Wow
Stilistik – Break to Make Up (CB)
Stylistics - I can give you nothing but my love
Stylistics – I'm in love with you (SC)
Stylistics – Na Na is the saddest song
Stilistik – Rockin Roll Baby
Estilística – Sing Baby Sing
Stylistic - You Are Everything (SC)
Stylistically - You make me feel brand new
styx - honey
Styx - best times
Styx – Barco no Rio
Styx - Come Sail
Styx - crystal ball
Styx - Don't Let It End (SC)
Styx - Fool Yourself (SC)
Styx - Grand Illusion
Styx – Dame (SC)
Styx – Illumin (SC)
Styx – Lorelei
Styx – Miss America (SC)
Styx – Herr Roboto (SC)
Styx - renegade
Styx - Rockin In Paradise
Styx - Show me the way
Styx - Snowblind (SC)
Styx – Madame Azul-Suite
Styx - I have too much time
Sublime – Estupro ( XXX )
Sublime - Santeria
Sublime – What I Have (XXX)
Exalted - Wrong Path (R - X)
Sugababes – Simple
Sugar Ray – Geh Ans Phone
Sugar Ray - every morning
Sugar Ray – Crumble
Sugar Ray - Fly
Sugar Ray – Unser
Sugar Ray - One day
Sugar Ray - When It's Over
Sugarhill Gang - Delicia dos Rappers
Sugarland - All I wanna do
Sugar country - gone
Sugarland - Menina
Sugarland – Lá no Mississippi
Sugarland – Everyday America (CB)
Sugar Land - Happened
Sugarland - You can only lead me to believe
Zuckerland – Settlin (SC)
Sugarland - Something more
Sugar Country - Stay
Sugarland - Taken as a Coke
Sugarland – Quero (SC)
Sugarland & Little Big Town & Jake Owen - Life in a northern town
Sugarloaf Mountain - It Doesn't Matter We Call You (SC)
Zuckerhut – Mistress of the Green Eyes (SC)
Sullivan, Jazmine – Bust Your Windows
Sullivan, Jazmine - Lions, Tigers & Bears
Soma 41 – Fettlippe (SC) ( R )
Soma 41 - Very deep
Total 41 - I'm still waiting
Summer, Donna - Bad Girls
Summer, Donna - Turn off all the lights
Summer, Donna - Hot Stuff
Summer, Donna - Last dance
Sommer, Donna – MacArthur Park
Summer, Donna - im Radio
Summer, Donna - she works hard for the money
Summer, Donna - Unconditional Love
Summer, Donna & Bruce R - Whenever There's Love (SC)
Summers, Joanie - Johnny Gets Angry
Sunday - Daylight Saving Time (SC)
Sunset Boulevard - Too In Love To Care (SC)
Supernaw, Doug - I don't call him daddy
Supernaw, Doug - Not Enough Hours in the Night
Supernaw, Doug - Red and Rio Grande
Supernaw, Doug – Reno
Supernaw, Doug – State Fair
Supernaw, Doug - What you gonna do to me
Supernaw, Doug - You never called me by my name
Supernaw, Doug - you still got me
Supertramp - very well done
Supertramp - Breakfast in America
Supertramp - Crime of the Century
Super tramp - dreamer
Supertramp - Even in the quietest moments
Supertramp - Immediately
Supertramp - Give it a little
Supertramp - Goodbye stranger
Supertramp - It's raining again
Supertramp – Logiklied (2)
Supertramp - Boy Lover
Super tramp school
Supertramp - Take the long way home
Supremes – Babyliebe
Supremes - Back in my arms again
Supremes - Come check on me
Ultimates - happened
Supremes - I hear a symphony
Supremes - I will make you love me
Supremes - love child
Supremes - One day we will be together
Supremes - stop in the name of love
Supremes - Climb the ladder to the roof
Supremes - Where has our love gone?
Supremes - Love cannot be rushed
Supremes – You make me wait (Mike +1)
Sure, Al B - day and night
surface - for the first time
Surface - Shower me with your love
Survivor - Burning Heart
Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
Survivor - First night
Survivor - High on You
Survivor - I can't control myself
Survivor - The quest has ended
Susana, Graciele - I love it
Swan, Billy - I can help (SC)
Swayze, Patrick - She is like the wind
Sweat, Keith - I want her
Sweat, Keith - Just One Touch (SC)
Sweat, Keith – Keep It Comin (SC)
Sweat it out, Keith - Make you say ooh
Sweat, Keith - Nobody
Sweat, Keith & Ronald Isley – Come With Me (SC)
Sweeney, Sunny - Removed from a table
Sweeney, Sunny - Staying is worse than going
Twelve - Ballroom Blitz
Candy - fox on the run
Candy – Kleiner Willy
Sweet - love is like oxygen
Sweet Feminine Attitude - Flowers
Sweethearts Of The Rodeo – Ketten aus Gold
Sweethearts Of The Rodeo - Midnight girls in a sunset town
Swift, Taylor - Back to December
Swift, Taylor – Sangue Ruim
Swift, Taylor - Start over
Swift, Taylor—Spaces
Swift, Taylor—Change
Swift, Taylor – Freaker
Swift, Taylor—Open Eyes
Swift, Taylor – Fearless
Quick, Taylor – Quinze
Swift, Taylor - I knew you were in trouble
Swift, Taylor - It's only me when I'm with you
Swift, Taylor - Jump, then fall
Swift, Taylor - Love Story
Schnell, Taylor – Malvada
Swift, Taylor – Meins
Swift, Taylor - The Other Side of the Door
Swift, Taylor – Unser Lied
Swift, Taylor – Wow
Swift, Taylor—Image to Burn
Swift, Taylor – Agit-se
Swift, Taylor - Should have said no
Swift, Taylor - Sparks fly
Swift, Taylor - Story of Us
Swift, Taylor – Estilo
Swift, Taylor – Teardrops On My Guitar
Swift, Taylor – Tim McGraw
Swift, Taylor - Today was a fairy tale
Swift, Taylor—Twenty-Two
Swift, Taylor - Untouchables
Swift, Taylor - We'll Never Get Back Together
Swift, Taylor—White Horse
Swift, Taylor - you're mine
Swift, Taylor - You're not sorry
Swift, Taylor and Ed Sheeran - everything has changed
Swindell, Cole - not worth the whiskey
Swindell, Cole - Chillin It
Swindell, Cole - I hope you're alone tonight
Swindell, Cole - In the midst of a memoir
Swindell, Cole - You should be here
Swing-Out-Schwester – Breakout
Swingin Locket - Double dose of my baby's love
Swingende Blue Jeans – Hippy Hippy Shake
Vortex 360 - Hey, now, now
Switchfoot - Dare to Move (SC)
Switchfoot - Do you want to meet (SC)
Switchfoot - Destined to Live (SC)
Switchfoot – Estrelas (SC)
Switchfoot - This is your life
Switchfoot - We Are One Tonight
Swon Brothers – Mais tarde
SWV – Power (SC)
SWV – Rain (SC)
Sykes, Nathan - Kiss Me Quickly
Sykes, Nathan - Again and again
Sylistics – Betcha por Golly Wow
Sylvers - boogie fever
Sylvers – Direct line
Sylvia - Drifter
Sylvia - Nobody
Sylvia – Bed Whispers
System Of A Down – Antennen
System Of A Down - Chop Suey
System Of A Down – Zucker (SC) ( XXX )

T I & Mary J Blige - Lembre-se de mim
T L C—Creep
T L C - love lie
T L C – Girl Talk ( R )
T L C - No peeling
T L C - Stupid Ho
T L C – Unpretentious
T L C - Waterfalls
T Pain - Drown again
T Pain & Akon – Barkeeper (SC) (XXX)
T Pain & Chris Brown – Best Love Song
T Pain & Chris Brown - Check them out
T-Rex – Bang A Gong (CB)
T Rex - Sons of the Revolution (SF)
T Rex - Hot Love (SF)
T Rex - I love Boogie
T-Rex – Jeepster (DK)
T Rex – Metal Guru (SF)
T Rex – Ride a White Swan (SF)
T-Rex – T-Rex-Medley (ZM)
T Rex – Teenager-Traum (SF)
T Rex – Telegramm Sam (ZM)
T Rex – 20th Century Girl (ZM)
ARMADILLO. – All the things she said (SC) (R)
TI – Bring Em Out (SC) (XXX)
IT & Rihanna – Live Your Life (SF)
Taco – Puttin On The Ritz (SC)
Taff, Russ - be happy
Taff, Russ – One and Only Love
Tag Team - Whoomp There it is
Tah, Geggy - whoever you are
Take that back forever
Take that - patience
Take Back Sunday – Be Safe (SC)
Talking Heads - and she was
Talking Heads - Burning of the house
Talking Heads - Life at War
Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime
Talking Heads – Psychokiller
Talking Heads – Leve-me ao Rio
Talking Heads - Wild Wild Life
Tamia - uns
Tamia - Strangers in my house
Tamia - There's a stranger in my house
Tamia - You moved my heart
Tamia, Brandy & Gladys Night & Chaka Khan – Saudades de Você (SC)
Tams - What kind of an idiot do you think I am?
Tank - Maybe I deserve it
Tank - Please don't go
Tantra - Destruction
Gosto de Mel – Sukiyaki
Tavares – It only takes a minute
Taylor, James - Carolina in my head
Taylor, James – Copperline (SC)
Taylor, James-Rural Road
Taylor, James - Don't Leave Me Alone Tonight
Taylor, James - Every day
Taylor, James - Fire and Rain (Mike)
Taylor, James - Craftsman (SC)
Taylor, James - How Sweet (Mike)
Taylor, James - A little more time with you
Taylor, James – Long A Long Time Away
Taylor, James – Mexiko (SC)
Taylor, James - Never Die Young (SC)
Taylor, James - One Man Parade
Taylor, James - Traveling by Railroad
Taylor, James - Giving People a Bath
Taylor, James - Something in the way she moves
Taylor, James – Dampfwalzen-Blues
Taylor, James - Sweet Baby James
Taylor, James – That Lonely Road (SC)
Taylor, James - Traffic Jam (Live Version) (SC)
Taylor, James - On the Roof (CB)
Taylor, James – Walking Man
Taylor, James - you can close your eyes
Taylor, James - Your smiling face
Taylor, James - You've Got a Boyfriend (Mike)
Taylor, James & Alison Krauss – How the World Treats You (SC)
Taylor, James & Carly Simon – Spottdrossel (SC)
Taylor, James & Dixie Chicks - Wide open spaces
Taylor, James und J. D. Souther – Her Town Too (SC)
Taylor, James and Mark Knofler - Sailing to Philadelphia
Taylor, Johnnie - Who Makes Love?
Taylor, Koko – Wang Dang Doodle
I love you - Rhianna
Tea, Ming & Mike Myers - Papa Wasn't There (SC)
Tears For Fears - Advice for the young at heart
Tears For Fears – Break It Down Again (SC)
Tears For Fears – Ruf mich sanft an (SC)
Tears For Fears – Alteration (SC)
Tears of Fear - Elemental
Tears For Fears - Everyone Wants to Take Over the World (SC)
Tears For Fears – Bedtime Song (SC)
Tears For Fears - Turned Upside Down
Tears For Fears - Crazy World
Tears from fear - mother talk
Tears of Fear - Scream
Tears For Fears - Sowing the seeds of love
Tears of Fear - Just the Way You Are
Tebey - We shake hands (SC)
Technotronic – Mova Isso
Technotronic – Aumente a Jam
Teddy Bears - To Know Him Is To Love Him (SC)
Tedeschi, Susan - It hurts so much
Tedeschi, Susan – Rock Me Right
T-Shirt-Set – My Beautiful Friend
Templeton, Glen - I could be the one
Temptations - Not too proud to beg
Temptations - Ball of Confusion
Temptations - Beauty is only skin deep
Temptations - Cloud Nine
Temptations - Prepare
Temptations - I can't get close to you
Temptations - I know I'm losing you
Temptations – I Wish It Rained (SC)
Temptations - I'm Losing You (SC)
Temptations - Just my imagination
Temptations - Masterpiece
Temptations - My Girl (Mike -2)
Temptations – Dad was a Rolling Stone
Temptations - Psychedelic Shack
Temptations - Run away, child runs at will
Temptations - Ever since I lost my baby
Temptations - something wonderful
Temptations - Treat her like a lady
Temptations - How you do the things you do
Ten C C - Things we do for love
Ten Thousand Maniacs - Why the Night
Ten thousand maniacs - more than that
Ten thousand madmen - these are the days
Ten years - nice
Ten years later – I would like to change the world
Tenacious D - Fuck Her Softly (SC) ( XXX )
Tenacious D – Tributo (SC) ( XXX )
Stubborn D - Wonderboy
Tennille, Toni - Do it again with me
Tennison, Chalee – Easy Lovin You (CB)
Tennison, Chalee – Volte
Tennison, Chalee – Fistful of Water (SC)
Tennison, Chalee - just because she lives there
Tennison, Chalee – Lonesome Road (CB)
Tennison, Chalee – Make-up with dir
Tennison, Chalee - It's Somebody's Turn to Cry
Teresa – darling, that's what love does (SC)
Terror Squad & Fat Joe & Remy - Sit Back (SC) (XXX)
Tesla - Trapped in a dream
Tesla – Love Song
Tesla – Modernize Cowboy
Tesla - Signal
Tesla - What you give
Tex, Joe - Sweet woman like you
Texas – In Our Lives (SC)
Texas - Say what you want
They can be giants - Istanbul, not Constantinople
Thicke, Robin – Fall Again
Thicke, Robin – Magia
Thicke, Robin – Terapia Sexual
Thin Lizzy - The boys are back in town
Thin Lizzy – Prison Escape
Blind Third Eye - Everything (SC)
Blind third eye - deep inside you
Blind third eye - how to do it
Third blind eye - Jumper
Blind third eye - never let yourself go
Blind Third Eye - Half-Enchanted Life
Blind third eye - ten days late
Third World - Now that we have found love
Thirty Eight Specials - Caught on you
Thirty Eight Specials - Keep Clear
Special Thirty-Eight - If That Was Me
Thirty Eight Special - Rockin' into the night
Thirty-Eight Specials - Second Chances
Thirty Eight Special - Professor Professor
Thirty Eight Special - Wild Eyed Southern Boys
Thirty Seconds to Mars - Closer to the Edge
Thirty Seconds to Mars - Airborne
Thomas, BJ - Everyone loves a rain song
Thomas, BJ - Eyes of a New Yorker
Thomas, BJ - Hey Won't You Play Another Fake Someone's Song (Mike)
Thomas, BJ – addicted to a feeling (Mike -3)
Thomas, BJ - New looks from an old lover
Thomas, BJ – Raindrops keep falling on my head (Mike -2)
Thomas, BJ - Rock 'n' Roll Lullaby
Thomas, BJ - Two car garage
Thomas, BJ and Dusty Springfield - As long as we have each other
Thomas, Carl – Emotional
Thomas, Carl – I wish
Thomas, Carla – Gee Whiz look him in the eye
Thomas, Rob – always the same.mpg"
Thomas, Rob - Little Miracles
Thomas, Rob - Never Lonely Again (SC)
Thomas, Rob – Spottdrossel
Thomas, Rob - Someday
Thomas, Rob - Streetcorner-Symphony
Thompson Square - Do you want to kiss me or not
Thompson Square - Everything I Shouldn't Be Thinking About
Thompson Square – Glas
Thompson Square - I got you
Thompson Square - If I didn't have you
Thompson Twins - Hold me now
Thompson, Cyndi - I've always liked that
Thompson, Cyndi - What I really wanted to say
Thompson, Hank - Tablet of my heart
Thompson, Hank - Honky Tonk Girls
Thompson, Hank – Humpty Dumpty Heart
Thompson, Hank - I'm too close
Thompson, Hank - New green light
Thompson, Hank - The older the sweeter the sweeter the music
Thompson, Hank - From Draft to Can or Bottle
Thompson, Hank – Rub A Dub Dub
Thompson, Hank – Sixpack to go
Thompson, Hank – Smoky The Bar
Thompson, Hank – Squaws entlang des Yukon
Thompson, Hank - Waiting in the Hall of Your Heart
Thompson, Hank – Acorde Irene
Thompson, Hank - Who Left the Door to Heaven Open
Thompson, Hank - Wilderness of Life (Mike)
Thompson, Josh - Beer on the table
Thompson, Josh - Get Out of Here
Thompson, Josh - I won't be lonely for long
Thompson, Sue – Norman
Thompson, Sue - Sad Movies Make Me Cry
Thomson, Cyndi - If You Could See
Thomson, Cyndi - I've Been
Thomson, Cyndi - Things I would do
Thomson, Cyndi - What I really wanted to say
Thornton, Marsha - Wine Bottle and Patsy Cline (CB)
Thorogood, George - Bad to the Bone
Thorogood, George - I drink alone
Thorogood, George - If you don't start drinking, I'm leaving
Thorogood, George - Change it
Thorogood, George - A bourbon, a scotch, a beer
Thorpe, Billy – Hera Venenosa (SF)
Thrasher Shiver – Be Honest (SC)
Thrasher Shiver - Between the Stones and Jones (SC)
Three Days Grace – Animal I Became (SC)
Three Days of Grace - Pause
Three Days of Grace - Good Life
Three Days of Grace - High Road
Three Days of Grace - Home (SC)
Three Days Free - I Hate Everything About You (SC)
Three Days Grace - Just Like You (SC)
Three Days of Grace - Lost in You
Three day grace period - it's never too late
Three Days of Grace - Pain
Three days free - Riot
Three days of grace - world so cold
Night of the Three Dogs - Black and White
Night of the Three Dogs - Celebration (SC)
Three Dogs Night – Easy to be Hard (SC)
Night of the Three Dogs - The Arrival of Eli (SC)
Night of the Three Dogs - Joy to the World
Night of the three dogs - liars
Night of the Three Dogs - Mom Told Me Not to Come (SC)
Night of the Three Dogs - I've never been to Spain
Three Dog Night – Old Fashioned Love Song (SC)
Night of the Three Dogs – One (SC)
Night of the Three Dogs – Shambala (SC)
Three Doors Down - Get out of the sun
Three doors down - so be it
Three doors down - behind those eyes
Three Doors Down – Bürgersoldat
Three Doors Down – Duck and Run
Three doors down - every time you leave
Three Doors Down – Hier bei mir.mpg“
Three doors down - here without you
Three doors down - it's not my time
Three doors down - Kryptonite
Three Doors Down - Let me go
Three Doors Down – Live for Today (SC)
Three Doors Down – Verlierer
Three Doors Down - Street I'm on
Three Doors Down - When I'm gone
Three doors down - when you're young
Three Doors Down & Bob Seger – Landung in London (CB)
Three eleven - all mixed up
Three eleven - don't step on me
Three Eleven - Love Song
Three Eleven - You wouldn't believe it
Três Hanks – Moanin The Blues (SC)
Three Little Pigs – Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf (SC)
Three LW - No More (Baby, I'm doing it right)
Three of Cups – Arizona-Regen
Three of Cups - Love is enough
Three Oh!3 & Kesha - My First Kiss
Drei T's - Tease Me
Thunderclap Newman – Something Not Ar (SC)
Tiffany - Could have been
Tiffany - I saw him standing there
See you Tuesday - Carry Voices
Tillis, Mel – Coco-Cola-Cowboy (SC)
Tillis, Mel – Good Woman Blues (SC)
Tillis, Mel - Healer of the Heart
Tillis, Mel - Heart over mind
Tillis, Mel - I will never leave (SC)
Tillis, Mel - I believe in you
Tillis, Mel - I got the hoss
Tillis, Mel - Makers of Memories
Tillis, Mel – Midnight Me And The Blues (SC)
Tillis, Mel – Novos Patches
Tillis, Mel – Serraria (SC)
Tillis, Mel - Send me to Tucson
Tillis, Mel - Southern Rain
Tillis, Mel - Step on the Grapes
Tillis, Mel - Your body is an outlaw
Tillis, Mel & Sherry Bryce - Don't Let Go
Tillis, Pam - After a Kiss
Tillis, Pam – All the Good Gone (SC)
Tillis, Pam - Blue Rose is
Tillis, Pam - Cleopatra Queen of Negation
Tillis, Pam - Deep Down
Tillis, Pam - You know where your man is
Tillis, Pam - Don't tell me what to do
Tillis, Pam – Immer
Tillis, Pam - I said a prayer for you
Tillis, Pam - I loved it
Tillis, Pam - between dances
Tillis, Pam - It's Lonely Out There
Tillis, Pam – Terra dos Vivos
Tillis, Pam - Let the Pony Go
Tillis, Pam - maybe it was Memphis
Tillis, Pam - My Crazy Life (SC)
Tillis, Pam – Bitte
Tillis, Pam – Shake the Sugar Tree (SC)
Tillis, Pam - Spilled Perfume
Tillis, Pam - We Tried Everything
Tillis, Pam - When you enter the room
Tillotson, Johnny - Dreamy Eyes
Tillotson, Johnny – Erdengel
Tillotson, Johnny - I can't help it if I'm still in love with you
Tillotson, Johnny - I'm falling apart
Tillotson, Johnny - Without You (Mike)
Tilltoson, Johnny - Poetry in Motion (Mike)
Timbaland & Katy Perry - If We Ever Meet Again
Timbaland & Keri Hilson - That's Me (R)
Timbaland & OneRepublic - Sorry
Timberlake & Matt Morris – Hallelujah
Timberlake, Justin - I can't stop the feeling
Timberlake, Justin – Cry Me A River
Timberlake, Justin - How I Love You (SC)
Timberlake, Justin – Spiegel
Timberlake, Justin - My love
Timberlake, Justin & Jay Z – suit and tie
Timbuk 3 - The future is so bright I have to wear sunglasses
Time - Bird
Time - love in the jungle
Timex Social Club Rumors
Tiny Tim - Tiptoe through the Tulips
Tippin, Aaron - Was always
Tippin, Aaron – Call of the Wild (SC)
Tippin, Aaron – Come Friday (CB)
Tippin, Aaron – Porta
Tippin, Aaron - All I Own (SC)
Tippin, Aaron - To You I Go (Mike -1)
Tippin, Aaron - He Believed
Tippin, Aaron-Ela
Tippin, Aaron – Honky-Tonk-Superman
Tippin, Aaron – How Does Radio Know (SC)
Tippin, Aaron - Born Heartbroken (SC)
Tippin, Aaron - I wouldn't have it any other way (SC)
Tippin, Aaron - If Her Love Doesn't Kill Me
Tippin, Aaron - Love over money
Tippin, Aaron - I'm Going
Tippin, Aaron – Beije Isto
Tippin, Aaron - My Blue Angel
Tippin, Aaron - People Like Us
Tippin, Aaron – Soon Rocks (CB)
Tippin, Aaron - She feels like a new man tonight
Tippin, Aaron - This is as close as I'll ever get to loving you (SC)
Tippin, Aaron - This Is What Happens When I Hold You (SC)
Tippin, Aaron - There's Nothing Wrong With The Radio (SC)
Tippin, Aaron - What this country needs
Tippin, Aaron - Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly
Tippin, Aaron – Whole Lotta Love On The Line (SC)
Tippin, Aaron - Without Your Love
Tippin, Aaron - Laborer PHD (SC)
Tippin, Aaron - You have to stand for something
Tippin, Aaron & Thea Tippin - Love Like There's No Tomorrow (SC)
Tity Boi – Gast
TLC - Schlupf (SC)
TLC - Damaged (SC)
TLC – Ugly (SC)
Toad The Wet Sprocket – Come Down (SC)
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Falling down
Toad The Wet Sprocket – Walk on the Ocean
Toadies - I Can Kingdom
Toback, Jeremy - You make me feel
Todd, Michala - Making It Work
Token - The lion sleeps tonight
Toliver, Tony - Counting on You Forever
Tomlinson, Craig – Henry Cartwright Production and Prayer Booth
Tomlinson, Trent - Angels Like Her
Tomlinson, Trent - Drunker Than Me
Tomlinson, Trent - Can only have her radio on (SC)
Tomlinson, Trent – ​​One Wing on Fire (SC)
Tomlinson, Trent - that's how it should still be
Tommy Tutone – Acht 67-5309 Jenny (SC)
Tone Loc – Funky Cold Medina (Mike)
Tone Loc – Wild Thing (SC) ( R – X )
Tonic - If you could see
Tonic – Tear down walls
Tonic - mean to me
Tonic - Open your eyes
Tonic – Sugar
Tonic - Accept me as I am
Tonic - You wanted more
Project Tony Rich – Leavin (SC)
Tony Toni Tone - Birthday
Tony Toni Tone - If I didn't have loot
Tony Toni Tone - Let's go down
Tony Toni Tone - Thinking of you
Tool run-in (SC) ( XXX )
tool - schism
Tool – Sober (SC) ( XXX )
Toots & Maytals – Pressure Drop (SC)
Toots and the Maytals - country roads bring me home
Toploader - Dancing in the moonlight
Torme, Mel – Again (SC)
Torme, Mel—Sweet Georgia Brown
Tosh, Peter – Legalize-o
Tosh, Peter – Stepping Razor (SC)
Toto - Afrika
Toto - Don't take my heart
Toto - Go home
Toto - Hold the line
Toto - I will remember
Toto - I will not hold you back
Toto - I'll get over you
This – Neuundneunzig
Tove Lo - Talking Body
Townsend, Ed - For Your Love
Townsend, Pete - Let my love open the door
Toya: I accept
Toys - Concert for Lovers (SC)
T-Pain - I'm In Love With A Stripper (SC) (XXX)
T'Pau - China in your hand
Tractors - Baby likes to rock (Mike)
Tractors - badly bent
Tractors - Wouldn't Tell Lies (SC)
Tractors - Short Bread
Traffic – Here comes a man
Traffic - Low glare from boys in high heels
Tragic Hip - Poet (SC) (R)
Trailerchor – Rockin The Beer Gut
Trailer Choir – Rollin Through The Sunshine
Trailer Choir – What would you say
Train - Calling all angels
Zug – Jupiter drop
Train – Free
Trem – Hey soul sister
train - I am
Train - If it's love
Zug – Marry Me
Train - Discover Virginia (SC)
Train - Save Me San Francisco
Train - She's on fire
Train - something more
Train - When I look at the sky
Trainor, Meghan - all about that bass
Trainor, Meghan - the lips are moving
Coach, Meghan - Me too
Coach, Meghan - No excuses
Coach, Meghan – NO
Trainor, Meghan and John Legend - As if I would lose you
Trammps – Disco-Inferno
Trap - persistent
Trap - Freeze Frame (SC)
Travis – Why is it always raining?
Travis, Merle – Divorcie-me C O D
Travis, Merle - so round, so firm, so full
Travis, Randy - America will always remain
Travis, Randy - An Old Pair of Shoes (SC)
Travis, Randy – Anjos
Travis, Randy - We're In Trouble Now (SC)
Travis, Randy—Baptism
Travis, Randy - Before You Kill Us
Travis, Randy - Best Losers Division (SC)
Travis, Randy – Box (SC)
Travis, Randy – Cowboy Boogie (MM)
Travis, Randy - Deeper than Holler
Travis, Randy – Dig Two Graves
Travis, Randy - digging up bones
Travis, Randy - Down with the Old Man (CB)
Travis, Randy - A Few Country Boys
Travis, Randy - Forever Amen (Mike)
Travis, Randy - Together Forever (SC)
Travis, Randy – Four Walls (SD)
Travis, Randy - Hard Rock Below My Heart (CB)
Travis, Randy - He Walked on Water
Travis, Randy - Hereos and Amigos (SC)
Travis, Randy – Loch
Travis, Randy – Honky-Tonk-Mond
Travis, Randy - How do I wrap my heart (NT)
Travis, Randy - I Told You So (Mike)
Travis, Randy - I Don't Need You Anymore (SC)
Travis, Randy - I would surrender to anything
Travis, Randy - If I Didn't Have You
Travis, Randy - I'll Be Right Here Loving You (SC)
Travis, Randy - It's Over (SC)
Travis, Randy - It's Only a Matter of Time (Mike)
Travis, Randy - King of the Road (SC)
Travis, Randy - slightly left of center
Travis, Randy - Look at the heart without the hands
Travis, Randy - Man is not made of stone
Travis, Randy - Meet me under the mistletoe
Travis, Randy – Nineteen Eighty Two (SC)
Travis, Randy - Ain't No Place Like Home (SC)
Travis, Randy - ALTE 8 X 10 (NT)
Travis, Randy - On the Other Side (Mike)
Travis, Randy - Out of My Bones (SC)
Travis, Randy – Cadillac Rosa
Travis, Randy - Point of Light
Travis, Randy - Pray for the Fish
Travis, Randy – Price to Pay (SC)
Travis, Randy - Promise
Travis, Randy - Mind of a Boy, Wisdom of a Man
Travis, Randy - Stranger in My Looking Glass
Travis, Randy - That's me
Travis, Randy – Three Wooden Crosses (Mike)
Travis, Randy – Far Away (SC)
Travis, Randy - Where Can I Give Up
Travis, Randy - Whisper my name
Travis, Randy - Wind in the Wire (SC)
Travis, Randy – Eu (SC)
Travis, Randy – Set in Stone (CB)
Travis, Randy und George Jones – Little Country Boys (CB)
Travolta, John – Fetter Blitz (XXX) (Mike)
Travolta, John - Let Them In
Travolta, John-Sandy (SC)
Travolta, John & Olivia Newton John – We Walk Together (SC)
Travolta, John and Olivia Newton John - You Are What I Want
Trent, Tammy - My Irreplaceable (SC)
Trevino, Rick – Bobbie Ann Mason (SC)
Trevino, Rick – Doctor Time (SC)
Trevino, Rick – Honky-Tonk-Crowd
Trevino, Rick - I'll just be with you (SC)
Trevino, Rick - In My Dreams (CB)
Trevino, Rick – String genug
Trevino, Rick – Learning as You Go (SC)
Trevino, Rick - In Search of Light (SC)
Trevino, Rick - Only lonely me
Trevino, Rick – No Reason to Escape (SC)
Trevino, Rick - Save That For Me
Trevino, Rick - See City of Rock (SC)
Trevino, Rick - Separate ways
Trevino, Rick - She Can't Say I Didn't Cry (SC)
Trey Songz – Gotta Go.mpg”
Trey Songz - I need a girl
Trey Songz – Zeitlupe
Trice, Obie - Got some teeth
Trick Daddy - I'm a thug
Trick Daddy & Ceelo & Big Boi – In Da Wind (SC) (XXX)
Trick Daddy & Ceelo & Ludacris – Zucker (SC) ( R – X )
Trick Daddy & SNS Express – Take It To Da House (SC) (XXX)
Trick Pony - I don't waste good whiskey on you
Trickpony - boy like you
Trickpony – Bride
Trick Pony - All Other Memories
Trick Pony - It's a headache
Trickpony - Just What I Do (SC)
Trick Pony - On a Quest
Trick Pony - On a night like this
Trickpony - Clear me
Trickpony & Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings – Big River
Triggs, Trini—Horse to Mexico
Triggs, Trini – Tequila pura
Triggs, Trini - Destroyer Team
Trina & Kelly Rowland - Let's Go (PAN)
Trinket - Boom (SC)
Trip, Don & Cee Lo Green - Letter to my son
Tritt, Travis – Anymore (Mike)
Kick, Travis - best intentions
Step, Travis - between an old memory and me
Kick, Travis - I can trust you with all my heart
Kick, Travis - land is not land
Kick, Travis - Country Club
Tritt, Travis – Drifting to Dream
Kick, Travis - Stupid Pride
Kick, Travis - The Crazy Girl
Tritt, Travis – Help Me Hold On
Kick, Travis - Here's a room
Kick, Travis - I see me
Kick, Travis - if I lose you
Tritt, Travis - Gonna Be Somebody
Tritt, Travis - It's a great day to be alive
Tritt, Travis - look at number one
Kick, Travis - Lord, have mercy on the workers
Tritt, Travis - A Woman's Love
Tritt, Travis - Modern Day Bonnie e Clyde
Kick, Travis - More Than You'll Ever Know
Kick, Travis - Go ahead
Kick, Travis - No more shoulder glances
Kick Travis - Nothing short of dying (Mike -1)
Kick, Travis - Off my bones
Kick, Travis - Give Your Country a Direction (SC)
Kick Travis - She Walks Home With Me (SC)
Kick, Travis - Something stronger than me
Kick, Travis - Sometimes she forgets
Kick, Travis - start the car
Kick Travis - Still In Love With You (SC)
Kick, Travis - Strong enough to be your man
Tritt, Travis – T R O U B L E
Tritt, Travis – Take it easy
Kick, Travis - Tell me I dreamed
Kick, Travis - Ten feet tall and bulletproof
Kick, Travis - Where No Corn Grows
Kick, Travis - whiskey's gone
Kick, Travis - worth every mile
Kick, Travis - you never make me dance
Tritt, Travis und Lari White – Helping Me Get Over You (SC)
Tritt, Travis & Marty Stuart - Whiskey stopped working (SC)
Triumph - Put it on the line
Troccoli, Kathy - Tell me where it hurts
Troccoli, Kathy - You have a way
Troggs - Just as you want me
Troggs - Love is Everywhere (SC)
Troggs - Wild Thing
Trower, Robin – Lady Love
Trower, Robin – Muito Rolling Stoned
Troy, Doris - Just a Look
Trust Company - Autumn
The truth hurts - is addictive
Tubb, Ernest - Have you ever been alone?
Tubb, Ernest - It's been so long, honey
Tubb, Ernest - Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello
Tubb, Ernest - Letters have no arms
Tubb, Ernest - The Soldier's Last Letter
Tubb, Ernest – Walking the Floor Over You (Mike)
Tubb, Ernest - Waltz Through Texas (Mike)
Tucker, Tanya – Gone (SC)
Tucker, Tanya - between the two of them
Tucker, Tanya – Blood Red And Going Down
Tucker, Tanya – Delta Dawn
Tucker, Tanya - I Don't Think My Heart Can Take Another You
Tucker, Tanya - Until My Last Tear
Tucker, Tanya - Find out what's going on
Tucker, Tanya – Wind In (SC)
Tucker, Tanya - Here's some love
Tucker, Tanya - When It Ain't Easy (SC)
Tucker, Tanya - If Your Heart Isn't Busy Tonight (SC)
Tucker, Tanya - I Come Back A Different Woman
Tucker, Tanya - Hurts Like Love (SC)
Tucker, Tanya - it won't be me
Tucker, Tanya - It's a little late
Tucker, Tanya - It's just over for you
Tucker, Tanya - Jamestown Ferry
Tucker, Tanya - Little Things (SC)
Tucker, Tanya - Love Me Like Before
Tucker, Tanya - My arms stay open all night
Tucker, Tanya - Oh what did that do to me
Tucker, Tanya - Strengthening Old Weaknesses
Tucker, Tanya – Ridin Out The Heartache (SC)
Tucker, Tanya--Walk in San Antonio
Tucker, Tanya – Some Kind of Trouble (SC)
Tucker, Tanya - Coming soon
Tucker, Tanya - Strong enough to bend
Tucker, Tanya - Texas When I Die
Tucker, Tanya - Two Sparrows in a Hurricane
Tucker, Tanya—Hiking Shoes (SC)
Tucker, Tanya - What's your mother's name
Tucker, Tanya - What am I doing to myself without you?
Tucker, Tanya - You're Just Watching Me (SC)
Tucker, Tanya and Delbert McClinton - Tell me about it
Tucker, Tanya and Paul Davis - I won't settle for less than your love
Tucker, Tanya and T. Graham Brown - Don't go
Tuesdays - It's up to you
Tune Weavers - Happy Birthday Baby
Tunstall, KT - Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
Tunstall, K.T. - Come on, get it
Tunstall, K T - Fading Like a Shadow
Tunstall, K. T. – Espere
Tunstall, K T - Suddenly I see
Tunstall, KT - Black Horse and the Cherry Tree (SC)
Tupac & Notorious BIG – Runnin (SC) (XXX)
Turner, Ike & Tina - I Wanna Take You Higher
Turner, Ike & Tina – Stolze Mary
Turner, Joe - Another Try
Turner, Joe – Corrine Corrina (Mike-1)
Turner, Joe – Flip Flop und Fly (Mike)
Turner, Joe – Flip Flop und Fly (MTS)
Turner, Joe – Honey Hush
Turner, Joe – Mitternachtsspecial (RB)
Turner, Joe – Shake Rattle and Roll (CB)
Turner, Josh - On me
Turner, Josh - It's OK
Turner, Josh - Firecrackers
Turner, Josh - Hometown Girl
Turner, Josh - I wouldn't be a man
Turner, Josh - Long Black Train
Turner, Josh - I and God (SC)
Turner, Josh - Time is love
Turner, Josh - What It Isn't
Turner, Josh - Why Don't We Just Dance?
Turner, Josh - Would you go with me?
Turner, Josh - Her husband
Turner, Josh & Ralph Stanley – Eu e Deus
Turner, Josh & Trisha Yearwood - Another try
Turner, Tina – Beste (SC)
Turner, Tina – Better be nice to me (SC)
Turner, Tina – Fool in Love (SC)
Turner, Tina - I can't stand the rain (SC)
Turner, Tina - I don't want to fight (SC)
Turner, Tina - I don't want to argue
Turner, Tina - I miss you
Turner, Tina – Open Arms (SC)
Turner, Tina – private dancer
Turner, Tina – Steamy Windows
Turner, Tina - Whatever You Need
Turner, Tina - What does love have to do with it?
Turner, Tina - When the heartbreak is over
Turner, Tina - Why Should We Wait Until Tonight (SC)
Turner, Trik – Friends and Family
Turtles - Elenore
Turtles - Happy Together (Mike -2)
Turtles - It's not me, honey
Turtles - She'd rather be with me
Turtles - She's my girl
Turtles - You showed me
TV-Themen – Die Addams Family
TV Topics – Everything in the family
TV Themes – American Bandstand
TV-Themen – Beverly Hillbillies
TV-Themen – Brady Bunch
TV-Themen – Cheers
TV Topics – Daniel Boone
TV-Themen – Tropa F
TV-Themen – Flintstones
TV-Themen – Gilligan's Island
TV Topics - America's Greatest Hero
TV-Themen – Green Acres
TV Themes - Happy Days
TV-Themen – Happy Trails
TV Themes – Jeffersons
TV Themes - Laverne and Shirley
TV-Themen – Love Boat
TV-Themen – Monkees
TV Topics – Mr Ed
TV-Themen – Partridge Family
TV-Themen – Petticoat Junction
TV Themes - Rawhide
TV Themes – Secret Agent
TV-Themen – Three's Company
TV-Themen – WKRP in Cincinnati
Twain, Shania - Any Man of Mine
Twain, Shania – Venham
Twain, Shania - Dance with the one who brought you
Twain, Shania - Don't Be Stupid
Twain, Shania - Nein
Twain, Shania - Forever and Ever
Twain, Shania - From This Moment On
Twain, Shania - God bless the child
Twain, Shania - The heart is blind
Twain, Shania - Home is not where your heart is
Twain, Shania - Baby I'm Home
Twain, Shania - I'm not a quitter
Twain, Shania - If You're Not In It For Love
Twain, Shania - I agree with you
Twain, Shania - I hold back on love
Twain, Shania - In My Car
Twain, Shania - Is There Life After Love?
Twain, Shania - It Only Hurts When I Breathe
Twain, Shania - Love Always Gets Me
Twain, Shania - Man I Feel Like A Woman
Twain, Shania - Nobody Needs to Know
Twain, Shania - Rock This Country
Twain, Shania - She's not just a pretty face
Twain, Shania - That doesn't impress me too much
Twain, Shania—Up
Twain, Shania - Why Did You Say That?
Twain, Shania - Whatever you do, don't do it
Twain, Shania - If You Kiss Me
Twain, Shania - Under Whose Bed Were Your Boots
Twain, Shania – Frau in mir
Twain, Shania - You love me so much
Twain, Shania - You have my love
Twain, Shania - You're still the one
Twain, Shania - You have a way
Twain, Shania & Alison Krauss Coat of Many Colors
Twain, Shania and Billy Currington - Party for two
Twain, Shania and Bryan White - From this moment on
Tweet – Call me ( R )
Tweet - Ops Oh My God (R)
Twenty Fingers – Short Dick Man (XXX)
Twenty-Fourth Street - Don't stop
Twenty-One Horsemen - Pagans
Twenty-one pilots - stressed
Twisted Sister – Burn In Hell (SC) (R)
Twisted Sister - I want to rock
Twisted Sister - We Won't Take It (SC)
Twister Alley - Dancing
Twitty, Conway - Eventually the good is gone
Twitty, Conway - She's nothing else
Twitty, Conway - The baby's gone
Twitty, Conway - between blue eyes and jeans
Twitty, Conway – Boogie Grass Band
Twitty, Conway - Bridge That Just Won't Burn
Twitty, Conway – Clown
Twitty, Conway - Mad at Love
Twitty, Conway – Desperado Love (SC)
Twitty, Conway - don't call him a cowboy
Twitty, Conway - Don't cry, Joni
Twitty, Conway - It Won't Leave You Alone (SC)
Twitty, Conway - don't take it away
Twitty, Conway - Fifteen years ago
Twitty, Conway - Games Parents Play
Twitty, Conway - Georgia keeps pulling my ring
Twitty, Conway – Goodbye (SC)
Twitty, Conway – Parabens Darlin
Twitty, Conway – Hallo Darlin
Twitty, Conway - The More She Can Take
Twitty, Conway - I couldn't see you go
Twitty, Conway - I Know Nothing About Love
Twitty, Conway - I Love You More Today
Twitty, Conway - Maybe I'll Never Go To Heaven (SC)
Twitty, Conway - I see the desire in your eyes (SC)
Twitty, Conway - I Want to Meet You Before We Make Love (SC)
Twitty, Conway - I wish I was still in your dreams
Twitty, Conway - I'd like to lay you down (Mike)
Twitty, Conway - I'm still not done loving you
Twitty, Conway - I Am The One (SC)
Twitty, Conway - picture of me (SC)
Twitty, Conway - it's only appearance (Mike -3)
Twitty, Conway - I once loved you in my mind
Twitty, Conway – Julia
Twitty, Conway - Linda On My Mind (SC)
Twitty, Conway - next in line
Twitty, Conway - Play Guitar Game
Twitty, Conway – Red Neckin Love Makin Night (SC)
Twitty, Conway - Let Your Love Rest On Me
Twitty, Conway - Street I Walk
Twitty, Conway – Rosa
Twitty, Conway - she needs someone to hold her
Twitty, Conway - She only has one thing on her mind
Twitty, Conway – Langsame Hand (Mike)
Twitty, Conway - Somebody Needs Somebody (SC)
Twitty, Conway - That's My Job (SC)
Twitty, Conway - There's A Honky-Tonk Angel To Take Me Back
Twitty, Conway - I Hurt Her More This Time (SC)
Twitty, Conway – Jeanshosen (SC)
Twitty, Conway - To see my angel weep
Twitty, Conway - Touch the Hand (SC)
Twitty, Conway - Your love got me so high
Twitty, Conway - You've Never Been This Far (SC)
Twitty, Conway & Loretta Lynn – After the Fire Is Gone (SC)
Twitty, Conway and Loretta Lynn - Feelings (SC)
Twitty, Conway and Loretta Lynn - I Can't Love You Enough (SC)
Twitty, Conway & Loretta Lynn – Guia-me (SC)
Twitty, Conway & Loretta Lynn – Louisiana woman, Mississippi man
Twitty, Conway and Loretta Lynn - They are the reason our children are ugly
Twitty, Conway and Sam Moore - Rainy Night in Georgia
Two AM Club - Too Fucked To Call (XXX)
Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone
Two Live Crew - I'm so horny (XXX)
Two Pac Mansion – Schläger ( X )
Two Pac - Until the end of time
Two tons of fun - It's raining men
Tyler, Bonnie - Waiting for a Hero
Tyler, Bonnie - It's a headache
Tyler, Bonnie - Total Eclipse of the Heart
Tyler, Kris - What a Woman Knows (SC)
Tyler, Ryan - The Last Thing She Said (SC)
Tyler, Ryan - Run, run, run
Tyrell, Steve - Give me the simple life
Tyrell, Steve - Despite this, I'm still in love with you
Tyrese - How do you want to act like that?
Tyrese - I like her girls
Tyrese - Sweet lady

U N V - Something is happening
U P O - Feel alive
U2 - All along the Watchtower
U2 – All because of you (CB)
U2 – Angels of Harlem (SC)
U2 – Spacious (SC)
U2 – Nice day
U2 - City of blinding lights
U2 - Desire
U2 – discotheque
U2 - Thunderstorm (SC)
U2 - height
U2 – Even Better Than The Original (SC)
U2 - Fly
U2 - Put on boots
U2 – ground beneath your feet
U2 - Hands Building America
U2 - Helter Skelter
U2 – Hold Me, Arouse Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (SC)
U2 – I still haven't found what I'm looking for (SC)
U2 – I follow (SC)
U2 – Bald
U2 – In Gottes Land
U2 - Last night on earth
U2 - Lemon
U2 - Mothers of the Disappeared
U2 – Mysterious Paths (SC)
U2 – New Year
U2 – Same
U2 – Original of the kind
U2 - please
U2 - Pride in the name of love
U2 - Running to a stop
U2 – So grausam
U2 – Sometimes you can do it yourself (CB)
U2 – looking into the sun
U2 – Stay (SC)
U2 - Stuck in a moment you can't get out of
U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday
U2 - Cutest thing
U2 - Unforgettable Fire
U2 - To the end of the world
U2 – Vertigo (CB)
U2 – Wake the Dead Man (XXX)
U2 - Walk
U2 - Where the streets have no name
U2 – Who will ride your wild horses?
U2 – Wilder Honig
U2 – Window in the sky
U2 - With or without you
U2 and B.B. King - When love comes to town
UB40 – City of Kingston
UB40 - Breakfast in bed
UB40 - I can't stop falling in love (CB)
UB40 - Cherry Oh Baby
UB40 - Come back dear
UB40 - Don't break my heart
UB40 – The earth is dying screaming
UB40 - Here I am
UB40 - Upper Ground
UB40 - Homely girl
UB40 - All set, Baby
UB40 - I'll be your baby tonight
UB40 – It's happening again
UB40 - King
UB40 – City of Kingston
UB40 - Many rivers to cross
UB40 - one of ten
UB40 - Rat in Mi kitchen
UB40 - Red Wine
UB40 - Sing our own song
UB40 – Swing Low Sweet Chariot
UB40 - Tears in my eyes
UB40 – The train is coming
UB40 - Until the day I die
UB40 - The way you do the things you do
UFO – Only You Can Rock Me (SC)
Ugly Kid Joe - All About You (XXX)
Tio Kracker - Siga-me
Uncle Kracker – Bald (SC)
Onkel Kracker – Memphis Soul Song
Tio Kracker – Resgate
Ten Crackers - Sorriso
Uncle Kracker & Kid Rock - Good To Be Me
Underwood, Carrie – All American Girl (SC)
Underwood, Carrie - Angels brought me here
Underwood, Carrie - Before He Cheated
Underwood, Carrie - Blinded
Underwood, Carrie—Change
Underwood, Carrie – Kirchenglocken
Underwood, Carrie – Cowboy Cassanova
Underwood, Carrie – Crazy Dreams (SC)
Underwood, Carrie – Lavanderia Suja
Underwood, Carrie - Thinking of Me?
Underwood, Carrie - Don't forget to remember me (CB)
Underwood, Carrie – Para Semper
Underwood, Carrie - Flat on the Floor (CB)
Underwood, Carrie – Lar doce lar
Underwood, Carrie - I'm not with Checotah anymore
Underwood, Carrie - I just can't lie
Underwood, Carrie - I told you so
Underwood, Carrie - I'll be by your side
Underwood, Carrie - In Your Heaven
Underwood, Carrie - Jesus Takes the Wheel
Underwood, Carrie - Dreaming
Underwood, Carrie - Sobrenome
Underwood, Carrie - Lessons Learned
Underwood, Carrie - Brinquedo Guns
Underwood, Carrie - Look at me
Underwood, Carrie – Mama-Lied
Underwood, Carrie - More Boys I Know
Underwood, Carrie - The Night Before Life Goes On
Underwood, Carrie - See you again
Underwood, Carrie – So klein (SC)
Underwood, Carrie - Some Hearts
Underwood, Carrie - Something in the Water
Underwood, Carrie - Songs like this
Underwood, Carrie - begins with farewell
Underwood, Carrie - Temporary home
Underwood, Carrie - Two Black Cadillacs
Underwood, Carrie - Undo it
Underwood, Carrie - Wasted
Underwood, Carrie - We Are Young and Beautiful (CB)
Underwood, Carrie - Whenever you remember
Underwood, Carrie & Brad Paisley – Oh Liebe
Underwood, Carrie & Sons Of Sylvia - What Can I Say (CB)
Unwritten Law - Rest of my life
Unwritten Law - See Red
Urban, Keith – Better Life (CB)
Urban, Keith - blue is not your color
Urban, Keith - but by the grace of God
Urban, Keith - Police car
Urban, Keith - The days go by
Urbano, Keith - Alle
Urbano, Keith - For you
Urbano, Keith - I Told You So (SC)
Urban, Keith - I'm in
Urban, Keith - It's a Love Affair (SC)
Urban, Keith – Jeans an (CB)
Urbano, Keith – John Cougar, John Deere, John 316
Urban, Keith - Kiss a Girl
Urban, Keith - a little bit of everything
Urban, Keith – Live to Love Another Day (SC)
Urban, Keith - Memories of Us
Urban, Keith – Once in a Lifetime (SC)
Urban, Keith - Only you can love me like this
Urban, Keith – Regensonntag (SC)
Urban, Keith - Romeos Melodie
Urban, Keith - Someone Like You
Urban, Keith - Somewhere in my car
Urban, Keith – Stupid Boy (SC)
Urban, Keith - Sweet Thing
Urban, Keith - Until Summer Comes
Urban, Keith - I want to cry tonight
Urban, Keith - Your Company
Urban, Keith - Lost Time
Urban, Keith - Whenever I run
Urban, Keith - Where the Tarmac Ends
Urban, Keith - Who wouldn't want to be me?
Urban, Keith - Without you
Urban, Keith - You will fly
Urban, Keith - You look good in my shirt (SC)
Urban, Keith - you will think of me
Urban, Keith - all for you
Urban, Keith - You are my better half
Urban, Keith & Carolyn Dawn Johnson – Dies of a Broken Heart
Urban, Keith and Miranda Lambert - We were us
Urban, Keith und Ronnie Dunn – Raise the Barn
Push - Go straight in
Urge Overkill - Girl you're about to be a woman
Uriah Heep - Easy Livin
Uriah Heep – Stealin
Uriah Heep - Sweet Lorraine
Usher - Burn (SC)
Usher – Captured.mpg”
Usher - Confessions Part 2 (SC)
Usher - Hallo Daddy
Usher - Lie down
Usher- More
Usher - moving mountains
Usher - My way
Usher - Good and Slow
Usher - One day you will be mine
Usher – Pop Ya Collar
Usher - There goes my baby
Usher - You don't have to call
Usher – You misunderstood
Usher - You make me want to
Usher - You Remind Me (SC)
Usher & Ludacris & Lil Jon – Sim
Usher & Pitbull – DJ has left us in love
Usher & Young Jeezy - Love at this club

(Video) Angie Stone - No More Rain (In This Cloud) (Official Video)

Valens, Richie - let's go
Valens, Richie-Donna
Valens, Ritchie – La Bamba (SC)
Valentin, Bobby – Devagar (SC)
Valentine, Dickie - Christmas Alphabet
Valentino, Bobby & Timbaland – Anonymous
Valli, Frankie - Can't Take My Eyes Off You (SC)
Valli, Frankie – Graxa (SC)
Valli, Frankie - My Eyes Worshiped You (SC)
Valli, Frankie - Our day will come
Valli, Frankie - Swear to God
Valli, Frankie und Four Seasons – Big Man In Town
Valli, Frankie und Four Seasons – Bye Bye Baby Baby Goodbye
Valli, Frankie und Four Seasons – Candy Girl
Valli, Frankie und Four Seasons – Breaking Dawn
Valli, Frankie and Four Seasons - Don't think twice
Valli, Frankie and Four Seasons - Night
Valli, Frankie und Four Seasons – Ronnie
Valli, Frankie and Four Seasons - Reserve it for me
Valli, Frankie and Four Seasons - work back to you
Valli, Frankie and Four Seasons - Are You Ready Now?
Van Halen - I'm not talking about love
Van Halen - Dance the night away
Van Halen - Feel Your Love Tonight
Van Halen - Hot for the Teacher (SC)
Van Halen - Iceman
Van Halen - I'm Waiting (SC)
Van Halen - Jamie's Cryin
Van Halen Sprung
Van Halen Panama
Van Halen – Pretty Woman (SC)
Van Halen – Right now
Van Halen - Running with the Devil
Van Halen - Why this can't be love
Van Halen - Without you
Van Halen - You Really Got Me (SC)
Van Zant - Take what you came for
Van Zant – Just come down
Van Zant - Help someone
Van Zant - No One Will Tell Me What To Do (CB)
Van Zant - It scares me
Van Zant - Things I miss the most (CB)
Van Zant, Johnny – Brickyard Road
Vandross, Luther - Forever and ever
Vandross, Luther - The best things in life are free
Vandross, Luther - Buy me a rose
Vandross, Luther - The closer I get to you
Vandross, Luther – Creepin
Vandross, Luther - Dance with my father
Vandross, Luther - I don't want to be a fool
Vandross, Luther - Give me reason
Vandross, Luther - Here and Now
Vandross, Luther - Home is not home
Vandross, Luther - How often can we say goodbye
Vandross, Luther - I can get better
Vandross, Luther—I know
Vandross, Luther - If I didn't know better
Vandross, Luther - Never Let Me Go
Vandross, Luther - Never Too Much
Vandross, Luther - Power of Love, Power of Love (SC)
Vandross, Luther - Since I Lost My Baby
Vandross, Luther – So genial
Vandross, Lutero – Pare de Amar
Vandross, Luther – Te Levar (SC)
Vandross, Luther - Think of You (SC)
Vandross, Luther - What the world needs now (SC)
Vandross, Luther - Your secret love
Vandross, Luther & Mariah Carey - Endless Love
Vanelli, Gino - I just want to stop
Vanilla Fudge - You keep me waiting
Vanilla Ice Cream - Ice Ice Baby
Vanity 6 - Bad Girl (XXX)
Vanity Rate - Early morning
Vanity Fare – Hitchin A Ride (Mike-1)
Vannelli, Gino Appaloosa
Vannelli, Gino - Brother to Brother
Vannelli, Gino-Vida Luca
Vannelli, Gino - I just want to stop (SC)
Vannelli, Gino - Life in myself
Vannelli, Gino - The love of my life
Vannelli, Gino – Mama Coco
Vannelli, Gino - People have to move
Vannelli, Gino - Powerful People
Vannelli, Gino – Slow Love (SC)
Vannelli, Gino – Wheels of Life
Vannett, Connie – Pussycat-Lied (XXX)
Vanwarmer, Randy - Just When I Needed You Most
Fumes - Become Japanese
Vassar, Phil - American Child
Vassar, Phil - Bobby with an I
Vassar, Phil – Carlene
Vassar, Phil - Wherever I Go
Vassar, Phil - I would
Vassar, Phil - I'll take that as a yes
Vassar, Phil - In a True Love
Vassar, Phil - Just Another Day in Paradise
Vassar, Phil - The Last Day of My Life
Vassar, Phil - Let's stick together
Vassar, Phil - Love is a beautiful thing
Vassar, Phil - Love Lives
Vassar, Phil - The Prayer of an Ordinary Man
Vassar, Phil – Rosenstrauß
Vassar, Phil – Sixpack-Sommer (SC)
Vassar, Phil - then I love you
Vassar, Phil - This is God
Vassar, Phil - This is my life
Vassar, Phil - Love Supreme
Vassar, Phil - Woman in my life
Vaughan, Sarah - All Things You Are
Vaughan, Sarah - Outside of Vermont
Vaughan, Sarah - You don't know what love is
Vaughan, Stevie Ray - Cold Shot
Vaughan, Stevie Ray - Crossfire
Vaughan, Stevie Ray - House is rockin'
Vaughan, Stevie Ray - Mary had a little lamb
Vaughan, Stevie Ray – Pride and Joy (Mike -1)
Vaughan, Stevie Ray - Heaven Weeps
Vaughan, Stevie Ray – Texas Flood
Vaughan, Tyrone - Downtime
Vaughn, Sarah - Make Yourself Comfortable
Vaughn, Sarah – Misty
Vaughn, Sarah – Luar in Vermont (SC)
Vaughn, Sarah – Was Lola will
Vaughn, Stevie Ray - Crossfire (SC)
Vaughn, Stevie Ray - Empty Arms (SC)
Vaughn, Stevie Ray – House is Rockin (SC)
Vaughn, Stevie Ray - Life by the Drop (SC)
Vaughn, Stevie Ray – Corda Bamba (SC)
Vee, Bobby - times I'm growing up
Vee, Bobby - Devil or Angel (SC)
Vee, Bobby - How many tears
Vee, Bobby – Medley (Fast Songs)
Vee, Bobby – Medley (slow songs)
Vee, Bobby - More than I can say
Vee, Bobby - The night has a thousand eyes
Vee, Bobby - Please don't ask about Barbara
Vee, Bobby – Gummiball
Vee, Bobby - run to him
Vee, Bobby - Share
Vee, Bobby - stay in
Vee, Bobby - Take good care of my baby (Mike)
Vega, Susanne – Luka
Vega, Suzanne – Toms Diner
Vengaboys – We like to party
Vera, Billy – Right now
Vera, Billy & Clay, Judy - Storybook for Children
Vertical Horizon - The best I've ever had
Vertical Horizon - Anything you want
Vertical Horizon - You are a god
Veruca salt – sea ether
Veruca Salt - Volcano Girl
Verve – Bittersweet Symphony
Verve - lucky guy
Verve Pipe - Newbies
Verve Whistle - Hero
Via, Angela - picture perfect
Vidal, Christina – Take Me Away (SC)
Vidal, Daniele – Champs Elysees
Videos – trickle trickle
Village People - Can't stop the music
Dorfbewohner – In the Navy (CB)
Villager - Macho Man (CB)
Villager – Y M C A
Vincent, Gene – You're Bop A Lula
Vincent, Gene – Lotta Lovin
Vines – Get Free (SC)
Vinton, Bobby – Blue on Blue (SC)
Vinton, Bobby – Blue Velvet (SC)
Vinton, Bobby - Halfway to Heaven
Vinton, Bobby - I love how you love me (Mike -1)
Vinton, Bobby – Mr. Lonely (SC)
Vinton, Bobby - My heart belongs only to you
Vinton, Bobby - My Melody of Love
Vinton, Bobby – Please Love Me Forever (Mike-1)
Vinton, Bobby - Roses are Red (SC)
Vinton, Bobby - I Said It Again (SC)
Violent Women - Add It (XXX)
Violent Women - Blister In The Sun
Vitamin C – Graduation (SC)
Vitamin C – Prom Friends Forever
Vitamin C – itching
Vitamin C – Me, Me and Me (SC)
Vitamin C - Smile
Vixen – Edge of a Broken Heart (SC)
Vogele, Kate - From the inside out
Vogues - Five O'Clock World (SC)
Moden – My Special Anjo (LS)
Vogues – Am Broadway (LS)
Vogues – Bis (LS)
Vogues - Turn around and look at me (Mike)
Vogues – You Are The One (SC)
Voices of Theory - Say It (SC)
Voices of theory - wherever you go
Von Bondies – Come on, come on (SC)

Wagner, Jack - All I Need
Wagoner, Porter – Big Wind
Waggoner, Porter - Carroll County Unfall
Waggoner, Porter - The Cold Hard Fact of Life
Wagoner, porter - company is coming
Wagoner, porter - Eat, drink and be merry
Waggoner, Porter - I'm Gonna Swing Down
Carter, porter - I took as much as I could with me
Wagoner, porter - Misery loves company
Wagoner, Porter - Satisfied spirit
Wagoner, Porter - Skid Row Joe
Wagoner, porter - they are coming
Waggoner, Porter - His Old Love Letters
Waggoner, Porter & Dolly Parton - Papa was an old preacher
Waggoner, Porter und Dolly Parton - One Day We'll Progress
Wainright, Rufus – Aleluja (SC)
Waite, John—Change
Wakely, Jimmy - One has my name, the other my heart
Wale & Lady Gaga – Chillin (XXX)
Walk The Moon – Cale a Boca e Dance
Walker, Billy – Sapatos de Charlie (Mike-1)
Walker, Charlie - Catch Me When You Go Down
Walker, Charlie - Who Buys the Wine?
Walker, Clay – Bury The Shovel (SC)
Walker, Argila - Chain of Love
Walker, Clay - Don't be stupid
Walker, Clay - Dreaming with eyes open (SC)
Walker, Clay-Remains
Walker, Clay - Some Questions
Walker, Clay - before becoming a mother
Walker, Clay - Hipnotize a Lua
Walker, Clay - I Can't Sleep
Walker, Clay - I Don't Know How Love Begins (SC)
Walker, Clay - I Won't Take the Heart (SC)
Walker, Clay - If I could make a living (SC)
Walker, Clay - If You Feel Like Loving Me Again (SC)
Walker, Clay - Jesus Was a Country Boy (CB)
Walker, Clay - Long live laughing love
Walker, Clay - Live Till You Die (SC)
Walker, Clay - My heart will never know
Walker, Clay - Once in a Lifetime Love
Walker, Clay - One Two I Love You (SC)
Walker, Clay - Only on days ending in Y (SC).
Walker, Clay - Ordinary People
Walker, Clay - Rumored to be (SC)
Walker, Clay - Say no more
Walker, Clay - She likes it in the morning
Walker, Clay - She won't be alone for long
Walker, Clay - She's always right
Walker, Clay - Well and (SC)
Walker, Clay - This Woman and This Man (SC)
Walker, Clay - Check It Out (SC)
Walker, Clay - What's that to you (SC)
Walker, Clay - Where I Fit In
Walker, Clay - Where Do I Go From Here?
Walker, Clay - White Palace
Walker, Clay - Who Needs You Baby (SC)
Walker, Clay - You're starting to get to me
Walker, Junior - What It Takes To Win Your Love
Walker, Mike - Honey Do
Walker, T Bone - Call it a blustery Monday (Mike)
Walker, Tamara - Asking for too much
Walker, Tamara - We do not love
Mauer aus Voodoo – Radio Mexicana
Wallace, Jerry - If you leave me tonight I'll cry (Mike)
Wallace, Jerry - No Foggy Moonlight
Wallace, Jerry – Primrose Lane
Wallflower Difference (SC)
Invisible - Heroes
Wallflower - a lighthouse
Walsh, Joe - All Night
Walsh, Joe - Life was good
Walsh, Joe – Rocky Mountain Path
Walsh, Joe and Steve Earle - Honey, no
Walters, Jamie - Hope
Waltz – Blue Rock Waltz
Wang Chung - Days of the Dance Hall
Wang Chung - Have fun tonight
Wanted - all-time bass
Wanted - Chasing the sun
Searched, found
Wanted – you Como Rihanna
Krieg – Cisco Kid
Guerra - Lowrider
War - Why Can't We Be Friends?
Ward, Anita – Ring My Bell
Ward, Chris – Fall Reaching
Ward, Mike – Neon Wishing Well (SC)
Ward, Shayne - If that's okay with you
Overseer, Monte – One Day (SC)
Wariner, Steve - All roads lead to you (SC)
Wariner, Steve - Can I come over tonight (CB)
Wariner, Steve – Crash Course in the Blues (SC)
Wariner, Steve – Domino-Theorie (SC)
Wariner, Steve – Driving (SC)
Wariner, Steve – Drivin e Cryin (SC)
Wariner, Steve - Every Little Whisper
Wariner, Steve - Believe in yourself
Wariner, Steve – heart problems (SC)
Wariner, Steve - Holes in Heaven's Floor
Wariner, Steve - I have dreams (SC)
Wariner, Steve - If I Didn't Love You (SC)
Wariner, Steve - I'm already engaged
Wariner, Steve - I'm your man
Wariner, Steve - In the blink of an eye (CB)
Wariner, Steve - It will not separate you (SC)
Wariner, Steve - Lights of Kansas City
Wariner, Steve - Let Him Out (SC)
Wariner, Steve – Highway of Life (SC)
Wariner, Steve - Like a river to the sea
Wariner, Steve - Lonely women make good lovers
Wariner, Steve – Lynda (CB)
Wariner, Steve – Road Trippin
Wariner, Steve – Small Town Girl (SC)
Wariner, Steve - Snowfall in the Sand
Wariner, Steve - Some fools never learn
Wariner, Steve - Starting Over
Wariner, Steve - There for a while
Wariner, Steve – My Fingertips (SC)
Wariner, Steve - Two Tears
Wariner, Steve – Weekend (SC)
Wariner, Steve - What I Didn't Do
Wariner, Steve - When could I come to your house?
Wariner, Steve – Where did I go wrong (SC)
Wariner, Steve - The woman loves
Wariner, Steve - You can dream of me
Wariner, Steve & Garth Brooks – Burnin The Roadhouse Down
Wariner, Steve & Garth Brooks - Katie wants a fast one
Wariner, Steve & Lee Roy Parnell – Carmelita (CB)
Warner, Mack - Faded Bridge
Order - cherry pie
Arrest Warrant - Down Boys
Arrest Warrant – Heaven
Warren Brothers - Better Man
Warren brothers - guilty
Warren Brothers - Hello Mr. President
Warren Brothers - Carry on
Warren Brothers - Sell a lot of beer
Warren Brothers - She Wants to Rock (SC)
Warren Brothers - Where It Hurts
Warren Brothers & Sara Evans – This is the best from the heart
Warwick, Dionne – Alfie
Warwick, Dionne - Anyone with a heart
Warwick, Dionne - You know the way to San Jose
Warwick, Dionne - Don't underestimate me
Warwick, Dionne - Heartbreakers
Warwick, Dionne - I Say a Little Prayer (SC)
Warwick, Dionne - I'll never fall in love again
Warwick, Dionne - I'll Never Love Like That Again (SC)
Warwick, Dionne - Message to Michael
Warwick, Dionne - Trains and Boats and Planes
Warwick, Dionne - Subject Valley of the Dolls
Warwick, Dionne – Walk Around
Warwick, Dionne & Friends - that's what friends are for
Warwick, Dionne & Spinners - Then came you
What Wasn't - Walk The Dinosaur
Washington, Grover Jr. - Just the two of us
Lost days and lost nights
Water, Crystal - One Hundred Percent Pure Love
Waters, Crystal - Tell me how you feel
Watley, Jody - You don't want me
Watley, Jody - In Search of New Love
Watley, Jody - True Love
Watley, Jody - a kind of lover
Watley, Jody - When a Man Loves a Woman
Watson, Dale - Land My Ass (R)
Watson, Gene - Between this time and the next
Watson, Gene - Drinking on the way home (Mike)
Watson, Gene – Farewell Party (Mike -2)
Watson, Gene - Forever Again (Mike)
Watson, Gene – Fourteen Carat Mint (SC)
Watson, Gene - No need to go home now (SC)
Watson, Gene - I don't need anything (SC)
Watson, Gene - Jukebox played together
Watson, Gene - Love on a Hot Afternoon
Watson, Gene - Maybe I should listen
Watson, Gene - Memories to Burn (Mike)
Watson, Gene - No farewells
Watson, Gene - No Trash in My Trailer (TT)
Watson, Gene - Nothing looked good on you
Watson, Gene - Old Man and His Horn
Watson, Gene - Old Porch Swing (SC)
Watson, Gene - Conversa one-sided
Watson, Gene - Paper Rosie (SC)
Watson, Gene - Pluck the Flower of the Forest (SC)
Watson, Gene - I've got to get home (SC)
Watson, Gene - Sometimes I get lucky and forget (Mike)
Watson, Gene - Speak Softly You speak to my heart
Watson, Gene - This Dream Is Within Me
Watson, Gene - What she doesn't know won't hurt her
Watson, Gene - Where Love Begins
Watson, Gene - You could know so much about a stranger
Watson, Gene - You Gave Me a Mountain (SC)
Watson, Gene - You're just another song to drink beer with
Watson, Gene - You do what I do here (Mike)
Watson, Johnny Guitar - That Ain't No Bitch
Wayne, Jimmy - Do you believe me now
Wayne, Jimmy - I love you so much
Wayne, Jimmy - I will
Wayne, Jimmy - I'll be the one
Wayne, Jimmy – Papierengel
Wayne, Jimmy - Stay away
Wayne, Jimmy - That's all I ever need
Wayne, Jimmy - you are
Wayne, Jimmy & Whitney Duncan - Just Knowing You Love Me
Wayne, Thomas - Tragedy
We Five - You were on my mind (SC)
Weather Girls - It's raining men
Weekend - Hills (X)
Weezer – Dope Nase (R)
Weezer - wait
Weezer – Hash-Pipe (SC) ( XXX )
Weezer - I want you
Weezer - I am your father
Weezer – Photography
Weezer - pork and beans
Weezer - Say it's not like that
Weezer – Trippin Down The Freeway
Weezer - troublemaker
Wel, Bob - ebony eyes
Welch, Lenny - Ever since I fell in love with you
Bem, Lawrence - Alley Cat
Weller, Freddy - Games that people play
Wells, Junior – Messin With The Kid
Wells, Kitty - A friend's guitar
Wells, Kitty – Heartbreak EUA (SC)
Wells, Kitty – Honky-Tonk-Engel
Wells, Kitty - It wasn't God who made the honky tonk angels
Wells, Kitty—Makin Believe
Wells, Kitty - Mom for a Day (SC)
Wells, Kitty – Password (SC)
Wells, Kitty - Looking For Someone Like You (SC)
Wells, Kitty - Your Lawyer Will Speak to God (SC)
Wells, Kitty - Can't You Hear (SC)
Wells, Kitty & Red Foley – One on One (SC)
Wells, Mary – Mein Mann (SC)
Wells, Mary - You beat me to it
Wesley, James – Jackson Hole
Wesley, James – Really
West, Dottie - Are You Happy Baby?
West, Dottie - Before the ring on your finger turns green
West, Dottie - come to me and come alone
West, Dottie – luz do sol no campo
West, Dottie - Every Word I Write
West, Dottie - Here Comes My Baby
West, Dottie - The Last Time I Saw Him
West, Dottie - Leavin's Lesson
West, Dottie - reaches out to hold you
West, Dottie - Sometimes when we touch
West, Dottie - you're mine tonight
West, Dottie - If it's just you and me
West, Dottie - Would you use that against me?
West, Dottie - You're not easy to forget
West, Elbert – This one will leave a mark (SC)
West, Emily - Rocks In Your Shoes
West, Emily and Keith Urban - Blue Skies
West, Kanye – Heard Em Say.mpg”
Westen, Kanye – Jesus Walk (SC)
West, Kanye - but strong (R - X)
Westen, Shelly – Jose Cuervo
West, Shelly and David Frizzell - I just came here to dance
Western Flyer – Rodovia Cherokee
Western Flyer – your memory
Western Flyer - What will you do to me
Westlife - Swear again
Westside Connection & Nate Dogg – Gangsta Nation (SC) (R)
Nass Nass Nass – Angel Eyes
Wet wet wet - I don't want to forgive myself now
Wet Wet Wet - Good night girls
Wet Wet Wet - If I never see you again
Wet wet wet - says Julia
Wet wet wet - love is everywhere
Wet wet wet - somewhere somehow
Wet Wet Wet – Little Sweet Mystery
Wet Wet Wet - Sweet Surrender
Wet Wet Wet – weightless
Wet Wet Wet - wish you luck
Nasser Willie - Dixie Rock
Wet Willie - farther Sorrindo
Wet Willie – Street Corner Serenata
Wet Willie - Weekend
Wham - bad boys
Wham - Carefree Whisper (SC)
Wham - Club Tropicana
Wham – Rand des Himmels (CB)
Wham - Anything She Wants (SC)
Wham - if you were there
Wham - I'm your man
Wham - Wake Me Before You Go (SC)
Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag (SC) (XXX)
Whiskey Falls - Traps for you
Whiskey Falls - Last moving train
Whispers - And the beat goes on
Whisper - It's a love thing
Whispers - Make sweet love to me
Whisper - Rock Steady
White Lion - When children cry
White Plains - My baby loves lovin
White Stripes - Seven Nations Army
White City - your wife
White, Barry - I can't get enough of your love, darling
White, Barry - I'll love you a little more baby
White, Barry - Practice What You Preach
White, Barry - You are the first, the last, my everything
White, Bryan - Bad day to let you go
White, Bryan - Between Now and Forever
White, Bryan – Eugene Du Genie
White, Bryan - God Gave Me You
White, Bryan – How long
White, Bryan - Must Love You No More (SC)
White, Bryan - Look at me now (SC)
White, Bryan - Love is the right place
White, Bryan – Eu e a Lua
White, Bryan - A Little Miracle
Branco, Bryan – Rebecca Lynn
Branco, Bryan – Sittin On Go (SC)
White, Bryan - So much for pretense (SC)
White, Bryan - Someone Else's Star
White, Bryan - That's Another Song (SC)
White, Bryan – Kelchbaum
White, Bryan - You are still beautiful to me
White, Bryan & Corrs - Looking with the Eyes
White, Drake - To Make Me Feel Good Again
White, Drake - Simple Life
Branco, Jack – Lazaretto
White, Lari - Don't arrest me
White, Lari - John Wayne is leaving
White, Lari - Don't lead me
Know, Lari - Now I know (SC)
Know, Lari - now I know
White, Lari - ready, willing and able
White, Lari - step
White, Lari - Take me
Know, Lari - that's how you know it
White, Lari - This is my baby
White, Lari - What a woman wants
White, Lari - wild heart
Weiß, Lari - Lay Around And Love On You (SC)
Branco, Lari - Don't lead me (SC)
Branco, Lari Test (SC)
White, Lari - How To Know When You're In Love (SC)
White, Lari - That's My Baby (SC)
White, Lari Wishes (SC)
White, Lori - That's how you know when you're in love
White, Tony Joe—Polk Salad Annie
White - walking around
Whitesnake - fool for your love
Whitesnake - Give me all your love
Whitesnake - Here I go again
Whitesnake - Middle of the night
Whitesnake - This is Love (SC)
Whitesnake - Slide in
Whitesnake - Slow and Easy (SC)
Whiting, Margaret - Rain or shine
Whitley, Keith – Birmingham Turnaround
Whitley, Keith - Don't Close Your Eyes (Mike)
Whitley, Keith - Hard Life
Whitley, Keith - Heartbroken Highway
Whitley, Keith - Homecoming 63
Whitley, Keith - Thinking of Me?
Whitley, Keith - I'm no stranger to rain
Whitley, Keith - I'm Over You
Whitley, Keith - It's Nothing (SC)
Whitley, Keith – Miami, meine Amy
Whitley, Keith - Same Old Back Street
Whitley, Keith - Somebody's doing me good
Whitley, Keith - Talk to me Texas
Whitley, Keith - ten feet away
Whitley, Keith - If You Say Nothing (Mike)
Whitley, Keith - Those arms would get in the way
Wer – Baba O’Riley (SC)
Wer – Barganha (SC)
Who - Behind the blue eyes
Who - I can not explain
Who – Your Eminence Front
Who - I can see miles (SC)
Who - I don't know how to explain (SC)
Who - I'm Free (SC)
Wer – Love Reign Over Me (SC)
Who – Magic Bus
Who - My Generation (SC)
Wer – Pinball Wizard (SC)
Wer – Flipper-Assistent
Wer – Seeker (SC)
Quem – Squeeze-Box
Who – Substitute (SC)
Wer – Summertime Blues (Live-Version) (SC)
Wer – Não Vamos Leva (SC)
Who – who are you (SC)
Who - can't be fooled again (SC)
Who – you better bet
Wicks, Chuck - All I Ever Wanted
Wicks, Chuck - Hold onto that thought
Wicks, Chuck - The man of the house
Wicks, Chuck—Old School
Wicks, Chuck - Stealing Cinderella
Widespread panic - hope in a hopeless world
Wiggines, John & Audrey - Somewhere in Love (SC)
Wiggins, John & Audrey – Alguém viu Amy (SC)
Wiggins, John & Audrey - She Cries in Her Room (SC)
Wiggins, John and Audrey - Has Anyone Seen Amy?
Wiggins, John and Audrey - Night of Remembrance
Wild Cherry - Play this fun song
Wild Horses - I will survive
Wild Orchid - Supernatural
Wilde, Kim – Schachliebe
Wilde, Kim - Four Letter Word
Wilde, Kim – Children in America (SC)
Wilde, Kim - you came
Wilde, Kim - You Make Me Wait (CB)
Wilder, Matthew - Break My Step
Wilkinson, Amanda – Longe de Amar
Wilkinsons - boy oh boy
Wilkinsons - Voar
Wilkinsons - I wanna be that girl
Wilkinsons - Jimmy has a girlfriend
Wilkinsons – Nineteen Ninety Nine (SC)
Wilkinsons - Shame On Me (SC)
Wilkinsons – sechsundzwanzig Cent
Wilkinsons – Yodelin Blues
Will to Power - I'm not in love
Williams, Andy – Fast da
Williams, Andy - Born Free
Williams, Andy – Borboleta
Williams, Andy - Canadian Sunset
Williams, Andy - I Can't Get Used To Losing You (Mike -2)
Williams, Andy - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Williams, Andy – Charada
Williams, Andy – Danny Boy
Williams, Andy - Days of Wine and Roses
Williams, Andy – Dear Heart (CB)
Williams, Andy – Lied des Exodus (This Land Is Mine)
Williams, Andy - The Godfather's Love Theme
Williams, Andy - Hawaiian Wedding Song
Williams, Andy - Here is that rainy day
Williams, Andy - Let's cancel everything
Williams, Andy - Lonely Road
Williams, Andy - Love is a very bright thing
Williams, Andy - Love Me With All My Heart
Williams, Andy – Moon River (Mike)
Williams, Andy – Mais
Williams, Andy - Music for Girls to Watch
Williams, Andy - for the second time
Williams, Andy—Patience
Williams, Andy - Somewhere My Love (CB)
Williams, Andy – Speak Softly Love (SC)
Williams, Andy - Three Coins in the Well
Williams, Andy - Where Do I Begin (Love Story) (SC)
Williams, Cynda – Harlem Blues (SC)
Williams, Deniece - It will be a miracle
Williams, Deniece - Let's hear it for the boy
Williams, Don – Amanda (Mike)
Williams, Don - Back to My Younger Days
Williams, Don - Come early in the morning
Williams, Don – Falling Again (SC)
Williams, Don – Bons Ole Boys Like Me (SC)
Williams, Don - Heartbeat in the Dark
Williams, Don - I believe in you (Mike)
Williams, Don - I Remember a Gypsy
Williams, Don - I don't want to live (SC)
Williams, Don - When Hollywood Don't Need You
Williams, Don – I'm Just a Country Boy (SC)
Williams, Don – Deve Ser Amor (SC)
Williams, Don - It's Who You Love
Williams, Don - Lord have mercy on a country boy
Williams, Don - Lord I hope this day is good (SC)
Williams, Don - Love is on the rise
Williams, Don – Me ame de novo (SC)
Williams, Don - Love Me Tonight
Williams, Don - My Gun, My Pony and Me
Williams, Don - Nobody but you
Williams, Don - A Good Well
Williams, Don - Say it again
Williams, Don – Terra das Sombras
Williams, Don - She never met me
Williams, Don - Some broken hearts never heal
Williams, Don – Stay Young (SC)
Williams, Don - Story of my Life
Williams, Don - That's the thing about love
Williams, Don - So It's Love
Williams, Don - Until All Rivers Dry Up (SC)
Williams, Don - True Love
Williams, Don – Tulsa-Zeit (Mike)
Williams, Don - Turn off the lights and love me tonight
Williams, Don – Walkin A Broken Heart (SC)
Williams, Don - We Must Be Together
Williams, Don - You're My Best Friend (SC)
Williams, Don & Emmylou Harris - When I Needed You
Williams, Hank - Alone and Abandoned
Williams, Hank - Angel of Death
Williams, Hank - Baby, we're really in love
Williams, Hank - I'll call you
Williams, Hank – Cold Cold Heart (SC)
Williams, Hank—Freshwater
Williams, Hank - Mad Heart
Williams, Hank—Dear John
Williams, Hank – Freshman Blues
Williams, Hank – Metade
Williams, Hank – Hey Good Lookin
Williams, Hank – Honky-Tonk-Blues
Williams, Hank – Honky Tonkin
Williams, Hank - Howlin on the Moon
Williams, Hank - I can't get you out of my head
Williams, Hank - Can't Help Me If I'm Still In Love With You (SC)
Williams, Hank - I Dreamed About Mom Last Night
Williams, Hank - I've Seen the Light
Williams, Hank - I'll Never Leave This World Alive (SC)
Williams, Hank - I am a long-dead father
Williams, Hank - I'm so lonely I could cry
Williams, Hank – Jambalaya
Williams, Hank – Kaw Liga
Williams, Hank – Lone Whistle
Williams, Hank – Long Gone Lonesome Blues
Williams, Hank - Lost Road
Williams, Hank – Love Sick Blues
Williams, Hank - Lovesick Blues
Williams, Hank - Mansion on the Hill
Williams, Hank - Message to my mother
Williams, Hank - Mind Your Own Business
Williams, Hank – Moanin The Blues
Williams, Hank - Carry on
Williams, Hank - There's a hole in my bucket
Williams, Hank - Nobody gets lonely for me
Williams, Hank - Please Don't Make Me Love You
Williams, Hank - Please make up your mind
Williams, Hank - Ramblin' Man
Williams, Hank - Going Home Soon
Williams, Hank – Rockin Chair Money
Williams, Hank - Setting the Forest on Fire
Williams, Hank - Someday You'll Call My Name
Williams, Hank - Take These Chains Off My Heart
Williams, Hank - There's a Teardrop in My Beer
Williams, Hank - Riches won't save your soul
Williams, Hank – Weary Blues von Walkin
Williams, Hank - Wedding Bells
Williams, Hank - Why Don't You Love Me?
Williams, Hank - You won again
Williams, Hank - Your Deceitful Heart
Williams, Hank - You Change or I Go
Williams, Hank III - I don't know
Williams, Hank Jr - America Will Survive
Williams, Hank Jr – No Misconduct (CB)
Williams, Hank Jr - It's Nobody's Business (CB)
Williams, Hank Jr - All for the Love of the Sun (SC)
Williams, Hank Jr - All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming
Williams, Hank Jr - All my loutish friends settled down
Williams, Hank Jr - Adjusting the Attitude
Williams, Hank Jr - Great female tops
Williams, Hank Jr - Born to Boogie
Williams, Hank Jr - Both Sides of Goodbye (SC)
Williams, Hank Jr – Cajun Baby (SC)
Williams, Hank Jr – Country Boy Can Survive
Williams, Hank Jr - State of mind of the country
Williams, Hank Jr - Dinosaurs
Williams, Hank Jr – Mente Suja
Williams, Hank Jr – Dixie On My Mind (SC)
Williams, Hank Jr – Don Juan D’Bubba (SC)
Williams, Hank Jr - Give Us No Reason (CB)
Williams, Hank Jr – Onze Rosas
Williams, Hank Jr - It's All About Money and Love (SC)
Williams, Hank Jr – Waylons Augen
Williams, Hank Jr. - Family Tradition
Williams, Hank Jr - Finders are Keepers
Williams, Hank Jr – Gonna Go Huntin Tonight
Williams, Hank Jr - I'm Gonna Have a Party
Williams, Hank Jr - Good Friends Good Lovin Good Whiskey (R)
Williams, Hank Jr - Hank
Williams, Hank Jr - Heaven Cannot Be Found
Williams, Hank Jr – Hey Good Lookin (SC)
Williams, Hank Jr – Hog Wild
Williams, Hank Jr. – Honky-Tonk-Blues
Williams, Hank Jr – Honky Tonkin (SC)
Williams, Hank Jr – Hotelwhisky (CB)
Williams, Hank Jr - Houston We've Got A Problem (SC)
Williams, Hank Jr - Lutei vs. Her
Williams, Hank Jr - If Heaven Ain't Dixie (CB)
Williams, Hank Jr – Se for, será (CB)
Williams, Hank Jr – Se o Sul Ganhasse (CB) (Iffy Graphics)
Williams, Hank Jr - If you don't like Hank Williams
Williams, Hank Jr - I Am For Love (SC)
Williams, Hank Jr - I'm one of you
Williams, Hank Jr - I'm so lonely I could cry (Mike)
Williams, Hank Jr - I'm Tired
Williams, Hank Jr – Jambalaya
Williams, Hank Jr – Kaw-Liga
Williams, Hank Jr – Keep the Change
Williams, Hank Jr - Leave The Boys Alone (SC)
Williams, Hank Jr – Lovesick Blues
Williams, Hank Jr - Man of Steel
Williams, Hank Jr - Mansion on the Hill
Williams, Hank Jr - Mind Your Own Business
Williams, Hank Jr - Old Habits (SC)
Williams, Hank Jr - Queen of My Heart (SC)
Williams, Hank Jr - Red White and Pinkslip Blues
Williams, Hank Jr - Music from the Jukebox
Williams, Hank Jr – Mulher do Texas (SC)
Williams, Hank Jr - This is not good
Williams, Hank Jr - This isn't Dallas (SC)
Williams, Hank Jr - Tuesday is over
Williams, Hank Jr – Whiskey Bent und Hell Bound (Mike -1)
Williams, Hank Jr - Why We Can't All Have Long Necks
Williams, Hank Jr - Women I Never Had (Mike -1)
Williams, Hank Jr - Young Country (CB)
Williams, Hank Jr & Gretchen Wilson, Big & Rich - How They Do It in Dixie (CB)
Williams, Hank Jr & Hank Sr - There's a tear in my beer
Williams, Hank Jr & Kid Rock – F-Wort (R)
Williams, Holly – Keep the Change
Williams, Holly – Mama
Williams, Joy-Esconde (SC)
Williams, Larry-Bony Maron
Williams, Lucinda - Punctual
Williams, Maurice – Fique
Williams, Robbie – Anjos
Williams, Robbie - Love Lights
Williams, Robbie – Millennium (SC)
Williams, Robbie – Rock-DJ
Williams, Roger - Autumn Leaves
Williams, Tex – Rauch Rauch Rauch
Williams, Trent – ​​Again tonight
Williams, Vanessa - This could be real
Williams, Vanessa – Cores do Vento (CB)
Williams, Vanessa – Dreamin (SC)
Williams, Vanessa - Happiness
Williams, Vanessa – For Tonight Only (SC)
Williams, Vanessa - Love is
Williams, Vanessa - Oh, how the years go by
Williams, Vanessa - Save the best for last
Williams, Vanessa - Sweetest Days (SC)
Williams, Vanessa - Where Do We Go From Here (SC)
Williams, Vanessa - Work to be Done
Williams, Vanessa - You Can't Run (SC)
Williams, Vanessa and Brian McKnight - Love Is (SC)
Williams, Vanessa & Chayanne - You Are My Home (SC)
Williams, Vanessa & Johnny Mathis - Too Much Too Late Demais
Williams, Vanessa-Betcha Never
Williams, Vanessa - If I Had Wings
Williams, Vanessa - Sister Moon
Williamson, Sonny Boy – Traga para casa (SC)
Willis, Bob - Fading Love
Willis, Bob – San Antonio Rose
Willis, Bob - Time changes everything
Willis, Chuck - It's too late
Willis, Kelly - Heaven is Just a Sin Away (SC)
Willis, Kelly - If I Let You
Willis, Kelly - I haven't forgotten you (CB)
Willis, Mark - Don't laugh at me
Willmon, Trient – ​​Invadido
Willmon, Trent - Cold beer and a fishing pole
Willmon, Trent – ​​Tonight Again (SC)
Willmon, Trent - Me too
Willow - whip my hair
Wills, Bob – Big Ball in Cowtown (CB)
Wills, Bob - Bubbles in my beer
Wills, Bob - Faded Love (CB)
Wills, Bob - Heart to Heart Conversations
Wills, Bob - I Have Nobody (CB)
Wills, Bob – Ida Red mag Boogie (CB)
Wills, Bob - Girl's Prayer (CB)
Wills, Bob - Dairy Cow Blues
Wills, Bob - New San Antonio Rose
Wills, Bob - New Spanish Two Step (CB)
Wills, Bob – Roly Poly
Wills, Bob – San Antonio Rose (CB)
Wills, Bob – San Antonio Rose
Wills, Bob – St. Louis Blues (CB)
Wills, Bob - Stay A Little Longer (SC)
Wills, Bob – Sugar Moon (CB)
Wills, Bob - Take Me Back To Tulsa (CB)
Wills, Bob - Time Changes Everything (CB)
Wills, Bob – Wabash Blues (CB)
Wills, Mark - almost doesn't count
Wills, Mark - and the crowd goes wild
Wills, Mark - Back to First
Wills, Mark – Tage des Donners
Wills, Mark - Don't laugh at me
Wills, Mark - All there is to know about you
Wills, Mark – Hank (CB)
Wills, Mark – High Low und Intermediate (SC)
Wills, Mark - I love you
Wills, Mark - I want to know
Wills, Mark – Escada de Jacob (SC)
Wills, Mark - love every minute
Wills, Mark - Nineteen Something
Wills, Mark - Places I've Never Been (SC)
Wills, Mark - Homem Rico (CB)
Wills, Mark - She's in Love (SC)
Wills, Mark - take it all out on me
Wills, Mark - That's a Woman (SC)
Wills, Mark - Things We Forget
Wills, Mark - When you think of me
Wills, Mark - Wish you were here
Wills, Mark - Your Own Corner of My Heart (CB)
Wills, Mark und Jamie O'Neal - Ain't Gonna Do Nothing Without You
Wilson Phillips – Daniel (SC)
Wilson Phillips – The Dream Is Still Alive (CB)
Wilson Phillips – Espere (CB)
Wilson Phillips – Impulsivo (SC)
Wilson Phillips – Freedom-me (CB)
Wilson Phillips - You Won't See Me Cry (CB)
Wilson Phillips – Are You In Love (SC)
Wilson, Al - Exhibits and census
Wilson, Brian - Your Imagination
Wilson, Dooley - How time flies
Wilson, Gretchen – All Up (R)
Wilson, Gretchen - Californian Girls
Wilson, Gretchen—Carriage
Wilson, Gretchen - Come to bed
Wilson, Gretchen - Do me no good
Wilson, Gretchen - The song of the earrings
Wilson, Gretchen - full-time job
Wilson, Gretchen – Good Morning Sorrow (SC)
Wilson, Gretchen - He's Not Cold Yet (CB)
Wilson, Gretchen - Here to celebrate
Wilson, Gretchen - Hold you
Wilson, Gretchen - Homewrecker
Wilson, Gretchen - I don't feel like loving you today
Wilson, Gretchen - I have your country here
Wilson, Gretchen - I'd like to be the last
Wilson, Gretchen - If I could do it again
Wilson, Gretchen - Midnight Oil
Wilson, Gretchen - not bad for a bartender (CB)
Wilson, Gretchen – One Bud Wiser
Wilson, Gretchen - One of the Boys (SC)
Wilson, Gretchen - Pride of Pocahontas
Wilson, Gretchen – Raining On Me (CB)
Wilson, Gretchen – Rebellenkind (SC)
Wilson, Gretchen - Hillbilly
Wilson, Gretchen—School Ring
Wilson, Gretchen - What Happened
Wilson, Gretchen When I Think of Cheating
Wilson, Gretchen - When It Rains
Wilson, Gretchen - Work hard, play harder
Wilson, Gretchen - You don't have to go home
Wilson, Gretchen & Blaine Larsen - Lips from the Bottle
Wilson, Gretchen & John Rich – Come to Bed (SC)
Wilson, Gretchen & Merle Haggard - Politically Incorrect
Wilson, J Frank – Last Kiss (Mike -1)
Wilson, Jackie – Babytraining
Wilson, Jackie – Doggin Around
Wilson, Jackie - I have the sweetest feeling
Wilson, Jackie - Lonely Tears
Wilson, Jackie – Reete Petite
Wilson, Jackie - That's why I love you so much
Wilson, Jackie - To Be Loved
Wilson, Jackie - Your love keeps lifting me up (SC)
Wilson, Meri—Telephone Man
Wilson, Nancy – Satinpuppe
Wilson, Tim - Ballad by John Rocker (SC) (R - X)
Wilsons - Monday Without You (SC)
Winans, Mario & P. ​​Diddy – I Don't Wanna Know (SC)
Winehouse, Amy - hooked
Winehouse, Amy – Back to Black (X)
Winehouse, Amy – Cupido
Winehouse, Amy - He can only hold her
Winehouse, Amy – Just Friends (R)
Winehouse, Amy - Love is a losing game
Winehouse, Amy – Eu e a Sra. Jones
Winehouse, Amy – Rehabilitation
Winehouse, Amy - Stronger Than Me
Winehouse, Amy - Tears dry themselves
Winehouse, Amy – Valerie
Winehouse, Amy - Waking up alone
Winehouse, Amy - You know I'm no good
Winehouse, Amy & Nas – cherry wine
Winger - on the way to heartbreak
District - Seventeen
Winter, Edgar – Free ride
Winwood, Steve - Back to the High Life
Winwood, Steve - Beautiful Things
Winwood, Steve – Role Com Ele
Winwood, Steve – Valerie
Say, Blake - I have this feeling
Withers, Bill - There is no sunshine
Withers, Bill - Lean on me
Withers, Bill – Lindo dia
Withers, Bill - Use me
Witherspoon, Jimmy - It's Nobody's Business
Wolf Mother - Female (SC)
Womack, Lee Ann - After I Fall (SC)
Womack, Lee Ann - Ashes By Now
Womack, Lee Ann – Buckaroo
Womack, Lee Ann - My ring will burn your finger
Womack, Lee Ann - Don't tell me
Womack, Lee Ann - Finding My Way Back Home
Womack, Lee Ann – Tolo (SC)
Womack, Lee Ann - Forever, Every Day
Womack, Lee Ann - He should have known that by now
Womack, Lee Ann – tipo de cura (SC)
Womack, Lee Ann - He's Coming Back
Womack, Lee Ann - I Hope You Dance
Womack, Lee Ann - I Know Why the River Flows (SC)
Womack, Lee Ann - I Can Hate Myself in the Mornings
Womack, Lee Ann - I'll think of a reason later
Womack, Lee Ann - Last Call
Womack, Lee Ann - Little Behind Little Rock
Womack, Lee Ann - Man with Eighteen Wheels
Womack, Lee Ann - Never Again
Womack, Lee Ann - Now You See Me, Now You Don't (SC)
Womack, Lee Ann - Lonely Thought
Womack, Lee Ann - Something Worth Leaving Behind
Womack, Lee Ann - Stronger Than Me (SC)
Womack, Lee Ann - There is a God
Womack, Lee Ann - Where that came from, there's more
Womack, Lee Ann - Twenty Years Ago and Two Husbands
Womack, Lee Ann - Why They Call It Traps
Womack, Lee Ann – Wrong Girl (SC)
Womack, Lee Ann - You Gotta Talk To Me (SC)
Wonderful Stevie - Everything I do
Marvel, Stevie - Another Star
Wonderful, Stevie - How
Maravilha, Stevie - Blowin In The Wind
Wonder, Stevie – Boogie On Reggae Woman (SC)
Wonderful Stevie - Don't Worry (SC)
Wonderful, Stevie - fingertips
Wonderful Stevie - For the first time in my life
Maravilha, Stevie - For Your Love (SC)
Wonderful, Stevie - From the bottom of my heart
Wonderful Stevie - Happy Birthday (SC)
Wonderful Stevie - heaven help us all
Maravilha, Stevie - Higher Ground
Wonderful Stevie - I just called to say I love you
Wonderful Stevie - I was made to love you
Wonderful Stevie - I wish (SC)
Wonderful Stevie - If You Really Love Me (CB)
Wonderful, Stevie - Isn't she beautiful (CB)
Wonderful Stevie – Lately (SC)
Wonder, Stevie - City Life (SC)
Maravilha, Stevie - Love Light in Flight
Maravilha, Stevie - Blastermeister (SC)
Maravilha, Stevie - My Cheri Amour (SC)
Wonderful Stevie - so happy
Wonderful, Stevie - Part Time Lover (CB)
Wonderful, Stevie - place in the sun
Wonderful Stevie - positivity
Maravilha, Stevie – Band im Himmel (SC)
Wonderful Stevie - Send one of your loved ones
Maravilha, Stevie - Shoo Be Doo Be Doo Da Day
Wonder, Stevie – Signed Sealed Delivered (SC)
Wonderful, Stevie - Sir Duke
Wonderful Stevie - Go Gold
Wonder, Stevie - Superstition (SC)
Wonderful Stevie - Those Three Words (SC)
Wonderful, Stevie - very large
Wonderful Stevie - Alright Strained (SC)
Maravilha, Stevie - Yester Me Yester You Yester Day
Wonderful, Stevie - you and me
Wonderful Stevie - You are the sunshine of my life (SC)
Wonder, Stevie & Ninety Eight Degrees – True To Your Heart (CB)
Miracle Wayne - We won't let go
Wonder, Wayne - Perfect Proposal (SC)
Wood, Brenton - Give me a little sign
Wood, David – Wild-West-Tour
Wood, Jeff - Use Mine (SC)
Wood, Jeff - You Call It A Mountain (SC)
Woodward, Lucy - Stupid Girls
Wooley, Sheb – Purple Ogre (SC)
Worley, Darryl - A Terribly Beautiful Life
Worley, Darryl - best of both worlds
Worley, Darryl – Stammbaum
Worley, Darryl - Good morning for the run
Worley, Darryl - Did you forget
Worley, Darryl - Just got back from a war (SC)
Worley, Darryl - I love her, she hates me (CB)
Worley, Darryl - I Miss My Friend
Worley, Darryl - I need a breath
Worley, Darryl - I'll hold my own
Worley, Darryl - When Something Must Happen
Worley, Darryl - Keep the Change
Worley, Darryl - Living Here and Now
Worley, Darryl - Nothing but a thang love
Worley, Darryl - Second Wind
Worley, Darryl – Lateralmente
Worley, Darryl - Sounds like life to me
Worley, Darryl – Tennessee River Run
Worley, Darryl – Tequila on Ice
Worley, Darryl - If you need my love
Worley, Darryl – Whistle Dixie
Worsham, Charlie - It could be
Destroyer - Good Art
Destroyer - Leave the pieces
Zerstörer - My Oh My
Destroyer - Tennessee
Wreckx N Effect – Rump Shaker (R)
Wright, Betty - Clean Woman
Wright, Chely - Behind the Bottom Drawer (CB)
Wright, Chely – Broken
Wright, Chely - My SUV Bumper (CB)
Wright, Chely - He's a Good Boy (SC)
Wright, Chely – Horoskop
Wright, Chely - I do (SC)
Wright, Chely - Foi
Wright, Chely – Isebel
Wright, Chely - Just Another Heartbreak (SC)
Wright, Chely – Listening to the Radio (SC)
Wright, Chely - The Love He Left Behind (SC)
Wright, Chely - Love Lost (SC)
Wright, Chely - Never Love You Enough
Wright, Chely – Mittendrin (SC)
Wright, Chely – Meer aus Cowboyhüten
Wright, Chely - She Went for Cigarettes (SC)
Wright, Chely – Cale a boca e dirija (SC)
Wright, Chely - Single White Woman
Wright, Chely - Until I Was Loved By You (SC)
Wright, Chely and Brad Paisley - Hard to be a Husband, hard to be a Wife (CB)
Wright, Gary – Traumweber
Wright, Gary - Love Lives
Wright, Michelle - The answer is yes
Wright, Michelle - He would have been sixteen
Wright, Michelle - Nobody's Girl
Wright, Michelle—One more time
Wright, Michelle - Take it like a man
Wright, Michelle - Your love
Wright, Shelly- Listening to the Radio
Wyclef, Jean & Mary J. Blige – Nine Eleven
Wyclef, Jean (South Park) – Bubblegoose
Wynette, Holly - My Future Ex-Boyfriend (SC)
Wynette, Tammy - Alive and doing well
Wynette, Tammy - Almost Convinced
Wynette, Tammy – Outra Chance
Wynette, Tammy - Another Lonely Song (SC)
Wynette, Tammy - Apartment #9
Wynette, Tammy - Bedtime Story
Wynette, Tammy - Cowboys don't shoot straight
Wynette, Tammy - Crying in the Rain
Wynette, Tammy – D I V O R C E
Wynette, Tammy - Good Lovin Makes Things Right
Wynette, Tammy - He loves me to the end
Wynette, Tammy – How Big Art Thou
Wynette, Tammy - I believe
Wynette, Tammy - I don't want to play house
Wynette, Tammy - I still believe in fairy tales
Wynette, Tammy - I'll take care of him
Wynette, Tammy - I'm not a sail in the wind
Wynette, Tammy - Children say the wildest things
Wynette, Tammy - Let's get together again
Wynette, Tammy - My husband understands
Wynette, Tammy—free
Wynette, Tammy - Memories Precious
Wynette, Tammy – Run Woman Run
Wynette, Tammy – Singe mein Lied
Wynette, Tammy - Stand by your man
Wynette, Tammy - Sweet Dreams
Wynette, Tammy - Take Me To Your World
Wynette, Tammy - They call it making love
Wynette, Tammy - I almost made it this time
Wynette, Tammy - Until I Can Make It Myself
Wynette, Tammy - until I get it right
Wynette, Tammy - Too far
Wynette, Tammy - Single Parents
Wynette, Tammy - Ways to Love a Man
Wynette, Tammy - we sure can love each other
Wynette, Tammy - From Woman to Woman
Wynette, Tammy—Femininity
Wynette, Tammy - Wonders You Do
Wynette, Tammy - You and Me
Wynette, Tammy - You still hit me in my dreams
Wynette, Tammy - You'll never walk alone
Wynette, Tammy - Your good girls go wrong
Wynette, Tammy & George Jones - Have you ever
Wynette, Tammy & George Jones - God will get you for this
Wynette, Tammy and George Jones - Gold Ring
Wynette, Tammy & George Jones - near you
Wynette, Tammy and George Jones – Southern California
Wynette, Tammy & George Jones – Leve-me
Wynette, Tammy and George Jones - We're not the jet set
Wynette, Tammy & K L F - Justified and Ancient
Wynette, Tammy and Mark Gray - Sometimes when we touch
Wynette, Tammy & O'Kanes - Talk to myself again
Wynn, Stewart - It's such a beautiful world today (Mike -1)
Wynonna – Stance (CB)
Wynonna - Saying goodbye is never easy (SC)
Wynonna - Love Only (SC)
Wynonna - Someone To Love You (SC)
Wynonna and Michael English – Cura (SC)

Xscape - The arms of the one who loves you
Xscape - Understand
Xscape – Who Can I Run To (SC)
Xzibit - The Best Things (SC)

Y e T – Summertime Girls
Yamin, Elliott - Waiting for you
Yankee Gray – All In All (SC)
Yankee Gray - Nine minutes to go
Yankee Grey – Diesmal
Yankovic, Weird Al – Ouse to Be Stupid
Yankovic, Weird Al–Als Chirurg
Yankovich, Weird Al – Achy Breaky Song (SC)
Yankovich, Weird Al - Potato Addict (SC)
Yankovich, Weird Al – Bedrock-Hymne (SC)
Yankovich, Weird Al – Ebay (SC)
Yankovich, Weird Al – Gump (SC)
Yankovich, Weird Al – Lost in Jeopardy (SC)
Yankovich, Weird Al – Eu amo Rocky Road (SC)
Yankovich, Weird Al - It's All About the Pentiums (SC)
Yankovich, Weird Al – Like a Surgeon (SC)
Yankovich, Weird Al – Mein Bologna (SC)
Yankovich, Weird Al – One More Minute (SC)
Yankovich, Weird Al – Ricky (SC)
Yankovich, Weird Al - The Saga Begins (SC)
Yankovich, Weird Al – Cheira a Nirvana (SC)
Yankovich, Weird Al – Spam (SC)
Yankovich, Weird Al - You Don't Love Me Anymore (SC)
Yarborough, Glen - Baby, the rain must fall
Yardbirds - For Your Love (SC)
Yardbirds - For Your Love
Yardbirds - heart full of soul
Yardbirds - I'm a man
Yardbirds - shapes of things
Yates, Billy – Flores (SC)
Yates, Billy - What do you want from me now
Yearwood, Trisha - Believe me baby I lied (SC)
Yearwood, Trisha - Come back if it doesn't rain
Yearwood, Trisha - On Your Knees (SC)
Yearwood, Trisha - Everyone knows
Yearwood, Trisha – Georgia Regen
Yearwood, Trisha - How I Live
Yearwood, Trisha - I don't stick around corners
Yearwood, Trisha - I need you
Yearwood, Trisha - I want to go too far
Yearwood, Trisha - I would have loved you anyway
Yearwood, Trisha - If I Don't Have You
Yearwood, Trisha - I'll Love You More (SC)
Yearwood, Trisha - I'm Still Alive
Yearwood, Trisha - On a Bus to St. Cloud
Yearwood, Trisha – Perfect Love (SC)
Yearwood, Trisha - Mighty Thing
Yearwood, Trisha – Real Woman
Yearwood, Trisha - She's in love with the boy
Yearwood, Trisha - Song Remembers When (SC)
Yearwood, Trisha – Sweetest Gift (SC)
Yearwood, Trisha - That's what I like about you
Yearwood, Trisha - There Goes My Baby
Yearwood, Trisha - They call it falling for a reason
Yearwood, Trisha - Thinking of You (SC)
Yearwood, Trisha - Thinking of you
Yearwood, Trisha - This is me you're talking to
Yearwood, Trisha - These Words We Said (SC)
Yearwood, Trisha - Too bad you suck
Yearwood, Trisha - Try Again
Yearwood, Trisha - Trying to Love You
Yearwood, Trisha – Walkaway Joe (SC)
Yearwood, Trisha - Where Your Way Leads
Yearwood, Trisha - The Woman Before Me
Yearwood, Trisha - The Wrong Side of Memphis (SC)
Yearwood, Trisha – XXX’s und OOO’s (SC)
Yearwood, Trisha - You Can Sleep While I Drive
Yearwood, Trisha - You've wronged me
Yearwood, Trisha - You Say It
Yearwood, Trisha - You are my place
Yearwood, Trisha & Brooks, Garth - like we've never had a broken heart
Yearwood, Trisha & Garth Brooks – In Another's Eyes
Yellow card - Ocean Avenue
Yellowcard - The sound of you and me
Yes - long-distance running
Yes - owner of a lonely heart
Yes - roundabout
Gêmeos Ying Yang – Naggin (SC) (XXX)
Gêmeos Ying Yang – Diga I Yi Yi (XXX)
Yoakam, Dwight - I'm not that lonely yet
Yoakam, Dwight - Back of the hand
Yoakam, Dwight – Claudette
Yoakam, Dwight - Crazy Little Thing Called Love (SC)
Yoakam, Dwight – Fast Like You (Mike -1)
Yoakam, Dwight – Gitarren-Cadillacs
Yoakam, Dwight - Heart of Stone
Yoakam, Dwight – Honky-Tonk-Mann
Yoakam, Dwight - Got you
Yoakam, Dwight – Cantei Dixie
Yoakam, Dwight - I want you to want me
Yoakam, Dwight - It Only Hurts When I Cry
Yoakam, Dwight - Little Paths
Yoakam, Dwight – Nada
Yoakam, Dwight - Nothing has changed here
Yoakam, Dwight - A Clown's Bag
Yoakam, Dwight - Sitting Nice
Yoakam, Dwight - Sorry you asked
Yoakam, Dwight - Streets of Bakersfield
Yoakam, Dwight - Suspicious Minds
Yoakam, Dwight - Things are changing
Yoakam, Dwight - A Thousand Miles From Nowhere
Yoakam, Dwight - Try not to look too cute
Yoakam, Dwight - What Do You Know About Love?
Yoakam, Dwight - You're the one
Young Gunz - Can't stop, won't stop
Young Jeezy – I love it.mpg”
Junger MC – Bust A Move (SC)
Young Rascals - girls like you
Young Rascals - I don't eat my heart anymore (LS)
Junge Rascals – You Better Run (LS)
Young, Brett - in case you didn't know
Young, Brett - sleep without you
Young, Chris - Oh nein
Young, Chris – Drinking Me Alone
Young, Chris – Gettin You Home The Black Dress Song
Young, Chris - I can take it from here
Young, Chris - Lonely Eyes
Young, Chris - Loser or Am
Jung, Chris - the man I want to be
Jung, Chris – Neon
Jung, Chris - Tomorrow
Young, Chris – Vozes
Young, Chris - Who I am with you
Young Chris - you
Young, Chris - You will love me
Young, Faron - Alone with you
Young, Faron - Country Girl
Young, Faron – Goin Steady
Young, Faron – Hallo Walls
Young, Faron - If You Don't Love
Young, Faron - It's four in the morning (Mike)
Young, Faron - Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young
Young, Faron – Bons Sonhos
Young, Faron - this is my little girl
Young, Neil - After the Gold Rush
Young, Neil – Zimtmädchen
Young, Neil – Am Fluss
Young, Neil – Erntemond
Young, Neil - Heart of Gold
Young, Neil - Let's Roll
Young, Neil - Looking for Love (OZ)
Jung, Neil – Elder
Young, Neil - Rockin no mundo livre
Young, Neil - Words
Young, Neil Heart of Gold (SC)
Young, Paul - Every time you go
Young, Paul - Oh girl
Youngbloods – Treffen (SC)
Youngbloodz & Lil Jon – Droga (R)
Yung Joc - It's Going Down (SC) (XXX)

Z Z Top - Cheap sunglasses
Z Z Top - Give me all your love
Z Z Top - Danke
Z Z Top - I'm bad, I'm all over the country
Z Z Top - Jesus just left Chicago
Z Z Top - La Grange
Z Z Oben-Pernas
Z Z Top – Melro Mexicano
Z Z Top – Colar de Pérolas (R)
Z Z Top – Garoto rude
Z Z Top – Well dressed man
Z Z Top – Tube Snake Boogie ( R )
Z Z Oben-Tush
Z Z Top – Waiting for the bus
Z Z Top – what is it all about
Zac Brown Band - Alright
Zac Brown Band - Nice drug
Zac Brown Band – Naufrago
Zac Brown Band - Fried Frango
Zac Brown Band - Colder weather
Zac Brown Band - Free
Zac Brown Band - Goodbye in their eyes
Zac Brown Band - Driving on Highway 20
Zac Brown Band – Eigenbau
Zac Brown Band - Jump right
Zac Brown Band - Think of me
Zac Brown Band – Loving You Easy
Zac Brown Band – Meu Velho
Zac Brown Band – Sem pressa
Zac Brown Band – Doce Annie
Zac Brown Band – Dedos (R)
Zac Brown Band - Whatever it is
Zac Brown Band – Vento
Zac Brown Band & Alan Jackson - As She Goes
Zac Brown Band and Jimmy Buffett - knee-deep
Zager and Evans - In the year 2525
Zappa, Frank – Dinah Moe Humm
Zappa, Frank & Moon Unit – Valley Girl
Zellweger, Renée – Roxie
Zero, Remo - Perfect memory
Null, Remy – Profecia
Zeta Jones, Catherine - and all jazz
Zeta Jones, Catherine & Renee Zellweger - I move
Zevon, Warren - Werewolves of London
Zombie, Rob - darling
Zombie, Rob - Never Stop (R)
Zombies - She is not there
Zombies - Say no to her
Zombies - season time
Zwan - Best regards


What is the most requested song at karaoke? ›

The 30 Most Popular Karaoke Songs of All Time
  • 1. “ I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor.
  • 2. “ A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton.
  • 3. “ Livin' on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi.
  • 4. “ Y.M.C.A.” by Village People.
  • 5. “ Dancing Queen” by ABBA.
  • 6. “ I Wanna Dance With Somebody” by Whitney Houston.
  • 7. “ Ironic” by Alanis Morrisette.
  • 8. “
14 Apr 2022

What is the easiest karaoke song to sing? ›

"Don't Stop Believin'" By Journey

Pretty much any Journey song works for karaoke, but this one is hands down the easiest. It's also the one that's most likely to get the party started.

Where can I find karaoke songs for free? ›

The 10 Best Websites/Apps for Free Karaoke Songs (2022)
  • Smule.
  • Karaoke by Yokee.
  • The Voice.
  • KaraFun.
  • We Sing.
  • StarMaker.
  • Baby Karaoke.
  • Magicsing Karaoke.
11 Mar 2022

What should I sing in karaoke 2022? ›

Best karaoke songs that came out 2022 — Top 50 Karaoke songs
  • As It Was - Harry Styles. ...
  • About Damn Time — Lizzo. ...
  • Bam Bam — Ed Sheeran, Camila Cabello. ...
  • Supermodel — Måneskin. ...
  • The Joker and the Queen — Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran. ...
  • First Class — Jack Harlow. ...
  • She's All I Wanna Be — Tate McRae. ...
  • Hold My Hand — Lady Gaga.
11 Jul 2022

What is the most powerful song to sing? ›

  1. 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. ...
  2. 'I Will Survive' by Gloria Gaynor. ...
  3. 'Lose Yourself' by Eminem. ...
  4. 'I'm Still Standing' by Elton John. ...
  5. 'Survivor' by Destiny's Child. ...
  6. 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger' by Daft Punk. ...
  7. '(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher' by Jackie Wilson.
5 Jul 2022

What is the number 1 karaoke song in the world? ›

1) Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen. Is this real life, is this just fantasy? An absolute masterpiece from Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody seamlessly blurs the lines between pop, rock and opera to create quite simply the best karaoke song of all time.

What is the best karaoke song to sing if you can't sing? ›

"Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond

This classic is one some may say is one of the best karaoke songs, period. It's also great if you can't really sing: everyone knows or at least can slur along with every word, it's in most people's middle range, and the chorus is a party.

What is a good karaoke song for people who can't sing? ›

25 Karaoke Songs Anyone Will Sound Good Singing
  • Undone (The Sweater Song) - Weezer.
  • As Long As You Love Me - Backstreet Boys.
  • Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi.
  • Ring Of Fire - Johnny Cash.
  • Friends In Low Places - Garth Brooks.
12 Apr 2017

Is there a truly free karaoke app? ›

Once you get more comfortable with your singing, you can start using some apps for musicians to record their songs.
  • Download: Smule for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)
  • Download: Karaoke by Yokee for Android | iOS (Free, in-app purchase available)
8 Sept 2022

Where do karaoke DJS get their music? ›

  • ampsuite Distribution.
  • Beatport DJ.
  • Beatport Hype.
  • Beatport for Labels.
  • Beatport Next.
  • Beatport Streaming.
  • LabelRadar.
  • Loopcloud.

What is the best karaoke offline app? ›

Midifun is your offline karaoke for Android. Unlike other Karaoke apps, you already get hundreds of songs when you download and install Midifun. Midifun is a multimedia application; a collection of MIDIs with lyrics that you can sing-along to. This app is a guessing game too.

What program do karaoke bars use? ›

Singa is the go-to karaoke software for any venue looking to bring in new customers and drive their revenue. You'll have everything your business needs to make karaoke a huge success.

What's a good karaoke song for a woman? ›

“Bad Guy” – Billie Eilish. “Bad Romance” – Lady Gaga. “Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me Down” ― Cher. “Bang Bang” – Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Jessie J.

What is the best song to start singing with? ›

Best Songs for Beginner Singers
  • Shotgun by George Ezra.
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper.
  • One Call Away by Charlie Puth.
  • Nothing Breaks Like a Heart by Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson.
  • Hometown Glory by Adele.
  • A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.
  • Stay by Rihanna and Mikky Ekko.
  • Mr. Brightside by The Killers.
2 Dec 2020

What songs make you sound like a good singer? ›

Here are some places to start for easy to sing, popular and well-known songs.
  • #1 Imagine by John Lennon.
  • #2 Run by Snow Patrol.
  • #3 Fields of Gold by Sting.
  • #4 Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.
  • #5 Mamma Mia by Abba.
  • #6 One Moment in Time by Whitney Houston.
  • #7 You and I by Ingrid Michaelson.
18 Sept 2019

What is the most uplifting song you know? ›

The 20 greatest happy and uplifting songs ever to put you in a fantastic mood
  • Katrina and the Waves - 'Walking on Sunshine' ...
  • Bob Marley - 'Three Little Birds' ...
  • Elbow - 'One Day Like This' ...
  • ABBA - 'Dancing Queen' ...
  • The Beatles - 'Here Comes the Sun' ...
  • Queen - 'Don't Stop Me Now'
8 Jan 2021

What are the top 5 hardest songs to sing? ›

Here's our list of 10 hardest karaoke songs to sing
  • 8) MONEY by Pink Floyd. ...
  • 7) IMAGINE by Ariana Grande. ...
  • 6) LOVIN' YOU by Minnie Riperton. ...
  • 5) WITHOUT ME by Eminem. ...
  • 4) STONE COLD by Demi Lovato. ...
  • 3) BODY AND SOUL by John Green. ...
  • 2) B.Y.O.B by System of a Down. ...
  • 1) BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY by Queen.
26 Aug 2020

Which singer has the best vocals? ›

The greatest singing voices of all time
  • 1 of 31. Barbra Streisand. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for BSB. ...
  • 2 of 31. Etta James. Charles Paul Harris/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images. ...
  • 3 of 31. Aretha Franklin. ...
  • 4 of 31. Whitney Houston. ...
  • 5 of 31. Mariah Carey. ...
  • 6 of 31. Elton John. ...
  • 7 of 31. Freddie Mercury. ...
  • 8 of 31. Adele.
6 days ago

Which song has the best melody? ›

The Top 12 Melodies of ALL TIME
  • Georgia On My Mind – Ray Charles.
  • Killer Queen – Queen.
  • I Hate You, I Love You Again - Emily West.
  • My Heart Will Go On (written by James Horner and Will Jennings for Titanic) - Celine Dion.
  • ABC – The Jackson 5.
  • Break Every Chain - Paxton Ingram (The Voice)
22 Mar 2017

What is the 1 song of all time? ›

Top 10 songs of all time (1958–2021)
RankSingleYear(s) released
1."Blinding Lights"2019
2."The Twist"1960, 1961 ( re )
4."Mack the Knife"1959
6 more rows

What is a good song for celebration of life? ›

Uplifting funeral and memorial songs

If you want to raise everyone's spirits, play one of these uplifting memorial songs: “Simply the Best” by Tina Turner. “Always Look at the Bright Side of Life” by Monty Python. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.

What would you sing at a karaoke night? ›

Classics like “Heartbreak Hotel” as well as “Jailhouse Rock” should get everyone singing along. Change up the beat of the night with the Supremes! This catchy tune works for a soloist or group. For more drama, try “Ain't No Mountain High Enough”.

What are the funnest songs to sing? ›

The 12 Best Sing-Along Songs
  • Dancing Queen – ABBA.
  • I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor.
  • I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston.
  • Love Shack – B52s.
  • Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations.
  • Hey Jude – The Beatles.
  • I Think We're Alone Now – Tiffany.
  • Don't Stop Believin' – Journey.

What is the most vocally challenging song? ›

23 of the hardest and most difficult songs to sing
  • I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness.
  • Listen by Beyoncé
  • Run by Leona Lewis.
  • Cry Me a River by Michael Bublé
  • Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.
  • My All by Mariah Carey.
  • You raise me up by Josh Groban.
  • Supermassive Black Hole by Muse.
12 Feb 2020

What are the easiest songs to sing female? ›

Easy to sing, easy to perform!
  • Britney Spears 'Oops I Did It Again' Oops I sang it again and again and again. ...
  • Britney Spears 'Baby One More Time' ...
  • Bill Withers 'Ain't No Sunshine' ...
  • 'Dancing Queen' ABBA. ...
  • Lady Gaga 'Born This Way' ...
  • Spice Girls 'Wannabe' ...
  • Dolly Parton 'Jolene' ...
  • Lil Nas X 'Call Me By Your Name'
6 Mar 2022

What is the hardest song to sing for a female? ›

The 20 Hardest Songs to Sing for Females
  • 1. “ Chandelier” by Sia.
  • 2. “ If I Ain't Got You” by Alicia Keys.
  • 3. “ I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.
  • 4. “ Vision Of Love” by Mariah Carey.
  • 5. “ Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson.
  • 6. “ Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato.
  • 7. “ Alone” by Heart.
  • 8. “
14 Jun 2022

What is the best karaoke platform? ›

What is the best karaoke hosting software?
  • Singa.
  • Karafun - Business.
  • Sunvig.
  • PCDJ Karaoki Professional.
  • LYRX Karaoke Player.
  • KaraokeMedia.
8 Jul 2022

How can I do karaoke at home for free? ›

1) The Simple Way - Home Karaoke to Any Home
  1. Create a free account to Singa. You can navigate to singa.com with your computer, download Singa app to your mobile device or tablet, or open Singa with your Smart TV.
  2. Choose your favorites from thousands and thousands of karaoke songs. ...
  3. Press play and start singing!
31 Mar 2021

Do artists pay DJs to play their songs? ›

Artists pay to have tracks played. DJ plays the tracks at some point in their set and send video proof to the artist. DJs can charge anywhere from $20 USD to $500 USD for plays. DJs set a fair price depending on the DJ's popularity, venue size, day of the week, etc.

How much does a professional karaoke setup cost? ›

Open stage karaoke setup costs

If you want to go for premium equipment you can expect to pay around $1500 for loudspeakers. A pair of microphones costs around $300. In total, you can expect to pay around $2100-2700 for a high-end karaoke setup on an open stage.

How much do karaoke hosts make? ›

The national average salary for a Karaoke Host is $35,240 per year in United States.

What is the best karaoke app to download? ›

11 Best Karaoke Apps (Android and iPhone)
  • 4) Karaoke Anywhere.
  • 5) iSing.
  • 6) SingSnap Karaoke II.
  • 7) Karaoke Mode.
  • 8) Magicsing.
  • 9) Singing Machine Karaoke.
  • 10) KaraFun – Karaoke and Singing.
  • 11) SingPlay: Karaoke Your MP3s.
11 Jul 2022

How can I add karaoke songs? ›

How to Make a Karaoke Track
  1. Open LALAL.AI in your browser.
  2. Click Select Files to upload your audio or video file. ...
  3. In the opened folder window, double click a file to upload it.
  4. Wait a few seconds until the processing is finished.
  5. Listen to the Instrumental preview.
  6. Sign up and click the Process the Entire File button.

What is the most requested song? ›

Top 200 Most Requested Songs
1Ronson, Mark Feat. Bruno MarsUptown Funk
2JourneyDon't Stop Believin'
3Walk The MoonShut Up And Dance
4CupidCupid Shuffle
150 more rows

What is the song with the most listeners? ›

Spotify Top 100 Most-Streamed Songs
1. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You3223393957
2. The Weeknd – Blinding Lights3128061347
3. Tones And I – Dance Monkey2642704868
4. Post Malone, 21 Savage – rockstar2489462596
21 more rows
1 Sept 2022

Which song is most searched? ›

New Releases
  • Jehda Nasha (From "An Action Hero")
  • Bhediya.
  • Drishyam 2.
  • Mister Mummy.
  • Ghodey Pe Sawaar (From "Qala")
  • Butterfly Titliyan (Original Motion Soundtrack Badass Ravikumar)
  • Phone Bhoot.
  • Rocket Gang.

What is the best karaoke song for someone who can't sing? ›

"Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond

This classic is one some may say is one of the best karaoke songs, period. It's also great if you can't really sing: everyone knows or at least can slur along with every word, it's in most people's middle range, and the chorus is a party.

What is the #1 song of all time? ›

Blinding Lights

What's the number 1 song in the world ever? ›

According to Guinness World Records, Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" (1942) as performed by Bing Crosby is the best-selling single worldwide, with estimated sales of over 50 million copies.

What is the number 1 party song? ›

Let us explain: Here are this 2020 summer's top 20 most requested and highest voted songs from Jukestar parties.
Top 100 Best Party Songs – Summer 2020 Charts.
1Blinding LightsThe Weeknd
3Don't Stop Me Now - 2011 MixQueen
4Take on Mea-ha
16 more rows
24 Jul 2022

What is the most listened to song in 2022? ›

Official Top 40 biggest songs of 2022 so far:
36 more rows
6 Oct 2022

What is the most popular song in the world right now 2022? ›

The chart of today's current hit top pop songs 2022 on iTunes is several times daily and was last updated: Pacific Time. The current number one pop song on iTunes right now is Made You Look by Meghan Trainor.

What are the top 10 trending songs? ›

Today's Top Hits
  • Anti-HeroTaylor Swift.
  • Unholy (feat. Kim Petras)Sam Smith, Kim Petras.
  • CUFF ITBeyoncé
  • As It WasHarry Styles.
  • Calm Down (with Selena Gomez)Rema, Selena Gomez.
  • Rich FlexDrake, 21 Savage.
  • Miss YouOliver Tree, Robin Schulz.
  • I'm Good (Blue)David Guetta, Bebe Rexha.


1. Poor Mans Poison - Hell's Comin' With Me (Lyrics)
2. Ryan Hurd, Maren Morris - Chasing After You (Official Video)
(Ryan Hurd)
3. Loretta Lynn - Lay Me Down (Official Music Video) ft. Willie Nelson
(Loretta Lynn)
4. Chris Tomlin - Noel (Live) ft. Lauren Daigle
5. RÜFÜS DU SOL - On My Knees (Official Music Video)
6. Maroon 5 - Memories (Official Video)
(Maroon 5)
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